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Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

25 November 1994. Thought for the Week: 'For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad"
Luke 8:17


A conservative estimate would indicate that the Liberal Party spent at least $100,000 on a by-election, which normally should have been regarded as a "push over" for the Liberal Party. But there was deep unease in Liberal Party ranks, not only the result of the growing concern about the failure of Alexander Downer to provide positive leadership for a Liberal Party with deep internal divisions, but a fear that even traditional Liberal voters might take the opportunity of protesting against the multicultural policies which the Liberal Party has joined with the Labor Government in imposing upon the Australian people.

In recent by-elections the small Party known as Australians Against Further Immigration, obviously poorly funded, have joined the multiculturalists with substantial votes. Clearly a growing number of concerned Australians were taking the opportunity to record a protest vote on immigration and multicultural issues. This has been particularly true in those electorates with substantial numbers of working class voters.

But would this voting trend continue in a blue ribbon electorate like Kooyong, where the relatively small number of Labor supporters consists mainly of the trendy academic types. Not surprisingly, many of these found no difficulty in helping to swell the sizeable vote of The Greens, led by the high profile candidate Dr. Singer. The Liberals, the Greens and the strange assortment of Independents, including a tabletop dancer, were all in agreement on one thing: the A.A.F.I. candidate should be marked last on their how-to-vote cards. The A.A.F.I. did not attempt to direct preferences, leaving electors to make their own choice.

The media generally were unsympathetic to the A.A.F.I., with the usual sneers about "racism". The entry of West Australian Labor Member, Graeme Campbell, into the campaign, resulted in Alexander Downer calling upon Prime Minister Paul Keating to "discipline" Campbell. When asked by the media to indicate what type of a vote they anticipated, the A.A.F.I. said they would be satisfied with at least a 4 percent primary vote. Objective observers felt that a 4 percent vote would be a creditable performance. But the vote was over double that - in excess of 8 percent.

The record shows that in their comparatively short history, the A.A.F.I. has progressively increased its vote, which means that an increasing number of electors are voting against the present immigration and multicultural programme. And, as proved in the Kooyong by-election, equally important is how second preferences are being allocated. Liberal Party scrutineers were astonished to note that at least 6 percent of Liberal Party voters ignored the Liberal how-to-vote card and gave their second preference vote to the A.A.F.I. candidate. Even a percentage of Greens gave their second preference vote to the A.A.F.I.

Because of the A.A.F.I's. position on the voting card, it is obvious that the Liberals and Greens, who had allocated their second preferences to the A.A.F.I., had made a conscious judgment. We have no doubt that Liberal Party strategists are now assessing the deeper significance of the Kooyong by-election and realise that all public opinion polls, which reveal that an overwhelming majority of Australians are opposed to present immigration and multicultural policies. And they are extremely foolish if they do not do a little arithmetic and realise that the A.A.F.I. is moving to a position where it can elect at least one or two Senators, these conceivably holding the balance of power in the Senate.

We have no special brief for A.A.F.I., believing that Australia needs a new and wider political grouping than is at present offered. But we believe that credit should be given where it is due, and those who have brought the A.A.F.I. so far have made a vital contribution towards the salvation of traditional Australia, and deserve the thanks of that growing number who see no hope with either of the present two major political parties.


We are indebted to Mr. Alan Thornely, a former Councillor for the Kerang (Victoria) Borough, for the news that the Victorian Public Transport Authority has borrowed $6,000 million from Germany at 15 percent interest. At a meeting in Kerang with Public Transport Minister Alan Brown on August 24th, Mr. Thornely asked a number of questions concerning the financial aspects of the Victorian public transport system, during which the Minister revealed that the system was deeply in debt to overseas financial organisations. He also made the interesting comment that the daily press was not interested in reporting such matters.

