Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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12 May 2000. Thought for the Week: "If we are not faced with a long-term policy our position is quite hopeless... But if we are facing a Satanic policy, our position, though very serious (it is desperately more serious today) is not necessarily irremediable... Politics embody strategies; you do not fight strategies, you fight the human beings who are carrying out that strategy... The best defence is attack. Do you propose to allow your enemy a monopoly of it?... If we grasp the fact that the essence...(of) the politics of the World State, is centralised vesting of the planet in an organisation expropriating and cutting across all local and personal sovereignty, we cannot be much in error if we identify internationalists, open and concealed, with treason to the individual and his race and country. It is faith that moves mountains..."
"The Moving Storm" - C.H. Douglas, 1948


by Betty Luks
Is there a message the Howard Government and their bureaucrats should be heeding in the light of what happened to the world-wide-web service this last week? "Love bug puts bite on e-mail networks" proclaimed the headlines in The Australian, 6-7/5. Clever people (hackers) who, for whatever reason, set in motion electronic signals that can wreak such havoc demonstrate how vulnerable the system really is. This 'hacker' sabotaged the system and brought electronic banking and other internet services to a stand-still around the world. He (or she) even penetrated the security of the defence nerve-centre in America - the Pentagon.

I don't understand the technicalities of the internet system but I do know that it is a means to an end and not an end in itself. The end should be determined by what the People want. But it is through this system that the bureaucrats in Canberra are setting up their surveillance of the Australian people; the means by which they are going to 'spy' on Australians - through the Tax Invoice Number; the Australian Business Number with its 48.5% withholding-tax-threat, Pay-as-You-Go Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Salary and Wages Group Tax; the fully comprehensive data base on the Taxation Office computer.

The means is an instrument under the present 'globalist' Government and its little-dictator-bureaucrats, as Ted Rock observed last week, the end of which will be enslavement of the People to the State. But, we haven't been told of all the changes in store. What of the other changes that are 'on the drawing board'? Entity Taxation and Option 2. They were brought to the light of day by the Australian Financial Review: 27-28/11/1999.

'Entity taxation' is taxing Trusts as Companies and Option 2 is a short way of describing a fundamental change to the method of calculating income tax. "Instead of assessable income minus allowable deductions, each of which is defined by thousands of pages of legislation and whole libraries of case law, the new system WILL SIMPLY TAX CHANGES IN THE TAX VALUE OF ASSETS, including BANK BALANCES." (emphasis added...ed) Does this mean that Big Brother Tax Office will have 'surveillance powers' over your bank balance?

George Megalogenis describes the ABN as "Canberra's new revenue monster" and acknowledges that the Australian Business Number is in reality the Australia Card for Business.
"ABN: Another Bureaucratic Nightmare", Australian, 6-7/5. Remember the ID Card Hawke wanted to introduce? The people rebelled but we got the 'banking 100 points' instead! "St. Thomas Aquinas, quoting one of the early Church fathers wrote: 'The elevation of means into ends is the essence of sin.' C.H. Douglas no doubt had this in mind when he wrote: 'Institutions are means to an end, and I do not think it is too much to say that the elevation of means into ends ... constitutes an unforgivable sin, in the pragmatic sense that it brings upon itself the most tremendous penalties that life contains.'" - (Social Credit & Christian Philosophy by E.D.Butler).


Source: David Irving's website
To speak or write of the collaboration between the Zionists and the Nazis (German National Socialists) during WWII is 'verboten' in these days of 'politically correct' history. But sometimes 'little snippets' surface and can be added to the bigger picture, the picture it is intended by the 'powers that be' we should not know. The director of the Jerusalem Simon Weisenthal Centre, Efraim Zuroff, has published a book accusing "... ultra-Orthodox American rabbis" of focussing attention on the saving of "Polish Talmudic scholars", and "ignoring the suffering of millions of other Jews who were eventually murdered by the Nazis".

Historian and Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff in his book, "The Response of Orthodox Jewry in the United States to the Holocaust", wrote that the organised American rabbis "... feared that if the tiny group of scholars and their students were lost, the Jewish religion would vanish with them..." and the group's narrow goal "brought it into conflict with mainstream American Jewish groups working to rescue as many Jews as possible and to influence reluctant American politicians to take action".

