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5 May 2000. Thought for the Week: "The two super-powers have behaved in Africa like a pair of hoodlums working in unison - the one jostles the unwary pedestrian and disturbs his equilibrium, then apologises politely while the other picks his pocket. Without the 'Winds of Change' generated in the West and financed to the tune of countless millions of dollars, there could have been no Communist expansion in Africa - that is one of the incontestable facts of contemporary history, and it calls for an explanation...
Peter Simple, the London 'Daily Telegraph' columnist compressed much of the history of the past 30 years into a few words when he remarked: 'Whatever may be the eventual fate of Rhodesia in the hands of the United Nations and its creatures, our own Foreign Secretary, Dr. David Owen among them, not the least of her virtues will have been that she stood for truth against a world of lies.'"
From "The Struggle for Africa: Undeclared War" by Ivor Benson, 1978


by Alfred King
Can the reader possibly imagine a more ironic situation than that which occurred on ANZAC day? On this day we remember how so many of our own people made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives in war to prevent a foreign people invading Australia. Thankfully, the wars were won and we were not invaded. Tragically, the following peace has been lost, as the darkening of our country testifies to.
As the Japanese businessman who formerly fought in the Imperial Army against Australia in WW2 said, "What we were not able to take from the Australians by force in the war, has been much easier to acquire in peacetime."

Perhaps it was because it was a public holiday that the government's PR staff chose this ANZAC day to release the news. They may have reasoned that with tens of thousands of Australians distracted as they gathered at Memorial Services around the country to remember those who served and died, that this would be the best time to release the news of such great treachery. The news being that John Olsen, South Australia's Premier, said 90 percent of the illegal immigrants housed at the State's Woomera detention centre would be released next month, given free transport around the country, $500 each, and access to Medicare and welfare payments and state housing.

No debate was allowed on the rightness of this move. Mr. Olsen wasn't quibbling on whether the criminal invaders should be rewarded in such a way. The end result has already been decided upon at a higher level and is not open for debate. He was merely concerned with who should be giving Australians' money to these iIlegals - the State or the Federal Government. Note that this is a so-called conservative government that is carrying out this treason.

Are we expected to stretch the limits of credulity so far as to believe that 'our' government, with all the experts and resources available to it, is genuinely attempting to stop illegal immigration, which is the most serious threat facing our continued survival as a people? Look at the facts. We have a vast coastline, which demands the very best of our resources to protect it. But, in fact, minimal funds are allocated to this task, even to the extent of using poorly trained private companies to carry out the surveillance on the grounds of economic 'efficiency'. Under this system, we can only hope to identify a small proportion of invading boats. And then when we do identify them, we don't send them back to where they came from.
No! Our thinking on this is too simplistic, too 'redneck'.

According to elitist thinking the best way to discourage illegal immigrants is to escort their boats to Australia to make sure they get here safely, take them temporarily to a camp where Australian taxpayers can meet their needs, then give them money and a free ride to anywhere they want to start their new life in Australia.

The waves of illegals off our north-west coast prove that this thinking is an appalling failure. Yet instead of admitting that we have tried this approach, and the facts before our eyes show that we have been wrong so we should try a different approach, the opposite happens. We get even stronger doses of more of the same. The reasoning of this liberal mind is essentially dishonest. Wake up Australia! Are we so blind that we can not see what is being done to us? I do not believe that we are.

The problem is more that we feel impotent, unable to do anything about it. The majority of Australians have been marginalised in our own country, while at the same time the media and politicians clamour to put the interests of any number of minorities before our own. No! The darkening of our country is not taking place by accident. In fact, there is no clearer demonstration than that found in the immigration issue. There is a conspiracy to keep us in the dark of the facts of what is really taking place and that the policies being pursued by all the main political parties are identical and against the express wishes of the people.

We won't be able to effectively deal with this, or any other of the Establishment's attacks on our nation until we can put forward a suitable remedy for the defects in the financial system. Social Credit is the proven alternative to the deficiency of purchasing power in our current system which is exploited by the internationalists to force unwanted policies on the Australian people. We must learn to use it before we are driven to extinction by the mad 'one world elite'.


by Antonia Feitz
Feminists go to desperate lengths to persuade themselves and especially policy-makers that abandoning infants is perfectly natural behaviour, even though most mothers report high stress levels in doing so. The latest is Mary Rose Liverani. In a review of "Mother Nature: Natural Selection and the Female of the Species" by Sarah Blaffer Hardy, Liverani justified childcare of infants on the grounds that reproduction is most successful when alloparenting - other adults are involved - as practised: "day-care is a form of alloparenting", she claimed (Weekend Australian Review, 22-23/4/2000).

