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14 July 2000. Thought for the Week: "Too often, one forgets that politics, which ought to see to the stabilisation of economics, has itself become a monopoly. But because this monopoly is present in the form of political parties, and because party politics struts under the name of democracy, the people are taken in. They think that political parties were made for them, whereas they were made to exploit them...
Political parties are very careful not to denounce the money monopoly; the other monopolies are criticised (it is in style to win votes) but of the money monopoly, not a word is said. Likewise, the money monopoly is very careful not to put up obstacles to party politics. The big economic monopoly and the big political monopoly seem to have passed a kind of gentlemen's agreement between themselves, a mutual accord to protect each other - at the people's expense."
Louis Even quoted in "In This Age of Plenty", 1988


by Jeremy Lee
Behind the death-throes of thousands more Australian farmers, this time in the Dairy Industry, can be seen the ruthless manoeuvring of giant multinationals. The particular culprit this time is the giant Italian multinational Parmelat Finaziaria - after control of the dairy industries in both Australia and New Zealand. Control of the Dairy Industry does not directly involve throwing farmers off the land - although that will be a national consequence. It involves control of the distribution mechanism which delivers milk, via the supermarket, to the consumer. Even where farmers own their own co-operative they are at the mercy of the distribution system.

The idea is that a smaller number of Victorian farmers will provide the milk for the whole of Australia. Any farmers' association which wishes to deliver milk to the housewife must now compete against multinationals in three-month tenders from the supermarket chains for the cheapest bulk-price. They haven't got a dog's chance!

In Victoria most farmers deliver their milk to one of two organizations - Bonlac, which is 25% New Zealand-owned, and Murray Goulburn. But it is distributed to the consumer via the Melbourne-based National Foods. In June 1998 Parmelat bought Pauls for $437 million, and is currently in the process of a takeover of National Foods, offering $4 a share, in a bid totalling $1.1 billion. If the takeover is successful, Victorian farmers - or those who remain in business - will be in the hands of a multinational in finally getting their milk to Victorian consumers.

If they think that they can make up by replacing milk sales in the other States, they are still in the hands of the same multinational. Take Queensland, for instance. Milk sales in greater Brisbane (60% of the State) are virtually controlled by Pauls (Parmelat-owned). National Foods have about 2% - but they will probably soon be owned by Parmelat anyway. In the rest of Queensland distribution is largely in the hands of Dairyfarmers, one of the last Australian-owned dairy companies. It will be in an invidious position. Locked permanently out of 60% of the Queensland market, which will be supplied from Victoria via Pauls/Parmelat, it will also have to compete in tendering for market share in the rest of Queensland to the supermarkets at de-regulated prices. It is not hard to foresee a situation where the little, struggling Australian-owned co-operatives will soon be swallowed up by a Parmelat monopoly.

The Federal Government's reaction is ignominious. It has offered a $1.8 billion "repackaging" fund, to help dairyfarmers who are being shunted off their farms. But this will be funded by an 11 cent levy on milk, over four or five years; in other words, remaining farmers and consumers will, between them, fund the industry's funeral arrangements. The payments made to replaced farmers will be taxable, so the Federal Government will reap $460 million in taxation from a fund which producers and consumers pay for!


In an angry reaction to the feeling of betrayal by their own State industry organisations, dairy farmers throughout Australia are coming together in a new organisation, the Australian Milk Producers' Association (AMPA). Among other goals is a legal challenge to the way the industry has been manipulated and the compensation package handled.

They need all the support they can get. If unsuccessful, the final price will be paid by the household consumer. Speaking of National Foods, the current Parmelat target, The Australian Financial Review (30/6/2000) said: "..... The Melbourne-based NatFoods is the country's most efficient milk producer and will benefit more than any other producer of scale from deregulation, which will shave about $500 million from the incomes of farmers and push it mostly into the coffers of producers. Some of these savings might flow to consumers, but households shouldn't hold their breaths ....."


The following letter-to-the-editor, which appeared in The Australian 20/6/2000), needs no comment. It appeared under the heading MORE BENALLAS
"Your Editorial on the National Party ignores one basic fact. Country voters can now separate rhetoric from reality. Under the stewardship of both Tim Fischer and John Anderson, there has been no balancing net that you refer to; both leaders totally embraced and signed up to an agenda of small government (national competition policy) and economic rationalism (deregulation, privatisation and so on).
The policy manifestation of this philosophy is that in practice there is no tangible difference between the Coalition partners, or indeed to the ALP, other than for the GST.
This is why there will be a lot more Benallas to come for the National Party. Playing with smoke and mirrors will not change this, only a fundamental change in policy direction will do that. The clock is surely ticking and it's time the leadership gave reality to the rhetoric of representing country voters." - BRIAN HANDLEY, President, Moe Branch of the National Party, Newborough, Victoria.


