Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
23 November 2001. Thought for the Week: "In all normal civilisations the trader existed and must exist. But in all normal civilisations the trader was the exception; certainly he was never the rule. The predominance which he has gained in the modern world is the cause of all the disasters of the modern world... The complexity of commercial society has become intolerable, because that society is commercial and nothing else. The whole mind of the community is occupied, not with the idea of possessing things, but with the idea of passing them on. When the simple enthusiasts say that Trade is Good, they mean that all the people who possess goods are perpetually parting with them. These optimists presumably invoke the poet, with some slight emendation of the poet's meaning, when he cries aloud, 'Our souls are love and a perpetual farewell.'
In that sense, our individualistic and commercial modern society is actually the reverse of a society founded on Private Property... the actual direct and isolated enjoyment of private property, as distinct from the excitement of exchanging it or getting a profit on it, is rather rarer than in many simple communities that seem almost communal in their simplicity."
"The Well and the Shallows: Reflections on a Rotten Apple" by G.K. Chesterton, 1935


by Betty Luks
If the disappointed One Nation and Independent candidates who didn't gain a seat in Federal Parliament decided to continue to serve their electorate as Shadow Representatives, they would not only demonstrate how genuine they are, they would also raise their own profiles for the next election. Service in the political arena is more than formulating policies and planning strategies and tactics for an election campaign. As the people's Shadow Representatives, they could demonstrate what is the genuine role of a representative in Parliament. Such means as surveys would tell them what the people were thinking and wanted and ways and means would need to be worked out for informing the people and reporting back to them.


by Betty Luks
Now that the 'alerting the herd instinct' and 'corralling the fear-driven vote' federal election campaign is over, it is time John Howard was made to present the hard evidence as to WHY he has committed our soldiers to 'a war on terrorism'. It seems the 'war' has more to do with the monopoly control of Caspian Sea oil. Australians are expected to acquiesce to their sons and daughters being sacrificed 'on the altar of the god of war', without having a clear understanding of who and what is really involved. The war-propaganda campaign emphasis seems to be shifting from the 'capture' of Osama bin Laden to the 'liberation' of Afghan inhabitants from the Taliban rule - in strategic areas of course. Strategic to whom, and for what?

Follow the oil-money trail
Material is coming to hand which spells out the primary reason for the 'war on terrorism' - for whom and what our young will be sacrificed - and it wreaks of the stench of the Money Power! The following is a summary of what is more likely the primary motive for this 'war on terrorism'. For those who would like more information than we can include in On Target, send for the "TALIBAN-OIL Information Pack", details of which will be at the end of this article.


Why were the Bush Administration and the Pentagon so intent on the invasion of Afghanistan? After all, it was the US Central Intelligence Agency, along with Pakistan's intelligence forces who helped establish the Taliban as a base of power in Afghanistan in the first place. As recently as May 2001, George W. Bush sent the Taliban $43 million allegedly to aid in the fight against drugs in northern Afghanistan, the one part of the country controlled by opposition forces. (The Northern Alliance is up to its neck in drug production in Afghanistan.) Now Congress is allocating billions more dollars for "America's new war".

Oil monopolies' schemes
Everyone from Hitler on down has wanted the Caspian Sea oil. Exxon, Mobil, Chevron and the other big oil monopolies have been scheming to get their hands on the vast oil and gas wealth around the Caspian Sea, just north of Afghanistan. This region's oil reserves are 10 percent of the world's known supply and worth about US$5 trillion at today's prices. In 1993 former NATO commander and US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, formed a consortium to build a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Iran. Haig's pipeline enterprise did not involve the US companies. The idea foundered on the opposition of the Clinton administration. A 1997 "Voice of America" article reported top government officials and oil company executives from the United States, Turkey, Great Britain, Russia, Azerbaijan and central Asia met to discuss an issue of great mutual concern: pipeline routes for Caspian Sea oil.

In 1997 a Consortium was formed to build a central Asia gas pipeline. The key players were Unocal Corporation (USA), Delta Oil Company (Saudi Arabia), the Government of Turkmenistan, Indonesia Petroleum (INPEX - Japan), ITOCHU Oil Exploration (CIECO - Japan), Hyundi Engineering and Construction (Korea) and the Crescent Group (Pakistan). RAO Gazprom (Russia) indicated an interest in a share in the project.

Bridas Group
But the initial enthusiast for the Afghan route was not an American but Carlos Bulgheroni, chairman of the Bridas Group, an Argentine company. In 1993, a Bridas joint venture with Turkmenistan had begun laying more than 2000 miles of seismic lines to map the geology of a potential gas field in eastern Turkmenistan. Two test wells confirmed a huge gas deposit 150 miles from the Afghan border. In the spring of 1995, Turkmenistan and Pakistan commissioned Bulgheroni's company to study the Afghan route.

