Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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19 November 1999. Thought for the Week: In the middle order of mankind are generally to be found all the arts, wisdom and virtues of society. This order alone is known to be the true preserver of freedom, and may be called The People. Now it may happen that this middle order...may lose its influence in a state and its voice be in a manner drowned...
In such a state, all that the middle order has left is to preserve the prerogative and privileges of the one principled governor with the most sacred circumspection. For he divides the power of the rich, and calls off the great men from falling with ten-fold weight on the middle order placed beneath them.
I am then for, and would die for, monarchy, sacred monarchy; for if there be anything sacred amongst men it must be the anointed Sovereign of his people; and every diminution of his power, in war or in peace, is an infringement upon the real liberties of the subject."
"The Vicar of Wakefield" by Oliver Goldsmith, 1728-1774


by Jeremy Lee
The World Economic Forum meeting in Singapore in the second week of October was notable for two things: the growing friction between the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank; and the good results obtained in Malaysia as a result of Dr Mahathir's rejection of IMF restrictions.

The World Bank's senior vice-president, Joseph Stiglitz, hit the IMF hard. The Australian (20/10/99) reported as follows: "The divide between the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund widened yesterday after ... Joseph Stiglitz urged East Asian leaders to shrug off 'the Washington consensus' and praised Malaysia for doing so… "Mr. Stiglitz said the region had not been well served by outside advice it received during the crisis. The region's leaders had also not stood up strongly enough for their own interests.
'Many within the region know that the policies pursued entailed excessively contractionary macro-policy but their voices were not heard,' he said. He pointed to Malaysia's unorthodox recovery strategy in the 12 months since it ditched IMF advice, pegged the ringgit, imposed capital controls and went for growth.
Malaysia 'deliberately tried to keep interest rates low. It imposed certain kinds of capital controls and yet its recovery is among the fastest of the countries in the region,' he said.
Mr. Stiglitz said Malaysia's capital controls, strongly criticised by the lMF and much of the rest of the America-led Western policy establishment, had clearly worked to stabilise speculative money flows - as Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said they would...."

Dr. Mahathir himself did not let the opportunity to savage the IMF slip. The Australian (22/10/99) described his speech thus: "It was sardonic, eloquent, triumphal and bitter all at once… It was a silky savaging of the economic new world order and its cheerleaders in the Western media and academies and rollicking good fun if you didn't happen to be a paid-up member of the above...."

Dr. Mahathir has something to crow about. The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange is 145 points higher that a year ago. Foreign currency reserves are 60 per cent higher. Foreign investment is rolling in - not in the form of takeovers, but in new ventures or minority partnerships. Malaysia's foreign debt is about $14 billion, compared to Australia's almost a quarter-of-a-trillion dollars!

It is a matter for reflection that, had Malaysia signed the Multilateral Agreement on Investments - as the Howard Government wanted to do until held up by a mass of protests - it would have been penalised by the WTO. Oh! For a Mahathir to replace Alexander Eiderdown and IMF sycophant Peter Costello in Australia!


The trial of Dr. Mahathir's former Deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, on charges of corruption and sodomy drags on in Kuala Lumpur. We are in no position to comment on the charges. But Anwar was definitely an IMF man, and stood in the way of Mahathir's pro-Malaysia policies. An intriguing letter appeared in The New Straits Times (Kuala Lumpur. 3/11/99) about a body known as The Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) under the patronage of Anwar Ibrahim:
".... The APPC was established in 1993 and seeks closer ties between business and political leaders in the United States and their counterparts in Asia and the Pacific. It aims to establish an engaged and creative US role in the region, encompassing commercial, economic, political and security issues.
Since its establishment the APPC has held four Pacific Dialogues from 1994-1998, all of which were held in Malaysia. A fifth was also to be held in Malaysia last December, but was called off following the sacking of former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Sen Anwar Ibrahim.
The dialogues were the result of the importance and complexity of economic, regional security, political and cultural issues, which prompted debate regarding the role of the US in the region."

