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On Target

1 February 2002. Thought for the Week: "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."
Albert Einstein


by Jeremy Lee
By the time this is read by readers the Australian Prime Minister will be in New York at the annual gathering of the World Economic Forum, which has been shifted from the traditional meeting place at Davos, Switzerland to Manhattan in New York. The meeting is scheduled for January 31st to February 4th. As though the September 11th disasters were not enough, citizens of New York must suffer further. The Waldorf Astoria is booked out, except for the glamorous Saturday night soiree, which will be held at the New York Stock Exchange. The names of those attending are familiar – America's Colin Powell, Israel's Shimon Peres, Germany's Gerhard Schroeder, Jordan's King Hussein, South Africa's Thabo Mbeki, Microsoft's Bill Gates, etc., etc. And, for the first time, John Howard. We doubt that there will be any representative for the war-ravaged Balkans or the pulverised Afghanistan. Or for Ruanda and Burundi and the earthquake-damaged Congo. But this does not mean that policy for these areas will not be mapped out, as it will for the European Union and the Pacific. Last year's gathering at Davos was marked by huge protests, and it is certain that the opposition to the "global-map-makers" will be even more intense this year, however it expresses itself.


The massive replacement of national currencies in Europe has been accomplished. Britain has still retained its own pounds and pence, and the Queen has ordered that the Euro will not be accepted in any of the commercial shops and enterprises associated with Buckingham Palace. The countries that have forfeited their national currencies are Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Finland, Holland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

Describing the implications of the change in The Australian (15/1/02) Alan Wood commented:
"While currency notes and coins account for less than 10 per cent of the money supply in the eurozone (or anywhere else – Ed.) they are a powerful symbol of national sovereignty and identity. "The President of the European Commission, Romani Prodi, recognised this in 1999, when he said: 'The Euro was not just a bankers' decision or a technical decision. It was a decision that completely changed the picture of the nation-states. The pillars of the nation-states are the sword and the currency and we changed that.'...... "It dramatically marks the subordination of individual states to a collective power ....."

It could not be expressed more clearly. As the founding Rothschild said, "Permit me to issue a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." So those behind Europe's Central Bank and the new common currency knew, and know, exactly what they are doing. Whether Britain will resist the overtures to do away with its own currency remains to be seen. If Tony Blair has anything to do with it, Britain will follow the rest into the global trap.

As Alan Wood continued: " ....Both the proponents and critics of the Euro seem to agree that, over the long haul, a successful monetary union will require political union – a European federation with some sort of central government. .... By putting monetary policy in the hands of the European Central Bank, the members of the eurozone have put themselves in a straitjacket of a one-size-fits-all monetary policy ...."

The English Channel has, for hundreds of years, kept British sovereignty and independence intact against all European predations. But will it be sufficient against the stealthy designs of the money-power? Is there a leader in Britain still unrecognised who can rally the people at the last moment? Who, in Newbolt's words about Francis Drake, "When the Dons strike Devon, I'll quit the port of Heaven, and drum them up the Channel as I did so long ago".
Even sadder, what of a country like Australia, which still technically has the constitutional right to issue its own credit, but which has been intimidated against doing so?


Many forget that each State in Australia has its own constitution, each of which preceded the Australian Constitution. The Crown is part of each State constitution, exercised through State Governors. This was severely compromised by the 1986 Australia Act, but still tentatively exists. Queensland is in a particularly vulnerable position in that it has no Upper House, which was lost in a grubby episode in the early part of the 20th Century. During the Goss administration the Premier started a process to bring all parts of the Queensland Constitution into a single document, and a Commission was set up. The Beatty Government has now produced a final document which has been pushed through the Queensland Parliament and comes into force in June. Under original provisions in the Queensland constitution a State referendum was necessary to effect any change. By this provision it is doubtful whether the Australia Act was legal. No referendum was held. Now the new constitution-to-be has large areas where the necessity for a referendum has been eliminated. The politicians can make what changes they feel necessary at the time. As a constitution is primarily to keep politicians in check, the new provisions are akin to enabling prisoners to make the jailhouse rules. Such things as the future of local government, land titles, etc., can be changed without reference to the people. With no house of review, no opposition in any sense of the word, and politicians in a position to grab extra powers, Queensland is in a precarious situation. People in that State should immediately contact their State members, asking for a copy of the new Constitution, and seeking as much information as possible about the way it was enacted and the loss of safeguards.


