Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
18 May 2001. Thought for the Week: "I had always recognised the hazards of a job in which observers and Chiefs of Staff alike were likely to become expendable. Our raison d'être as peace-keepers was objectivity and impartiality. Yet these very qualities were exactly those which led to hostility. It was understandable; time and time again in the course of frank discussions with Israeli officers and officials, I heard them openly repudiate the idea of objectivity. Their flat statement 'You are either for or against us' explained why - having dared to be entirely objective - I had now been branded as 'irrevocably against'... Even nastier was an Israeli tendency to immediately brand objectivity as anti-Semitic; a convenient label which could be smeared on to any U.N. soldier whose impartial report did not weigh down in favour of the Israelis...
The Arabs could be difficult, intolerant, indeed often impossible, but their code of behaviour was on an infinitely higher and more civilised level. I think we all came to this conclusion in UNTSO - which was strange, because there was hardly a man among us who had not originally arrived in the Holy Land without the most positive and sympathetic attitude towards the Israelis and their ambitions for their country...
What went wrong? ... I found it sad but very significant that when I asked them what their most negative experience had been ... the reply was almost invariably: 'The consistent cheating and deception of the Israelis'...
"Soldiering for Peace" by General Carl C. von Horn, London, 1967


by Jeremy Lee
With the news that former Labor member for Kalgoorlie and leader of Australia First Graeme Campbell has joined Pauline Hanson's One Nation and may stand for the Senate, Senator Ron Boswell has come riding out of the sunset on his National Party charger to save rural Australia from a fate worse than death. A page 2 article in The Australian (8/5/01) quotes Senator Boswell as claiming the move meant the League of Rights was now taking over One Nation:
" ....Ron Boswell, National Party leader in the Senate, who is competing head to head with Pauline Hanson for a Senate seat in Queensland, said the membership shift was 'a reverse takeover, an amalgamation, a merger of the League of Rights and One Nation'. "It won't be Pauline Hanson's One Nation. It will be the League of Rights' One Nation and if people want to support this party they will have to deny the Holocaust occurred, they will have to deny the story of Anne Frank's diary and that Jesus Christ was a Jew. We are celebrating a hundred years of Federation and we now have people in three parliaments who will be directly associated with the League of Rights ...."

Following the abysmal showing of the National Party in the recent State elections, culminating in the humiliating result in the recent by-election for the State seat of Surfers' Paradise, where the Nationals went from incumbency to a mere 8% of the vote, most would recognise that Senator Boswell is desperate for an issue to run with. He daren't stand on the record of his own Party - look where such a normal procedure has got the Nationals in recent months. So he has got to try to create one, even where he hasn't got the ingredients to begin with. The closest he can come is to intimate that Campbell is a member of the League of Rights, which even he must know is not true. But Campbell has spoken on League platforms, which is enough to damn him for ever in the eyes of Ron ("The grim weeper") Boswell.

But then so have many other prominent Australians, including members of his own party such as Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen and former National State leader in Victoria Peter Ross-Edwards. Some have wilted after being attacked for doing so. Current Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, after giving quite a good paper at a League seminar in Adelaide, completely went to water subsequently, even making the absurd excuse that he didn't know where he was at the time! He surrendered to the "guilt-by-association" technique which Boswell hopes desperately will succeed in getting the Nationals off the hook in the coming federal election.

Ever since 1969, when the League of Rights published the small booklet "They Want Your Land", it has been a thorn in the side of the Country-cum-National Party, which could have halted and reversed the present rural tragedy had it had the courage to do so. In order to evade its responsibilities the National Party decided to attempt to "smear" the League as a way of diverting just criticism. Time has now run out for the Nationals. They are seen as betrayers in many areas of rural Australia. Attempting to drum up a "guilt-by-association" straw man will produce no feather that they can fly with.
(The forthcoming May edition of The New Times Survey will carry a much more detailed history of the ongoing battle between the League of Rights and the remnants of a once-great party. For non-subscribers, $3.00 posted from The Heritage Bookshop, Box 1052 J, GPO, Melbourne, 3001.)