The APPC was under the patronage of Anwar and its staff members are Douglas H. Paal (President), David G. Brown (Senior Associate), Seth R. Sulkin, (Adjunct Fellow), James C. Clad (Adjunct Fellow), and James Kuhn (Programme Director).
Its trustees are Brent Scowcroft (Former National Security Adviser to President George Bush and retired Lt. Gen. Of the US airforce), Robert Orr (former US Ambassador to Singapore and former Governor of Indiana), Frank Carlucci (former Secretary of Defence and former National Security Adviser to President Ronald Reagan), Paal (former Senior Director for Asian Affairs, National Security Council); and David McCurdy (former chairman, Democratic Leadership Council and former member, US Congress)

His position as patron would have put Anwar in touch with a lot of big political names within the US and this would have come in very handy if Anwar ever needed support, be it moral or financial, from the US.... Which may explain why US Vice-President Al Gore at the last APEC meeting in Kuala Lumpur at the time of the Commonwealth Games, called for a revolution in Malaysia and the installation of Ibrahim as Prime Minister. Frank Carlucci is a member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission. Several other staff members are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations. (Jeremy Lee has just returned from a speaking engagement in Kuala Lumpur.)


3.2 million cheques worth more than $12 billion are issued every 24 hours in Australia. The number of cheques has fallen by 17 per cent, according to the Australian Payments Clearing Council's annual report, just issued. The APCC's chief executive, Peter Smith, said that although there was no evidence, the decline was probably due to the increase in plastic cards and EFTPOS. The decline was, however, countered by the situation at Bendigo Bank, whose customers increased the number of cheques by 25 per cent, while electronic transfers increased by 32 per cent. If they're looking for an explanation for this trend, why not examine the continuing closure of bank branches? Bendigo's expansion into local community banking has at least preserved freedom of choice over methods of payment for its customers.


The composition of the 352 illegal immigrants detained in Australia's north-west at the beginning of the month was significant: 299 from Iraq, 46 from Afghanistan, four Iranians, two Algerians and one Palestinian. This was the biggest number ever detained, and illustrates the breadth and sophistication of the 'people-smuggling' racket.

With the Port Hedland Detention Centre full and overcrowded, a new detention centre is to be opened at the old Woomera rocket range. It's sheer madness. Any boats detected should immediately be towed back to their last port of departure, the illegals put ashore, and the boats then sunk. The bill should be deducted from the foreign aid Australia provides for Asian neighbours.


by Betty Luks
Adelaide Institute director and Australian citizen, Dr. Frederick Toben went to trial in Mannheim, Germany this week on charges of "incitement, disparagement and insulting the memory of the dead" (The Age, 8/1 /99). A conviction was recorded and he was given a 10-month sentence. The seven months already spent in the German prison is included in the 10-month sentence. He will be released earlier if he posts bail of 6000 marks (about $A5000).

It is reported that Dr. Toben is 'unrepentant' and he would do the same thing again even after spending seven months in a German prison. "Only now do I understand the true value of free speech - in the past having belonged to the talkers. But talk about free speech is cheap," says Dr. Toben.

What type of 'democracy' now reigns in Germany? Dr. Toben's lawyer faced problems in mounting a defense (at the trial) because he was unable to present information challenging the official history of the holocaust. Australian spokesman, acting director Mr. Geoff Muirden, explains the catch 22 situation: "The law doesn't seem to allow for questioning the orthodox version of the holocaust. If Dr. Toben or Dr. Brock introduced factual information to say the orthodox version was wrong, that would have been illegal in itself."

Those willing to contribute to the bail-money should contact Adelaide Institute, P0 Box 3300, Norwood, SA, 5067.


by Alfred King
Excuse me is anyone interested to know that we are being invaded? Does anyone think that we should be doing something about it? Certainly not 'our' government who, with the news this week that more than 700 people have been detected arriving illegally off the WA coast (this does not take into account the number of undetected illegals), are allowing the Federal Parliamentary Committee on Australia's refugees crisis to work through its full deliberations.

The Committee's chairwoman, Chris Gallus, reports that boats are arriving daily, but this will not hurry along the committee, whose recommendations should be ready by the first week in December. And maybe they won't. When the report is made, should the Australian people believe that this whole process is going to safeguard our beloved country and way of life? It's well known that if there is no intention to do anything about an issue - you form a committee to investigate it!

The only committee that achieves anything is a committee of three with two members not present. We need decision and action on this most important of issues. Why is there no frank, free and open national debate with every politician and journalist feeling able to air his opinions without fear of the loss of his job (remember what happened to Howard).

