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Edmund Burke
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28 July 2000. Thought for the Week: "Two hundred years ago a farmer was hard pushed to farm up to ten acres on his own. Today one farmer can farm hundreds of acres, not because he is capable of more labour than his forebears (he may be less capable) but because his tractor, for example, is a concrete expression of the cultural heritage, embodying the 'know-how' in bringing metals and other materials into the correct relations, produced on the assembly line (the division of labour) and powered by oil taken from the earth and transported by the application of the same cultural heritage... The problem of producing man's physical requirements has been solved, primarily by the discovery and application of Truth. Why then is the individual not gaining full access to his heritage? The question can only be answered by examining the vital role of money in society."
"Social Dynamics" by Eric D. Butler


by Jeremy Lee
With the death of Sir Mark Oliphant at the age of 98, another of the "old-school" Australian statesmen has passed on. Tribute has been paid to his work as one of a small team of scientists who changed history with the splitting of the atom in the Manhattan Project. Sir Mark was greatly affected by the subsequent results at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As Governor of South Australia he demanded from politicians both standards and behaviour, and is reputed to have sent the late Don Dunstan (he of the pink shorts in Parliament) home with the suggestion he was not properly attired. What is not so well known is that Sir Mark Oliphant took a keen interest in financial issues and Social Credit. In a prophetic statement in 1984 (The News, Adelaide, 4/12/1984) Sir Mark was quoted as follows:
" .... It is not necessary to read much to realise that international indebtedness, including our own, has made all virtually bankrupt. The scale of international debt is astronomical and can never be repaid .... As the pressure of mounting interest payments on international trade grew, something was bound to give way. It was possible international trade could be halted. If this happened, Australia 'which has allowed itself to degenerate into a colony of Japan and other vigorous manufacturing nations' would become a backwater. Yet, of all the nations in the world, Australia was best equipped to set its own goals, retain dignity, and be powerful without enormous armed services. 'There is almost nothing needed for the good life which cannot be produced within the island-continent, if we so desire,' he said."

A year earlier he pointed to the monetary system itself (The Advertiser, 26/1/1983): " .... Provided that a development project involves no large component of imported materials, equipment or know-how, a nation such as Australia should be able to complete it with little or no debt accruing. In return for the efforts of Australian workers, a valuable asset can be created which will continue to contribute to the economy for a long time. If the project is not as successful as expected, coming generations do not face intolerable debts which they cannot meet. In a sane world this would be logic ...."

Being a man of integrity, Oliphant could see the truth that eludes so many politicians. Australia is poorer for his passing.


Almost as if in unacknowledged tribute to Sir Mark Oliphant, leaders of the G-8 meet this week in Tokyo. Nobody is holding their breath for any positive results. One Tokyo bureaucrat, carried away by euphoria, claimed the conference would "set the stage for world peace, development and harmony for the next 25 years ...."
Meeting will be Clinton of the US, Blair of the UK, Chirac (France), Schroeder (Germany), Mori (Japan) Putin (Russia)Giuliano (Italy) and Chretien (Canada). Also attending will be Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission. Among issues expected to come up are trade liberalisation, the agenda for the next W.T.O. conference, infectious diseases, It and genetically-modified food. Differences are already so great that nothing is expected beyond debate. But the Japanese are taking no chances, 22,000 police are being flown into Okinawa, where the conference is being held.


The world is castigating George Speight, the rebel coup leader in Fiji. Why is it that when he and Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer pour scorn on each other, Speight rings more genuine? One reason is Downer's patently double standards. He does not apply the same principles to all our neighbours. If he did, Australia would be taking limited sanctions against Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma.

Events in Fiji confirm, if confirmation is needed, that the 'multicultural' idea is ultimately incompatible with democracy. The inexperienced insist that Australia is a successful example of a multicultural society. The racial enclaves we are building - now hastened with the uncritical acceptance of growing numbers of illegal immigrants - will ultimately cause as much breakdown and animosity as in a host of other countries.

