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Edmund Burke
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18 August 2000. Thought for the Week: "If government is being used by the Conspiracy to consolidate power into its hands, it behoves those who wish to preserve their freedoms to understand the very nature and function of government. Once the character of government is understood, efforts can be directed against the increase in government powers over both the national economy and the lives of its citizens. A good place to begin such a study is to examine the two sources claimed to be the source of human rights. There are only two, presuming that it is admitted that humans do indeed have rights: either man himself, or someone or something external to man himself, a Creator...
Thomas Jefferson said... 'The God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?'"
"The Unseen Hand" by A. Ralph Epperson, 1985


by Jeremy Lee
September looks like being a 'humdinger' of a month! Two global gatherings will muster their forces for the ongoing march towards 'global governance'. Between September 6th and 8th, " .... the heads of state of many nations from around the world will gather at the 'Millennium Summit' to be held in New York to 'sign, ratify or accede' to the multilateral conventions deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
There are 514 multilateral treaties involved, the majority of which have been adopted by the U.N. General Assembly. A 'core group' of these consists of twenty-five treaties and their purpose is nothing less than to change the existing U.N. Charter for the purpose of creating global government to end the rights of sovereignty and self-government of all nations. ..... The 'Millennium Summit' would grant the U.N. oversight, i.e. control, of all the earth's land, air and seas. They will vote to give the U.N. oversight of international conflicts, despite its long record of dismal failures. The Summit will grant the U.N. power over all financial institutions, commerce, trade relations, labour relations, education and private property. ...."
(Posted on the Internet, July 31st, 2000, by Alan Caruba, founder of the National Anxiety Centre, in his weekly commentary "Warning Signs", www.anxietycentre.com/warning.htm)


Three days after the New York gathering closes, Melbourne's Crown Casino (what an apt venue!) will host the World Economic Forum. The event is being taken very seriously, and strong security measures are being taken. A major three-page report in The Bulletin (8/8/2000) included these details:
".... Hundreds of the world's most powerful executives and trade representatives will attend the September 11-13 forum (Melbourne's W.E.F. is a regional meeting of the annual Davos summit); one of the key speakers will be Microsoft head Bill Gates. Politicians have been lining up to take credit, since the forum was announced in 1997; it is probably the most prestigious business gathering ever held in Australia. ....."
It is expected there will be widespread protests at the Casino get-together.

The Bulletin article went on: " ....S11 (September 11), an umbrella group formed to link all those planning to protest, has set up an extensive and well-organised website. The name sounds militaristic; so too is S11's planning. The website tells us there are only 40 days and so many hours and seconds until September 11. It has dozens of links to media reports about globalisation and suspect corporations .... The Victorian police will not allow the forum to be closed - they have even held discussions with the Australian Defence Forces about 'logistical support'..... Victoria's operational police won't be allowed to take holidays while the Forum is on ...."

The whole thing sounds like a suitable occasion for thousands of the "red cards" being used in Zimbabwe to embarrass dictator Robert Mugabe. We can't claim to be highly confident in the Victorian police - not since they caved in to a mob of thugs when a private citizen lawfully attempted to organise a political meeting in Victoria a couple of years ago.

There are numerous questions that need asking: What companies will be funding the gathering? What is the attitude of the major parties? Has the meeting and its agenda been debated in Parliament? Is the Australian government contributing financially?

Ever since the massive protests against the W.T.O. last year, gatherings such as Davos, the G-8 and I.M.F. conferences have been held at enormous expense, with a massive deployment of police and military forces - witness the 22,000 Japanese police recently flown into the G-8 meeting in Okinawa. It is clear that, throughout the world there is a steadily-increasing swell of anger at the globalists. Yet so far the political parties and the global media have closed ranks, in an effort to portray all protesters as "cranks and ill-informed misfits".


Rather late in the day we have caught up with the news that another parliamentary committee is asking for submissions on Australia's relations with the World Trade Organisation. Its terms of reference are: The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties "shall inquire into and report on the nature and scope of Australia's relationship with the WTO. The Committee's examination will include:
. opportunities for community involvement in developing Australia's negotiating positions on matters with the W.T.O.
. The transparency and accountability of W.T.O. operations and decision making;
. The effectiveness of the W.T.O's. dispute settlement procedures and the ease of access to these procedures;
. Australia's capacity to undertake W.T.O. advocacy;
. The involvement of peak bodies, industry groups and external lawyers in conducting W.T.O. disputes;
. The relationship between the W.T.O. and regional economic agreements;
. The relationship between W.T.O. agreements and other multilateral agreements, including,
. Those on trade and related matters, and on environmental, human rights and labour standards; and
. The extent to which social, cultural and environmental considerations influence W.T.O. priorities and decision making.