Enter the Rivals - Unocal Corporation
In 1997, John Imle, president of California-based Unocal Corporation, wooed then president Niyazov (Turkmenistan) and Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan) 'with a vision of a Unacol pipeline roughly following Bridas' route'.

Unocal consortium deal struck with Taliban
In February 1998, Unocal Corporation testified to the House Committee on Internal Relations Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific that the Taliban government in Afghanistan is an obstacle to having an oil pipeline from the Caspian region to the Indian Ocean; that is, through Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the consortium struck a deal with the Taliban, according to Bob Todor, executive vice president of Unocal. In 1997, Unocal wooed the Taliban with billions of dollars to support the proposed pipeline through their country. But, the Unocal-led initiative foundered in 1998 after the US cruise missile retaliation against Bin Laden's Afghan camps, for the bombings of its African embassies. Then Unocal came under fire from international women's organisations for its courting of the Taliban, despite their notorious repression of women's rights. The women's rights issues, more than the embassy bombings, were used as an excuse to end the Unocal-led deal with the Taliban.

Taliban - a set back to their plans
What the monopolists need in Afghanistan is a 'government' beholden to US interests. Along with the stationing of U.S. troops in the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, this move would secure the region and allow this project to proceed. And just in time, as far as the U.S. oil companies are concerned, because there is international competition for the Caspian Sea oil resources.

Russia, Germany and China want some of the action
Russian and German companies had been trying to establish a pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Eastern Europe, but US bombing of Yugoslavia blocked this plan. Russia, however, also brokered a treaty with Iran for a pipeline route. China also began negotiating to build oil and gas pipelines from Kazakhstan. In January 2001, oil industry journals lamented that any chance the US had of cementing alliances in the region seemed doomed. They noted, however, that the incoming Bush administration, heavy in oil and related interests, would likely try to reverse this trend. The US has its own oil reserves, and does not need to rely on oil from abroad. However, Europe, Japan and Asia are dependent on oil from the Middle East (oil that is controlled by US and British companies) and they are eager for alternative and cheaper sources.

Finally, what do the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Balkans have in common for multimillionaires such as the present US Vice President Dick Cheney? US domination in these areas serves the interests of corporate multimillionaire Dick Cheney. Marjorie Cohn reminds her readers in the Chicago Tribune, August 10th, 2000,
"In 1991, as George Bush's secretary of defence during the Gulf War, Cheney was chief prosecutor of Operation Desert Storm... Cheney was CEO of the Dallas-based Halliburton Co., the biggest oil-services company in the world." Although he stepped down as CEO, Cohn says he still owns shares of stock in the conglomerate. Because of instability in the Persian Gulf, Cheney and his fellow oil-men have zeroed in on the world's other major source of oil - the Caspian Sea! Cheney wants to do business with Azerbaijan, but there are 'human rights' problems because of Azerbaijan's 'ethnic cleansing' activities.

Cheney's oily fingerprints all over the Balkans as well
In 1999, Halliburton's Brown & Root Division was awarded a $180 million contract to supply the US forces in the Balkans! Cheney also sat on the board of directors of Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defence contractor! Replacing munitions used in the Balkans could result in $1 billion in new contracts!

The saga continues, but this time the Howard government has committed our soldiers to the region in this 'war against terrorism'. It is time he came clean as to why Australian soldiers have been committed to this war. The purpose of our defence forces is not that of policing pipelines for oil monopolies in faraway Afghanistan!
"TALIBAN-OIL: Information Pack": $5.00 posted from all League Book Services.


In a recent OT our attention was brought once again to the Alaska Permanent Fund formed in 1976 to give all Alaskans a direct share of the profits their state governments received from investments resulting from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields bonanza. By 1998, through property, stock market and other investments, the Fund was providing greater returns than the oil itself. Half of the Annual Fund investment returns are distributed to the residents of Alaska as a dividend. The policy was an acknowledgement the citizens of Alaska were entitled to some financial share of the profits from the sale of their natural resources.

Just imagine what it would be like for the people of the Third World nations if they received a dividend, a share of the real wealth of the nations' oil and gas bonanza. What a bonanza for the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan if they received a share of the profits from the oil and gas reserves in their region. I thought about what they might choose to do with their first dividend. Repair the damage to their homes and infrastructure after twenty years of war? Send their children to school? Take a holiday in America? Who knows. It's only a dream.

The reality is the ruling elite, the corporate cowboys and the corrupt politicians will get their greedy hands on the spoils and the citizens will continue in their poverty-stricken state. In the meantime David Malan of Cleveland, Queensland, has reminded us the scheme in Alaska should not be described as 'Social Credit'.

