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Edmund Burke
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2 June 2000. Thought for the Week: "Custom slowly generated the principles of Common Law; with Canon Law as a natural bridge connecting legal ideas with interpretation of the New Testament and theology based upon it.
The synthesis of these varying strands of thought and practice embodied the structure of the Constitution; a synthesis consonant with growth, for the technique was in the heart of life, and day to day affairs, dealing with problems as they arose; each decision constituting another link to take the stress which caused the problem to arise, much as the budding of new leaves requires a greater strength to carry them, which is supplied by growth. Magna Carta itself was a case, and that decision a precedent, not a completion.
This continuity of growth received articulation in the Year Books; a matchless record of the dealings of the King's Courts with free men and women of England and of their relations with one another as this appeared in evidence before the Court.
From out of this practice of the principles of Christian philosophy England became a society of free and responsible men and women, living in a free and responsible community."
Hewlett Edwards from "Australian Social Creditor", February 25th, 1950


by Alfred King
I have a confession to make. I am completely and utterly in love. In love with Australia and the Australian people. It is an entirely natural and true love that one has for one's own kind. As Eric Butler has correctly pointed out, every species naturally discriminates in favour of it's own kind, if it did not, it would soon be extinct. Yet extinction is what we are being conditioned and bludgeoned into. The fact that I love my own family and my own people has no bearing whatsoever on my feelings towards other people, who are also God's blessed creation.
I want the best for them also. But I have no doubt that we can only help them from a position of strength ourselves - if Australia is a strong, independent and free country, which can offer an example and a practical help to others.

The Establishment media reflect the world back to us through their magic mirror, which gives an entirely perverted view of reality. In waging their psycho-political warfare on the Australian people, the natural expression of love for one's own country, which led so many of our finest young men to give their lives in battle, has been branded as 'race hatred'. The truth is that hatred does not come into the issue at all. I simply love my own race and want to preserve it. I have no hostile feelings towards members of other races: different individuals among those races are agreeable or disagreeable, just as is the case with my own people.

But we must recognise the reality of cultural differences which can not be circumvented, and which will ensure the doom of our present experiments with multiculturalisrn.
Meanwhile, the resulting social agonies are borne by the ordinary people, and are completely isolated from the elitist individuals who insist on imposing the multicultural lifestyle. In fact, when the miserable fruits of their policy are manifested, and the system eventually breaks down, they merely blame their opponents and insist that we all try harder to make it work.

A classic trait of liberal thinking is to never accept the consequences of their own policies. Power without responsibility is evil.

One truth which is ignored in the current obsession to Asianise our European country is that the majority of Japanese and Chinese are much more racially minded than the Australian people. Japan, for example, is a far more homogenous country than Australia. On the admission of her own leaders, this is a major reason for Japan's success. The quality of life is also better. For example, homogeneity also has a lot to do with a low crime rate. While there is one armed-robbery yearly for every 10,000 people in Tokyo, the figure in the polyglot city of New York is over 286!

No man is capable of loving his neighbour as himself if he is not able to first love himself. If he has no respect for his own life, property, nation and reputation, he is not likely to grant them to another. These assets must be protected from evil attack by thought, word or deed, the law of love is liberty, not socialism. Yet the premise of the establishment's type of 'love', is that to love your neighbour as yourself is to hate yourself (perhaps for being white/successful/happy), your life and your property, and therefore to ultimately hate your neighbour as yourself.
The commandment of love is made in essence a law of hate because of this unwritten premise.

The type of 'love' that we are compelled to embrace today is a perverted, Marxist variant. It says that enforced love and sharing will eliminate all the misery and problems of any kind from the world. From this point of view, any national success (other than in sport) must be turned into defeat as a moral obligation. The UN and IMF are monuments to this faith. Part of it too are the demands that we love and even encourage the criminal, the homosexual, the insane and the depraved, the cruel and the sadistic, the modern heresy of love is actually the law of hate. It requires a supine submission to evil. Unity becomes all important - more than truth or justice. True love requires discrimination, rather than compromise, surrender and the reign of the lie.


by Doug Collins
Arrogance: Aggressively assertive or presumptuous; overbearing. Oxford English Dictionary.

