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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
19 October 2001. Thought for the Week: " 'Britain finally won,' echoed Roberts, 'but at appalling cost, and ruin for her standing in the world.' This too was what we had argued in our first volume, although it is fair to state that A.J.P. Taylor had argued much the same case over twenty years earlier, writing this criticism of Churchill's May 13, 1940 'victory at all costs' speech to the House of Commons: 'This was exactly what the opponents of Churchill had feared... Victory, even if this meant placing the British empire in pawn to the United States; victory, even if it meant Soviet domination of Europe.'... Our first volume dented, if it did not destroy, the myth that Britain was seriously at risk of invasion in the summer of 1940: as the documents show... at all material times Hitler was bluffing with Sea Lion; it was always intended by him as a grand deception, to divert attention from Barbarossa, his coming attack on the 'judæo-bolshevik' Soviet Union... Others now echo our view that Churchill knew from codebreaking "that Hitler was only bluffing; but for reasons of domestic politics Churchill fostered the fiction in his public speeches..."
"Churchill's War 2: Triumph in Adversity" by David Irving 2001


by Phillip D. Butler
Douglas Collins, a personal friend, passed away after a brief illness in the Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, on Sunday, September 30th. He was an inspiration, he never stopped looking for Truth. When I first got to know Doug in Canada, then a leading columnist, radio and TV broadcaster, he was dubbed 'a screaming left-winger'. The immigration policies in Canada changed his thinking and started him on a course where he ended up as one of the most outspoken critics of the multi-cult society which the Trudeaus and their ilk were inflicting on Canadians. He discovered there was a definite programme supported by the Zionists, and eventually this led to his problems with the Human Rights Commissions.

Probably the most revealing moment for him was the launch of Irving's Churchill's War Vol.1; after all, he had his own experience as a prisoner of war in Europe to draw on and 'Winnie' was his wartime hero. As chairman for the launch, I remember it well. Retired British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Leslie Bewley introduced Irving – but Doug Collins was not at all happy with what Irving had to say about Churchill. Doug was first to his feet to ask some telling questions; Irving in the manner of the researcher he is, answered them with facts. This led Doug to do his own research and check out Irving – it totally changed his approach to accepted history and he became a firm friend of Irving.

Being of British origins, he had that sense of humour which probably irritated his enemies. One instance was his review of the movie Schindler's List, referring to it as Swindler's List in his column in the North Shore News. The review prompted his enemies in British Columbia to have special legislation passed and he, his editor and the newspaper were dragged before the Human Rights Commission. For his part, Doug refused to pay the fine imposed on him, nor would he apologise for what he had written, and was due to test the law in the Supreme Court of Canada next month. Douglas Christie was to represent him in court.
I was privileged in having a part in bringing Doug Collins to Australia where he was guest of honour at one of the New Times Dinners. He warned Australians of what to expect with the same type of legislation being imposed here.

I would like to extend to his wife Betty and family, on behalf of the League family in this country, our sincere condolences. Douglas Collins, a brave soldier for freedom.


by Douglas Collins – taken from The Collins Column, 21/9/01

Nearly two weeks after the bombing disasters in the US the mind still boggles at it all. All other news seems to be irrelevant, and not worth talking about. "We are at war," scream the headlines. And the shock we have been given is worse than what happened in September 1939. At that time we knew what was coming. This time we were taken by surprise. There was a reason for that. It lay in our innocence and our stupidity. For in fact the 'new' war had been going on for years.
In the National Post, Barbara Amiel, one of Zionism's leading ladies, was right about that. But she was wrong in calling in effect for a Holy War against Islam, which we could not win without mass destruction. And perhaps not 'win' at all, the nature of war having changed.

She was wrong, too, in assuming that all the terrorism comes from one side. We have, you see, been the victims of our own press releases. Or of the press releases we have been allowed to see. I do not mean by that that it was impossible to find out what was going on in Islam, but that the emphasis has been slanted.

For 50 years or so we have assumed, in the main, that Israel could do little wrong and that the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis justified Israel's toughness. Which, of course, left the Palestinians out of the equation. In that respect it is worth considering an article by Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk in The Independent that would not be published in the mainstream media in Canada or the US.

