Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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26 May 2000. Thought for the Week: "They are not afflicted (the Portuguese), like so many people in the English-speaking world, with what de Quincy, the essayist, identified as a streak of Anglo-Saxon morbidity. Others have called it 'the Anglo-Saxon neurosis'. It could be more accurately described, perhaps, as an incipient schizophrenia, the main symptom of it being confused susceptibility to moral misgivings and self-accusation, an easily aroused feeling of guilt.
Soften up the Anglo-Saxon with a few sob stories, persuade him that he is not being quite fair, that he is not being a little gentleman, and he is ready to have his throat cut.
His richest virtues as a social animal, his feeling of care and consideration for others, his tolerance, his ethical flair - all these are turned against his breast and made into the means of his undoing.
It is this morbid streak in the Anglo-Saxons and other peoples of North-Western Europe which has become the Achilles heel of their defensive system and which has made propaganda by far the most deadly weapon that can be used against them."
"The New Scramble for Africa" essay by Ivor Benson, 1966


by Jeremy Lee
Well, the Budget has been and gone - and what an exercise in deceit! According to the figures presented by the Treasurer, total direct and indirect taxation has fallen from $168 billion to $158.7 billion. And the Australian people are expected to believe it! There's only one problem. Nowhere in the Budget figures has any estimate been made for GST revenue! Seriously! The biggest and most onerous change to taxation since federation does not appear in the Budget figures! The reason, as explained by the Treasurer, is that, as GST revenue will be handed to the States, it is really State taxation, and the Commonwealth is merely the agent to collect it.

The ploy has been roundly condemned by commentators. Pierpoint, writing in the Australian Financial Review (10/5/2000), stated: "When it comes to rubbery numbers, it's pretty hard to beat a Federal Budget. If Blue Sky Mines produced a set of accounts as confusing as Peter Costello's, Pierpoint would be thrown deep into a dungeon ...."

Former head of Treasury John Stone was even more scathing, noting that even the Commonwealth Statistician strongly believe the GST should be accounted in the Commonwealth Budget: " .... By pretending that the GST was a State tax and the Commonwealth merely an 'agent' in its collection, Mr. Costello sought implicitly or explicitly to conceal that fact. If, as I hope may be the case [the Budget] figuring discards that particular piece of dishonesty, that will have assisted in revealing the unhappy pass to which this Government, along with most of its post-war predecessors, has reduced the Federal compact which underlies the whole constitutional structure of Australia."
Rabbit out of the hat in the 2000-01 Budget. Alas, the rabbit was dead. And it is starting to smell. It is a big-spending, big taxing Budget ...."

Nobody knows how much the GST will bring in. The minimum estimate is round the $25 billion figure. The probability far, far more. Which will mean an increase of about $1,000 for every Australian, no matter what coloured rabbit Costello tries to produce. (For a more detailed summary of the Budget and general economic position, see the May issue of The New Times Survey, obtainable from the League's Victorian office, $3.00 posted)


By now most Australians will be sick of the week-by-week arrival of glossy material explaining "the simple tax". They will be just as sick of the various chained figures in television advertisements, who would like to convince us the GST is a mixture of St. George and Joan of Arc. The fact that we are paying for this government propaganda is balm to many a wounded soul! Sydney's Sunday Telegraph (16/4/00) gave us some idea: "The Howard Government has spent more on advertising its wares than corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, Ford and Holden, new figures reveal. The figures show the Federal Government has become the 10th biggest advertiser in the country, spending almost twice as much on GST advertising as Coke did on selling its drinks. The Government last year spent $60 million of taxpayers' money to tell those same taxpayers how good it was. Most of that was due to the GST campaign, which will cost $49 million this financial year, with another $30 million worth of advertisements planned for next year. The total figure was a slight drop from the previous year's all-time high of $70 million, which was mainly due to a blitz of pre-election ads ...."

More than a million a week out of our pockets, to sell us a tax we don't want! That's representative government for you!


The crowning piece of idiocy on the question of illegal boat people came to light in Queensland's Courier-Mail (6/5/2000): "The Federal Government is paying to help Indonesia detain about 500 boatpeople who were heading for Australia. Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock, who also warned up to 3,000 boat people could be heading for Australia now the cyclone season has ended, would not reveal how much the Government was paying Indonesia to keep the 500 in detention ...."

