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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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14 August 1998. Thought for the Week: "The ideal is the enemy of the real. One of the most dangerous individuals is the do-gooder, often a most pleasant individual who insists that he wants to do good to you, whether you want it done to you or not. If you resist the do-gooder, then he says that he must have sufficient power to do to you the good you don't want, and then he becomes corrupted by power."
from the notes of the League of Rights' Social Dynamics School


by Eric D. Butler
Irrespective of when John Howard calls the next Federal election, it will result in the biggest realignment of politics in Australia since the Great Depression of the thirties, which resulted in the fragmentation of the Australian Labor Party and the emergence of what came to be known as the United Australian Party with a former Labor politician from Tasmania, Joe Lyons, becoming Prime Minister.

The Country Party was a power in its own right. Compared with today's National Party, the original Country Party would be described as "racist" and "extremist". It was a staunch supporter of the Federal Constitution, the Constitutional Monarchy, a restricted immigration policy, often misleadingly described as the "White Australia" policy, a strong defence system and the progressive decentralisation of power through the creation of new States.

The political ferment which emerged towards the end of the Second World War saw former Prime Minister R.G. Menzies, rejected by the Australian people early in the Second World War, emerging as a catalyst which brought together a variety of anti-Socialist movements into what became known as the Liberal Party. The basic philosophy of this Party was defence of the Federal Constitution and the Constitutional Monarchy.

The close alliance between the Liberal Party and the Country Party resulted in the election of the Menzies-Fadden Coalition in 1949. Policy promises were straightforward: the growing problem of inflation, a result of the Chifley Labor Government abolishing the wartime policy of a system of consumer discounts, which had held the Australian price level for five years, was to be dealt with by restoring the Consumer Discount System. The dominant promise at the 1949 elections was to "put the shillings back into the pound".

Within a few months of being elected on this promise, the Menzies-Fadden Government was rejecting that policy. The reason? The dominant economic advisers, men like the Fabian Socialist H.C. Coombs, strongly resisted the proposed implementation of the promised consumer-price discount system. Inflation became the major national issue as the Coalition Government staggered from crisis to crisis, eventually struggling to survive. Survival eventually became dependent on the famous split in the Labor Party with the Democratic Labor Party holding the balance of power.

It is vitally important to recall Australian political history at a time when clearly there are major changes emerging on the Australian political scene. Political history throughout the English speaking democracies does not support the optimistic view that the nation's problem can be solved by merely replacing one set of politicians with another set. A major feature of all governments is that changing sets of politicians will inherit the powers centralised by their predecessors, and the natural tendency is to find excuses for retaining those powers.

Assuming that the public opinion polls are approximately correct, that John Howard's GST does not produce the proverbial rabbit out of the political hat, the odds are against the Coalition Government surviving. Senior Liberal MP Tony Abbott has sent shockwaves through the ranks of his colleagues with his firm prediction that if the One Nation Party sustains present levels of support, every Coalition Member with a majority of less than 5 percent would be defeated with the election of a Labor Government with a 12 seat majority.
Abbott's calculations are based on One Nation maintaining its present 15 percent rate of support and directing its preferences against all sitting Coalition Members, as threatened by the directors of One Nation.
It may be true that Abbott's prediction is designed to jolt One Nation supporters into a realisation that their detestation of the two Parties they blame for most of their problems could be helping to elect a Labor Government

All that one can predict with any degree of certainty is that the Australian political scene has become increasingly volatile. It is also becoming more violent, with revolutionary groups planning to foster and exploit violence. The media of August 7th reports Australia's most experienced intelligence experts of warning against possible violence at the coming Federal Elections. Mr. Ross Martindale, a high ranking Australian who has been involved in protecting Prime Ministers at every poll since 1975, expresses concern about the potential for violence particularly from rural Australia. As Martindale says, no one can predict what an emotionally disturbed person might do.

There are large numbers of desperate people in today's society, a result of the economic policies imposed in recent years. Australia has been progressively losing a sense of direction and cohesion. The suicide rate has become increasingly high. particularly among younger Australians. The best that the politicians can say is that they "understand" why large numbers of people find it difficult to adjust to a "changing world" - one in which they find themselves torn from their traditional cultural and other roots. But it is all "inevitable" says John Howard and other devotees of globalism.

The recent Hawthorn Town Hall episode, where the Victorian police announced that they had "negotiated" with the violent opponents of Pauline Hanson to permit a mainly elderly audience to leave the Hawthorn Town Hall in safety if they agreed to cancel the meeting, followed by Pauline Hanson being forced to try to speak in the streets of Ipswich because the local Council refused to permit Pauline Hanson to use the local Town Hall, were ominous signs of what is to come.

Last week's Australian Jewish News reveals that highly organise Jewish campaigns are being planned against Pauline Hanson's One Nation. All Jewish community groups are urged to participate in Action programmes. A phone number is provided for those who wish to become involved. Zionist Jewish leaders like Mr. Mark Leibler, who endorsed the publication of the names of One Nation Members, must accept some responsibility for inciting people to involve themselves in activities, which can only lead to more violence.

