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21 January 2000. Thought for the Week: "Upper Houses are a constitutional safeguard. Anyone who doubts the value of Upper Houses as a part of the Constitutions of Australian State Governments should recall the fact that the 1944 referendum, at which the electors of Australia overwhelmingly rejected Dr. Evatt's demands for sweeping powers for the Canberra planners, was mainly the result of the Tasmanian Legislative Council's refusal to be a party to the Tasmanian House of Assembly's proposal to grant powers (to Canberra) without reference to the Tasmanian electors."
"Steps Toward the Monopoly State" by Eric D. Butler, 1949


by Jeremy Lee
The issue of illegal immigrants has turned from a dangerous disgrace into a fiasco. A feature article in The Bulletin (14/12/99) made the following points
".... Of the 70 boats that have arrived illegally this year, 47 carried people from countries where the ruling regime is known by Australia to torture, persecute or murder its citizens - countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.... In this era of the dispossessed, when as the UNHCR estimates no less than 13 million people are on the move at one time, refugees choose us. Queue-jumping, backdoor arrivals -it's all the same. People are seeking homes in countries like Australia, Canada, the United States and in Europe.... Of the 14 boatloads that arrived in November, most have been chased out of their native Iraq for political or ethnic reasons: most of them come to Australia via Iran - where they fled from Iraq but are now being forced out of as relations between these two countries thaw…only 8,257 people sought asylum in 1998-99... while 51,795 went to Britain, 986,444 fled to Germany and 427,135 sought refuge in the United States...."

Comparisons between Australia and northern hemisphere countries are invidious. We have no way of knowing how many have escaped detection. Far more worrying is the fact that Australia's soft policies are providing no deterrent for a rapid escalation in the boat trade. With Port Hedland, Curtin and Woomera full and overflowing, the Immigration Department's budget is $150 million over spent, simply because of illegal immigrants. Each person in one of the detention centres is costing $115 a day. The latest development is disastrous.

Queensland's Courier-Mail (28/12/99) wrote: "The Federal Government's decision to grant three-year "protection" visas to boat people and send them to cities other than Sydney and Melbourne is a bid to cut the cost of illegal immigration.... For each person assessed as a refugee and released on a three-year protection visa, the Government saves $115 a day.... Most of those granted the special visas will probably stay in Australia forever. The refugees know it, so do the people smugglers. For that reason the move will do little to stem the tide of boat people heading this way. On the contrary, it will probably give boat people and those who arrange their transport new incentive to press ahead...."

The article went on to point out that, while these new arrangements for illegal immigrants would not provide enhanced social security benefits, they would receive the Special Benefit (or dole equivalent) and access to Medicare. The Government will provide them with a special bus ticket to Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, fondly hoping they will not move from those destinations to Sydney or Melbourne!

This policy is sheer lunacy, guaranteed to ensure a continuing escalation of illegal immigrants. What is the point of beefed-up surveillance to our north if the most that happens is an escort to an Australian harbour and a bus ticket to a smaller capital city for a three-year stay? We might as well import red carpets from Iraq or Afghanistan to lay out for illegal immigrants!

The Australian (7/1/2000) reported the arrival of the first group to be released under the new arrangements in Perth: ".... Instead of being pleased with their release from detention, the 31 Afghans and seven Iraqis railed against the Federal Government's new restrictive policy on illegal immigrants...."

Australia is now caught on the horns of its own pathetically unrealistic small-l liberalism and so called humanitarianism. Persisted with, this policy simply gathers fuel for a subsequent fire of reaction from ordinary Australians who are being pummelled enough as it is. Both Iraq and Afghanistan are currently subject to international economic sanctions, largely at the instigation of the United States. The humanitarian results in Iraq are horrifying, with up to one million dead women and children since Desert Storm.
Australia should immediately withdraw its support for such sanctions.
The illegal immigrants reaching our shores are largely the result of inhuman policies against the countries from which they come.