It was in September 1994 that Graeme Campbell was invited to give the Fourth Annual D.H. Drummond Memorial Address at the University of New England. The invitation was unprecedented. Campbell was a sitting Federal Labor Member at the time. Dave Drummond had been Country Party member for Armidale in the NSW Legislative Assembly from 1920 to 1949 and Deputy Leader of the Country Party from 1938 to 1949. He was of an intellectual stature, and a level of integrity unknown in today's National Party.

Campbell's address, "The Struggle for True Australian Independence", went out in booklet form by the thousands, and was, perhaps, the start of the increasing national attention Campbell subsequently gained. Speaking of the dangers of those pushing the old socialist international policies of globalism, Campbell said in his address:
" .... These internationalists dictate policy from above against the wishes of the great bulk of the people. They have become so powerful, with their media influence, that they have been able to define what constitutes acceptable political discourse. These unrepresentative pressure groups taken together are even arrogant enough to call themselves 'the community'. Australia is developing into a corporate state where only those groups either established or recognised by those in power are given legitimacy in the political process. This mentality infects both political parties ...."

You don't have to be a member or supporter of the League of Rights to recognise the truth of what Campbell was saying. He dared to express what Boswell and his ilk in the National Party dare not put into words. The National Party voted without dissension for the GST. It voted without dissension for gun-confiscation. It voted for the National Competition Policy. It did nothing in the early nineties when interest rates went to quite murderous levels as high as 30 percent, destroying many farmers and their families, as well as rural towns and communities in the process. Its epitaph will be the massive rural exodus. Squirm and wriggle though it may, it cannot blame the League of Rights, Graeme Campbell, Pauline Hanson or anyone else for that. It now has to carry the can.


The Swiss people voted overwhelmingly against joining the European Union in a referendum on March 4th. Out of 26 cantons, 22 voted against, approximating about 78% of voters. Commenting on the referendum the UK magazine Right Now (April-June 2001) said that the Swiss had been influenced in their decision by the situation in nearby Austria, where the free election of Jorg Haidar's Freedom Party had been stigmatised by the EU bureaucrats. This had resulted in a massive shift in sentiment in Switzerland, where three years ago opinions for and against Europe were running close to 50:50. Today the figures show about 80% against. The magazine added: " ... The Swiss are aware that under EU law anyone 'that seriously prejudices the Community's interests and damages the institution's image and reputation can have their freedom of expression limited ...'" Which sounds like a bureaucratic way of saying that free speech can be curtailed at the whim of the Commission.


"What has gone wrong with British farming? The problem is that our agricultural policy is made in Brussels through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and in the supermarket boardrooms (the big five supermarket groups control 80% of all grocery sales), so farming has become more and more industrial and imports have soared. There are now 25% fewer farms that ten years ago. Farmers receive less than half what you pay the supermarkets for milk - less even than it costs them to produce it! We import over 500,000 tonnes of pork and bacon, and over 200,000 tonnes of beef - including from parts of the world (such as Africa) where foot-and-mouth is rife. We've lost over half our apple orchards in recent years and now import over 400,000 tonnes of apples and four out of every five pears we eat. Even our lettuces come from as far afield as Mexico and Zimbabwe! ...." (Right Now!, PO Box 2085, London, W1A 5SX - April-June 2001)


Two days before the official parliamentary centenary celebrations, Australia's oldest political party, the ALP, held its own bash in Melbourne to celebrate 100 years existence. Any connection against the workers association that had its genesis under the tree of knowledge in Barcaldine and the current Labor Party is so obscure that Andrew Fisher, Joe Lyons, John Curtin, Ben Chifley and above all King O'Malley would have missed it. The party which formed the Commonwealth Bank has now sold it, giving private finance free rein in the deregulation of the finance sector. The biggest trading bank profits in Australia's history, now being posted on the score-board and made during a year of recession in Australia, are testimony to the complete Fabian takeover of the traditional Labor Party. All of which, apparently, caused no sign of conscience as Labor stalwarts, with a lump in their throats and a tear in their eyes, re-pledged themselves to Chifley's "light on the hill".

An article in The Australian (IT Section, May 8th) told us that Parliament House now receives 500,000 e-mails a month (six million a year): " .... Every federal member and senator along with every public servant in Parliament House, has a unique e-mail address - and there are 2,500 of them. 'The addresses are used extensively, and some members and senators feel they are being overloaded with electronic documents,' ...."


