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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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5 November 1999. Thought for the Week: "I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act."
G.K. Chesterton


by Tom Fielder
Help! I'm drowning! We are all drowning in a wash of political propaganda. A veritable flood of half-truths and even outright lies designed to submerge reality beyond the comprehension of the public mind. The Gulf War, Kosovo, East Timor, GST, Games Tickets, Jeff-Jeff-Jeff, now Steve-Steve-Steve (in Victoria) with an odd earthquake or two thrown in for variety - and now the Referendum.

Whole newspaper pages of it - the logo of one TV station says "Turn me on" - it turns me off! Remember when the papers were full of Tax Reform to push the GST? The little code word reform, in this context, meant increase. A fact that has finally hit home for the Building Industry: "Builders dread post-2000 collapse" (The Australian, 26/10/99). Not to mention the dawning horror on Business of the imposed administration of the tax system.

That little word reform is now being used by the newly installed Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks; he is going to reform the Upper House. Victorians need to be on their toes and watch every move the State Labor Government makes in this direction. They need to be aware that in socialist double-speak reform really means emasculate, and they need to ask themselves, "Is this a ploy to attain total power by a central (part) of government, thus confirming the dictionary definition of socialism, i.e., total power by a central government?"

The reality of socialism is quite different to the false theory taught at the "higher centres of learning", i.e., that socialism is "sharing the wealth". Again a basis for further faulty reasoning when it comes to taxation; taxation is (so taught) a means of legally "robbing the rich to redistribute the wealth to the poor". Not so! All the evidence points to the fact that the rich are becoming immensely richer and the poor are falling below the poverty level.

For all their billions the "money elite" cannot "buy" the Crown the last obstacle to the money controlled New World Order, but in trying to do so, they buy up a gaggle of newspapers and treasonable politicians to run a propaganda campaign to "get rid" of the Crown.

Vote (No) to both questions on November 6th. God save our gracious Queen.


by Betty Luks
It was just a little snippet tucked away in the body of the article, "Earlier in the day, Mr. Bracks hosted his most significant appointment to date as Treasurer, meeting international credit rating agency Moody's for its half-yearly briefing on the State's finances" - The Australian, 26/10/99.

Well, who or what is Moody's Investors Services? According to Dr. Hans Peter Martin ("The Global Trap") Moody's is, 'The most influential of the discreet agencies operating in the money markets (and) is located in a massive eleven-story sandstone building in New York. In the shadow of the twin-towered World Trade Centre, 300 highly paid analysts work for Moody's Investors Service, the world's largest and the most in demand.

"Above the doorway, a huge 12-square-metre relief covered in gold leaf explains the company's philosophy and interests: commercial credit is the invention of the modern world, and only the enlightened and best-governed nations are entitled to it. Credit is the life's breath of the free system in modern trade. It has contributed more than a thousand times as much to the wealth of nations than all the mines of the world. (Emphasis added - Ed.) Beyond this gilded creed lies a domain of power and secrecy that has no peer…"

Only the enlightened and best governed nations are entitled to this credit which is the "life's breath" of this modem system? Credit? Life's breath? What a blasphemous statement! Modern credit is not an earthly good capable of satisfying a temporal need. (Of course it is the controlling mechanism by which the international financial system will permit us to have access to, to keep, or to dispose of as we choose, the real wealth.)

We can't keep ourselves alive dining off credit. We can't manufacture a dress or a pair of shoes by sewing together commercial credit. We can't find relaxation or rest by stretching out on a heap of commercial credit. We can't cure sickness by applying commercial credit to the seat of the malady. Education doesn't come with a scholar's cap fashioned of commercial credit.

Commercial credit is not real wealth and it has not contributed to the real wealth of a people. Real wealth consists of all those useful items that satisfy human needs. Bread, meat, fish, wool, cotton, a doctor visiting the sick, the knowledge and dedication of a teacher - these are the real wealth of a people. Commercial credit - in a "money" society - is the system of symbols, controlled by the ruthless, power hungry elite, now ruling the whole world, which permits the production or buying or selling of the real wealth.

Everything, excepting the Creator, has a beginning somewhere, somehow. Commercial credit has its beginnings, but as Dr. Martin warns us, entry into this realm of world finance - now the life's breath of a nation - demands a high and inescapable price: "Submission to an interest rate hierarchy and powers which most voters have no idea of. Nowhere else in the world are the secrets of so many governments and companies so well guarded."

Did Moody's decide they would continue to administer this "life's breath" to keep the State of Victoria alive? Was the State of Victoria (under the newly elected Premier Bracks) considered to be one of "the enlightened and best governed" nations and worthy of its "life breathing" parasitic, soul-destroying, life-destroying, oppressive, usurious debt system?


by Alfred King
In 1906 Europe was firmly under the grip of the International bankers who obtain fabulous profits and power by lending money to governments (the borrower is servant to the lender). The problem of how to make the king pay up when repayment fell due had been solved - especially if the same usurers were financing the other European States and controlled their central banks - start a war with the "recalcitrant" king.

Every war of the 19th century was of this nature. Napoleon Bonaparte chronicled some evidence of this fact. These wars had the added bonus that they were very expensive for the contending states; they required deficit spending and therefore more debt (and profit) to the bankers. It was these wars that killed the cream of the youth of the western nations, leaving the rest of the population without future natural leaders, thus making the remaining population easier to subjugate and control.

At this time the United States was emerging as a rapidly growing economic threat to the trade of the European powers. The Establishment had large investments in the USA, but there was no central bank for them to take control of the situation and, in spite of intensive lobbying, their European interests were threatened. Their response was to carefully orchestrate the withdrawal of large amounts of money from the US stock market thereby causing a "crash" leading to a "depression". The argument to guard against such a thing again happening was to set up a central bank, and if this was done there would be no more "depressions", only strong economic growth.