It's not really. Modern commercial childcare is very different to alloparenting, which is in fact just a fancy name for kinship. Yes, until women worked outside the home, and to this day in many traditional societies, aunts and grandmothers were involved in child-rearing. Neighbours had much less significant contribution. To this day, most parents prefer home care, or the care of relatives over childcare centres for their babies. The 'natural' involvement of kith and kin is a far cry from institutionalising babies in the care of paid and rostered workers.


by Betty Luks
"The weariness of spirit from serving Mammon and the market can be overcome by following Jesus," claimed the new President of the Baptist Union, Rev.Tim Costello - The Victorian Baptist Witness, 2/2000. Tim is a brother of Federal Treasurer (and a director of the International Monetary Fund), Peter Costello. I agree with the man, but would add he should have included body and soul with spirit, because Mammon's yoke is grinding man's body, soul and spirit into the ground.

He said, "We must live with the market; we must be in the world but not of it. Sometimes the way of Jesus breaks in beautifully. To a cynical, weary world Jubilee 2000 was such a moment. Some of the powerful governments have chosen to follow the way of Jesus. These acts of debt forgiveness, if followed by the rest of the world, will save 21 million lives. The world has heard the Lord's prayer, 'Forgive us our debts as we forgive'." Beautiful as those words are, they do not help me in a concrete way to follow Jesus and not be forced to serve Mammon. My prayer is, "deliver me from the act of 'woolly thinking', of thinking in abstract words, in abstract terms and help me to think in concrete realities."

Why do I feel we have, once again, had 'the wool pulled over their eyes' in relation to the 'debt forgiveness' promoted by Jubilee 2000 and other good-intentioned groups? John Howard announced "the forgiveness of debt" by the Federal Government "owed by countries that qualify for debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)," an initiative co-ordinated by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. We are led to believe, "The success of the campaign owes much to the work of Jubilee 2000," and of course it was coincidental that the announcement was made on the most solemn day of the Christian calendar - Good Friday, The Age, 24/4/2000.

There are strings attached to this forgiveness, but, thanks to the pressure from Jubilee 2000 and other groups the "global community has taken on board the principle of debt forgiveness." I don't think for one instant that the 'global community' has taken on board the Christian concept of debt forgiveness. For 'global community' read international money-lenders, and what they have done is wipe off their ledgers some 'bad debts' - it was no skin off their noses to wipe a few noughts off of the amount owed by these Third World nations - it was unlikely the debts would ever have been repaid.

But the real reason is the world-wide debt-laden structure is teetering and is on the verge of toppling over. This essentially fraudulent money system, designed to delude and to rob rather than to serve, is so top-heavy with debt that its foundations are caving in - removing some of the debt keeps the structure up a while longer. Meanwhile, the 'global communities' (read money-lenders) work feverishly at substituting and imposing another system to replace it.

Gullible Christians, and others, are patting themselves on the backs - and giving thanks to God - for what they think they have achieved. Jesus said we cannot serve God and Mammon. Mammon is a social mechanism, it is a system! It was designed to deceive, defraud and rob and is controlled by power-hungry men. It is not some mythical god of the ancients.
Australians generally, and Christians in particular, fail to recognise the role such mechanisms play in controlling man.

In abstract terms I could say, 'this system grinds the body, soul and spirit of man into the ground'. The money-lenders are not about to take on a Christian concept of a financial system - they are not about to look at proposals that C.H. Douglas put forward, to rectify the system, so that it would serve instead of defraud and rob. Rev. Costello would do well to put time aside and learn how Mammon works, then he should take his brother aside and explain to him that his soul is in danger.


by Tom Fielder
"The Ugly Secret" is the name given to child rape in South Africa. In 1994, the year that Mandela took power, 7,559 rapes of children occurred. This increased to 10,037 in 1995 and 13,859 in 1996. Children make up 38% of all rapes. In one outrageous case in Orange Farm, where a shelter for raped women exists, a 19-year-old rape victim was raped again while the attackers' accomplice raped the 14-year-old daughter of the shelter's manager. The rapists were let out on bail. Only 48% of all rapists are ever convicted.


by Betty Luks
You will not read the finer details in the establishment press of what is happening in Zimbabwe to both the black and white peoples, but internet websites are by-passing the establishment media and reporting the events as they happen. The establishment media bosses don't want the real news and the films of the brutal atrocities from that sad land to show up on the television screens - the couch potatoes might become alarmed. That sort of news wouldn't be good for race relations - would it?

