Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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29 July 1994. Thought for the Week: 'What is the Common Law? In a nutshell I think you could say that it is the commonsense of the people…Why can I define the Common Law as the commonsense of the people? Let us look at some history. From the start of modern society, in England, a concept emerged and despite Viking, Roman and Norman invaders, despite the attempts of the Monarchy to trample over it when it stood between them and their will, it grew strong and was constantly enhanced with political decisions - this is what we call 'the Common Law of England'. The same Common Law was fortunately inherited by Australia and it confers upon each citizen inalienable rights…"
Vernon Wilcox, C.B.E., Q.C., former Victorian Attorney General


by Eric D. Butler
No genuine authority on Africa is surprised by what has been happening in the Central African Republic of Rwanda. It is a repeat, only on a larger scale, of what has been happening in Africa since the liberals of the West, manipulated by the Soviet strategists, decided that it would be a noble gesture by the European colonial powers, particularly the British, if they retreated from Africa leaving the Africans with "independence" and Western-style political systems.

As always, the liberal mind overlooked realities, one being that tribalism, not nationalism, was the dominant factor in African life. The charnel house conditions, described by David Livingston and early Christian missionaries, were only modified by the introduction by the Europeans of some law and order. The retreat by the Europeans saw the return of charnel house conditions everywhere, with the destructive capacity of the Africans greatly increased by the introduction of modern weapons, these financed out of massive Western financial aid, the liberals insisting that such aid was the "moral duty" of the West.

In his essay, The Great Liberal Death Wish, Malcolm Muggeridge described how he and a group of fellow Western journalists in Stalin's Moscow, ran a competition to see which writer could have published the most absurd report of conditions in the Soviet Union. Muggeridge won with a report claiming that the long lines of people desperately seeking a little of the rationed food were in fact enthusiastic volunteers striving to help with the building of the Soviet paradise. It was the small 1 liberals, the self-styled intellectuals of the West, who believed this nonsense.

One of the most disturbing features of the modern liberal, constantly trying "to do good" as they struggle with their anguished consciences, is that rarely do they accept any responsibility for the disasters they have helped to further. Malcolm Fraser moralises about how the "international community" should be doing more to provide help for Rwandans, victims of yet another African tribal conflict, but he was typical of those who criticised European government in Africa.
It should be noted that the victors in the Rwandan civil war have been immediately accepted as members of the United Nations. They will now help to foster something called "world opinion" and may cast their votes, condemning Australia's "racist" policies.

While the Rwandan holocaust was being screened for a world audience, without any reference to the basic cause, the press ran reports which suggested that the "great" Chinese leader, Mao Tse Tung, had presided over a holocaust which resulted in perhaps 100 million Chinese being murdered during the "Cultural Revolution".
There is no way of checking such huge figures. But no Western spokesman who had previously eulogised Mao Tse Tung has come forward to apologise for endorsing a mass killer. International banker David Rockefeller certainly hasn't. With him, it is business as usual.
The past is past and the liberal is free to go on ignoring reality, to make the same type of mistakes as in the past.

The hope for mankind is acceptance of the basic truth enunciated by the famous anti-Zionist Jewish philosopher, Dr. Oscar Levy, who said that "The ideal is the enemy of the real". Traditional Christianity is unpopular with many because it is a religion of reality.


As the Rwandan disaster invades every lounge room via the television news, the international effort to save lives there goes into top gear. The United Nations uses guilt to pressure governments to pledge ever more aid, irrespective of the views of constituents. In fact, governments providing taxpayers' aid by compulsion actually hamper the private aid agencies. Voluntary donations to aid agencies are often much higher before governments offer aid (compulsory donations).

Drought conditions in northeastern Australia jeopardise Australia's self-sufficiency in some types of grain. Possible grain imports are being envisaged - at least from other States. Hard hit primary producers are being forced from their properties, and fodder convoys from the city regions are keeping stock alive.

It is readily acknowledged that if Rwandan refugees could be persuaded to return to their homes to harvest their crops, the death rate would drop dramatically. It is not drought that has forced them from their properties, but tribal warfare; multiculturalism in its most extreme form. Similarly, Australian farmers can survive droughts. But they cannot survive a rapidly rising cost structure, on the "level playing field" of the global market. That is, they cannot survive an economic policy that discriminates against small business of any kind.

Perhaps when the Rwandan tragedy subsides, we might consider some temporary diversion of Australia's foreign aid bill to rescue rural industries in Australia on the verge of total collapse. Unless primary producers and small business survive in Australia, our capacity to provide compulsory foreign aid will also be jeopardised, even in emergency cases like that of Rwanda. A change in policy is required.


Senator Faulkner, Minister for the Environment, proposes to use "whatever means available" to prevent logging of old growth forests in Tasmania, including further World Heritage listings. The "green" focus is often so narrow, however, that the efficiency of using timber substitutes is seldom examined. John Ellerton, Sydney hand-crafted furniture retailer, suggests that environmentalists consider these figures: It takes 6 kilojoules of energy to produce 1 kg of sawn timber; 47 kilojoules to make 1 kg of steel, and 142 kilojoules of energy to make 1 kg of aluminum. Trees are a renewable means to an end, not an end in themselves.