"This is not the war of democracy versus terror that the world will be asked to believe in the coming hours and days," he wrote. "It is also about American missiles crashing into Palestinian homes. Ask an Arab how he responds to 20 or 30 thousand innocent deaths (in the U S) and he or she will respond as good and decent people should, that it is an unspeakable crime. But they will ask why we did not use such words about the sanctions that have destroyed perhaps half a million children in Iraq, why we did not rage about the 17,500 civilians killed in Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, why we allowed one nation in the Middle East to ignore UN Security Council resolutions but bombed and sanctioned all others who did."

Fisk deplores the dreadful events in New York and Washington but is not alone in making such comments. David Dimbleby, a top BBC interviewer, who brought a former US Ambassador to tears by stating that "millions of people across the world hate the US." So as we 'go to war', an apparently blind war against whom we are not sure, the genie appears to have escaped the bottle.

An American who was writing before the tragedies in the US took place is Doug Casey, a man who is deeply involved in the market and puts out the International Speculator newsletter. In a recent edition, published just before the attacks on the World Trade Centre, one of his chapter headings read, "Waiting for WWIII", in which he predicted an early escalation of the conflict between the US and Islam.
"Boobus Americanus," he wrote, "has been programmed for a generation to see Muslims as The Enemy.

The US Government consistently supports Israel, which the Muslims regard as an outlaw, terrorist state. Show me a single movie since 'Lawrence of Arabia' in which Muslims are portrayed sympathetically."
"US troops," he went on, "are an accident waiting to happen. Who, after all could have predicted that the US would invade Somalia in 1991, a country few people other than stamp collectors even knew existed? No place is safe from being attacked in the National Interest of the world's self-appointed policeman." Which reminds me that it was our American friends, inspired by Madeleine Albright, who led the West to war in Kosovo. Why? To defend the Albanian Muslims against the Serbs. What an irony! Especially as the Albanians have turned out to be not a whit better than the Serbs.

In war, as the saying goes, truth is the first casualty. In this case it was the first casualty long before the war started. Against whom are we going to fight? It is not a country. It is an idea. Ideas have legs, and this one may have as many legs as a centipede.


David Irving's Action Report:

The Washington Post has published the extraordinary fact that an Internet firm in the World Trade Centre received two hours' warning from Israel of the impending terrorist attack. It kept this privileged information to itself and its employees, evidently, passing it on to the FBI only belatedly, and not before first sending it to the Israeli authorities. One may suspect that The Mossad had an informant who briefed them in good time, and that The Mossad, if it believed the story, decided to let the Sturm Iosbrechen, such an atrocity being – as Benjamin Netanyahu incautiously blurted out to The New York Times, after the acts of mass murder took place – "very good" for Israel.

Were this story not from The Washington Post, I would have placed the item in the bin where I have tossed all the other rumours and scuttlebut, for instance about the 4,000 Jewish employees who did not turn up for work at the WTC that day, and the Wall Street firms that traded 'futures' in a manner designed to make profits for them if the WTC towers and (the airline shares) should crash...

The other item of interest is an article by Robert Fisk in Saturday's London newspaper The Independent. Rather more forcefully and certainly better informed than I, he casts doubt on the content, and perhaps even the authenticity, of that handwritten, five-page 'letter' of which the FBI says it found copies in the baggage of one hijacker, in a car, and at the site of the Pennsylvania crash. Fisk calls the letter "fearful, chilling, grotesque – but also very, very odd."

"In the name of God," the document begins, "of myself, and of my family." No Muslim, says Fisk, would include his family in such a prayer. He also finds fault with the remark, uncharacteristic of a Muslim, "The time of Fun and waste is gone." Mahommed Atta, or one of his associates, is reported to have written in the note, "Be optimistic... Check all your items – your bag, your clothes, your knives, your will, your IDs, your passport... In the morning, try to pray the morning prayer with an open heart." The writer whoever he really was, told his fellow hijackers to "remind yourself this night you will face many challenges. But you have to face them and understand it 100 percent." That "100 percent" bothers Fisk, and it does sound out of key. Nor would a devout Muslim need to be reminded of his duty to say his prayers or to be reminded of the text. As the journalist points out, the full text has not been released by the FBI. Dropping a broad hint as to who may have authored, or at least translated the letter, Frisk writes that it suggests an almost Christian view of what the hijackers might have felt - asking to be forgiven for their sins, explaining that fear of death is natural, that "a believer is always plagued with problems."