In a letter to his local paper, The Northern Times, of September 6th, Mr. Thornely, commented, "If we try a bit of simple arithmetic we find that 15 percent of the 6,000million is 900 million annually, 2.5 million per day..." Mr. Thornely went on to point out that the interest would pay the wage bill for 38,461 men at $450 a week for one year.

Kerang has a new railway station waiting room, which the Transport Authority, under the cost cutting policies of the Kennett Government, cannot afford to man! Although it is true that it was the Victorian Labor Governments which "hocked" the Victorian public transport system, the Kennett Government has made the position worse by adopting a policy of selling off public assets ("privatisation") while at the same time continuing to borrow overseas. We urge Victorians to question their State Members on how much the total State debt has increased since the Kennett Government took office.


A reading of the Zionist-Jewish media suggests that Zionist leaders are becoming both frustrated and irritated with Liberal leader Alexander Downer. The Australian Jewish News of November 18th, quotes Mr. Mark Leibler as having accused Downer of seeking "a total cop" on the racial vilification legislation and has called on the National and Liberal Parties to allow their members a free vote on the Government's Legislation. With typical arrogance, Mr. Leibler says, "If, as it appears, the Liberals and Nationals are so hopelessly divided and fractious on this issue, the least Mr. Downer can do is to allow a free vote on the Government's bill. Mr. Downer's attitude is a total cop out with all the hallmarks of a ploy to ensure the legislation is consigned to the rubbish bin."

The Jewish News reports that when Mr. Mark Leibler arrived in Canberra with an appointment to discuss the Opposition's attitude to the racial vilification legislation with the Shadow Attorney-General, Senator Amanda Vanstone, he discovered that the Opposition had already made its decision and that the Senator could not see him. The Canberra Times of November 12th had carried a front page story claiming that "Influential Jewish business and community leaders are to cease their substantial contributions to the Coalition and urge others to do the same as the fall out from the decision to oppose a racial hatred Bill threatens to tear the Coalition apart". The report said that between 30 and 40 powerful Jewish leaders had decided to work for the withdrawal of financial support for the Liberal Party because of the failure to support the Government's legislation.

It is highly probable that this story was "leaked" to the Canberra Times in an attempt to apply psychological pressure on the Coalition Parties. Mr. Mark Leibler quickly denied the Times report, but the Times of November 14th reported that "However, Jewish business sources contacted by The Canberra Times said last night that the issue of donations to the Coalition was 'very much on the agenda"'.

We have no doubt that this is correct, confirming the recent charge of Western Australian Labor Member Graeme Campbell that the Zionist Jewish lobby was financing both the major political parties. Graeme Campbell returned to the subject of the influence of the Zionist Jewish lobby in an attack in Parliament on the Racial Hatred Bill. Campbell said he was "not talking about the great majority of Jews, many of whom, I know, are totally opposed to this bill. I am talking about a relatively small group of the Jewish community, disproportionately composed of authoritarian zealots who have crushed or silenced internal opposition. Due to a combination of money, position, relentless lobbying and the manipulation of their victim status, they have a very powerful influence, both in Australia and abroad".

Graeme Campbell said that the Prime Minister Paul Keating's announcement at the 36th Biennial Conference of the Zionist Federation of Australia that the racial hatred bill would be introduced before the end of 1994 "underlined from where the major lobbying pressure of such a bill had come".

It is a long time since such robust language has been heard in the Federal Parliament. Increasing numbers of people are coming to understand the rate of the Zionist Jewish lobby in Australian politics. Perhaps Alexander Downer is starting to realise that he made a bad tactical mistake when he attempted to court favour with the Zionist Jewish lobby by joining in with the smearing of the Australian League of Rights.


We have no doubt that the professionals in the Federal Labor Party organisation have carefully noted that the Green campaign in Kooyong concentrated much of its campaign on the Kennett Government, whose electoral support continues to slide as the revolutionary Municipal Government amalgamation programme unfolds and as various types of community services are cut. The Kennett Government will be one of the major targets of the Federal Labor strategists at the next Federal Elections. Ironically, the Kennett Government has taken over the same programme initiated by the Labor Governments. Not surprisingly, growing numbers of frustrated Victorian electors are asking who can they vote for. They are waiting for the emergence of a new political movement, which will seek to restore control of Australia to the Australian people.

