Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
24 August 2001. Thought for the Week: The world had been 'dragged along the whole of the Western bourgeois-industrial and Marxist path' only to discover "what any village graybeard in the Ukraine or Russia had understood from time immemorial... that a dozen maggots can't go on and on gnawing the same apple forever; that if the earth is a finite object, then its expanses and resources are finite also, and the endless, infinite progress dinned into our heads by the dreamers of the Enlightenment cannot be accomplished on it... All that 'endless progress' turned out to be an insane, ill-considered, furious dash into a blind alley. A civilisation greedy for 'perpetual progress' has now choked and is on its last legs."
"Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile" by Joseph Pearce, 1999


by Jeremy Lee
With the election looming, there are desperate attempts to present the economy in recovery mode. With the US moving towards recession, Asia sinking back into the 'meltdown' of 97 and Europe in real trouble, Treasurer Costello's attempts to portray Australia as "the fastest-growing economy in the world" is an exercise in deceit. If the Howard government can maintain the illusion of recovery until the election it will be satisfied.

Whatever transpires at the election, the start of 2002 looks like being torrid. Reserve Bank Governor Ian Macfarlane is obviously confused, unable to reconcile the increase in unemployment with the GDP growth figures. If anyone tried to explain to him that "recovery" no longer equates with higher employment, he would scurry back to orthodox text-books which no longer have any bearing on an electronic, computerized, technological economy replacing humans as fast as possible.

Latest figures show that, since last September 176,000 full-time jobs have been lost, with the gain in part-time jobs almost as much. But by corrupting the statistics to include part-time jobs in the employment figures the government has, and is increasingly, hiding the truth from the Australian people.
For a large number the recession is still here, and the lop-sided figures only exist because the government has been emptying the tax piggy-bank to buy sufficient votes for re-election. The much-vaunted budget surpluses have disappeared. The price for this deceit comes immediately after the election.

Describing the US economy Alan Wood asked (The Australian, 14/8/01): " .... What happens when the bubble bursts? It could get very messy as world currencies find a new level, with capital rushing out of the US, precipitating a new crash on Wall Street and a period of further contraction in the US economy ...."

Stephen Koukoulas, The Australian Financial Review (13/8/01) said of Australia's performance: "In terms of GDP, the recent performance is poor. GDP growth has stalled, with annual growth slowing from 5 percent in the middle of 2000 to 2.1 percent in the year to the March quarter 2001. When the June quarter data are released next month, annual GDP growth is likely to slip to about 1.5 percent .... Interestingly, this is about the extent of the slowdown in the United States, where through-the-year growth has slowed from 5 percent in the middle of 2000 to 1.3 percent in the year to the June quarter 2001. Clearly, Australia has not outperformed the US in the past year and, in fact, has significantly underperformed ....."

Max Walsh in The Bulletin (21/8/01) was even more graphic: "Can Australia really be an oasis of prosperity in a troubled global economy? You would think so if you were to take the word of John Howard and Peter Costello at face value.....It may well be that the US is already in recession. And the indications are that its economy has not yet hit bottom. The impact is being felt throughout the global economy, with the most painful implications in East Asia, Australia's main export market.
Growth in the East Asian economies (excluding Japan) is largely a function of their export sectors and the US is their biggest customer. In June, Taiwan's exports were down 17% on June last year. South Korea was down 14%, Malaysia 14%, Indonesia 10% and Hong Kong 8% .... This is a plunge of unprecedented proportions, worse than even the dark days of the contagion crisis .... It is evident that the Asian downturn has not hit bottom either ....."

Meanwhile, Australia's biggest customer, Japan, is crawling along the floor, entering its fourth recession in less than ten years. The Bank of Japan has moved to inject a further 6 trillion yen ($93.75 billion) into the ailing economy. It is a further injection of debt, to be added to Japan's colossal public debt, over 140% of GDP. Like other usury-driven economies, Japan will do everything but the obvious – write off the back-breaking load of debt carried by the people by issuing some debt-free money.


