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Edmund Burke
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14 January 2000. Thought for the Week: "Planning involves many factors which are quite unfamiliar to those outside a small circle of experts. All plans are the static incarnation of ideas. In nearly every case they block other plans. In small matters this may not be very important, but in Government Plans it may be decisive. Many large Plans are made without consideration or knowledge of effects, such as soil erosion, which may take years to ensue.
The physical world is a congeries of balances; not a small watercourse locates itself without a reason. And these physical balances have social and political effects...For these and other far-reaching reasons; it is necessary to recognise that size introduces an unfamiliar quality into the idea of the Plan."
C.H. Douglas, November 1950.


by Betty Luks
When one sifts through the material touching on 'war crimes' it is clear that in war both sides commit terrible acts, and the conclusion is reached that when it comes to WW2, it is well past time to forgive and to get on with life. But, if one can't forgive, then obviously it is to the powerful and victorious that goes the revenge. Eighty-six year-old Latvian-born Australian citizen Mr. Konrad Kalejs, is the latest person to incur the wrath and full force of the propaganda machine of organised Zionist-Jewry. He is alleged to have been part of a Kommando Unit responsible for the murder of 30,000 people in German-occupied Latvia during WW2.
Although the Australian Government has insisted there is not enough evidence to bring this man to trial, the Zionists intend to hound him - possibly to his grave.

Mr. Graham Blewitt, former head of the Australian Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said that under his direction, Mr. Kalejs had been properly investigated, "The best we could come up with was that he was a member of the Arajs Kommando Unit. But we couldn't find anything that would implicate him in any crimes for which he could be prosecuted in Australia." - The Australian, 7/1/2000.

If the shoe was on the other foot, would the Ukrainians, the Hungarians, the Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians like to take their revenge on those who took part in the brutal murders, tortures, imprisonment and enslavement of so many of their own countrymen over the last 80 years? And wouldn't a list of those prominent in the 'soviet revolutions', whether in Ukraine, Hungary, Latvia, etc., reveal the roles of many Jews in those revolutions?

The Russian-Soviets invaded the Baltic States in 1940 and large numbers of Jews welcomed the Russians and sided with them - against the Latvians. On the night of June 14th, 1941, the Russians herded 30,000 Latvians into cattle trucks and shipped them off to Siberia. Many of them to their certain death, others to forced slavery, starvation and other inhumane conditions. Although the Latvians had been under the rule of German Barons for well over 700 years, up to WW 1, and looked on the Germans as their enemies, when Hitler's armies drove the Russians out, the Latvians saw the Germans as liberators.
It was explained to the younger generation thus, "If a bear is tearing you apart and you are saved by a wolf, you are thankful to the wolf."

What of the Jew Bela Kun - whose master, Lenin, ordered the transformation of Hungary into a Soviet-Republic, or the Jew Tibor Szamuely, who became Prime Minister; or Alexander Barbai, or Joseph Pogany (alias Schwartz) and many others, for which there is evidence of their crimes. Jews such as these men committed terrible acts against the Hungarian people. ("An Outlaw's Diary" by Cecile Tormay).

What about the Russian Revolution? Victor Marsden of the London Morning Post, correspondent in Russia at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution compiled a list of 545 early Bolshevik officials. Of these 454 were Jews. I wonder what the Russian people would do if they had the power world-wide-Jewry now has?

What of the Jewish international bankers who bankrolled the Bolsheviks? Are they not guilty of 'war crimes'? Is there not the blood of millions on their hands? What about the present Israeli-Jews?
Four years ago a retired Israeli general admitted to killing 49 Egyptian prisoners in 1956. The Israeli Attorney-General ruled that despite the available evidence the general would not be prosecuted because the crime took place too long ago!


In 1991, eminent South Australian, Sir Walter Crocker, joined the protest staged by League of Rights supporters opposed to the Polyukhovich War Crimes Trial. He carried a placard that read, "Vengeance and Hatred Poisons People as Well as Communities". At the time, Sir Walter said he believed the trials were, along with the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a contrivance to use guilt for support for Israel. He felt strongly about what the Zionist-Jews did to Kurt Waldheim, former President of Austria. He accused them of destroying the President of Austria.

Touching on his experiences during the early formative years of the United Nations, he explained, "I happened to be in the UN in its first four years and that was when Israel was first created. The spectacle of the power of American Jewry, the financial power and the intellectual power was absolutely overwhelming. The creation of Israel meant of course that all the Arabs living in Palestine, as it was then called, were going to be driven away from their homes." (Adelaide Advertiser 13/11/91). No 'war crimes' trials for those Jews! If the Polyukhovich trials were used as a 'smoke screen' for what the Jews were then doing somewhere else in the world, maybe we should look to see what they are now up to.

Further reading: National Suicide by Antony Sutton; Censored History by Eric D. Butler; Communism Unmasked by Jean Patrice; Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. Prices on request from your State Book Service.


