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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
7 September 2001. Thought for the Week: "Let us make this point as clear as we are able, because it appears to lie at the root of widespread misapprehensions. World Politics are (irrevocably, we think) committed to the centralisation of Power We are committed irrevocably to the decentralisation of Power to the limits of the capacity of the individual... There can be no greater practical mistake at the present time than to suppose that Social Crediters can engage usefully in what Lord Keynes called Essays in Persuasion, directed at the conversion of conscious opponents.

"The die is cast; whether the phrase 'the war between Christ and Anti-Christ is taken to be symbolical or literal, one side must win. Now the practical effect of this is to put, to some extent, technical arguments into cold storage. Not the least of the fallacies of Fabianism was that Economics preceded and conditioned Politics. Precisely the opposite is true, and our task is, not to capture politics, but to fragment them..."

"Conspiracy, Communism, Disaster" by C. H. Douglas reprinted in the Social Crediter, 1963


by Jeremy Lee
At the time of writing a Norwegian cargo vessel with a crew of 27 and over 450 asylum-seekers rescued from a sinking vessel on board drifts aimlessly off Australia's Christmas Island. It has become the source of world attention.

Had the vessel originally carrying the boat people not foundered, it would have been escorted to Australian territory, where its passengers would have joined the detainees already causing such havoc with security and such consternation among Australians.

There has been overwhelming support for Prime Minister Howard, tempered by concern for the future of those on board the Tampa. John Howard has seized on the incident to tap into what is now a major issue in the minds of the public who will be voting before the end of the year.

The truth is that Howard's action is not decisive, and is years later than it should have been. He is simply dealing with symptoms, while ignoring causes.

The world's refugee crisis has the potential to overwhelm stability and law and order in a number of western countries. At the time of writing, Britain is caught up in its own crisis. The International Express (28/8/01) reports that the Eurotunnel company, which manages the tunnel that links motor and rail traffic between England and France, is picking up as many as 400 illegal immigrants a night, but is still unable to prevent up to 800 a month slipping through. It is now taking legal action to have the French Red Cross center, from whence many of the illegals launch their bids, closed down. The center is surrounded by razor wire and search lights, which prove inadequate barriers to the floods who surge towards Britain. The report said: ".... The latest figures reveal that the number of asylum seekers asked to leave the UK has trebled in just three years from 14,730 in 1998 to 43,465 in 2000. The number who actually left, however was 3,540 in 2000 - only 100 more than in 1998.

In other words, the Government has lost control of the situation. And the reported cases of violence, intimidation and pack-rape mirror those recently reported in Australia.

Both Canada and the US also have major refugee crises on their hands. In the US the crisis is of epidemic proportions in California, where wave after wave from Mexico has changed the entire demography, with millions of whites moving elsewhere. In Canada, refugees organized by people smugglers, routinely cross British Columbia's coast, making their way south into the US, or elsewhere in Canada.

In Australia's case, asylum seekers come from the following sources (The Australian, 31/8/01):
Palestine, 3.8%; Syria, 0.3%; Iraq 24%; Iran 13%; Afghanistan 54%; Pakistan 0.3%; Sri Lanka 1.4%.

Looking at these figures, over 91% come from countries Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan - suffering from economic sanctions applied through the United Nations, but really at the demand of the United States, with the official backing of the Australian government. The effect of sanctions on Iraq, with thousands of women and children dying each month, has become a global scandal which has forced the resignation of United Nations officials who were required to oversee the sanctions.

Almost 4% of those arriving are Palestinians, who are being pulverized in their former homelands by the Israelis - again, with the backing of the United States and Australia. If the horrific situation in the Middle East deteriorates any further, we can expect the number of Palestinians heading our way to increase dramatically. From the First World War and Lawrence of Arabia, whose promises to the Arabs were betrayed by the Balfour Declaration through the 1948 partition of Palestine which took place without any consultation for the indigenous Palestinians, and the never-ceasing expansion of Israel right through to the illegal and expanding settlements on the West Bank, the West's betrayal of the Islamic peoples has produced a white-hot reaction. The inevitable growth of Islamic fundamentalism, spreading in a crescent from West Africa, through the Middle East and southern Russia, down to Malaysia and Indonesia, will increasingly haunt the West in the months and years ahead. Significantly, Indonesia is the largest Islamic nation in the world, with over 200 million, 10 times the population of Australia.