As more and more Australians are thrown out of full-time employment into part-time or, worse, unemployment, the welfare net is stretched to the limit. Periodically, the welfare regulations are tightened in an effort to "save money" throwing even more desperate families on the shoulders of over-stretched welfare agencies. The Australian (13/8/01) reported:
"The Government has been forced to review its welfare penalty system after revelations Centrelink had unfairly treated many of society's most vulnerable people. Homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted welfare recipients were the worst hit in a blitz of penalties that netted the Government $250 million in the past year ...."

The Australian (14/8) reported on its own investigation: "Eleven percent of people using Salvation Army emergency services said they had turned to crime after Centrelink reduced or cut off their welfare payments, a yet-to-be-released report by the charity says.

History Revisited

Dr. Fred Toben (Adelaide Institute) told his readers of a Mr. Fred Rydholm "who provided his audience with a fascinating set of slides and other compelling evidence that ancient European and Middle Eastern civilisations were active on American soil not just before Columbus – but thousands of years before even the Vikings – mining copper in the Michigan peninsula and shipping it back to the Old World to fuel the Copper and Bronze Ages..."

Douglas also wrote of America being known to the Ancient World, and Australians are now learning this continent was known to these ancient people. ("Phoenician Colony in Australia?" Heritage Vol. 24, No. 94, 2000).
"Which brings us to Columbus," continued Douglas. "The curious myopia... which regards history as the events subsequently to the landing of Norman William, with his select body of Jews, A.D. 1066, enables the statement that 'Christopher Columbus discovered America at the end of the fifteenth century' to be accepted as accurate."
"Apart from the fact that Columbus never saw America, the mainland of which was 'discovered' at the end of the fifteenth century by John Cabot, who sailed from Bristol in 1497, there is strong reason to believe that various Scandinavian peoples had fairly constant intercourse with the North American Continent hundreds, if not thousands, of years earlier. Their traditional name for it was Markland."

Where did Douglas get his information, you may ask. He wrote, "There are, however, certain features in regard to the rediscovery of America which are worth attention. Christopher Columbus was a Jew, and John Cabot, although his ship and crew were English, was a Venetian. But the extraordinary and significant fact is that there was in Bristol at that time a secret Jewish community "who handed on their tradition by word of mouth" (Lord Melchett: Thy Neighbour, p. 90).
Both "Columbus and Cabot had information of a fairly definite character to guide them," and, Douglas noted, both "had connections with banking - Columbus with Jewish banking, and Cabot with the banking-City-State of Venice..."
"The essence of banking has always been what in military circles is called 'intelligence' - information in its widest sense, ... and it seems highly probable that the existence of the American continent was known in banking circles when it was quite unknown outside them..."

Further reading: Heritage Journal Vol. 24 No. 94 2000; "Programme for the Third World War" by C. H. Douglas. Available from League Book Services.


by Antonia Feitz
If anybody needs evidence of just how useless the current party political system is, he or she should look no further than to the advice given by current sitting members to hopeful Liberals contesting next month's Auburn by-election in Sydney. The word 'shallow' doesn't even begin to describe these people. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph (6/8/01), a male Liberal Party hack advised male candidates to keep a tracksuit top in the car because the Auburn Westies responded better to a tracksuit than a collar and tie.
Just grin and bear dropping your own standards of dress and slum it for these scummy people who happen to be voters.

Not to be outdone, a female Liberal Party hack advised female candidates not to wear make-up or to dress well because female Westies would be embarrassed by "an immaculate female stranger" knocking on their door.
J just grin and bear dropping your own standards of dress and personal grooming and slum it for these scummy people who happen to be voters.

Image, spin and the 7 second sound bite; such is contemporary politics. And the major parties seriously wonder why they're increasingly on the nose as far as people are concerned? Somebody should tell them that people easily detect – and detest – lies, deception and false pretences. The major parties' spin doctors stupidly claim people are different now, easily manipulated. Unfortunately for them, the truth is that every election clearly demonstrates just how wrong they are.
It's indisputable that the primary vote just keeps on slipping as voters become alienated from the major parties and their cloned candidates.

