Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
17 August 2001. Thought for the Week: "During the short period of time that we live in this word, Pasternak explained, we have to understand our attitude toward existence, our place in the universe. Otherwise, life is meaningless. This, as I understand it, means a rejection of the nineteenth century materialistic world view, means a resurrection of our interior life ... Matryona's House was something that was very, very emotional for me,' Solzhenitsyn recalls, 'and was dedicated to the memory of a holy Russian woman."
"She was a poor housekeeper. In other words she refused to strain herself to buy gadgets and possessions and then to guard them and care for them more than for her own life. She never cared for smart clothes, the garments that embellish the ugly and disguise the wicked. Misunderstood and rejected by her husband, a stranger to her own family despite her happy, amiable temperament, comical, so foolish that she worked for others for no reward, this woman ... had stored up no earthly goods. Nothing but a dirty white goat, a lame cat and a row of fig plants."
"None of us who lived close to her perceived that she was that one righteous person without whom, as the saying goes, no city can stand. Nor the world."
"Solzhenitsyn a Soul in Exile" by Joseph Pearce, 1999


by Jeremy Lee
There is no doubt that Dick Smith has the happy knack of cutting through the cant and getting to the 'nitty-gritty'. He has been running a series of advertisements on supporting Australian-owned-and-made that has the top end of town worried. His ad in The Weekend Australian (4-5/8/01) was a gem.
"The incomes of politicians and journalists are protected from the forces of globalisation by strong immigration and industrial laws. At the same time they tell our farmers to accept reality and lower their prices to compete. What hypocrisy! If globalism is the free flow of capital and labour around the world, why don't politicians and journalists lower their salaries to compete? You can be assured that Bangladeshi journalists will never be allowed to come and work here on Bangladeshi wages. However, many of our journalists insist that our farmers lower their income to compete with Bangladeshis. Dick Smith Foods is actively supporting Aussie farmers so they can make a decent living while ensuring that the wealth created remains in Australia, allowing a better future for our children and grandchildren." Doesn't it conjure up some possibilities?

Suppose our politicians had to undergo "compulsory competitive tendering" for their salaries and perks. Suppose each party – Liberals, Labor, Nationals, Democrats, Greens, One Nation, etc. – as well as independents, had to publish a figure for political salaries and expenses that their members would be content with if they were elected? A party whose members were prepared, as a service to their country, to accept the average wage and a maximum of $100 a day to cover all travel, accommodation and postage expenses, would look a lot cleaner than the self-serving salary rises that keep coming up for politicians who tell the rest of us to tighten our belts.
Perhaps a 'tender committee' could be set up in each electorate, to let local voters know where each candidate stood as far as salaries and perks was concerned. And what about a set, standard global 'benchmark' in terms of dollars-per-column-inch for all journalists, so that some of our news corporation fat cats had to taste the medicine they so readily prescribe for others?

Whatever else is said, the 'buy-Australian-owned-and-made' continues to grow in size and intensity, to the consternation of the multinationals.


Mr. Don Argus, currently chairman of BHP Billiton and Brambles, and former chief of the National Australia Bank, has some advice for Australia. The Australian (3/8/01) reported:
"Australian companies would remain vulnerable to foreign predators unless they were allowed to become big enough to compete globally ..... Former National Australian Bank chief Don Argus said regulators should consider that small economies like Australia might not be able to support more than two or three major domestic competitors ...."

He does not address the fact that the whole tax regime is now geared to favour the big corporations, and that if the shackles were removed from small businesses and home-based manufacturing and farming, there is more than enough 'get-up-and-go' in Australia to survive without becoming world monopolies. What, for instance, of Dick Smith Foods, who are doing very well against all the odds? Or Bendigo Bank, which is making headway where the 'gang-of-four' have pulled out? Bendigo is now involved in 50 local community banks, with another 30 due to open before the end of the year. Its rate of growth is going so well that it has been forced to delay discussions on local community banks with another 100 interested townships. Many of those started were in a profit situation within little more than a year of starting. And they offer something the big four have forgotten all about, face-to-face banking and genuine service.


