Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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18 September 1998. Thought for the Week: "Journalism is a false picture of the world, thrown upon a lighted screen in a darkened room so that the real world is not seen."
G.K. Chesterton


by Eric D. Butler
The President of the USA is often described as "the most power individual in the world". Considering the present state of the USA, where President Clinton is facing the threat of being impeached by Congress and removed from office, this statement must be qualified. The threat of impeachment suggests that President Clinton has been disloyal to the national interest.

There are Americans who argue that Clinton has been guilty of betraying the sovereignty of the USA, quoting a number of such betrayals as the imposition of "free trade" and other policies, which progressively centralise power over the individual American people. Generally overlooked outside the USA has been the far reaching significance of the growing relationship with Communist China. There have been claims by some Americans that Clinton received financial support from China before the last Presidential elections. There have also been allegations that American technology concerning national security has been illegally passed to the Chinese. It would not be surprising if some of these allegations were true.

Students of the conspiratorial nature of the international Marxist movement recall how information concerning the nexus between International Finance, Big Business and the Soviet Union was generally unknown until recent years. The mass media of the West played a major role in destroying reputable scholars like Dr. Antony Sutton who attempted to explore in depth the relationship between International Finance and revolutionary movements like Marxism and National Socialism.

Those with some understanding of the subject were not surprised when, after being removed from power in the former Soviet Union, the "reformed" Communist leader Gorbachev reappeared on the world scene as a colleague of the notorious Dr. Henry Kissinger, working for the creation of a "New World Order". A German-Jewish migrant to the USA at the end of World War Two, Kissinger owed his rapid promotion to his close association with international financiers like David Rockefeller.

It was after a rather tarnished record of involvement in the politics of the State of Arkansas that Bill Clinton eventually made his way to the American White House via the Democratic Party. As happens in most modern nations where power is centralised, few political leaders can come to power without the support of those who wield power, generally through a mass media linked to financial power. Rupert Murdoch has had a few anxious moments concerning his international banking backers as he has climbed the international power structure. Probably very few politicians are directly bribed in the conventional sense.

In a society in which power is progressively centralised the highly ambitious politician does not take long to learn that he makes progress easiest when he steers clear of certain subjects. John Howard discovered that when he touched the race question, merely repeating the rather moderate and reasonable views of historian Professor Blainey.

Bill Clinton is well aware of the power of the Jewish Zionist lobby in the USA and at present is dependent on the power and influence of the Jewish lobby to save him from destruction. Clinton's sexual misdemeanors are no greater than those of a number of previous American Presidents, including Jefferson, who kept a black mistress. Even Dwight Eisenhower was an adulterer. Both the Kennedys were notorious womanisers. It is reasonable to ask the question if the campaign against Clinton has some deeper than apparent significance. Has Clinton served his purpose and can now be moved?

Generally overlooked is the question of who would replace Clinton if he were forced out of office by impeachment. If this happened Albert Gore, Jr., would automatically become the President of the USA. Gore is currently making himself helpful to Clinton in every way. Irrespective of what happens to Clinton, all the indications are that Gore is being groomed to become Clinton's successor. Currently it appears that the Republicans are not capable of producing a leader who can challenge the internationalists.

No realistic assessment of the man who is being prepared to become the next President of the USA can be made without an examination of the relationship of the Gore family with the remarkable man who linked the world of International Communism with that of Big Finance - Armand Hammer. Hammer's father was so highly regarded by the Soviet leaders that he was presented with an inscribed portrait of Lenin in October 1921. Armand Hammer's political influence was so great in the USA that it appears that he was immune to the efforts of the FBI to curb his activities, most of these devoted to business activities, which provided funds for the Communists. Armand Hammer attempted to worm his way into the Royal Family with his technique of finding what appeared to be support for harmless charitable and similar activities. Under the guise of studying literature and various cultural activities in Russia, Armand Hammer mastered the art of bribing important people without making it look like bribery. It appeared quite legal that he should give Mrs. Nancy Reagan $20,000 to re-decorate the White House. Major financial contributions were made to Presidents Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

Long before he reached the White House Al Gore, Jr., had mastered the art of "wheeling and dealing". It can be said that Vice-President Al Gore was actively engaged in applying the lessons he had learned from his Communist godfather. It is almost certain that Gore was extending his influences inside the Chinese Communist Party.
Now establishing himself as a conservative, Al Gore, particularly on moral issues, was able to open Republican doors to Hammer inside the Republican Party.

One of Hammers last and more remarkable achievements was to create a covert operation code named "Elders of Zion". This was a "Jews only enterprise". One of the principals was the notorious Robert Maxwell, who for years exploited the gullibility of people of influence in the United Kingdom. Albert Gore, Jr., was listed as a principal. This was a strange affair, as Gore Jr. had been generally described as a Gentile, although it is true that during Clinton's first Presidential campaign, Gore, Jr., was alleged to be of Jewish descent. As far as is known, "Operation Elders of Zion" was designed to establish a secret deal between the USA, Israel and Russia to make Israel a major international aircraft manufacturer. There is also evidence that "Operation Elders of Zion" was also designed to attempt a campaign which would progressively play down the major role of Jewish involvement in the establishment and support of Soviet Communism.

