Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction


25 May 2001. Thought for the Week: "...we may employ a conception which will be familiar to students of Eastern Philosophy, which regards the world, or society, as a macrocosm or 'Great Man', reflecting on a gigantic scale the microcosm or individual man. In this conception every attribute of the human individual is repeated on a mighty scale in the 'World Man', and to this World Man, the 'Prince of this World', the human individual bears very much the same relation that the blood corpuscle of the individual does to the human body... Now the interest of the blood corpuscle, if it can be imagined to have an interest, is only concerned with the body of which it is a constituent - in so far as the continued existence of that body tends towards its own progressive evolution, and the interest of the human individual in society is similar... When we do things under the compulsion of Society, we are blood-corpuscles, not individuals; we are doing them in the interests of Society primarily, and only secondarily, if at all, in the interests of our own individuality..."
C.H. Douglas in "Social Credit", First Edition, 1924


by Jeremy Lee
These were the concluding words of the League's National Director, Betty Luks, delivered in a calm and reasoned manner, to a segment on the ABC's 7.30 Report on May 16th. The segment dealt with allegations that Graeme Campbell's entry into One Nation meant that the League now, somehow, controlled that party. Senator Ron Boswell, threatened with defeat at the coming Federal Election, reiterated his oft-repeated and inaccurate allegations that the League has "been called the most racist organization in Australia. They're anti-Semitic; they're anti-Asian. He (i.e. Graeme Campbell) may say he's not being run by them, but many of Australia First's officers and office holders are League of Rights people. And also the people that donate to him considerable amounts of money come from the League of Rights ...."

Thus spake the Grim Weeper during the interview. Any connection between what he said and the real truth is purely coincidental. But Boswell must build up a controversy to exploit if he is to improve his chances of re-election. He must be widely seen as the National Party knight in shining armour, riding forth to save what's left of rural Australia from a fate worse than death.
Unfortunately, Senator Boswell is not a natural on a horse! Not only does he look like a sack of potatoes in the saddle, but he obviously has not worked out how to point his trusty steed in the right direction!
By contrast, Betty Luks was the epitome of moderation, not concerned with scoring the "brownie-points" which politicians have to drum up, but simply stating the truth.

Graeme Campbell was quoted in The Australian Jewish News (18/5/01) by Bernard Freedman as saying it was "unmitigated bull s..t" to claim that One Nation was threatened with infiltration by extremists because of his association with the League of Rights. '...The League of Rights is about as subversive as the Country Women's Association and almost as powerful,' Mr. Campbell says. " So, if the League of Rights is so unimportant, why continue to talk to them? 'I talk to anyone. I am not going to have anyone deprive me my freedom of speech. There is no advantage in my talking to the League of Rights, but I'm damned if I'm going to be intimidated into not talking to them by any pressure group. The more B'nai B'rith attacks me for talking to the League of Rights, the more I'll continue talking to them.'"

It would appear that Australia's Jewish Community is being coerced into believing that the resurgence of One Nation poses a threat to them.

Another article in the same issue of The Australian Jewish News, headed DANGER: ONE NATION AHEAD was a rambling condemnation which claimed One Nation's message was "one of intolerance, racism, prejudice, resentment and bitterness". It added that "None of this augurs well for the Jewish community". Which explains why pressure from certain sections of the Jewish community for stronger racial vilification legislation is so strong. But there is no justification for further restrictions on freedom of speech, which such legislation would entail.


The real threat to the free society, summed up so well by Betty Luks in the few words she was given, lies in the fact that with every centralisation of power there is a corresponding withdrawal of personal sovereignty from the individual. This was well summed up by two prominent Australians a few years ago. P.P. McGuiness, currently Editor of Quadrant, wrote in The Australian, March 22nd, 1994:
".... With every multilateral treaty or bargain; every adhesion to bodies such as the United Nations or General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; every agreement on the international trading regime, on international co-ordination and standards on human rights and the environment, or the rights of indigenous peoples, or racial, sexual, or other discrimination; on international property rights or cultural co-operation; with every convention of the International Labour Organisation signed - there has been not only the creation of new heads of power for the Commonwealth, but a cession of power to interfere in and legislate for Australia to the various international communities of signatories and organisations ...."