Following our report last week about the dangerous levels of household debt in Australia, the Federal Treasury Department has issued a statement that is even more alarming, in its Economic Roundup.
".... Some commentators have suggested that the rising debt levels of households are a concern .... Considering household debt in isolation is misleading: the higher debt levels are more than offset by the growth on the asset side of the household balance sheet ....Those household assets provide a support base for the debt held by households ..... Total household liabilities, mostly debt, are around 40 percent of the value of household financial assets...."
All of which is based on the fallacy that house values will keep rising. But, if in a depression such as Japan, house and property values collapse, household debt will not drop one cent. A proper comparison should be between debt and income levels, rather than arbitrary asset values.


The upsurge in emotional comment about conditions in refugee detention centres has reached farcical and damaging levels. It is absolutely true that the Australian people will not continue to accept hunger-strikes, lip-sewing, child abuse and the like. If there is an answer at this late stage it lies in resolute action by Australia on the international stage. We cannot continue logically to beat ourselves to death with refugees from countries against which we are applying economic and military sanctions. Australia should take a lead in halting sanctions against Iraq, where some 5,000 deaths of women and children are still taking place each month. If we are to offer financial aid to Afghanistan, such aid should be tied directly to repatriating and providing for Afghani refugees currently in Australia. Instead of paying large sums to keep refugees in New Guinea and Christmas Island, the money should be applied to providing reasonable housing and conditions for refugee families in the countries from which they have fled.

So far the Australian Government has refused to provide detailed costings on all the events since Tampa. Some estimates go as high as $500 million. Such a sum could have provided housing and sustenance for the Afghanis back in their own country. If, as President Bush claims, the Taliban has been defeated and the Afghanistan rebuilding process has begun, there is no reason why such a policy could not be introduced forthwith. But we fear for Afghanistan's financial future. The man who will administer the financial system will be Abdul Qadir Fitrat (doesn't that sound like an Orc from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings?) who has been in America for some years.

The Australian (15/1/02) said: "Since the head of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, Burhanuddin Rabbani, asked him to come back to his old job, Fitrat has held meetings with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the US Treasury. "He arrived in Kabul a week ago carrying a 1997 IMF publication, 'Banking Soundness and Monetary Policy', copies of the banking laws from Tajikistan, the United Arab Emirates, India and Iran, and his dry cleaning from Virginia. By the end of the month he expects a team of IMF officials to help him map out a plan to rebuild the bank.....
The Government, in consultation with the IMF, is developing alternatives to the afghani – such as adopting the dollar or the euro as the country's currency ....."


The fall-out from the collapse of the world's biggest energy trading company, Enron is only just beginning. Enron was one of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party's election campaign, which installed President Bush in office. It contributed a lesser amount to the Democrats. Executives from the accounting firm Arthur Anderson have taken the Fifth Amendment when avoiding questions in court as to who ordered the shredding of documents relating to the collapse.
The Australian (15/1/02) neatly summarised the affair: ".... It contains elements of a classic political scandal. A huge company based in Bush's home state of Texas and led by his biggest campaign contributor files the biggest bankruptcy in US history. A small group of top executives sell shares before it collapses. At the same time, thousands of employees are barred from selling, and lose not only their jobs but their life savings and pensions as well. Meanwhile there are revelations of frequent contacts between the company and top administration officials ...." So what's going to get Bush and his mates off the hook? Another "jolly good war for truth and justice?"


Saturday, February 9th, is the day South Australians will go to the polls. As noted in OT last week, South Australians will continue going down the same track the politicians are taking them – unless the people jack-up and say enough is enough! The League insists, freedom is a right that must be exercised to be retained. In this case, unless there is a satisfactory candidate in their electorate, South Australians should stop choosing the lesser of the evils presented to them. What about announcing they will not be voting for any of the party hacks, but will vote for an acceptable candidate – on certain conditions. The conditions to be spelt out and a signed response requested from the candidate. The response should then be published and circulated within the electorate concerned, as a means of keeping the candidate to his word.

In the south-east electorate of MacKillop a group of actionists are presenting the following questionnaire to all candidates. The replies will then be circulated as a public service. As water is very much a concern in this rural region, the actionists have sought clarification of the candidate's policies on the water issue.