There is no lack of arrogance in our world. In the scales of argument, arrogance certainly outweighs humility, and I hereby award the Nobel Prize for Arrogance to groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress, B'Nai Brith, and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. All are arrogantly opposed to free speech, which in their book is hate speech if they don't like what is being said. Stating such qualifies one to be condemned to the Devil's Island of Anti-Semitism, of course. For, as is obvious to everyone except the intellectually blind or cowardly, any criticism of things Jewish becomes "anti?Semitic". And not only to Jews, but to lickspittles in government and "liberals".
Subversive thoughts of that sort are not new and have led to my being chased by human wrongs commissions.

As B.C. Report magazine put it a while back, the human rights industry has declared war on civil liberties and free comments on the subject by Joseph Sobran, an American syndicated columnist and one of the sharpest intellects in the media. "The Jewish lobby..." he writes in his newsletter, "now inspires enormous fear because of its power to ruin politicians, writers, and businesses. It wields such dreaded labels as anti-Semite and bigot with abandon and - here is the real point - with impunity.

Far from being persecuted, or remotely threatened with persecution, Jews in the modern democracies are very powerful. That is why they are feared, and why their labels terrify. If they were really helpless victims, there would be no reason to fear them... "Most Jews," he adds, "take no active part in the thought-control campaign and many would oppose it if they considered it seriously; but the major secular Jewish organisations are determined to silence any public discourse that is not to their liking, as witness the fate of people as disparate as [David] Irving, Louis Farrakhan, and Pat Buchanan." [Not to mention my far humbler self.]

Sobran was dealing with the situation in the U.S. But it is no different in Canada and is even worse in Europe, where the slightest murmur questioning the official version of the Holocaust can land people in jail. The Holocaust, indeed, has become a massive shield used not only in the democracies but also in the Middle East, as the Palestinians have learned to their cost. The standard account of the Holocaust, states Sobran, serves political interests. "[Israel] has enjoyed great indulgence from the U.S. by justifying its violence against its Arab neighbours and its abuses of its Arab minority as necessary defensive measures by a people still traumatised by persecution and threatened by annihilation".
"The Zionist lobby", he says, has become one of the most powerful forces in American politics, and any criticism of Jews or of Israel becomes "anti-Semitism".

Holocaust denial, meanwhile, [or what passes for Holocaust denial] "has become a capital thought-crime". Its real function, he continues, "is not to identify and disarm real hostility to Jews, but to terrorise". An example of that was evident after the riot in the Vancouver Public Library last September, when I spoke about the threat to free speech as represented by the B.C. Human Rights Code. The Canadian Jewish Congress and B'Nai Brith arrogantly lobbied the library to prevent "known hate groups" from using its premises, and in a recent issue of the Western Jewish Bulletin, Jewish biggies deplored the fact that it had failed to do so. Some of the most controversial rentals, they claimed, had been to "outspoken anti-Semites". (Names, please.)

Up popped the Holocaust again, too. B'Nai Brith's Harry Abrams, a devoted enemy of free speech said that survivors of the Holocaust would feel intimidated if there were speakers in the library who were denying that it ever took place. A fine broth, that. The man makes no sense, as usual. For my part, I have never said it didn't take place. But even if someone told me that the Second World War itself had never taken place - and I was in it for six years - I would laugh at them. Laughs are in short supply, however, where Abrams is concerned. Or perhaps not. He once suggested that I was preparing the ground for another Holocaust.

Meanwhile, aren't the above named Jewish organisations hate groups? They certainly hate little old harmless me (as witness the "rights" complaints against me) and are selectively opposed to free peaceful assembly, which, the last time I looked, is supposedly guaranteed to all who nest in the True North. If they ever use it, perhaps we should lobby to keep THEM out of the library.
Doesn't every tit deserve a tat?

Doug Collins is a Canadian journalist and the author of "Here We Go Again": definitely a politically incorrect journalist the Canadian Human Rights Commission keeps trying to silence. Available from all League book stores. $25.50 posted.


The Reality of Globalism For Ordinary Australians by Alfred King
We well remember our grinning Treasurer, IMF board member, arrogantly strutting and lecturing us that the Australian economy is in very strong shape. Liberalism claims to set great store on economic freedom as a prerequisite for other freedoms, but the reality (not the ideal), of this is not the freedom of the ordinary wage earner or the small businessman, but that of the huge MNCs and International Finance.

If the ASX is rising and the economy is 'growing', then we are all better off, so goes the Establishment line. Well, it may be good for the Treasurer's beloved IMF, but even the well organised Establishment can not stop some truths about the realities for ordinary Australians seeping through the cracks in its propaganda front.

