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Edmund Burke
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1 October 1999. Thought for the Week: "When asked to describe her political philosophy - 'I have a very strong sense of ethics and appropriate professional conduct. People and their communities come first. Economics should serve society not society serving economics."'
Susan Davies, Independent MLA, Gippsland West - Herald Sun, 23/9/99


by Eric D. Butler
The change of the leadership of the League of Rights is an opportune time to consider the meaning of leadership. Betty Luks has demonstrated a firm understanding of what it means, having worked for a number of years under the leadership of the late Frank Bawden, one of the founding members of the League. She has demonstrated she understands just what Social Credit really means. As State Director of the South Australian League of Rights since Frank Bawden's death, she has filled that position with dedication and commitment, demonstrating her ability to ensure that people with very different backgrounds can work harmoniously together. Like many women she displays a woman's commonsense insight.

In my opinion she is one of the best natural teachers produced by the League. The fact that Betty has emerged as the first woman National Director of the League is most significant and I would encourage every League supporter to get behind her and give her your full support. The supporters of the Australian League of Rights have a part to play in the unfolding human drama and as demonstrated by the Victorian election results we must always stand ready to take advantage of the unrehearsed events. Faith without action is death.


The main good news of the Victorian elections is the vote of the people for three Independents, ensuring the balance of power will be in their hands in the next Victorian Parliament.


by Jeremy Lee
Acres of print have been written about the humiliating backlash against what the media endlessly called the most popular Premier in Australia. There's not much point in repetition. We all now know that the majority of pollsters and pundits got it wrong - as usual.

There are a few consequences worth noting. The Labor Party now holds more seats in rural Victoria than the Liberals and Nationals put together. This confirms that the major revolt against economic rationalism, compulsory competition, and the general globalist programme is in rural Australia. Labor has picked this up well in Queensland, where a much more unassuming Premier in Peter Beattie is making mileage in assuaging the enormous damage wrought by the Nationals.

This does not mean that the Federal Labor Party is seen in the same light. Kim Beazley's slavish adherence to the internationalist agenda places him almost as far from his State counterparts as the gap between Federal and State National Parties. There was a strong and healthy vote for Independents. Susan Davies in Gippsland West and Russell Savage in Mildura are home and hosed. At the time of writing the Independent candidate for the seat of Gippsland East, Mr. Craig Ingram, appears as the likely winner.

The swing against the Liberals was 2.6 per cent, and 1.9 per cent against the Nationals. With the crisis in rural Victoria the Nationals should have made hay. But they have submitted to self-bondage and have paid the price. The pervasive theme from the media and most pollsters that the Kennett Government was certain of a landslide victory shows how out of touch with Australia in general they are.


Paul Kelly, in The Australian (22/9/99), commented: "....The gradual rundown in Australia's defence capability is now exposed as a national scandal. Howard pledged 4,500 troops to East Timor. But Australia can't sustain this number beyond 12 months despite what the Government insists. Don't forget that in the 1960s, conscription was needed to sustain a 7,000-8,000 force in South Vietnam. The number of combat troops Australia can sustain in the field indefinitely is not much above 2,000...."

This was confirmed by retired Brigadier Brian Cooper in a letter to The Australian Financial Review (20/9/99): "....Paul Dibb in his 'Review of Australia's Defence Capabilities' recommended an annual defence vote of 3 per cent of GDP. It was reduced to 2.3 per cent the following year. "In 1997, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, in its review of funding of the ADF, recommended a 'real growth (in the defence vote) of between 1.5 and 2.5 per cent annually for the next five years'. It remained at 1.9 per cent. "Earlier this year there were suggestions in the media that the reason for no increase in the defence vote was that the government was teaching Defence to better manage its finances. "Now the Australian Army is going to war with not enough of what it needs to do the job. The logic of all this escapes me.

With our defence position in mind, we should consider veteran Tim Dodd's views on the position in Jakarta (Financial Review, 20/9/99). After pointing out that Indonesia's financial institutions are a shambles, he added this possibility as a worst-case scenario: "…The wave of nationalism generated by the loss of East Timor intensifies as politicians from all sides, including the army chief General Wiranto, use it to galvanise support in the November election for the new president. Indonesia's new leaders refuse to come to an accommodation with the IMF and the World Bank to open the flow of financial aid, which, at the moment, is suspended because of concern over corruption and misappropriation. "As a result, no lenders will help Indonesia repair its banking system or roll over its foreign debt. The economy will plunge steeply back into crisis, this time without international assistance. If the military is not already the real power in the newly-elected government it soon will take a key role to 'save the nation'...."