Seven months later the former High Court of Australia Judge Sir Ninian Stephen, presenting the Sir Earle Page Lecture, was quoted by The Bulletin (11/10/94) as saying: "National Governments worldwide are increasingly experiencing diminished sovereignty, diminished power to legislate as they see fit and increased obligations to conform to criteria and benchmarks imposed by international agencies," he said.

Stephen, our most respected international jurist, argued that a "democratic deficit" may emerge in Australia, where the cabinet and not the parliament decides to enter treaties. This would be compounded if the UN and similar bodies held greater sway over what happened within a country than did its own decision-making institutions.

He said "When power passes from nation-states to international agencies, the individual elector risks becoming increasingly unimportant. The decline in extent of national sovereignty may mean just that: policy affecting the citizen may be determined at levels altogether too remote, in international forums, by people largely immune to the sorts of pressures that the citizen can still exert over policy-making by Australian governments ...."
Which goes right to the heart of the problem.

Sovereignty does not have its source either in the nation-state, or in international agencies. The source - the very start - of sovereignty is within each individual, and is God-given. Individuals can voluntarily share their sovereignty with others for mutual advantage. The essential safeguard is the ability to "contract out" of arrangements with which the individual does not agree. Where he joins with others to enable government to make laws for community or national benefit, the institutions involved are there for individuals - not the other way round. It has no business making decisions, or pursuing policies with which the people are not in agreement.

This is the essence of the crisis facing Australia and other nations at the moment. Governments have taken upon themselves the illicit right to determine the future, whether the people like it or not. The situation we mentioned last week, where the people of Switzerland were able to stop their government applying for membership of the European Union by forcing a referendum on the issue would provide an essential check on runaway governments in other parts of the world.

What happens when governments, armed with all the sanctions of the all-powerful State, move towards objectives with which most people disagree? The problem has worked its way through history, although probably never so intensely or so widely as currently. Where the rift between government and peoples becomes too wide, it ends in physical repression, or in revolution.

More than once the Coalition criticised Labor's use of international treaties - when in Opposition. But once in government they "out-Heroded Herod". We have advanced further towards handing Australia's decision-making powers over to international agencies than under any previous government - Labor included.

It is too much to believe that Prime Minister Howard doesn't know what he is doing. He has, more than once, referred obliquely to Australia's "diminution of sovereignty". But he will only defer to the Australian people when there is a possibility he will be voted out of office. At all other times he ploughs on, oblivious to the damage he is causing, or the people he is hurting in the process.


Some may remember in those distant days before the GST predictions by Government spokesmen that it would reduce the "black economy". Peter Reith was one who suggested that as much as $7 billion in extra revenue would be collected, although the official government estimate was $3.5 billion.

Wishful thinking! The Editorial in The Australian Financial Review (18/5/01) said: " .... Earlier this month, two admittedly small-scale studies suggested that more small businesses were moving into the black economy to avoid the GST. One indicated that 31 percent of respondents had been offered GST-free goods or services and the other suggested 68 percent of respondents would now participate in the black economy, compared with 43 percent in a previous survey...There is evidence that the cash economy has increased in size in both New Zealand and Canada after the introduction of a consumption tax ...."

Surprise! Surprise! The obvious answer (if you're a politician, of course) is to abolish cash altogether, and make any sort of barter a hanging offence! How dare the goose decide to retain a few feathers for itself?


by Betty Luks
Of course Senator Boswell's recent attacks on the Australian League of Rights had nothing to do with the fact that the Queensland National Party polled just 8 percent of the primary vote in the recent Surfers Paradise by-election! Nor was there any connection between the scare tactics directed at possible One Nation voters and the appalling revelation that the ruling elite had thrown our Australian producers to the wolves and opened up the domestic market to increasing amounts of highly subsidised imports - for just twenty-two percent of the food and fibre production which is the percentage of production Australia exports!
One wonders what links there are between the tragic suicides of 41,000 of Australians over the last twenty years (Adelaide Advertiser 19/4/01) and the deregulation and free market policies of the political parties.