In 1998-99 Australia granted $120 million in aid to Indonesia and a further $55 million to China. Such aid should immediately be suspended until the countries in question show they have ceased to participate in people smuggling. The Bulletin article referred to explained: "....Mostly they fly from Jordan to Jakarta where Arab speaking people-smugglers wait at the airport to persuade them they can get them safely into Australia. The fact that these people are getting visas to transit through Indonesia is causing much chagrin in Australian immigration circles, with the strong suggestion that the Indonesian government is facilitating the arrivals as a payback to Australia for its role in East Timor. And we still dish out aid to friend and unfriendly alike as though Australia was Father Christmas.

The illegal immigration racket is set to be one of the most explosive issues as the new century begins. It will be a test of the Australian character - with little evidence of the necessary qualities in the present Federal Government!


by Tom Fielder
"...When the host tree dies, the parasitic mistletoe dies also..."
Large cities are by their very nature parasitic on the adjacent food bowls that supply the life-blood in the form of raw materials for food, clothing and housing. The modern large city could not produce one day's food in a whole year. Due to faulty financial pressures administered from the main population centres, food production has been concentrated in the irrigation areas of the Murray-Darling basin. The irrigation food-bowl of the Murray-Darling basin is doomed, and was doomed for extinction from the very beginning, even before the first pump was installed and the first channel dug to divert river flow on to the dry inland plains.

A proper study of the history of other irrigation systems down through the ages would make this clear. The final calamity will be sudden and irreversible. The Murray-Darling river basin will be little more than salty marshland with only the higher spots above the water table. Within a few generations city populations will fall into a rapid decline. The highly developed infrastructure will fall into decay and once tidy suburban gardens will revert to bush land and kangaroos.

The irrigation areas of Australia are doomed because of three main factors: Financial, Political and Ecological. The first two are man-made polices and the third the inevitable result of the first two. So, one is driven to the conclusion that someone, somewhere wants the result that we now see. This smells of the socialist ploy to create a problem, declare a crisis, and advocate the wrong solution for political purposes. It is easy to predict that the 'water crisis' will be well worked over by the mass media until we hand over ownership of water to a United Nations agency. The word salinity will become a trigger-word demanding our immediate acquiescence to political programmes instigated by 'our financial masters'. Salinity is an effect, not the cause. Salinity is readily observable and is a highly emotional subject. On the other hand, 'the underground flood' in the ecological sense, is the real cause. But, being invisible and not receiving proper recognition and treatment by any of the 'so-called experts', we can expect that the farmer will be made to pay for completely useless solutions.

This article, by an irrigation dairy farmer of 35 years experience, seeks to throw some light on this part of the problem. When stored river water is applied to the land a sequence of events take place:
1. Plant and animal life take up their requirements
2. Some water is evaporated by the sun.
3. Some surplus water runs off into the surface drainage system
4. Some water will always seep down through the soil profile below the root zone.

When water is evaporated by the sun, whatever salt was dissolved is left on the surface. Drainage run-off water has gradually increased in salt content in recent years. Some drainage water is reused to supplement river storage. But eventually drainage water re-enters the rivers to add to the salt burden carried to the lower reaches.

Because of financial pressures, irrigation systems have now become dependent on supply quotas beyond the storage capacity in low rainfall years. The combination of financial pressures, reduced supply at the same time as increased need has led to the present crisis where it is predicted that Adelaide water taken from the Murray will be unfit to drink in the near future. But there is worse to come!

The main irrigation areas reached crisis level about 20 years ago when the accumulated ground water (water that had seeped down through the soil profile) rose to one metre or less from the surface. Only the constant use, of an estimated 2000 pumps, has kept this situation 'more or less' under control. But water seeping down through the soil profile does not merely remain in the area beneath the irrigation districts. It percolates into every crevice from the bedrock upwards and penetrates the sand beds of ancient river systems that extend for hundreds of miles through the silt beds of the river flood plain beneath the existing river systems. The result, it has been discovered, is a water table at about three metres from the Queensland border right through to South Australia.

If present irrigation policies continue, it is only a matter of time before the water table will be so close to the surface that normal agricultural production will not be possible. The emphasis on 'efficient irrigation practices' can only have an influence on the time scale - not the end result. When water actually comes to the surface and is evaporated by the hot summer sun, the salinity trade-mark of salt crystals on the surface will be plainly visible as will be dead trees and destroyed crop land, giving the politicians ample scope to 'beat the drum' of their secret agenda.