Shakespeare wrote of the evil that men do to those living after them. Armand Hammer's death interrupted the "Elders of Zion" operation, but is Vice President Albert Gore being positioned to advance the next step to destroy the USA?
Sensible Australians would be well advised to heed the possibility, and to take action to start withdrawing from the International New Order.


by David Thompson
Very little of what is published in the daily press is useful in anticipating the October 3rd election result. We are often suspicious of opinion polls, because there are too many ways of skewing the questions to give a pre-determined result. And we also suspect that the voters, turned "off' by election campaigning, may even be lying to the pollsters! The polling results for One Nation support are even more doubtful, since we suspect that a proportion of those asked about their support for what is condemned as a "racist" party will deny that they intend to vote for One Nation. However, the privacy of the polling booth is another matter.

It now appears that Graeme Campbell's prospects of retaining Kalgoorlie have improved, with the Liberals not fulfilling their threat to place Campbell last on their recommended preferences. The Liberals have decided to direct their preferences to Campbell ahead of Labor, and to place the One Nation candidate for Kalgoorlie last. Perhaps the most encouraging signs coming out of Kalgoorlie is that of Australia First and One Nation co-operating. Campbell has agreed to direct his preferences towards the One Nation candidate for Kalgoorlie, and One Nation proposes to direct their preferences to Campbell. In a field of nine candidates for Kalgoorlie, it seems likely that the ALP preferences would also favour Mr. Campbell, all of which improves his chances in Kalgoorlie.

While considerable attention is directed towards One Nation's prospects of winning Senate seats, Pauline Hanson's chances of winning the new seat of Blair are uncertain. Graeme Campbell's Australia First party is not contesting Blair, in order to give Mrs. Hanson the best possible chance of winning the seat. But it is by no means certain that she can do so. What if the task of winning Blair proves to be too much for Hanson, leaving her without a seat in the next Parliament? Such questions need to be faced, since so much emotional energy has been spent on Pauline Hanson herself.

It is Hanson who has given expression to the deep disaffection with modern politics and politicians. She has endured the spite and loathing of those who refuse to see that Pauline Hanson has not caused the divisions that are now so evident on a number of issues. She has merely drawn attention to this situation, and demanded that something be done about it. Her courage and some of the policy suggestions she has made have struck a deep chord with "traditional Australia".

Her failure to win Blair would be devastating to many. If Ms. Hanson was to be defeated in Blair, what becomes of One Nation? Much depends on which other One Nation candidates were successful. If, for example, Mr. Oldfield was to win a NSW Senate seat, which appears likely, Pauline Hanson's One Nation may indeed become David Oldfield's One Nation.


Narrabri Councillor and local government campaigner Bevan O'Regan, standing on the One Nation NSW Senate ticket, was attacked by the ABC on the AM programme last Friday, 11th. The ABC accused O'Regan of being a "League of Rights" candidate, and claimed that it was the League which had financed much of O'Regan's local government campaigning, and even financed the production of his (excellent) videos on the amalgamation of councils.

Someone went to a lot of trouble to "expose" O'Regan's alleged association with the League for this interview, which included a section from one of the videos. It is typical of the way the ABC now operates that no one from the League was asked about O'Regan's alleged links with the League.

In our view, this assault on O'Regan was an attempt to disrupt the One Nation Senate campaign by retailing deliberate lies in order to discredit O'Regan. The truth is that, while the League distributed O'Regan's local government videos, because the content is worthy of study, we had no part in the production of the videos, and certainly did not finance their production. This was a dishonest and thoroughly contemptible attack on a loyal Australian by a publicly funded institution that claims the highest of standards. The ABC has again exposed its bias and confirmed that its methods are far from professional.


As the former Asian "tiger" economies continue to languish as the region's economic "basket cases", nervous speculation is that Malaysia may follow the Indonesian pattern in the immediate future. In Indonesia, currency melt down, street riots and social unrest toppled President Suharto, and plunged the economy into recession. Will the sacking of Dr. Mahathir's deputy, Mr. Anwar, precipitate the same problems for Malaysia?

Dr. Mahathir is making the case that the IMF prescriptions were disastrous in Indonesia, and are not working in Malaysia. He moved boldly last week to abandon the IMF bail-out conditions for Malaysia, becoming the first Asian head of state to abandon the "free-market policies" imposed by the IMF, which he sees as a form of Western economic colonisation. Mahathir has re-regulated the Malaysian currency, and reverted to foreign exchange controls to stabilise the value of the ringgit, now fixed by Malaysia's Central Bank.

Other Asian nations are certain to watch what happens in Malaysia closely, perhaps expecting riots or civil unrest. There are, however, several elements within the Malaysian system, which should improve stability. The Malaysian political system was developed by the British, and has worked well for over 40 years. Their government and parliamentary systems are not tied to the military as they are in Indonesia.

