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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
10 August 2001. Thought for the Week: "Before the political representatives of Money Power can take over the control of a community, that community's natural leaders must be knocked out and removed from the scene. The natural hierarchy must be destroyed before it can be replaced with an artificial one... The leftist propagandists who are the instruments of Money Power, have no answer to these eloquent men whose message, if it gets through at all, addresses itself to the deepest political instincts of the people. They have a magnetic effect, they 'mesmerise', as the London Daily Mail would say, because they are spiritually and intellectually 'in phase' with the community they address."


by Jeremy Lee
With the ever-increasing leakage of votes away from the major parties to independents and minor parties, a new factor has been thrown into the hitherto two-horse race. One Nation, the Greens and the Democrats are carving inroads into the ALP and the Coalition. The days when a major-party candidate could expect to win on primary votes are drawing to an end. There is no such thing as a 'safe seat' these days. Preferences are going to be increasingly vital in the elections of the future. That this is weighing heavily in the minds of major party strategists is obvious.

With this in mind, the following letter, which appeared in The Goondiwindi Argus (Qld., 11/7/01) raises disturbing questions:
"Sir, In the Weekend Press, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister were quick to refute allegations that the police were under pressure from the main political parties as suggested by Pauline Hanson in regards to her impending charges by the Supreme Court. If this is the case, I would like to hear their comments on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) statement on the ABC 7.30 Report, June 12. This report said that there would be no new parties registered until after the next election. The reality is that new parties have been put on hold since early February. There are at least 10 new parties that meet the criteria set by the AEC.

Under the Bill of Rights Common Law, all politicians are quick to use section (9) which gives them free parliamentary privilege, but what of section (8) that says, 'election of members of parliament ought to be free.'? If, under Common Law, elections ought to be free, someone please explain to me who authorized the bureaucrats in the AEC to stall registration of these new parties until after the next election? Could it be possible the major parties do not want any more opposition to their comfort zone?

Under the sovereignty of the Crown, neither King nor the parliament is supreme. The people are sovereign. In Australia, it seems somebody is holding democracy to ransom." Bevan O'Regan, 'Moema' Narrabri, NSW.

Bevan O'Regan is a former Councillor and Mayor of Narrabri, as well as a former Federal candidate. His letter tends to confirm the suspicion that there is manipulation behind the scene. With the ever-increasing importance of the Senate, and the possibility of some heavyweight candidates standing in different States, it is worth remembering that, under the Australian Constitution, writs for a Senate or half-Senate election are issued by State Governors, NOT the Governor-General (Sections 9 and 12).
Although this has been slightly diluted by the 1977 referendum, the original purpose of the Senate still stands under the Constitution as a States' House, and with the future reduction of party corruption, may well emerge as by far the most significant Chamber in the Parliament.


We have given details in On Target more than once of the huge investment by corporations in donations to political parties - large enough to place question-marks over the objectivity and independence of party politicians. The point was emphasised recently by the warning from Mark Liebler over any preference deals between One Nation and the Liberals in Western Australia. Liebler said that any such deals could well affect fund-raising for the Coalition. Now comes the news that a number of corporations with operational bases in Australia contributed heavily to the Republicans and Democrats in the US before and up to the presidential election.

The Australian Financial Review (1/8/01) in a lengthy article, said: "....An Australian Financial Review analysis of the latest US disclosures of political donations shows the corporate empires of Rupert Murdoch, the Pratts and the Lowy family poured in a combined total of more than $US1.3 million ($2.57 million) while individual family members also put their shoulders to the wheel. In addition, the offshoots and subsidiaries of some of Australia's biggest corporations - such as CSR, the National Australia Bank and BHP - also donated money via political action committees (PACs) which allow bigger donations than individuals can give to federal candidates ...."

The article, covering almost a full page, went on to list the hundreds of thousands of dollars which found their way into political coffers. While the majority favoured the Republicans, many contributions went to both parties - the usual each-way bet for those making such business investments. What price democracy, with such obvious international buying of favours?