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), the organisation with an annual billion-dollar budget funded by the taxpayers they continually denegrate, is to allocate some of the money to establishing a special committee to focus on a treaty. Up to $1 million could be spent. That should allow for plenty of trips to United Nations gab-fests to increase pressure on their own country.
It's an interesting thought that, if ATSIC was disbanded, and the whole budget was given on a per capita basis to Aborigines, each one - man, woman and child - would receive more than $2,000 per year, plus mining royalties and all the other benefits they receive. A slight hitch is that the present chairman of ATSIC, Mr. Geoff Clark, is under a cloud for alleged sex offences. We wonder whether ATSIC will fund his legal fees?


A major investigation into how warring parties in a host of African countries obtain their arms was described in the Guardian Weekly (22-28/6/2000). The key is the number of diamond mines in such countries as Angola and Sierra Leone. Regular shipments of diamonds are delivered to Antwerp. UNITA, for instance, under the Angolan rebel Jonas Savimbi, " ...earned an estimated $150 million to buy arms, medicines, diesel fuel, mining machinery and other commodities ....." One of the main operators in the trade is a former Soviet KGB officer, Victor Bout, who runs a fleet of ex-Soviet planes out of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Overwhelmingly the arms shipments come from Eastern Europe, with Bulgaria the main source.


by Betty Luks
It is now possible to 'tap into' overseas sources swiftly and read 'the news behind the news' - thanks to the Internet. We can quickly catch up with the facts of a story the establishment media will not tell us - or do not want us to know. The Age, July 5th, 2000, carried a story of women being attacked by a large group of drunken men in New York Central Park after a Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 11th. The emphasis in The Age story was on the failure of a number of NY policemen to come to the aid of the women being attacked. In fact, complaints from victims of the attacks were initially 'played down' by Howard Safir, NY Police Commissioner, "but, he was forced to change his tune when New York television stations began showing amateur video recordings of dozens of women being attacked by a large group of men milling in the park after the parade," reports Mark Riley, New York correspondent for The Age.

Riley refers to one victim, a French tourist on her honeymoon, who was doused with water, had her skirt ripped off and was then "groped by a number of men." But that is not all there is to this story. Nicholas Stix, freelance journalist (Toogood Reports) presents the 'bigger picture': "Race is the 800-pound gorilla no one wants to talk about, in New York City's Central Park wilding spree. But all the tiptoeing around it merely underscores its ubiquity. Every single one of the 33 suspects is black or Hispanic. A decisive majority is black. Though police refuse to divulge the racial breakdown of the victims, it appears that the victims of the most serious attacks were overwhelmingly white (though the media keep running videos of smiling black and Hispanic girls being splashed with water, as if that was what the wilding was all about).

The story is that the men went on a wilding spree from about 2 pm until 6:30 or so, in broad daylight, in a park full of tens of thousands of visitors, with a thousand or so police officers within shouting distance. The perpetrators sprayed women with water, before proceeding to rob them, rip their clothes off, grope their genitalia, and in several cases, manually rape them (forcing their fingers into unwilling women's vaginas). In the case of a French couple visiting the city, the mob held down the husband, who could see half-a-dozen members strip his wife naked, and then take turns jamming their fingers into her.

Feminist organizations were quick to protest. NOW, in particular, organized a protest on Sunday, June 18th, in which its supporters attacked the police! The problem for NOW is that none - as in zero - of the perpetrators were white. No "privileged, white, heterosexual males" had had the decency to accommodate feminists by attacking at least one white female. As recent history has shown, a black man could rape, murder and dismember a white woman and no feminist organization would decry black racism. Feminists see themselves in alliance with black and Hispanic groups, an alliance that has been profitable in terms of power, propaganda, lucrative lawsuits, set-aside programmes and discriminatory policies favouring women.

However, it has also exacted a terrible price. For while white women have stuck to the bargain, blacks - who have profited as much from it as the white women have - have not. And so, blacks (especially black women) routinely stab feminists in the back, by celebrating black violence against white women, whether in supporting O.J. Simpson, and cheering his 1996 acquittal of killing his wife, Nicole; by turning the black men who gang-raped and beat almost to death a young woman in the 1989 Central Park Jogger case into folk heroes, and then engaging in a year-long campaign of public vilification against the victim; and finally in refraining from any criticism of the men who attacked white women on June 11th, while roundly condemning the majority-white police force.