To those who have availed themselves of the information of the MEA Tape Library this secret agenda is not so secret at all. Quite plainly, it is designed to destroy the financial sovereignty and ownership of private property. Then the sovereignty and independence of nation states and in the process causing a world food shortage as a rationale for population reduction.

Social Crediters and other readers of On Target will recognise the stupidity of two crazy solutions already being widely promoted; i.e. "We need production for export markets". And the second "Make water so expensive that farmers cannot afford to grow grass for cattle to eat..." Where does the second fool think meat and dairy produce come from? Readers who tend to see some value in either of these ideas (in italics) should write immediately to the author of this article for further information.


by Betty Luks
It is no coincidence that at least three Australian States are attempting to 'reform' their Upper Houses. Not all States have the safeguard of a compulsory Referendum where the People have a say on the changes politicians want to their States' Constitutions. In South Australia, former Speaker of the House of Assembly, John Trainer, warned the electorate in a letter to the Advertiser, 30/12/99... "Political power is a dangerous thing, too dangerous to be totally concentrated in the hands of one leader and his or her mates, even temporarily. We avoid giving total power for four years to an elected dictatorship to do as they like with our state. Instead, we limit it in various ways..."

Of course 'Red' Rupert's Advertiser is all for centralisation of power and, in its January 4th editorial, commended Premier John Olsen for his plans to 'reform' the Legislative Council, "In these days of increasingly rapid change covering the complexities of political and social life, governments must be able to respond quickly to community demands... If they win the elections, their moves should not be frustrated by minor parties and lone rangers patrolling a second chamber..."

Not surprisingly, South Australian Liberal and Labor MPs (Laborals?) are reported to be in favour of reforms, such as a four year term (the same as the Lower House) and the members' numbers reduced from 22 to 15. The reduced numbers would mean higher quotas of votes would have to be obtained by independent and minority party candidates in elections. This would make it that much harder for minority groups to reach the required number of votes. A reduction in the members would mean an increase in the quota of votes needed to be elected - from around 8.3% to around 11.1%.

Other 'options to be examined' include, "Changing the voting system so members are elected for districts, similar to the Victorian system and removing the Council's power of Veto, replacing it with a power of delaying legislation for up to three months, after which it would pass automatically." - Advertiser, 4/1/2000.

During October 1999, John Della Bosca, the Special Minister of State in the NSW Labor Government, released details of proposed amendments to the NSW Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act- again obviously designed to prevent minor parties or individuals from contesting elections for their Upper House. Murdoch's Daily Telegraph, 14/10/99, unobtrusively reported that small parties would effectively be banned from future elections. "Micro-parties and table-cloth sized ballot papers effectively will be banned at the next election under a State Government plan to restore integrity of the Upper House."

The proposed amendments would impose financial and other restrictions on registered political parties. Parties would not be eligible to have a group-voting square above the line on the ballot paper, unless it stands a minimum of 15 candidates for the Upper House, and can afford deposits totalling $5,000 or more. In future, for political parties in NSW to be registered, they will be required to have a minimum of 1,000 members, all of whom must complete a special membership form supplied by the electoral office and the party must pay a registration fee of $3,500.

In Victoria, Steve Bracks' Labor Party was voted into power on a platform of 'reforming' the Upper House. There has been talk of his government legislating against the Upper House's power to block Supply. I don't think that was what the Independents had in mind when they agreed to support Bracks' government in preference to Jeff Kennett's dictatorship.