If the letter is a US Government forgery, on the other hand, it is strange that it includes no references to any of Osama bin Laden's demands – for an American withdrawal from the Gulf, an end to Israeli occupation, the overthrow of pro-American Arab regimes. Fisk notes that CIA translators have previously turned out to be Lebanese Maronite Christians. "Or is there something more mysterious," he asks, "about the background of those who committed a crime against humanity in New York and Washington, just over two weeks ago?"
We await the FBI's further releases, which may well answer these awkward questions.


Sharon Admits Jewish Control of America Occupied Jerusalem: 3/10/2001 (IAP News) from Neil Baird's e-mail.

An acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres during which Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we control America." According to the Israeli Hebrew radio, Col Yisrael Wednesday, Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and turn the US against us. At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying "every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that... I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."
The radio said Peres and other cabinet ministers warned Sharon against saying what he said in public because "it would cause us a public relations disaster."


by Antonia Feitz
What people find not only distressing but preposterous is the lie that Australia is now more prosperous than it ever was. For example, The Australian's economic editor wrote that the current challenge is "to sustain the remarkable economic performance of the 1990s when Australia had nine years of growth averaging 4 percent a year". (Australian, 9/10/01) What growth? Since when has the replacement of skilled full-time jobs with unskilled part-time jobs been a measure of prosperity? And what about our $300+ billion debt? When it was $268 billion the major financial institutions said Australia's falling currency was due to our inability to curb the growing foreign debt (News Weekly, 21/10/00). That was a year ago.
A year ago one Australian dollar in Tokyo bought nothing more than "a stick or two of chewing gum or a five minute local call from a public telephone". (Australian, 18/10/00).

Just what does the "4 percent a year" growth actually measure: unproductive mergers and acquisitions? selling off public assets (privatisations)? takeovers? speculation? reduced wages and conditions for the Australian people? We can do without such 'growth'. The only reason the budget is in surplus is because the Government continues to sell off public assets. What happens when they're all sold? More taxes?

The October 5th editorial made the same ludicrous claims that "the late 1990s delivered strong growth ...". It's nonsense as we all know – unless the word 'growth' refers exclusively to the obscene salaries of the top CEOs. Or to the growth rate of spectacular company crashes. Then there's the hypocrisy. When NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark decided to bail out Air New Zealand – vile retreater! – the Australian's editorialist snorted that the bail-out money could have been used for education or health. Since when have globalists cared about public education and health? They champion private health and education. In any case the editorialist's claim that governments can't run "capital-intensive, risky aviation enterprises" is belied by the very successful Singapore Airlines, majority owned by the Singapore Government, as is the telco, Singtel.


by Kerry Spencer-Salt
How much has Australia changed since the turn of the century; since the political parties have pushed openly to create a new culture? One fine piece of anecdotal evidence can be found in examining the following 1854 letter to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. The letter reviews why Federation should take place.

"The people of Australia are one people; they speak one language, their views are substantially the same, they worship one God, their moral standard is formed from one rule; and beyond this life they hope for one destiny. Their differences are only perceptible to minute investigation.... In the absence of.... diversities, we are apt to lose sight of the immense advantage we possess in being substantially one people... The (European) States that have been driven to unite by external pressure have often found these distinctions a source of strife, of weakness, and, ultimately of defeat... The Turkish Empire is seated in a region of unrivalled resources – everything has been granted by nature, and granted in vain. A jargon of tongues prevents their national literature. Commercial dealings, conducted in the same street, require as many languages as were spoken in Babel. The Armenian scowls upon the Jew; the Jew spits upon the Greek; and the Turk disdains them all. It is this opposition of race to race, and this confusion of tongues... that dooms the Ottoman empire... But more than all these distinctions is the fatal opposition of colour."
(Letter to the Editor, John Adams 26/03/1854 "A Century of Journalism"
(1831-1931 The Sydney Morning Herald and its record of Australian life. P 358).