Every time such an assault takes place, white feminists are forced to eat crow by blacks' - especially black women's - embrace of the attackers. And white feminists have proved yet again - as they did through their unflinching support of serial sexual abuser Bill Clinton - that there is no depth to which they will not sink, to avoid criticizing those whom they perceive to be their political allies.

NOW President Patricia Ireland released a statement arguing: "Congress must pass the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act to extend hate crimes protection to women and pass the reauthorization and expansion of the Violence Against Women Act" which, "would fund training for police and other law enforcement and court personnel, among other things". Since blacks and Hispanics are in practice routinely exempted from prosecution under hate crimes statutes, Ireland's demands would have had no effect on the Central Park attackers. The only point I can see in Ireland's proposal is as a source for soft, federal patronage jobs for middle-class women - "training."

I sought to broach these issues with the folks at NOW. Val Henning of NOW's press office called back, asking "what constituency does Toogood Reports serve?" I answered, "I really wouldn't know," thinking to myself that I had always written for an "audience" of everyone who could read the language. That was the last I heard from NOW.

Hearing me speak constantly of white female victims, you may be asking, "But what about the two black victims?" To which I say, "What black victims?" In less than 48 hours, Ashanna Cover and Josina Lawrence, of Somerset, New Jersey, were able to round up a high-priced attorney, get the most high-profile "civil rights" leader in the nation on their side, file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, and hold a press conference. But somehow, they never found the time to co-operate with the police. At their press conference, Cover and Lawrence were accompanied by the Rev. Al Sharpton. Having Al Sharpton as one's spokesman automatically brings with it a credibility problem. When the NYPD brass sought to interview the women, and have them look through mug shots of all the officers on duty in the area where the women said the first two cops they encountered brushed them off, the women refused to co-operate. None of the other victims or witnesses has identified Cover or Lawrence. Neither Cover nor Lawrence has identified any attackers who assaulted them, nor any of the police officers whom they insist refused to help them.

Can you say, "Quick, sealed, tax-free, cash settlement"? In January, 1991, I was attacked on a Brooklyn-bound subway by a gang of three blacks and two Hispanics. A white NYPD detective I spoke with at the transit bureau that night in January, 1991, acknowledged that the attack was obviously racially motivated, a "bias" crime," but "there are some things you can't say," due to the political climate. The detective also reported that such racially motivated attacks by blacks against whites occur every single day in New York City. The media and the city's PR machine notwithstanding, the climate has gotten considerably stormier in the intervening nine-and-a-half years. Just imagine, if no one had bothered to tape the events in Central Park on June 11th."


We are so near the goal of $60,000! Just a little over $2,500 is needed. Will you give that extra little bit to get us across the line? It is fast approaching the time to finalise the fund for the year - but we need your help to do so. A sincere thanks to all those who have given so generously and sacrificially.


(quote by Geoff Clark Snr., indigenous leader) by Tom Fielder
What a sorry spectacle we witnessed the other week when tens of thousands of well intentioned but innocently deceived people were led by the nose across Sydney Harbour in the belief that they were reconciling differences between races. Nothing could be further from the truth. The facts are right out in the open for all to examine as they have been for many years, thanks to the work of men like ex-Communist Geoff McDonald and the full-blood Aboriginal, Pastor Cedric Jacobs. John Howard has rejected outright the possibility of a treaty between black and white Australia, saying it would divide the nation - The Australian, 30/5/00 p.1.

Quite so, a 'treaty' can only be signed between the people of two nations - not between two groups of people within one nation. One must suspect a hidden agenda in this continual thrust by the 'aboriginal industry' and the usual gaggle of 'bleeding hearts' and 'do-gooders' for 'reconciliation'. Is the real purpose of so-called 'reconciliation' a ploy to destroy the sovereignty (divide and conquer) of this once prosperous nation? Is 'reconciliation' but one part of a well-orchestrated plan to prepare Australia for the NWO program?

In the murky world of psycho-political warfare 'reconciliation' is a code word for 'treaty'. Mr. Howard told Sydney radio: "The notion of a treaty is very divisive because demands about land ownership and so forth will be made if there were ever any negotiation for a treaty; and that would open up a divide rather than heal a rift. I don't believe the Australian community wants to look at this nation of ours in bits."

Two books on the revolutionary history and background to the land rights push by former Communist Geoff McDonald - Red Over Black $12.00 posted; The Evidence $6.00 posted. Healing a Divided Nation by Rev. Cedric Jacobs $8.50 posted. From all League Book Services.