Rabbi Menahem Porush, chairman of the Israel branch of Agudat Israel, a worldwide ultra-Orthodox group, said it was only natural for the rabbis to try to rescue those close to them. Zuroff documents how the rabbis funneled scarce funds to scholars already safely in exile so they could maintain full-time Talmud studies, even as other Jews were being killed in death camps. Menahem Brod of the ultra-Orthodox Habad movement said the refugees needed the money to survive. According to Zuroff's book, "the Rescue Committee extorted money from mainstream Jewish groups". and "employed shady practices to transfer funds to Europe". (emphasis added...ed).

The Rescue Committee threatened to mount a rival fund-raising drive unless local Jewish federations handed over cash. Some complied, Zuroff wrote, but others refused, arguing that the mainstream rescue campaign would include the scholars anyway. Zuroff, does not go so far as to blame the Rescue Committee for the deaths of Jews, but he noted that the Rescue Committee rabbis were the only ones to march in Washington to protest.

Roosevelt's Jewish advisers counselled against a meeting, reflecting the divisions among Jewish leaders. Zuroff said in the end, the Rescue Committee saved about 625 Polish rabbis and students who had escaped to Lithuania, and kept several hundred others alive in Central Asia and Shanghai through donations.

Question: How would this 'rescue committee' have organised the transfer of American dollars or British pounds to countries such as Nazi-occupied Poland and or Lithuania? They certainly didn't send over a plane stashed with American dollars and 'drop' them over these countries - nor did they send over the Polish or Lithuanian equivalent. As the book exposes, this group "employed shady practices to transfer funds to Europe". They probably worked through the international financial systems that were, and are, above all governments and nations; where 'business is business' and carries on as usual through war and peace.

Dr. Carroll Quigley wrote of this concentration of financial powers brought together 'globally' in the 1930s in his 1,300 page "Tragedy and Hope", which, he claimed, produced among other historical consequences the rise of Hitler, World War II, and the setting up of Communism in China. "The apex of the system was to be the Bank of International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montague Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the (German) Reichbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury bonds, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence co-operative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."

Antony Sutton also documented the links between finance and commerce and the Nazis in his book,"Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" - "Major US multinationals were also very well represented in the later Heinrich Himmler Circle and made cash contributions to the SS (the Sonder Konto S) up to 1944 - while World War II was in progress."

Former National Director of the League of Rights, Eric Butler, was 'demonised' by the media and Jewish groups in Australia and elsewhere, for revealing the truth of the links between the Zionists, the Nazis and the International Money Changers in public lectures and books such as "Censored History". During and after WWII, the western peoples were subjected to a barrage of propaganda against 'the Nazis' and then 'the Soviets' and 'communism' and 'the cold war'. Now, the big bogey is 'populist nationalism'. There has to be a 'bogey' set up - designed to send up 'smokescreens'; behind this smokescreen the Money-changers carry on business as usual.


by Betty Luks
Acts of violence and intimidation by Mugabe's terrorists are now spreading from farms to commercial enterprises; reports are coming through that members of Mugabe's 'hit squads' invaded and looted the Ruenya Granite Company in Mutoko, north-east of Harare, recently. The attackers alleged that the company supported the opposition "Movement for Democratic Change" (MDC). Work at the mine came to a halt when a group of 70-80 'veterans' and government supporters arrived in a number of trucks. They broke into the offices, stole office equipment, ransacked the lodges of the workers and helped themselves to food, clothing, workshop tools and spare parts. Some of the 170 workers were beaten and there was destruction of company property.

Information at hand shows that the Mugabe terrorists were now posing as MDC supporters, wearing the party's T-shirts when visiting farms, and then beating up those who greet them. At Ferndale Farm in Manicaland province some 'ex-combatants' were seen sporting army uniforms claiming to be members of the Fifth Brigade. This was intimidating the farm workers who were told to support Zanu PF if they did not want to die. The situation has seriously deteriorated on the farms; looting, poaching, vandalism, theft, slaughter of domestic animals, kidnappings, and violent attacks on hundreds of farm workers continues unabated. Although the army and police have been deployed in different parts of the country to control the situation, their inertia is part of the problem.