The wisdom of this writer was demonstrated some time later in World War I where a racially concentric demography allowed a united Australian war effort with few exceptions. One such exception is recorded below.

"Great Britain declared war on Turkey on 5 November 1914. On New Year's Day 1915 a train of ore trucks set out from Broken Hill, crowded with members of the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows off on their annual picnic. A couple of miles out of town, two men with riles, flying the Turkish Flag from an ice-cream cart, opened fire on the train. Three people were killed, and many other picnickers, including children, were wounded, some badly. Police, soldiers and rifle club members were summoned, but the two 'Turks' took to the hills and were able to hold hundreds of armed men at bay for over an hour. Finally one was killed and the other fatally wounded. It was discovered that the two gunmen were both well-known in Broken Hill. They were Gool Mohammed, an ice-cream vendor from north-west India, and Mullah Abdullah, an Afghan butcher. They had decided to die fighting for Turkey and the Mohammedan religion."
(The Reader's Digest in "Australia's Yesterday – A Look at our recent Past" (1974) P 305)

The inability of ethnic strains, introduced since 1945, to accept core Australian values create tensions which are difficult at the best of times and accentuated in difficult times. In the first and second World Wars Australia's internal ethnic conflicts were small but real. But such conflicts were small only because Australia's ethnic populations were limited. As we ponder our next world war, Multicultural Question No 2 is, "How many Gool Mohammeds and Mullah Abdullahs are there in Australia today?"


Whilst the following abridged report was written before the bombing of Afghanistan it is relevant as one looks back on the 'mind-conditioning' to which we have all been subjected

Western media follow a depressingly familiar formula when it comes to the preparation of a nation for conflict writes Phillip Knightley, Guardian, October 4th, 2001. The way wars are reported in the western media follows a depressingly predictable pattern:
• stage one, the crisis;
• stage two, the demonisation of the enemy's leader;
• stage three, the demonisation of the enemy as individuals; and
• stage four, atrocities... News coverage concentrates on the build up of military force, and prominent columnists and news-paper editorials urge war... Protests are played down.

We now enter stage two of the pattern – the demonisation of the enemy's leader. Comparing the leader with Hitler is a good start because of the instant images that Hitler's name provokes. So when George Bush Sr. likened Iraq's takeover of Kuwait with the Nazi blitzkrieg in Europe in the 1930s, the media quickly took up the theme. Saddam Hussein was painted as a second Hitler, hated by his own people and despised in the Arab world. Equally, in the Kosovo conflict, the Serbs were portrayed as Nazi thugs intent on genocide and words like "Auschwitz-style furnaces" and "Holocaust" were used. The crudest approach is to suggest that the leader is insane. Saddam Hussein was "a deranged psychopath", Milosevic was mad, and the Spectator recently headlined an article on Osama bin Laden: "Inside the mind of the maniac."
In the Gulf War they were labelled "friends of terrorists, ranters, nutty, hypocrites, animals, barbarians, mad, traitors, unhinged, appeasers and apologists"...Columnist Christopher Hitchens, in last week's Spectator article, Damn the doves, says that intellectuals who seek to understand the new enemy are no friends of peace, democracy or human life.

Demonisation of the people
The third stage in the pattern is the demonisation not only of the leader but of his people. The simplest way of doing this is the atrocity story. The problem is that although many atrocity stories are true – after all, war itself is an atrocity – many are not... The media demands that we trust it but too often that trust has been betrayed."

Welcome to the fourth stage – the atrocities.
Phillip Knightley is the author of "The First Casualty", a history of war reporting (Prion).


The move to Albury, NSW, from Melbourne, Vic., for the New Times Dinner and Seminar (after 54 years) went very well. The venue was pleasant, food was ample and tasty, and reports were that everyone was able to relax and enjoy themselves without the stress of trying to find accommodation and parking in an overcrowded and noisy Melbourne. One couple travelled four thousand kilometres – by car – to be there!


