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26 July 2002. Thought for the Week: "The prostitution of the role of money in the marketplace: There can be no adequate understanding of the suicide or the survival alternative facing humanity, without a proper perception of the financial reality that it is the abuse and prostitution of the role of money which is the root cause of all economic evil, and hence of most of the social disorders threatening the future of society. In a sense money must be priceless. It is the priceless lifeblood and catalytic reactor of the economic body. It is the priceless measurer of prices which the community uses to value its own real wealth of natural resources and talent. It reflects the priceless credit and faith which the community has in its own ability to produce goods and services."
From "The Great Harlot" by Peter Lock 2002


It's hard to get excited about the Democrats. Quite apart from the affairs of a recent leading lady, the scratching and biting of the latest two is reminiscent of a sort of political 'Moll Flanders'. And, apparently, it can't make up its mind whether or not it is a "real party". Prior to the last federal election Democrat candidates made a great play of signing a pledge of the things they would stand "rock hard" on, if only people would vote them into office. Such a pledge, obviously, is the sign of a 'tried and true' party which is there to keep the others honest.

The Australian Financial Review (10/7/02) told us: " .... All the Democrat Senators and Senate candidates signed a pledge saying they would not support, among other things, an increase in the GST rate, or 'further privatization of Telstra' .... Most voters would take that to mean that all those Democrats would stick by that. But what about the party's platform and its history of Senators being allowed to vote individually?

"The Democrats constitution says: 'An elected member of Parliament shall adhere to the policies formulated by this party: except that where the views of an elected member are in conflict with party policy, then the elected member may vote according to his conscience; and where, in the opinion of an elected member, his duty to his electorate is in conflict with party policy, then the elected member may vote according to his duty to his electorate....'"

That position is a good deal more enlightened than that held by the Nationals, the Liberals or the ALP, each of which insist on pinning their members down by the conscience into voting robots who do as their Party Whips tell them to. But how did a Party with that sort of enlightened constitution ever allow Meg Lees to swing them behind the GST? And did Meg Lees, who is now obviously changing direction on the sale of Telstra, sign the pledge before the last election? In the dust blown around from the cat-fight, it's a little hard to sort this out.


New Zealanders go to the polls before the end of the month. At this stage it appears to be the meaningless election that has become the norm in western democracies. Of interest - and sympathy - is the statement issued by a New Zealand organization called Campaign against Foreign Control of Aotearoa, which reads:

Foreign direct investment (ownership of companies) in New Zealand increased from $9.7 billion in 1989 to $49.3 billion in 2001 - an increase of nearly 400% . Foreign owners now control 47% of the share market. In 1989, the figure was 19% . In 2000 alone, the Overseas Investment Commission (OIC) approved foreign investment totalling $4.1 billion (the OIC only has to approve company takeovers involving $50 million or more. Until 1999, the threshold was $10 million. So the totals were much higher).
The area of rural land sold to foreigners has increased from 42,000 hectares per year in 1991 to 93,000 in 2000. . Statistics New Zealand figures, as of March 2001, list the biggest foreign owners of New Zealand as, in order, Australia, Netherlands, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. (Canada's figures are listed as "confidential").
Transnational corporations (TNCs) make massive profits out of New Zealand. For the 2000/01 financial year, US-owned Telecom made a $643 million profit. It paid out 50% as dividends to its owners. Previously, it paid out never less than 70% of annual profits as dividends, and went up to 98% for the 1998/99 year. TNC profits can truly be called New Zealand's biggest invisible export. From 1995-98, TNCs made $10.6 billion profits: only 6% was reinvested.
Foreign "investment", in the great majority of cases, is actually a takeover, not new investment... Foreign investors are not big employers - they only employ 18% of the workforce. Foreign ownership does not guarantee more jobs. In fact, it quite often adds to unemployment. TNCs have made tens of thousands jobless. . Foreign ownership does nothing to improve New Zealand's foreign debt problem. In 1984, total private and public foreign debt stood at $16 billion. In 2001, it was $123 billion, more than 100% of NZ's Gross Domestic Product, despite all the asset sales and takeovers.
Ownership means political power. Foreign control means recolonisation, but by company this time, not country. . Nearly everything that has been done to New Zealanders in the past decade has been done to "make the New Zealand economy attractive to foreign investment".