There have been recent articles highlighting the general contempt for Australia felt in Asia. Little wonder! The Indonesians must be looking forward to a lucrative new industry - receiving money from an abject Australia to do the things we haven't got the guts to do ourselves. What happens when we receive a call from Jakarta that 30,000, 40,000 or more illegal immigrants are waiting to embark? How much are we prepared to pay to keep the boats away? How do we know the figures are real? It's like the old story of the farmer who applied for a government subsidy not to grow corn. "Will I receive more money for not growing 60 acres of corn than for not growing 30?" he asked. What would Ruddock's answer be?


by Alfred King
It is within living memory for many readers when homosexuality was both illegal and taboo socially. Today it is taboo to criticise sodomy. Common sense tells us that man and woman were meant to be together and that anything else is a perversion - literally a turning away from the truth. In recent times we have seen homosexuality first publicised, to raise it to a higher level of consciousness in our minds, then legalised. But this is never the end. The majority of decent Australians were then falsely condemned of infringing on the fabricated "rights" of perverts. Further ground must be conceded. Gays demand to be allowed into schools to 'educate' our children that perversion is not perversion, but a desirable way of life. The rot goes very deep.

At the recent election for the Lord Mayor of London, one policy that all the candidates advocated was homosexual marriages. Now we see the same strategy unfolding with regards to drug use. It is not that long ago that a drug problem was unheard of in Australia. Now the Victorian Government, strongly supported by the media, intends to openly promote addiction through the establishment of supervised injecting houses for heroin users, because "the existing prohibition and enforcement strategies have failed to stop the flow of heroin onto Australia's streets". No one doubts that they have failed.

The Age reports, "According to an issues paper released by the government's Drug Policy Expert Committee, a gram of heroin, which three years ago would have sold for $600, can now be bought for $25. It is evident even from a casual stroll along Russell Street and adjacent areas of Melbourne that people continue to buy this illegal drug openly, and to inject it in circumstances that can easily result in their death."

How will injecting rooms reduce the addiction rate or the drug crime related rate? As one person phoning in commented, "...we need politicians who are responsible to the people, not merely to the economic rationalist agenda. As long as the people are weak, our children will die in unprecedented numbers because we as a society are not brave enough to push through the required legislation to end this slaughter".
Or another, "... safe injecting rooms? All it means to my son is that the government is saying it is OK to hit up. How am I supposed to educate him otherwise?"

Rather than honestly recognise that current policies have failed because they have been the wrong liberal-internationalist ones, the Establishment urges us to run harder down the same road. The argument is closely controlled. We are not allowed to consider turning back to what we know from experience does work. In the present climate, it is relatively easy to bring heroin into Australia, there are big rewards for doing so, and little in the way of punishment if you are caught.

The Age, April 20th, interviewed John, a 23-year-old junkie from country Victoria in Russell Street, Melbourne. "There is no control that's what causes all the problems". City Patrol Constable Kasia Bartnicki says she has only been on the job since February, "I had no idea but my eyes have been opened, it's everywhere." Another constable comments, "You might look at people like this as the poor victims, and that might be true, but obviously someone's getting rich off them And they are just over on the next corner."

Before we turn to tax-payer funded injecting rooms as "the only solution", may I suggest, off the top of my head, that we try offering $5m to anyone able to identify a drug dealer to the police. Then once convicted, as a punishment, perform the public disembowelment of such individuals. Let us then see what effect this has on the amount of heroin entering our country. This is our country. We are in control of it. We can take whatever measures are necessary to protect ourselves.

The Age, on the other hand, begs to differ. "Firstly we must accept that heroin is here to stay. No matter what efforts we as a nation make, nothing will stop this drug coming in." The old 'inevitability' argument again - conditioning us to accept that we are powerless and therefore to stop trying to resist evil. And the hackneyed phrase "be open to new ideas". There is nothing new about drugging people, yet they claim they hold 'the enlightened side of the debate'. The Age, of course, has determined a long-term strategy of compelling Australians to becoming a nation of heroin users.
In its editorial of April 20th, it openly boasts "The Age has long urged supervised injecting houses".