Order through the Melbourne Book Shop, Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne ,3001. Peter Davis of Port Lincoln SA, Jan Pope of Cranbrook, WA, Jeremy Lee of Toowoomba, Qld., and Bill Buckpitt of Wodonga, Vic., a member of Citizens Against Forced Amalgamation. A clear message was given as to the intent behind the proposed amalgamation across State borders. Another attack on our Commonwealth Constitution! Bill Buckpitt insists the people have a democratic right to have a vote on the proposed amalgamation. He was a breath of fresh air!


The League has a truly great feast of reading and information for its supporters: Now available
David Irving's "Churchill's War: Triumph in Adversity Volume 2" was launched at The New Times Dinner. The first volume was published in 1987, and after an uneasy birth, the second volume appears 14 years later. The second volume narrates the middle years of World War 2. This work benefits from the release of thousands of secret files. Thus, says Irving, we now know more about Anthony Eden's role in the murder of Admiral Darlan. The human side of Churchill reaches boldly out – lively, incorrigible, sometimes callous – but meek and subservient to Moscow and Washington." $90.50 posted from your State bookmailing centre.

"Vigilance – A Defence of British Liberty" – In his review of the book, Anthony Cooney poses the question, "Why have we not specified the penalties of EU treason which will be exacted from both politicians and high-ranking officials when Great Britain is once more free? Those penalties ought to be plainly specified and it ought to be understood that they will be pursued against both the carcasses and estates of deceased traitors. There is plenty of room where Cromwell's skull stood on Tower Hill!" $45 posted direct from your State bookmailing centre.

"Heritage" Journal: The latest edition of the "Heritage" journal is a must have. In the third federation issue, editor Nancy Lee has lined up such people as Peter Davis, Mayor of Port Lincoln, "Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon"; Larry Noye, author "A Lesson of Suppression; Ashley Mote, author "Petition to the Queen"; and Nigel Jackson, poet and teacher "State of the Nation".
The front cover features a reproduction of the hand-painted tiles by David Byard displayed in the decades-old Commonwealth Bank, Griffiths, NSW. Peter Davis describes the beautiful tiles and the stories they depict, "A tile offers borrowers the following, 'Borrow up to £10,000 for up to 41 years @ 4,5% fixed with half-yearly payments... Another tile states, 'The bank you own reports to you'. Not any more Peter exclaims!
Nigel Jackson warns Australians, "The coalition can no longer be relied on to defend traditional Australia or Australian independence. The questions arise as to whether or not One Nation can be developed into a viable conservative party... it cannot be too strongly asserted that no 'third party' of a conservative, nationalist kind is going to have any chance of rallying the Australian people in sufficient numbers if it funks the necessary open and frank rejection of current political taboos..." Single copy $8 posted; two copies for $15 posted. Or subscribe now $30 pa. Send to The Australian Heritage Society, P.O. Box 163, Chidlow, WA, 6556.


Australian Civil Liberties Union:Venue: 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne, near intersection with Elizabeth Street and near Victoria Market. Admission: $10 (free to ACLU financial members). Speakers: Raymond Hoser, "Police Corruption & Persecution of Whistleblowers"; Geoff Muirden, "Free Speech & Anti-Racism Laws"; Dr. Fredrick Toben, "Events of September 11th; Revisionism & Middle East; Durban Race Hate Conference"; John Bennett, "What Price Israel? Why Terrorism? The Irving Case".Date: Sunday, October 21st, 2001. 2pm-5pm. Pre-booking required. Phone: (03) 9347 8671.


October 30th – Guest speakers Wendy Scurr & Andrew McGregor – "The Massacre at Port Arthur". The meeting will be held as usual in the Estonian Hall, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney, commencing at 7.30pm. The cost of attendance is $4 which includes an excellent supper. Books from the Heritage Bookmailing Service will be on display and for sale.


The inaugural Annual Dinner of the UKSA will take place at the English Speaking Union House, 146 West Toorak Road, South Yarra, on Friday, November 2nd. The guest of honour and speaker will be Sir James Killen, a former Liberal MP and Minister of Defence. Sir James has spoken at the New Times Dinner and on other League platforms in his earlier years. He will be speaking on "Australian Federation and the British Heritage". Dinner and welcoming drinks $30 per person. Contact Mrs. Lena Filby, 9859 5901. Pre-booking is essential.


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