Talmudic dialectics permit this type of activities with One Nation supporters then being blamed for any resulting violence. The Zionist Jewish press publicises statements concerning a campaign at the coming Federal Elections, to target all candidates who have been charged with supporting "racism".

The stage is being set for increasing violent demonstrations against those who have been charged and judged guilty of the charge of "racism". Some of those involved in a campaign of terror tactics against law abiding Australians have openly proclaimed that supporters of the policies of organisations like One Nation have no right to free speech. Such is the state of Australia today.

It is not surprising that desperate people throughout Australia are talking about the necessity to prepare themselves for what is in essence a form of civil war. Jewish and other ethnic leaders are contributing to the growing ferment by bluntly warning the Liberal Party that previous substantial financial support is to be withdrawn from the Liberal Party because of the alleged failure of the Party to give a sufficiently strong lead against Pauline Hanson and "racism". The Zionist Jewish lobby is making it clear that it expects a Labor Government to include criminal sanctions in all future legislation concerning racial issues.

The threat to traditional Australia was never greater. It is imperative that electors put last on their ballot papers all candidates who refuse to support the introduction of Citizens Initiative Referendum as a form of passive defence. Ignore all proposals concerning violence and ignore all threats to traditional freedom. This may be the last election at which such an orderly protest can be made.


by David Thompson
The launching of "Racewatch" last week by an unproductive partnership between Community Aid Abroad (CAB) and the Jewish lobby group, B'Nai Brith, is certain to raise the temperature in the area of cultural friction. The purpose of the partnership is to solicit a group of volunteer informants who will report on any "racist" remarks made during the coming election campaign. The volunteers are to be known as "Racewatchers", who will report back to the B'Nai Brith if they hear anything construed as ''racist''.

What will the B'Nai Brith do? They propose to screen the reports from the volunteer witch-hunters, and submit the more serious expressions of racism to a tribunal of three: Ms. Irene Moss, former Race Discrimination Commissioner; Justice Marcus Einfeld, who presides in the Federal Court; and NSW Ombudsman and former Tax Commissioner, Trevor Boucher.
Those condemned by the tribunal as being guilty of uttering "racist" remarks will be placed on the B'Nai Brith data base, and released weekly to the press. Thus, what might be described as a group of Pharisees and tax collectors, appointed by the Jewish lobby, will decide what is "racism" and what is not. What is socially acceptable, and what is not.

Groups like One Nation and politicians like Pauline Hanson are undoubtedly blamed for "divisions" in Australia on the basis of race and culture. Hanson is reviled by the "anti-racists", and "blamed" for racism increasing. The fact that Hanson and others like her are giving legitimate expression to political realities is lost on those who condemn her. Can "Racewatch" quote a single "racist" statement by the Member for Ipswich? It is unlikely.

A much more sinister aspect of the "Racewatch" operation is the ideological position of the B'Nai Brith's partner, Community Aid Abroad. One would suspect that perhaps the B'Nai Brith would be keen to take advantage of a "respectable" organisation like CAB for ideological purposes, but it appears that the CAB position is just as overtly actionist as that of B'Nai Brith.

Most Australians who support private aid agencies like CAB would be unaware of any such political stance as that of CAB on social policy. CAB spokesman Jeremy Hobbs spelt it out in an ABC interview on August 3rd, on the PM programme. Hobbs declared that one target of the campaign was to be the policy of assimilation. "Expecting one cultural group to suborn their interests to a dominant group" he said, was "clearly racist". Hobbs, who refused to modify this view, is taking community aid to new levels of political campaigning. Are the CAB donors aware of Hobbs' (and presumably his executive) position on assimilation?

Hobbs' position on social policy is one of clear abuse of the trust that the public is asked to place in aid agencies. There is nothing "racist" (let alone "clearly racist") in the view that assimilation as an alternative to multiculturalism is a legitimate policy. In fact, the physical evidence for the success of assimilation as against the success of multiculturalism is almost overwhelmingly in favour of assimilation.
For example, the suggestion that Aborigines would be regarded as mainstream Australians rather than "ethnics" in their own land was one of the powerful motivating factors behind a massive 97% "Yes" vote in the 1967 referendum on Aboriginal issues. That such convincing goodwill on the basis of "assimilation" has been squandered by almost immediately switching to a policy of "self determination" is a gross betrayal of Aborigines.

It is obvious that "Racewatch" itself is even more socially objectionable as the "racism" it seeks to stamp out. The creation of a private army of snoops and spies, with the support of major Jewish lobby groups and a private aid agency, under the implied patronage of a Federal Court Judge and the NSW Ombudsman, is no small matter. The claim that Justice Einfeld and Mr. Boucher are acting in their "private capacities" is ludicrous. There is no doubt that the impartiality of the Federal Court and the office of Ombudsman is seriously compromised by this campaign.