The hatred among these Islamic peoples for the West - and for Christianity, which they see as synonymous with the West - is palpable. We have only to look at Afghanistan, where two Australian aid workers face possible death sentences for allegedly preaching Christianity. Whatever else is said, it is hard for those to whom Islam is all important, to believe that Christian nations have lost their faith.

In reality, Christianity now has almost nothing to do with domestic and foreign policy in western nations, having become impotent and often the object of derision. Western governments are secular, humanistic, and driven solely by the Almighty Dollar and "the bottom line".

Boat people from the areas mentioned are mainly flown by airline to Jakarta in Indonesia, where the logistics of dispersing them to boat embarkation is conducted by increasingly powerful and wellorganised smuggling gangs. The Australian (31/8/01) reported: ".... Those who control the trade issue special identification cards and deal with boatpeople in lots of 300. They are even taking Pakistanis into Afghanistan and coaching them on how to lie about being persecuted by the Taliban.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is one of the main supporters of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yet Pakistan and Indonesia are both direct recipients of foreign aid from Australia. Indonesia received a direct grant of $121 million in 1999-2000. In addition, Australia is now paying Indonesia for refugee camps housing thousands of passengers from refugee countries in the hope that they won't end up in Australia.

It is a myopic state of affairs, to say the least, that Australia supports economic sanctions against countries that are the source of over 90 percent of the refugees arriving in increasing numbers; and the provider of aid to the countries directly facilitating the transit of the illegal immigrants.

It is only the technical matter involving the rescue of people in international waters who would otherwise have proceeded without hitch to Australia that has prompted Howard to make a statement about a threat to Australia that should have been addressed long before the present flood reached current proportions. If the Norwegian Tampa stand-off is resolved, will it be "business as usual" for the many boatloads still to come?

What more realistic measures could Australia take? Firstly, it could remove direct foreign aid from Indonesia until that country refuses to provide transit facilities for asylum seekers. There is no doubt Indonesia could stop overnight the landing of planes with queue-jumpers on board. Indonesia could also clamp down on boat-builders and illegal people smugglers.

Additional pressure could be applied by stopping Indonesia's airline Garuda from flying to and from Australia. Garuda is just on the point of starting a new two-day-a-week service to Sydney.

Finally, Australia should bring out into the open the question that haunts western governments, but which none dare publicly mention. If international treaties and conventions finally militate against the interests of the people in sovereign nations, domestic interests must come first. When the International Treaty on Refugees was signed, the problem was manageable. The 20 million and increasing refugees in the world now - largely caused by the foreign and economic policies of western nations, the oil cartel and international bankers - is a problem so huge that nations are being implicitly asked to sacrifice their own communities for the sake of an impossible humanitarian ideal, largely sponsored by those who don't personally have to live with the results of their policies.

Somewhere in the world this must be openly addressed. Nothing so far in the actions of John Howard and his Foreign Minister Alexander Downer indicate they are prepared to say publicly that they put Australians first. As Australia's foreign representative, Alexander Downer could publicly inform the United Nations that Australia is being forced into a situation where it will have to withdraw from the International Treaty in the interests of its own people. Somehow, we're not hopeful!

Tonight's news (3 1/8) suggests that Australia has asked East Timor to help take the problem off its hands. If there is any truth in the report - which so far has not been officially confirmed - it indicates just how pathetically shortsighted and compromising the Howard Government really is. So far a massive and overwhelming majority of Australians have indicated support for Howard's initial position. But Howard has a tiger by the tail. If his resolution does not extend as far as solving the illegal boatpeople crisis once and for all, the public could turn and savage him.