It might alarm both white and black Australians. It might make some of them think about what's in store for both white and black Australians under the present 'pursuit of policies by other means'. The number of white families pushed off their farms in Zimbabwe has risen to over 1,100 - and yet the remaining 4,500 farms are producing 90% of the total output of the country.

Richard Court, Premier of West Australia, has publicly offered support to the beleaguered former Rhodesians and should be supported. Please write to him and thereby strengthen his stand. Write to newspapers expressing your disgust at the weak response of the Liberals. It is indeed 'bitter fruits" the peoples of Zimbabwe are harvesting as a result of the actions of such people as those in the Fraser government all those years ago.


Adherents to the modern 'social gospel' regard the 'ends' are justified in bringing about social change by the most un-Christian 'means'. It has much in common with the Marxist-Leninist 'gospel' which states that 'the end justifies the means'. Those who believe the white farmers in Zimbabwe should give up their farms for 'land rights' better think very carefully what this means in fact.

The following report is off the internet and describes how the 'land rights' policy of Robert Mugabe is being 'implemented'. "This is what happened at the Lonely Park Farm, 20 miles east of Salisbury. The Lonely Park Farm belongs to Paul and Liz Retzlaff. During the day a truckload of Blacks stopped at the driveway to their farm and attacked one of their Black farm workers who was mowing the grass with a sickle. They took his sickle away from him and then hacked him up with it.
Later in the day about 70 Blacks gathered outside the gate of the farm and began chanting and shouting threats. The Retzlaffs called the police, but the police refused to come.

Rhodesian farmers have erected high-voltage electric fences and gates around their farmhouses since the trouble with the Blacks began, and usually that's enough to keep the Blacks out. At the Lonely Park Farm it wasn't enough. After dark the Blacks drank and chanted until they had worked up their courage, and then they crashed through the electrified gate with a truck. The Retzlaffs heard them howling for blood as they came up the driveway toward the house.

In the darkness, they fled to an adjacent cottage and barricaded themselves inside. Liz Retzlaff reported: 'When you hear them coming your stomach just goes into a knot, and you feel defenseless.' She and her husband and son crouched behind the cottage door and listened to the rampaging Blacks wrecking their house, smashing windows, breaking furniture, stealing everything they could carry away. "In the darkness they used a shortwave radio in the cottage to call their neighbors for help. Then the Blacks stormed toward the cottage, howling war cries and brandishing axes, knives, clubs, and iron bars. They were smashing down the door to the cottage, when they heard the Retzlaffs' neighbours arriving by truck. Even as the Black mob fled into the night they opened fire with assault rifles on the rescuers.

"Now the Retzlaffs are cleaning up the broken glass and smashed furniture and attempting to repair their wrecked home. And they are living in terror, afraid to sleep at night, never knowing when another mob of Blacks will attack - and also knowing that they can expect no protection from the police.

But the Retzlaffs have nowhere else to go, and they don't know what they can do except rebuild and hang on. Paul Retzlaff told a reporter: 'We were born and bred here. My grandchildren are fifth-generation Zimbabweans. Of course, we aren't going to leave. We started with nothing, and we built this farm. There's no way we can just abandon it.'

"Of course, in the end they will be forced to abandon their farm, or they will be murdered. Things will not get better in Zimbabwe; they only can become worse... The Black dictator of Zimbabwe has promised his followers that he will give the farms of the Whites to them and will be in serious trouble if he doesn't keep his promise."


Herald Sun, Melbourne, 26/4/2000. "Where is former prime minister Malcolm Fraser and, for that matter, John Howard, as he was in the Cabinet which insisted on installing, by using sanctions and other means, the murderous Robert Mugabe as president of the once-prosperous and civilised Rhodesia, now renamed after a heap of ruins - Zimbabwe.

"Apparently Comrade Mugabe, the great 'liberator' of his people, being the typical Marxist-Leninist he admits to being, now believes that ethnic cleansing is the order of the day. "If the white farmers and their loyal workers resist, Mugabe says 'they have to accept the consequences'!

"The silence from former (and present politicians), the Frasers, Whitlams, Trudeaus, Kissingers, et al of this world, who now say nothing about the savagery they helped foist on all the peoples of Zimbabwe is deafening." - Phillip Butler, Diamond Creek


West Australia's Premier Richard Court has publicly said Australians should welcome the beleaguered farmers of Zimbabwe into this country. He should be supported for the stand he is taking. Please make the effort to write to let him know he has the backing of other Australians. In this edition is a list of marginal electorate politicians who should receive letters as well.