Submissions should be made to the Committee Secretary, Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, Parliament House, CANBERRA, A.C.T. (Phone: [02] 6277 4022. Fax: [02] 6277 4827. E-mail: jsct@aph.gov.au

By the time readers receive this, there will only be a week to send in submissions. It is of the greatest importance. Even a short submission of protest, outlining a few dangers, can make a difference.

Prime Minister Howard recently said the "labelling decision" about G.M. Foods might be illegal under WTO rules. Isn't this an inexcusable attack on the right of Australians to make their own decisions about what they eat?
The European Union is being cited before the W.T.O. for banning hormone-fed beef from the U.S. Isn't it their right to make such decisions?
The W.T.O. demands national governments adopt its laws about trade and commerce to override domestic laws about labour, consumer, environmental, health and safety interests. What is the point of national parliaments if they are going to be over-ridden in this way?
Who elected the Head of the W.T.O. and its members? To whom are they accountable?
Why does our Federal Government consider that an international body is more fit to make and oversee our trade laws than the Australian Parliament?
What clauses does the W.T.O. provide for nations to "contract out" of decisions they disagree with? Is it not undemocratic for current parliaments to bind future ones in international treaties that may be opposed by the majority of the people?

A very good website is available providing information on the W.T.O. issue for those with websites. It is GUMbus@powerup.com.au. All part of the growing link between groups on all sorts of issues, both nationally and internationally. Get YOUR submission away as soon as you can! Your conscience will be clear! At least YOU haven't let Australia slide without protest!


We have quoted Kenneth Davidson before as one economic journalist much more realistic than his contemporaries. In a balanced criticism of the Beazley position on free trade, in which he said we could look forward to many more casualties in the Textile, Clothing and Footware, and the Motor Vehicle sectors if the free trade level playing field was persisted with, Davidson added:
" .... The moral cost of rejecting fair trade will be higher. Australian consumers should no more benefit from the low costs associated with exploited labour than the receiver of stolen goods, who is guilty in law - as well as morally - as the burglar."

'According to Naomi Klein in No Logo, which became the bible for the demonstrators against the W.T.O. at Seattle, there are now almost 1000 export processing zones, spread through 70 Third World countries, employing 27 million workers, in which the management is military style, the supervisors often abusive, the wages below subsistence and the work low-skill and tedious. She said: 'It's a classic vicious cycle; in an attempt to alleviate poverty, the governments offer more and more incentives; but then the E.P.Z's. must be cordoned off like leper colonies.' These conditions could not continue where the workers in E.P.Z's. were free to establish trade unions and the companies forced to pay taxes to build the infrastructure necessary for a civilised environment for workers." (The Age, Victoria, 3/8/2000)


We have received a report that many South Australian (West Coast) farmers have had native title claims slapped on their properties. This could be why the Olson Government reintroduced a native title bill which aims to validate pastoral and other leases dated from January 1st, 1994, to December 23rd, 1996. Upper House Independents blocked the bill - opposed by Aboriginal leaders - and prevented its referral to a committee for review. The Attorney-General then reintroduced the bill and the government won - by 11 votes to 8 - the right to have it discussed again, before being put before parliament for a final vote.
The government says the legislation is necessary as S.A. is the only state in which native title claims cannot be decided by courts as well as the national Native Title Tribunal. The bill which concerns leases covering about 7 percent of the state seeks to outline which tenures extinguished native title rather than leaving it to courts to decide. The SA Farmers Federation has warned that if the bill fails, farmers on perpetual leases would be forced to take part in native title court cases. In West Australia native title claims have made the situation on some properties just about unworkable - some have as many as 16 separate claims on the one property!


by Antonia Feitz
What's happening to farm incomes in Australia?
1960: Real farm cash income $40,000; farm debt $40,000; profitability 6%; equity 94%
1997: Real farm cash income $12,500; farm debt $140,000; profitability -5%; equity 80%

During the almost 40 years since 1960, Australian farmers have adopted new technology, listened to advice and put in long hours of toil but have not prospered. Not only have farmers not prospered, but also their numbers have diminished from 205,000 to 110,000. (Country Leader, 24/7/2000) And things are not improving.