Newsweekly reporter Pat Byrne tells the stark truth about the betrayal of the Australian people in his article "The Facts Behind the Rural Revolt", 5/5/01. He writes that some National Party politicians say they have argued strongly that deregulation and free market policies have been behind the demise of agricultural industries and regional communities, but, incredibly, "No matter how convincing their case, they have ended up hitting a brick wall with National Party leadership." The mantra from the party leaders has been "... it's the export market that matters. We export 80 percent of our agricultural product and if de-regulation helps farmers become more efficient for the export market, then deregulation is necessary, albeit a necessary evil."
Mr. Byrne reminds his readers, "This has been a long-cherished argument of the National Party, the Coalition, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the National Farmers Federation (NFF), the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics (ABARE), the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (AFFA), Federal Treasury and the think-tanks that advocate globalism and the free market.
That argument is now in tatters..."

"Mummy the emperor is not wearing any clothes"
The man who has courageously noted that 'the emperor is not wearing any clothes' is Mark McGovern, an economist at the Queensland University, and his conclusions "were almost the exact opposite of what has been the conventional wisdom for two decades". His expertise is in input-output analysis. Mr. McGovern published his findings "On the Unimportance of Exports to Australian Agriculture" in The Australasian Journal of Regional Studies (Vol.5, No.2, 1999).
As a direct result, the Queensland National Party set up a committee to investigate the findings. "After a year long investigation," writes Pat Byrne, "the Agricultural Production Destination Committee broadly endorsed the McGovern findings in its report to the Queensland National Party Central Council in November last year. Despite this, the National Party Federal leadership has been in a state of denial over the research...."

Senator Ron Boswell would know of this and one must assume his attacks on the League and One Nation are designed to provide a distraction and take the spotlight off of his own party's (and the Liberals') betrayal of the Australian people.


It was just a snippet in 'National Briefs' of the Queensland Chronicle, 14/5/01: "A long and consistent stand against racism last night earned the Australian National Party leader a human rights award. Senator Ron Boswell was given the award by the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission, a national Jewish anti-racism organisation, at a ceremony in Sydney." Considering the McGovern revelations, one wonders what sort of 'human rights' award the people of Queensland would like to give Senator Boswell?


by Betty Luks
The League of Rights insists race and culture are closely linked realities and Australians have the right to openly discuss such issues without being condemned for doing so. The League has consistently stated this issue is one where the Australian people's rights are being violated, as an example, their right to freedom of speech and association, and their right to determine their own racial and cultural make-up.

Pedigree of ideas
It is useful to follow the pedigree of an idea and one of the most the powerful forces pushing for a multi-racial and multi-cultural Australian State can easily be traced back to the Jewish lobby.

Push for such legislation not coming from Arab or Islamic communities
In reference to the Keating push for such legislation in 1994, News Weekly in its editorial July 2nd, explained, " is not the Arab or Islamic communities which are the strongest proponents of the racial vilification bill..."

Keating and the Zionist Federation
When Keating chose to "re-ignite debate on the bill, he did so at a conference of the Zionist Federation of Australia". At the time the "Liberal's Deputy Leader, Peter Costello, (was) in attendance at the conference" and "refrained from distancing his party from Keating's bill".

Former Labor Cabinet Minister, Peter Walsh, also spoke out against the push for such legislation as reported in the News Weekly editorial and his warning is worth repeating: "The bill is aimed at limiting what is permissible to think rather than what is permissible to do."

The Melbourne Age, Wednesday, 17/6/98, "ALP looks at crackdown policy on racists" reported that the State ALP Opposition leader John Brumby had commissioned a report from the Jewish B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission on the proposal for "tough anti-discrimination" legislation "that would include criminal sanctions for racial vilification and inciting violence against minority groups".