The man who has come out best in this ongoing saga is Immigration Minister Phil Ruddock. He has aged visibly in the last two years. But he has stuck manfully to his guns, against great media hostility, in a situation where much more responsibility could have been taken by his colleagues. Our own assessment is that he has earned a measure of respect from the Australian people that is not shared by other party politicians.

Why do we have the feeling that this issue has been identified by the Howard government as one with a lot of heat across the nation, and that it will be played on until the election? Despite recent bribes the Government is still lagging badly in the polls. The Nationals - and particularly deputy PM John Anderson - are like dead ducks in the water. A dramatic foreign policy issue which polarized the nation might well help the sagging Coalition. But only for a time.

There is no doubt that the whole issue of illegal immigration, the emergence of cultural conflict in our major cities, the pathetic situation in the detention centers and the tattered shreds of multiculturalism present Australia with as big a problem as it has ever encountered in its history.


by Phillip D. Butler:
What is the difference between the stand-off of the 460 boat people on the MSS Tampa and their unarmed assault on Australia's sovereignty and the attempted armed assault of Australia by the Japanese during WW2? Isn't it 'war by other means'? Isn't it 'invasion by other means'? At least Australians during WW2 stood together to defend their country - and politicians wouldn't have dared to do what they are now doing!

Books by George Orwell 1984 and Jean Raspail's Camp of the Saints, although both at the time of publication considered 'over the top', have proved to be prophetic. Both are apocalyptic novels, dissecting the erosion of Western civilisation as a direct result of the character of the small-l liberal thought and sentiment. Finally, it is hitting home to Australians that we are in deep trouble with the threat of further 'boat people invasions'. John Howard and Phillip Ruddock should be supported in their resolve to stand their ground - now that they have 'drawn a line in the sand'.

The following responses to the Herald Sun polls on the issue sums up what the majority have been trying to get through to their politicians for many years.

Question - Tuesday, August 28th:
"Should Australia turn away the disputed boatload of illegal immigrants?" 14,187 calls - YES: 95.6%. NO: 4.4%

Question - Wednesday, August 29th:
"Should Australia relent to international pressure and accept the illegal immigrants?" 12,358 calls - YES: 7.3%. NO: 92.7%

Question - Thursday, August 30th:
"Was Australia right to seize the Tampa and order it to leave our waters?" 10,134 calls YES: 94.6%. NO: 5.4%

It is my experience people just don't 'happen to be in a particular spot, to board a particular boat, at a particular time' unless the operation is well organised. These people 'just happen' to fly to Jakarta from Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, come together as a group in Indonesia where they find a boat awaits them to set sail for the sunny land of Australia. Let's get real!

Acknowledge, we are being invaded and take the appropriate steps to safeguard ourselves. We need to take a good hard look at the situation in which the Canadians now find themselves as a direct result of the same small-l liberal thought and sentiment.

Turn the TV and radio off, get pen and paper out, or e-mail ready, and let your politician know in no uncertain terms what you think he should be doing!

Real Racism

by Antonia Feitz
In referring to 'whites' Ms. Pham proved herself to be the one obsessed with race. She accused "Australians of non-Arab and non-Asian backgrounds" - the majority of Australians! - of remembering a time when "Australia lived without crime - before the arrival of these 'bad' groups. In the 'good old days' there were no rapes, no domestic violence, no murders, no thefts, no drugs."

No rational person would ever make such a stupid comment. Nevertheless it's true that older Australians do remember a time when there was far less crime. They certainly remember a time without ethnic gangs. If the Poles and other post WW2 European migrants did form criminal ethnic gangs nobody knew about them. Even the Italian 'mafia' didn't really affect the broader Australian community until drug abuse became widespread.

Ms. Pham accused the NSW Premier of dividing the community into "us and them", inviting the community to believe that there is (and was) no crime perpetrated by white Australians. Her allegation is absolute nonsense. Carr quite rightly supported the police force's right to use such terms as "of middle Eastern/Asian appearance" if such descriptions help catch criminals. What's next? not allowing the police to specify a suspect's height, or sex, hair colour or clothing?

