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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 September 1994. Thought for the Week: "The most miserable tramp is happier than the best fed convict."
G.K. Chesterton


by Eric D. Butler
The current campaign against the League of Rights is but the continuation of a campaign that started a long time ago. One of the major figures in this campaign is Zionist leader, Isi Leibler. We know this because Leibler has made no secret of his determination to destroy the League. He has said that the League must be driven out of the Australian political arena.

One of the most interesting aspects of the mounting battle against the League is that the Zionist propaganda machine charged the League with being driven by the very hate, which drives the Zionist zealots. As a Christian-based organisation, the League of Rights unreservedly accepts the Christian Law of Love. The fact that I have given a number of lectures on the Law of Love, stressing that hate is a self-destructive force, makes no difference to Leibler, who insists that I am an "evil man".

Eventually the story will be told of the long list of people he has sought to intimidate. He will well recall in the early days of the League how he personally called upon the then Chairman, the late W.J. Carruthers, at that time manager of Cottees. Without any explanation, an embarrassed Walter Carruthers immediately resigned from the League. Then there was the famous Leibler visit to Canberra to call upon the then Mr. Jim Killen. Leibler had lunch with Killen and W.C. Wentworth, resulting in an article in The Bulletin by Killen, entitled "Lunch Without Prejudice - Come Again Mr. Leibler". Leibler objected to the slightly satirical vein of the article. Like all zealots, Isi Leibler has little sense of humour.

There was nothing new about Isi Leibler contacting Alexander Downer to "warn" him following his address at the 1987 South Australian League Seminar; Leibler will also recall his efforts to silence the late Norman Banks, prominent Melbourne radio commentator, whose "crime" was to have me on his programme several times. Typical of his kind, Leibler declined an invitation by Banks to debate me on the Banks programme. Leibler is not a man who likes open, manly debate.

Shortly after Leibler's attempt to silence Banks, there was a sudden loss of sponsorship for the Banks programme. At the big media dinner commemorating the retirement of Banks, Banks defiantly listed me as one of his closest friends. I have a long list of prominent people whom Isi Leibler tried, generally without success, to "warn" against the League. The list if published will make interesting reading.

Perhaps Mr. David Greason, currently writing an "in depth history" of the League, might prevail upon Isi Leibler to reveal the type of action he took to try to persuade the late Sir Billy Snedden to change his view of the League. As Federal Attorney General, Snedden wrote on September 14th, 1965, "There is no evidence to suggest that the Australian League of Rights was anything other than a reputable organisation.
Snedden had listed the "major aims" of the League: Loyalty to the Crown. Support of Constitutional Government. Support of free enterprise. Opposition to all forms of totalitarianism, particularly Communism. He also mentioned the League's publications. Snedden had met with several League supporters on occasions. But his assessment of the League was provided by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASTO).

I met on several occasions with Sir Charles Spry, the first director of ASlO, the last time at the home of the late Rev. Norman Hill, who was prominent in the anti-communist movement at that time. The character of ASIO changed dramatically in recent years, as every student of the subject knows.

What the Leibler campaign demonstrates is that, as a key man in the International Zionist Jewish movement, he fears what the League stands for. Even Leibler can hardly believe some of the nonsense published about the League. The Zionist campaign against the League sheds much more light on the International Zionist strategy than it does on the League.

Australians are basically a trusting people. But if they start to realise that they have been badly conned about the League, there will be a major backlash against those responsible for misleading them. It has been clear for some time that the League was emerging at the litmus test in Australian politics. The Zionists and their various lackeys are making a major contribution to the clarification of the basic issues facing the Australian people.


by David Thompson
It is impossible to calculate the final price to be paid for the introduction of the policy of "multiculturalism". But part of that price is the life of assassinated NSW MLA John Newman. Although it is not yet proven that Asian gang and crime groups murdered Newman, this is the first assumption adopted by local people, and the press. The fact of the matter is that a multicultural community under economic and social pressure generates enormous racial and cultural friction. John Newman's death simply underlines this fact.

The Cabramatta area of western Sydney is reputed to be the most intensely multicultural area of Australia. It is reported that 120 nationalities live in Cabramatta, and official statistics list 38.5 percent of the population as born in South East Asia, and raising Asian children. Anyone who travels by train through Western Sydney is aware that the Cabramatta station offers the greatest culture shock in Sydney. The entire area could be mistaken for parts of Saigon, with street signs and shop fronts in Asian languages. Sometimes English is included as an afterthought. The faces, the language and the culture is entirely Asian.
The unemployment in Cabramatta is also among the highest in Australia; 43 percent of those under 24 years of age. This is a migrant community under intense social and economic pressure. Their murdered MP was also of migrant stock, changing his name from Naumenko.


The Cabramatta area also has one of the highest crime rates in the country - much of it involving Asian gangs, who are involved in organised criminal activities including drugs, prostitution and extortion. The high incidence of "home-invasion" crimes are almost exclusively carried out by Asian groups against Asian victims. But the criminal activity is not necessarily genuinely domestic.
John Newman is on record as warning that the criminal activity began in the refugee camps of South east Asian, and accompanied the refugees - legal and illegal.

