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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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18 January 2002. Thought for the Week: "Putting usury on a pedestal, in order to set avarice on high, the Protestant countries twisted morality out of shape. 'Moral' was narrowed down to application to carnal relations. Thus acting as usurer's red herring. The hogger of harvest has always set up a red-herring system. "Usury is contra naturam. It is not merely in opposition to nature's increases, it is antithetic to discrimination by the senses. Discrimination by the senses is dangerous to avarice. It is dangerous because any perception or any high development of the perceptive faculties may lead to knowledge. The money-changer only thrives on ignorance. He thrives on all sorts of insensitivity and non-perception. An instant sense of proportion imperils financiers."
Ezra Pound's "Guide to Kulchur" quoted in "Human Ecology" by Thomas Robertson, 1948


by Jeremy Lee
The prospects for the new year look grim; which is no reason to lose hope, or forbear to wish each other a Happy New Year. Nevertheless, the "Ides of March" are foreboding. A global survey shows a world in meltdown, with war, famine and pestilence dogging many continents. Financially, Japan and Argentina are cot-cases. The latter is facing a compulsory 30 percent devaluation of the peso after defaulting on its $US140 billion national debt. The crisis, which has eliminated the savings of the bulk of its citizens, has also disrupted supply and demand, leaving battle-scarred cities and starving people. Public servants haven't been paid for months, and the latest in a series of Presidents in the last few weeks is tossing up as to whether people should eat before foreign creditors are paid.

It is much the same question forced on Australia by Sir Otto Niemeyer during the Great Depression. Comparisons have been made between Australia and Argentina. Both were in the same position a decade ago. But Australia paid much of its government debt by the expedient of selling public assets. The rest of Telstra is on the Coalition drawing-board. In other words, we gained a temporary and uneasy breathing space by selling much of the family farm. Argentina chose not to do so, and is now earning the opprobrium of the world's financiers.
So, as chaos escalates, the 'money-boys' are in the process of foisting the American dollar on another once-sovereign nation.

And Japan? The Australian (7/1/02) told us: "Japan's government is facing a massive $US1 trillion ($1.93 trillion) emergency bailout of its banking sector after warnings of a potentially massive default triggering a financial meltdown throughout Asia. "Coming hot on the heels of Argentina's $US142 billion default, such a collapse would be a disaster for Australia, given Japan is the nation's biggest trading partner.....

"Japan's deflation and debt crisis now constitute systemic risk to the global economy. Efforts by the Bank of Japan to boost economic activity and to reflate by increasing reserves in the banking system and cutting short-term interest rates virtually to zero amount to beating harder a dead horse ....."

But why is Australia's survival linked so closely to exporting to Japan? After all, we can feed, clothe and house our own population easily. We have huge quantities of solar-derived energy – coal, oil, natural gas. The truth is that most of our exports are required to service the foreign debt, which is far bigger than the Argentine's. We would be foolish indeed to imagine that Australia won't face later what Argentina is facing now – unless we move to recapture our own money system before it's too late.


Speaking of privatization, it now emerges that the State of Victoria is the most privatized state on earth! Victoria, according to The Australian (4/1/02) has, apart from electricity, "..... privatized gas, TAB, prisons, public transport, and a host of smaller operations, which have been sold for more than $30 billion, eliminating most of the state's debts ..... Only 15 percent of Victorians support privatization of public transport and less than 5 percent support private ownership of jails. Victoria has 45 percent of its jail population in private prisons, the highest proportion in the world....."

Has the sale-price of $30 billion resulted in an equivalent drop in taxes for Victorians? Have their rates, car-registration, petrol tax etc, dropped proportionately? Or have the politicians just used the saved money for grandiose schemes in other areas?


