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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
12 October 2001. Thought for the Week: "In a party-political system already fast becoming wholly discredited, Prime Minster Blair stands out as a 'leader' perhaps even more dangerous than Margaret Thatcher. As he struts the world stage with the assumed grandiloquence of a world statesman, one is reminded that he has no practical experience of leadership within the meaning of the term, and has never run a business in his life.
"Playwright Harold Pinter has expressed the opinion that Blair 'loved bombing Serbia' during the illegal United States-driven campaign in the Balkans, in 1999. Professor Noam Chomsky mailed us at the time, 'When I catch him on BBC TV somewhere, or see a picture, he reminds me of nothing more than a slightly crazed six-year old with a big grin while he plays with his new star wars gun that can wipe out everyone in sight'."
"On Target" United Kingdom, July 14th & 28th, 2001


by Jeremy Lee
The suspension of traditional liberties is invariably the first thing that happens in a war situation. It is almost uncanny how recent legislation in Australia anticipated George Bush's requirements for the "international war against terrorism". First, there was legislation that Australian troops could be used against the civilian population, including the power to shoot to kill. This flies in the face of the tradition that the armed forces are for defence against an external enemy, and that the police deal with domestic law and order.
It once was true that the police were not to be armed – but that has gone.

President Bush has demanded international co-operation in the freezing and confiscation without trial of the assets of suspected criminals – another huge attack on basic freedoms which say that we are innocent until proven guilty. "Oh yes," Prime Minister Howard can say. "We passed such legislation shortly before the New York/Washington tragedy. The drug trade was the excuse. But we can use the new powers against terrorism just as easily."
Surveillance is reaching new heights, with demands for DNA samples, iris screening at airports, phone-tapping, tax file numbers etc.

While lip service is still paid by politicians – especially at election time – to our traditional freedoms, the truth is they are all under attack. It was well summed up in an article in the IT section of The Australian (2/10/01) which said:
"In today's information age, everybody leaves an electronic trail in their wake. With every credit card purchase, ATM transaction, telephone call and internet log-on, you create an electronic portrait of themselves that grows clearer at every step. Perhaps the only items that are still untraceable are peoples' clothes, cash and day-to-day movements But with the introduction of Hitachi's new mu-chip, even these could become common knowledge ....."

The article went on to describe this new chip, small enough to be embedded in paper without detection. It can be woven into designer-labels on clothing, money, official documents or any personal effects. Cost of production? About 16 cents. The article continued:
" .... by definition, privacy means not being watched, or known about, or listened to. These new chips may therefore constitute a direct infringement of personal privacy ...."

Another article in the same issue had this to say: " .... US Attorney-General John Ashcroft is under siege from political colleagues demanding legislation to control encrypted software." His Australian counterpart, Darryl Williams, spoke last week of plans to increase electronic surveillance powers. Anticipated changes to legislation will give agencies the right to tap phones and monitor internet-based communication to help detect a wide range of crimes ...."


Well, CHOGM has been postponed, as have the Annual bashes of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which were due to be held in Washington about now. The only one still on the drawing-board is the November 9th-13th get-together of the World Trade Organisation, to be held in a Persian Gulf desert (Doha, Qatar), out of the reach of aspiring protesters. It seems that even the global power brokers are a little nervous of something as unpredictable as terrorism. Does this mean the plans for centrally-controlled free-trade globalism are being abandoned? The reverse is the case, and we can be sure that the "global emergency" will be used wherever possible to speed up the plans for world government.


The terrorist attacks have also, apparently, slowed down the movement towards the Euro. British Prime Minister Tony Blair is frantic for Britain to join. The Australian Financial Review (2/10/01) said:
"Supporters of Britain joining the European single currency are concerned that the economic impact and political diversion of the international war against terrorism could delay a referendum on British entry into the Euro .... With only 92 days to go until euro notes and coins enter circulation in the Eurozone, the major pro-euro lobby group, Britain in Europe, has accused the Government of "dithering" over euro entry and called for decisive political leadership."

It was once remarked that only under war or threat of war could the British people be induced to give up their freedoms. Our guess is that some pretext will soon be found – either 'threat of war' or economic crisis - for Britain's entry into the eurozone without the referendum that Blair promised when elected.


