Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
19 January 2001. Thought for the Week: "...the government institutionalised the notion of 'enemy of the people'. A decree signed by Lenin stipulated that 'all leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party, a party filled with enemies of the people, are hereby to be considered outlaws, and are to be arrested immediately and brought before a revolutionary court'. Such courts had just been set up in accordance with 'Order Number One Regarding the Courts', which effectively abolished all laws that 'were in contradiction with the worker and peasant government, or with the political programmes of the Social Democrats or Socialist Revolutionary Parties'. ... Among the revolutionary courts was a 'revolutionary press court', whose role was to judge all crimes committed by the press and to suspend any publication found to be 'sowing discord in the minds of the people by deliberately publishing erroneous news....'"
"The Black Book of Communism", 1999


by Jeremy Lee
The short-lived Christmas break is over, accompanied by weeping and gnashing of teeth that spending is down on last year. Under the mantra that passes for modern economics, if an economy doesn't "grow" it is in recession. One recent economic analysis suggested the benchmark was the figure of 2.5 percent. Under the heading GLOBAL RECESSION LIKELY, The Australian Financial Review (10/1/2001) reported:
"Morgan Stanley Dean Witter has become the first major Wall Street investment bank to argue that the US economic slowdown is likely to trigger a global recession. The bank's chief economist, Mr Stephen Roach, issued a note on Monday arguing that the US economy had already begun retracting and that the chances of its recession spreading globally were 45 percent. He defined a global recession as growth below 2.5 percent ...."

Common sense suggests that if a nation produces as many goods and services this year as it did last, it should remain in equilibrium. But in the crazy world of economic theory, we need a minimum growth rate to stay still! By such illogical logic Australia and the rest of the world face a testing time this year. The analysts are very sober about the future. The plunging Wall Street Stock Market is producing jitters everywhere.

Under the heading "FED SLOWS CRASH TO A SLUMP" Warren Hogan (The Australian, 5/1/2001) told us: ".... Evidence of a slowdown is most compelling in the US. Plunging stock markets, deteriorating labour market conditions, and falling confidence are all evident. The concern is that the worst may be yet to come .... US changes will affect the Australian economy with greater ferocity than elsewhere ...."

So Federal Reserve head Alan Greenspan has dropped interest rates by a half percent. The logic? "If we can just encourage Americans to borrow more, the economy should pick up". But if debt itself is the root problem, such a remedy can only widen the split between 'haves' and 'have-nots' still further, concentrating wealth to an ever-more vicious extent.

In the US the top 500 corporations account for 75 percent of all non-agricultural sales in the country; but the same 500 account for only 0.01 percent of all firms in America (Economics Explained, Heilbronner and Thurow, 1998). These corporations are largely international in character, swallowing each other up ruthlessly.

The Australian Financial Review (Weekend, 6-7/1/2001) told us: "The global tide of mergers and acquisitions, which started out as a trickle in the 1980s has become a raging and unstoppable flood tide..... The gathering speed and size of the worldwide takeover tsunami has been brought home by the latest merger and acquisition statistics from Thomson Financial Securities Data, the M&A industry scorekeeper ....M&A deals worth a record $US3.495 trillion ($6.283 trillion) were launched in calendar 2000 ....The value of global M&A transactions launched in 2000 was up 30 percent on the previous record, set in 1999, and eight times the annual average level of M&A activity in the first half of the 1990s ...."

What about Australia? Two days after Christmas The Australian (27/12/2000) reported: "Hong Kong Chinese and Singaporeans are leading a renewed charge of Asian investors buying up Australian assets, a trend only rivalled in growth by South Africans. The Foreign Investment Review Board has revealed that total foreign investment proposals increased last financial year from $67 billion to almost $98 billion...."

Before this new onslaught Australia was sending overseas about $100 million A DAY in interest and dividends. What the new figures are is anyone's guess. Perhaps Mr. Costello could enlighten us?


Analysing the recent half-percent interest rate cut in the US by Alan Greenspan, London's Sunday Times said: "Many analysts believe a recession may be inevitable because it is too late to stop it now. It usually takes between nine and 12 months for an interest rate change to have a general effect on the economy ..... Consumer confidence and spending plunged, largely as a result of the stock market fall after the all-time highs of early last year. About $US3 trillion was wiped off equity values. This has depressed sales of goods and services and forced a growing number of companies to lay off staff or close down, further depressing consumer confidence and spending. ..... Throughout the country retailers are reporting their worst December in five years ....."