Sir, Antonia Feitz is to be commended on the article on Social Credit in On Target (9/11) but to quote Alaska as an example of Social Credit in action is totally wrong - it has no relation to Social Credit except for the use of the word dividend. Alaska has what orthodox economists call a 'favourable balance of trade' and therefore appears to have excess money which is distributed to the population as a dividend, but to equate it to the Social Credit concept of a National Dividend reveals a sad lack of understanding of the basics of Social Credit.
Alaska fails the crucial test - is their financial system a true refection of reality as it exists within their own borders? A clear indication that their dividend is not the result of the application of Social Credit principles is the fact that it is derived from trade or financial arrangements with areas outside their own borders. Yours sincerely, David Malan.


The Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon plans to bring one million Jews to Israel. Israel already has about six million population, five million of whom are Jews; attracting almost one million migrants in the past decade, mainly from the former Soviet Union (The West Australian, 8/11/01).

Former Israeli general, Mr. Sharon, is himself the son of Russian migrants. Directing his remarks to the Guardian, Ariel Sharon alarmed the Palestinian general delegate to Britain, Afif Safieh, who responded, "It is a dangerous dream, a nightmare. He is a pyromaniac on a powder keg."

Now, we ask our readers to look closely at any newspaper picture they may see of Mr. Sharon. Look closely. Would you say he was a semite? Would you say he had Arab blood in him? Yes? No?
As Russian migrants, Mr. Sharon's parents were more than likely of Eastern European blood - in fact more than likely, of Kazar or Tartar blood. Who or what are the Kazaars? The Kazaars stem from a Turko-Mongol race, and the Kazaars were converted to Judaism in about the 7th century of our era. It has been claimed about 90 per cent of modern Jewry consists of the descendants of these Kazaars. This is the only case of the conversion of a large body of people of quite distinct blood to Judaism. Not one drop of semite blood ran in their veins and their forefathers had never known Judea. When they became known as 'Eastern Jews', they profited by the confusing effect of the contraction of the word Judahite, or Judean, to 'Jew'.

From the time this group took over the leadership of Jewry, the dogma of 'the return to Palestine' was preached in the name of people who had no Semitic blood or ancestral link with Palestine! No wonder they are seen as a thorn in the side of the Palestinians. No wonder the Arabs charge the Kazaar Israelis with being an army of occupation. Most of the Israelis have no racial or religious ties with the people around them and yet they are imposing their will - with the might of America behind them - on the original inhabitants (aboriginals) of the land.

One wonders how the Christian fundamentalists' belief of 'the return of God's chosen people to Israel' lines up with the truth about the Kazaars. One wonders when will the Middle East 'powder keg' blow up? When it does, will the western world be dragged in to fight the Zionists' battle for them? All in the 'name of 'our' God'. Finally, will it be presented as a battle between Christianity and Islam?


by Ann Crosson - from Neil Baird's newsletter
I looked again at Arundhati Roy's list of the United States post WW2 military engagements. From China, Korea, Peru, Somalia, Serbia, Sudan, Cuba - the list is appalling. The US has been keeping its armaments and weapons developers fully employed, they have been constantly at war with someone for the past 56 years. For a peace-loving nation they give a great imitation of a war-mongering nation. And it's not only their eagerness to bring their version of democracy to the world militarily, those countries they haven't invaded have been subjected to cultural and sociological invasion.

Economically the United States has spread its commercial tentacles into every corner of the world. Chain stores, packaged food, Coca cola, MacDonalds, Mr. Whippy - there's no escape from them. Their economic impact has disrupted economies and working traditions wherever they impact. And their social impact has perhaps been more destructive, especially in developed countries most of which, like Australia, have fallen victim to American cultural moves.
In Australia we have slavishly followed American educational and parenting fashions.

American publishers flood the world with manuals written by so called experts on everything from religion, sex, child raising, self-improvement, fashion, and their own invention 'teenagers'. The attention given by our educationalists to American methods has successfully lowered our once high educational standards to a pitiful state. We have a population today that very largely depends on the American movie and television studios for its knowledge of history and geography. A distorted and trivialised concept of everything from the Bible and the Roman Empire to the French Revolution and the Mutiny on the Bounty!

Socially, the impact has been disastrous. Australian families now show a rising incidence of 'dys-function': the euphemism for marriage breakdown, domestic violence and child abuse and neglect.
The American devotion to its own definition of 'success' has produced generations of insatiable entrepreneurs, in every sphere of human activity. From Billy Graham to Bill Gates, Americans measure success purely in economic terms. And that is a very limited concept.

Chesterton, in an essay, remarked on the American fixation on wealth as a measure of success. As he pointed out a baby elephant who grows to be an adult elephant is successful, since that was what it set out to do!