In a thoughtful article in The Australian (18/7/2000) Tony Kevin of the A.N.U. offered some arguments not generally considered in the sanctimonious condemnation of George Speight. Of Speight's constituency he said:
".... His group clearly speaks for the values and interests of the mass of poorer indigenous urban and rural Fijians who have been abandoned by the Fijian elite - read Council of Chiefs, who were comfortably involved in mutually profitable deals with moneyed Indian citizens to the detriment of their peoples' long-term interests ....In the most recent election, Mahendra Chaudhry gained government on far less than a majority of first-preference votes .... The fear amongst ordinary Fijians of a progressive expropriation of their sovereign landrights as Fiji is drawn increasingly into the global economy, seemed real and justifiable. The Chaudhry government's brief tenure was bringing such anxieties to a head.
The demands vigorously articulated by Speight's group for a rock-solid political weighting in favour of protecting the indigenous community's rights have strong international precedents. For example, in Malaysia the Malay people (the bumiputra, or sons of the soil) were given entrenched preferential political and economic rights over non-indigenous communities after the shock of the serious racial violence of the mid-1960s. Malaysia, however undemocratic it may be in terms of the one-person, one-vote principle, has worked as a stable civil society since. Fiji has the right to consider such a solution ...."

Oh, for an Australian political leader prepared to fight against the dispossession of the Australian people by foreign multinational intruders! Or one who understands that democracy is more than one-man-one-vote without any choice on issues one-at-a-time!
In our book, Speight has it all over Alexander Downer.


There are extraordinary attempts being made to suggest that Beazley has "lost the plot" over the G.S.T., and that Australians now endorse the new tax. Beazley is right about the G.S.T. It is a tax that will produce turmoil and misery in the months ahead. Preliminary polls suggesting otherwise are a case of "whistling in the dark". The pain - and the vengeance - is yet to come.

Peter Switzer, The Australian (17/7/2000), said: "Anyone who thinks the G.S.T. has been a piece of cake or, worse still, another Y2K beat-up would have to be a consumer or an intellectual who did nothing to get G.S.T.-ready and is now feeling oh so smug. The Della Bosca hoo-ha this week added unwarranted credence to the view that the G.S.T. is just another Y2K Try telling this to businesses facing court and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for price exploitation, or the hundreds of thousands of businesses which have changed all their shelf-prices and now have 15 days to change all prices on the actual products. Then there are those businesses bound to wind up with a cash-flow problem come November 11 when the first business activity statement is due ....."

There followed a daunting description of the obstacle-course still ahead for Australia. Beazley's weakness is not his opposition to the G.S.T. That will be shown to be right before long. His weakness his refusal to do anything but fiddle with it round the edges.


Indonesia continues to dissolve, with heavy fighting in the Malukus, where an estimated 4,000 have been killed in the past eighteen months. This time it is between Christians and Muslims. President Wahid has suggested that some form of international assistance might be needed to resolve the conflict. More probably, it would escalate the Islamic reaction.

Fighting also continues in Ambon. Meanwhile, news reports indicate that the militia which caused such loss of life in East Timor is being established in West Papua, named the Satgas Merah Putih, with the same leadership that operated in E. Timor. The Governor-General is Musiran Darmiosunito, an intelligence operative from the Indonesian Airforce, who was vice-governor in East Timor in the period leading up to the referendum. So what will Foreign Minister Downer have to say about West Papua? We wait with bated breath!


Computer technology is progressing so fast that computers are out of date almost as soon as they appear. Two years is the average operative life. In figures produced by the US National Recycling Coalition, 20.6 million personal computers became obsolete in 1998. The figure is expected to rise to 300 million by 2004 and possibly 500 million by 2007. Each computer contains between 2 and 4 kilos of lead, plus smaller amounts of copper, iron, bromine, tin, nickel, cadmium, tantalum, mercury, silver, gold and platinum. What happens to all this when half-a-billion software and hardware programmes go to join the great computer in the sky?

