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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

7 December 2001. Thought for the Week: "The following report from the Sydney "Daily Telegraph" of August 9th 1940, makes further interesting reading

Sees America As Our Ruler
Leon Trotsky, exiled Russian Communist leader, predicts that the United States will become 'the legitimate inheritor' of Canada, Australia and New Zealand... Trotsky predicted that the United States, without entering the war, would emerge as the most imperialistic nation in the history of the world as a result of it...

With the military war raging, the attack upon the British people and British institutions is being ruthlessly carried on. Here in Australia the position staggers from crisis to crisis. Finance is 'sovietising' us from above... Democracy means that power should reside with the electors, and further, and much more important, that they should be CONSCIOUS of that power. The conflict now raging goes much deeper than mere monetary reform; those who talk about monetary reform without showing the electors that they, as INDIVIDUALS, have supreme POWER, are doomed to be disappointed.
"The War Behind the War: the real nature of the opposing forces" by E.D. Butler, 1940s


by Jeremy Lee
Under the guise of fighting terrorism there is now a massive attack on traditional freedoms in western nations. President Bush's declaration of a state of emergency is being thrown in the teeth of Benjamin Franklin's warning that those prepared to trade freedom for security will end up with neither. Since September 11th the President has taken unto himself the right to determine which prosecutions will be conducted by civil courts and which by military tribunals. Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois, commented on November 11th: "What we've seen since September 11th, if you add up everything that Ashcroft, Gonzales and their coterie of Federalist Society lawyers have done here, is a coup d'etat against the United States Constitution ...."

Many civil liberties have been suspended, including open and fair trials, limited detention before trial, provision of representation, etc. There is even a debate going on about the legitimacy of torture as a weapon of war. The American attack on civil liberties has its counterpart in the "Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill" currently before the British Parliament. Writing of this Bill, author Ashley Mote says,
".... The Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill currently going through Parliament has buried within it a provision to empower any British Government to sweep away our centuries-old system of criminal law. It will be able to impose the European Union's system of Napoleonic criminal law known as Corpus Juris on the British people without parliamentary scrutiny or debate. Only the introduction of a Statutory Instrument at Westminster will be needed to implement such a momentous decision by the EU in Brussels.

Crucial fundamental rights will disappear overnight, the right to habeas corpus, the right to trial by jury, the right to see the evidence against the accused, the presumption of innocence, and freedom from double jeopardy, amongst many other safeguards currently imposed by the British system of criminal justice. They will be replaced by the threat of indefinite and renewable detention without trial, no right of access to the evidence against the accused, and secret courts. Instead of trial by jury, cases will be heard by professional judges appointed by the state and dependent on it for their career advancement. The police and prosecution will be merged into a single organization. Extradition to a foreign country without the protection of a British court or the need for prima facie evidence and repeated trials on the same charges until the state wins a guilty verdict, are also part of corpus juris......

The Anti-terrorism Bill is in 14 parts, only one of which is directly concerned with terrorism. The rest, including Article 109, appear to be a motley collection of measures based on what was probably a long-standing Home Office wish-list. But international reaction to events of September 11 has provided this profoundly illiberal government with a rare opportunity to snatch powers that it would never have dreamt of acquiring under normal circumstances. If this Bill completes its passage through Parliament as currently drafted, the centuries-old British criminal justice system is finished, with Parliament powerless to stop it ...."

It was Arnold Toynbee who commented that only under war, or threat of war, could the British people be persuaded to abandon traditional freedoms. The same government indifference to the sanctity of our rights is evident in Australia too. Every authoritarian step is tested to see whether there is reaction from the people. If there is only a little grumbling from the minority, or worse still, silence, then the next step is taken until there is nothing left.
As the RSL so rightly say, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance ..."


Almost unnoticed behind the Afghan situation, the World Trade Organisation gathering at Doha, Quatar, has been completed behind a chorus of protests from developing countries. There was huge arm-twisting of Third World countries by America and the OECD to "open their markets", while the industrial giants increased their own subsidies to farmers and tightened up "anti-dumping laws" – the replacement for tariffs.

Devinder Sharma, a food and trade policy analyst from India, commented: "The 'explicit' way the QUAD countries – the United States, the European Union, Canada and Japan – bludgeoned their way into gains on virtually every issue on the agenda at the fourth WTO Ministerial, which ended at Doha recently, the world is certainly up for sale. The greatest tragedy of Doha is that the world's richest economies, which invariably swear in the name of democracy, used all 'undemocratic' norms and arms to force a 'consensus' down the throat of developing countries. In the bargain, the autocratic process of takeover of the global economy puts at risk millions of people, especially women and children, without basic rights and opportunities, and hoping against hope ...."