We commentated late last year that much of the truth surrounding the disasters on September 11th had yet to be revealed. At the heart of our queries was the age-old "Cui Bono?" (Who Benefits?) These issues are so explosive that even the mainstream media is uneasily asking some questions. Geoffrey Barker, writing in The Australian Financial Review (17/12/01), commented:

"Three new post-September 11th threats to international security emerged last week as the United States moved towards victory over Afghanistan's Taliban regime. Without doubt the greatest of these was Israel's declaration that it would no longer deal with Yasser Arafat and his Palestinian authority. Any chance for peace in the Middle East now seems dead. Hardly less troubling were the US decisions to abrogate the Anti-Ballistic-Missile Treaty and to develop national missile defences against so-called 'rogue'- regimes and terrorists. These decisions will set back improving US relations with Russia and China and could trigger a new arms race.
Finally, support within the US Administration for attacking Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq threatened a potentially dangerous escalation of the post-Afghanistan war against terrorism.

Each of these developments resulted in part from the September 11th attacks on the US, and together they reflect a perilous drift towards a destructive post-Cold War conflagration. "Israel's rejection of Arafat suggests that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided on full-scale war to try to drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank and Gaza. For the explosive Middle East and global energy supplies, the outlook is ominous ...." So what is Israel's Ariel Sharon up to?

The article continued: "Amin Saikal, director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University, says Sharon's aim is to undermine Arafat so that the West Bank falls completely under the control of Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad. Then Sharon could claim the area was controlled by terrorists and launch an all-out war against terrorism with US and international support, and with every chance of gaining total control of the West Bank ....Given Sharon's past record, this seems credible. Sharon's ruthlessness in orchestrating Israeli violence is matched only by Arafat's ineffectiveness in preventing Hamas and Islamic Jihad violence. For Sharon, September's terrorist attacks on the US opened the way for his solution of the Palestinian problem, but at potentially appalling international cost ...." (emphasis added)

Barker's article is consistent with the point we have developed ever since the New York and Washington disasters in On Target and The New Times Survey that Israel, if not the direct instigator, was the main beneficiary of the attacks, the main purpose of which was twofold: firstly, to secure American control of the immense oil reserves in the Caspian Sea area, bigger by far than those of Saudi-Arabia; and secondly, to instigate war right across the Middle East under cover of which a "final solution" to the Palestinian problem could be engineered.


However brilliantly such battle-plans as the New York and Washington disasters are secretly hatched, inevitably a host of clues are left behind, sometimes waiting for years to be discovered. Such was the case with Pearl Harbour, for instance. The worldwide internet has made the piecing together of such clues easier than it was, despite the wild speculation and the disinformation that abounds. More and more pieces of the jigsaw are being discovered.

The Australian (24/12/01) provided one such piece: " The FBI was warned a month before the September 11th terrorist attacks that a fuel-laden aeroplane could be used as a bomb, The New York Times reported at the weekend. A flight instructor at the Pan Am International Flight Academy in Minnesota had repeatedly contacted his local FBI bureau to alert them to the suspicious behaviour of Moroccan-born Frenchman Zacarious Moussaoui, who wanted to learn to fly a Boeing 747 despite his visible lack of pilot training .....Despite the instructor's appeals and intelligence forwarded by France about Moussaoui's affiliation with the al-Qa'ida network, the FBI did not pursue an in-depth investigation...."

But this report, and dozens like it, pale into insignificance after the revelation in an explosive article by Carl Cameron in widely-known Fox News on December 12th, 2001, that some 60 Israelis, including a number of active military or intelligence operatives, have been detained in the US. Although Cameron says there is no direct evidence of complicity in the bombings, he adds that they are suspected of gathering evidence of the impending attacks while not sharing it or issuing any warning"... Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to September 11th, as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the United States.

"Investigators from numerous government agencies are part of a working group that has been compiling evidence in the case since the mid 1990s. These documents detail hundreds of incidents in cities and towns across the country that investigators say quote 'may well be an organized intelligence-gathering activity'. Investigators are focusing part of their efforts on Israelis who said they are art students from the University of Jerusalem or Bezalel Academy and repeatedly made contact with US government personnel by saying they wanted to sell cheap art or handiwork.

"Documents say they 'targeted' and penetrated military bases, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, dozens of government facilities and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel. ...."

These revelations must be added to the fact that there is a very heavy preponderance of Zionists in the Bush administration – as there were in that of his predecessor Bill Clinton – which completely rules out any suggestion of 'even' handedness' in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Generally, there has been a blackout over this news in other mainstream media outlets. The Zionist Israeli lobby in the US must have been working overtime!