The Kenya Government has expelled a homosexual Australian working in a hotel. The Kenyan Immigration Office said that the Australian had been ordered to leave in order to protect him from the people of the local community, who abhorred homosexual activities. "Homosexuality is prohibited under our country's laws and is morally unacceptable in our society. We shall not allow these people to come and teach our people bad manners." Unlike the Australian Federal Labor Government, aided by the wishy-washy attitude of the Liberal "Opposition", the Kenya Government does not appear to be concerned about offending the United Nations.

British born Doug Collins, who the Germans had great difficulty in keeping in prison during the Second World War, is one of the most robust journalists writing in Canada. Those who argue that freedom of speech will not be seriously affected by the Australian Government's race hatred bill may be interested to know that as a result of Zionist-Jewish pressure Collins has been called before a Human Rights Council. As Collins comments, "I have the honour of being the first columnist in Canadian history to be hauled before a Human Rights Council on a charge of political correctness." Collins' crime? "He gave a most unfavourable review of the film "Schindler's List." We will report on this case as it unfolds.


from Herald-Sun (Melbourne), November 21st
In some media reports certain viewpoints relating to the proposed racial vilification legislation have been attributed to the Australian Jewish community. "For the record and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, the executive council of Australian Jewry reiterates its firm belief that legislation to assist victims of racial hatred is necessary and overdue. "We trust and hope that this process will lead to a truly bipartisan recognition of the rights of all Australians to live our lives free of harassment, vilification and criminal acts causing and resulting from hatred.

"We stress and we believe the responsibility to combat racism transcends all political boundaries and we appeal to our legislators to make all endeavours to ensure this matter does not become submerged in confrontational and adversarial politics.

"As elected leaders of Jewish communities around Australia, we sincerely hope the debate on the merits of legislation will be conducted in rational, dignified and intelligent manner, without the motives of supporters or opponents of this legislation being brought into question."

(Issued on behalf of the president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Isi Leibler/the N.S.W. Jewish Board of Deputies, Michael Marx/the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, Geoffrey Green/the Council of Western Australian Jewry Inc., Doron Ur/the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies, Laurie Rosenblum, the Jewish Community Council of South Australia, Jack Hines/the A.C.T. Jewish Community Inc., Athol Morris/and the Hobart Hebrew Congregation, Tom Schlesinger.)


from The Australian (11/11)
As a dark-skinned immigrant who has experienced a fair share of racist taunts from the dregs of Australian society, I feel that I have paid my dues and can speak on racial issues without fear from the politically correct brigade. "To Mr. Wakim, Secretary of the Australian Arabic Council (Letters, 7/11) I do not want your type of Australia. This country that my parents (and later I) chose happened to be better than any alternative - including the country of my birth. I do not believe this country will be improved one iota by racially based groups like yourself demanding government control over 'subtle and subliminal (racism)' and your conveniently defined 'racist media reports'.
"Your support for legislation intended to curb the behaviour of the few who do not accept me is an insult and an injustice to the hundreds who have freely accepted my family and me.

"I would advise Mr. Wakim and the rest of the racially based community leaders to stop viewing this country through elective race based eyes and consider those who do not define themselves by their race or country of origin. I am not an Arabic Australian, or a Chinese Australian or a Greek Australian, I am just a bloody Australian." (David Straface, Wembley, W.A.)