Caroline Lucas, writing in The Guardian (UK, 21/11/01), added: " ..... the absence of democracy was a leitmotiv running through the entire meeting from November 9-13. Developing countries were already furious before they arrived because the negotiating text drawn up in Geneva was weighted entirely in the interests of the rich north.

But that was nothing compared to the ruthlessness of the negotiation tactics employed against them. Immense pressure was exerted on the poorer countries by the powerful trading nations, in order to get their way. It was these backroom bruisings that finally forced developing country delegates into resentful acquiescence. At one point two countries – one from Latin America, the other from Africa – were threatened with the removal of agreed access to richer country markets. ... The EU, Britain and the WTO are congratulating themselves on getting a new round of talks. But the reality is that we now have a global trade race, with the poor countries arm-twisted and bullied into the starting blocks.
None of the developing countries' main demands were even addressed in Doha. They wanted a fairer trade system, to be allowed to protect their domestic farmers, and to analyse the adverse effects of the previous Uruguay round of talks in order to inform future trade deals. They were simply ignored...."

Sounds like a great way to 'win friends and influence people'. And where does Australia fit in? With the United States increasing agricultural subsidies by $370 billion over the next ten years, the future for rural Australia – if forced to depend on export income for survival – does not look bright.


It now appears the Democrats employed casual labour to hand out how-to-vote cards in the federal election. The Weekend Australian (24-25/11/01) wrote: "The Australian Democrats used paid casual workers to hand out how-to-vote cards in the federal election. "Between 50 and 60 casuals were supplied by Drake Overload for four-hour shifts in Victoria, and about a dozen in South Australia, according to party officials. It is likely they were paid the Property and Business Services award minimum of $14.89 an hour ......"

What questions and possibilities this conjures up! First of all, did "affirmative action" apply? In other words, were there an equal number of men and women employed in this enthralling occupation? Secondly, is $14.89 really enough? I know plenty of people who would think $100 an hour to recommend the Democrats inadequate. Thirdly, are those employed in the "how-to-vote-card" industry covered by any special award? Should there be a "HTVC" union? What about counselling? Surely, there would be unwarranted stress for supporters of other parties or candidates to be required to recommend a group they personally disagree with? Perhaps there should be emotional or grief counselling for such traumatized people? What effect did a four-hour stint at a polling group have on employment figures? One hour a week makes you fully employed. What does a four-hour stint make you? Was there "personal injury cover" taken out by the Democrats to cover such recruits? After all, they could have been attacked by rabid Nationals – or even bitten by a One Nation dog. Was this productive effort included in the GDP figures? It must, after all, have made the Australian economy 'grow' that little bit more. And, finally, were these jobs advertised nationally, under Competition rules? We need answers to what could eventually become an exciting new industry.


Who remembers Treasurer Costello valiantly fighting off "foreign control" of Australia's North-West gas industry when Shell tried to muscle in? It must have gained the Coalition a few extra votes. But the election is now behind us. The Australian (22/11/01) told us: "China's third largest oil company, CNOOC Ltd. has signed a heads of agreement to take equity in the North West Shelf gas project. The deal is conditional on the Shelf joint venture securing the supply contract for the proposed Guandong receival terminal, China's first LNG project.
In August, CNOOC, which is 70 percent owned by the Chinese Government, signed a memorandum of understanding with Chevron that could lead to it taking equity in the Gorgon gas reservoir, also off the North-West coast of Australia. Both deals reflect the potential of coastal China as the most prospective new regional market for Australia's LNG ....."

Somehow, we doubt if we'll hear Mr. Costello talking about "Australia's national interest" until the next federal election in three years' time.


Japan, according to a report in The Australian (26/11/01), has sanctioned the big banks writing off $92 billion in bad debts, while cutting jobs and cutting down on costs. Funny how only banks and the bankrupt ever have their debts written off. The bankrupt have penalties attached. But the banks simply charge forward with new loans of freshly-created credit. What difference would it make if the same sum – in this case $92 billion – was simply used to pay off mortgages. The money would end up in repayments to the banks, but a whole lot of people would be liberated from debt-slavery. As it is now, the banks are the only ones given favoured treatment – and they already have the unfair advantage of creating money when they lend.


from Aida Parker newsletters January, August 2001
The essence of the situation is that a cartel of major financial institutions was allowed by the United States authorities to manipulate the price of gold and purchase at a price convenient to massive re-investment elsewhere. This not only endangered the mining industry in Africa but, when the price of gold dropped below the original purchase price this resulted in a negative interest repayment differential, and losses in paper money in a falling market that rendered the debt unrepayable. A private case brought by Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA), is currently being heard in a Federal Court in Boston. The defendants are the Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan, Citigroup, the United States Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Board and the New York Federal Reserve Bank.


by Betty Luks
Reports of draconian measures taken or being planned by both the UK's and the USA's governments in the wake of the Twin Towers bombing are now coming to light. Let's look at the proposed United Kingdom's "Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill" first:
• The new Bill allows the Home Secretary to intern a foreigner on suspicion not only of what he might have done but of what an intelligence officer thinks he might do.
• There are limited rights of appeal, but the appellants lawyers will not be entitled to see all the evidence.
• Most dismayingly of all, the Bill removes the right of habeas corpus and judicial review.