Reports of a remote homestead being invaded and ransacked by about 60 people appeared in a main city newspaper last month. Zimbabwe? No. South Africa? No. In fact, this was an incident that happened at a remote homestead on the Nullarbor Plain, 400km east of Kalgoorlie/Boulder, West Australia (West Australian 24/4).
Pastoralist Don Hogg, from 'Seemore Downs-Kinclaven' station, claimed that a truckload of about 60 people from the Tjuntjuntjara central-desert community and South Australia's Yalata community ransacked his home just hours after they left the annual 'Nullarbor Muster'. Clothing, alcohol and cigarettes worth about $1500 were taken...They went through all the wardrobes and took only the expensive items of clothing," he said. It was reported Mr. Hogg and other station owners feared such incidents were increasing. It seems a station hand saw the break-in, but there was nothing he could do. Police say there is not much they can do - although they have five names to go on.


from Post Newspaper, 28/4
Submissions have closed on a proposal by Claremont Council in West Australia to hold citizens' referendum. The move would allow ratepayers to petition the council to take a vote from the community on important issues. It would mean that if at least 20% of ratepayers agree a question needed to be put to the wider community, they could petition the council to do so. A draft report by the council says the referendum could take a number of forms. It outlines using the referendum to remove public officials from office in cases of corruption - or excessive spending. In other forms, it may only give the community the power to review local law, after it has been made by the council. Alternately, a referendum could be used to give ratepayers the power to enact or review legislation. Mayor Peter Olson said the issue had created some interest in the community. He said the residents should have the opportunity to have input in all matters before the council.


Contributions have brought the current total up to $51,217:55. No doubt about it, the last mile is the hardest in a race and so it is with the Basic Fund. Time and again we have stressed the importance of receiving contributions from the broad base of our readers. No matter how small the amount, we ask our readers to make the effort to contribute. The strength of the League is in the support that comes from the broad base. Will you make commit yourself to a contribution to the fund, so that the work of the League of Rights continues, and grows from strength to strength?


"An article in the Sydney Morning Herald has suggested there will be not a taxi available during the Sydney Olympics. Taxi drivers are dependent upon the 'black economy' to exist, and with the stress of the 12-hour shifts they now experience they are not prepared to carry on this occupation with even less income, or act as unofficial tax collectors for John Howard's Tax Department.
I hit on the idea of approaching local Sydney taxi drivers and companies with the anti-GST petitions and the 'No GST Johnny - or NO Vote' bumper stickers.
This is an idea that could be carried out right across Australia - I hope League supporters will take it on board in other towns and cities. Imagine the effect if taxi drivers took up the issue. For many drivers it is their second job, be they students trying to get through university or fathers trying to supplement the family income. No discussion is taking place concerning the present level of taxes Australians are experiencing." A supporter... Sydney, NSW


"I am a proprietor of a family business that manufactures fire doors and associated products. My business employs 6 office staff, 5 factory staff and some 4 full-time and a varying number of part-time specialist sub-contractors. The GST will have a damaging effect on both my business and family in the following areas. "Business - Cash Flow: The most damaging effect of the GST is that we have to calculate the amount of GST on all the goods and services we sell or supply and at the end of 90 days have to send the GST to the Tax Office. In most instances we will not have been paid for the goods by the customers and will often have to wait for a considerable time before we receive our money which is going to have a very damaging if not fatal effect on our cash flows. Furthermore, if the customer 'goes broke' before we are paid it appears we may not be able to recover the GST we have paid.

"Additional Office Expenses: Previously as manufacturers, we paid no sales tax on equipment bought as part of our manufacturing, and because our goods are sold in the building industry they were not subject to sales tax. Under the GST we have had to purchase additional computers and software for GST processing and calculations, where such calculations were not required.
I will have to reallocate office duties to other or additional staff to take some of the workload off my book-keeper/secretary, as considerable hours per week will be required for GST compliance.

"Effect on Family: My wife and I have three children and we both work in the business, which results in us having large gas and electricity bills, telephone, and food and clothing bills. We also are forced to eat take-away food often and employ household help with cutting of lawns, ironing and other household maintenance. The effect of an additional 10% GST being added to our already burdensome expenses is going to be horrendous and one which the trivial tax cuts being offered will in no way compensate." - Name and address supplied.