The Age, May 22nd edition, reports that many Australians feel our identity as the nation of the "fair go" is under threat. This is the finding of a study, Growing Apart, based on a national survey of over 400 people, and interviews with business and community leaders, academics and politicians. It was commissioned by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and identifies widespread fears about the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

"More than 80 percent felt there is a growing divide between the 'haves and the have nots', but less than half felt they were well informed about poverty issues. Participants were concerned about the contradiction in strong economic growth and high levels of poverty and feared the divide would lead to increased community fragmentation. This could create a permanent underclass in our society."

Father Nic Frances, executive director of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, said "people are saying they are concerned, but at the same time they appear to lack an understanding of the problems or how to tackle them. People are not getting a fair go. Many young people know that and they are disenchanted. It is not enough to just hope the market will pick up and create more jobs".

At the same time, the Salvation Army reports that "Four times as many Australian families were homeless and needing support as two years ago" (The Age, May 22nd). Progress indeed, Mr. Costello.

It has been correctly pointed out that the Establishment are the modern descendants of ancient eastern sorcerers and magicians. Their main tool is the trick / magic mirror, of the type found in fair-grounds, which they use to project a distorted view of reality to the people. The government is currently spending millions of our own tax money to 're-educate' us to their way of thinking on the GST. The slick advertisement lectures us that we are bound in chains by the existing tax system, and that what we need is a great increase in taxation.
(Albeit that this is masked by the flim-flam of temporary income tax cuts).
It is no use running harder if you are running down the wrong road.

The GST is the Liberal government forcing us to run harder down the wrong road. The chains that bind us rest in the monopoly control of the creation of credit by a private group of individuals. Not only do they steal all the money in existence from the people in this way, but they will only lend it back to us at a rate of interest. Thus, poverty, homelessness, misery and social disintegration are mathematically certain. Society will make no progress until we recognise this fact and deal with it.

The magic mirror today is the monopoly control of TV, cinema, newspapers and publishing. It is this tool which creates the situation which Nic Frances describes above: "people are saying they are concerned, but at the same time they appear to lack an understanding of the problems or how to tackle them".

Eric Butler has correctly pointed out that Social Credit is the one idea that the leftist-internationalists fear, because it correctly identifies the problem and provides the only practical solution to it. We can not expect this type of free thinking to be introduced from above. It is only through a grassroots movement of individuals working together in voluntary association, that society will achieve true progress. The finding of the Growing Apart report is telling us that Australians have had enough of the type of 'progress' imposed on us by international finance and the grinning Treasurer.


The League Website is up and running . . . for those who have access to the Internet, look us up on https://www.alor.org

It is important that our website address is circulated far and wide. . . could be, even some of the 'politically correct journalists' will take a peek at what we have to say . . . just out of curiosity, of course! We are looking to our supporters to spread the good word. Circulate the address - far and wide!


"It is deplorable that you should publish such a long opinion article (it is not just a news report) on the Kalejs case ("Hounded by the horror" by Jamie Walker, Australian, 29-30/4) without considering what ought to be obvious to any human being with a heart - that persecuting a man in his late eighties in this way is odious in the extreme. I wonder if our prime minister and his responsible ministers (the attorney-general and the minister for justice) realise how utterly they will debase themselves, the government, the Liberal Party and this nation, if they stoop to such placation of minority interests as to yield this man to a campaign of immoderate vengeance by extraditing him to Latvia without even having insisted on the establishment of a prima facie case against him.
Is this the example to be given future Australian governments of how they should treat their citizens?

It is interesting to learn that Professor Konrad Kwiet, who is Jewish, was "chief historian to the Hawke government's special investigations unit into war crimes". One would have felt that someone less apparently partisan in the relevant context should have been invited to hold that position. It is also a matter of concern to see that Mr. Bob Greenwood QC, founding head of the special investigation unit, has continued since his conclusion of that role to be an ultra-zealous pursuer of "Nazi war criminals", for it makes one wonder whether his apparently partisan approach may not mean that he was not a good choice for that role.

Finally, there is the po-faced manner in which Jamie Walker writes of the enormous time and effort (imagine the expense!) being put into the effort to convict Kalejs by Latvian and US prosecutors. Has he not pondered the Gilbertian absurdity of the situation? A realisation of that absurdity might lead him to some valuable investigative journalism into the question of whose interests (and interests of what kind) are being served by the crusade against Kalejs, as well as by the activities of the War Crimes Commission in The Hague to which another of our professional "Nazi-hunters", Graham Blewitt, has gone to continue his work." - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Vic.