Next New Year's eve the biggest money transition in recorded history will take place in Europe. A feature article in The Weekend Australian (4-5/8/01) started:
"Next New Year in Europe is going to be like no other for the 300 million citizens of euroland ..... On New Year's Day 2002 they will go into shops with deutschmarks, francs, lira, schillings, markkas, guilders, drachmas, punts, escudos, or pesetas in their pockets and purses. But they will come out with crisp new euro notes and shining, freshly minted euro coins.
"For the first time they will have in their hands the tangible evidence of the most remarkable monetary transition in world history. The national currencies of Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Finland, Holland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain will cease to exist....."

One member of the European Union is still holding back, despite the frantic desires of its Prime Minister Tony Blair. Britain will still have its pounds, shillings and pence and will, if Blair is held to a former promise, not lose them without a national referendum. Currently, feeling in Britain is strongly against monetary union – but who knows what enough propaganda will do to lull peoples' minds.

The sheer logistics of what Europe is intending are formidable. The minting of 50 billion coins started in May 1998, and the printing of 14.5 billion banknotes in July 1999. Distribution of the money will begin in September, although the public will not get them until the New Year. Holland has estimated it will need 250 one-tonne trucks making thousands of trips to shift the notes and coins. Huge security planning is being brought into operation, including military forces and satellite technology tracking the trucks that are used for distribution. Special operations are being set in place to prevent counterfeiting, not only of the new money, but the old currencies that will be handed in.

The article included this comment: " ....What do the citizens involved think about the loss of their national currencies and the introduction of the Euro? Not surprisingly, they are confused, suspicious of being ripped off by price gouging and, particularly in Germany, angry about losing the old currency. However, they haven't been given a say, because the new political and bureaucratic elite that runs the European Union from Brussels doesn't trust them to make the 'right' decision ......"

And the notes and coins are only a fraction of the total money aggregates in Europe. About 95 percent of money in modern economies is in the form of credit – simply figures in computers. So computers in banks and businesses will be working frantically to convert old currencies into the new one. And all under the nice, tight centralized control of the European Central Bank which, under clause 107 of the Maastricht Treaty, is not answerable to any elected government or body. What a coup!


The land-grab by the despotic Robert Mugabe which has so shocked the world, is being stepped up. He is now going to double the number of white farms seized. According to The Weekend Australian (4-5/8/01) ".... Robert Mugabe plans to repossess almost twice as much white-owned farmland for black settlement as previously announced. Agriculture Minister Joseph Made told a congress of the Commercial Farmers' Union that rather than resettling blacks on 31 million hectares, the Government intended to claim 52.5 million hectares. The plan will mean the seizure of almost 90 percent of white farms...... Earlier, farmers had warned the land reform program could lead to crop shortages next year...."

The Farmers' Union president, Tim Henwood, said that farm output had dropped 27 percent in the past year. The new farm seizures would result in wholesale famine. Properties listed for seizure included schools, churches, an oil refinery and land flooded by the construction of dams. As home to one of the biggest dams in the world across the Zambezi, the implications are enormous. Robert Mugabe is doing his best to ensure that Africa's reputation for tyranny and disaster is lowered to the bottom of the barrel.


As we have constantly predicted, anything less than a fair deal for the Palestinian people – a place of their own – will carry the tragic events in Israel at the moment into full-scale war throughout the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Sharon has now said he does not believe a peace with the Palestinians is possible. As a sign of their desperation, even Palestinian women are joining the ranks of the suicide bombers. Against such desperation even the most sophisticated forces cannot prevail. What will Sharon do? We suspect that his mind has been preoccupied for some time by the idea of a war of such scale that the Palestinian people are physically rejected from the land, or annihilated. The only alternative - and Sharon will not contemplate such an idea – is for Israel to retreat to the 1967 borders, and separate totally from the Palestinians.


by Betty Luks
Just happened to catch the tail end of a radio interview whilst on tour in WA. The interviewer was speaking to Senator Boswell in relation to the announcement Hendy Cowan of the National Party was going to try for a Senate seat at the next Federal election. Of course Senator Boswell just had to 'link' the Australian League of Rights, Graeme Campbell, Australia First and One Nation. Could one of his supporters tell him there is such a thing as 'the sin of omission'? It was what he didn't say that made the difference to the scenario he was presenting, changing completely the true picture into one of his 'propaganda myths'.