The situation in Afghanistan goes from bad to worse. On top of what looks like being a massive boost to the already out-of-control refugee crisis, major efforts are being made to destabilize the Taliban regime, forcing it to disgorge the demonised Osama bin Laden. Aid in the form of weapons and personnel, injected from the States of Uzbekistan and Tajikstan with Vladimir Putin's permission, is reaching the Afghani opposition. It is certainly the US intention to topple the Taliban and install a 'friendly' regime. In addition, there has been a massive boost to Russia's oil output.

The AFR (2/10/01) said: " ...Russia's oil output has surged this year by some 500,000 barrels a day, while the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has slashed production by about 3.5 million barrels a day. Next year output from Russia, the world's second biggest petroleum producer, is expected to rise by another 350,000 barrels a day, bringing its output near that of world leader Saudi Arabia ...."
Temporarily, world oil prices look set to fall. There is no doubt that Russian competition will put added pressure on Islamic nations, from Nigeria, through North Africa to the Middle East. The ramifications for the future are extremely uncertain, and anything could happen.


by Betty Luks
A number of readers took umbrage with my article "From Freedom to Servitude" (September 14th OT), accusing me of taking too much licence with the interpretation of the story of Joseph in Egypt. I would like to respond to the readers by referring to the work of men such as Israel Shahak, Jewish History: Jewish Religion – the weight of three thousand years, and Douglas Reed, Controversy of Zion, both of whom had a clearer understanding of the forces shaping our world, from ancient times to now.

Shahak wrote, "A great deal of nonsense has been written in the attempt to provide a social or mystical interpretation of Jewry or Judaism 'as a whole'. This cannot be done for the social structure of the Jewish people and the ideological structure of Judaism have changed profoundly through the ages. Four major phases can be distinguished. While it is impossible to deal in any depth with these phases in (the) OT (Old Testament) they can be summarised:
• The ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah until 587BC.
• The phase of the dual centres, Palestine and Mesopotamia, 537BC 500AD.
• The phase defined as classical Judaism.
• The modern phase, characterised by the breakdown of the totalitarian Jewish community and its power and by attempts to reimpose it, of which zionism is the most important.
This phase begins in Holland in the 17th century..." writes Israel Shahak.

The profound ideological changes
Those who fail to grasp the profound ideological changes are at a great disadvantage when they try to understand what is happening in the world around them. A religion generates a philosophy and policies stem from a philosophy. History is crystallised politics! That is why "religious information and interpretation take on an extra dimension of interest and importance, when set in proper relationship with historical developments" observed Reed.

Douglas Reed
That is why Reed could inform his readers, Controversy of Zion, "Dr. Kastein, (History and Destiny of the Jews 1933) a fervent Zionist, ... holds that the Old Testament was in fact a political programme, drafted to meet the conditions of the time, and frequently revised to meet changing conditions."
Writing at the peak of his career, Reed could say, "I have seen more of the events of our century and of the secret perversions of national purposes than most, and have discovered through this experience that it was not all chance, but design."

The start of the affair
The sect which attached itself to and mastered the tribe of Judah took this concept of one-God of all-peoples and embodied it in its Scripture only to destroy it, and to set up the creed based on its denial. It is denied subtly, but with scorn, and as the creed is based on the theory of the master-race this denial is necessary and inevitable...The creed which was given force of daily law in Judah in 458BC was then and still is unique in the world..."

Eric Butler
That is why Eric Butler Censored History could write, "Practical Christianity is the complete answer to the exploitation of human beings by the exponents of centralised power, whoever they may be. The real tragedy of the Jews, irrespective of their racial background, is that they have suffered more than most from the imposition of the philosophy of centralised power."

Those who believe in the 'myths' presented today as history are at a great disadvantage.


by Antonia Feitz
The winners who think globalisation is 'inevitable' are slavering at the thought of the world returning to the ancient norm of masters and servants kept in their place. But human beings have an instinctive knowledge that they should be free and in the main, they've never meekly accepted servitude. Epictetus did, but he was a philosopher and was eventually freed any way. His master was himself one of Nero's freedmen and so valued freedom.

Slaves of high intelligence and professional skills were valued and treated with respect in the ancient world but still they desired and valued freedom. Contemporary poor bondsmen in India complain of their servitude, as do the slaves in Africa. The freedoms we enjoy today were won only with much suffering and bloodshed over many centuries, even millennia. Thomas Jefferson reputably said, "Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic. But will they keep it, or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty lose the memory of freedom. Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction."

