Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
21 September 2001. Thought for the Week: "In spite of this universal loathing of war, the situation is daily developing to a clash of nations on a scale which may destroy civilisation. The reason is simple. War does not threaten. We are at war. There is not a person alive who has known peace... This private international financial monopoly by its complete control of monetary systems has complete power over entire communities and over governments. It is a tyranny. And step by step it is entrenching itself more strongly with the clear objective of establishing an open world-tyranny of finance, and the destruction of even the limited national sovereignty of states which exists... What we have to realise is that persons who have this power - and you cannot dissociate persons from the system - are relentlessly pursuing their objective, even though men, women and children are being driven mad, and are experiencing the most terrible suffering as a result of their administration, even though the world is in danger of going up in flames and civilisation being destroyed for centuries."
"The Nature of Social Credit" by L.D. Byrne, June 24th, 1936


by Jeremy Lee
The world is aghast at events in the US. The demolition of the World Trade Centre and part of the Pentagon is sending out ripples which will ensure our world is never the same again. It would be impossible to give an adequate summary of the history leading to this attack in On Target. A condensed survey will appear in The New Times Survey for September, currently at the printers ($2 a copy posted, from The Heritage Bookshop, Box 1052J, GPO, Melbourne, 3001).

To begin to understand, two questions must be asked: firstly, Cui Bono? (Who benefits?). And secondly, what response is to be fashioned?

The first question has been analysed in the NTS. We will address the second here. Within hours of the tragedy the headlines of America's major dailies pronounced, almost without exception, "IT'S WAR!" And we should make no mistake, war is intended. Far from being a new development, war has been the objective for a number of months, and the most likely starting point is the Middle East. To say that the events in New York and Washington have "legitimised" the programme is true. To say that they were deliberately stage-managed as part of the programme may be as fanciful as it would have been to claim that Pearl Harbour was "stage-managed" in 1941.

Any suggestion of such an idea would have outraged the American people at the time. Yet subsequent revelations have shown that both Churchill and Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the impending attack on Pearl Harbour, due to the cracking of Japan's transmission code, and could have saved the heavy loss of life involved by passing the information to naval commanders at Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt, who had campaigned for office earlier on the promise that he would not allow the United States to be dragged into the war, was able to change direction after Pearl Harbour on the crest of the indignant wave of anger and thirst for revenge among the American people. The same wave of anger, understandably, is evident now.

With no clear understanding of the history behind current events, there is a reaction in America, Europe and Australia against anyone of Middle Eastern descent. There are now a number of nuclear powers in the Middle East and Asia. Israel, Pakistan and India have "the bomb". In addition, China, Russia and North Korea, which are nuclear powers themselves, have been supplying such clients as Iran and Syria with missiles and surface-to-air rockets. What the situation is in the Sudan, Syria, Libya and Egypt with regard to nuclear weapons is not openly known. In addition, China has forged links with the Taliban in Afghanistan and is running a number of projects there.

There is a complex link-up between militant groups in the Middle East, including bin Laden's Al-Qu'ida in Afghanistan, Harakat ul-Mujahaddin in Pakistan, and the Hezbollah, active in the Palestinian territories and the Lebanon. All are said to have links with Osma bin Laden. It is certain that they also have links with elements within such countries as America, Canada, Europe and Australia. We should remember we now have about a million Australians of Arab or part-Arab descent in Australia.

Without in any way decrying the genuine refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq who have been arriving on our shores – created in part by the economic sanctions imposed by the West, including Australia, on their home countries – we would be naïve indeed if we imagined that the influx did not also include militant elements. Neither is it comfortable to remember that the anguish suffered by the American people at this time has been the lot of the Palestinians for years, as their homes, industries and families have been bombed and attacked day after day.

All too often the anguish of people in faraway countries is something to which, by its continued repetition, we become indifferent, while the same thing closer to home is insupportable. If the culture for revenge and retribution is exploited to the full, and directed against real or imagined opponents without any regard to civilian populations already suffering badly, the capacity for future catastrophe is greater than anything in history. The sheer potency of military technology will ensure that.

While every effort should obviously be made to identify and neutralize the terrorists behind the recent attacks, what is needed now is an honest appraisal of the factors over almost a century which have turned much of the Islamic world into an implacable enemy of the West. There is no doubt that much of this has crystallized into the protracted war following the dispossession of the Palestinian people in 1948, the subsequent refugee crisis, and the one sided war being fought between American-armed-and-financed Israel and today's Palestinians.

In a rare article on this subject in The Australian (14/9/01), Michael Binyon, diplomatic editor of the London Times, told something of the reasons for Islamic reaction:
"Often I have sat in Palestinian refugee camps of ordinary, moderate Arabs and heard of America's unstinting support for Israeli occupation and Israeli sentiments. Islamic radicalism draws its strength from a burning sense of injustice. Any glance at the history of the Middle East and the Muslim world beyond shows that, since Napoleon's invasion of Egypt, barely a decade has passed without some Muslim area in Asia or Africa being lost to the Western Christian powers, or Muslims fighting against the encroachment of these powers ...."