What a strange set of double standards many Americans have, but not unlike the western Christian groups who funded the 'liberation' (read terrorist) forces in both Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and South Africa and therefore aided in the murders of innocent fellow Christians. The International Express reports Americans are still funding the IRA.

"An Express investigation into the dollars-for-bombs scandal also reveals that much of the fundraising has been organised by members of the Irish American community in New York – a city still reeling from terrorist attacks ordered by Osama bin Laden." What makes this people think that a regime imposed at the point of a gun will spawn leaders who will change their spots overnight? Is Mr. Bush going to 'freeze' the funds of these groups actively engaged in this fund-raising?


The International Express, January 1st-7th, 2002, reports the "Queen has declared the euro 'foreign currency' and banned its use in royal palaces and the tourist shops". Staff at Windsor Palace and Buckingham Palace have been directed to insist visitors pay in British sterling. Reporter, Jacinta Towndrow explains, "Although the Queen has not entered the debate on whether Britain should adopt the currency," the ban has heartened the Euro-sceptics. It seems shadow attorney general Bill Cash agrees with the Queen's stand. He explains, "The constitutional implications of the euro affect the monarchy and I think that the decision that has been taken by the Queen is completely correct."

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, both directly under the control of the monarchy, will insist on their two million visitors paying in pounds and pence. One royal pundit is quoted as saying, "The Queen never gives opinions on issues such as this "predicting," If the euro ever does come here the Queen will accept it, just like she accepts everything else – regardless of what her personal views may be." The nation's currency and its laws are hardly just a personal matter for Her Majesty, it is a Constitutional matter and should be of interest to all the citizens of Great Britain.

The British Crown's Prerogative
Alexander Del Mar explained to his readers that from remotest times, up to the 17th century, it was the prerogative of the State (or the King in this instance) "to coin money and to regulate its value (by giving it denominations) and by limiting or increasing the quantity of it in circulation." And the issue of money by private persons or interests was considered a treasonous act! "But," he laments, "the insidious crime of secretly or surreptitiously altering the monetary laws of a state is not a new one" and three years after the accession of Charles II to the throne, the thin edge of the wedge was driven into the sovereignty of the British Crown and therefore the people's sovereignty, with the passing into law of "An Act for the Encouragement of Trade". The very reasons now given for pushing for further centralisation within the European Union of States! For encouragement of trade!

"So little was understood of money and so corrupt had both houses become in the growing scramble for 'wealth'... that had not one lone Nobleman (the Earl of Anglesea) raised objection, this Act, fraught with so many dire consequences for the Nation, would have slipped through both Commons and Lords scarcely noticed, like the handiwork of a pickpocket in a crowd."

Perhaps the words of that Nobleman echo down through the years to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as she contemplates the mess of pottage her predecessor, Charles II, wrought on his Nation by signing away the Crown's (the King's) right to regulate the nation's money. Charles II gave the right of free, illimitable coinage to the secret International Cabal, which we now describe as The International Bankers; those who were at the time, the main force behind the East India Company and the goldsmiths of London.

"The result," explains Alexander Del Mar "was the surreptitious mint legislation of 1666-7; and thus a prerogative, which next to the right of peace or war, is the most powerful instrument by which a State can influence the happiness of its subjects, was surrendered or sold for a song to a class of usurers, in whose hands it has remained ever since." History of Monetary Crimes by Alexander Del Mar.

The next step by the usurers was the establishment of the private Bank of 'England' in 1694. Further reading: "A History of Monetary Crimes" by Alexander Del Mar, and "The Tallies, A Tangled Tale" by David Astle. The latter book includes a copy of the Charter of the Bank of England. "Enemy Within the Empire" by Eric D. Butler.
Further viewing: Jeremy Lee's Videos: "The Money Game" and "Seduction or Solution".
Books and videos available from all League Book Services.