On the ABC's Country Hour (27/7/2000), a Muswellbrook market gardener was emphatic that the 20 percent rise in vegetable prices was not going to the growers. He said it's hard to find anybody under 60 market gardening any more - it's impossible to make a living if the property is indebted. He just survives. It's the - by now - familiar story.
Australian growers are price takers, not price makers, and the big supermarkets are setting the prices. The market gardener said people have a choice: either they support the small shops, and hence the local growers, or the supermarkets will win. It's pretty dismal to think that through consumer apathy, Australia's fruit and vegetable farmers will all be thrown on to the scrap-heap and more fruit and vegetables will be imported. Last year, Australia imported $764 million worth of fruit and vegetables. We can't blame the multi-nationals for this one: it's up to us.


by Catherine Kelly
"Don't Count on friends in the New Global Economy."

To get an idea how our good buddy, the U.S., views the new world order, listen to these chilling statements from U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in a recent interview with Newsweek:
"I believe that the organising principle is that there are four groups of countries. The first group is the largest, in which there are countries that understand and function in the international system, even though we might not agree with every aspect of their government. The second group are the societies in transition. The third group are those we used to call rogues, what we now call states of concern. The fourth group are those that are totally falling apart and are literally eating their seed grain. My concept is that ultimately what you're trying to do is get everybody into the first group."

After reading Albright's take on world affairs, it should come as no surprise to any one in this country that the U.S., long considered a true, true friend of the Bahamas, is very likely the prime instigator of the recent attacks on our offshore financial sector. Just watch the instant replay:
May 26 - the Financial Stability Forum (F.S.F.) releases a report labelling The Bahamas and other tax havens a "threat to global financial stability." What is the F.S.F. but an offshoot of the Organization for Economic and Co-operative Development (O.E.C.D.), a group of the world's 29 richest nations, chief among them the U.S.
June 22 - The Financial Action Task Force (F.A.T.F.) releases a blacklist of 15 countries it brands as "non-co-operative in the fight against money laundering." What is the F.A.T.F. but the brainchild of the Group of 7 (G-7) leading industrialised nations; the U.S. (surprise, surprise), Canada, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
June 25 - The O.E.C.D. releases its own blacklist of 35 "harmful tax havens", including The Bahamas and threatens sanctions if those on the list don't agree to a timetable of reform to "eliminate harmful tax practices".
July 8 - G-7 finance ministers meet in Japan to endorse the findings of the group's F.A.T.F. report and to dream up "incentives" to force the 15 blacklisted countries into compliance. Topping the list is a recommendation that each member issue advisories to banks back home, warning them of the risks in dealing with the targeted countries. Other possible punishments include cutting off aid from the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.) and other world organizations, and barring banks in G-7 countries from doing business with The Bahamas. But apparently G-7 members are not keen on using loans as a weapon against targeted countries because it might look too much like the U.S. is exercising influence over the I.M.F.
July 8 - The day of the G-7 meeting, seemingly even before a consensus has been reached among participants, the U.S.Treasury department issues an advisory, warning all U.S. banks and other financial institutions operating in the U.S. of "serious deficiencies in the counter money laundering systems of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas". The advisory also points out that the state of these legal supervisory and regulatory systems "at present increases the possibility that transactions involving The Bahamas will be used for illegal purposes".

Put all this together with Albright's earlier comments and it's easy to see that if The Bahamas doesn't comply with the U.S., we will be labelled a rogue state or more euphemistically a "state of concern" and risk being shut out of world markets. However, if we do co-operate, we will be considered a "society in transition" a good guy. Presumably, we will then be allowed to deal with reputable international companies, transact business with international banks, have some say in international trade talks and qualify for international assistance. No wonder The Bahamas government has finally issued a statement outlining the "urgent steps" it plans to take to ensure "The Bahamas compliance with the identified international standards and, hence, its consequent removal from the F.A.T.F. blacklist and U.S. advisory".

After nearly two months of burying its head in the sand, the Government is suddenly all eagerness to meet with everyone from God on down the O.E.C.D., the F.A.T.F., Bahamian financial institutions, lawyers and accountants, national and international legal authorities, the Leader of the Opposition and all M.P's. anyone that can help get The Bahamas back in the international community's good graces.

But passing a pile of laws and amendments, as the Government proposes, is not the answer. As French Finance Minister, Laurent Fabius, told his Russian counterpart when he announced Russia's plans for new money laundering laws: "What counts in this area even more than others is that they are put into practice."