The bias of The Age's reporting is breathtaking. Consider, for example, the headline "Proposals for a trial of supervised injecting rooms yesterday drew widespread support among drug experts, the only complaint from youth specialists who argued that underage addicts should get the same opportunity as adults to use them." Injecting yourself with a lethal drug is now being touted as an 'opportunity'. No doubt over time this will be further developed by the media until it is seen as 'uncool' not to be an addict.


by Phillip D. Butler
The Victorian by-election in Benalla (triggered by the resignation of former Victorian National Party leader and Deputy Premier Pat McNamara ) has demonstrated the party is in decline - it could be a 'terminal' state. This is the second by-election lost by the Coalition since Kennett was swept from office. The 'safe' Liberal seat of Burwood, and the 'safe' seat of Benalla (15% margin in 1996) in National Party heartland, have gone to Labor. The Benalla voters have never voted in a Labor candidate before this - and the seat was created in 1904!

Both Kennett and McNamara sold out the rural and small business sector, cut off community services, allowed the roads to deteriorate and amalgamated the local councils - even though when in Opposition they blocked Labor from doing just that! Kennett - in Opposition - said he would never force councils into amalgamations unless it was agreed upon through referenda. As soon as they came to power, they did just that!

Council and Municipal amalgamations were forced through and the State's assets were 'flogged off'. It was National Party member Roger Hallam who oversaw the forced amalgamations of councils and municipalities; that is why the voters are giving the National Party more of the same medicine they gave Kennett and the Liberals. It should not be forgotten McNamara backed the push for a republic even though his own grassroots Party members instructed their MPs to vote against the republic.
The present Liberal leader Denis Napthine and NP Pat McNamara tried to explain away Kennett's routing at the last State elections as 'a protest that went wrong'. Mind you Mr. McNamara will now walk away with a nest egg of $800,000 worth of superannuation.

Russell Savage, Independent, made the point the Nationals want to keep their snouts in the political-perks-trough. The sad fact is all major parties have become the playthings of the 'money men'. Each State - under Liberal or Labor - has lost its own banking institutions with not a word of protest from any major party But the Coalition haven't seen anything yet. Just wait till the GST 'kicks in' - then go to the polls!
We will probably see the remains of the Coalition in Opposition for a very long time. The Canadian backlash against the imposed VAT (GST) was of such force even the Prime Minister of the day lost her seat.


Please help with the last 'push' to get the Basic Fund 'over the line'. Just over seven thousand dollars is required to reach the target of $60,000. The League is gearing up for a number of initiatives which will be announced over the next few months, but funds are required to bring them to fruition. There are many 'grass roots' supporters who write saying, "I can't send as much as I would like to, but here is my cheque for x-amount." It is that x-amount supporter who strengthens the League's foundations! The current total is $52,570.55 - thank you to those who have given to the fund.


From MER
Middle East Realities Website: Israel is excused and protected by many in Washington, feared by many others. At no other time in American history has this city been more penetrated by both Israeli intelligence services and by a large contingent of American Jews working at the highest levels of the American government and "dually loyal", no matter how offensive other American Jews find this apt term to be.
It is all but forgotten here that during Bill Clinton's first campaign the President of the main Israeli lobbying organization was overheard bragging that his organization had penetrated the Clinton campaign with many operatives and Clinton would be their man in the White House. And that, in fact, is what has come to pass.

Much of the media, too, fits into this overall picture of Israeli influence with the most senior persons at many of the major news organizations linked to the Israelis and American Jewish lobbying groups in various ways. The names include Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Ted Koppel, Rich Kaplan, Lester Crystal, Steven Rosenfeld. And it is for this reason in fact that major stories of this kind are held back by most of the liberal establishment media until they are forced to carry some sanitised version; and thus as in this case, the investigation and publication is done by those associated with the conservative right-wing of American politics.

Even so, the sheer magnitude and audacity of what could now emerge as the biggest spying scandal ever for Israel since the "Lavon Affair" is potentially politically explosive.
(For those who have forgotten, in the 1950s Israel used Egyptian Jews to create terror incidents against Americans in Egypt aiming to disrupt developing U.S-Egyptian relations.)

This exclusive story about what may become the biggest Israeli spy scandal ever is to be published in the upcoming issue of INSIGHT Magazine, a conservative weekly, spun off a few years ago from Washington's second newspaper, The Washington Times.


by Betty Luks
Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard are not the only 'leaders' who have 'cosied up' or are 'cosying up' to influential Jews. Just a little snippet in the Weekend Australian (20-21/5, page 8) tells us "Diamond" Joe Gutnick will back Kim Beasley in his push for the position of Prime Minister at the next Federal election. When asked if he was still committed to backing Beasley, Mr. Gutnick said he was. In fact his advice to Beasley is, "...sit quietly and smile and he'll romp home. He doesn't have to do anything. Just sit there, lose weight and smile and he's the next Prime Minister."