In such a scenario, with even more disruption and starvation than in the recent riots, where will the inevitable flood of refugees - probably coerced by the Indonesian military - head for?


An American reader sent us an article on a massive illegal immigrant situation from The Los Angeles Times, 11/9/99. Describing the latest rust-bucket with 190 hidden Chinese trying to land in Gold River, Canada, the article continued: "This was the second time in six weeks that smuggled immigrants from China trudged across the pier at Gold River, 150 miles northwest of Vancouver, and it was among four major incidents of people-smuggling uncovered on the west coast of Canada this summer.
"Canada absorbs 225,000 legal immigrants a year, more in proportion to its population than any other Western country. But the recent string of smuggling ships - combined with a rising chorus that the government should not have let the immigrants in - is testing Canada's reputation as welcome mat to the world.... Many of this summer's illegal immigrants planned to use the Canadian coast as the first step in a long underground journey to the US, authorities said… Immigrants aboard the four boats paid about $35,000 each to be transported secretly across the Pacific Ocean and then onward through Canada via safe-houses…This is a well-organised criminal network running from Vancouver Island all the way to New York City.... Last year, 12,884 of the 23,838 asylum seekers in Canada, or 54 per cent, were granted asylum, compared with about 20,000 of the 57,786 U.S. applicants, or 35 per cent, according to Canadian and US sources…"


Despite the fact that both Federal and West Australian Governments officially claim they don't want a nuclear waste dump in Australia, the multinational company PANGEA RESOURCES is proceeding as though the dump is a fait accomplis. The road to the proposed site has already been started. Four former consultants to the Court Government are on the PANGEA payroll.

A recent bill put forward by the Greens to prohibit nuclear waste dumps in Australia was amended to allow the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency power to licence nuclear facilities in Australia. It seems clear the overwhelming public feeling is opposed to such a dump. But these particular multinationals, with a $30 million budget for PR publicity, have few doubts about the success of their intentions.


by Tom Fielder
Where have the Australian journalists been for the last twenty to thirty years? Are they so ignorant or perhaps so consumed with hypocrisy that they have not noticed that East Timor is merely the most recent of a long list of countries destroyed by the actions, or in this case, the apparent inaction of the United Nations? Nor is it the first time Clinton has stood by and refused to commit Combat Troops and thus possibly have prevented the slaughter of thousands of innocent people.
Populations the length and breadth of Africa have been decimated with exactly the same treatment.

Are the journalists so 'ham strung' by their powerful media bosses that they cannot see the danger to Taiwan? another independent nation threatened by the actions of the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation (formerly GATT), both part of the United Nations and the evolving 'World Government' (read dictatorship).

In an editorial (13/9/99) The Australian newspaper wrote, "The nature of China's political system, and its prickly nationalism are sources of great uncertainty. Much of the hour-long talks between presidents Jiang and Clinton were occupied by the question of Taiwan. China is ever ready to detect threats to its sovereignty. It is still freshly sensitive to last July remark by the Taiwanese President, Lee Teng-hui, who referred to Beijing-Taipei affairs as 'special State-to-State relations'. To Beijing, that reference suggested an unacceptable assertion on independence from 'the one true China'.
Mr. hang insists China will not renounce the use of force over Taiwan while Mr. Clinton reaffirms his nation's one-China policy..." (emphasis added).

Will those journalists who contributed nothing but a feeding frenzy of words while thousands died in East Timor wait until the bombs are falling on Taiwan before they speak out?

Further information: Audio tape "The Case Against the UN" by Ed Griffin, $7.00 posted - MEA Tapes, Box 184, The Basin, Vic., 3154.
Election comment authorised by B. Luks, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne, 3000


by Alfred King
Why is it that governments may change, but their policies do not? A most important history lesson is being played out at this time in East Timor. In fact, it is so fundamental to a person's well being and happiness that it should be taught to every human being alive today, and to every generation to come.

What is the purpose of the UN force currently taking control? This is explained by UN spokesman David Wimhurst: "that mission includes as everybody knows the eventual formation of transmission of administration which would allow at some point East Timor to become independent." "Independent" in this context means independent only of Indonesia. The UN is the political and military arm of the World Bank. The essential criterion for East Timor to achieve independent nation status is that it submits to becoming a subsidiary of the World Bank. The people were allowed a referendum on whether they wanted to be free from Jakarta, but they will never be allowed a say in their relationship to the debt merchants.

ABC news reports that the World Bank says it is ready to "offer" financial help to rebuild East Timor. "Bank president James Wolfensohn says a team will be sent to the territory as soon as it is safe. Mr. Wolfenson continues 'the people that will be running the (reconstruction) program....will be the UN, but subject to what the UN decides, I think we will certainly be trying to work with and embrace the East Timorese. And I would expect that representatives of the potential East Timorese government will in fact be in Washington in the next several days and we will be ready to talk to them."'
They are currently talking to East Timor's independence leader, Xanana Gusmao.