It seems that many months of cheating, lying and blackmailing individual farmers (in the UK) during the Foot and Mouth Disease crisis may be coming to an end. No longer to suffer bizarre or brazen infringements of the Law, such as the indiscriminate use of firearms over open ground, or the Army illegally threatening to place farmers under house arrest. Instead of being driven from the land, it seems that farmers are to be 'encouraged' to take early retirement.

On a lighter note, Joanna Wheatley, an organic beef farmer from Maidenhead, sent the following to the British On Target. We hope it gives our farmer friends a good belly laugh. We think he needs it.

Due to the current situation within the farming industry, the government has decided to place all farmers over the age of 60 on an early retirement scheme. This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Agricultural Persons Early). Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to join the SHAFT scheme (Special Help After Farm Termination). Those who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will then be reviewed under the SCREW scheme (Scheme For Retired Early Workers). Please note that you can only be RAPED once and SHAFTED twice, but SCREWED as many times as the Government deems appropriate. Persons who have been RAPED can apply to get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependents) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Persons on Early Severance). Those farmers remaining in the industry will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) and CRAP (Caring Response Assistance Programme) as possible.


We appeal to our supporters to get behind the annual appeal. The League has major projects in the pipeline, and on the drawing board, as part of the ongoing battle for the defence and freedom of this nation. We must not stumble at this time. So many already give so generously of their time and energy for the ongoing activities of the League. But we do have to cover our financial costs. Will you honestly assess your contributions to the work of the League? We are asking you to give generously to the Basic Fund appeal.


We are very pleased to announce the appointments of: Assistant National Director: Mr. Terry Rogers as the Assistant National Director of the Australian League of Rights. Terry will take on the responsibilities of that position for the next 12 months.
Projects Officer: Mr. Don Auchterlonie has accepted the newly created position of Projects Officer for the League and will work through the Melbourne Office.


British historian David Irving has announced he will apply to visit Australia in the new year. We ask all our supporters to put pen to paper, supporting David's application. Write to Minister for Immigration, The Honourable Phillip Ruddock, Parliament House, Canberra. Please make sure your letter is couched in courteous terms.


To the Editor, Herald Sun
Dear Sir, Concerning the late Konrad Kalejs, ordinary Australians cannot be certain whether he was guilty of terrible crimes during World War Two or unjustly harried in his closing years by those who wrongly believed in his guilt. What seems crystal clear, however, is that the holding of "Nazi war crimes trials" forty or fifty years after the events was always a morally unacceptable action. The defendants were too old and their ability to adequately defend themselves in fairly constituted judicial procedures was too much in doubt. It is thus most regrettable to learn there are still calls for the reopening of the Australian war crimes special investigation unit (Herald Sun 10/11) and for expanded Australian activity to prosecute 'war criminals' from other conflict areas. Such campaigns too readily appear like ideological witch hunts in which real justice will not be found; and the developing internationalisation of law in this context looks frighteningly like Big Brother on a world scale preparing for show trials of "enemies of the New World Order". - Mr. Nigel Jackson of Belgrave, Victoria.

Editor's note: Mr. Konrad Kalejs recently died in a Melbourne nursing home at 88 years of age.


Those who attended the Adelaide CSC's final meeting for the year were treated to an outstanding exposition of what were the arrangements of power in British history and why this was so and what is now the case. Reminding his audience 'apples must be compared with apples', he outlined the differences in the approaches to power between Christianity and Islam. He speaks of the problems encountered within the Christian Church and lines them up with Islam's approach to power. This tape needs to be circulated far and wide. The audio tape of Bishop John Hepworth's address "The Arrangement of Power in British History" is now available from Mayo Tapes, PO Box 6, Hahndorf, SA, 5245 - $6.00 posted.

The first meeting of the Adelaide CSC for the new year will be held on the first Monday of February 2002.


November 27th - The last meeting of the year will give you the rare opportunity to be a speaker. Open to all members of the audience with a time limit of five minutes. Be prepared to answer questions. The cost of attendance is $4, a supper with some Christmas fare will conclude our evening. The meeting will be held as usual in the Estonian Hall, 141 Campbell Street, Sydney, commencing at 7.30pm. Books from the Heritage Bookmailing Service will be on display and for sale. The first meeting for 2002 will be Tuesday, January 29th, 2002.
Guest Speaker will be National Director of the League, Betty Luks.


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"Vigilance - A Defence of British Liberty": In his review of the book, Anthony Cooney poses the question, "Why have we not specified the penalties of EU treason which will be exacted from both politicians and high-ranking officials when Great Britain is once more free? Those penalties ought to be plainly specified and it ought to be understood that they will be pursued against both the carcasses and estates of deceased traitors. There is plenty of room where Cromwell's skull stood on Tower Hill!" $45.00 posted direct from your State bookmailing centre.