The following was sent to The Age by Nigel Jackson of Belgrave, Vic.
"Australia has a special obligation to help the white farmers of Zimbabwe if they require it - and to offer them refuge here if life in their own country is made untenable. This is because our nation is a community with a British foundation, just as was Rhodesia which was so wickedly and foolishly destroyed by internationalist interests in 1978. "We have a duty to our kith and kin. It is odd that your editorial (26/4) was unable to recognise this. By contrast, if dictator Mugabe and his cohorts are also tyrannising over black Zimbabweans, then it should be the kith and kin of these folk in other African nations who should go to their aid. "Not only do we have no obligation to offer them refuge here, but we would be foolish indeed to import racial problems such as those of Zimbabwe and the USA. "Some folk might claim that these sentiments are 'racist', but it was the anti-racists who helped destroy peaceful and progressive Rhodesia and usher in the current regime of corruption and lawlessness. "It is time to return, with qualifications that take note of our common humanity, to the traditional approach towards race and ethnicity which upheld the rights of folk to live with their own and asked the alien to likewise live with his own."


Nigel Jackson's letter will give letter writers some good ideas of what to write to West Australia's Premier Richard Court who has said we should welcome the beleaguered farmers of Zimbabwe into this country. Premier Court should be supported for the stand he is taking. Please make the effort to write and let him know he has the backing of other Australians.


A BIG THANK YOU! My thanks to all who have worked hard to gather signatures. Thank you too for the financial support. It was very encouraging to receive those dollars with your request for petitions. Without you we would not have had any success. We have given the public a means by which, they could demonstrate their dislike for the GST. Our effort has resulted in a total of just over 40,000 signatures. I have written to the Governor General seeking a brief audience with him when I make the delivery. Either then or soon after, I hope to get media coverage - so remain alert. Across Australia people have been signing various petitions to stop the GST. They have done this by the thousands.


Many thought the GST in the beginning, was quite acceptable because it would apply 'across the board', or appeared simple or maybe because everyone would pay something [the black economy included]. Twelve months later, with the details before us, the people have had second thoughts and by signing petitions, have in effect said, "Thanks but no thank you!" True, it will still apply 'across the board' - it will even affect charities like the Salvos, local street stalls, sporting clubs, the whole lot will be burdened! The simplicity idea has long since evaporated as numerous seminars, special advisers, and booklets, etc., attempt to explain the system with its many, many amendments. Just as happened in other countries, the black economy looks ready to move into high gear.


The petitions destined for the Governor General, the Senate and the Parliament may not have an immediate effect. For instance, the Governor may decide to take no action, even though Section 59 of the Constitution permits him to disallow any law within one year of its passing. The message will be out, that thousands of signatures have been collected and the disquiet among the community may well emerge somewhere else. There must be several Members who hold marginal seats and they will be aware of the 'feeling out there'. Maybe some of them will make some effective rumblings! Maybe not, I hear you saying! However a similar scenario occurred in South Australia recently, where the Government introduced the Emergency Services Levy. Without going into detail, this was very unpopular and nervous backbench Members achieved some modifications. Do we want the GST modified or abolished?


To get it abolished, it will be necessary to take more effective action than the petitions. Politicians realise that many people will sign a petition on a shop counter because it is very convenient. It is quick and easy - just add your name and go about your business. Someone else has prepared the petition and someone else will see that it will be presented. Politicians ignore petitions at their peril BUT they are far more impressed with letters from constituents. It has taken more trouble to write a letter, which translates to a greater concern.


Write to your MP: Letters to Members need only be brief and should always be polite and firm. If unsure who your Member is, try contacting the Australian Electoral Commission - they will also give you the correct address. The letter to your Member will always be best written in your own words, but the guidelines above may help. Include the date, your address, etc.