Charles Lindbergh Snr. fiercely opposed this suggestion warning Americans they would be trapped in a never-ending disastrous "boom-bust-cycle". The Federal Reserve (a private banking group) was set up in 1913 and the American people have suffered a great many boom-bust-cycles ever since.

With this background history in mind, we read that the Philippine President, Joseph Estrada, has not only warned Asian countries ("rebounding" from their latest boom-bust-cycle), to stick to the reform medicine administered by the IMF and World Bank, but has renewed a call for a common East Asian currency similar to the Euro. He didn't mention who would be creating the currency, but loss of political sovereignty begins with loss of financial sovereignty.

Zanny Minton Beddoes, writing in UK July/August "The Economist", predicts "...by 2030 the world will have two major currency zones... the Euro will be used from Brest to Bucharest, and the dollar from Alaska to Argentina - perhaps even Asia." Argentina's President Carlos Menem agrees with Beddoes and in a similar vein to Estrada, wants to abandon his country's peso for the US dollar. As in 1906 according to its champions, there is a downside to "dollarisation". The benefits to Argentina will be greater export growth (by eliminating devaluation risk) and greater price stability.

The fact is that debt finance creates increasing amounts of interest, which can never be fully absorbed into the cost structure, resulting in inflation and depression. The solution is to reject the claim of private interests to create all money, claim it as their own, and then lend it back to us at a rate of interest. Money should be put into circulation according to the rate of production and as the needs of distribution dictate. A fundamental question Australians must ask themselves is: Who would own this new money?

Further reading is absolutely essential on this subject.
"The Story of the Commonwealth Bank" or "The Money Trick" available from your State League Book Service. "What Has to be Done" (book) and "A Commonsense Programme for Recovery" (tape) both by Charles Pinwill. Special offer: Book and Tape $10.00 posted. MEA Tapes, Box 184, The Basin, Vic. 3154.


by Phillip Butler
The "holocaust" industry has been struck yet another embarrassing blow with the revelation (Melbourne "Age ". 10/99) that the best-selling book "Fragments: Memories of a Childhood" (1939-48) by Benjamin Wilkomirski is a work of fiction. "Wilkomirski" claimed that as an orphaned Latvian Jewish child he spent the war years alone in the Nazi forced-labour camps of Majdanek and Auschwitz. The book won all sorts of literary awards, was acclaimed as a "masterpiece" of holocaust literature and in Switzerland it became the best selling book since "Heidi".

It seems the author is in fact a German-speaking gentleman by the name of Bruno Doessekker, the adopted son of wealthy Swiss parents of Protestant persuasion. He was separated soon after birth in 1941 from his natural unmarried mother, Yvonne Grosjean, and spent the war years in neutral Switzerland, thousands of miles away from the Polish camps of which he wrote so vividly.

Referendum comment authorised by B. Luks, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne, 3000.


by Phillip Butler
The people of Australia should take note of those promoting the "Yes" case for a republic. People such as former Governor General Sir Zelman Cowen, former Premier of Victoria Sir Rupert Hamer, and former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. The three men at one stage in their professions swore allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Australia.

What of the younger generation? As an example, AFL footballer Leigh Colbert and his departure as captain from the Geelong Football Club. What about coach Gary Ayres? These men entered into legal contracts - they gave their word - and are now opting out of the contracts without fulfilling the terms. President of the Geelong Football Club and a leading businessman, Frank Costa, observed that once "a contract was a contract" - a man's word was his bond, but not so in sports or politics today.

Cheryl Kernot is another example; whilst leader of the Democrats she conspired with Labor to desert the Democrats and team up with Labor - for her own ambitions. She didn't bank on the sense of loyalty to the Party by the rank-and-file Labor members and was not "welcome" and has not had "the dream run" she expected.

Australians understood this loyalty as "mateship", a concept of responsibility to one another no matter what. Wearing one's team's colours no matter where they finished on the list. In the bush, one's life depended on the loyalty, the reliability of your mate, your neighbour. But when leaders of the nation, sporting heroes and politicians demonstrate disloyalty, when they show they do not have that personal quality, but are represented as examples, as heroes, what hope is there for our young to know better?

An editorial in Melbourne's "Herald-Sun" recently highlighted the yardstick now used for "character and greatness" in the field of Australian sport, "In a field in which too many self-absorbed prigs still subscribe to American baseball manager Leo Durocher's cynical maxim that nice guys finish last, dollars rather than deeds are the new measures of character and greatness."


We have been informed that Leonard William Clampett of Capalaba, Queensland, is preparing to take out a Writ against Liberal politician Anthony John Abbott, claiming he is not entitled to sit in Parliament. It seems Mr. Clampett has another 30 politicians "in his sights", whom he believes are not entitled to sit in Parliament.

In the meantime, he is claiming that Anthony John Abbott is entitled to the rights and privileges of the citizens of a foreign power, namely the United Kingdom of Great Britain and, therefore, under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, Section 44(i), there is sufficient evidence to show that Mr. Abbott is disqualified from sitting in either the Senate or the House of Representatives.

It would seem Mr. Clampett's confidence in the strength of his case stems from the High Court judgment passed down in the Heather Hill case. One Nation Senate candidate, Heather Hill, was judged by the High Court as not entitled to sit in the Senate. Mrs. Hill was a naturalised Australian but had not "renounced" her British citizenship.
For further information contact Mr. L.W. Clampett, 346/131 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba, QId. 4157.

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