The Australian, 31/10

"I see that National Party Leader Mr. Tim Fischer rightly expressed concerns with racial vilification legislation that might jail people for 'uttering a set of words', but is being assured by Federal Attorney General Lavarch that he is seeking merely to confine criminal sanctions to acts of racial violence or the 'incitement of racial hatred.' Perhaps Mr. Lavarch knows, or does not know, of the moves afoot in Canada and the U.S. to make 'words' equated with 'acts'? "And as for application of the definition of "incitement of racial hatred', this is the man who is so lacking in confidence in the ability of people of Australia to think for themselves that he banned historian David Irving from entering the country to talk about his views on the Holocaust. "This is the person, then, to decide what constitutes 'intent' in such a charge? "In this regard, there is also the case of the step-by-step evolution of the Sex Discrimination Act to make it an offence merely to 'offend'. 'Reject this bill, and it will take the thought police that much longer to escalate racial matters to the same absurd level." (Stan Stanfield, Palm Beach, N.S.W.)

The Australian, 31/10

Who did the Federal Attorney General, Michael Lavarch, think he was kidding when he claimed on a recent ABC Channel 2 program that the proposed Racial Vilification Act will not be used to stifle our democratic right to discuss race relations in Australia? Most certainly not those who recall the clampdown on the debate about multiculturalism and race relations during the period of quasi-censorship prior to the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations. "This was covertly encouraged by the Labor Government, without the need to invoke an Act of Parliament, to promote the fiction of a harmonious, united nation. But at the time what occurred revoked John Howard's comment that Australia had entered a period of 'new McCarthyism' (The Weekend Australian, 16-17/7/88).

"As a result, academic freedom was threatened by hints that unless one's research supported the Office of Multicultural Affairs' line on multiculturalism - research grants would not be forthcoming. Academics were shouted down at conferences for daring to use well authenticated statistics to demonstrate that some ethnic groups were not as disadvantaged as the multicultural lobby maintained. "Similar vociferous denigration greeted suggestions that in sociological theory the term racism! racist is not as clear-cut as those who freely bandy it about think, and most certainly should not be indiscriminately used to abuse anybody who might make politically incorrect comments about race and ethnic relations.

"More seriously, official pressure was covertly exerted to prevent informed debate about race relations in the mass media. As one prominent radio personality commented on a 3LO afternoon program, it was as much as his job was worth to allow a discussion on racism. This was in answer to the eminent West Indian author, Naipul's, query about likely reasons for being banned from entering an Aboriginal reserve in the Northern Territory.

"So, let's not kid ourselves. Whether we have a Racial Vilification Act or not, an authoritarian government will always find ways to stifle or ignore criticisms of whatever measures influential lobby groups want officially adopted for their own ends. Having an Act merely provides a veneer of pseudo-legitimacy for such measures, nothing else. Our safeguard lies in always being suspicious of the 'politically correct' line, no matter who is pushing it. Whoever said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance was certainly not kidding!" (Brian M. Bullivant, Nungurner, Vic.)


from The Australian, 14/11
The Chinese community leaders, so insistent in their support for the racial hatred bill (The Australian, 10/11) should realise that the new law could become a double headed sword. "My wife is Cantonese and often as we dine at a Chinese restaurant the waiter will refer to me as the 'gwailo', or, 'devil-person'. This blatantly racist term, devil-person, is used routinely by Cantonese to refer to Caucasians. The new law will cover such insults, imposing civil liability for acts activated by the victim's race, colour, etc., if they are likely to offend, insult, humiliate, or intimidate.

"My wife is offended when someone calls her a 'slant-eye', and I am equally offended when a Cantonese calls me a 'devil-person', but we've both learned to ignore the terms. Now, if I'm feeling vindictive, when a Chinese waiter calls me 'gwailo' I can apparently report the person to the speech police for breaking the law. "I won't be dobbing in any waiter because I believe the waiter's right of free speech in this case transcends my right not to feel offended. I'm darned angry, though, that the Canberra Social Engineering Party, swayed by ethnic minorities who themselves indulge in racist behaviour, is introducing such a divisive law, guaranteed to increase racial tension, in a country famed for its racial tolerance.
(Paul Raffaele, Cammeray, N.S.W.)

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159