The absurdity of a nation's - or a world's - prosperity depending on the whims of a single individual with regard to interest levels will one day be seen as the most bizarre situations in recorded history. But for the moment the voodoo black magic of modern economics has politicians mesmerised. Something of the religious fervour surrounding the current kingdom of mammon appeared in a feature article in The Australian Financial Review (Weekend, 6-7/1/2001) where a large photo of Greenspan accompanied the headline CAN THIS MAN SAVE THE WORLD?

It gave illustrations in which Greenspan was accorded divine status: " .... The 74-year-old is probably the most widely recognised financial figure ever, a symbol of wisdom and independence in an era when globalisation often limits governments' ability to influence the economic fate of their citizenry. In the financial markets, where the allocation of capital begins, his word is god. On economic policy, he has presidential-like authority.

Senator Phil Gramm, the Texas Republican in charge of his confirmation hearings, declared him 'the greatest central banker in the history of the world'. Senator John McCain promised to keep him on if elected president, beyond death if necessary. "'I would not only reappoint Mr Greenspan, if Mr. Greenspan should happen to die, God forbid, I would do like we did in the movie Weekend at Bernie's' the Senator said. 'I'd prop him up and put a pair of dark glasses on him and keep him as long as we could .....'"

It is probably doubtful if the aging Jewish Alan Greenspan appreciates such adulation any more than Australia's Reserve Bank chief Ian MacFarlane. But the cult of economics, built on a privately-controlled Monopoly of Credit, is totally obscene. The warning about this state of affairs was given 2,000 years ago by Our Lord - "You cannot serve two masters - You cannot worship God and Mammon ...."
The year 2001 looks as though it will reinforce this warning in graphic and unmistakable terms.


We reported late last year on the impending automation of Australia's wharves, where computer operators in their own homes would operate the robotic system which will replace the on-site operators and the labour force of the moment. Now the same thing is happening in the mining industry. The Australian Financial Review (10/1/2001) said:
"Automation will all but eliminate jobs in the mining industry within the lifetime of the present generation of mine workers, according to a senior trade union researcher. Mr. Peter Colley, research director with the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, said the technology for driverless trucks was already being tested in Australian coal mines and would become commercially viable within the decade. 'Global positioning systems and satellite systems are used for monitoring now. Within ten years they will be used to undertake operations combined with automated machinery options .... It is all technologically feasible. What stops it is the need to have failsafe systems - to make sure fully automated machines don't accidentally run someone over, or drive over a cliff. That is what makes them expensive. ' [But] computing power basically halves in price every 18 months to two years, so what is prohibitively expensive will be quite feasible within a decade and probably much earlier. It is only a matter of time' .."


With a spate of elections in the coming year, culminating in a Federal election, Prime Minister Howard and Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson will be hoping to lead their respective parties back into office. The National Party has become a pitiful little tail on the Liberal dog, trailing in the opinion polls behind the Democrats and, in some cases, what is left of One Nation. The Coalition leaders know they will stand or fall in the Australia outside the metropolitan areas. Already the pork-barrelling has started, with funds suddenly available for roads in vulnerable rural seats. But bribes are no substitute for the urgently needed tax, credit and interest-rate relief required to stop the rural exodus and then rebuild our country areas.

The Australian Financial Review (10/1/2001) showed how futile the Coalition's current policies really are: "Australians are leaving the land. In the 12 months to June 1999, 120 local rural areas lost more than 1 percent of their population base, a staggering figure that far outstrips population losses over the past 24 years ......"

Before his election John Anderson said he was determined to stop the exodus from the land. What a sorry pipe-dream that appears now! But he will still be asking country folk to trust him and his party mates, and vote them back into office.


The Australian Monarchist League has criticized the Victorian Bracks Government for ignoring the centenary of the death of Queen Victoria. Philip Benwell, National Chairman had this to say on the matter: "1851, the Port Philip district of New South Wales, became a separate colony and was given the distinct honour of being named after Queen Victoria. Just three weeks following the inclusion of the Colony into a Federated Australia as the State of Victoria, its namesake Queen Victoria died on the 22nd of January 1901."

Condemning the Victorian Government he reported, "To our knowledge the State Government of Victoria has made no plans to mark the centenary of the passing of Queen Victoria." He said, "It is reprehensible that, in its tremendous prejudice against the Monarchy - a Monarchy I emphasise which was overwhelmingly voted in by the People of Victoria just over a year ago, the Bracks Government has seen fit to ignore this occasion important in the history of the State. Such is the petulance of republicans.
It is surely not too much," continued Mr. Benwell "To expect the Government to honour the person after whom their State was named to at least formally lay a wreath at an appropriate statue of Queen Victoria and I strongly urge them to do so for the sake of the honour of the State."