In the Opinion column of the Jewish News 18/5/01 one can read of that lobby's concern at the 'resurgence' of One Nation, and at Graeme Campbell joining forces with Pauline Hanson. The concern is summed up in the heading: "Danger: One Nation Ahead": "Ms. Hanson also appears likely to add the name of one of Western Australia's most prominent politicians to her letterhead. Graeme Campbell has a long association with the anti-semitic League of Rights. He bitterly opposed the introduction of legislation to outlaw racial vilification and he attacked Jewish communal leaders who called for criminal sanctions for breaching such law. His opposition to multiculturalism, high immigration, international trade and special privileges for Aborigines is well known.

Graeme Campbell is quoted as saying, "There is no place for fostering a multiplicity of nationalisms under the banner of so-called multiculturalism. There is only place for one nationalism - Australian nationalism, or patriotism, if you prefer that word."
The article highlights, "The implication of such a worldview is unambiguous - a proponent, or exponent, of 'so-called multiculturalism' is not a patriot and ought to be exposed and denounced as such."
It warns, "None of this augers well for the Jewish community." "The most dangerous point to arise from the fact that One Nation has representatives in four Australian houses of parliament is the perception of legitimisation and acceptability which that presence automatically creates - that One Nation is just another party on the Australian political scene. It is not. It is a party whose message is one of intolerance, racism, prejudice, resentment and bitterness. And it is imperative that One Nation not be permitted to become an acceptable part of the Australian body politic."

So there you have it. If you believe that race and culture are closely linked, that the facts must be taken into account when determining immigration policies; if you insist the Australian people have the right to openly discuss such issues without being condemned for doing so; if you protest against the policies which have over-ridden the Australian people's rights to freedom of speech and association, their right to determine their own racial and cultural make-up, then you are, according to the Jewish lobby's worldview, intolerant, racist, prejudiced, resentful and bitter.

I could well understand the people of Queensland being resentful and bitter because of the worldview policies of the political parties being imposed upon them for the last twenty years. In fact, I could well imagine the families of the fourty-one thousand Australians who have committed suicide, being very bitter towards the political parties with their anti-family, anti-Australian policies of the last twenty years.

But the Jewish press, both in Australia and overseas, regularly shows that the leaders are constantly urging their people not to marry non-Jews, in order that Jewish cohesiveness and culture may be preserved. This policy reflects the natural right of the Jewish people and should not cause offence to non-Jews. But not when it is one policy for them and another for us!

Our girls are not that bad
In the same paper, Bernard Freedman quotes Graeme Campbell as saying "I am not anti-semitic. Probably worse. I treat people on face value. Jews are good, bad and indifferent like everyone else. I have some very good Jewish friends with whom I have heated debates and a fair degree of agreement. The truth is you Jews are a dying race. You have Isi (Leibler) saying that marrying out (marrying a non-Jew...Ed) is worse than the Holocaust. Our girls are not that bad."
Hmmm... interesting times ahead.


Geoff Muirden reports the modifications to Racial and Religious Tolerance legislation which has been presented to the Lower House are 'cosmetic'. While the Labor government may have changed the 'form' of the Bill they certainly have not changed the substance. The Herald Sun, 16/5, listed that which is now acceptable and that which is not.

Acceptable: Telling an ethnic joke; Making a racist comment at home; Holding a debate about religious practices in good faith; Publishing a fair and accurate media report of an anti-Asian protest.

Not Acceptable: Writing graffiti on property; Distributing hate propaganda to homes; Deliberately vilifying someone on the basis of race; Running websites that promote racial or religious hatred.

The original legislation included e-mails. It seems some Christian groups have taken a firm stand against the legislation. Good!