Malign viruses are also on the increase. Virus attacks on networks have increased 75 per cent in the last 12 months, and are getting more sophisticated and dangerous. 69 per cent of Australian businesses were affected to a greater or lesser degree.

At the risk of sounding facetious, the following lines commend themselves:
"Oh dear! Oh dear! What shall I do?
My hard-drive's caught the Asian flu!
I hope it isn't going to die
And take its cyber-space on high!"

If it meant the end of the Australian Tax Office and the G.S.T., we could probably just bear it!


by Antonia Feitz
Fed up with the U.S. Federal Government's ever-increasing powers to regulate land use, a group of American protesters has started fighting back - with shovels. Their target was a rock barrier constructed by the Forest Service to block access to a one and a half mile stretch of dirt road damaged after a washaway in 1995. Though the road near the Nevada-Idaho border doesn't go anywhere, it has become the "line in the sand" for protesters because for years Federal authorities blocked all efforts to re-open the road. They claimed any work would damage the stream-bed and threaten the Nevada bull trout population which they estimated might number as few as 700. Using the environment as an excuse to restrict humans' access to the land has been a very effective tool for governments so far.

As the protesters faced jail or fines if they violated clean water laws or disturbed the trout's habitat, they built a straw barrier to protect the stream bed from erosion. Then organised in work-gangs of 40, they went in to level the rock barrier and to dig around a huge boulder blocking the road. Demar Dahl, president of the Shovel Brigade said, "I think this is a great day for local government and it is a step in the right direction of us in the West who are tired of the [Federal] government telling us what is best for us."

Showing just how angry people are, protesters from several western states came to help. Scott Traudt, a commercial fisherman from Rhode Island said, "Their fight is my fight ...".
Commenting that loggers, ranchers and people like himself who make their living from the land are frustrated by increased government regulation he added, "We've had enough. We're all getting unified."
(A.P.) May it be true!


A sincere and humble thanks to the supporter who sent in that most generous contribution to ensure that the League's Basic Fund was filled. ("It is to show my thanks for all the labour that you folk are doing in the front line.") A sincere and humble thanks to all who have contributed to the fund - from the 'widow's mite' upwards. It has been so encouraging to see the breadth of support from such a diverse mix of Australians towards the work of the League. It is a privilege to know and to be working with such people. Total as at July 21st, 2000: $64,845:05


Monarchy 2000, which has gathered several thousand signatures petitioning for recognition of the 100th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen Mother, is delighted to have been advised by the Prime Minister's Department that in this regard Australia Post had submitted for approval proposals to issue a First Day Cover featuring the 1999 Stamp of The Queen and the Queen Mother together. The Prime Minister's Department has advised that Her Majesty The Queen has approved the issue and that the First Day Cover will be released to the public in time for the 100th birthday of The Queen Mother which falls on the August 4th, 2000.


There is a G.S.T. on cigarettes, alcohol and now they are talking about 'family law' property settlements attracting a G.S.T. The news is that lawyers and judges are asking the Government for a ruling and/or exemption.


After a lifetime of service, the M.E.A. Tapes' Librarian is 'calling it a day'. He is offering this 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to League actionists to make these tapes known to those who do not read "On Target". It is a unique body of scholarship which must be disseminated to our fellow Australians. A comprehensive catalogue of 20 years of League speakers is available. This catalogue of tapes will be available in brackets of 24 tapes - one list each week. Each list will be available in bulk order lots. 1,000 for $20 - Distributors invited. Come on actionists - let's get behind this letter-boxing initiative. M.E.A. TAPES, Box 184, The Basin, Vic., 3154 Melbourne.

Letter Writers' Club

Notice from the 'Steering' Committee: The influence of the work of the Letter Writers' Club is gradually being noticed. This work can and must be greatly expanded if we are to have an effect on the voting pattern of the next election.