This is what it all means to ordinary New Zealanders - we are involuntary competitors in the race to the bottom.
(For those interested in further information see: http://canterbury.cyberspace.co.nz/community/CAFCA/ )

Obviously, the same pattern in New Zealand as in Australia. The bureaucratic policy-makers must have attended the same international seminars. The facts about NZ Telecom are cause for reflection as Howard, Costello and John Anderson hustle us towards the unwanted sale of Telstra.


We have previously dealt with the implications of Gorbachev's "20:80" society, spelled out at his 1995 San Francisco conference, where he pointed out that technology had now enabled a world where all consumer goods could be produced with 20% of the world's existing workforce. The evidence for this has been clear since 1922, when C.H. Douglas gave his address on "The Breakdown Of The Employment System".

I have just received through the mail a copy of a quarterly magazine, printed and published in South Australia, called Australian Options. It is a well-written, thoughtful production reflecting the views of what used to be called the Left. In fact, its front cover includes the words "Left discussions for social justice and political change". The back cover features three highlighted statements spurring immediate interest: "Only a fraction of the available human labour in the world is now needed for the production of the total amount of consumption goods necessary for life.... Therefore the number of hours per week ought so to be reduced by law that unemployment is systematically abolished" - Albert Einstein.

"Modern methods of production have given us the possibility of ease and security for all; but we have chosen instead to have overwork for some, and starvation for others. Hitherto we have continued to be as energetic as we were before there were machines: in this we have been foolish, but there is no reason to go on being foolish forever!" - Bertrand Russell.

"The most profound danger to world peace in the coming years will stem not from the irrational acts of states or individuals but from the legitimate demands of the world's dispossessed." - From a statement by Francis Crick, Nardine Gordimer, Jose Saramago and 100 other Nobel laureates to mark the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prizes last December.

To anyone with an inkling of Social Credit these statements are true and self-evident. But the Left, which has highlighted the problem clearly, has a jumble of confusing answers. Common to all of them is the idea that somehow we must maintain "full employment". They are enthusiastic about the road France has embarked on - that of 'reducing hours' employed. This fails to recognize that one of the greatest and most environmentally-damaging problems facing industrial societies is getting people to and from work each day.

Whether it is for four or eight hours a day is immaterial. Equally, trying to "share reducing work quotas" to maintain full employment keeps out of reach of those employed any choice about their own vocation. And again, the cost of solving the problem is thrown directly onto employers, who are expected to pay the same or higher wages for reduced hours. Already, employers are expected to pay for workers' holidays, medical insurance, superannuation, pay-roll tax and now maternity leave, and can only include these extra costs in prices charged for production, compounding the real problem.

The alternative is to increasingly sever the direct connection between incomes and employment, substituting a national dividend which gives individuals an increasing choice over how to employ their own time. Thus "full employment" is increasingly replaced with "self-employment". A limited example of what could be expanded can be seen in Alaska, where a cheque is sent to each citizen once a year, distributing the oil royalties that flow into the State. There are no State direct or indirect taxes. The intense competition for jobs has been diminished. Using the audited and balanced increase in the money-supply, instead of taxation or royalties, currently annexed by trading banks for their own profit, should be the source of a national dividend, as automation increasingly shoulders the work-load that was once placed on human shoulders. In other words, technology, the result of past 'know-how', earns its own wage that should be shared by all.


West Australia's One Nation member Frank Hough, JP, MLC, has called for a serious look at what the current welfare industry is doing to Australia's Aboriginal people.

In a media release he says, "Indigenous people feel trapped by the current Aboriginal welfare industry", and the news comes as no surprise to him. "I am constantly receiving correspondence from Aboriginal Australians with regard to Native Welfare. These are your hard-working, everyday men and women who can see the toll welfare dependency is taking on members of their community. Then there's the heightened levels of discrimination that Aborigines must contend with from others members of this society as a result of Native Welfare," he claims.