Clearly Jefferson would weep to see how morally degraded Americans and other Westerners have become. People aren't even expected to develop character any more. As a substitute for a good character they profess woolly, feel-good 'values' such as tolerance. It's just too bad that the people who profess tolerance demonstrate repeatedly that they can't practise it. But even if we are entering a new Dark Age, globalisation's winners will have to cope with an unchanged human nature that's perennially subversive.


by Arthur Tuck
So the USA is at 'war' and according to Mr. Bush anyone not supporting them in this 'war' is an enemy – a terrorist! Under Mr. Bush's definition then I must be a terrorist because I certainly do not support him! Mr. Howard declares Australia supports USA unconditionally – so presumably we are at 'war'! But with whom are we at war?

To say we are at 'war' with terrorism is like saying we are at war with 'bombing' or with 'shooting'. Terrorism is a method not an object of war. But by what right does Mr. Howard commit Australia to 'war'? He is acting as an executive president which he is not! Has he consulted with Parliament? Not that I am aware! Has the Governor General, the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces, given the executive order? Not that I have heard. In any case I suspect he would not have the authority to do so without a request from Parliament.

What USA has suffered, in a tragic and terrible way, is no more than USA have imposed directly on the Iraqi people for 11 years and indirectly on the Palestinians for the last 45 years. An estimated 1.5 million Iraqis have died of starvation and disease since the Gulf War because of continual bombing by USA and UK and by sanctions which prevent the country rebuilding and feeding its population. So the tragic killing of nearly 7000 innocent civilians in New York is the result of persistent killing by USA of 1.5 million innocent civilians. Bush's answer is to go and kill more innocent civilians!!! What will that answer?

What about changing the policies which have resulted in this intense and justified hatred of USA by so many? When Bush gave his speech recently to Congress I noticed over his head in huge letters written, "In God we trust"! This is about to be changed to "In bombs we trust"! I am praying that the leadership of USA and Australia will learn at this late hour to really "trust in God" and withdraw from the violent slaughter of innocent people and instead change their policies in Iraq and Palestine.

In Iraq stop the bombing, lift the sanctions and assist them to rebuild. In Palestine stop the $US3 billion annual aid to Israel until they withdraw from the occupied territories, dismantle their settlements as required by many UN resolutions and allow the Palestinians to run their own nation! By all means seek the extradition of Osama bin Laden but try him in a court of law. Do not act as a big bully-boy and bomb Afghanistan and run the danger of a third world war when millions more innocent people will die!


by Antonia Feitz
Commenting on industrialisation Christopher Dawson wrote, "Modern man suddenly gained power and wealth such as his predecessor hardly dreamed of, and instead of using it to create Utopia, he built a slum and a factory and a cinema and a giant hotel." ("On Christian Culture", Saint Austin Review, September 2001).

When most people are decent human beings who care about one another, why have the greedy few prevailed? What sort of people-hating governments have we elected for this to have occurred? If there have been gains in productivity through automation why haven't the people shared in the increased wealth?

In former times prosperity was measured by leisure. But under the economic 'reforms' of the past twenty years Australians are now working longer hours than almost every other country bar the US. People are stressed and unhappy. This is not prosperity, and it demonstrates just how meaningless Treasury statistics are as a measure of genuine prosperity.

As we recently reported, the young Peter Costello once agreed with us that people matter more than ideology. Who has benefited from the billions of dollars spent in mergers and acquisitions? Not the Australian people. The mania for mergers has led to misery for people. Every day the papers are full of job losses as companies are going under: a few hundred here, a few thousand there. People are left dazed and frightened for their future. How will they pay the mortgage?

In a genuinely prosperous society pensioners could afford dentures, but according to a report in last weekend's press a man has been waiting since 1997. In a genuinely prosperous society mothers of young children wouldn't have to work. A genuinely prosperous society would have first rate public schools and hospitals. A genuinely prosperous society puts people first.

In the same article mentioned above Dawson also wrote, "... the machinery of modern civilization has got out of control and threatens to destroy its makers. It is like Mrs. Shelley's story of the inventor [Dr. Frankenstein] who devoted his life making an artificial man, and the result was a monster who pursued its creator with unrelenting hatred until it had killed him, because he had made it ugly, unhappy and without a soul."
The politicians running this country (into the ground) have lost their souls.


by Ann Crosson
My children are studiously avoiding all mention of the carnage in the USA. We seem to have reached a mutual accord that the subject is not open to discussion. Over the years they have become accustomed to Mum's huffing and puffing about globalisation and the subversion of our liberties and political freedom, the iniquities of the UN, that bastard child of the discredited League of Nations. Who other than old fogies like me remembers the futile, misguided posturings of the League of Nations?