The huge financial backing of Israel by the United States, currently running at about $19 billion annually, including the armaments used daily against the Palestinians, is evidence of this point of view, and disqualifies America from any impartial brokerage between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel's refusal, supported by the US, to consider any sort of international arbitration in the conflict, simply confirms the Islamic perception of reality. To reinforce the fact that this perception is shared throughout Islam.

The Australian Financial Review (14/9/01), in an article by Tim Dodd in Jakarta, reported: " .... Even mainstream opinion in Indonesia is expressing the view that America is suffering the consequences of its pro-Israel, anti-Iraq policies.
Its role as Israel's major financial backer and arms supplier and its insistence on continuing sanctions against Iraq are widely viewed in Indonesia as unfair and even reprehensible ....."

Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world, with 85 percent of its 211 million population Muslim, also harbours organizations openly associated with Osama bin Laden.


In a service of prayer and remembrance broadcast from New York since the destruction, the words of a black cleric stood out. If the West was going to adopt the policy of revenge – "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" – the future for the world was hopeless. The time had come to adopt the principles of the Sermon on the Mount, based on forgiveness and a refusal to render evil for evil. That is now the issue facing the once-Christian West. If we follow Ariel Sharon's call for massive retaliation, we stand on the edge of World War Three. It will be the war to end all wars, and much of humanity. An acknowledgement of the rights of the Palestinians to their own home, and a lifting of sanctions against Iraq, which have resulted in some 6,000 needless deaths of women and children each month in the ten years since Desert Storm, might just provide the needed atmosphere for a turning away from war.


The Prime Minister has returned from the ravaged US, stepping from his Qantas flight into domestic chaos. Following hard on the collapse of Australia's biggest insurer, the 65-year-old Ansett is no more. With the possible loss of a further 60,000 jobs, and severe disruption in the travel and tourist industries, and severe disruption in regional Australia, the weeks ahead leading to the federal election look like being turbulent. The last session of Federal Parliament is now in session. Every funding crisis in Australia will be pushed before electors. The boat people issue and his position in supporting the US have changed Howard's fortunes, with a rise in support that could tip him over the edge into re-election. Sadly, a strong military stance has often proved an election winner. Look at Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands. But, as the saying goes, a week is a long time in politics. Howard will be doing everything he can to keep boat people and terrorism in peoples' minds. But what will he do about the latest boatload, who have forced their way onto Ashmore reef? Beazley, on the other hand, will be highlighting every financial crisis. We can expect a further increase in vindictiveness and personal abuse. It will be an exceedingly dirty election.


Following the news that Malcolm Turnbull is now a Liberal heavyweight, the latest is that the current chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, Mr. Greg Barnes, is seeking Liberal preselection. It seems clear that republicans don't expect John Howard to be around too long after the election, and that with Treasurer Costello tipped to succeed him as leader of the Liberal Party, it will be a good vantage point for aspiring republicans. No matter whether Labor or Coalition win, the whole republican issue will be rearing its ugly head again. The more independents we can get into office – particularly the Senate – the better.


by Ann Crosson
Today I watched the National Press Club luncheon broadcast on the ABC. The speaker was one Stephen Kerkysharian, a spokesman for a multicultural organisation. His discourse explained to us how much more civilised the world will be when we divorce citizenship from national identity, place of birth, race, religion and ethnicity. I don't know Mr. Kerkysharian's nationality, but I'd guess probably Armenian. And I don't suppose there are too many people rushing to take up Armenian citizenship. Which may explain Mr. Kerkysharian's casual attitude. The sycophantic reporters at the luncheon of course fed him neat questions that led him into replies that were full of good tips for we backward Aussies on how to lead the world in this bold new vision by sharing our nation with all comers regardless of race, colour or creed.

But what really floored me was his nonchalant reference to the "New World Order". And the fact that the press didn't roll around the floor laughing when it was mentioned. Raising the subject of the New World Order at rural rallies in the eighties and nineties was guaranteed to bring ridicule on the speaker and raise a laugh in the papers. Reporters and cartoonists had great fun. And by the same token, how come the court can invoke Magna Carta to support the cause of illegal immigrants when time after time victims of the rural clearances who sought to invoke its protection were told, on the 'best' legal authority, that the provisions of Magna Carta no longer applied? Many of the reporters at the Press Club beano have been around a long time. Is memory loss an occupational hazard for reporters? From Neil Baird's e-mail.


by Bob Djurdjevic
Matthew 26:52 – "Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword."