from Israel Shamir's website
It is a sad picture Israel Shamir builds up in the reader's mind of the true state of Israel. The situation is not at all as is presented in the establishment media. After describing some of the pleasant scenes and places one comes across in the land of Palestine he sadly wrote, "The land of Palestine is in trouble, deepest trouble since black 1948." He described his meeting with a middle-aged kibbutznik overseeing the work of imported Thais and Chinese workers. "He looked like an epitome of a good Israeli... Fifty years ago, he or rather his predecessor, a fighter of the Jewish Storm Troops, the Palmach," seized the lands of Ahziv and expelled its peasants to Lebanon. Some thirty years ago, he worked the land with his own hands. Now the kibbutznik oversees the Thais and Chinese working the land and plans a holiday to visit his son in New York. Then some Russians from the Russian town of Maalot on the Galilee range will do the overseeing for him."

'Not many Jews are interested in working the land, or even in overseeing the Thais workers', explains the kibbutznik, who plans to try for "a building permit, build housing and sell the real estate. It is a valuable site near Naharia and Acre, and it will sell well..."
So much for the 'spiritual land' for the Jews, now turned into 'real estate' to be developed and sold for money!

The evil ghost
Travelling back to his home, he met up with a Romanian building team imported from their impoverished country to build immigrant housing in Israel because the Jews do not want to be employed in construction, Ukrainian 'Israeli' soldiers and Moroccans concerned at the closure of the Acre steel plant. As the train ran through Haifa, Israel Shamir thought of the 'hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans, Jews and Christian Zionists, who lobby, pray, support and pay – no not for the Jewish state built on the ruins of Palestine." That would be bad enough, "but the reality is worse,' says Mr. Shamir. His thoughts went to the "millions of Palestinians, rotting in refugee camps and jails, dispossessed, expelled – not by the monster of evil occupation and land grabbing, but by something worse – by a ghost."

A virtual state that quickly loses all connection to reality
"The Jewish state is a virtual state that quickly loses all remaining connection to reality. This ghost kills people and collects money in America . . . Its fields are worked by imported guest workers, guarded by imported Russians and Ethiopians, explained by Israeli professors teaching forever in American universities and by brave generals on the lookout for a big shake . . . Zionist leaders dreamed to make Palestine as Jewish as England is English. They failed. Palestinie is Jewish as Jamaica is English."

Israel Shamir stirs up images of the prophets of old when he declares, "The land of Palestine is being ruined now, in front of our eyes. Its beautiful old villages are bombed to oblivion; churches are emptied of their flock; olives are uprooted. Such ruin did not befall the land since the Assyrian invasion 2700 years ago. Nothing could comfort us in the face of this great destruction, and certainly people connected to it – whether Israeli killers or their American Jewish supporters – will be damned forever."

For what, he asks, because "a wry irony of history will remain as a footnote in the books of the future; the Jewish leadership committed these crimes in vain, and received no profit out of it. Even if the last Palestinian would be crucified on the hill of Golgotha, even that would not bring to life the virtual state of Israel."


Our readers will be aware the League has initiated the project of placing the printed journals on compact discs for easier access and research and for preservation of the historical information. It is important that 'the written word' of the League journals and Social Credit material is widely available for future generations and does not go 'down the memory hole'. All the issues of On Target are now being placed on computer and then copied to disc, thus making them ready to be placed on disc. After On Target comes The New Times.

Our dedicated Melbourne team have found the following editions of the NEW TIMES are missing. Can any of our older readers help please? The following are the missing numbers:- All of' the early years are missing commencing from:- Jan. 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944. 1945, Vol 11. Nos. 10, 25, 35 missing. 1946, Vol. 12. All complete. 1947, Vol. 13. No 39 missing. 1948, Vol. 14. No.39 missing. 1958, Vol. 24. No. 14 missing. 1960, Vol. 26. Nos. 1, 2, 8. missing. 1961, Vol. 27 Nos. 4 & 9. missing. 1963, Vol. 29. No. 12 missing. 1964, Vol. 30 No. 16. missing 1969, Vol. 35. Nos. 1, 2, 8 missing. 1978, Vol. 43. No. 6. missing. 1982, Vol. 47. No. 10. missing.

If you can help please send the material direct to our Melbourne Book Shop, clearly marking them as some of the missing numbers.


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