Each region will have particular issues of concern. Use the following as an example of what you can do.


• Will you agree to place the wishes of your electors ahead of any other group or party? Yes or No. Comment.

Surface water on farmland from either rainfall or lateral flow
• Is the property of the farmer? Yes or No. Comment.

• Should attract a financial levy/rate? Yes or No. Comment.
• May be stored above or below ground? Yes or No. Comment.
• Such stored water to be free from any levy/rate? Yes or No. Comment.

Underground water
•All unallocated water in any zone should be distributed at the optimum level of sustainability, on a pro rata basis, to all landholders in that zone. Landholders with a current allocation in excess of their pro rata entitlement, receive no additional water, but may keep their current allocation. Yes or No. Comment.
• Water allocations may be exercised at any future time? Yes or No. Comment.
• If for any reason, it is considered either an increase or decrease in water allocation is necessary, then every allocation in that zone, whether exercised or not, be adjusted on a pro rata basis? Yes or No. Comment.

Water allocations
• May be sold? Yes or No. Comment.
• May be leased? Yes or No. Comment.
• Will remain with the land title? Yes or No. Comment.

Further questions
• Will you introduce Citizens Initiated Referenda? Yes or No. Comment.

• Possible advantages from Genetically Modified Organisms are acknowledged but until guaranteed protection exists for farmers choosing not to use GM plants/crops, will you oppose legislation enabling application of this technology? Yes or No. Comment.

At the end of the questionnaire the candidate is asked to sign the following pledge
If elected, I undertake to promote these policies according to my answers, at all opportunities, especially on the floor of the Assembly.
Name, Signature, Date.
Election comment authorised by B. Luks, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne.


by Betty Luks
Candidates for the SA First party (a break-away from Labor) are circulating a flyer listing the perks of the politicians now in Parliament. I am sure it will raise the blood-pressure of the over-worked and over-taxed elector and trigger tinges of envy in the hearts of the pensioners and under/un/employed. This party's 'spin' is to cut government spending – but there is a hidden hook. Abolish the Upper House! Thereby cutting the number of State MPs by half. They assure us this will save $25 million annually which they promise to spend on health and education.

The idea of abolishing the Upper House as a great way of 'saving' $25 million a year would be tempting to the taxpayer. Not only that, this party will give the electors the chance to abolish their own Upper House at a referendum! Of course the disgraceful 'snouts in the lurks and perks trough' needs to addressed, as do many, many other issues – but not at the expense of further centralising power into the hands of party politicians.
This party, "SA First", is just as centralist as the group they split from – the Labor Party.

Upper House a brake on the power of Lower House
The Upper House was intended to act as a brake on the power of the Lower House parties and groups. We've got a better idea. Give the people of South Australia the power to decide one issue at a time! Introduce CIR!

• What about a pledge from this group of candidates, that if elected, they will go to their electorate and ask for a pay rise, when they think one is due to them! Let the ones who pay their, more than generous, salaries and lurks and perks decide!

• What about a pledge they will introduce Citizens Initiative and Referenda?

• What about a pledge they will work to set up a State Bank (according to the Constitutional power invested in them as parliamentarians) for the development of the State's (read the People of South Australia's) economy and even, in time, help buy back our assets!

And then there is Labor
They are playing on the fact South Australian householders and businesses are paying more, much more, for power and water since the Liberals sold the people's assets to foreign companies. They tell us the S.A. Liberals have sold $7.5 billion worth of public assets and squandered hundreds of those millions of dollars on consultancy fees. They are not telling us anything we don't know. What they are not telling us is what they are going to do that is different to the Liberals! They rightfully say the assets took years to develop and even ask what would Tom Playford have thought of the Liberals selling the assets to foreign interests. We wonder what Tom Playford would have thought of the actions of John Bannon and his Labor Government and the demise of the State Bank! The Bank first set up to supply cheap finance to South Australians as they worked at developing the infrastructure and economy of the State - for their own benefit.

Labor candidates need to be asked

• How are they going to finance government expenditure that is in any way different to the way Liberals do it now?

• Will they implement Citizen's Initiative and Referenda?

Next come the Liberals

We were told 'by their fruits you will know them'. John Olson went to the last election promising not to sell our electricity supplies, went on to sell them, made a howling mess of the commercial deal and has now resigned from politics instead of facing the wrath of the electors. Judge the 'fruits' of the Liberals whilst in office.