"If the inflammatory threats of violence at our Olympic games is the best that can be offered to gain sympathy for alleged causes, then all credence is lost and set back 100 years. The actual intimidation, thuggery, violence and barbaric murders of white and black farmers and their helpers in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is yet another disgrace to the race of human beings who claim to be 'civilised'. But all of this is a rerun of how the despotic Marxist Mugabe came to power over twenty years ago. While during those days the rhetoric for 'one-man one-vote' and 'black majority rule' came from the bleeding-heart do-gooders the world over - there isn't a 'feeble cheep' from those self-same bleeding-hearts now that the despot Mugabe is once more rampantly inflicting such blatant animal savagery.

But now it becomes a local issue because all of those smug idealists who helped force this tyranny on the Rhodesian people are still in prominent positions in Australia - including those federal Cabinet members who voted for economic sanctions against Rhodesia! The World Council of Churches financed and supported the revolutionary forces in Africa in the 1980s - is it now espousing 'moral authority' for the brutal murders to justify the advance of communism in Zimbabwe in the year 2000?" - Bruce Ingle, Traralgon, Vic.


The Club co-ordinator reports that letters from Club Members are appearing in papers around Victoria. Associate Members are advised to continue writing to the editors of their favourite papers and are asked to send copies to PO Box 184, The Basin, 3154, as examples for the Letter Writers' Club Members to study. On Target readers are also requested to send clippings of letters from their local papers so that it can be determined which papers welcome the letters. Steering Committee Members are asked to please compose your next letter. Any subject of your choice - the GST is still a hot issue. Members will be advised of the next upcoming meeting, date and venue.


Mayor Peter Davis is the speaker for Monday, June 5th, 2000, Adelaide CSC at Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide. Peter has done it again! At the recent Council Elections, he was once more returned as Mayor of Port Lincoln. Always stimulating, often controversial, Mayor Peter Davis will have an interesting story to tell. Dinner to be served at 6.25pm. Public address from 7.30pm. Bookings for the Dinner to be in by Thursday, June 1st. Please note new telephone number for bookings: 8395 9826.


A BIG THANK YOU! My thanks to all who have worked hard to gather signatures. Thank you too for the financial support. It was very encouraging to receive those dollars with your request for petitions. Without you we would not have had any success. We have given the public a means by which, they could demonstrate their dislike for the GST. Our effort has resulted in a total of just over 40,000 signatures. I have written to the Governor General seeking a brief audience with him when I make the delivery. Either then or soon after, I hope to get media coverage - so remain alert. Across Australia people have been signing various petitions to stop the GST. They have done this by the thousands.


Many thought the GST in the beginning, was quite acceptable because it would apply 'across the board', or appeared simple or maybe because everyone would pay something [the black economy included]. Twelve months later, with the details before us, the people have had second thoughts and by signing petitions, have in effect said, "Thanks but no thank you!" True, it will still apply 'across the board' - it will even affect charities like the Salvos, local street stalls, sporting clubs, the whole lot will be burdened! The simplicity idea has long since evaporated as numerous seminars, special advisers, and booklets, etc., attempt to explain the system with its many, many amendments. Just as happened in other countries, the black economy looks ready to move into high gear.


A front page article Sydney Morning Herald 22/5, laments that taxis drivers 'lead the exodus' out of the GST 'surveillance system'. "Taxi drivers whose incomes will come under scrutiny 'with the goods and services tax are fleeing the industry as thousands of businesses sign up for the new system". The journalist Angela Kamper criticises those drivers for 'ripping off the system' by operating in the 'black economy'. She sees it as "a victory for Treasurer Peter Costello's crackdown on the 'black economy', but a worrying trend for the tourism industry."

The Australian Tax Office informed her "30 per cent of cab drivers may quit by July 1". It could be that after paying for licencing taxis, fuel taxes, registration taxes, interest payments on borrowed money, and the myriad of other overhead costs businesses are up for these days, taxi drivers may have decided enough is enough! Industry sources say at least 30 per cent and up to half Sydney's 21,000 drivers will go as their 'ability to evade tax disappears.' Taxi licence applications have fallen by 20 per cent this year and some taxi owners have been looking for drivers for more than a year. It wouldn't have anything to do with the return on time and effort involved would it?