Malcolm Turnbull, former chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, says he is stepping down from his position as co-chair of Goldman Sachs Australia, and has accepted the position as honorary deputy federal treasurer of the Liberal Party. Speculation in the media says that this is a stepping-stone to the full treasurers' role as soon as the incumbent, Ron Walker, steps down after the election. From there, it is argued, Turnbull will seek pre-selection for a "safe Liberal seat".

A half-page article in The Australian Financial Review (27/7/01) described a luncheon held at Turnbull's waterfront mansion at Point Piper in Sydney, on the day his new appointment was announced at the Liberal's State Council. Among guests were Treasurer Peter Costello, Warwick Smith, executive director of Macquarie Bank and a former Howard Minister who lost his seat in the last election, Joe Hockey, Minister for Financial Services, and aspiring State Liberal leader in NSW John Brogden. There is now scarcely-concealed jostling for the leadership of the Liberals following Howard's departure. The 'Abbott-and-Costello' bandwagon looks likely to be joined by the Turnbull move; all of which hardly inspires confidence in a party that once had Sir Robert Menzies as its leader.


The prominent Fabian and former Prime Minister for New Zealand Mike Moore, who now heads the World Trade Organisation, has made a public plea that the forthcoming Trade Round, scheduled to be held in Qatar in 100 days time, is in jeopardy and could collapse because of the entrenched position of the WTO's 142 members. To which we can only respond, "Good".

The WTO is emerging as one of the most totalitarian of Globalism's government departments. It seems an increasing number of nations are reluctant to put their own national sovereignty on the line. Included in the up-coming 'Round' is the proposed GATS treaty (The General Agreement on Trade in Services), under which public services - from education to public works to health - will be 'privatised' and run under international - not sovereign parliament - rules. If accepted, multinational corporations will wield enormous power in the areas of health, public education, water delivery, telecommunications, road building and maintenance, as well as quarantine regulations and financial services. The jurisdiction of local, State and Federal Governments will be marginalized and controlled from outside Australia.

The GATs Treaty will be negotiated by some of our top public servants, who expect the party-in-power in Canberra to 'rubber-stamp' their decisions. The price to be paid is "the will of the people" in Australia, reflected in the democratic process under constitutional principles.

In his book "A PACIFIC PARLIAMENT", published in 1982, Mike Moore had the temerity to suggest that such a programme would be a counter to the power of multinationals. He quoted (p.57) the report on multinationals by the Council of Europe: ".... Parliamentary democracy is beset today by many trials and tribulations. The intricacies of the major international and political tie-ups and the dramatic rate of change in every sphere leave the man in the street with a feeling of malaise and the impression of impregnable complexity. In these circumstances the influence of multinationals on national states could conceivable represent a massive threat to parliamentary democracy."

The many who approvingly quoted these sentiments 20 years ago now heads a global organization which aims to ease the path of multinational corporations! The proposed GATs Treaty is probably the most dangerous threat to our parliamentary system so far.


Despite all the calm assurances that the 'world economy' is improving, there is a frantic effort to play down the signs of disaster. The Asia recovery has faltered, and Indonesia is on a knife-edge. The US economy is sinking. Some forecasters are anticipating further falls in the Australian dollar. Howard and Costello are praying this doesn't happen before the next election. The biggest threat at the moment is the imminent collapse, and default on debts, of Argentina.. The Government of that country has forced through cuts in pensions and wages, as well as raising taxes, in an effort to stave off default on government debt of $US130 billion. Argentina's debt load is more than half total output of the economy. A collapse in Argentina would, in the current situation, be more dramatic than that of Mexico a few years ago. The Mexican collapse nearly tipped the world into crisis.