Herald Sun, Melbourne 3/5/2000: "Reports that John Howard is considering a proposition that Malcolm Fraser travels to Zimbabwe to talk to President Robert Mugabe, in an attempt to solve the current situation in that country, sends shivers up and down my spine. Mr. Fraser has been cosying up to Africa's former terrorists for some time, and his association seems to have made no impact whatsoever. Chaos still reigns, murder and mayhem are orders of the day and corruption is endemic." - Bruce Ruxton, State President, RSL

I DISAGREE - The West Australian 25/42000

"There is nothing more destructive than a person who is ill-informed. I was born in Rhodesia in 1965. I believe that I am more than qualified to speak on the situation in Zimbabwe. I left there only a year ago.
M.Tomkinson (Mugabe's white land grab justified 18/4), I have a couple of things to say to you. I would guarantee that you have never visited Zimbabwe, let alone lived there. I have been in WA for a year but I wouldn't dare dictate to Australians how to run their country. The television report you referred to told only half the story. I know the individual concerned. "Rory Hensman not only pays his workers $50 a month (which converted to Zimbabwe dollars is about thirty times that figure) but he has also built a school for the labourer's children and a clinic (providing his workers with free health care - which is more than the Zimbabwe Government has done). He also provides a farm store which is heavily subsidised by him. He allows his workers to grow maize on his land and he kills cattle to feed them. What else would you like him to do?
"Please do us all a favour and do not comment on something you know nothing about. My family is about to die in a country you know nothing about. Why don't you mind your own business, or at least, find out a little more about what you think you are qualified to talk about.
"Thank you for this opportunity to air my views - it's more than I would be allowed to do in Zimbabwe." - T. Cairns, Mt. Barker.


Requests the pleasure of your company at their next meeting: Tuesday evening, May 30th, commencing at 7.30pm, at the Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Graeme Campbell. The former MHR for Kalgoorlie (the largest electorate in the democratic world) is still passionately interested in the political future of Australia. His concerns relate to the future defence of Australia, and the undermining of our sovereignty by international treaties.
As head of the Australia First Movement, Graeme Campbell has offered policies that relate to the needs of the average Australian, not the elite, and has consequently received the silent treatment from the media and the major parties. The subject of Graeme Campbell's address will be "THE STRUGGLE FOR TRUE AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENCE". The cost of your attendance and friends is $4.00 each person. This includes an excellent supper provided at 9.30pm. Books and videos are on sale at each meeting provided by the Heritage Book Service.


Next meeting is to be held on Wednesday, May 31st. The guest speaker for the evening will be Mr. Graeme Campbell, leader of the Australia First Party. Mr. Campbell will speak on Australia's defence strategy, taxation and also inform us of his activities since leaving the Federal Parliament. The venue for the evening will be the Turner Senior citizens' Club, Watson Street, Turner. The meeting will commence at 7.00pm and a good variety of books will be available for sale on the night. All League supporters and their invited guests are welcome. For further details please contact Mr. Valdis Luks on (02) 6292 2044.


The League's (Qld.) Annual two-day Seminar "2000 and Beyond" and Dinner will be held this year on Saturday/Sunday, May 27th-28th, 2000. Outstanding speakers. Richard Woods, 'Racket behind Referendum'; Dr. Ziema McDonell, 'Genetic Engineering - Health Effects'; and Kerry Spencer-Salt, 'The Murphy Myth'; are just some of them. National Director Betty Luks will open the seminar and is guest speaker at the dinner. Who said Queenslanders were 'rednecks'? Make sure you come along to hear the great range of speakers! Deadline for catering bookings: Friday, May 19th, 2000. For further information contact: John Brett, (07) 4698 7505.


The anger in Australia is growing daily, but not yet quite explosive. The full fury will probably break after the tax officially starts. It will be directed fairly and squarely at the Coalition Government. It is often said the memory of voters is notoriously short. But with the GST jogging the memory every moment of every day, the Liberals and Nationals would be foolish to think the electorate will somehow forgive them before the next election. The Coalition is digging its own grave just as surely as the Liberals did in Canada. P.O. Box 184, The Basin, Vic., 3184.


A hard hitting dynamic new video exposes how the financial system and the corporate empires concentrate political power into the hands of the few, degrade nature, waste resources and impoverish the majority. It looks at what can be done before it is too late for this civilisation. Economic analysts from both the political left and right agree on the root cause of the global crisis and the urgency for change if the world is to hope for a sustainable future. Price $26.00 (including postage). Obtainable from League book services.