As we come up to 'exercise number two', we make an appeal for the support of On Target readers all over Australia. The brochure included in this week's On Target sets out the 'germ' of an idea that can be developed in many ways. This idea came about because of the failure of the recent petition to the Governor General to annul the G.S.T. New and regular letter writers are invited to submit their letters on this subject, to the above address for possible wider circulation. In retrospect, we can see that the 'petition' was too little too late. Also, it could be said that we were attempting to fix the problem "from the top down". This will never work.

All 'Social Credit' political activity must work from the grassroots - and this is what the 'G.S.T. Sorry Day Coupon' sets out to do. But it will only work if a sufficient number of coupons are actually signed and posted to the Member of Parliament. And that depends on the reader of this newsletter. For further detailed information write for the tape: "Where Have All The Social Creditors Gone?".


The Annual General Meeting is to be held on August 29th, 2000 - make every effort to attend. Guest speaker will be Mr. John Stafford and his subject will be "Ireland Today". No meeting in September: Due to the anticipated Sydney Olympics' congestion there will be no meeting in September. The book "Vaccination: The Right Choice" by Maureen Hickman ($28.50 posted) is available from the Heritage Book Service, P.O. Box 6086, Lake Munmorah, N.S.W., 2259.


Supporters are asked to mark the dates of Saturday, 19th, and Sunday, August 20th, in their diaries. "Are We Choosing the Paths to Quality of Life?" Dr. Ziema McDonell, Ph.D., will speak to the following: "G.M.O. Foods; Effects on Our Cells and Health; Latest Research; What We Can Do About It". Dr. McDonell has degrees in Medicine, Forensic Science, Biochemistry and Nutrition as well as practicing Natural Therapies. Dr. Kate Clinch-Jones: Dr. Clinch-Jones has a general practice at McLaren Vale. She will speak to the following: "Mechanics of HOW the crops are modified and WHY they do so...Danger of G.M.O's. to effect and modify weeds" Geoff Kurtin Agr. Sc.: After graduating from Massey University in Agriculture he went on to further studies on bovine nutrition in the U.S.A. He is an Accredited Agricultural Consultant, Australasian Institute Agricultural Science & Technology. "Genetic Modification: from the Agriculturalist's Point of View: Is It All Bad?"

Saturday seminar: $10.00 admission. "Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner" will be held on Saturday, August 19th. $22.00 per person - 3 course meal; B.Y.O. drinks. Sunday Action Conference: August 20th...10.00 a.m.. $10.00 admission. Venue to be announced. A short Divine Service to open the Sunday Action Conference. Then the meeting will be opened up for Dr. McDonell who has agreed to stay on for the Sunday morning. She will speak on the following: "Looking at Cancer; Probable Causes; Treatments; Hormones & Menopause Problems; Men's Prostate and Cancer - How to Treat It; What To Do To Avoid It" Action reports will follow.


West Australian supporters please note your State Weekend has been put back till later in the year. Due to changes of administration it is not possible to organise the event till later.


Genetic Engineering: Food & Our Environment (A Brief Guide) by Luke Anderson: A reading must for everyone! Author Luke Anderson has presented a clear picture of all aspects of the debate concerning genetically engineered foods. The question is answered as to who is making the crucial decisions about the future of our food supply. Why are living organisms being patented? What are the implications to our health, the impact upon farming and the environment? Unsustainable chemical/industrial farming practices have already turned much arable land into desert, yet the Federal Government is pouring approximately $80 million this year into gene technology! Order from: Australian Heritage Society, P.O. Box 163, Chidlow, W.A., 6556, or any of the League Book Services. Soft cover - $22.00 posted.


September 29th-30th, 1st October. Plans are under way for the National Weekend to be held from Friday, September 29th (Dinner); Saturday, September 30th (Seminar); through to Sunday, October 1st (Divine Service and Action Conference). Please mark your diaries NOW. Guest speakers include Mr. Jeremy Lee and Dr. Ziema McDonell. Dinner and Seminar to be held at The Victoria, Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Divine Service & Action Conference to be held at 'Runnymede', Panton Hills, in the C.H. Douglas Memorial Hall.