On ABC Radio (6/8/01) veteran election analyst, Antony Green, told Sally Loane that in the last election one National Party candidate was elected on just 28 percent of the primary vote! Even Green thought that was pretty crook. But still the ship of political fools sails on.
So-called professionals advise John Howard to snip his eyebrows; Costello to wipe the smirk from his face; Beazley to lose weight. They really think such inanities will seduce us into voting for them. Well they're wrong. People don't want image and spin. The Australian people want their country back thanks all the same. Our parents and grandparents enjoyed the luxury of voting for political parties which had genuine and distinctive principles. The likes of Chifley, Menzies and McEwan represented those distinctive principles. Where are their modern equivalents? Where are today's giants of the major parties? They don't exist; they're all globalist pygmies who see themselves in the distorting mirrors of the spin doctors.


by Antonia Feitz
At the Melbourne centenary sitting of parliament to commemorate Federation, the Prime Minister, John Howard, the Deputy PM, John Anderson, and the Leader of the Opposition, Kim Beazley, all expressed concern that "fringe groups" are capitalising on the people's ever-growing alienation from the major parties. What an insulting idea. Let's spell it out. Our 'leaders' apparently think that the Australian people are too stupid and/or "rusted on" to desert the major parties all by themselves. Therefore "fringe groups" must be exploiting their grievances. If politicians really believe such nonsense, then they are suffering from massive self delusion. They're in the class of little Johnny's mother who proudly exclaimed as his troop marched past, "Look, my Johnny is the only one in step!"
The politicians' version is: the Government is right; the people are wrong. And they stupidly wonder why people are deserting them in droves!

Here's what John Howard said: "For all its imperfections, this parliament remains the authentic voice of the Australian people." (Australian, 11/5/01). Not true. People are deserting the major parties precisely because the parliament is the authentic voice of big business and multinationals, not the Australian people.

John Anderson lamented that "the trust and goodwill that I believe are integral to, and vital, to the smooth working of each and every community ... is somehow weakening and drifting in this nation." Spot on! So why can't he understand that the reason for the declining trust is because governments for the last 20 years have totally ignored the Australian people, preferring to obey other foreign masters?

Kim Beazley said: "the confidence of the people in the established institutions of this nation – not least this parliament – is perilously low. I am concerned at the way this great institution has slipped in public regard in recent decades." If Beazley can't make the connection between the policies of the last two decades and the massive voter disenchantment over the same period there's something wrong with him.

In the vulgar parlance: it's the policies, stupid. Politicians should be relieved to know they can very easily regain the people's trust and restore their faith in parliament. All they have to do is govern in the interests of ALL Australians, not just globalisation's winners. Australians don't want a market society of winners and losers who have nothing in common. They want a civil society such as they once enjoyed. Over to you, John, John and Kim.


from "Rhodesia Christian Group" Newsletter July 2001:
"It hardly needs to be added that the farmers throughout Zimbabwe – many of whom are at last leaving the country – are the people who provide accommodation, education and health-care for vast numbers of African workers and their families, as well as food for everyone. No case has ever been reported of farm workers willingly turning against their employers, or willingly helping the so-called 'war veterans' and other thugs who are purportedly taking over their land to give to the landless poor. These latter are usually quite unable to use it if and when they get it.

Hunger now faces Zimbabwe. Little happens in that country without the nod from State House. Mugabe's twenty one years of near-absolute power, together with substantial, readily available funding for land purchase and agricultural extension, have produced nothing but swathes of farmland lying waste – owned and left to rot by the government, the generals and the president's closest cronies. The whole of Mugabe's land-grab is no more than a vote-catching fraud. There is no disagreement anywhere about the need for land reform, nor any lack of will by the farmers to put it into effect.

Young Africans abandon homeland
These days young African professionals queue at the new Harare airport to abandon the country of their birth. At least two million ordinary people have somehow got into South Africa: these are those who have survived the crocodiles and hippos of the Limpopo River, the razor wire fences that protect the South African border and the vigilance of the South African border police. Yet still the refugees come, fleeing the hunger and wretchedness of Zimbabwe."