We hope Queenslanders have underlined May 26th and 27th in their diaries to attend the League's Annual State Dinner and Seminar. The function will be held at the Highfield Cultural Centre, just outside Toowoomba. Included in the highlights will be papers by Wendy Scurr, a nurse from Tasmania who was present during the Port Arthur massacre, and Andrew Macgregor, a veteran police officer who will raise disturbing questions that point to suppression of evidence surrounding the Port Arthur affair. Other speakers will include National Director Betty Luks on the unsavoury racial vilification legislation; brilliant barrister Graeme Strachan whose book on the dangers of globalisation has had such a wide impact, Jeremy Lee on The League of Rights, the National Party and the Rural Disaster; and the Independent State Member for Maryborough, Dr. John Kingston MLA, will be speaking on the extent of the Dairy Disaster - Dr. Kingston has been right in the forefront of exposing and fighting the disastrous developments which have destroyed many dairy farmers, and has become widely known for the quality of his research. A top-flight presentation on the "Buy Back Australia" campaign will be given. This will be an information and action-packed gathering.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 29th. Guest Speaker will be Mrs. Betty Luks, National Director, Australian League of Rights. Subject: "Implications of the Racial Vilification Legislation". There is a belief among the ruling elite that they know what is best for the people, even to telling them what they can think, believe, or say, on such issues as immigration, race and multiculturalism. That is an arrogant assumption and must be challenged. Although the legislation is claimed to be aimed at what is euphemistically called 'racial vilification', it will not end there. Betty Luks will challenge that belief. The meeting will be held at the Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney - commencing at 7.30pm. The cost of attendance is $4 per person (a steal at that price!). Books from the Heritage Book Service will be on display. For enquiries phone: (02) 9759 4450.

Next Month: Tuesday, June 26th - Mr. Graeme Campbell, Founder of Australia First Party Inc. Subject - "Is There a Way Out for Australia?"

Further Dates for your Diary: Tuesday, July 31st - Mr. Ian Murphy. Subject: "The Question of Australia's Defence"
Tuesday, August 28th - Annual General Meeting. Guest Speaker: Mr. Welf Herfurth Subject: "The Threat to Freedom and Democracy in Germany Today".


The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday, May 30th. The Guest Speaker for the evening will be Mrs. Betty Luks, National Director of the Australian League of Rights. The evening promises to be very informative and entertaining. The meeting will commence at 7.00 pm and a good variety of books will be available for sale on the night. All League supporters and their invited guests are welcome. For further details regarding the venue please contact Valdis Luks on (02) 6282 2243.


Wauchope: Monday, May 28th. Phone: (02) 6582 1168 - Harold Patterson Canberra: Wednesday, May 30th. Phone: (02) 6282 2243 - Valdis Luks. Queensland Meetings: Maryborough, Monday, June 4th. Nebo and Mackay on the way to being finalised.


West Australia: August 11th-12th, to be held in Perth. Speakers for the WA seminar are Graeme Campbell, Betty Luks and Jeremy Lee.

South Australia: August 18th-19th, to be held in Adelaide. Speakers for the SA seminar include Mr. Jeremy Lee and Mrs Wendy Scurr, who will recall what she saw and experienced at the Port Arthur massacre. After having heard her at the Inverell Forum we believe her story needs to be told. Keep these dates free. Wendy will be doing a series of meetings prior to the SA Weekend.

Victoria: At this stage meetings have been arranged for Melbourne, Horsham, Nhill and Apsley in Victoria. Further details as they come to hand.


A major shift is planned for the National Weekend. The event will be moved to the Victorian/New South Wales border to enable more of the country League supporters and those New South Welshmen - and women - to get to it. It will be held in Albury. The venue will be The Hume Inn Motel, and the theme will be on The Celebration of Federation. The Hume Inn Motel is situated opposite 17 acres of delightful parkland near the Murray River. At a later date we will circulate information on accommodation available, e.g. Motels (including the Hume Inn), Caravan Parks, Bed and Breakfasts. For those interstate visitors planning to fly in, there is an airport at Albury.

Dates are: Friday, October 6th - New Times Dinner - commence 6.30pm, sit down to Dinner 7.00pm.
Saturday, October 7th - Seminar The Celebration of Federation from 10.00am through to evening programme.
Sunday, October 8th - Divine Service and Action Seminar from 9.00am: finishing at Noon for folk (who want) to make their way back home.

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