"Water, being a liquid, is an easily centralised essential of life; and yet one of the first conditions on which we live upon this earth is that it should be to a large extent decentralised. Rain is decentralised water, charged with oxygen. To the extent that it is retained in the soil where it falls, plant and animal and human life becomes possible. Where plant growth is established the rain enters the soil gently, the soil, being broken up by roots into a crumby texture, and containing a good deal of absorbent organic matter, retains both air and water, and any surplus of water supplies the underground reservoirs where porous rock is present, and oozes out steadily in springs, which maintain a relatively even flow all the year round, as do the rivers into which they flow."

"With the destruction of plant growth by the clear-felling of forests, overgrazing, over-cropping, or the destruction of soil structure by the use of unbalanced fertilisers, or other forms of mismanagement imposed upon the modern farmer by centralised forces, the conditions for life cease. The rains run off the surface, carrying the soil particles with it. The underground water level sinks. The flow of springs becomes irregular. Floods and droughts characterise the river system. Soil, which has taken centuries to grow, is swept away in a few years, silting up the river beds (thus causing floods) and eventually finding its way into the sea.
Deprived of its binding organic matter, the soil crumbles into dust and is blown away on the winds. "Thus we have to realise that floods...droughts, dust storms, dust bowls and deserts...are largely man-made..."

On Planning the Earth by Geoffrey Dobbs.
Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs wrote Part 1 of this remarkable little book in 1944. His warnings have proved accurate as Australians now face the huge problems of their polluted waterways and the push for the monopolistic control of her water supplies. Australia, we are told, is facing a water crisis, this being part of a much wider environmental crisis. The Australian has been carrying a series of articles, drawing the reader's attention to the problems of the salts, sediments, sewage, agricultural and industrial pollution and algae blooms.
What the paper did not - and will not - deal with is why there is clear felling of forests, overgrazing, over-cropping, or the destruction of soil structure by the use of unbalanced fertilisers, or other forms of mismanagement imposed upon the modern farmer by centralised forces.

In a recent radio interview the Member for the Kimberleys (WA), Mr. Ernie Bridge, also a member of a group named "Watering Australia", criticised the present short-sighted, narrow approach governments and other authorities were taking. Australia, he said, has vast sources of untapped water supplies and mentioned rivers such as the Fitzroy and Clarence. Whilst not advocating that these rivers should be exploited to the extent that we have exploited the present water systems, he believes the authorities are just grappling at the edges of the problems, advocating additional water controls and restrictions instead of venturing into bigger schemes and releasing the vast untapped, unused potential supplies.

Now, if you were behind a plan to pressure government into 'privatising' (monopolising) a resource, and planned to gain control over that resource, would you want it to be plentiful - or 'scarce' and easily controlled? We need to be reminded that in times past, the great empires of the world have created all the man-made deserts of the world, and that the mass of mankind was centrally controlled by an oligarchy.


by Judith Empson
"It was the Middle East which gave birth to the three religions of the One God. In our time it became the fountainhead and shrine of a fourth: Oil. The Middle East contains about 75% of the Western World's oil reserves, but the right to profit from this valuable material belongs, with few exceptions, to five international trusts which operate around the (Persian) Gulf, in which British, United States, French and Dutch interests interlock and interlink. They share in the loot with a handful of puppet rulers...

"The names of the companies are better known than the geographical designation of the places; Esso (Exxon - Rockefeller's Standard Oil), Gulf Oil (later Chevron), Texaco, Royal Dutch Shell and BP (British Petroleum). These companies are the omnipotent dictators behind official governments and the chief pressure group behind the decisions of the State Department (US) and Whitehall.
Through interlocking directorships with the leading banks they control the loan market, insurance companies and airlines. They have their men in the Treasuries, the War Office (Ministry of Defence) and the Intelligence Service...
One can say without exaggeration that for the last century we have been the pawn of Oil Imperialism. The oil companies are closely interlinked with South African and Congolese interests for the supply of industrial diamonds needed for drilling gear, to Namibia for the supply of platinum used as a catalyst for refining; to the world's steel manufacturers for pipelines, pumps and infrastructure of the whole industry, and to Israel for bromine from the Dead Sea used for the manufacture of aviation fuel..." (from British On Target).


Letters to the Editor, West Australian, 6/1/2000
"The fervour with which the nazi hunters continue to hunt their prey is becoming very hard to understand or to sympathise with in this year 2000, 55 years after WW2 with Germany finished. As other indicators around the world, such as the release of the murderers in Ireland and the reconciliation process in South Africa, point towards a forgetting of the past, however horrible, on the promise of a better future, we are dragged into a continual wasteful and all-consuming hatred by these professional hunters.
Yes, the suffering of people in WW2 was terrible and we shouldn't forget it or the other equally terrible things that have happened in man's history. One has to ask, though, if the hatred shown by these hunters is now showing an ugly side, as they try to bulldoze society into prosecutions of octogenarians with little more evidence than unsubstantiated rumour and hearsay.
What possible purpose this can now serve is doubtful. After all, we would never be able to imprison most of these aged and fragile people, even if they were found guilty and lived out the trial period.
The equally terrible war crimes perpetuated on the military and the civil populations by the Japanese in the same war have been laid to rest and it is time that German war crimes went the same way and were assigned to history.
Israel and the Jewish people do not have a monopoly on suffering; it is and will forever be, universal. That this particular period of history is always high profile in the media says much for their lobbying power but tells a sad story of their inability to look to a future that is without hate.
Maybe 55 years of living with this hate has caused these nazi hunters to become less than rational and it could be time for them to be regulated by governments that can see this does no one any good, least of all the hunters themselves."
Graham Casey, Woodvale, WA.