All three of my children are, I know, cynical, aware of the mind-twisting machinations of the media, and concerned for the future. We don't have to agonise en famille over this orchestrated assault on our sensibilities. But, unlike their mother, they have accepted their fate. Which is to be victims of the forces that dictate their future. And maybe they're right.

They have to get on with their lives, raise their children, earn their bread as best they're able and cope with the world as it is. And, realistically, what can they do? They vote. But their votes will be recounted according to our perverted electoral system and deemed to be "preferences" for candidates they'd spit on if they weren't such polite people.

Control over our parliaments is a joke. One of my daughters suggested that we should be allowed to draw a line through the names of candidates we rejected. Quite a sensible suggestion, but it wouldn't be looked at, since the preferential system is designed to ensure the survival of the two party system. We have no freedom. No matter how we fret and saw at our chains the parties have us hog-tied. And the majority, unfortunately, believe that because they now are free to "enjoy" unlimited choice of lifestyle – walk-in, walk-out relationships, alternative sexual arrangements, unlimited access to violence and perversion via movies and television, prostitution accepted as an employment choice, children given (Heaven help us) "rights", the right to make decisions about their lives before they've begun them, the right to get into debt, to choose abortion, to leave home and suffer and die on the street. This is freedom?
The unfettered license to debase oneself to hedonism is not freedom. Freedom is a myth. No-one is free.

"Any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind. Therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."

John Donne said it in the 16th.century and was right. We do not live in a vacuum. We live in families and societies and woe betide us if we forget that. And while we, as a nation, frolic around feeling "free" to indulge our physical and emotional pleasures we are, at the same time, submitting to gross interference with our personal lives. Never have there been so many regulations imposed on people. Licenses for cats and dogs. Permits required for any and every home improvement. Fines for letting garden weeds get out of control. Fines for chopping down trees on your own property.
When I was young "busybodies" were despised. Now everyone is a busybody. I give up.
from Neil Baird's e-mail.


by Antonia Feitz
It's a mystery to most people why people are employed to research the bleeding obvious. According to an ABC news bulletin (19/8/01), "A new survey has found almost one in three Australians are finding it impossible to save and half are having trouble just covering living expenses." What an achievement for the Government: half the population is struggling to cope in 'prosperous' Australia!

The research, commissioned by the Commonstealth Bank, discovered that people earning less than $35,000 a year and those aged between 35 and 49 have the greatest difficulty saving. What does it say about the remoteness of the elites that it took 'research' to discover that people on low incomes in their peak child-rearing years don't save money. Who would have thought of it.
The only conclusion is that people like the prime minister and the bureaucrats on their comfortable six figure salaries and the CEOs on their obscene seven figure salaries haven't the faintest idea how the majority of people live.

The 'research' found the reason people don't save ranges from a lack of discipline (which would mainly be the young) to the burden of household bills and government taxes (families). All that GST piling up on their bills hasn't helped Australia's struggling families. But this government doesn't care about people. Incredibly, it's going to slug the small business sector with more tax changes that one tax expert has warned will make tax time for small businesses even more complicated and expensive (Geoffrey Lehmann, The Australian, 23/8/01).
The Government had planned to introduce the changes with the GST but obviously didn't dare to even try. It's now scheduled for July 2003.


Under the title "It's your world that has gone mad, Mr. Blair" the following letter appeared in The Financial Times, 25/7/01. Where have we heard this before?

Sir, When I, as a company director in his mid-50s, start to have sympathy for the Group of Eight protesters, perhaps the world, as Tony Blair states, has gone mad. However, I suspect that the real element of madness is that Mr. Blair and his fellow delegates have moved so far away from the real world that they do not see any element of madness in the obscene extravagance of spending £115m on a conference when the communiqué had already been drafted before they went to Genoa. Nor does Mr. Blair appear to have seen the link between an unwillingness to vote for politicians – not apathy – and the blatant waste of money on themselves or their ego trips, for example the Dome, the wallpaper, the cost of the new MPs' offices and so on.
Lack of confidence in the 'political process' is also reinforced when, on one of the few occasions that one is consulted, the process is seen to be a sham. I was 'consulted' recently and the views of all the elements of the area in which I work were totally ignored. – Keith M. Goodland


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