In The Weekend Australian, May 26th-27th, 2001, readers were to learn – and be alarmed by the news of – the far-right was about to take over One Nation and of course the League was accused of being involved. Names and donations to Australia First's last Federal election campaign were published for the benefit of its readers so as to establish in their minds the links of Graeme Campbell and Australia First to the 'far-right' extremists groups. What Mr. Boswell and The Australian forgot to mention was that the names and figures published were sourced from the Electoral Commission in SA and were details of the Federal election campaign of Mr. Peter Davis, Mayor of Port Lincoln.
Peter Davis has never hidden his links with the League of Rights which go back about 30 years! South Australians would have been quite aware of the facts; they were never hidden.

Perhaps Mr. Boswell would like to explain to his supporters from whence came the National Party's 1999-2000 donations of $4.9 million? The Sydney Morning Herald (2/2/01) informed its readers this was the figure sourced from the Australian Electoral Commission records. Labor received donations of $29.5 million and the Liberals $18.5 million. Methinks Peter Davis' funds were small bikkies indeed compared with the monies handled by 'the big boys'.


by Betty Luks
As we go to press great tension and drama is being built up in Melbourne, Victoria. The drama will be 'played out', not because the League of Rights booked and organized the Acacia Room at the Victoria Hotel to have Wendy Scurr tell other experiences on that fateful day at Port Arthur when 35 innocent Australians were murdered, but, we suspect, because Benjamin Netanyahu the former 'hawk' prime minister of Israel is in town. And, it happens to be around the time of the League's Melbourne Conservative Speakers' Club meeting which was to be held in the Acacia Room at the Victoria Hotel!

Just when Mr. Netanyahu was about to 'hit town' The Media hounds were let loose! All of a sudden, The Media in Melbourne was showing great interest in the CSC speakers – Wendy Scurr and Andrew McGregor – and anonymous, highly inflammatory 'anti-semitic' literature was distributed around the town and so the unfolding 'drama' building up to a climax was to be 'played out' for the masses. The usual 'smear by-association' was used against the League and the managerial staff at the Victoria Hotel panicked and cancelled the League's booking. And predictably, the League of Rights will be portrayed as the great 'anti-semitic' ogre as these forces continue to 'mould' public opinion.

We are pleased to report the Melbourne League folk went on to secure another venue and a very successful meeting was held. Why are we so suspicious and cynical? Although Wendy and Andrew appeared on the League platform at the Queensland State Weekend last May and media interviews were arranged and carried out over that weekend, in fact it was all relatively low-key. At the time there was no feeding frenzy on the part of The Media and the audio tapes of both speakers and Andrew McGregor's CD have been going out at a steady rate ever since without any sensationalism.
The League of Rights denies any connection whatsoever with the aforementioned literature – the contents, tone and intent of which, in our view, are typical of the tactics used by the agent provocateur.

It should be noted by our readers and supporters the League does not take a position on what happened that tragic day at Port Arthur, but believe if there is any doubt of Martin Bryant's guilt or innocence, the matter should once again be brought before the proper authorities. The League has provided a platform for Wendy Scurr and Andrew McGregor to state their case and raise public awareness.


by Betty Luks
Just as many disturbing questions have been raised about what really happened at Port Arthur on that fateful day in 1996, so are serious questions being raised as to what really happened in Oklahoma, and USA, in 1995 when 188 people died as the result of what has become known as the Timothy McVeigh bombing.
Whilst that is a serious issue, and in time we can only hope that truth will 'see the light of day', one comes to the realization that the inference in the article Gothenburg and McVeigh's shared cause by Gerard Henderson, Melbourne Age, 19/6/01, is that anyone who now dares to question and protest against the push for 'globalisation' is by definition a 'terrorist', and 'extremist', a 'revolutionary' and identifies representative government as the enemy. Henderson writes that McVeigh, typifying the 'lunar right' would have much in common with the 'extreme left'. Both 'extremes' are presented as having a not dissimilar ideology and a commitment to revolution as the only viable means to achieve ideological aims.