Who can claim that the "Racewatchers" will resist the temptation to use their enhanced capacity for mischief to settle personal scores, or inventing or exaggerating "racism" for their own prestige? After all, they are now obliged to justify their campaign by sniffing out as much "racism" as possible. It is most reminiscent of Rider Haggard's ancient witch, Gagool, in King Solomon's Mines, who caused many of the noblest warriors to be executed on the pretence that they were evildoers.


The suggestion that "Asian" nations will not trade with us if we do not share their judgments on matters concerning culture and race is ludicrous. Successful trade has always taken place on the basis that the self-interest of both parties is advanced. This is still being demonstrated by today's businessmen big or small, but it is the small businessman, with personal attention to the administration of his business, who is more aware of the reality of trade.

A fruit and vegetable exporter, Mr. Michael Segall, has demonstrated the realities of trade. Mr. Segall was able to penetrate a saturated Japanese market in 1990 by paying attention to quality, rather than the relationship between Japan and Australia. Segall says that he did not bother much with the hand shaking, business card swapping and relationship building with the Japanese. He does not attend trade shows, does not advertise, does not speak Japanese, and rarely visits Japan. "It comes down to quality, amount, time. In that order," he said (Business Review Weekly, 3/8/98).
"If someone wants your produce, they want it, whether they have a relationship with you, or not."

Segall exports 2,000 tonnes of produce annually to Japan, when others are complaining that it is impossible to export to such a closed market. The quality of his produce, reliability of delivery, and his willingness to telephone his clients in Japan frequently seems to be the key to his success. The "European cultural baggage" is not an issue.


It may not be a political earthquake, but the basic principle of representative government was pointedly driven home to Mr. Tim Fischer and John Anderson last week by the Queensland Nationals led by Bob Katter and De-Anne Kelly. Mr. Fischer, as a relatively successful Minister for Trade, still grapples with the domestic imperatives of satisfying an electorate with constituents to whom he is responsible, and who may not benefit much from his international "success."
How to balance the two? Katter and Kelly spelt it out; keep the faith with your electoral base first.

In our view, Katter and Kelly should be congratulated and encouraged. Mr. Anderson faces a rural revolt from the pig producers, who are well organised, and strongly motivated by resentment against foreign meat imports. Not only that the pork producers have made intelligent allies among grain producers, animal products merchants, retailers, etc. Their campaign could be a potent one, aimed at trying to get some form of protection for a domestic market that provides a legitimate service, and upon which many from outside the industry themselves benefit in terms of income.

But perhaps the most potent weapon the pork producers have is the public, which is prepared to dump the dogma of globalism, irrespective of the consequences. Why? Because it makes no sense to float pigs here from Canada when we can readily produce them in our own backyard. In our view, this is why the National Party is in so much trouble.

The virus from which Fischer and Anderson suffer, in common with most of their political colleagues, is that they think they know best, and expect to keep their seats by "selling" their superior views to the peasants. If the GST is a failure as an election policy, it will not necessarily be because it is a bad policy. It is much more likely to be because it is yet another policy that politicians are trying to "sell" us. In the end, it becomes like castor oil. Its compulsory administration is resented not only because of the taste but because of the compulsion. If the GST is so good, why not ask us if we want it, instead of telling us.


The Australian, 5/8/98: Reforms must target big end of town
"For a couple of years at least Jim Killaly of the Australian Tax Office has claimed that multinationals pay little or no tax in Australia. On April 3 this year, he said on ABC radio: 'There are 4300 large foreign corporations that pay no tax in Australia and there are another 4000 or so foreign companies that pay little or no tax in Australia by means of transfer pricing and various tax havens.'
If Howard's tax-reform package does not address this scandal it will be treated with the contempt it deserves. The whole reason for the 'crisis' in the Australian tax system is that the big end of town doesn't pay tax. Given that, it's pretty obvious why it is paying millions of dollars to 'sell' the Government's 'reforms' to the mindless bunnies - sorry - the voters. And they still wonder why the natives are restless?"

Beazley out of touch
"Kim Beazley wants a higher level of immigration on the grounds that our population is ageing (Beazley Backs Migrants for Future, 4/8). Yet instead of encouraging pregnant Australian women to give birth to their children, the best way to keep down the average age of the population, he supports abortion on demand.
No wonder a lot of 'traditional' ALP voters are looking elsewhere for parliamentary candidates who deserve their trust."

"The irrelevance of the ALP to Australia is encapsulated by its call for more migrants. Most Australians are already uncomfortable with migration levels, particularly the high non-European migration.
'Dr.' Beazley now proposes to solve this indigestion problem by force-feeding the patient with even more of the same. "What's he going to do next, propose that we have higher income tax as part of tax reform?"
B.G. HUNT, Mt. Eliza, Vic.

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