Multiculturalism is being imposed from above by lies, deception, intimidation and terror. The situation reminds this writer of a headline appearing in the UK "The Daily Express" four years ago: "Swamped by a Migrant Tide". The size and frequency of the number of illegal immigrants proves there are no effective controls operating. Walk around any of our major cities - the way of life of China and Vietnam has been transplanted on to our own soil, in large areas, and increasingly so. The multicultural policy, and its offshoot of mass illegal immigration, has had the backing of every Australian Government in recent times. Bob Hawke declared that his greatest achievement was the support of all sides of the House for a multicultural Australia. Let us drop the facade that the Liberal Party is 'conservative' in any true meaning of the word. There are only various degrees of international socialism. The final goal has been decided upon, the only matter of variance is how quickly we get there.

The detention centres cannot cope with the huge numbers while thousands of our own people sleep rough on the streets. What will happen when these new centres cannot cope? Will Australia follow the Canadian example? Give up trying to process the illegal entrants, give them $100.00 each and let them go free within 'their new homeland'?

Further reading: "Camp of the Saints" by Jean Raspail, $25.00 posted; "Alien Nation" by Peter Brimelow $35.00 posted; "Here We Go Again" by Doug Collins, $25.00 posted.


by Betty Luks
Just as I don't believe that we have seen the last of the republican push, neither do I believe Victorian Premier Steve Bracks' promise that the so-called water-catchment management tax is "dead and buried forever" (The Australian, 12/11/99). The 'water tax' is on the agenda of the 'one worlders'.


by Alfred King
I used to wonder what was meant by the phrase 'the pot calling the kettle black', but there's no further need to explain after the ARM's national campaign director Greg Barnes claimed, following the defeat of the referendum, that the campaign conducted by the ACM was based solely on lies and fear. Paul Keating, a well-documented liar himself, agrees: "...this campaign has been delivered by a campaign of lies".

With around 69 changes to our present Constitution proposed in the Republic the ARM assured us that the only effect of changing to the new system of government was that we should have a truly Australian Head of State! They even had enough influence to have the referendum question itself phrased in the same way, which was most misleading.

We see again the double standards that operate in the arguments of the Big Business elite. What the establishment likes better than anything is Monopoly. Absolute power. In our political system this takes the form of putting up two or three political parties to the electorate once every thousand days or so, who offer no basic differences on the important election issues. The reason for this is that the same sources are the largest financial backers of each party. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Clearly the same approach was taken in the Referendum.

The method by which the ACM were selected was a refined form of 'ethnic cleansing', with only characters who matched the strict requirements of the establishment being allowed to participate as a 'monarchist'. This effectively excluded those who could have pierced the 'elected president' argument smokescreen and cut through to the real issue: who has the power in Australia. The argument of the ACM was "Say No to this Republic" - not to all republics because a Constitutional Monarchy is proven to be a better system of government. No, the argument is that Australia wants a republic, but in a slightly different format. Therefore, you don't need matriculation to deduce that these people are not monarchists. They are republicans. So the 'debate' about whether Australia should become a republic has been waged between republicans and republicans!

Gentle reader, do you find it strange that the media who are supposed to have high education standards for their journalists and editors, were not able to identify and publicise this obvious point? Gladly, the republic is so woefully inadequate compared to our present system that it couldn't get up even in this situation. But consider the future.

I have written previously about the methods used in the continual surrender of Traditional Australia. The Labor Party is presently bemoaning the 'mistake' that the wrong type of republic was put up in the Referendum, and that if the model was one that offered a president elected by the people, it would have been accepted. However, if a direct election model had been put up the first time, the debate would have had to focus more on the real issues of the nature of power and how to distribute it.

Under the current 'two steps forward, one step backwards' strategy, this discussion can be avoided altogether. The way is now open for the ARM to come back in a short time and say that they fixed the only objection that the ACM could offer at the last Referendum, that they have a new model with a directly elected president. Given what has taken place to date, it will be an argument that is very difficult to counter. And the Republic question will come up again in the near future despite the chattering classes in today's newspapers proclaiming the issue is effectively dead. It will happen because Big Money demands it.

