Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
31 August 2001. Thought for the Week: "In this first century the world was pouring out its riches and its treasures into the lap of Rome. As Dill has it: 'The long peace, the safety of the seas, and the freedom of trade, had made Rome the entrepot for the peculiar products and delicacies of every land from the British Channel to the Ganges.' Pliny talks of one meal in which in one dish India was laid under contribution, in another Egypt, Cyrene, Crete and so forth... The money possessed and the money spent was colossal... Rome's supreme sin (was) pride, the idea that she was safe, that she was so wealthy and so powerful that nothing could touch her, and that she could, so to speak, buy her way out of any situation... There is nothing in life which rouses such condemnation as this pride, this arrogance, this self-sufficiency... There is a sin which the Greeks called hubris. Hubris is that arrogance, born of wealth and prosperity and success, which comes to feel that it has no need of God, and which eliminates God from life. The punishment for that sin is ultimate abasement and humiliation. Pride always goes before a fall..."
"Revelation of John Vol. 2: Daily Study Bible" by William Barclay, 1959


by Jeremy Lee
Following our recent report in On Target about the new Bill allowing for the seizure of property without trial and conviction, one of our readers wrote to his federal member voicing his objections and asking for a copy of the proposals. The member replied with the usual line that this was aimed only at major crime figures; "I understand the proposed legislation aims to hit criminals where it hurts the most, namely in their hip pocket ..."

But if they haven't been tried according to the law, how, beyond suspicion, are we to know they are criminals? And what protection remains for those unjustly penalized?

According to the "Principle Objects of this Act" the following are included
(Chapter One): (f) to give effect to Australia's obligations under the Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime, and other international agreements relating to proceeds of crime ....
Chapter Two starts with this ominous "simplified outline": Restraining orders can be made against property, in relation to certain offences, on grounds that relate to possible forfeiture or confiscation orders relating to those offenders.
(There is no requirement that a person has been convicted of such an offence.)
Action can be taken when: (vi) there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the property is the 'proceeds of a foreign indictable offence or an indictable offence of Commonwealth concern (whether or not the identity of the person who committed the offence is known) ..... All of which flies in the face of our ancient and honourable law that each of us is innocent until proven guilty.
And it is another example of international treaties overriding our domestic sovereignty. Anyone concerned can express their objections to the First Assistant Secretary, Criminal Justice Division of the Attorney-General's Department, National Circuit, Barton, ACT, 2600, by August 31st, 2001.
Electronic copies of the Bill can be downloaded from, click on "Recent Additions, Exposure Draft - Proceeds of Crime Bill 2001".


We are not going to join the political and media ju-ju men in analyzing the recent NT election. Some preposterous conclusions are being drawn. Suffice it to say that the vote for independents and minor parties totaled 15 percent, by far the biggest portion of which (10.5%) went to independents.


British Prime Minister Tony Blair has appointed Lord Haskins as "Rural Affairs Coordinator". The noble lord also happens to be chairman of Northern Foods, one of Britain's biggest food companies with sales last year of nearly 1.5 billion pounds (over $3 billion). Lord Haskins predicts that over half Britain's remaining farmers will have left by the year 2020. He has also expressed his irritated disagreement with the recent claim by Prince Charles that the average farm income was now 100 pounds (Under $200) per week. But Prince Charles' figures were correct and have been supported by the National Farmers Union.


In the middle of this month Mr. Gary Crooke QC, chairman of the National Crime Authority, released the NCA Commentary 2001 - Organised Crime in Australia. At the same time he appeared on television with the claim that Australia is losing the war on drugs. The figures are startling. We now have more than 200,000 heroin users in Australia. Interpol and the UN estimate that the international drug trade is worth $400 billion a year - about 8% of world trade - with Australia's share being somewhere between $7 billion and $9.6 billion. Australia now spends $500 billion on drug law enforcement, but only detects a fraction of the trade. Counting all drugs, 23 percent of the Australian population is involved in illicit drug use, including cannabis, analgesics, hallucinogens, amphetamines and tranquillisers. It is acknowledged that, even with increased seizures, we are only detecting a small part of the drug trade coming in from overseas.

