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Edmund Burke
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3 June 1994. Thought for the Week: "There is little doubt now, among those acquainted with the facts, that governments are controlled by permanent super-governments which dictate financial policy, and the financial system is used as an instrument of government to impose an alien policy on every country brought under its sway. The financial system is no longer a means of facilitating the exchange of goods but rather is an instrument of coercion for obtaining obedience to policies, which the natives of each country very much resent, but do not know, or are prevented from knowing, how to escape. C.H. Douglas tried to show people how to escape; that is why he was consistently excluded from the press and especially from the universities where our young leaders were being led astray, by government-subsidised schools."
James Guthrie, in To What End? (1954)


by David Thompson
The Prime Minister, Mr. Keating, has promised the Zionist Federation of Australia that an amendment to the Racial Discrimination Act will outlaw "racial vilification" and provide criminal sanctions, including jail terms for those convicted. The changes, presently before Cabinet, would attempt to make incitement to racial hatred through graffiti, literature and public speeches illegal. When previously introduced to Parliament, this legislation was widely condemned as a further restriction on freedom of speech and expression, but groups like Australia's powerful Jewish lobby have been pressing hard for re-introduction of the legislation.

It is most significant that the announcement concerning the legislation was not made to Parliament, but to a conference at the Zionist Federation of Australia on Saturday, May 28th. Retiring President of the Federation Mr. Mark Leibler, is quoted by the press as saying: We appear to have achieved bi-partisanship between the Government and Opposition and I am absolutely delighted…"

Apart from the Prime Minister, others attending the conference included the Minister for Immigration, Senator Bolkus, former Prime Ministers Hawke and Fraser, and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Costello. Mr. Bolkus is reported to be strongly in favour of "important criminal sanctions" for racial vilification.

Mr. Costello, who also addressed the Zionist Conference, confirmed Coalition support for laws punishing racial vilification, but added that this should be weighed against the right to free speech. "Criminal acts require criminal sanctions, "Mr. Costello said, pledging that the Opposition would examine the legislation "on its merits". The fact is that Mr. Costello has already locked the Opposition into support for the legislation.


Few politicians have the courage to withstand pressure from Australia's Zionist lobby. National Party leader Tim Fischer has felt their wrath, when commenting upon Israel, and Labor Member for Kalgoorlie, Mr. Graeme Campbell, is presently being pursued. Campbell's crime appears to be that he addressed the National Seminar of the Australian League of Rights in Melbourne in 1993, and offered campaign support to the Australians Against Further Immigration group in two Sydney by-elections.

Campbell is now engaged in a public debate with Zionist and Jewish spokesmen in the press, in which he makes a number of basic observations about Israel's policies discriminating against its neighbours, and other racial and ethnic groups. In a most amazing response to Mr. Campbell, the President of the Council of Western Australian Jewry, Mr. Doron Ur, claims that there is no such thing as a powerful Jewish lobby. In his letter published in The Canberra Times (21/5/94) Ur writes: "Jews are not narrow ideologues, and unlike Mr. Campbell, Jews and Jewish groups do not have the lobbying power of organisations like Australians Against Further Immigration and the Australian League of Rights or individuals like Campbell…"

If not so serious, such comments would be quite hilarious. It is only a year ago that every newspaper in the country carried front-page reports of the ban on historian David Irving, which was openly sought by the same Jewish groups, who gleefully congratulated themselves on such a result. It was also the Jewish and Zionist lobby groups that forced through the War Crimes Legislation, under which hundreds of men were investigated for alleged crimes in Europe. The Japanese theatre of war was not considered important. It was the "Nazis" who had allegedly slipped into Australia after the war who were the targets.

The hugely expensive farce that followed (in excess of $50 million) resulted in the persecution of several elderly men, but not a single conviction. Exactly one week after Mr. Doron Ur laments the lack of lobbying power of the Jewish groups, the Prime Minister, two former Prime Ministers, a possible future Prime Minister, and at least one Minister of the Crown are pleased to attend the Zionist Federation Conference and banquet, to assure the Jewish groups that they will push through the harshly oppressive racial vilification legislation.
Groups like Australians Against Further Immigration, and the League have difficulty attracting such patronage, for some reason.