'Letter to the Editor', Adelaide Advertiser, 4/1/2000: "Any society where government reflects the wishes of its citizens, while respecting the rights of minorities, is applauded by most freedom loving people. Many would call it 'Responsible Government'. The Upper House is an essential ingredient to provide a check on the excesses of government. Your leading article and other proponents of Upper House reform, instance the protracted sale of ETSA as an example of Upper House obstruction to Government plans. Nothing could be more contrary to the facts.
The facts are that the Government was elected on a platform of not selling ETSA but upon resuming office, it decided to promote the sale of ETSA.
The Upper House, in opposing the plan, was correctly fulfilling its role. It not only checked the Government but also promoted the wishes of the electors! Despite the ETSA sale taking effect, the latest opinion polls show a majority is still opposed to that sale. The question must be asked - is the Government reflecting the wishes of the electors?
The frustration experienced by government over so-called obstruction by the Upper House is really a measure of their unpopular plans. Like our Constitution, the Upper House is a virtue.
We will not allow it to be altered just to satisfy the power seekers." Ken Grundy, Naracoorte, SA


by Betty Luks
If anyone doubted that there was a world-wide organised Jewish 'nationalism' before the hounding of Konrad Kalejs, they should follow closely what is now happening. Whether it is in America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia or Australia, or just about anywhere else in the world, a spokesman for the Jewish 'community' (read dispersed 'nation') - usually someone in a powerful position - can be called upon to speak for them. American, Canadian and United Kingdom authorities have hounded Kalejs out of their country. It was admitted they did not have evidence to bring him before a judge and jury, and yet he was not given any protection by the law. Innocent till proven guilty does not apply to him. No matter that Kalejs could not have been a member of the Arajs Kommando Unit at the time in question!

Professor Ezergailis, lecturer in history at Ithaca College, New York and author of the book, The Holocaust in Latvia, when interviewed by the ABC said that, "No Latvian was wearing an SS uniform in 1941-42." According to him, the picture of Kalejs in the Arajs Kommando uniform must come from somewhere around 1944. Professor Ezergailis said most of the Latvians drafted into the Unit were sent out to Russia to control the partisans, then they were ordered to guard certain camps -Age newspaper, 14/1/2000.

In the case of the United Kingdom, more likely it had something to do with the wheelers and dealers behind Tony Blair's Labour party. The Sunday Times, 17/11/98 carried a front page report of 'Blair's secret donors' and revealed that his private office was financed to the tune of £500,000 in secret donations by wealthy sponsors. The ethnicity of the chief fund-raiser and organiser Michael Levy (close personal friend and tennis partner of Blair) and all of the major contributors to Blair's private fund were prominent members of the Jewish community.
Sir Trevor Chinn, President of the largest fund-raising charity for Israel operating from Britain, also Chairman of the British/Israel Public Affairs Centre; industrialist Sir Emmanuel Kaye; multi-millionaire Alex Bernstein; Robert Gavron, of Guardian Media Group; and David Goldman of the Sage Group, computer software giant.
The Sunday Times reported that the money was channelled through a mysterious private account managed by Blick Rothenburg of a City (London financial centre) accountancy firm, and the Blair account was looked after by partner in the firm, Michael Goldstein. Just before the general election, which saw Blair's Labour Party take the reins of government, a full-page advert appeared in the Jewish Chronicle with prominent Jews quoted as backing him.
"Labour Friends of Israel is now playing a critical role in building the partnership between new Labour, the Jewish community and Israel," says Michael Ziff. "Effective and tough race relations laws are needed. Only the Labour Party can deliver them," claimed Anthony Julius.
(Mr. Julius is Deborah Lipstadt's defence lawyer in the present Irving libel case before a London court.)
"Tony Blair is a brilliant and true friend of the Jewish people and of Israel..."enthuses Greville Janner QC.

The Australian, 8-9/1/2000 reported that "...the former head of Britain's parliamentary war crimes group (now) Lord Greville Janner..." was "unimpressed with the Howard Government." He warned the Liberals, "Australia's attitude would cause consternation, dismay and a very great deal of international anger." It would appear that Australian Labor has heeded the warning as Simon Crean and Steve Bracks come out against Konrad Kalejs. After all, what is this man to them - as they contemplate what could happen to their political careers if they fall out of favour with the very powerful Jewish community?

"Swindler's List will hit the Academy bell because Hollywood is Hollywood and what happened to the Jews during WW2 is not only the longest lasting but also the most effective propaganda exercise ever..." - from Here We Go Again by Doug Collins, $25.00, posted all League Book Services.

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