A major report in The Australian Financial Review (17/8/01) said: " .... If you talk with most experienced operational police, they will tell you that they are aware of only a fraction of the drug trade at any given time. They will also tell you that, notwithstanding operational difficulties, they successfully arrest only a small percentage of offenders and seize a small fraction of all illicit drugs. The Australian Customs Service, charged with preventing border penetration, manages to inspect perhaps as few as 2 or 3 percent of all incoming containers ...."

Drugs are probably now the biggest single spiritual problem in Australia. It would seem that only a stern increase in penalties for those carrying out this 'death-trade' - including the death sentence for the bosses - can do anything to stem the flood.


We have only just caught up with an article which appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald (29/7/01), three weeks ago.
"Police examining more than 20 brutal sexual attacks on teenage girls in just 10 months believe they have uncovered a frightening new crime associated with race. Hospital records and police data show that at least another 50 similar incidents have been reported in the Bankstown area of south-west Sydney over the past two years. The victims, one as young as 13, were allegedly lured to meetings then gang-raped and horrifically humiliated. "All of those suspected of perpetrating the acts come from the same cultural and religious back-grounds. Now police are concerned that the acts may become culturally institutionalized. They are now planning a social research program to examine the phenomenon and help them decide how to eradicate it. Fifteen youths and men have so far been charged with more than 3130 offences relating to matters since mid-2000. They are all of Middle Eastern extraction. None of those involved is presently before the courts. Their alleged victims have all been Caucasian, aged between 13 and 18. The attacks are continuing.

"In the most recent, up to two dozen offenders are suspected of taking part in the repeated violation of a teenager in a schoolyard in Guildford three weeks ago. In a chilling postscript, several of the group allegedly scrawled degrading slogans on her body."

The report went on to say that police work was made much more difficult because possible witnesses were afraid of reprisals. It would be too much to say that all Middle East residents would be anything but horrified by such acts. Nor that there is any link with Middle East refugees being released from detention centres in our capital cities. Nevertheless, it is true that the small but influential multicultural lobby has much to answer for in creating an environment for such conflict, against the wishes of the great majority of Australians. The biggest shock is how few media channels have reported this news accurately and in depth. The Sydney Morning Herald is a courageous exception.


Alan Greenspan's latest interest-rate cut - the seventh in a year - is because the biggest economy in the world is in recession. So is Germany. Argentina will default as Mexico did a few years ago unless the International Monetary Fund can piece together a 'rescue' package, with the usual draconian and unworkable conditions.
Now it looks as though South Korea, Australia's third largest trading partner, is heading towards a Mexico-type crisis.
"....'Korea could go the way of Mexico and some other Latin American countries', warned McKinsey & Co's Seoul office head, Dominic Barton, in a recent presentation that was splashed across the front pages of Korean newspapers." (The Australian Financial Review, 20/8/01)


As if New Zealand did not have enough troubles it has just been blessed (?) by a visit from former PM Paul Keating. In an article from The Otago Daily Times (3/8/01) it was reported that Mr. Keating was one of the keynote speakers on the opening day of the "Catching the Knowledge Wave Conference", organized by the Auckland University and the Government to promote ways New Zealand can improve social and economic prosperity.
"An insular approach by a New Zealand apparently wary and resentful of Australia had cost this country chances for economic prosperity, said ....Paul Keating yesterday. Mr. Keating told the conference that New Zealand should leap at the opportunity to pursue full economic integration with Australia, a market five times bigger than its own. .... About 450 delegates, mainly representing business, education and financial consulting companies were at the conference. Almost 100 protesters picketed outside ...."