Such is the crime rate in Cabramatta that it takes on the form of terrorism. The terror inspired in the community by Asian gangs is such that policing the area is impossible. In one murder investigation, a killing in the presence of 200 people in a car park did not produce a single witness. In another, the accused was released when only two of 24 witnesses appeared in court, and the two who did attend were so vague as to be useless.

So concerned was Newman about Asian crime that he proposed that all immigrants convicted of crime should be deported. He also called for more Asians in the police force. Both proposals deal with the effects of Asian crime. The cause is the creation of an Asian ghetto, which is the direct result of the open door immigration policy, coupled with the policy of multiculturalism as opposed to assimilation. Newman's own Party, the ALP, is mainly responsible.


In circumstances where police resources are simply inadequate to deal with the nature and magnitude of crime like that of Cabramatta, the individual must accept increasing responsibility for his own security. The State, however, hampers him from doing so, with restrictions upon weapons in particular. It is no longer acceptable to own firearms for personal protection.

Entire families are terrorised in their own homes by armed criminals. If John Newman received death threats, why was he not permitted to carry a firearm for personal safety? Does anyone seriously believe that his killer bothered to license the pistol with which he was shot? The warning that "when firearms are outlawed, only outlaws will have firearms" has become a reality. It has been pointed out that the primary murder weapon in the Hoddle Street murders was a Garand Ml Rifle; this weapon was surreptitiously invented - and built - from scrap materials by a convict in an American prison!


The murder of public figures has been described as completely un-Australian. This is so, but the immigration and multicultural policies are turning Australia into an un-Australian place. Cabramatta is an alien environment; why should "Australian" traditions or standards prevail? The United States is an example of a multicultural society in the process of decay. It is no longer the "United" states at all, but a series of cultural and racial groups in open conflict, paralysed by crime, fractured to its foundations.

The murder of John Newman is an un-Australian tragedy; the hallmark of a revolution taking place. Those who pulled the trigger are to share their guilt with those who created the social time bomb in Cabramatta in the beginning; those who insist that multiculturalism should be made to work The new racial vilification legislation is designed to silence those who insist that such social experiments are irresponsible.


Results of Mr. Lavarch's round of "public consultation" meetings on the proposed racial vilification legislation are not being released. Reports indicate that at least two of the five public meetings (Canberra and Adelaide) a clear majority was strongly against it. As Mr. Graeme Campbell noted, if the results agreed with his intentions, Mr. Lavarch would have released them immediately. The Government will have to ruthlessly impose this vicious legislation; it is unpopular, unwelcome and unnecessary, and an intimidation to free speech.


Humanism - the Wreck of Western Culture, by John Carroll.
A challenging book that drew a stinging response from the humanists. Carroll was the author/editor who produced "Shutdown - the Failure of Economic Rationalism" in 1992. In this bracing, muscular study of humanism's rise to dominate mankind, and its headlong tumble into contradiction, exhaustion and inertia, Carroll sketches out a revised version of Western civilisation's trajectory since the Renaissance and the Reformation contrived to unleash Reason, Will and a superhuman Man on the world. It is a sobering lament, and calling to account, from which the humanists have so far shrunk. $17.00 from League book services, or $19.50 posted.


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), 9/9
It is interesting to observe how freedoms are lost. The attack on Mr. Downer - 'P.M. mauls Downer on meeting' (Herald-Sun, September 1) warns against associating with those who hold dissident views. "That is why 'what Mr. Downer said' was not even mentioned, just where he said it. To attack someone for speaking at a public meeting simply because it was organised by a group with 'politically incorrect' views is a covert attack on 'free speech'.

"Speech is not free. Its price is a vigorous, continuous and often courageous defence of the inalienable right to think upon, write upon and openly discuss what we will. "Instead of being intimidated, Mr. Downer could have emulated a former Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, who rejected an attack on himself for speaking at a meeting run by the Wharf Labourers' Union. "I am a political dissident, I vote in accord with the Commonwealth Constitution and the will of my electorate, as determined by extensive polling. I speak on many platforms and will speak at any meeting to which I am invited." (Dennis Stevenson, Independent M.L.A. - Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory)


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), September 3rd
Father's Day is with us again. However, fathers have little to celebrate. Short of total annihilation, there can be no more fundamental change in society than the one taking place to men today. Unemployment for men is at a high due to affirmative action/equal opportunity policies. Male suicide rates are up. Crime, juvenile delinquency and tension between the sexes have increased dramatically in the past two decades. Marriage and birth rates are declining while divorce rates are increasing.
All these significant social changes are perceived as separate problems or as no problem at all. Rather these things are seen as the 'price society has to pay' to equalise the roles of men and women."

"This drive is not only against the design of nature, but, according to Professor Amneus, the reason Western society is declining. The male role as breadwinner and leader of his family has been seriously undermined. Instead of a balance of power and sharing of responsibilities between men and women in marriage, society appears to accept the view that women should have a dual role - that of breadwinner and nurturer. This means that men effectively have no clearly defined role in modern egalitarian society.

"In the brave new world of so-called 'sexual equality', men have become superfluous to women, society and, worse still, to their families. Unless the drive to equalise the roles of the sexes is stopped, family life will continue to decline. Only a wholesale return to traditional roles will save and preserve the family unit in this country." (A. Barron, Convenor, Vic. Institute of Men's Studies)

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