Predictably, Ms. Pham blamed the problems in the ethnic communities on "the incompetence of the State Government in responding to the needs of the disenfranchised in the community, the high level of youth unemployment, the prevalence of drugs and, of course, the systemic racism and harassment of 'ethnic communities'." This is really mind-boggling stuff because the reverse is true: the ethnic gangs are preying on and harassing Australians - including those in ethnic communities! The ethnic gang members are the racists, proud of being Lebs/Vietnamese/ whatever and proud of hating Skips their derogatory term derived from Skippy the kangaroo for Australians.

In accusing a State Premier and a Federal Minister of the Crown of "inciting racial hatred" Ms. Pham has overstepped the mark of common decency and has exposed herself as completely out of touch with community opinion. Weirdly, she wrote, "I am tired of being silenced." Come again? Her disgraceful and insulting article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and she claims to have been 'silenced'? Lots of people would like to be similarly 'silenced'.

If people don't even acknowledge problems then there's no hope of finding solutions to the problems. It is beyond dispute that ethnic-based crime is a very big problem in Sydney. Hysterical reactions by ethnic community leaders to a long overdue public debate are very counter-productive. Somebody should enlighten Ms. Pham that she is her community's own worst enemy.


by Ann Crosson - from Neil Baird's e-mail

The absurd brou-ha-ha over the rights of illegal immigrants and the continuing influx of boat people, the hysteria arising from the association of some types of criminal activity to certain racial groups seems to have reduced people who should be sensible to imbecility.

I have listened with disbelief to the cringing, conciliatory, apologetic disclaimers of politicians, community leaders and the churches, who all seem determined not to face the fact that our acceptance of illegal immigrants is wrong.

But it remains a fact that illegal immigration is an affront to our right to determine our own future. We are a small nation making the best use we can of a mostly arid, inhospitable land with limited water resources. We need to exercise restraint in our population and are entitled to control the racial composition of our population. We do not need to buy racial problems. We have absorbed migrants from all quarters in the past without creating racial tensions or social problems that weren't easily resolved. Because migrants were screened and the numbers controlled. Other nations still exercise control over migration and reserve citizenship and voting rights to their native born. Why should we not exercise the same right?

The current furore about racial based crime has brought every zany, multicultural activist out screaming. And even church leaders, who should know better, are bleating about our inhuman treatment of these people who are not only infringing our immigration laws, but entering the country without health or any of the other of the checks that a sensible immigration policy demands.

And how is our compassionate, unregulated acceptance of these people going to benefit their cause? They have, by virtue of being able to pay criminals the price of a passage on leaky, over-crowded boats, arrived on our shores penniless and pitiful. And left behind them countries torn by racial, political violence which our magnanimous acceptance of them will not put right.

Their problems are not our problems, unless we make them so. And, I would suggest people who abandon their country in their country's need are not the material on which to build a nation.

If we seriously wish to make the world a better place then the place to begin is in those countries torn with strife, political and religious warfare.

I saw on the ABC an interview with some multicultural group and a Jewish spokesman who announced that, in the case of a white collar crime, neither Mr. Carr nor the Police Commissioner would have dared to describe a suspect as of Jewish appearance. Which was a nonsensical comment.

White collar criminals are not usually the subject of police manhunts. Their appearance is thoughtfully provided by the media. We see photographs in the papers and on the telly.

Gang rapists are quite a different kettle of fish. Their description needs to be adequately informative. If they are caucasian, oriental, aboriginal or whatever the police need to be able to inform the public and give us half a chance to identify the culprits.


by Betty Luks
There is an aspect of this boat-people issue we are not taking into account. Their problems are our problems.
Susan George, Associate Director of the Transnational Institute warned the Western World, The Debt Boomerang, the policies being imposed on the Third World nations would boomerang back upon us -and they are! Why have the religious and media 'do-gooders' only lately taken the money-lenders and their lackey politicians to task for what has been imposed upon the Third World? Deeper in debt than ever before to the international bankers, 'economic rationalism' and the 'structural adjustments' have devastated countless livelihoods and lives. Susan George reminded her readers, The South (Third World), is closer than we think. Its debt accelerates deforestation and global warming, fuels the expanding drug market, destroys jobs and farms, encourages mass immigration and heightens global instability and conflict. Our taxes ensure that the banks need never take the consequences of their foolish loans.