One would have thought that "Banana-Republic' Keating was hardly the man to advise on ways to prosperity in other countries.


by Antonia Feitz
Whether the major parties are aware of it or not, there is now a very quiet but historically significant revolution underway in Australia. Simply put, Australia's family farmers have had enough. Perhaps because they are literally 'grounded' in reality farmers are traditionally among the most conservative people in society, but they're now unifying and taking a very determined stand.

The apple and pear growers and the dairy farmers weren't the first to kick up a fuss but their anger has really put the regions into the media spotlight. The fireblight fiasco and the dismal fall-out of dairy deregulation which forced so many of the world's best practice dairy farmers off their farms resonated strongly in the wider non-farming community.
Since then farmers in the NSW Nyngan area have threatened to begin a campaign of civil disobedience over the impossible bureaucratic burdens imposed by the Native Vegetation laws which are preventing them from managing their farms. Hundreds of Victorian farmers have refused to pay massive local government rate increases and are facing court proceedings. Is it likely that the courts will fine and/or gaol 'hundreds' of farmers? If they do there will be protests; if they don't the courts will lose authority. Either way it's a win for the people and a loss for the government.

Inspired by those 400 Tasmanian potato growers who recently blockaded the McCain's potato chip factory, Victorian potato growers have united with them to form the Australian Process Growers Action group. McCains, the processor, hasn't given them a rise in 10 years. Now Tasmanian brassica growers - producers of broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts - have joined potato and pea producers in demanding higher prices for their contract crops from the processor, Simplot. They claim what the multinational has offered doesn't even cover the cost of production. This can't go on.


by Antonia Feitz
At the height of the last share boom the wealthy in the US indulged themselves in some serious mansion-building. An AP report in The Australian (8/10/99) gave some examples of the luxury: - a 2270kg bathtub carved from a single block of Carrara marble - a recording studio for a yacht - $US1000 door hinges - $US10,000 gold-plated taps - yachts that cost up to $US2 million a year for crew and upkeep.
While the average American household earns $US47,400, over the past two decades "the income of the top 20 percent of American households rose nearly 40 percent to an average $US102,000."

Unsurprisingly the incomes of the lowest 20 per cent fell over the same period. Only in the US? No. Australians are quietly building mansions too. Businessman John Gandel built a mansion at an estimated cost of $46 million in Melbourne's most prestigious address, Albany Road, Toorak (Weekend Australian, 18-19/8/01). According to the report there are gold shower screens and a first-floor swimming pool. Good luck to him, but most of us could think of far better things to do with $46 million dollars than build a house. Still, as we steam full-speed backwards to the past of privilege and exploitation, perhaps in a few generations these new mansions will be bequeathed to charities to cope with all the worthy poor dying on the streets from disease and starvation. Come to think of it, that's not likely. The philanthropists of old lived in Christian societies where that tradition was honoured.


by Antonia Feitz
The mainstream media tend to portray Kim Beazley as some sort of lovable Mr. Nice Fat Guy. Maybe they're right, but few of them remind voters that Mr. Nice Fat Guy Kim Beazley was a cabinet minister in one of the worst governments Australia has ever endured - Keating's. If Australians return a Beazley government at the next election they will not only get more economic rationalism in bucket loads, they'll get bucket loads of political correctness. There'll be an acceleration of support for homosexual and lesbian 'marriages', children's 'rights', increased influence from feminists and ethnocrats, and the further suppression of free speech under 'hate crimes' legislation.
One of the first things PM Beazley will do is formally apologise to the Aborigines.

Who can ever forget that as far as Labor Senator Nick Bolkus is concerned, free speech is about "resourcing durable institutions within society that can present alternative views, critique government policy, and review government decisions" (Australian, 11/6/98). Thanks all the same, Nick, but most Australians think free speech means a person's right to hold and express dissident opinions.