In the meantime, does the Bahamas Government's new amenable posture mean it has abandoned its recent "suck teeth' diplomacy? Only two weeks ago, Central Bank Governor Julian Francis was telling one of the dailies: "Inevitably, there will be a bitter taste left in the mouth of Bahamians, who realise that we are being bullied by some of our friends." Perhaps now this Government has finally learned that in the new global economy there are no such things as 'friends'. Punch July 17th. From: Facts Inc. members@factsoffshore.com


We are pleased to announce Mr. Don Aucterlonie has accepted the position of Administrator for the Gippsland region. For all matters dealing with Social Dynamics training, setting up study/letter writing groups in your local area, or any other matters concerning the League of Rights - and you live in the Gippsland Region - please contact Don Aucterlonie, Phone 5633 1969.


The Annual General Meeting is to be held on August 29th, 2000 - make every effort to attend. Guest speaker will be Mr. John Stafford and his subject will be "Ireland Today". No meeting in September: Due to the anticipated Sydney Olympics' congestion there will be no meeting in September. The book "Vaccination: The Right Choice" by Maureen Hickman ($28.50 posted) is available from the Heritage Book Service, P.O. Box 6086, Lake Munmorah, N.S.W., 2259.


Saturday, 19th, and Sunday, 20th August Venue - Seminar & Dinner - Seminar commences 1.35 p.m. Parish Centre, Christ Church, 1708 Main South Road, O'Halloran Hill.
"Are We Choosing the Paths to Quality of Life?" Dr. Ziema McDonell, Ph.D., will speak to the following: "G.M.O. Foods; Effects on Our Cells and Health; Latest Research; What We Can Do About It". Dr. McDonell has degrees in Medicine, Forensic Science, Biochemistry and Nutrition as well as practicing Natural Therapies.
Dr. Kate Clinch-Jones: Dr. Clinch-Jones has a general practice at McLaren Vale. She will speak to the following: "Mechanics of HOW the crops are modified and WHY they do so...Danger of G.M.O's. to effect and modify weeds"
Geoff Kurtin Agr. Sc.: After graduating from Massey University in Agriculture he went on to further studies on bovine nutrition in the U.S.A. He is an Accredited Agricultural Consultant, Australasian Institute Agricultural Science & Technology. "Genetic Modification: from the Agriculturalist's Point of View: Is It All Bad?"
Saturday seminar: $10.00 admission.

"Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner" will be held on Saturday, August 19th. $22.00 per person - 3 course meal; B.Y.O. drinks.

Sunday Action Conference: August 20th...10.00 a.m.. $10.00 admission. Venue to be announced. A short Divine Service to open the Sunday Action Conference. Then the meeting will be opened up for Dr. McDonell who has agreed to stay on for the Sunday morning. She will speak on the following: "Looking at Cancer; Probable Causes; Treatments; Hormones & Menopause Problems; Men's Prostate and Cancer - How to Treat It; What To Do To Avoid It". Action reports will follow.
Bookings: R.S.V.P. - August 11th. Heritage Bookmailing, Box 208, Ingle Farm, S.A., 5098.

Please note: The next Adelaide Conservative Speakers' Club will be held in November. BOOK - Genetic Engineering: Food & Our Environment (A Brief Guide) by Luke Anderson: A reading must for everyone! Author Luke Anderson has presented a clear picture of all aspects of the debate concerning genetically engineered foods. The question is answered as to who is making the crucial decisions about the future of our food supply. Why are living organisms being patented? What are the implications to our health, the impact upon farming and the environment? Unsustainable chemical/industrial farming practices have already turned much arable land into desert, yet the Federal Government is pouring approximately $80 million this year into gene technology! Order from: Australian Heritage Society, P.O. Box 163, Chidlow, W.A., 6556, or any of the League Book Services. Soft cover - $22.00 posted.


September 29th-30th, 1st October. Plans are under way for the National Weekend to be held from Friday, September 29th (Dinner); Saturday, September 30th (Seminar); through to Sunday, October 1st (Divine Service and Action Conference). Please mark your diaries NOW. Guest speakers include Mr. Jeremy Lee and Dr. Ziema McDonell. Dinner and Seminar to be held at The Victoria, Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Divine Service & Action Conference to be held at 'Runnymede', Panton Hills, in the C.H. Douglas Memorial Hall.
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