MORE BENALLAS - The Australian, 20/6/2000: "Your Editorial on the National Party ignores one basic fact. Country voters can now separate rhetoric from reality. Under the stewardship of both Tim Fischer and John Anderson, there has been no balancing net that you refer to; both leaders totally embraced and signed up to an agenda of small government (national competition policy) and economic rationalism (deregulation, privatisation and so on). "The policy manifestation of this philosophy is that in practice there is no tangible difference between the Coalition partners, or indeed to the A.L.P., other than for the G.S.T. This is why there will be a lot more Benallas to come for the National Party. Playing with smoke and mirrors will not change this, only a fundamental change in policy direction will do that. "The clock is surely ticking and it's time the leadership gave reality to the rhetoric of representing country voters." - Brian Handley, President, Moe Branch of the National Party, Newborough, Victoria.


The following was sent in response to a Metro News report of churches across Melbourne calling upon the A.L.P. to commit itself to the campaign of debt eradication in the Third World.

To Mr. Mark Zirnsak, Uniting Church Officer
"I see in Metro News for 12/7 about your efforts to dismiss Third World debt by asking Australia to forgo $260M in debt owed by the listed countries. "I would have thought that had you called for a referendum on this matter I would have applauded your noble concerns, as it is not at all difficult or expensive to tack this on to a ballot paper at the time of a Federal election. "However, since you seek to do it by asking the pollies instead, it is the equivalent of picking our pockets, which itself is no more democratic. And I mean exactly what I say as I see no difference between the way you go about this business and the manner of a slick pickpocket, except that you are looking into the eyes of the victim as you do it.
To rehabilitate yourself why not ask that pollies do something about the huge external debt of $250B (Australia's Foreign Debt... ed) and growing at the rate of some $30B p.a. See how much coverage the Media give you then - and ask yourself why they indulge you at present and why they would freeze you out were you to speak out on the strangling external debt which will steer us into becoming just like the very debt victims beyond our shores about whom so much unctuous concern comes from you.
All of which tells me that you are about making us as poor as all the other 'church mice' of this world." - Michael Mazur, Brunswick, Vic.

("Whatever the degree of mercy or moderation shown by the taxing power, or of 'equality of sacrifice' experienced by the taxed, justice in the Christian sense does not begin to enter into the transaction until it ceases to be unilateral; that is until a contractual element begins to enter into it, involving the government in obligations to the people in return for the payments received... "This departure from the Christian conceptions would be less serious if Christians were less confused about it. The prevailing idea of justice has become comparative; a matter of 'fairness' in the distribution of rewards and punishments between classes or individuals, rather than that which is based upon Natural Law and the sanctity of agreement between free and responsible men. The writer is no expert on the New Testament, but to him the parable of the workers in the vineyard appears quite clearly to contrast these two conceptions of justice, and to say that the second is that which obtains in the kingdom of Heaven."
from The Just Tax" by Geoffrey Dobbs ...ed.)

To: The Editor, Advertiser, Adelaide, S.A., July 21st, 2000 (not yet published).
Dear Sir, "Was Rex Jory's call to change the flag [Advertiser, 20/7/2000] a bait seeking reaction or was it another example of immaturity? If we were to change the flag each time some of the population felt awkward about some aspect of our history, we would finish up with a flag bearing some delicate, white, fluffy cotton wool - an emblem of characterless sterility. Our flag is a reflection of our history - warts and all. Nobody will agree that our past has been immaculate, but it is real.
Like individuals, a nation develops its character by learning to cope with its shortcomings and endeavouring to strive for a better future. The Union Jack forms part of our flag because the British founders established in Australia, the Westminster style of government and our legal system which is the envy of many. Rex Jory acknowledged the attraction of Australia, to folk from some 150 countries who have chosen to live here. They did not come here just for the climate! The frequent attacks on the flag create disunity. Why do we never read articles extolling the virtues of our flag?"
Ken Grundy, Naracoorte, S.A.


Thank you to those who have sent encouraging messages about the League website. https://alor.org/ - Arnie Luks.
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