Hawke and Kelty's betrayal
"Labor's" economic record also speaks for itself: under the infamous "Accord", the Hawke-Keating governments destroyed the union movement and reduced real wages. How scandalous that during the transformation of Australia from a thriving national economy to the current globalised mess, Bob Hawke and Bill Kelty both proved themselves to be traitors to the working men and women of Australia.

It seems Michael Costello is going to play a big part in a Beazley government. He's the former Labor government departmental head who told the elites at that gabfest in Melbourne in May 1998, held to discuss the increasing voter alienation from the major parties, what globalisation means for Australia. He said, "It is true that if we thought overseas competition in manufacturing was tough, we haven't seen anything yet. ...It is true that the very existence of the nation state will be challenged by globalisation as never before. After all, a global corporation's patriotism is for company, not country. ... It is true that globalisation reinforced the tendency of the free markets unfettered to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. We are only in the foothills of globalisation and already this is happening..." (Australian, 5/5/98)
At least he's honest about globalisation, unlike his political masters who insult our intelligence by telling us we've never been so prosperous.

A Beazley government will continue the job losses and the privatisations because Labor agrees with the Coalition's lie that what's happening is 'inevitable'. Even Alan Greenspan doesn't agree. Earlier this year he commented that it would be a "tragedy" if globalisation were reversed (ABC Radio, AM, 5/4/01). Clearly he thinks reversing current policies is possible.


by Betty Luks
The fruits of the last 20 years clearly reveal those within 'conservative' politics have betrayed the Australian people and their traditions and values, when in and out of power, just as have the Labor Party. It was the Fraser government who betrayed the Rhodesian people and helped let loose the forces to destroy that little country now known as Zimbabwe and the same forces are hell-bent on destroying any semblance of civilised law and order in South Africa. It was the Fraser government who continued the Whitlam government's dismantling of our industries and agriculture to bring us into 'the New World Order'. It is on record somewhere within League material that one of those 'conservative' politicians claimed the idea of 'a New World Order' was a figment of the imagination of the Australian League of Rights!

In a League publication circulated in the 1970s, Eric Butler warned that Southern Africa was then Australia's front line. We lost that battle mainly because we didn't recognise the enemy within, still trusted those in power and didn't understand the techniques and strategies of the psycho-political warfare being waged upon us.

The Fraser Government and the NIEO
"Cabinet puts off decision on assisting Third World" is how The Australian (1982?) portrayed the continuation of the process by the Fraser government in the "structural adjustment of Australian industry to make it more receptive to future trading with developing countries".

That great 'diplomat' Andrew Peacock, who, over the last few years was depicted in the media as spending quite a deal of his time swanning around New York with a former film star, declared in 1982 as then Minister for Foreign Affairs, "This is not a report that will be pigeon-holed." In fact, he went on to say in that Australian article, "...the Government had no difficulty in endorsing a number of key recommendations in the Third World report on defence, regional relationships, voting rights in international financial institutions, immigration issues and international trade and protection which were consistent with government policies."

Senator Grant Chapman and former Senator Baden Teague
In response to a League supporter in 1980, Senator Grant Chapman (still in power) wrote:
"The NIEO proposals cover all major aspects of international economic relationships including trade, private investment, aid, exchange rates, and institutional arrangements. They are aimed at achieving larger and more automatic resource transfers to developing countries in all aspects of economic relations and organization, including greater weight for developing countries in international financial institutions."

Former Liberal Senator Baden Teague in response to a League activist (1982) denied the accusation that the NIEO was a push for 'world government'. "...that the notion of "World Government" is imminent and that the Commonwealth Government is pressing to such a goal. Both claims are false. Your letter does not help me to see your claims demonstrated or explained. Rather it appears you interpret the very ideas of 'international relations' and 'aid for developing countries' as a sell-out to 'World Government' in the distorted sense given that term by the League of Rights. These interpretations are not true nor are they reasonable."
"The Liberal Party of Australia does aim to see (as your letter cites) 'international economic development through enlightened trade policies and the provision of effective aid to developing countries'." (emphasis added...ed) "...However," he went on, "the findings of the Brandt Commission are conclusions of an independent group of people not of the Australian Government ... The development of the concept "a new international economic order" was not formulated by the Australian Government... but by 'third world' countries in the United Nations."
Looking back, one wonders what input the 'third world' countries had in developing the concept of 'a new international economic order'!
One thing was certain, the Brandt Commission was not what Baden Teague described it as - 'an independent body'.