Mr. Isi Liebler, President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, has the gall to attack Campbell in The Canberra Times (21/5/94), writing that Campbell "has outraged his parliamentary and party colleagues through his open association with Australia leading racist organisation, the Australian League of Rights…"

It has been made quite clear that one of the primary targets of the new vilification legislation is to be The Australian League of Rights. Others, like Irving, would also be "dealt with" for their views. It is also clear that, true to the "philosophy of the one-way street" Zionist leaders make no concessions to the legitimate views of their critics. Mr. Peter Costello has been given a subtle demonstration of how political power can be wielded. It will be instructive to observe the Liberals' performance on the racial vilification legislation with the Jewish blowtorch searing their bellies.


The continuous adoption of United Nations conventions and covenants - treaties - by the Commonwealth is quickly stripping the States of their constitutional powers as we have often warned. The Tasmanian homosexual issue is a prime example. It is always claimed by Federal bureaucrats that such treaties are simply to "measure Australian standards against those of the international community", rather than forcing Australian compliance. This claim is wearing thin, as more and more conventions are given legislative "teeth".

The new racial vilification legislation is in response to a U.N. covenant. And now the chief judge of the Family Court is calling for a children's ombudsman to report on Australian breaches of the 1989 U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child. Justice Alastair Nicholson is calling for far-reaching sanctions, and complains that the Convention "was never enshrined in law…."

Nicholson wants to adopt a New Zealand system, where all children in family law matters are formally represented in court. Already children in Australia are being encouraged to take their parents to court on matters concerning property settlement and maintenance matters. It is quite clear that such developments are open to serious abuse, and the family unit vulnerable as a result. Already social workers claim the right to interfere in family matters to the point of virtually kidnapping children.

Social workers and other do-gooders will have powers far in excess of those of parents. In the recent case of "The Family", where dozens of children in two States were ripped from their beds in dawn raids because of alleged abuse by Family members, the welfare bureaucrats were forced to settle the matter out of court as their charges crumbled. Giving "teeth" to U.N. conventions will only place further pressure on the family unit.

The role of the Commonwealth, the High Court and their abuse of the external affairs section of the Constitution is becoming increasingly critical to the fate of federation. We again draw attention to the Western Australian Premier, Richard Court's invaluable lead, the production of the booklet "Rebuilding the Federation ", in which he documents the State powers usurped by the Commonwealth. This should be widely distributed. The politically correct social engineers must have their powers in Canberra stripped away for the Federation to survive.


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn returned to his native Russia, after 20 years of exile, last weekend. His return is certain to have a substantial impact on the Russian people, in contrast to Solzhenitsyn's scant influence on the U.S.A. while he lived in exile in Vermont. Being highly critical of Western standards, he commented that he could not recommend U.S. society as appropriate for Russian transformation. His views were seldom aired in the United States, confirming the Communist assessment that the West would effectively silence Solzhenitsyn.

When it was suggested in 1975 that Solzhenitsyn might be invited to visit President Ford at the White House, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advised against this, in case Moscow was offended. Later, when President Reagan invited him to lunch, Solzhenitsyn refused, declining to indulge in hasty superficiality which he hated. He had more important work to do.

Solzhenitsyn was scornful of a "cowardly" West that refused to confront the Communist menace. He urged that the Vietnam War be properly fought (to win) and charged that the American intelligentsia had lost its nerve. His contribution to the rebuilding of Russia is certain to be greater than that of renovating the recalcitrant West.

New Opposition leader Alexander Downer is beginning to make his position clear: he has pledged "a new pragmatism" for the Liberals. This would appear to mean placing electoral victory ahead of principles. As journalist Richard Farmer has implied, Mr. Keating has demonstrated that "It is necessary to be a convincing liar to be a good politician". Downer has also weakened his position on the Crown, saying, in effect, that a republic is more likely under the Liberals than the A.L.P. Mr. Downer also feels that it is time that old party hatreds are forgotten, and that former P.M. Fraser should be brought "back in from the cold" by the Liberals.


from The Australian, May 26th
It is quite clear that Dr. Dack (Letters, 23/5) does not understand the dimension of the problem raised by the environmental scientists. "It is quite true that with the engineering fix that the doctor advocates, Australia could support double its present population. The problem is that we could take 100 million people out of China or India and it would not make any difference to those countries' predicament. It would, however, give us a living standard about the same as Bangladesh, and a quality of life that I do not want for my children.