Mr. Costello and the Tax Office bureaucrats are crowing over the 'cash economy businesses' being snared in the new tax rules forcing them to register for the GST - it is another thing for those businesses to remain 'afloat'. It may well be many of the 100,000 businesses 'snared' have been struggling to keep their head above water - and were genuinely tax exempt, but the new system and the burdens it will impose will probably send them to the wall.

At a recent public meeting, Jonathan Fowler, National Chairman, Small Business Association of Australia, spoke on the expected effects of the GST on small business and the economy. But, never mind the GST, he discussed the misadministration of the economy over the last 25 years and the effects on small business by both Labor and Liberal governments. One example, of the 5,000 companies involved in furniture manufacturing 25 years ago, only 150 are left.


from Neil Baird's e-mail
To show just how remote from reality are politicians and bureaucrats, consider what they expect businesses to do to prepare for the GST. Government literature describes 'seven basic steps' that every business needs to take. According to the bumph, the seven basic steps are designed "so that they can be used by businesses ranging from very small to large." Read and shake your heads in amazement, dear readers, that such out-of-touch politicians are running the country:
"Step 1. Appoint and educate a GST co-ordinator. Regardless of the size of the business, getting ready for the GST will be a big job...[whatever happened to the "simplified" tax system?]. The ideal person will understand all aspects of the business and will be well respected by staff. Some businesses may appoint two people from different areas of the business (eg sales and accounting) to provide different perspectives, or even a full GST Steering Committee ... Where possible, the GST co-ordinator(s) should be freed up from regular duties at least on a part-time basis, to focus on the GST program. [see? they're off the planet!]
"Step 1.2. Educate the co-ordinator... There are still may details about the way GST will work that need to be settled. The Tax Office will progressively issue rulings and guidelines that address these details. The GST co-ordinator needs to keep up-to-date with the changes. Speak to your professional adviser."

GST Essentials: Just arrived in today's mail: "Getting your business GST-ready doesn't have to be costly or difficult." - The New Tax System Essentials, issue two, May 2000, p.11.

Clearly they don't know if they're Arthur or Martha. And in Monday's Australian: "... the industry says most accountants are not going to have the time to service all their customers. Meanwhile, many industry groups are still waiting for key GST questions to be answered..." It's a farce, but IF implemented, it's going to ruin people's lives. What if a business doesn't have a "professional adviser"? What if many accountants are retiring early because they can't be bothered with the GST? Or others are giving up their small business customers because they're not financially worthwhile any more. Or as reported above, there's not enough time?

Small businesses have been abandoned to sink. It's clear that pampered politicians - who've just voted themselves extra benefits including free travel for their nannies, if you please - haven't got a clue about how hard it is to make a living in this once prosperous country. They're so used to gobbling about Australia's mythical 'booming economy' they believe their own propaganda. That any government would be on public record for recommending even Step One of the Seven Basic Steps to every business in the country shows they are absolute turkeys.


The petitions destined for the Governor General, the Senate and the Parliament may not have an immediate effect. For instance, the Governor may decide to take no action, even though Section 59 of the Constitution permits him to disallow any law within one year of its passing. The message will be out, that thousands of signatures have been collected and the disquiet among the community may well emerge somewhere else. There must be several Members who hold marginal seats and they will be aware of the 'feeling out there'. Maybe some of them will make some effective rumblings! Maybe not, I hear you saying! However a similar scenario occurred in South Australia recently, where the Government introduced the Emergency Services Levy. Without going into detail, this was very unpopular and nervous backbench Members achieved some modifications. Do we want the GST modified or abolished?


To get it abolished, it will be necessary to take more effective action than the petitions. Politicians realise that many people will sign a petition on a shop counter because it is very convenient. It is quick and easy - just add your name and go about your business. Someone else has prepared the petition and someone else will see that it will be presented. Politicians ignore petitions at their peril BUT they are far more impressed with letters from constituents. It has taken more trouble to write a letter, which translates to a greater concern.


Write to your MP
Letters to Members need only be brief and should always be polite and firm. If unsure who your Member is, try contacting the Australian Electoral Commission - they will also give you the correct address. The letter to your Member will always be best written in your own words, but these guidelines (above) may help. With your address, date, etc.


"Enemy of the State" by Scott Balson: This is a damning indictment of the controlled media in Australia, the loss of fair-minded journalism and the emergence of a type of journalistic terrorism which has turned objective reporting into trial by media. The author writes of his own experience when taken to court on a charge which has resulted in a verdict of not guilty, but exposes the power of the media in challenging those who express opinions considered not politically correct. $25.00 plus postage Available from all League book services.

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