Letters to the Editor, West Australian, 6/1/2000
"I watched A Current Affair (4/1) with disbelief as a representative of Australian Jewry insulted my family and the families of all those great men and women from this country who fought and died in Europe to remove the yoke of nazi oppression. "He questioned our commitment to the cause of the defeat of nazism. Did they die in vain? Is there a further price this country must pay? How quickly and conveniently history is forgotten by this representative of the Jewish people. Let me remind him of a piece of history.
The community of this country, like a lot of other countries, paid a terrible price for its commitment to remove the world of the nazi scourge. We were thousands of kilometres away and we had a closer enemy whose threat to our freedom was much greater. Countries closer to the conflict remained neutral. Yet still, we went, we fought and we died until this despot was gone.
Now, this commitment is questioned because of an 86-year-old man whose crimes are not proved. The Australian Government can't prove war crimes. The British police can't get enough evidence to prove war crimes (hence the deportation) and the Latvian Government accepts the Australian Government's decision. All three governments are asking for people to come forward with fresh evidence. No one has. The insult that was uttered on this programme must have a public apology for the hurt and insult to the people and their families who fought and died, to free the Jews."
Barry Cahill Ashfield, WA.


"'Show me the proof.' says Ruddock. The Howard Government yesterday challenged international Jewish organisations to produce fresh evidence against alleged war criminal Konrad Kalejs, or let him be." - The Australian, 5/1/2000.

Yes indeed! Let us have real evidence, not wild allegations by the media acting as self-appointed prosecutor, judge and jury. This was never the Australian way of investigating crime. This man, Konrad Kalejs, is an Australian citizen. The allegations against him were examined some time ago, at taxpayers' expense, and dismissed for lack of evidence. So, in the words of the Howard Government, "Let him be." Allegations against so-called WW2 war criminals 57 years after the event is a futile diversion from modern war crimes not to mention the escalating crime rate in our present society.


from David Irving's web-page
The 'Holocaust' is scheduled to go on trial in a courtroom in London - due to commence January 11th and expected to last three months. David Irving, British historian is suing Deborah Lipstadt Jewish-American historian, and her publisher for libel. The case is expected to produce the most detailed judicial inspection of the 'Holocaust' since the 1961 Jerusalem trial of nazi official Adolf Eichmann. The alleged libel appears in Lipstadt's book, Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, published by Penguin Books in 1994.

Historian with an international following, David Irving, claims that Lipstadt attacked him personally and professionally, depicting him as an "Adolf Hitler partisan who wears blinkers and skews documents and misrepresents data in order to reach historically untenable conclusions, specifically those that exonerate Hitler".

He also alleges that Lipstadt and her publisher damaged his reputation when they claimed he has "misled academic historians" into "quoting historically invalid points contained in his writings and who applauds the internment of Jews in Nazi concentration camps". He says that Lipstadt further tarnished his reputation by portraying him as "a dangerous spokesman for Holocaust-denial forces who deliberately and knowingly consorts and consorted with anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denial forces".

Lipstadt, of Emory University in Atlanta, says her charges against Irving are "true in substance and in fact". She will argue at the trial that the 61-year-old Irving is driven by "his obsession with Hitler" and that he "distorts, manipulates and falsifies history in order to put Hitler in a more favourable light, thereby demonstrating a lack of detachment, rationality and judgment necessary for a historian."

Former lawyer for Princess Diana, Anthony Julius, is representing Deborah Lipstadt who has declined to be interviewed before the trial - on her lawyer's advice. But, according to the court papers, Professor Lipstadt will also contend that Irving has "on numerous occasions denied the Holocaust, the deliberate, planned extermination of Europe's Jewish population by the Nazis, and denied that gas chambers were used by the Nazis as a means of carrying out that extermination."
Irving has disputed the number of Jews claimed to have died in concentration camps, suggesting that most deaths were the result of natural causes, and that crematoria and other buildings at concentration camp sites were constructed after WW2.

More recently, in response to a challenge from a London school teacher about Holocaust survivor testimony, Irving is reported to have said that of the testimony he has read, "many of the more prominent ones appear to be concocted by congenital liars". According to Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Israel office of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the upcoming London case marks "the second stage of Holocaust trials. If, in the past, we have been dealing with perpetrators of the Holocaust, now we are dealing with challenges to the historical record".

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