"The message from the pavements of Gothenberg was straightforward," wrote Mr. Henderson. "The combination of extreme of extreme left anarchists and greens opposes the commitment of contemporary Western governments to free enterprise and trade liberalisation. So much so they believe the EU's democratically elected leaders should be prevented from meeting among themselves."
"And what was McVeigh's last message?" asks Mr. Henderson. "It set out fairly, and dispassionately, in American Terrorist . . . . The Oklahoma bomber was also opposed to globalisation."

So there you have it, according to Mr. Henderson globalisation, free trade and trade liberalisation equate with the ideas of 'free enterprise'. 'Free enterprise' once meant free: meaning 'not in bondage to another' and enterprise: contained the meaning of 'a bold undertaking'. Australians do not see themselves as now free in the true sense of the word.

Representative government is also by Henderson's definition an ideological term interchangeable with the centralized power structures we see being put in place around the world presented as 'globalisation'. Australians generally would have a difficult time in accepting Henderson's claim that Australians still have 'representative government'. 'Representative' of whom? Certainly not the Australian people as a whole! Representative of the International Money Lenders and Monopolists – yes!

"Certainly there are differences between the ideologies of the contemporary extremes of left and right he concurs. The former is not racist; the latter does not rank among its heroes the likes of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Yet they share a similar distaste for democracy. And a few on both sides are committed to the violent overthrow of government."

The power structure now in place is by definition an example of 'Democracy' and anyone who disagrees publicly and lawfully with the power structure is by definition an extremist, a revolutionary and equated with such people as Timothy McVeigh. You need to study carefully the promotion of such ideas by writers of Gerard Henderson ilk, executive director of the Sydney Institute.


There are many who have come in contact with League of Rights material on 'the money question' and have come to the realisation 'something' must be done about it. All sorts of proposals are put forward as answers to the dilemma of the debt-trap into which so many have fallen. It would be as well to quote the following from "Social Credit and Party Politics" by L.D. Byrne for their further understanding, in the hope they will not be misled by 'party' politics and the proposals put forward to 'solve' their problems.

"When we examined the half-baked financial proposals being put forward by the New Zealand pseudo-Social Credit political party (1950s .. ed) it is all too plain that they bear as much relation to genuine Social Credit as devil worship bears to Christianity. Instead of decentralizing financial power, it is proposed to vest absolute control of the monetary system, and thereby the economic life of New Zealand, in the Reserve Bank, the agent responsible at the present time for New Zealand's disastrous monetary policy. No doubt the party 'experts' will protest that the Reserve Bank will be answerable to the Government – the usual socialist myth. In theory the central banks in Britain, the United States, Canada and other Western countries are answerable to their respective governments, but in practice those governments are subservient to their central banks.

"..... The Social Credit proposals for financial reform ... provide for the issue of money, as purchasing power, direct to consumers to make good the deficit which exists at present. It is the policy of Social Credit to confer upon the individual maximum freedom by transferring to him both effective economic and political power. The transfer of economic power would be achieved by making good the deficiency of purchasing power distributed through wages, salaries, profits, i.e., earned income ... It should be noted that the policy involved is the transfer of economic power from the centralized financial monopoly to the individual ..."


Betty Luks' West Australia meetings culminated in an outstanding weekend Seminar, Dinner and Action Conference. Her sincere 'thank you' goes to the core League supporters who made the weekend and meetings so successful. It was heartening to meet long time supporters and the many new contacts. It was a privilege to be among the warm and friendly West Australians. Wherever she went, League supportes asked about that great Australian Eric Butler and his wife Elma. She was pleased to report that both Eric and Elma, now in retirement, are in relatively good health and can enjoy their retirement in the knowledge their work is being carried on.