On Target asks its readers to send a copy of this report to not only their local politicians, but more especially Prime Minister John Howard; he was a member of the Fraser Liberal government which played such a part in the sell-out of the Rhodesian people – both black and white.

It is with hesitation that a Christian newsletter must report the widespread rejoicing at the death (reportedly from AIDS) of Chenjerai "Hitler" Hunzvi, the leader of the marauding "war veterans" (most of whom never saw service in any war). Drivers in Harare honked their horns at his departing! Hunzvi spearheaded the violent invasions of more than 1,700 commercial farms which had been producing the country's foreign currency as well as its food. Nineteen people were murdered, twelve black labourers and seven white farmers. Countless others were beaten, some deformed for life.
After the assaults on the farms were under way, Hunzvi turned his attention to last June's parliamentary election campaign. The bogus "war vets" were let loose (for pay, of course), on the opposition MDC and its supporters, killing 40 people and brutalising thousands more. The violence together with electoral rigging got the president his slim majority. Then, in the last two months, Hunzi sent his thugs to invade some 100 factories, beat up managers, black and white and extort large sums of money. These were real or imagined supporters of the MDC. He even threatened foreign diplomats and in April his "veterans" assaulted the Canadian high commissioner, prompting the Ottawa government belatedly to halt its financial aid and to impose diplomatic sanctions.

The lie was finally given to Mugabe's claim that he is taking land from the whites in order to help the blacks when 80 of his thugs drove out Matibe, a black African commercial farmer, from his farm. He was the defeated candidate for the Chegutu constituency: defeated by the intimidation of the voters. The attack was led by Chris Shamu, the district administrator, together with some of the police. His workers and their families are now homeless and workless. As usual, Mugabe has effectively decreed the "vets" above the law by the issue of presidential pardons.
"Rhodesia Christian Group" P.O. Box 5307, Bishop's Stortford, Herts. CM23 3DZ, England.


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"Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile": Nigel Jackson wrote in his review of the book (Heritage, No. 96): "Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a man who has led a heroic witness first against the Soviet communist tyranny and secondly against the corruption of the Western world by humanism, materialism and hedonistic consumerism. For both reasons this important new biography is to be heartily welcomed." This book will challenge and grip the reader. Highly recommended. Price $25.00, Posted $28.50.

"The Story of the Commonwealth Bank" by D.J. Amos: Leading politicians scoff at the idea that low-interest creation of money is not only possible, but is part of the answer to Australia's present woes. It is important to re-learn how Australia made enormous progress when 'the peoples' bank' (the original Commonwealth Bank) controlled the creation of Australia's credit. The original Commonwealth Bank was able to fund the cost of the First World War without debt to the nation and re-settle returned soldiers on land grants at extremely low rates of interest. Public works, such as the East-West Railway, were funded free of debt. The insignificant 0.625% interest charged was sufficient for the bank to make a profit! This book is immensely important for Australians to help in their search for a way of lifting the yolk of usurious international debt-finance. Price $5.00, Posted $6.00.

The Heritage Journal. We cannot praise enough the latest edition of Heritage. It features the articles by Larry Noye of the early 1900's character King O'Malley and his battle to give the Australian people their own bank (the original Commonwealth Bank). Rex Gilroy's article continues the search for Australia's ancient history, "Were the Aboriginals the First Australians?" Part 11 and Nigel Jackson's review of Solzhenitsyn's biography "Solzhenitsyn: Soul in Exile" by Joseph Pearce is brilliant. Annual subscription $30.00 (4 quarterly issues) or single issue $8.00 posted. Subscriptions to Heritage Book-mailing, PO Box 163, Chidlow, WA, 6556.

"Here We Go Again" by Doug Collins. The author of this book and the newspaper he represented were the first in North America to be fined by the Human Rights Tribunal for having 'wrong opinions'. The author refused to pay a penny and has described the tribunal as a 'kangaroo court', where the adjudicators are the judge, jury and prosecutor and a complainant may never be named! Many people pay lip service to freedom of speech, but show little fight for it, Collins does. His humorous columns, included in the book, well worth reading. Price $20.00, Posted $24.00. From all League Book Services.


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