"I can't believe what's happening," a shocked close friend said this morning about the deadliest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor (or maybe even ever?). "No surprise there," I replied. "I've seen too many tragedies (around the world) in the last 11 years, some firsthand as you know, to be fazed by anything anymore." It wasn't a blasé answer. Just factual. So I explained. When the 'world's only superpower' and its allies bombed and killed thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Serbia, Americans were told it was just 'collateral damage'. After all, we, the 'champions of democracy and the free world', were only fighting the 'regrettable, but unavoidable', the Pentagon, NATO or State Department spokesmen told us. Now the tables have turned. Terrorism begets terrorism. Unnamed terrorists, presumed to be 'Islamic fundamentalists', have now killed thousands of innocent Americans while fighting, what they think are, the murderous regimes of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Now Americans know firsthand some of the terror the Baghdad or Belgrade residents felt when NATO bombers unloaded their deadly cargo on them. The only thing missing is the terrorists' spokesmen telling us now that "it was just 'collateral damage', that some civilian casualties were regrettable, but unavoidable".

State terrorism
What we did to Iraq and to Serbia was a case of state terrorism. What unnamed terrorists did to us today was retaliation to state terrorism. 'Collateral damage' has come home to roost. "What goes around, comes around." "He who plays with fire, gets burned by fire." But make no mistake: This was NOT an 'Attack on America', as CNN and other networks are hailing. This was a strike at the heart of the Washington-led New World Order. Signs are unmistakable. Just look at the targets: The World Trade Center/Wall Street, the Pentagon... Some sources speculate that one or both of the two hijacked planes that crashed in Pennsylvania might have been destined for either the White House or the Capitol. America and Americans, meaning innocent civilians who perished today, are 'just collateral damage', as Iraqi and Serb civilians were. We are now paying for aggressions and crimes against humanity that our government has committed. Just as Iraqi and Serb civilians were. We've become expendable. Just as Iraqi and Serb civilians were.
So whenever you hear a politician or a media personality say that this attack was "unprovoked"; that this was a murder of innocent "men, women and children"; that it was a strike at the "American way of life" – and no doubt you'll see and hear much of that in the next hours and days – try a role reversal. Imagine that you're listening to an Iraqi or a Serb politician using those words in reference to victims of American bombs. And then you'll get a fuller picture of what transpired today.
TruthinMedia © TiM 2001


by Antonia Feitz
I haven't got a German dictionary at hand so I hope I'm right that 'Schadenfreude' means the pleasure taken in others' misfortunes. As an example of Schadenfreude it's certainly been amusing to see the elites' frothing rage over the Tampa episode. Phillip Adams was beside himself in splenetic fury at the alleged moral failings of the overwhelming majority of his countrymen. But then, poor old Phillip has spent his adult life denying God while assuming his omniscience: Phillip is right and everybody else is wrong and that's that.
The Australian's and the SMH's top writers are the same, all expressing shame and agonising about what 'international eyes' think of us. They simply can't understand that most people don't give a damn what the mythical international community thinks of us. In fact it's highly likely that ordinary Canadians, Americans, and Europeans are envious of us for our Government's courage to stand up for our sovereignty.

The Sydney Morning Herald's Michelle Grattan sneered at Howard's so-called over-reaction to "a few boats"! (3/9/01). A few days later she creatively linked the Tampa to global warming saying that even if Nauru takes the illegal migrants for processing, we'll eventually have to accept them anyway because Nauru will be inundated due to global warming. Tosh and piffle!

The director of Adelaide's National Tidal Facility, Dr. Wolfgang Scherer, said his research project established in 1991 showed sea levels had risen about 1mm a year – because the earth was still recovering from the last Ice Age, 20,000 years ago (Australian, 18-19/8/01). As head of the South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project Dr. Scherer has scientific cred.
Then the Australian's religious editor, James Murray, made an ass of himself by quoting Jesus' teaching that as you gave water to the thirsty, clothed the needy, visited the imprisoned, etc., to the least of your brethren you did it to Me. Murray didn't seem to understand that Jesus was preaching to individuals, not governments.

Nothing is stopping Howard's critics from individually sponsoring refugees and welcoming them into their homes. Isn't it interesting that the very same people who insist Australia must become a republic, must make a treaty with the aborigines, must have a new flag to symbolise our independence and reconciliation didn't recognise a symbol when one appeared. Howard's dogged stand was precisely such a symbol. Ordinary people understood the nature of Howard's stand and that's why they supported him. Ordinary people have far more grace than their so-called betters. They stoically bear outrageous assaults on their traditions and morality while the elites scream and froth at the mouth whenever they're crossed. It's more evidence of their infantilsm.


by Greg McCombs
The Dutch police are organising an international conference about the methods used to combat activism at neo-liberal summits. It will take place from October 3rd to 5th, 2001, in The Hague. The official program can be found on the website: – it's an activist website, as usual we are more public than the state.