The following letter appeared in the Sunday Mail, 15/4/01: A NATION OF TAX COLLECTORS: "Gone are the days when record Budget surpluses were achieved with the help of just 70,000 wholesale tax collectors with no disruption whatsoever to the rest of the community. These days, with the GST, we are struggling to achieve a Budget surplus with an army of some 3.2 million retail tax collectors who, in many cases, are being forced to pay their GST liability to the tax office before it has even been collected. This has created a huge cash flow problem throughout the small business community, in particular, and is the catalyst for the economic downturn and possible recession. The plight of small business is but one example of the downside of the GST which is there for all to see.
But where is the upside? This is the question Mr Howard will need to answer to the satisfaction of voters if he is to have any hope whatsoever of winning the next election." - David Davidson, Unley Park, South Aust.


The dot com bubble has surely burst according to the Adelaide Advertiser, 28/4/01. Lay-offs in the US high-tech industry totalled a record 17,540 this month. Chicago-based company Challenger reported, "companies that were expecting to shift their business to the Internet are now bailing out".


In spite of all the brain-washing and media hype young people in Britain are declaring their national identity! Three-quarters of young people see themselves as British rather than European, and are far prouder of their national identity than those in European countries. Seventy percent want power transferred back to the UK Parliament from Brussels. The survey of 1,000 adults aged 21 to 35 was conducted by Mori for Time magazine. Forty percent of Italians saw themselves as more European than Italian. In Germany the figure was 36 percent, in France 33 percent. But only one in five Britons said they were European. Mori said: 'The British are the least comfortable and enthusiastic about political union.' UK Mail - April, 2001


It looks as though the League is in for some intense attacks from the Jewish lobby, politicians of all parties and the establishment media. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact many voters now have a strong focus for the next federal election with Graeme Campbell joining forces with Pauline Hanson! And, absolutely nothing to do with the fact Senator Ron Boswell will be competing with Pauline Hanson for a Queensland Senate seat at the next federal election.

A strengthened One Nation, must be discredited in the eyes of the voting public. This is done with the usual 'smear-by-association' tactics. Having 'demonised' the League of Rights in the eyes of the unthinking, they then go on to smear-by-association the One Nation party. A number of 'beat-ups' along these lines has recently appeared in newspapers throughout Australia. But one word of advice for would-be politicians - no matter which party - if you think you can 'run with the hares and hunt with the hounds', forget it. IF you are effective in the fight to retain some semblance of political and economic democracy for the Australian people 'they' will set out to ostracise and marginalise you. Of that you can be sure. You would have to be discredited in the eyes of the voters. That is one of the tactics of the ruling elite.

The following is a copy of the response by the National Director to one of the attacks by a West Australian rural paper. To date the letter has not been published.

Sir, I tend to agree with Peter Lee's view "that politicians were so comfortable in Canberra that they had no idea about the state of the real world." But, after reading "Political winners and losers" Farm Weekly, WA, April, 2001, I have to say neither do rural journalists! Whilst tempted to respond to the usual 'smear job' done on the Australian League of Rights, I would rather take issue with his statement about Senator Ron Boswell and former politician Tim Fischer. "They are great listeners to the people in their regions, but they are also aware that the ability to describe a problem does not necessarily mean that the 'describer' also has all the answers..."

Tim Fischer and Ron Boswell may be good listeners, but listening is not enough! That is not the basic underlying purpose for which they were elected to Parliament by their supporters. It was to represent the interests of their electorate (not the interests of the multinationals and international bankers, who expect 'pay back' for their party-political donations) and this is what the two gentlemen in question have not done!
Oh! Yes! They have made the right noises and no doubt they have the "ability to describe a problem", but when it came to the decision-making process they chose for the big guns, and by doing so, chose the destruction of the livelihood and lives of thousands and thousands of Australian families, their industries and farms. They, as politicians, sold out their own people, their own electorate.