Perhaps the legacy of the British will prove to be of greater value than that of the IMF. In addition, Malaysia does not suffer the same ethnic friction of Indonesia. After the ethnic riots of 1969, a "discriminatory" policy - the New Economy Policy - was developed in order to ensure that ethnic Malays controlled a bigger share of the economy, rather than permit the Chinese to dominate as they have in Indonesia That is, the Malaysians have discriminated in favour of themselves, which has prevented any strong sense of alienation for the Malays in their own country.

One of Indonesia's biggest problems is that of "multiculturalism", in which a minority of ethnic Chinese control around 95% of the economy. Malaysia has avoided this. The future for Malaysia is as yet unclear, but if Dr. Mahathir and his colleagues can rebuild their economy in spite of the IMF interference, the rest of Asia will be tempted to challenge the IMP hegemony in the Third World.
All election comment authorised by David Thompson. 145 Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.


Twentieth century Australian politics has seen nothing to equal the political career of Pauline Hanson. In two years she has had an impact on Australians that may well rival that of Sir Robert Menzies over 30 years. If history remembers Mr. John Howard, it may well be in the context of being Prime Minister while Ms. Hanson was in the Parliament. But can she win the new seat of Blair? We don't know. We don't know anyone who can say for sure.

It would appear that two of the major party groups - the National Party in particular - will double their normal efforts to take the seat, and see her defeated. It would be a huge relief to the Nationals to have some of the One Nation pressure removed, which Pauline Hanson generates personally. We often hear the comment "She may not have all the answers, but I'm voting for Pauline!" This is a very broad generalisation. Only those who live in Blair can "vote for Pauline". Those who do not live in Blair can either vote for a One Nation candidate, or find another way of supporting Ms. Hanson. We suggest a letter to one of the newspapers in or near her electorate expressing support from across the nation.


Legislation has been introduced into the NSW Parliament to provide immunity to householders who use reasonable force to resist a "home invasion". This would give householders the right to use knives, or even guns, to protect themselves and their properties. This new legislation looks likely to be passed, as even the ALP has to concede that the "home invasion" is now a serious problem in Sydney.

Entry is forced into the home - often using a sledgehammer or similar - and a group of thieves threaten the family with weapons. The legislation tends to undermine the basis of the NSW firearms legislation, under which Premier Bob Carr and his colleagues insisted "no-one has the right to defend themselves with a firearm". This will clearly be reversed, and if the Home Invasion Act is a success, Shooters Party MLC John Tingle proposes to introduce similar legislation providing protection for shopkeepers.

Under common law provisions, householders are already entitled to use "reasonable force" to protect themselves, their families and their property. It could be that if it was ever tested, Mr. Carrs injunction that we have no right to defend ourselves with a firearm would be dismissed anyway. This was a dishonest attempt to browbeat the individual into giving up his/her weapons, and comply with the draconian new firearms legislation.

Mr. Carr was bitterly opposed to Mr. Tingle's Home Invasion Bill when it was introduced about a year ago, so the fact that he is now prepared to support it seems to indicate that there is an election in the air in NSW - next March!


"Nobody has been able to punch a hole in the proposal. Certainly 2% Easytax taxes a manufactured product several times as it moves along the production line. The effect of this is negligible compared to the present system, especially with its increasing taxes on labour. That it is insignificant is clearly shown in the example of the costs of production and distribution of a loaf of bread. Only a few levels back in the production chain the 2% Easytax applies as 2% of the metaphorical 3/5ths of 5/8ths of nothing. It is certainly not sufficient to encourage firms to vertically integrate willy nilly."


Unless there are special reasons for supporting a member of the Senate teams of the major political parties, our recommendation is that they all be put last. The major political parties have been primarily responsible for the deplorable state of the nation, and should be electorally punished for their failure to oppose policies of disaster. Encourage all your friends to do likewise.

"The Great Debate" revealed that there are no basic differences between John Howard and Kim Beazley. Both admit that they have no basic solutions to the destructive unemployment problem. There is an enormous amount of constructive economic activity, which should be undertaken immediately, or there should be appropriate training to enable the unemployed to become involved in such activities.

But the major factor preventing such activities, or appropriate training, is financial. Long forgotten are National Party promises about a Rural Bank to provide long-term low interest finance. Lame excuses are made about "inflationary pressures", or the danger of "overheating the economy", or "there is a lack of adequate foreign capital, which has been frightened away by Pauline Hanson and her supporters".

We have no hesitation in recommending the strongest possible electoral support for South Australian Senate candidate Peter Davis and for Victorian One Nation Senate candidate Robyn Spencer, and all Australia First candidates. We are pleased to report that it appears that Graeme Campbell's prospects of re-election have improved as a result of a shift in recommended preferences. We hope by next week to give an up-to-date national report for the guidance of League supporters before the election date.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159