Dr. John Kingston, MLA (an independent, naturally), the Member for Maryborough in Queensland, is taking a stand his party colleagues dare not. He is proposing to prepare a bumper-sticker reading "AUSTRALIAN SOVEREIGNTY - NOT GLOBALISM" or "DOWN WITH GLOBALISM, UP WITH AUSTRALIA!". If he can get pledges from organisations or individuals to purchase 1,000 at $2.00 each (or lots in smaller numbers at the same price) he will order and pay for 10,000. Sounds like a great idea to us. Those interested should write to: Dr. John Kingston, MLA, PO Box 1022, Maryborough, 4650, Qld. Fax Number: (07) 4122 1980 or (07) 4122 3386. Dr. Kingston is also putting out some hard-hitting press releases, right on target.


requests the pleasure of your company at their next meeting: Tuesday evening, May 30th, commencing at 7.30pm, at the Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Graeme Campbell. The former MHR for Kalgoorlie (the largest electorate in the democratic world) is still passionately interested in the political future of Australia. His concerns relate to the future defence of Australia, and the undermining of our sovereignty by international treaties. As head of the Australia First Movement, Graeme Campbell has offered policies that relate to the needs of the average Australian, not the elite, and has consequently received the silent treatment from the media and the major parties. The subject of Graeme Campbell's address will be "THE STRUGGLE FOR TRUE AUSTRALIAN INDEPENDENCE". The cost of your attendance and friends is $4.00 each person. This includes an excellent supper provided at 9.30pm. Books and videos are on sale at each meeting provided by the Heritage Book Service.


The League's (Qld.) Annual two-day Seminar "2000 and Beyond" and Dinner will be held this year on Saturday/Sunday, May 27th-28th, 2000. Outstanding speakers. Richard Woods, 'Racket behind Referendum'; Dr. Ziema McDonell, 'Genetic Engineering - Health Effects'; and Kerry Spencer-Salt, 'The Murphy Myth'; are just some of them. National Director Betty Luks will open the seminar and is guest speaker at the dinner. Who said Queenslanders were 'rednecks'? Make sure you come along to hear the great range of speakers! Deadline for catering bookings: Friday, May 19th, 2000. For further information contact: John Brett, (07) 4698 7505.


Next meeting is to be held on Wednesday, May 31st. The guest speaker for the evening will be Mr. Graeme Campbell, leader of the Australia First Party. Mr. Campbell will speak on Australia's defence strategy, taxation and also inform us of his activities since leaving the Federal Parliament. The venue for the evening will be the Turner Senior Citizens' Club, Watson Street, Turner. The meeting will commence at 7.00pm and a good variety of books will be available for sale on the night. All League supporters and their invited guests are welcome. For further details please contact Mr. Valdis Luks on (02) 6292 2044.


Mayor Peter Davis is the speaker for Monday, June 5th, 2000, Adelaide CSC at Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide. Peter has done it again! At the recent Council Elections, he was once more returned as Mayor of Port Lincoln. Always stimulating, often controversial, Mayor Peter Davis will have an interesting story to tell. Dinner to be served at 6.25pm. Public address from 7.30pm. Bookings for the Dinner to be in by Thursday, June 1st. Please note new telephone number for bookings: 8395 9826.


Citizens' group intends to hold a rally outside Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide. Friday, June 30th, 2000, between 11.30am and 2.00pm. Members of the public who want to speak should contact Jann Duthie, Phone/Fax: (08) 8445 7143.


The Club co-ordinator reports that letters from Club Members are appearing in papers around Victoria. Associate Members are advised to continue writing to the editors of their favorite papers and are asked to send copies to PO Box 184, The Basin, 3154, as examples for the Letter Writers' Club Members to study. On Target readers are also requested to send clippings of letters from their local papers so that it can be determined which papers welcome the letters. Steering Committee Members are asked to please compose your next letter. Any subject of your choice - the GST is still a hot issue. Members will be advised of the next upcoming meeting, date and venue.


A hard hitting dynamic new video exposes how the financial system and the corporate empires concentrate political power into the hands of the few, degrade nature, waste resources and impoverish the majority. It looks at what can be done before it is too late for this civilisation. Economic analysts from both the political left and right agree on the root cause of the global crisis and the urgency for change if the world is to hope for a sustainable future. Price $26.00 (including postage). Obtainable from League book services.


Edward Rock's book Trinitarianism certainly does open up, in a new way, concepts which have shaped (and should shape further) the development of our thinking! The book is a challenge to Christians and the big question is "Is the 'body' so divided that it is incapable of grasping the challenge?" The pain of a new idea is great - but there is nothing so invincible as the idea whose time has come! This is a book for the times we are in. Price $8.50 posted from all League book services.
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