The process of voting within a political party is not the same thing as representative government and if Mr. Lee's perception were more acute he would know the difference. There is a world of difference between 'what the party decides is what we do' (a party-dictatorship) and re-presenting the interests of the people (that is you, me, considered collectively) and is based on our individual rights and freedoms. He writes of 'fundamentalist economic policies'. What does this mean? Does he mean policies that take into account the eternal, immutable fixtures such as families, communities and nations, and community relationships and the relationships between nations? Is there something wrong with that? When did these eternal, immutable fixtures change - how did I miss it?
When did the purpose of a crop of wheat change? Is not food for the body? And isn't the body more than raiment?
When did the purpose of an economic system change? Did I miss that change too?

May I suggest Mr. Lee get off his backside and do some old-fashioned investigative journalism? He would discover, the policies of globalism, of economic rationalism (whatever name he wants to give to the ruling elite's Life-blind philosophy, you know, the pre-suppositions they hold about the purpose of money, an economic system, etc.) are destructive of families, communities and nations. I am referring to the policies which both Tim Fischer and Ron Boswell latched onto, on the coat tails of the Liberals, to keep the 'chosen few' of the Nationals in positions of power in a Coalition Government.

It's a bit rich when Mr. Lee continues to smear the League of Rights, even though that which the League predicted would happen has happened! If he made an honest effort to investigate - come on Mr. Lee get out of that chair, move yourself - the League's written material, he would find that I have made a correct statement, not a boast. We get no joy out of seeing farmers forced off their lands, families falling apart, and the nation stripped of its resources and assets as the people are brought to their knees by these power-hungry, Life-blind fanatics. Yours faithfully, Betty Luks, National Director, Australian League of Rights.


The fund is not far from the half-way mark as the latest figures show - $29,128:80. We continue to direct our appeal to the great majority who have not yet made a contribution. Please don't leave it to the same loyal few who give so generously and sacrificially. Make your contribution too.


Coming up on May 26th and 27th is the League's Annual State Dinner and Seminar. The function will be held at the Highfield Cultural Centre, just outside Toowoomba. Included in the highlights will be papers by Wendy Scurr, a nurse from Tasmania who was present during the Port Arthur massacre, and Andrew Macgregor, a veteran police officer who will raise disturbing questions that point to suppression of evidence surrounding the Port Arthur affair. Other speakers will include National Director Betty Luks on the unsavoury racial vilification legislation; brilliant barrister Graeme Strachan whose book on the dangers of globalisation has had such a wide impact, Jeremy Lee on The League of Rights, the National Party and the Rural Disaster; and the Independent State Member for Maryborough, Dr. John Kingston MLA, will be speaking on the extent of the Dairy Disaster - Dr. Kingston has been right in the forefront of exposing and fighting the disastrous developments which have destroyed many dairy farmers, and has become widely known for the quality of his research. A top-flight presentation on the "Buy Back Australia" campaign will be given. This will be an information and action-packed gathering. Make a note in your diary now.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 29th. Guest Speaker will be Mrs. Betty Luks, National Director, Australian League of Rights. Subject: "Implications of the Racial Vilification Legislation". There is a belief among the ruling elite that they know what is best for the people, even to telling them what they can think, believe, or say, on such issues as immigration, race and multiculturalism. That is an arrogant assumption and must be challenged. Although the legislation is claimed to be aimed at what is euphemistically called 'racial vilification', it will not end there. Betty Luks will challenge that belief. The meeting will be held at the Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney - commencing at 7.30pm. The cost of attendance is $4 per person (a steal at that price!). Books from the Heritage Book Service will be on display. For enquiries phone: (02) 9759 4450.

Next Month: Tuesday, June 26th - Mr. Graeme Campbell, Founder of Australia First Party Inc. Subject - "Is There a Way Out for Australia?"

Further Dates for your Diary: Tuesday, July 31st - Mr. Ian Murphy. Subject: "The Question of Australia's Defence"
Tuesday, August 28th - Annual General Meeting. Guest Speaker: Mr. Welf Herfurth Subject: "The Threat to Freedom and Democracy in Germany Today".


The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday, May 30th. The Guest Speaker for the evening will be Mrs. Betty Luks, National Director of the Australian League of Rights. The evening promises to be very informative and entertaining. The meeting will commence at 7.00 pm and a good variety of books will be available for sale on the night. All League supporters and their invited guests are welcome. For further details regarding the venue please contact Valdis Luks on (02) 6282 2243.