Behind the Land Rights by Geoff McDonald ($7.00 posted); Land Rights & Immigration by Pastor Cedric Jacobs ($7.00 posted); Caught in No Man's Land by Pastor Bob Brown ($5.00 posted); Aboriginal Law by Mark McKenzie ($5.00 posted). Document: A Précis of the Draft Treaty '88 - Send $1.00 plus stamped self-addressed envelope Order from: M.E.A. Tapes, Box 184, The Basin, Vic., 3154.


Beginning with the Queensland State Weekend in Toowoomba and finishing with a meeting in Kingscliff, NSW (just over the border), Betty Luks spent four weeks meeting and talking with Queenslanders from all walks of life - from cane growers to dairy farmers and potato growers, from saw millers to business people, housewives and pensioners. Mention must be made of the outstanding contribution made by Gerry Patch in driving over five and a half thousand kilometres taking Betty from meeting to meeting. Thank you Gerry.
Betty listened to what League folk had to say about issues and situations, and shared with them some of her ideas (and future projects) to enable people to gain better access and understanding to League educational material. A special thank you to those who gave such wonderfully warm hospitality to the travellers.

To help carry out the League's role of education and service in Queensland, Betty has appointed: Mr. Tony Symonds of Warwick (Phone: [07] 4667 4172) as Administrator for Southern Queensland and Mr. Ken McFadzen of Nebo (Phone: [07] 4950 5164) as Administrator for Central/North Queensland

Gentle reader, you didn't know that North Queensland had seceded from Southern Queensland - did you? Neither did we, till coming into Townsville we saw the welcoming sign that read:Welcome to Townsville Capital of North Queensland Has anyone told John Howard and Peter Costello?


West Australian folk, please note that the address for the book mailing has changed to: Heritage Society Books, Post Office Box 163, Chidlow, WA, 6556 - Phone/Fax (08) 9574 6042 Mr. Bob Mansfield gave of his time and talents to the work of the League for well on two years and for that we say 'thank you very much Bob'. We were sorry to see Bob go and wish him well. When Betty Luks was last in West Australia, he asked to be relieved of the task and suggested Maureen Burton take the job on again. This she has now done.


The next meeting is to be held on Friday, July 28th. The guest speaker for the evening will be Mr. Doug Cooper, supporter of the local club. The title of Doug's speech will be "The Decline of Civilisation". The evening promises to be very informative and entertaining. The venue for the evening will be 61 Officer Crescent, Ainslie, ACT. The meeting will commence at 7.00pm and a good variety of books will be available for sale on the night. All League supporters and their invited guests are welcome. For further details please contact Valids Luks on (02) 6282 2243.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 25th. Come along to hear guest speaker Mr. John Ambler. A retired architect, Mr. Ambler has for 30 years been a Sydney 'Domain' public orator. He will speak on "The Joy of Relationships". The cost of your attendance is $4.00, which includes an excellent supper provided at 9.30pm. Books and videos will be available for purchase. The book "Vaccination: The Right Choice" by Maureen Hickman ($28.50 posted) is available from the Heritage Book Service, PO Box 6086, Lake Munmorah, NSW, 2259.


The Annual General Meeting is to be held on August 29th, 2000 - make every effort to attend! Guest speaker will be Mr. John Stafford and his subject will be "Ireland Today". No meeting in September: Due to the anticipated Sydney Olympics' congestion there will be no meeting in September.


of the Australian League of Rights will be held on July 27th, 2000. Guest speakers will be Mrs. Betty Luks, National Director of the League, whose topic will be "The Vision and Role of the League in the Future". Mrs. Luks will be stressing that the League has a unique role with positive answers to the current policies of economic rationalism and globalism. Mr. Tom Fielder will speak on the GST petition and future strategy on the GST front. The cost has been kept to a minimum of $24.00 per person for the dinner. RSVP by July 20th. Responses sent to: Don Aucterlonie, 10 Wilson Ct., Trafalgar, Vic., 3824. Phone 5633 1969.


Supporters are asked to mark the dates of Saturday, 19th, and Sunday, August 20th, in their diary.


by Doug Collins (from Canada)
The headline over this column is the title of a book by Mr. Charles Campbell, a man who is eminently qualified to report on this country's nation-destroying immigration mess, exemplified by the recent intelligence that there are probably more than 8,000 Tamil terrorists in Toronto. He is a former vice-chairman of the old Immigration Appeal Board (the one that existed before we were drowned in the bogus refugee and family reunification flood), and has contacts that our media kittens would envy if they weren't too lazy or too brainwashed to deal with the subject in depth.