Edward Rock's book Trinitarianism certainly does open up, in a new way, concepts which have shaped (and should shape further) the development of our thinking! The book is a challenge to Christians and the big question is "Is the 'body' so divided that it is incapable of grasping the challenge?" The pain of a new idea is great - but there is nothing so invincible as the idea whose time has come! This is a book for the times we are in. Price $8.50 posted from all League book services.


West Australia's Premier Richard Court has publicly said Australians should welcome the beleaguered farmers of Zimbabwe into this country. He should be supported for the stand he is taking. Please make the effort to write to let him know he has the backing of other Australians. Overleaf is a list of marginal electorate politicians who should receive letters as well.

Marginal electorates . . . . Please file away - don't misplace

South Australia: Alexander Downer, Lib., Mayo; Trish Draper, Lib., Makin; Chris Gallus, Lib., Hindmarsh; Trish Worth, Lib., Adelaide.

Victoria: Peter Reith Lib., Flinders; Michael Wooldridge Lib., Casey; Kevin J. Andrews, Lib., Menzies; Michael Ronaldson, Lib., Ballarat; Jenny Macklin, ALP, Jagajaga; Stewart McArthur, Lib., Corangamite.

New South Wales: Danna Vale, Lib., Hughes; Jim Lloyd, Lib., Robertson; Jackie Kelly, Lib., Lindsay; Ross Cameron, Lib., Parramatta; Kerry Bartlett, Lib., Macquarie; Larry Anthony, NP, Richmond; Tony Lawler, NP, Parkes.

Queensland: Warren Entsch, Lib., Leichhardt; Mrs. De-Anne Kelly, NP, Dawson; Mrs. Cheryl Kernot, Lab., Dickson; Warren Truss, NP, Widebay; Cameron Thompson, Lib., Blair; Mal Brough, Lib., Longman.

West Australia: Daryl Williams, Lib., Tangney; Barry Haase, Lib., Kalgoorlie; Judy Moylan, Lib., Pearce; Mal Washer, Lib., Moore; and let us not forget Mr. Kim Beasley's marginal electorate!

Tasmania: Michelle O'Byrne, ALP, Bass; Sid Sidebottom, ALP, Braddon.

Northern Territory: Warren Snowdon, ALP, Northern Territory.


by Antonia Feitz
Most Australians are weary of complaining Aboriginal leaders and their harping for an apology. Unwillingly extracted, it would be meaningless, so what's their game? Compensation? Billions have been spent on Aboriginal affairs with precious little reaching the most needy. Yet black leaders swan around the world at public expense, bad-mouthing Australia at international conferences and other forums. It's utterly frustrating for everybody.

Nobody can deny that NSW Rugby League star Tony Mundine is a top class footballer. So his recent behaviour has been disappointing to say the least. He announced he's leaving football because of alleged racism and taking up boxing. Well-meaning fans can only wish him the best of luck in his new career. But racism? What sort of a racist society signs up talented Aboriginal footballers on a $600,000 contract? That's the figure I heard on ABC Radio's PM Friday night programme. From what I understand, and the recent inadvertent felling of an AFL umpire proves it, sledging in sport is not confined to racist abuse. To his credit, Mundine promised to be a role model for young Aborigines. Good. He wants to give them hope and pride. Good.

I've long advocated that successful Aborigines should do so. But, to hear Mundine say that whites, "...put 'em in remote areas ... feed 'em with drugs ..! Oh come ON, Tony, that's just going too far. That's not fair. Nobody 'puts' Aborigines in remote areas. The only reason Aborigines continue to live in remote communities is because such areas are their traditional country. And nobody 'feeds' Aborigines drugs any more than they 'feed' white people.


She's young, slim, blonde, has a lovely smile and likes to dress in black. She's Susanna Malkki, a Finnish conductor, and she "gets extremely irritated if her work is seen from the angle of her sex rather than her ability." (Finnish Musical Quarterly, 1/2000). She says she hasn't experienced any discrimination and trusts the idea that ability knows no limitations of gender. She says, "... sensitivity is not a sign of female interpretation: it will be found in every artist." Of course.
Malkki also wisely knows she'd be stupid to try and boost her authority by acting like a man: "You cannot create charisma, especially by strutting around. Everything has to come from within, and if it doesn't then you haven't got it." Bravissima!
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