Critics on the Left of politics in the UK have damned the detention measures, "But," The Spectator's editorial (24/11/01) warns, "the Bill contains a no less offensive, and even more contemptible, section criminalizing incitement to religious hatred."

Is the legislation going to pour oil on troubled waters? Not likely. In fact, just the opposite. While the Bill is mainly aimed at Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, the incitement to religious hatred is a two edged sword. If some Muslims get locked up without a trial, so what? The legislation can be used against others for 'incitement' against their religion. Behind the 'smoke and smother', the flames of religious animosities will be fanned and used for other purposes. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself!

"Why should any free country even contemplate making 'religious hatred' a crime," asks The Spectator. Why indeed, you may ask. "There are already laws on the statute books making it a crime to incite a breach of the peace, which plainly covers incitement to violence against Muslims (or Jews, or Quakers, or Plymouth Brethren). This new law is a shameful assault on the Enlightenment tradition of freedom of speech and inquiry, which must include the freedom to criticise any religion even in the most vehement terms."

And there you have it. It is a shameful assault on the tradition of freedom of speech and inquiry. But it is more than that. It is the further development of a growing police state.


What about America? According to The Spectator "At least the (UK) Bill is mild compared with the comparable measures being introduced in the United States, where President Bush is accumulating new executive powers undreamt of by any former president including Lincoln and Roosevelt in their great wars."

Declaring an extraordinary emergency, President Bush, as the US commander-in-chief has signed an executive order empowering him to:
• Order secret military trials for non-US citizens arrested in the United States or abroad. Think of the convenience! No messy public appeals unless the president (the colonels' commander in chief) or the secretary of defense (their immediate boss) says so. Suspected terrorists can be tried, convicted and executed on the say-so of a panel of colonels without anyone even knowing that someone was arrested.
• Detain suspects without ever having to file a charge or even identify the suspect or, for that matter, even admit they have a suspect.
• Lawyer-client conversations are open to inspection.
• Monitor e-mails.
• Wiretap – virtually at will.

And this is happening in 'the land of the free'?


During the election campaign John Howard told the Australian people they must adjust to a new environment. He spelt it out, but not too many of you were listening. Too busy running with the stampeded herd. Anti-Terrorism measures will include:
* Armed air-marshalls on domestic and international flights.
* A new offence of terrorism punishable by life imprisonment.
* ASIO will be able to hold and interrogate without trial suspected terrorists and their supporters.
* Anyone who threatens violence to advance ideological or religious causes will face possible life penalties.
* The Crimes Act will be expanded to allow assets linked to terrorist groups to be seized and international conventions against terrorism ratified.
* A new law will create an offence of terrorism to cover such conduct as violent attacks or threats of violent attacks.

The law will provide for a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. It will include actions to advance political, religious or ideological causes directed against the national interest. Who determines what political, religious or ideological causes are against the 'national interests'?
Welcome to the 'Animal Farm' ladies and gentlemen!


from British "On Target", October 6th & 20th, 2001
We have become aware of the scurrilous articles on the Royal family circulated by the La Rouche organisation. Articles such as appeared in the "Citizen Electoral Council" March 2001: Under the heading, "The real story behind Queen Elizabeth's fascist racial vilification legislation", the claim was made that because three prominent members of the Anti-Defamation Advisory Board, Sir Zelman Cowen, Malcolm Fraser and Sir Ninian Stephen pushed for racial vilification legislation that meant the Queen was automatically involved. What's the reasoning upon which they base their conclusion? The three men are seen as part of the 'establishment' in Australia, so that automatically makes them part of the 'Royal plot'. It should be noted the three men in question are ardent republicans – hardly 'the Queen's men'!