Whilst in New South Wales meetings have been organised for the National Director of the League in Wauchope and Canberra. For further details contact the following: Wauchope: Monday, May 28th. Phone: (02) 6582 1168 - Harold Patterson Canberra: Wednesday, May 30th. Phone: (02) 6282 2243 - Valdis Luks.


West Australia: August 11th-12th, to be held in Perth. Speakers for the WA seminar are Graeme Campbell, Betty Luks and Jeremy Lee.

South Australia: August 18th-19th, to be held in Adelaide. Speakers for the SA seminar include Mr. Jeremy Lee and Mrs Wendy Scurr, who will recall what she saw and experienced at the Port Arthur massacre. After having heard her at the Inverell Forum we believe her story needs to be told. Keep these dates free.

Victoria: Wendy will be doing a series of meetings prior to the SA Weekend. At this stage meetings have been arranged for Melbourne, Horsham, Nhill and Apsley in Victoria. Further details as they come to hand.

Queensland: Betty Luks will be available in early June for meetings in central/northern Queensland. Those interested in having her speak on "The Arrogant Assumption Behind the Racial Vilification Legislation" please contact Mr. Gerry Patch, who is co-ordinating the tour, by phoning (07) 4635 7410.


A major shift is planned for the National Weekend. The event will be moved to the Victorian/New South Wales border to enable more of the country League supporters and those New South Welshmen - and women - to get to it. It will be held in Albury. The venue will be The Hume Inn Motel, and the theme will be on The Celebration of Federation. The Hume Inn Motel is situated opposite 17 acres of delightful parkland near the Murray River. At a later date we will circulate information on accommodation available, e.g. Motels (including the Hume Inn), Caravan Parks, Bed and Breakfasts. For those interstate visitors planning to fly in, there is an airport at Albury. Dates are: Friday, October 6th - New Times Dinner - commence 6.30pm, sit down to Dinner 7.00pm. Saturday, October 7th - Seminar The Celebration of Federation from 10.00am through to evening programme. Sunday, October 8th - Divine Service and Action Seminar from 9.00am: finishing at Noon for folk (who want) to make their way back home.


Don't forget the Anglican Church's PETITION to the UN High Commissioner: Who knows? Some time in the future Australians may be in such a position as the Palestinian people are now. I would like to think somewhere in the world there were people with enough heart and courage to speak out on our behalf. Let's do the same for the Palestinians today. Photocopy, circulate and make sure you sign the petition.


To: Mrs. Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

WE, the undersigned, call urgently on Mrs. Mary Robinson to uphold, in full, the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on behalf of the Palestinian people, at this most critical and dangerous historical juncture. In particular, we call on her urgently to affirm Article #1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which calls for the inalienable right of all peoples to self-determination, and which continues to be grievously and systematically violated by Israel's occupation, and by its refusal to accept the right of return.

The right to self-determination and continued occupation stand in fundamental conflict. Continued occupation is the root cause of the present situation. It is the machinery of occupation which produces the systematic violation of the range of other individual and collective rights provided for by the Covenant, including the right to liberty and security of person, the right to freedom of movement, the right to control one's own natural resources, and others.

It is the machinery of occupation which produces settlements, closures, checkpoints, home demolitions, land confiscation, destruction of crops, and wanton killings by settlers and occupation forces, which the Palestinian people have continued to endure even during the last 7 years under cover of the peace process. Occupation can be maintained only by violence or the threat of violence.

Instead of respecting the principles of human rights and international law, and acknowledging the Palestinian right to self-determination, Israel has declared war on the Palestinian people. It has openly unleashed an arsenal of military violence against them. In just six weeks, more than 200 Palestinians have been killed and over six thousand wounded. We demand a total end to the occupation.

We appeal urgently to the High Commissioner for Human Rights to call for the implementation of the Palestinian right to self-determination, and as a first step, to call for an international protection force for the Palestinian people, before continued violence against Palestinian society results in massive destruction for the second time in 52 years.

Signed: Sincerely,