If we seriously want to make the world a better place - for all - then the place to begin is in our own backyard, our own house. We need to get our own politicians and house in order. Then we will be able to help those countries torn with strife as a direct result of their financial debts imposed by western-world money lenders. What's the saying? 'The chickens are coming home to roost.'


The following letter to The Hon. Phillip Ruddock, Minster for Immigration was released to the media by Mayor Peter Davis of Port Lincoln, South Australia.
Dear Mr. Ruddock,

I thank you for your response dated 27/6/2001 to my request to be permitted to naturalize people as Australian. And I was not surprised by your refusal.

As you pointed out, your refusal was based on the comments made by me in 1995 in which I categorically rejected the policy of multiculturalism and in the process, by using the word 'mongrel' offended many people which was never my intent.

However, the thrust of what I was driving at is being proven by events daily worldwide. We, of Christian faith, have some 2000 years of recorded history. We, ourselves continue amongst ourselves to preserve our respective idiosyncrasies. Witness Ireland today. Or Martin Luther's Germany. Or the "Defender of the Faith", even if he did lop his wives' respective heads. Or the Spanish Inquisition. If you feed in the other two Western religions of Judaism and Islam the picture becomes even worse. Take the Middle East, or the Balkans. The examples of Islam versus Christianity are evident daily. Cyprus? The Kurds? Our treatment of Iraq? Or Iran? Or East Timor? Or the people of Palestine? The list is endless.

The clear, irrefutable lesson we should recognize is that people are different AND THEY WILL NOT MULTICULT.

As a small alien minority rises in proportion to the host people so the tensions rise... Witness the arrival of Captain Cook. Failure to recognize this fact results in human tragedy. Witness East Timor, Sri Lanka, Israel, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, Chechnya, and so on and on.

Meanwhile back home the temperature is rising steadily. Witness the attacks on N.S.W. Premier Bob Carr for daring to suggest that the racial origins of a gang rape may be used to apprehend the criminals. Or the ease with which illegal immigrants have been swallowed from 'Villawood into the Sydney melting pot... or the problems you experience at Pt. Headland and Woomera and now intend for Pt. Augusta.

It is a sad fact that we have yet to 'multicult' with the "indigenous people of Australia. The very last thing Aborigines desire is to 'multicult' with us lot. And neither would I if I were one of them. I would be about preserving, defending my culture against 'the wider community'. And thus is tension created. Or, perhaps, it is the teaching of Christianity in our Public Schools. Needless to say, our Islamic and Jewish people object, using the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Act to defend their assault on our [HOST] beliefs.

I make no apology for pointing out the turmoil that the current policy of Multiculturalism will deliver my Nation. It should not be necessary to point out that a mere 25 years or so of enforced bipartisan multicultural policy flies in the face of the evidence worldwide.

I note that most of our neighbours demand 'multiculturalism' of us. But none practice it. Japan, the Koreas, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Fiji are examples of tensions or sources of gratuitous advice, or both.

The basic purpose of this letter is two fold:

You have my support in the difficult role you have to stem illegal boat people. Building more detention centres is futile. What will you do when a vessel of several thousand tonnes displacement carrying say, 5,000 refugees arrives at Christmas Island?

Personally, I like the message the Malaysian Minister for Internal Security gave out a few years ago. That he would order the machine gunning of boat people on the beaches as they came ashore. And guess where boat people do not venture even though they are of similar religious bent to Malaysian people?

I respect the community pressures on you, but reality must be faced. The future happiness, security and prosperity of our children demands the end of rnulticulturalism and recognition that we can never be the haven of the world's 20 million dispossessed souls, including the latest Norwegian arrivals.

I can assure you of my support for any moves, however gradual, by Government to cease the present slippery slide into racial and religious turmoil evident world wide.

Yours sincerely, Peter Davis, Port Lincoln - August 29th, 2001.


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