"Our moral responsibility to the world lies in growing excess food to sell them while they sort out their own problems. We, the people of Australia, have an absolutely sovereign right to determine who is allowed here. This is a point that Dr. Dack and every major political party seem to be unable or unwilling to grasp. "We have the driest continent on earth. There are untapped resources but they are limited. Putting every car park underground will not solve the problem. I assume Dr. Dack will desalinate the sea - this is possible, yes, but not at the present state of technology and cost. More to the point, it is improbable and highly undesirable." (Graeme Campbell, A.L.P. Member for Kalgoorlie, W.A.)


from The Canberra Times, May 17th
Mr. Kapel, of Australia-Israel Publications, in his letter (C.T. May 8) reiterates Mr. Silberberg's widely published complaints that he doesn't like some of the many and varied individuals, magazines, and organisations that Australians Against Further Immigration talks to or sends information to. "Tough! "It is surprising that his undoubtedly broad-ranging information-gathering network has neglected to mention to him that the topic of my talk to the League of Rights was the same information sent to Lock, Stock, and Barrel, the National Reporter and countless others including many journalists, i.e., a fully referenced critique of mass immigration and multiculturalism prepared specifically for and delivered to the second Bureau of Immigration Research Outlook Conference in Sydney in November 1992.
"Graeme Campbell, M.H.R. for Kalgoorlie, reprinted the paper for distribution to all attendees, including visiting Asian delegates, at the B.I.R's. Conference in Darwin in September, 1993.

The paper was also Appendix 1 to a formal Human Rights Infringement Submission on the irreversible effects of undemocratic immigration/multicultural policy that I lodged with the U.N. Human Rights office in New York in October 1993, witnessed and facilitated by Richard Butler, Australian Ambassador to the U.N.

"David Suzuki, on A.B.C. Radio 3L0 in April, 1989, in answer to my question on population growth, immigration, and environmental degradation in Australia and Canada, said, 'I absolutely agree with you.... government policy is to open up immigration, bring more people in to try to keep feeding the growth machine, and I think it's crazy'. "According to the Kapel/Silberberg guilt-by-association innuendo, Suzuki agrees with me and is therefore an anti-Semitic, anti-Asian, gun-toting racist!

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but free speech will never hurt me - imminent pseudo-Racial Vilification Legislation notwithstanding." (Denis McCormack, Spokesman, Political Researcher, Australians Against Further Immigration, North Fitzroy, Victoria)


from The Canberra Times, May 17th
Michael Kapel, the chief of staff of Australia Israel Publications, has an audacity that can only be admired. "In his letter (C.T. May 8) headed 'A.A.F.I. (Australians Against Further Immigration) does seem to be racist', he trots out the same innuendos and misrepresentations that were adequately addressed by Robyn Spencer in her reply. "When one considers the enormous contribution to the arts, to intellectual thought and defence of free speech by Jews in the past, it is indeed a pity that the narrow ideologues of Judaism seem to have such an influence in Australian public life.

"I would draw Mr. Kapel's attention to an article in the Australian Jewish News of April 29, where Isi Liebler urged that the Jewish Community take urgent steps to stop the Jewish people marrying outside their faith. "Mr. Liebler has, in the past, been loud in his accusations of racism, yet he clearly believes that he has a special dispensation to urge discrimination himself. Why? "This also seems to be the case with the Australia-Israel Review, which postures as a tolerant, anti-racist publication, yet is highly biased itself. Why does it not criticise the fact that Israel's immigration policy is highly discriminatory, if not the most discriminatory in the world?

"The Immigration policy of A.A.F.I. is very tolerant in comparison to what is actually practised in Israel. I know that the opinions of Jewish people in Australia are far more diverse and divided on immigration and multiculturalism than people such as Michael Kapel pretend. He should more closely examine his own glass house before throwing stones." (Graeme Campbell, Member for Kalgoorlie, W.A.)

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