With some of these outrageous claims, the La Rouche people leave themselves open to ridicule and doubts as to their credibility. But what is La Rouche – the man – really about? He keeps his cards close to his chest. The following snippet comes from our sister publication in the United Kingdom:
"La Rouche maintained offices in a number of countries with the notable exception at that time (late 1980s) of the United Kingdom, probably because he and his wife, Helga Zepp-La Rouche, are fervent republicans. La Rouche has also been ridiculed for allegations that the British Monarchy is involved in international drug trafficking. In the EIR book on the late Tiny Rowland, Tiny Rowland – The Ugly Face of Neocolonialism in Africa, links were identified between the Crown and certain financial institutions in the City of London.
When we had followed up requests for information from EIR staff in Wiesbaden (then West) Germany, during the preparation of this book, we certainly noted that some of the institutions named occupied the same address in the City of London, with the same directorships. But to suggest that the Monarch, with a large personal staff, would be personally involved with Crown investments, much less financial irregularities or drugs, is to say that La Rouche had seriously lost the plot on this count. The banking system may itself be deeply involved with the movement of drug money, but the essential truth is that virtually all investments are everywhere locked into the common global economic model.
Lyndon La Rouche is also on record as a former Trotskyist, but the true agenda behind his organisation, like La Rouche's finances, has remained somewhat elusive. The weekly Executive Intelligence Review magazine contains some excellent and penetrating assessments of global economic and geopolitical affairs. In the course of our work in London in the mid-1980s, we became personally acquainted with several members of the EIR staff. They were generally youthful, dedicated, highly intelligent and well informed. A high proportion were of Jewish extraction..."


As for the advisers to the Anti-Defamation League, Sir Zelman Cowen and Sir Ninian Stephen, they obviously do not believe it is their duty to fight for and protect the Crown as would a true knight of the realm. I am reminded of Cecile Tormay's experiences recorded in her book, An Outlaw's Diary, first published in 1923. She wanted the world to know of the horror she and her countrymen went through when the Bolsheviks took over Hungary. She wanted the world to know how the 'leaders' abandoned their king when danger threatened.

She wanted the story to, "... speak of those things which were unknown to the foreign inspirers of the revolution, because to them everything that was truly Hungarian was incomprehensible." Just as those things of Australia's Constitutional Monarchy are foreign and incomprehensible to many who now seek to destroy it.

Questioning why the poison of Bolshevik propaganda permeated the Hungarian psyche and the people eventually submitted to the despotism of the criminal fanatics, the 'proletariat' gang of mental and moral perverts who took over their country, the Duke of Northumberland noted in his foreword to her book: "The disaster was due not so much to the strength of the subversive influences as to the weakness and cowardice of the authorities in Church and State and in Society at large." What's new?


In the year of our Lord 2002, our gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, will celebrate her Golden Jubilee. The Australian League of Rights calls on all On Target readers to ensure that in every small and great town in which they live, every effort is made to ensure the People celebrate the event. Put on a special dinner celebration, invite family and friends. Ask the RSL to hold a special function.

Our Queen acknowledged the fact at her 1997 Guildhall golden wedding celebrations that, "An hereditary constitutional monarchy exists only with the support and consent of the people." (quoted in Cane Toad Republic by David Flint). The League will be producing a "Pledge of Loyalty" card to be personally signed and forwarded to Her Majesty. It will first be circulated through our journals.


The League's annual appeal is in need of a great surge of donations. We urge our supporters to get behind the appeal and give it the push it needs. The new year will bring many challenges for the League and for these challenges to be met we will need to ensure the basic fund. Please examine your priorities and where possible make a generous contribution to ensure the conti-nuity of the work of the League. The Basic Fund has reached $10,109:77.


The following was sent to the Editor of The Australian, November 18th, 2001
Sir, Scott Emerson's description ("And then there was Ron", 17-18/11) of Senator Ron Boswell's 27 April 1988 Senate attack on the Australian League of Rights as "one of the defining moments of his career" is true in a less flattering way than Emerson intended. Senator Boswell's attack, protected by parliamentary privilege, was one of the most disgraceful misrepresentations ever uttered in the Australian Parliament.
Using simplistic propaganda Boswell depicted a Christian, patriotic and pro-British organization dedicated to freedom and decentralist policies as "racist, anti-semitic and neo-nazi". In August 1988 I published a scholarly analysis of the whole attack, including the twenty-two questions about it which I sent to the Senator, not one of which he would answer. One of his fictions was the claim that the League bookshop stocked "most of the Nazi Party's recommended reading list". He did not, upon request, supply a copy of this list! All Boswell would do was supply the footnotes and sources of his speech, without stating specifically that he had read the items concerned. He later; very reluctantly, agreed to speak with the League's Queensland director, Charles Pinwill – but only on condition that the text of their conversation remained confidential. In my view the Senator was acting as a stooge for political interests who had written the attack themselves. What kind of a career does that define?
Yours sincerely, Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic.

Nigel Jackson's analysis of Boswell's attack is available from all League book services.
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