In the same way that the Liberals took the GST to the last election, knowing without any shadow of a doubt that it was a vote loser. Labor is now saying that it will be making the (proven unpopular) republic an issue at the next election. Kerry Jones points out in The Australian that "it was from the start to finish the big-end republic: From its inception it was a movement that came from the elites. It ignored the average Australian."

Perhaps Ted Mack in The Australian spelled out one good thing that has come out of this divisive national trauma, "It has highlighted the widening gap between the rich and the poor; between community leaders and the public; between the media and the community. Most shocking of all was the performance of the ABC who regrettably demonstrated that it's their ABC, not ours."

If the elite are seriously concerned that Australians did not understand the changes proposed, the same powerful people would want to reintroduce the teaching of the Constitution in our schools and universities. If these people seriously wanted an Australian Head of State, acknowledging that our system 'ain't broke', they would propose an Australian monarchy as a possible alternative. No, the new system must be the 'republic of the rich', and it must be introduced 'whatever it takes'.

A great lesson that comes out of this is that, in spite of the intense media brainwashing-campaign, the republic is not inevitable, as was promised to us. And by extension neither is Asianisation, further amalgamations or the New World Order. We are not helpless spectators to the remorseless unfolding of the elaborate social engineering plans of the establishment's elite. Unless we choose to be.

The future is in our own hands. It will be individuals working together on a voluntary basis that will make the changes for the better. The final comment has been ably put by Kerry Jones, "My wish now is that Australia moves forward united to celebrate the greatest celebration of all - January 1, 2001, the centenary of Federation - 100 years of the best Constitution in the world."


by Tom Fielder
If Nesta Webster was still alive and writing of the "Great Revolution" as she was in 1920, no doubt she would again quote Prince Kropotkin (1908) "It was the source and origin of all the present communist, anarchist and socialist conceptions," except that today it would be called 'The New World Order'.

Lord Acton, in his essay on the French Revolution wrote these words: "The appalling thing in the revolution was not the tumult - but the design..." And so it was with the recent Referendum. The design was obscured by the mass of distorted propaganda heaped on a divided population by both sides of the debate, helped immensely by the mass media and the money power under the command of the leader of the 'yes' campaign.

Take note: in a short article "Turnbull ready to step down" Turnbull said, "...he ended up being responsible for about 80 per cent of the ARM budget of between $2.5 -$3 million" - The Australian (8/11/99). This does not show much health or financial support from the rest of the republicans, but it does show that the 'money power' found a 'winning conduit' for the expenditure of a vast sum of money to 'rid Australia' of the Queen.

All freedom-loving Australians should write immediately to their Member of Parliament (State and Federal) requesting that he or she reaffirm their oath of loyalty to the Crown - or resign from Parliament. The Members of Parliament should be reminded of the ancient Roman Cicero's observation: "A nation may afford its fools and even its ambitious, but not its traitors from within."

Further information: Books - "State Secrets" Count Leon de Poncins ($12.00 posted); "Betrayal by Rulers" Michel Sturdza ($20.00 posted). Tape - "Wall Street - the Capitalist Root of Communism" Dr A Sutton ($7. 00 posted).


by Betty Luks
The fear of 'home-invasion' by criminals has come to the fore in the city of Adelaide, South Australia. Public concerns calling for Government action have culminated in petitions 100,000-strong and a rally on the steps of State Parliament House. The State Government responded by introducing legislation to make 'home invasion' a specific crime and carries a maximum of life imprisonment for aggravated offences. But South Australian lawyers have come out strongly against the Liberal Government's response to public concerns. Marie Shaw QC said people did not realise this penalty already applied for burglary and lawyers and politicians had a duty to help people see beyond the criminal justice system 'as a cure-all' and the need for preventative programmes - including drug-law reform - to steer people away from crime.

'Home invasions' accounted for 0.1 per cent of all South Australian crime. Ms. Shaw said, "People have information given to them on an emotive level. They don't have the information about how the criminal justice system works and its flexibility to deal with offenders...The criminal justice system does not cause problems; it only attempts to deal with those that should be addressed somewhere along the line…truancy, the family breakdown, the lack of a job, lack of schooling." The Australian, 3/11/99.

Ms. Shaw has highlighted the truth that we must stop using the band-aid approach to the nation's many problems and stop trying to deal with the symptoms and get to the causes. The politicians' response is to introduce more laws or set up more committees.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159