Mr. Hough has received several letters on the issue, including one from a self-employed Aboriginal who slammed ATSIC's role in depriving Aboriginals of the right to decide and achieve for themselves. The letter stated, in part: "ATSIC, at its top end, is run by white people while self-serving and inexperienced indigenous people are the middle management. This naivety and greed lends to the misappropriation of millions of dollars from the Commission's funding, keeping Aboriginal people confused and disillusioned while ensuring their own existence is stable and futuristic...Aboriginal people want and need help, not handouts."

Indigenous Australians are also critical of the role ATSIC takes in negotiating Native Title claims and of the present way in which health care services are being delivered. There is a need to end the Aboriginal / non-Aboriginal dichotomy of the metropolitan health services which leads to duplication and waste. The money saved could be distributed to health services above the 26th parallel where it is most needed by Indigenous people. The current system of catering for the needs of Aborigines does not work because it is discriminatory and based on the notion that Indigenous Australians should not be given responsibility for their own economic self-determination.

"In any society there are some individuals who may require help from time to time. Yet as a society of equals the trick is to provide for people's welfare needs in terms of equality and common sense. This means providing for all Australians whereever appropriate and on the basis of individual need. It makes the acknowledgement of Aboriginality a reflection of the desire for cultural recognition, not in terms of special benefits attached," said Mr. Hough.


"What do the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Balkans have in common?" asked Professor Majorie Cohn, Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, last November 2000. "Cheney's Black Gold" www.commondreams.org

She answered her own question
"US domination in these areas serves the interests of corporate multimillionaires such as Dick Cheney." Mr. Cheney, now Vice President of the USA was Bush Snr's secretary of defence during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. "Although he stepped down as CEO of Halliburton, he still owns shares of stock in the conglomerate and his financial interests in the Persian Gulf, the Caspian region and the Balkans will invariably continue," she predicted.

Why do we need to be reminded of this matter at this time?
The New York Times, July 13th, 2002, reports that an investigation into the accounting practices of the Halliburton Company by the Securities and Exchange Commission is under way, and it is focussing on the period when Vice President Dick Cheney ran the company. We are referring to Dick Cheney's, "Halliburton Company, the Dallas oil services company," which is "benefitting very directly from the United States efforts to combat terrorism," says The New York Times.

"From building cells for detainees at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba to feeding American troops in Uzbekistan," the Pentagon increasingly relies on "a unit of Halliburton called KBR, sometimes referred to as Kellogg Brown & Root. Although the unit has been building projects all over the world for the federal government for decades, the attacks of September 11th led to significant additional business."
"KBR is the exclusive logistics supplier for both the Navy and the Army, providing services like cooking, construction, power generation and fuel transportation. The contract recently won from the Army is for 10 years and has no lid on costs, the only logistical arrangement by the Army without an estimated cost.

The government business has been well timed for Halliburton, whose stock price has tumbled almost two-thirds in the last year because of concerns about its asbestos liabilities, sagging profits in its energy business and an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission into its accounting practices..."

Miss Cohn also charged in her article, "Cheney's oily fingers are all over the Balkans as well." He "also sits on the board of directors of Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor... War is big business and Dick Cheney is right in the middle of it".


The Basic Fund has passed the $42,000 mark with the latest figures reaching $42,096.49. Please help us to reach our modest target.

When one thinks of the trillions of dollars that 'slosh' around the world on a regular basis, the sum of money the League sets as its annual target is so tiny, so miniscule. What the League achieves with that tiny sum of money (in comparison) is quite an achievement. That is because we really do set out to 'multiply' the efforts and objectives through volunteers and help from friends who agree with what the League is doing.

League journals
The League journals continue to go out regularly, thanks to our editors, writers, contributors, printers, and administrators. Thank you to each and every one of you - you know who you are.

The website is now well and truly established and serving Internet users within Australia and around the world. (If you have friends or relatives in this or other countries, introduce them to the League website!) There are sections for every Commonwealth country, plus a section for a very talented USA Social Credit writer. We know it is being used - our Webmaster has discovered others are adding the whole front-page of the League's website onto their own sites; even one in Germany with the English translated into German.