Daily Telegraph, London, UK: "Sir - While one should be not be at all surprised at the verdict against historian David Irving it was upsetting to see such a respected publication as the Telegraph engage in accusations and insinuations that would otherwise be confined to the columns of the tabloid rags. "The Holocaust is such a sacred cow that any discussion of it where the standard orthodox version of events is not maintained is seen as in some way or another defamatory. The evidence against Mr. Irving - the scenes at the outdoor meeting in Halle instantly come to mind - was for the most part selected, edited, cut, pasted and then re-edited to make him appear in a more sinister light. Mr. Irving at no stage has ever denied the Holocaust; he has simply stated that many of its key elements are fundamentally flawed.
"This does not constitute wholesale denial.

Neither, however crass it may have been, does his comparison of the Auschwitz I 'gas chamber' to something one could find in Disneyland - it is a fact, acknowledged by curator Franciszek Piper, that the installation is a dummy constructed by the Poles after the war's end. "As a student of the period, I have always found it difficult to understand why we should be prevented from opening a civilised debate on the Holocaust issue, and why we haven't been allowed to get to grips with what really happened during those dark years.
"Justice Gray has not only attempted to silence David Irving, but all of those who dare to upset the applecart driven by the historical orthodoxy." - Reinhard D. Jäger of London


Herald Sun 21/4/2000: "As a Christian, I wish to place on record my complete abhorrence of the goods and services tax. "If John Howard and Peter Costello had commissioned Satan to devise a more devilish method of enslaving citizens to the state, he would not have done better than the authors of the GST. "If our nation does not revolt against this policy and throw out of office those proposing it, Australia will become the devil's playground, a suburb of hell.
"The GST is an instrument of terror. It forces citizens to collect the tax from fellow citizens, under the threat of paying 48.5 percent tax if they do not fit into its complex design. "Tragically, the Christian church is taking no part in this debate. When the Christian church lifts its game on the subject of serving God and rejecting Mammon, the Howards and Costellos will be forced to recant and become true servants of the people." - Edward Rock, Cape Patterson.


The little Committee is servicing over 6,300 requests for petitions and about 1,000 people have returned over 3,000 petition forms containing at least 30,000 signatures. No mean effort for this voluntary hard-working group! The next step in the campaign is of the utmost importance. They do not see the collecting of signatures as an end but as part of the on-going campaign to insist that Federal representatives do just that - represent their people in their electorate!

In Canada it was the 'conservative' party that pushed through their parliament this hated tax. This party was reduced to just two seats at the following election - even the Prime Minister of the day lost her seat! Labor is 'huffing and puffing' but Beasley has said his party will not repeal or annul the legislation. It is individual initiative and action that will get things going in this campaign. Will you join the battle?

Talk alone is not going to change anything. Below is a short list, supplied by the Electoral Commission, of marginal Federal seats and their present occupants. The pressure must be applied to these people. Letters to these politicians would be a constructive way to start.

Marginal electorates - Please file away for future reference:
South Australia: Alexander Downer Lib., Mayo; Trish Draper Lib., Makin; Chris Gallus Lib., Hindmarsh; Trish Worth Lib., Adelaide.

Victoria: Peter Reith Lib., Flinders; Michael Wooldridge Lib., Casey; Kevin J. Andrews Lib., Menzies; Michael Ronaldson Lib., Ballarat; Jenny Macklin ALP; Jagajaga; Stewart McArthur Lib., Corangamite.

New South Wales: Danna Vale Lib., Hughes; Jim Lloyd Lib., Robertson; Jackie Kelly Lib., Lindsay; Ross Cameron Lib., Parramatta; Kerry Bartlett Lib., Macquarie; Larry Anthony NP. Richmond; Tony Lawler NP., Parkes.

Queensland: Warren Entsch Lib., Leichhardt; Mrs. De-Anne Kelly NP, Dawson; Mrs. Cheryl Kernot Lab., Dickson; Warren Truss NP, Widebay; Cameron Thompson Lib., Blair; Mal Brough Lib., Longman.

West Australia: Daryl Williams Lib., Tangney; Barry Haase Lib., Kalgoorlie; Judy Moylan Lib., Pearce; Mal Washer Lib., Moore; and let us not forget Mr. Kim Beasley's marginal electorate!

Tasmania: Michelle O'Byrne ALP, Bass; Sid Sidebottom ALP, Braddon.

Northern Territory: Warren Snowdon ALP, Northern Territory.


requests the pleasure of your company at their next meeting: Tuesday evening, May 30th, commencing at 7.30pm at the Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Graeme Campbell. The former MHR for Kalgoorlie (the largest electorate in the democratic world), is still passionately interested in the political future of Australia. His concerns relate to the future defence of Australia, and the undermining of our sovereignty by international treaties.
As head of the Australia First Movement, Graeme Campbell has offered policies that relate to the needs of the average Australian, not the elite, and has consequently received the silent treatment from the media and the major parties. The subject of Graeme Campbell's address will be: "THE STRUGGLE FOR TRUE AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENCE" The cost of your attendance and friends is $4.00 each person. This includes an excellent supper provided at 9.30pm. Books and videos are on sale at each meeting provided by the Heritage Book Service.