In scenes reminiscent of John Howard's first days as Prime Minister, if Mr. Gusmao says what the UN wants to hear, and signs the fledgling state into eternal debt bondage, he will be allowed to become head of state. If not, agreeable replacements will be swiftly and professionally vetted. Nothing will be left to chance on this issue.

Disraeli wrote over 100 years ago that the world is run by people very different to those that most people are aware of.. There are around 50 minerals known to man. Each nation is naturally endowed with a different number, combination and quantities of these, and can use them to create great material abundance for all its people. For example, Great Britain has relatively few minerals. However, it used what it had - chiefly coal and iron ore - to become the richest nation on earth in the 19th century.

Let us remember the truth that these minerals do not naturally occur in bank vaults, to be lent out at a rate of interest only to those with an adequate credit rating and collateral. They are a free gift from God to the inhabitants of a nation. This is called GRACE - a word that does not exist in the vocabulary of the World Bank.

Our present economic system is based on the Keynesian lie that all wealth comes from labour. When the premise is so flawed, mass misery follows.

Grace comes to us in another important form. Technology allows us to use our natural resources to provide abundantly for all individuals. The lesson of history is that scientific and technical knowledge has been increased in societies based on limited, decentralised - typically Christian - government.

It withers in totalitarian societies: unless these are fed the technology from outside. This was certainly the case in the former Soviet Union, which could not survive independently for even 12 months. It was furtively sustained from its inception by massive financial credits from Wall Street. These were then used to import food and technology from the West, and thus create the illusion that the communist system had created a "superpower" to be feared and admired by all mankind. In fact, all it had ever produced was death and decay. Take, for example, the mighty Soviet navy of the 1970s Cold War period.

During this time our politicians and media were telling us that we had no choice other than to make continual "concessions" to the communists to avert the threat of war. What they didn't tell us was that the Soviet navy was largely financed and manufactured in the West.

Our current education and media systems are controlled by the modern descendants of ancient eastern magicians and sorcerers. Their main tool is the trick mirror, of the type commonly found in fairgrounds, which is used to present a picture of the world very different to its reality. It is an illusion also that East Timor is reliant on the World Bank for its reconstruction. The reconstruction of East Timor is reliant on the physical amount of the natural resources and technology available to it.
The finance system is a man controlled one, which should not be allowed to restrict these physical realities.

Solving the Debt Dilemma(Part 3) - Pre-requisite for Proposed House Meetings


by Tom Fielder
It is a truism that the learning process never ceases for the human being. There are always new experiences and volumes of information to digest for the whole of our lives or at least while our health lasts. But at what point, for example, does an apprentice end his schooling and join the work force? At what point is a soldier ready for combat duties? And at what point is a Social Creditor ready to enter the battle to defend his family and country against the attack of the New World Order?

Is a young soldier sent into battle in the first weeks of training? Is an apprentice engineer expected to build a jet engine? Does a soldier study the training manual all his life without expecting to enter the battle? Does the apprentice engineer ever qualify to build anything useful? Sadly, the Social Creditor makes all these mistakes. He enters the battle half trained. Or he reads and talks about the "war" and never fights. He does not know the "enemy" or the enemy objectives. He "shoots from the hip" scatter gun fashion and even shoots himself in the foot!
Even the term "Social Creditor" to describe one defending his family and country is a great mystery.

The proper use of "Credit" could be used to regenerate and rebuild the social structure and thereby defend the family and our country against the ruthless power elite now commonly known as "The New World Order". The "Social Creditor" must have access to sound information both financial and political and be skilled to use this correctly at the right time.

The distribution of correct information is of the greatest importance. Any items released into circulation should pass a three-way test
1. Does it have a potential to alter the voting pattern at future elections?
2. Does it have the potential to be self-financing?
3. Does it expand Social Credit principles?

Every person reading this article can play an important role. There are scores of good folk out there just thirsting for, and ready to act on truth, as disastrous events unfold in the near future. Only a very small percentage of the voting population are interested or concerned about politics. In fact, most people detest politicians as was shown in a recent ABC survey believed politicians to be trustworthy.

The "pay-out" of vast sums of money to ex-politicians, $750,000 to one million dollars (Australian, 13/9/99) is obscene and will further reduce the 8%. However, we are all obliged to vote. The tragedy is that an irresponsible vote may out-number the informed responsible vote. It is the role of the Social Creditor to consider and respond to this situation.

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