A report in London's Daily Telegraph (14/7/01) described conditions in Kenya as approaching the disaster levels of Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Crime is soaring, and the few Europeans are stampeding to leave. The article said: " ......Its (i.e. Kenya's) economy is the second fastest shrinking in Africa after Zimbabwe's mis-management by venal, corrupt politicians who have grown fat on the misery of the people. With 58 percent of Kenyans earning less than $1 a day, it is little wonder that crime has soared .... Perhaps more than anything else it is the number of carjackings on Nairobi's streets, between 200 and 300 a month, that has brought home how dangerous the city has become. Many victims are abducted for several hours, roughed up and then dumped naked, sometimes bound, in forests outside the capital. Kenya's ill-equipped, corrupt and inept police are incapable of dealing with the problem ...."
As we've said so many times, Africa is now a charnel-house.


The following report from our sister British On Target journal, 16/6/01, exposes the duplicity and incompetence of the Blair 'Third Way' Fabian government as it continues to down-size British agriculture making way for the New World Order.

"The picture that emerges after three months of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease crisis is one of almost arbitrary, often speculative culling, in conditions of near chaos, during which the rate of the slaughter has outpaced the logistics of carcass disposal. This has not so much taken account of the imperative for the maintenance of Public Health, rather a balance between accepted risks imposed on the Public, and the urgency of carcass disposal.

Jose MacDonald, co-founder of Farming and Livestock Concern, has been in close touch with farmers and farmers' organisations throughout the crisis. The situation is summed up in the following extracts from her situation report of the 4th April, 2001:
"Panic Measures Trigger Potential Environment Catastrophe", and her April 2001, Newsletter in which she reported the chaos in Wales as a result of the "manic killing campaign" being waged by the Government:

"We understand that the chosen site on Epynt has recently been designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) site with tributaries feeding the river Towy and the river Usk. The Afon Gwydderig is the tributary of the river Towy which flows through the fertile Carmarthen Valley, which is one of the most important milk producing areas in the United Kingdom. The Clydach is a tributary of the river Usk, which reaches the sea at Newport. It is believed that there are already five burial trenches dug 100 yards long, 20 yards wide and 5 yards deep, which gives a cubic capacity sufficient to bury 1,000,000 sheep carcasses. There is also a large site for burning cattle carcasses which is 30 yards from a disease-free area.
When the authorities tried to bury carcasses in Anglesey in North Wales television coverage showed a nearby stream red with blood and so the carcasses were moved to a licensed waste disposal site. We understand that such sites should be lined with clay and not within a water course. It has been reported that 900 carcasses buried in Durham have had to be dug up for fear of contaminating a spring. Here, there will be two very large internationally renowned fishing rivers which could be contaminated."

"One farmer near Brecon went on television and radio complaining that a field near his farm had contained healthy sheep and excellent lambs. Because the farmer had been travelling some distance each day, from his farm on the edge of an infected area, the ewes and lambs were destroyed. Over four days later they were a rotting mess in a corner of the field, ten yards from a stream...
Along the A40 road to West Wales a small lane leads off up a steep hill to the Epynt Ranges, where the army firing practices take place. Thousands of infected carcasses, from long distances away, are travelling up that hill to be buried. Several springs on that hill are connected with the local water supply and are the source of supply to the Towy and Usk salmon rivers. The locals... have reported lorries leaking liquid from the back. Nothing is done."

Smoke from burning pyres 'will kill humans'
A second report, "Smoke from burning pyres 'will kill humans'" in the Mail on Sunday, 29th April, 2001, from which we have taken the following extract, sums up a situation widely reported by the Media:

"The devastating health risks posed by foot-and-mouth funeral pyres have been outlined in a Government report. The damning document warns that toxins from the burning carcasses have the potential to cause death and illness among people living nearby. A team of Government scientists have discovered that pollution levels in some areas are three times higher than during the winter of 1961, when a smog which enveloped London was linked to 160 deaths in just four days... Jointly prepared by Government agencies, including the Department of Health, the report suggests, belatedly say critics, that asthmatics should be publicly warned in advance before pyres are lit. They should also carry sufficient medication to help with breathing difficulties at all times. The experts note that 'non-asthmatic individuals" were unlikely to be affected at distances of more than 4 kilometres from fires.
Although in the worst affected areas, many people live within 4 kilometres of some of the biggest pyres. But they warn that "at distances of less than about 2 kilometres from the pyre, concentrations are very much higher and sufficient to produce effects on lung function in normal subjects "...