Anyone with eyes knows that we are being betrayed and that we are well on our way to being replaced by people of non-European extraction. That is a gift from Lester Pearson, right, who introduced "universal immigration" in 1967, and from Pierre Trudeau, who pushed the program and said it didn't matter where the immigrants came from.
A life-long Liberal, Mr. Campbell doesn't go into that, although it is implicit in his use of the word "betrayal".

What he does go into, is the way the country has been deceived by the lies that have flowed from Liberal and Tory governments who have ignored the facts presented to them by their own civil servants, by commissions of inquiry, and by Auditors General. He quotes ignored authorities to show that we do not need a larger population for the sake of prosperity; that immigrants do not earn more and give more back to the economy than they get out of it, and that they do not create more jobs than they take. All that is part of Ottawa's "mythology".

Canadians, he says, are mostly ignorant of immigration levels and trends. Policy is made behind closed doors and the government holds "consultation processes" in which the public is not consulted. It is the immigration industry that is consulted, meaning immigration lawyers and ethnic associations. He is an authority in his own right on the bogus refugee racket, which allows people to make applications for status simply by arriving. The instance of the Chinese boat people alarmed many, but that was only a minor nail in the Canadian coffin except that, like Trudeau, Jean Chretien sees illegal immigration as no problem.

Misinformation is an Ottawa art. In the late 1980s the government side reported that the backlog in "refugee" screening would be 23,000. Another estimate was 40,000. It turned out in fact to be 101,000, and as the author states, "a building contractor so unfamiliar with reality who made estimates like that would go broke".

The refugee picture is one long horror story. "Refugee determination has been out of control since 1980", and a 1994 report by the B.C. and Yukon Immigration staff put it this way: "We go about congratulating ourselves for our over-exuberant acceptance of mostly bogus refugees, with the rest of the world snickering at us for the suckers we are." Nothing has changed, except for the worse.
As an officer in the Immigration Intelligence Branch is quoted as saying, "The system has become so open that when a refugee gets in, the word gets out and his whole village floods in behind him."

Another masterpiece of deception is the claim that 45 percent of the immigrant intake is in the "independent" class, meaning that they are skilled workers. Not so, says Campbell. It is actually 15 per-cent. So how does 15 become 45? By counting the relatives of the 15 percent as "independents" also. The "family reunification" racket often accounts for about half of the total intake, and the ever-broadening definition of "family" means that relatives come in as of right while immigration officers have little or no power to reject them. It is done to appease the ethnics and to get their votes, and is why there are now, reportedly, a quarter of a million Sikhs in B.C.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have no qualifications now get into Canada on a breeze. The sponsoring program under which churches and other do-good groups guarantee to look after special cases, allegedly at no cost to the taxpayer, has broken down. The "entrepreneur" class under which foreigners (mostly Asiatic) agreed to set up businesses employing five or more Canadians - now reduced to one - is a bad joke, and Campbell quotes a senior forensic accountant with the World Bank as stating that the investor program is a "massive sham".
The same source scoffed at claims that it has brought $4.5 billion into the country.

The politicians who managed all this and much more are traitors (my word, not Mr. Campbell's) to the country they purport to serve. They lose no sleep over the disappearance of traditional Canada and never implement promised improvements. An example was, the plan to make knowledge of English or French a condition of entry. Another was Brian Mulroney's promise to make it tough for "refugees" after those phonies landed on the East Coast in 1986. But he made it many times easier. THE COLLINS COLUMN June 21st, 2000


To the Editor, Blue's Country Magazine, Townsville, Qld.
Sir, Your editorial April/May, makes the GST sound easy. Sure businesses (including farm businesses) don't actually pay the tax in the long run. They just pay it up-front and lend it to the tax office interest-free for ever. Of course, they get it back after a month or three months, depending on their circumstances, but by then there is another lot due. Like the old diesel fuel rebate system - forget to apply for it and it's lost.
"Tidy up your paper work", I hear you say. How many farmers, threatened with bankruptcy, have that sort of time? At least I didn't in the final years of my battle with the banks.
How many farmers (and small businesses who rely on them) have the oodles of boodle to invest in the computer that is necessary to keep track of it all? Your local small town store that sells everything from tucker to towels and pea seed to ploughshares is going to have one helluva job to sort out what is taxed on his inputs and/or not on his sales. It is a fair bet that many will either give up before July 1st to avoid the hassle or go broke afterwards through inadequate preparation. Either way, the big get bigger and the small get out, a sure-fire way of helping the multi-nationals. - Ron Fischer, Talbot, Vic.
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