Seminar Speakers
Mrs. Joan Torr presented a worrying view of the breakdown of law and order, challenging her listeners to get behind her efforts to regain control over the lawlessness now so widespread. "Perth," Mrs. Torr says, "has the unenviable reputation of being the 'crime capital' of Australia.'
Jeremy Lee presented a brilliant address on 'The Money Trap' highlighting the fact the debt money system locks up our future and is the source of that despair now felt by many Australians as they try to 'run faster and faster' on the treadmill of debt.
Betty Luks dealt with the way the financial system impinges on us all through our social mechanisms and the essential need to recognise this was so. She used the recent Graeme Campbell/Pauline Hanson 'beat-up' to demonstrate the tactics and techniques used to keep us all 'politically correct'.


August 18th & 19th: The SA State weekend is fast approaching and we urge League supporters to make the effort to fully participate in it.Seminar: Saturday, August 18th – 10am to 5pm. "Centenary of the Federal Commonwealth". Venue: Christ Church Parish Centre, 1708 South Road, O'Halloran Hill, South Australia. Admission $12 per person.
Speakers: Wendy Scurr & Andrew McGregor, "Defence, Deceit & Terrorism at Port Arthur"; Jeremy Lee "Sovereign Money: Sovereign Australia"; Betty Luks "What is Social Credit?"; Bishop John Hepworth, "Arrangement of Power in British History".
Dinner: Saturday, August 18th, from 6.30pm "Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner" Cost: $22 per person, 3-Courses. Bar facilities are not available, please BYO alcoholic drinks.
Action Conference: Sunday, August 19th. Admission $12 – includes lunch.Bookings must be made for the Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner and Sunday Action Conference. Phone (08) 8395 9826 for further details.


The next Sydney Conservative Speakers' Club will be held on Tuesday, August 28th, 2001, commencing at 7.30 p.m. It will be held as usual at the Estonian Club, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney. Guest speaker will be Mr. Welf Herfurth and the title of his address is "The Threat to Freedom and Democracy in Germany Today". The cost of attendance is $4 – this includes an excellent supper.

Please note the following dates for your diary: August 28th – Annual General Meeting. Guest speaker Mr. Welf Herfurth – "The Threat to Freedom & Democracy in Germany Today".September 25th – Guest speaker Mr. Geoff Muirden – "The Decline & Fall of the White Race" October 30th – Guest speakers Mrs. Wendy Scurr & Mr. Andrew McGregor – "The Massacre at Port Arthur".


"Moribund Medicine" by Dr. Pat O'Neill, MRCS, LRCP (Hons. Cambridge)
Readers of the New Times Survey will be acquainted with the writings of Dr. Pat O'Neill. In this book he expands on certain conclusions he reached after retirement, i.e., modern medicines do not hold all the answers to healing. Hippocrates carried on the tradition of letting nature heal. Today we expect new chemicals to take over from nature. Healthy changes in life-style and diet, understanding the nature of stress and how to control it, he believes are the first steps to good health. Advances in medical knowledge have ensured a better understanding of the body mechanism, but the complexity of healing methods have created an industry that thrives on new disease. The complementary use of ancient skills, such as relaxation techniques acquired through meditation cannot be discounted. Price $12.00, Posted $14.50, from Heritage Book Service, PO Box 6086, Lake Munmorah, NSW, 2259.

"The Story of the Commonwealth Bank" by D.J. Amos: Leading politicians scoff at the idea that low-interest creation of money is not only possible, but is part of the answer to Australia's present woes. It is important to re-learn how Australia made enormous progress when 'the peoples' bank' (the original Commonwealth Bank) controlled the creation of Australia's credit. The original Commonwealth Bank was able to fund the cost of the First World War without debt to the nation and re-settle returned soldiers on land grants at extremely low rates of interest. Public works, such as the East-West Railway, were funded free of debt. The insignificant 0.625% interest charged was sufficient for the bank to make a profit! This book is immensely important for Australians to help in their search for a way of lifting the yolk of usurious international debt-finance. Price $5.00, Posted $6.00.


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