Yesterday, the effects of the pyres on thousands of people across Britain were all too apparent. In Dumfries shire, smoke was billowing into Dalbeattie from pyres burning at two farms less than a mile away. Many of the town's 4000 residents were angry at the smell from burnt carcasses and have expressed fears about the potential threat to health. Two huge fires were burning a few miles from Okehampton, population 7000, on the edge of Dartmoor...
Locals are also worried about the huge number of carcasses left rotting for the last two weeks... The report also warns that pollutants, including cancer-causing dioxins released into the atmosphere will contaminate plants and vegetables. Department of Health chiefs yesterday circulated warnings that all vegetables close to the pyres should be washed thoroughly and outer leaves tripped before use."...

Editor's note
These are the inept, incompetent actions of a Government so concerned about 'the environment' it is at the same time arguing for a 'world treaty' on 'pollution'! Think about this dear reader, foot-and-mouth disease is well known to any European with farming experience. They tell us, foot-and-mouth very rarely kills the animals that catch it, they usually recover within two weeks and it is about as serious as humans catching a bad cold.


British On Target reports an estimated 95 percent of the animals slaughtered in the recent foot-and-mouth 'crisis' were healthy animals!

While British Agriculture is reeling under the New World Order regime the 'third way' "Prime Minister 'Tony' Blair clad in yellow overalls for a token 'photo-call' tour of stricken areas was even less credible given the present cult of 'image intensification'...

The "divide and rule" concept is manifest in the very configuration of Agriculture. Governments world-wide have largely sold out to the interests of Multinational Corporations as was predicted as long ago as 1968. No single national or international body such as the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT), or the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) (represents Individual and collective interests of bodies such as the National Farmers' Union (NFU), or the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC), mean that they are unrepresentative and cannot be considered unequivocally dedicated to the interests of British Agriculture.

As we write it is fairly obvious that the British Government plans to run down livestock farming. But to whose advantage? The divide and rule basis, and absence of any effective marketing organisation committed to British Agriculture in the case of the United Kingdom, have already placed the farmer at the mercy of the Retailing Chains. Reports in the farming press can only be attempts to expose and so pre-empt Government action
("Plans afoot to trim UK stock", Farmers Weekly, 25th May, 2001).

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) is at best a means of balancing an artificially rigged trans-national economic model. If we have been overstocking and thus over-grazing, this is arguably a measure to offset farm gate prices depressed by this economic model by increasing output. We then read in the Financial Times, 5th June, 2001, that "Columbia gets green light for beef and milk exports." To whom? George Soros is heavily invested in beef production and meat processing in the Argentine, and we read in the Daily Telegraph, 29th May, 2001, that Lord Vesty, a member of the British Establishment Elite, has vast cattle ranches in Venezuala...
The Daily Telegraph, owned and controlled by this same Elite, continues to talk up public alarm ("CJD ['linked to BSE-infected beef'] on increase as human death toll passes 100", 25th May 2001, and "Weak B.S.E. rules 'leave food chain still at risk"', June 2001).

The Financial Times, another of these organs, announces, on the 6th June, 2001, that "Maff considers options for the future of farming": "Officials predict that agriculture in the UK will never be the same again" and that Martin Haworth, Policy Director of the NFU, "Also sees potential in new industrial crops, a pet project of Ben Gill, the president".

Lest we believe the situation to be any better elsewhere, the American Spotlight newspaper, of 19th March 2001, reported that "Federal Government, Agribusiness, Teaming Up to Grab Control of U.S. organic farming".




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