On Target CD
The very arduous task of placing the last nearly forty years of On Target onto CD is progressing on schedule. It will be such a helpful 'tool' for present generations to understand the way the underlying forces operate in the times in which we live. It will be quite a revelation for the younger generation to read what League writers have been telling Australians, from a 'politically incorrect viewpoint' of then current events and the long-term implications. Much that was predicted has happened and the evidence will be there on the CD.

Study groups
New study groups are forming and studying Social Credit material.

and of course the actionists continue week-in-week-out.

Book publishing
There are important booklets in the pipeline. A number will be launched at the National Weekend. (We do hope you are planning to come!)


We are pleased to report on the initiative of one of our supporters: a "NO GATS TREATY SELLOUT" POSTCARD CAMPAIGN. He has produced a postcard to be sent to your political representative asking for 'an absolute guarantee that our Government-provided services will not be controlled in anyway by foreign corporations.' The postcard spells out just what will happen under this treacherous Treaty. He asks readers to send stamps to cover the costs: Five x 45 cent stamps for 10 cards. Ten x 45 cent stamps for 20 cards. Twenty x 45 cent stamps for 50 cards. Thirty x 45 cent stamps for 100 cards.
Mail to: Bernie Bourke, RSD Box 52, Bacchus Marsh, Vic., 3340. Phone: (03) 5369 4316, Fax: (03) 5369 4297.
Don't forget to include your name and address for return mail.


'Should the Government Provide More Assistance to Cane Farmers'? Sugar cane farmers, their families and associated workers in the sugar industry, are asking fellow primary producers, small business owners and Queenslanders to support the Sugar Industry by registering a positive vote in the above poll that is currently being conducted. Simply click onto the following website: https://www.abc.net.au/northqld/
And, under "What's On" go to the online poll, and click on "Vote Now" to register your vote.

For all Queensland's primary producers and small business owners to survive contemptuous government policies, we must stand by, and support, each other. Last year it was the Dairy Industry; this year it's the Sugar Industry, ...which Industry will be targeted next year?
Your assistance is appreciated. Selwyn Johnston


The following letter appeared in the West Australian, July 10th, 2002.
"Surprise, surprise. The US is going to get its pipeline through Afghanistan after all. Enough oil for a decade, they say. A pity the Taliban backed out of its agreement with the Americans because Mr. Bush's displeasure has meant that innocent Afghans had to be taken out as well. "Perhaps Mr. Bush should have waited a bit longer to announce the new deal. His haste seems somewhat unseemly under the circumstances." - Francesca Lawrence, Myaree, WA.


Dear Sir, The GMO debate is mobilising, with a visit from Canadian and US farmers who are travelling the nation telling their experiences with Monsanto, etc. Their story is overwhelming and their only concern now is for Australia to think it through and act before it is too late. There are a number of aspects to the GMO debate such as 'adequate barriers' between crops and whether the contamination of other crops was due to wind, floods, wild animals, bees, etc., etc.

However, at the end of the day, politicians will vote on this matter and it is important that we tailor our argument to appeal to them. Most of them are city based and would not be expected to comprehend some of the technical issues, but they all understand what 'loss of markets' means and this simple point gives no room for the issue to be diverted.
Canada has now lost its Canola market to the EU - the customer does not want GMO product!

A brief letter to all Members of Parliament, State and Federal, need only say, "Since the customer is always right, why would we entertain the idea of growing GMO crops? Please vote to keep our markets with our 'clean green status'." Even if the MP does not write a reply, he has to mentally answer that question. There are other avenues of action too, such as submissions to the Gene Technology Regulator or the Farmers' groups. It is fine to fire a salvo at these too, but first priority should be the MPs, and you will see how he is dealing more with complexities. They will have the final vote! - K. Grundy, Naracoorte, SA.


We are pleased to announce MEA Tape Library has been relaunched. To celebrate, MEA Tapes make the following offer to On Target readers. Hear MEA founder, Mr. Tom Fielder, speak on why Australia is in such a parlous state... and what we can do about it! . The Failure of Intellect . Where have all the Social Crediters gone? . Solving the Debt Dilemma . Escape from the 'Wood' party Hear four Tom Fielder tapes for $20.00 posted: MEA Tapes, Box 248, East Caulfied, Vic., 3145.