This has been a sobering first issue of On Target for the year. Crisis threatens on every quarter. But the very nature of evil and dislocation ultimately serves to highlight the fact that truth offers viable alternatives. The polluted, glutted, dislocated world of the moment contains the possibilities of a brilliant dawn if events force us to recognise the Nature of Reality.
The League, attacked and despised over many years, has continued to offer the vision outlined by C.H. Douglas, the founder of Social Credit. There are more seekers now than a few years ago. The League's challenge has been, and is, to preserve intact the information those seekers need. A challenging and rewarding New Year to our readers!


by Betty Luks
The first thing one notices about the presentation of the Discussion Paper and Model Bill is the expensive medium on which the text is produced! No ordinary white photocopy-quality paper with black text - not for this 'baby'! Glossy expensive paper with two-colour print... no expense spared when you don't have to pay for it! But, as one correspondent wrote, this proposed Bill is a shocker!

Readers are urged to obtain a copy of the "Racial and Religious Toleration Legislation" from the Victorian Government and send in a submission. Phone 1300 366 and ask for a copy to be sent to you.

The League is under no illusions as to the targets of such proposed legislation, but it would be in the interests of other groups such as church bodies to carefully study the discussion paper and draft bill. Under the heading "What should legislation about vilification cover" the following definition is given: Religious belief or activity is defined as meaning:
. Holding or not holding a lawful religious belief or view;
. Engaging in, or not engaging in, or refusing to engage in a lawful religious activity. Who determines whether the religious belief or view is lawful or unlawful?

Another goes like this: "Is it appropriate to legislate that a series of communications could be vilification where an individual communication may not be?"

The Role of Intention
The Equal Opportunity Act 1995 does not require intention to discriminate as a prerequisite to finding that discrimination has occurred. As it is proposed that the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act will use the same processes under the Equal Opportunity Act, there is a strong argument that intention should be irrelevant in determining whether or not a person vilifies."

Dr. Fredrick Toben of the Adelaide Institute and his colleague Mrs. Olga Scully (both have been before the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission and there are moves to take Dr. Toben before the Federal Court), are quite right when they warn us, "If they (in this case the Jewish community) win this battle, free speech is gone." There is a push for fines and/or gaol terms in the proposed legislation which will make 'racial and religious vilification' a criminal offence.

Clauses 4 and 5 of the Model Bill propose criminal penalties of up to $6,000 and/or a maximum term of imprisonment for 6 months for an individual. This penalty level would be consistent with the penalties currently provided for offences including displaying and selling 'X' classified videos or failing to give evidence to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. A corporation could be fined up to $30,000."

In which case, persons such as Dr. Toben could then come under United Nations conventions and liable for extradition back to Germany should the German authorities decide on a retrial. Readers will remember Dr. Toben spent seven months in a German prison for publicly questioning 'the Holocaust' whilst on a visit to Germany. There is no doubt in the minds of those in the forefront of public debate on many historical, religious and political issues, this legislation - if passed - will be used to try to frighten them into submission, to muzzle their voices - it is an attack on the right to freedom of speech! It is an attack on the right to question 'politically correct' history, etc.

To its credit the Melbourne Herald Sun's editorial, 12/2/2000, protested the proposed legislation and observed: "...As we have noted in other editorials over the years, racists by their actions are already subject to the law. The Crimes and Summary Offences Acts provide ample protection for those who are persecuted by bigoted extremists. Nowhere in the world has any government successfully legislated away racial hatred. In deferring to minority groups by attempting to do so here, the Bracks Government risks curtailing freedom of speech. This is of serious concern to a robust democracy which encourages vigorous debate in the political, religious and ethnic arenas."

We have been reliably informed that the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission lists fourteen groups they consider "racist groups operating in Victoria". This list is as follows: . The Australian League of Rights . World Church of the Creator . Citizens Electoral Council . Associates Reform Movement Inc. . Australian Civil Liberties Union . AUSI Freedom Scouts . New Dawn . The National Republicans . The Strategy . National Action . David Syme Institute . Adelaide Institute . British Israel World Federation . Ku Klux Klan .

In the last issue for 2000 we published an article dealing with the issue of usury and the failure of the Christian churches to give any leadership or direction for the people; we also pointed out that both the Catholic Church and Church of England had vested interests in usurious schemes, "Crucified Bank Customers as St. Paul's Cathedral".
Our technology failed to transmit the amount in figures of the amount of shares the Church of England had in banks.
It is one third of a billion pounds.