Date for Your Sydney Diary: Tuesday evening, June 27th, 2000. Our guest speaker will be: June Beckett: Subject: "Current Barriers to Reconciliation". Best known on the Central Coast, June Beckett has been a research journalist for "The Issue" newspaper, a challenging journal expressing public opinion which will shortly be expanded in circulation to Sydney. June recently submitted a brilliant analysis to the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.


The League's (Qld.) Annual two-day Seminar "2000 and Beyond" and Dinner will be held this year on Saturday/Sunday, May 27th-28th, 2000. Outstanding speakers: Richard Woods, 'Racket behind Referendum'; Dr. Ziema McDonell 'Genetic Engineering - Health Effects' and Kerry Spencer-Salt 'The Murphy Myth' are just some of them. National Director Betty Luks will open the seminar and is guest speaker at the dinner. Who said Queenslanders were 'rednecks'? Make sure you come along to hear the great range of speakers! Deadline for catering bookings: Friday, May 19th, 2000. For further information contact: John Brett, (07) 4698 7505.


A hard hitting dynamic new video exposes how the financial system and the corporate empires concentrate political power into the hands of the few, degrade nature, waste resources and impoverish the majority. It looks at what can be done before it is too late for this civilisation. Economic analysts from both the political left and right agree on the root cause of the global crisis and the urgency for change if the world is to hope for a sustainable future. Price $26.00 (including postage). Obtainable from League book services.


Edward Rock's book Trinitarianism certainly does open up, in a new way, concepts which have shaped (and should shape further) the development of our thinking! The book is a challenge to Christians and the big question is "Is the 'body' so divided that it is incapable of grasping the challenge"? The pain of a new idea is great - but there is nothing so invincible as the idea whose time has come! This is a book for the times we are in. Price: $8.50 including postage. Available from all League Book Services.


by Antonia Feitz
Under a revised vaccination schedule being considered by the NHMRC, all babies would receive three doses of Hep B vaccine - at birth, 1 and 6 months of age. This recommendation is despite the fact that the Hep B vaccine has recently been removed from the infant vaccination schedule in the US because of the risk of mercury poisoning from the preservative (Thiomersal) contained in this and other vaccines. The US government found that if babies were vaccinated according to schedule, by the time they were 6 months old, the level of mercury in their blood could exceed the EPA allowable limit. Mercury is a known neurotoxin and high levels can lead to nerve and brain damage.

What is the actual risk to an infant of contracting Hep B? And how safe is the vaccine we are using to try and prevent it? Hep B is a disease that is mainly transmitted via blood and body fluids. It is not as easy to catch as a cold or the flu. In fact, most people in Australia who contract Hep B do so either from unsafe sex or through sharing needles. Unless a mother is currently Hep B positive herself, there is almost no chance that her child would be exposed to this illness during infancy. In fact, Dr. Sydney Z. Spiesel, a paediatrician affiliated with Yale University who has done research in vaccine development, states that; "The current policy is based on getting kids when they are too young to fight back and hoping there will be enough residual immunity that many will be protected in later life. I don't know of a single immunologist who believes this to be true.

The protection afforded by this vaccine is of an unknown duration. An earlier package insert states that antibodies begin to wane within 3 years of vaccine administration and are virtually undetectable after 5 years. This means that the baby vaccinated at birth may again be vulnerable when they reach the higher-risk teenage years.

As for the safety aspects of this vaccine, in US Congressional Hearings (18/5/99), information from the government 'adverse reactions database' showed that the number of hepatitis-B vaccine-associated serious adverse event and death reports, in American children under the age of 14, outnumber the reported cases of hepatitis-B disease in that age group. Using these same figures it was found that for most children, the risk of a serious reaction to the hepatitis-B vaccine may be 100 times greater than the risk of hepatitis B.

According to the manufacturer, this vaccine is associated with a whole range of adverse reactions including paralysis and Multiple Sclerosis and death. It is time to ask the people in our government who make vaccination policy, if they ever study the situation overseas before choosing what our children will and will not be exposed to?
For referenced information on this issue, contact or write for free information kit to: The Australian Vaccination Network Inc., PO Box 177, Bangalow, NSW, 2479. Phone: (02) 6687 2032 or Fax: (02) 6687 1699.

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