Due to personal matters affecting our service-provider in Queensland, the Queensland book service will be 'out of action' for a while. In which case, those Queenslanders who may have unfulfilled back-orders, or outstanding book orders, please contact Mrs. Maureen Burton, Heritage Bookmailing Services who will attend to all matters needing attention. Please contact her by phone, (08) 9574 6042, or write to PO Box 163, Chidlow, WA, 6556.


"Pawns in the Game" by Commander William Guy Carr. This book is regarded as a classic exposure of the international conspiracy. Upon retirement from the Canadian navy Carr toured Canada warning the public of the dangers of this conspiracy which if left unchecked would result in WWII. In 1944-45 he was sent on another lecture tour of Canada by the naval authorities. His book remains in the category of essential reading. ........ $22.00 posted.

"World Revolution" by Nesta Webster. Subtitled "The Plot Against Civilisation", the author traces the growth of the underlying forces intent on world government. From early Illuminism, through the French Revolution, to the rise of Syndicalism, Anarchism, Bolshevism and Communism. The modern Illuminism is identified, with suggestions of how to combat its anti-social agenda. One of Britain's best researchers of this conspiracy to collectivise the world and in particular to destroy what remains of Western Christian Civilisation. ...... $20.00 posted.


The next meeting for the Sydney CSC will be held on Wednesday, July 31st, 2002. Guest speaker will be Dr. Edmond Dafesh - the subject will be "Palestine Today". The meeting will be held at the Lithuanian Club, 16 East Terrace, Bankstown. There is ample parking at the Club, situated only 600 metres from the Bankstown Railway Station. The cost of your attendance is $4 per person.


West Australian supporters please note the following details in your diaries. Plan to be there! Seminar: "A Legacy of Terror! Terrorism-Globalisation-Servitude". Speakers: Introduction, Mr. Murray Pope, State Director, Australian League of Rights; Mr. Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights; Mr. Peter Davis, Mayor of Port Lincoln, South Australia. Saturday, August 10th, 2002; 1.45pm to 5.15pm. Venue is The Rose & Crown, 105 Swan Street, Guildford. Entry is $12.00 per person. Dinner: Saturday, August 10th, 2002, address as above. For bookings and further details: The Secretary, phone/fax (08) 9574 6042 or phone (08) 9574 6260.


to be held Saturday/Sunday, August 17th-18th, 2002. The entry is $12.50 per person. Seminar - "The Matrix of a People": Parish Centre Christ Church, 1708 Main South Road, O'Halloran Hill, SA. Register from 12.30pm; Keynote address 1.30pm. Speakers: Mr. Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights, "Following the Axis of Evil Trail"; Mrs. Kathy Scarborough, B.Sc., "Vaccination: the Right to Choose or Refuse"; Bishop John Hepworth, Traditional Anglican Communion in Australia, "A Christian Man's Goods... What does this mean?"

Dinner - To be seated by 6.45pm.
The 34th "Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner" also to be held in the Parish Centre Christ Church, Saturday, August 17th, 2002. $24.00 per person for a 3-Course meal. Please bring your own hard drinks.

Sunday Action Conference
August 18th, Divine Service 10.00am. Action Conference 10.30am. Wheaton House, 190 South Terrace, Adelaide. Wheaton House is part of Pulteney Grammar School - it is sandwiched between the main school buildings (on the left) and the restaurant/motel next door on the right. This Sunday Action Conference is limited to those the League considers to be eligible to attend. Please register name and address by phoning (08) 8395 9826, or by return of Response Slips.

Sunday Lunch
Those attending must indicate they intend to lunch with us. $10.00 per person for substantial sandwiches and fruit platter. Response Slips, with payments, to be in by Friday, August 9th, 2002.


BILL DALY, NEW ZEALAND'S NATIONAL DIRECTOR, Bill Daly, will be speaking at:
HORSHAM - Monday, August 19th, CWA HALL, 8.00pm
MELBOURNE - Tuesday, August 20th, HERITAGE BOOK SHOP, 8.00pm - Phone bookings only.
NUMURKAH - Wednesday, August 21st, 8.00pm - RING (03) 5856 1315
TRARALGON - REGIONAL DINNER, 6.30pm. RING (03) 5633 1969
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