Italy - Guardiagrele, a town in central Italy, recently gained worldwide attention by issuing its own currency as a move toward implementing the bold economic theories of local resident and retired law professor, Giacinto Auriti. Auriti contends that Italy's Central banks have been robbing the public by fostering a debt-based economy which decreases spending value by at least half. Professor Auriti was determined to prove his theory so, when his first line of attack - the attempt to sue the Governor of the Bank of Italy - did not work, he began his extraordinary experiment. He issued the 'Simec', an Italian acronym for "Econometric Symbol of Inducted Value".

The public enthusiastically received the freshly minted notes which included both a hologram and the reassuring eagle. And why not: They were able to spend them in more than 40 of the town's shops at twice the value of the lire. Every week, shop owners could redeem each Simec for two lire, in an exchange funded by the professor, who belongs to one of the wealthiest local families. Participating shops and townspeople were naturally delighted and in just one month 2.5 billion Simecs had been put into circulation and the experiment had been so successful that it began to pose a threat to the financial establishment. At that point, more than a hundred guardsmen invaded the town and carried off box-loads of the new currency, prompting protests from a furious citizenry. For a time the saga seemed to be over, but the court ruled that the professor had done nothing illegal and the Simecs were returned. He has since received a warning from the Central Bank.

For now, a committee of local merchants manages the currency already in circulation and a moratorium has been declared on the production of additional Simec notes. The whole experiment has dramatically brought the professor's idea into the public arena, leading to worldwide interest. For example, a Franciscan college in Aquila, Italy, is now planning to open a School of Monetary Values which is to be dedicated to Auriti's theories. For more information, e-mail: or go to (Source: Positive News UK:


To the Editor, Weekend Australian. From Mayor Peter Davis of Port Lincoln
Dear Miss Ellen, One wonders how many thousands of Australians who watched the Sydney Centenary celebrations, together with that massive screen that displayed the flag and the federation star recognised the error so proudly displayed. It is a measure of the organisers' knowledge of federation that an incorrect star was displayed. One would have thought that seven pointers would have rung a bell. Six States and the Commonwealth. Similarly, when one recalls the speeches of the Prime Minister and the Governor-General, both dwelt, sensibly, with the hundred years of peaceful, democratic rule we have all enjoyed. But neither paid tribute to the origins of that peaceful rule, Christian religion and British Monarchical law. And yet, when one reads that penetrating feature article your Nicolas Rothwell wrote, 'Voices out of the great silence' it is not surprising such errors or omissions occurred. - Peter Davis, Port Lincoln, January 3rd, 2001


We are pleased to announce Mr. Murray Pope of Cranbrook, WA, has accepted the position of State Director for West Australia and his 'right-hand man' as Assistant State Director will be Mr. Jephrey Burton of Gidgegannup. Both men have a long and proven record of commitment to the work of the League and National Director Betty Luks is pleased to make the announcement. Along with State Secretary Mrs. Maureen Burton on the team, Betty Luks is confident the folk of West Australia will be well served.


The Australian League of Rights in Queensland invites you to an Australia Day weekend function: VENUE: The Highfields Cultural Centre, O'Briens Road, Highfields. WHEN: Sunday, January 28th, 2001. TIME: 10.00am to 4.00pm. Speakers include: National Director Betty Luks and Mrs. Antonia Feitz. Other speakers on various issues. Contribution: $10.00 to cover costs; please bring a plate of finger food for a shared lunch. Tea and coffee will be available. FURTHER INFORMATION: Tony Symonds, Phone 4667 4172; John Brett, Phone 4698 7505

FURTHER SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS FOR NATIONAL DIRECTOR: Betty Luks will also be speaking at the following centres: Monday, January 29th - St. George. Contact: Phone (07) 4625 3723 Tuesday, January 30th - Chinchilla. Contact: Phone (07) 4668 1226 Wednesday, January 31st - Nambour. Contact: Phone (07) 5476 2929 Thursday, February 1st - Tweed Heads. Contact: Phone (02) 6674 0193


The Sydney Conservative Speakers' Club request the pleasure of your company on Tuesday Evening, January 30th, 2001. Guest speaker will be KHILOUD SHAKIR. As an Iraqi national and student of politics for which she is studying her Ph.D., Khiloud Shakir is well qualified to inform us of the present-day pressure against Iraq by the United Nations. The title of the subject will be: "International Law and Sanctions against Iraq". The venue is as usual: The Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney. Meeting commences at 7.30pm.

Dates for your diary: Tuesday Evening, February 27th, 2001. Guest speaker: Mr. Jeremy Lee. Subject: "Australia's Unique Position to Challenge the Menace of Globalisation" Tuesday Evening, March 27th, 2001. Guest speaker: Mr. Welf Herfurt. Subject: "The Threat to Freedom & Democracy in Germany Today".