The best they can 'promise'

Upgrade local road black spots; improve recreational facilities, etc., and better job opportunities for local young people. Has anyone told the Liberals the Chinese leaders have plans for creating employment opportunities for another 8 million of their people over the next few years. Our young will have to compete with these Chinese workers – at the lowest, 'competitive' rates! Thanks to the Lib/Lab's globalisation policies!

Liberal candidates need to be asked

• How are they going to finance government expenditure that is any different to the way they have done so far?

• Are the people's assets, at present under the control of Local Governments, safe from their 'sticky privatising hands'? Local Government manages, on behalf of the People, libraries, parks, swimming pools, sporting grounds, etc.

• The people need better control over their own affairs and the freedom to decide on one issue at a time. Will the Liberal candidate pledge to work for the people and introduce Citizen's Initiative and Referenda?

We will report on the other parties in next On Target.


It is quite revealing browsing through the League journals of the last thirty or so years. In the 1970s the League was referring to terrorists in Africa and elsewhere. But these 'terrorists' were Marxist/Leninist/Maoists who were attacking peaceful, established communities as part of their programme to set up communist states. Well, they have done so; Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, just some examples of totalitarian regimes strengthening or fighting to hold onto their power as is the case with Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

Who helped finance those terrorists in the 1970s? That is an interesting question. After all, Mr. Howard has told us his government will 'freeze' the funds of those groups now accused of funding 'terrorists'. The governments of the 1970s invited representatives of those the League named as 'terrorists' to the western world and feted them! (Who remembers Oliver Tambo visiting Australia?) It is enlightening to read 'the spin' that was put on the reasons for supporting these communist groups. But now, we must weep for the thousands who were terrorised and murdered by such groups.

Those who received moral and financial support from such 'acceptable' groups as the World Council of Churches.
'On Target' report of the ACC 'damage control', 1970

The Secretary, Public Relations of the Australian Council of Churches had the following to say in a letter to the Toowoomba Chronicle, 24/9/70: "Reports of the recent World Council of Churches grants to combat racism have given a most incomplete and inaccurate impression of the action taken... Each of the liberation movements receiving funds is in control of a substantial portion of a country, and the funds given to these are for the development of education, health, and social services in these regions. An example is the Mozambique Institute of Frelimo which receives $15,000 for the organisation of farmer's co-operatives and similar rural services in areas under its control." Signed by "Mr. Vaughan Hinton, Secretary, Public Relations, Australian Council of Churches, (Queensland), September 24th, 1970)."

On Target reported, "In his ABC clash with the Rev. Alan Walker last week, Mr. Eric Butler charged that those supporting World Council of Churches financial support for Communist-backed African 'liberation' movements were extremely naïve, or something else. Mr. Walker objected to the Communists being mentioned in the discussion. Mr. Vaughan Hinton's letter was apparently issued in an attempt to offset criticism of the policy of the World Council of Churches. But in fact it provided confirmation that Communist-backed African organisations are to be financed.

"Mr. Hinton mentions the Frelimo organisation. This organisation nearly collapsed following the assassination of its former leader, the notorious Eduardo Mondlane. A triumvirate was set up to take Mondlane's place, and China and the Soviet Union struggled to obtain complete control. Eventually the Soviet won the struggle, with Red China's man, the 'Rev' Uriah Simango, claiming that he had to flee to the sanctuary of Chinese protection in Zanzibar. That was late last year. Present leader of Frelimo is Samora Machel, trained as a guerrilla fighter in Algeria. The Red Chinese are not expected to accept Soviet domination indefinitely, and further internal friction is anticipated. But presumably the World Council of Churches does not bother itself whether Frelimo is run by the Soviet or Red China.
The suggestion that Frelimo is in control 'of a substantial part' of Mozambique is completely false.

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe ZANU and ZAPU
"Mr. Hinton in Rhodesia, states that '$20,000 has been given to two African organisations for the relief of destitute African families and particularly of several thousand mothers and children in Zimbabwe whose breadwinners are either in prison or dead.' Obviously Mr. Hinton is referring to the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) and the competing Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), both backed by the Communists, and now operating terrorist organisations from bases in Tanzania and Zambia. "It would be instructive to learn from Mr. Hinton just what is the 'substantial part' of Rhodesia these 'liberation' movements control. The truth is that they have been rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Rhodesian Africans, who provide over 90 percent of the Rhodesian troops on the Zambesi border.