Jeremy Lee in the January 1982 edition of Enterprise, listed the groups who made a contribution to the Brandt Commission, "The Fabian Society, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission and the Club of Rome all contributed heavily to the make-up and operations of the Brandt Commission."

Baden Teague and Eric Butler
Baden Teague went on in his letter to criticise Eric Butler and the League, claiming that Eric and the League had been discredited and that only "a small private following largely made up of well intentioned people led astray with a confusion of ideas" believed the League.

How many Liberal governments have been thrown out of office in the last few years? How many Australians now believe the 'confusion of ideas', put forward by the 'spin doctors' of the Liberal Party?

The League has undertaken the major task of placing its journals on CD. This covers a time-span of 40 years or more. The records of the League will be available to all who want to know the truth. They can then decide for themselves who has been discredited and who hasn't!


The policies of both parties have proved to be so disastrous The West Australian, 15/5/01, reported: "The nation risks imminent division into two separate societies - rich and poor - with little hope of being reunited, according to one of Australia's biggest charities. "The St. Vincent de Paul Society, which helps 800,000 Australians annually, found that economic inequality had worsened in 20 years almost to the point where it was not practical to bridge the gulf between the rich and poor. "Its report, Two Australias - Addressing Inequality and Poverty, said the nation would be resembling a Third World country if the trend was not reversed.
It portrayed economic globalisation (the NIEO of the Chapmans and Teagues of this world...ed) and the inaction of successive governments as the central villains."

Successive governments have not been 'inactive' - they just haven't been active on our behalf! They have been very active on behalf of our 'money masters' and involved in the setting up of the NIEO now termed the New World Order.


The 2000-2001 Basic Fund will be wound up and any subsequent donations will become part of next financial year's appeal. The final figure is $48,758.00. Our humble thanks go to those who have supported and contributed to the work and finance of the League of Rights. There are those who have made a number of contributions and we say a sincere "thank you". The contributions that are made from this week onwards will be put towards the 2001-2002 Basic Fund Appeal.


Those who recently heard Betty Luks, will recall her saying, "There is no such thing as 'debt' in Nature". She went on to explain this meant Man could not produce this year's crops with next year's rain. In which case, in the real world we cannot mortgage our future. It is only in the black-magic world of Mammon that this 'appears' to happen.
Referring to the ancient system of tithing, she encouraged her listeners to observe the truth that "when the seasons were good for the agricultural communities, everyone lived well - including the Church and the State. When the seasons were poor and production was down, everyone had to tighten their belts - including the Church and the State." This is in the nature of reality.

While Australia is, in reality, providentially blessed with more than enough to feed, clothe and house her people, financially her people are burdened down by such overwhelming debt they are struggling to survive - financially, economically, psychologically and spiritually. In which case, the League is going to close this present Basic Fund appeal and live financially within the basic fund contributions, and, at the same time, multiply the efforts of the League by other means. This does not mean any League activities will be curtailed because of financial restraints. The League operations are based on Faith; not a blind faith, but faith in the sure knowledge that the shortfall of finance will be made up by other means - of this we are certain.


Please make note of the National Weekend dates in your diary:
New Times Dinner - Friday, October 6th.
Seminar - Saturday, October 7th.
Divine Service & Action Conference - Sunday, October 8th.

Theme: "The Celebration of Federation". Venue: The Hume Inn Motel, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury. Flyers will soon be released covering all details.