The pro-Zionist bias of the Melbourne Age, will be increased as a result of Mr. Sam Lipski, the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Australian Jewish News. The Age, along with The Sydney Morning Herald, is part of the Conrad Black media empire in Australia. Two non-Australians, Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black, dominate the print media in Australia. Both media empires are generally supportive of internationalism and pro-Republic.

There is a strong case for the development of a network of Independents to contest the next Federal elections, with a view to gaining a balance of power at Canberra. But Mr. Phil Cleary, the Independent Member for Wills, is not the man to establish a network with any prospect of success. Mr. Cleary has indicated the type of Independent candidates he has in mind. He has approached Dr. Bob Brown of Tasmania and Dr. Helen Caldecott, the anti-nuclear campaigner. Cleary visualises gaining support from traditional Labor supporters disillusioned with what has happened in Australia during a decade of Labor Government. Any new political grouping, independent of the present major political parties, would require the leadership of a Federal politician of the calibre of Labor backbench Member Graeme Campbell from Western Australia.

Speaking at the Queensland National Party Conference in Townsville last week, Federal National Party Leader Mr. Tim Fischer once again made it clear that he was opposed to the Government's proposed racial vilification legislation, which he correctly said was a threat to free speech. Although Tim Fischer has several unfortunate blind spots, including the creation of financial credit by the banking system and the proposal to introduce the Citizens' Initiative and Recall (C.I.R.), all patriotic Australians must support the National Party leader's opposition to the Zionist promoted racial vilification legislation.

We are not surprised that new Federal Liberal Leader Alexander Downer is currently riding high in the public opinion polls. Dr. John Hewson was proving so disastrous that any change of Liberal leadership would have resulted in a general sigh of relief. And there is a rising tide of resentment against Paul Keating. As yet, however, there is no evidence that a Downer-led Federal Liberal Party is likely to move off the general path being followed by the Keating Government. The growing number of prominent Liberals who are declaring themselves as Republicans, confirms how deep the philosophical rot is inside the Liberal Party. Alexander Downer is unable to provide decisive leadership because while he believes that Republicanism is inevitable, he cannot afford to upset those traditional Liberals who are strong Monarchists - even if only by instinct.


Having traveled across the vast Russian country from east to west, Solzhenitsyn warned Moscow crowds that the country was "in big trouble". Russians could not say they lived in a democracy, he said. The Russians are slowly beginning to realise that any "democracy" in free elections depends upon genuine alternatives in policy. To move from communism into a new world order in which the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank dictate the terms, may not be much of an improvement.

Those who complain that Solzhenitsyn's position is unclear on how Russia should develop, ignore his evident rejection of both communism and the drift towards global government by economic and financial centralisation. Solzhenitsyn's views are those of a genuine nationalist, and in his major essay, Rebuilding Russia, he proposes a complete rebuilding of the whole political structure from the bottom up. That is, begin in local communities, where self-government has genuine meaning. Perhaps the struggle for nationalism in Russia with Solzhenitsyn's return could be an example for the West. Rebuilding Russia: $13.00; $15.00 posted.


We note that broadcaster and columnist Phillip Adams has come out against the racial vilification legislation; certainly against any criminal sanctions for "vilification. At a recent conference on racism and anti-Semitism organized by Zionist groups in Melbourne, Adams claimed to have urged "the largely Jewish audience to reconsider strategy and tactics, and to re-think their enthusiasm for turbo-charging the anti-vilification laws with criminal sanctions". Adams claims that it's important "to hear the voices of bigotry, so that these beliefs can be dealt with. By debate, by discussion, but not by imprisonment".

It appears that Mr. Adams has changed his views. On the occasion of the last visit to Australia of Mr. David Irving, Adams was pleading with the press not to give Irving an inch of news coverage - hoping that he would simply go away unnoticed. Does this new position mean that Adams would be in favour of extending Irving a visa, in order to debate him? We doubt that even Adams could "deal with" Irving; Adams would never dare debate him.


One issue that had a massively detrimental impact on the Liberal leadership of Dr. John Hewson was his endorsement of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Hewson's colleagues were incredulous, then disgusted by this position. We note from newspaper reports that Downer "would not mind" if his children chose a "gay" lifestyle. According to The Advertiser (Adelaide), Downer says, "It would be his or her choice". Is Downer not aware that this is something of an insult in homosexual circles? Hard-line homosexuals claim that sexual orientation is not chosen, but genetically pre-determined. "Choice" implies that homosexuals could equally deliberately choose to be heterosexual.


from Sydney Morning Herald, 3/7
Your columnist, Elisabeth Wynhausen, clearly regards herself as an outstanding humanitarian as a result of spilling a bit of ink in a fashionable cause (S-H, 26/6). "No doubt her one sided account of the Cambodian boat people case allows the chardonnay to pass more easily down her throat. However, not all of us are happy to wring our hands while evading responsibility.

Should we just allow people to turn up on our shores at their convenience and move straight into the community? "This would be an open invitation to illegal entrants and would actively assist the criminal gangs who have promoted people smuggling. If I am to be called a redneck by her for taking more than a fashionable, superficial view and being concerned about the interests of resident Australians, then I don't mind."
(Graeme Campbell, Member for Kalgoorlie, W.A.)

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