The organisers claim that the goal of the conference is to prevent 'unnecessary damage' to both sides, but it's clear that they will be discussing a wide variety of methods of combating resistance, actions and demonstrations. As the official programme reads: "It will be a closed forum. Senior police officers from the capitals and other major cities of most European countries, North America, Australia and New Zealand are being invited to attend. There will be presentations on the events in Seattle, Melbourne, Prague and The Hague."

Among the stated goals for the conference the official programme reads:
1. To acquire greater insight into the phenomenon of "global civil society".
2. To share information and successful tactics for maintaining order during summit conferences.
3. To build up an international network of police experts.
4. To set up a permanent interchange of expertise and to intensify international co-operation in this area.

The program continues: "The ultimate goal is to achieve a situation in which it remains possible to carry on holding summits without this leading to serious public order disturbances and riots, and in which at the same time the democratic right to demonstrate can be exercised as a legitimate means of influencing international political and financial decision-making....".

By the way, as one can read in the official programme, the organisers have invited someone to give a speech from the viewpoint of 'civil society'. We are in (good) contact with this person, and he is still in doubt as to whether he should collaborate or not. If he does, he will tell them loud and clear which atrocities police-forces have been committing and will not collaborate with them in any other way.

Activist groups in the Netherlands are keeping a close watch on this conference, and discussing different options for dealing with it. At the moment various ideas for debate, awareness-raising and action are being developed. One of the things we have agreed on is that we would like to use this as an opportunity for activists to gather information about the means and methods that police (and other repressive forces and intelligence services) have been using against internationalist demonstrators/activists.
We are therefore keen to receive information on this topic as well as related experiences concerning so-called anti- globalisation activities from 'Seattle' onwards.

We are especially interested in analyses of the tactics employed by police and other state forces at different events and summits. We also welcome any comprehensive reviews of these and similar events containing details of numbers of arrests (and ultimate prosecutions) and wounded, 'illegal' police methods, actions, etc.
We also plan to organise a modest debate for activists about various forms of repression, present and future.

More information on this event will be distributed later. For the longer term, we would also like to discuss ways of establishing more structured form of information-sharing around this issue. You can contact us by e-mail at:
If you want us to keep you informed, let us know. We will be posting new information on the website of the Dutch 'Copwatch'-group Buro Jansen en Janssen:

More background information is also to be found on the website of Statewatch:


September 25th – Mr. Geoff Muirden – "The Decline & Fall of the White Race". The meeting will be held as usual in the Estonian Hall, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney, commencing at 7.30pm. The cost of attendance is $4 which includes an excellent supper. Books from the Heritage Bookmailing Service will be on display and for sale. October 30th – Guest speakers Wendy Scurr & Andrew McGregor – "The Massacre at Port Arthur".


Arrangements for the National Weekend are well in hand. Supporters are encouraged to make every effort to come to this special weekend. New South Welshmen now have no excuse – the event is being held in their home State! For those friends who have been wondering about Eric and Elma Butler – join in with them at the 55th "New Times Dinner".

Guest speakers at the Seminar Saturday, October 6th, include: Peter Davis of Port Lincoln, SA; Jan Pope of Cranbrook, WA; Jeremy Lee of Toowoomba, Qld.; and Bill Buckpitt of Wodonga; Vic., a member of Citizens Against Forced Amalgamation (of Local Councils .. Ed.). We have sought to keep costs down so as not to exclude anyone who would love to be with us.

55th "New Times" Dinner: Friday, October 5th, from 6.30pm to be seated by 7.00pm. $22.50 per person for a 3-course buffet style Dinner. Bar facilities will be available. Seminar: 1.30pm, Saturday, October 6th: Admission $12.50 per person.

Theme: "The Celebration of Federation". Divine Service & Action Conference: Sunday, October 7th, 9.00am-12noon. Venue: The Hume Inn Motel, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW.

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Tasmanians will be pleased to learn Jeremy Lee will be in Tasmania during October for a number of meetings. Spread the word far and wide for folk to come hear this dynamic and informed speaker. The theme of Jeremy's address will be "Sovereign Money – Sovereign Nation". He has continually warned us that no nation can conduct its own affairs if it does not have control over its own financial system.
Launceston: Saturday-Sunday, October 13th-14th, 2001. Further details to be announced.


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The Heritage Journal. We can't praise enough the latest edition of Heritage. It features the articles by Larry Noye of the early 1900's character King O'Malley and his battle to give the Australian people their own bank (the original Commonwealth Bank). Rex Gilroy's article continues the search for Australia's ancient history, "Were the Aboriginals the First Australians?" Part 2, and Nigel Jackson's review of Solzhenitsyn's biography "Solzhenitsyn: Soul in Exile" by Joseph Pearce is brilliant. Annual subscription $30.00 (4 quarterly issues) or single issue $8.00 posted.
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