"Mr. Hinton refers to the African National Congress as a 'South African political party now banned'. Is Mr. Hinton so poorly informed that he does not know that the African National Congress has been primarily a Communist-front organisation and that it has promoted violence? Mr. Hinton and his colleagues in the World Council of Churches are entitled to hold the view that the racial policies of South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portuguese territories do not accord with their concept of Christianity. But they are not entitled to try to persuade unsuspecting people that contributions to the organisations mentioned by Mr. Hinton are primarily for humanitarian purposes.
It is interesting that the World Council of Churches never appears to concern itself about Communist oppression in those countries where the Communists are in power.
"In his TV discussion with Mr. Butler, the Rev.Walker actually endeavoured to equate South Africa with the Soviet Union. We presume that even Mr. Walker knows that there are no Iron Curtains around South Africa, and that the biggest problem is to control the migration of Africans into South Africa, not to stop Africans from leaving." (End of article.)

One wonders if Mr. Hinton is still involved with the WCC. Furthermore, does the WCC now send funds for the 'liberation' of Zimbabwe from the marxist dictator Robert Mugabe, or South Africa from the African National Congress? Now that 'famine is stalking the lands' will we have the same WCC appealing for funds for the starving and oppressed of Zimbabwe and South Africa?


Our readers will be aware the League has initiated the project of placing the printed journals on compact discs for easier access and research and for preservation of the historical information. It is important that 'the written word' of the League journals and Social Credit material is widely available for future generations and does not go 'down the memory hole'. All the issues of On Target are now being placed on computer and then copied to disc, thus making them ready to be placed on disc. After On Target comes The New Times. Our dedicated Melbourne team have found the following editions of the NEW TIMES are missing. Can any of our older readers help please?

The following are the missing numbers:- All of' the early years are missing commencing from:- Jan. 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944. 1945, Vol 11. Nos. 10, 25, 35 missing. 1946, Vol. 12. All complete. 1947, Vol. 13. No 39 missing. 1948, Vol. 14. No.39 missing. 1958, Vol. 24. No. 14 missing. 1960, Vol. 26. Nos. 1, 2, 8. missing. 1961, Vol. 27 Nos. 4 & 9. missing. 1963, Vol. 29. No. 12 missing. 1964, Vol. 30 No. 16. Missing. 1969, Vol. 35. Nos. 1, 2, 8 missing. 1978, Vol. 43. No. 6. missing. 1982, Vol. 47. No. 10. missing. If you can help please send the material direct to our Melbourne Book Shop, clearly marking them as some of the missing numbers.


The Australian Heritage Society takes great pleasure in announcing a 2002 Dinner to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee. It will be held at The Victoria League Club -– Victoria League House – 276 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, on Tuesday, February 5th, 2002. Guest speaker is Mr. Phillip Benwell, Australian Monarchist League. This special dinner is for all those who hold our Queen and our Constitutional Heritage loyal and dear in their hearts. So, please come and celebrate together the 50 years of a glorious reign by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Further information – Maureen Burton, Secretary. Tel/Fax: (08) 9574 6042 or (08) 9574 6260.


Please note the CSC is on Monday, February 11th. Mr. Grant Bird of Griffith, NSW, will be speaking on "Breaking the Bank's Stranglehold on Rural Australia". The CSC will also celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Venue is the Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (Cnr. Carrington), Adelaide. Dinner from 6.30pm and Public Address 7.30pm. Bookings to be made by Thursday, February 7th. Phone: (08) 8395 9826.


Christ Church, 1708 Main South Road, O'Halloran Hill will hold a special service for the Queen's Golden Jubilee on Sunday, February 3rd. All League folk are invited to attend. Services times are 8.00am and 9.30am.


The Australian Heritage Society invites all supporters around the Toowoomba district to a celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The celebration will be held on Saturday, February 23rd, 2002 commencing with Divine Service. It will be held in St. James' Hall, Cnr. Russell and Mort Streets, Toowoomba. The Service will be followed by a two-course luncheon. Guest speakers include National Director Betty Luks and Mr. John Brett. Those who would like an opportunity to say a few words, contact Tony Symonds for further details and to book. Phone: (07) 4667 4172.
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