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30 August 2002. Thought for the Week: "The Beginning of the Quarrel: Monopoly is neither private nor enterprising. It exists to prevent private enterprise. And that system of trust or monopoly, that complete destruction of property would still be the present goal of all our progress, if there were not a Bolshevist in the world... When I say "Capitalism" I commonly mean something that may be stated thus: "That economic condition in which there is a class of capitalists roughly recognizable and relatively small, in whose possession so much of the capital is concentrated as to necessitate a very large majority of the citizens serving those capitalists for a wage... Now the capitalist system, good or bad, right or wrong, rests upon two ideas: that the rich will always be rich enough to hire the poor; and the poor will always be poor enough to want to be hired..."
"The Outline of Sanity" by G.K. Chesterton


by Jeremy Lee
An interesting and ominous brochure has been dropped in Queensland letter-boxes by the Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Government. It gave Queenslanders "An important warning about feeding animals. Food scraps may contain exotic animal disease viruses like Foot and Mouth Disease". It goes on: "Do not feed food scraps containing any meat or imported dairy products to livestock". All of which raises some repellent possibilities. As one with a few chooks which live on the contents of a daily scrap bucket, I now fear for their future. If the scraps from my table are a threat to my chooks, why would they not equally be a threat to my family? Why the mention of "foreign" products? Is this a subliminal message from the Queensland Government that "foreign" food sold in Australia does not meet traditional Australian standards? And why Foot and Mouth? There has been no evidence of the disease in Australia in recent times. Do the authorities fear that one of the prices we must pay for a level playing field in a global free market is a borderless world as far as diseases are concerned?
Our traditional view that "If it's good enough for us, it's good enough for our chooks" has been shattered!

In times past Australia has been vigilant in quarantine programmes that kept us free of exotic human and animal diseases endemic in other parts of the world. It was the late Sir Raphael Cilento, a world-renowned expert in tropical medicine, who warned that Asian immigration – and by implication large numbers of refugees – could re-introduce into Australia diseases previously eliminated. But the issue goes further. Large-scale factory farming and monoculture, with the elimination of rotational cropping and the fallowing of land, breaks down soil structure and health, which in turn results in depleted crops.

C.H. Douglas addressed this problem long before the epidemic of de-natured food and soil destruction we see round the world today. He wrote: " .... At the bottom, there is little doubt that there are two irreconcilable ideas in conflict. The first of these is that the world in which we live is an organism and that men and animals have intricate relations with the earth – not amorphous but specific and infinitely varied, which can only be disregarded at the peril both of men and the earth they live on. I do not mean in the least by this that a universal back to the land movement is either necessary or even desirable, but I do think that the idea that the earth is merely something to be exploited and 'lived on' is quite fatal.
The second and antithetic idea is that the world is merely the raw material for a factory, that the nearer agriculture approximates to Mr. Ford's conveyor belt principles, and towns emulate Stalingrad, the better we shall be. I do not think I am unduly squeamish, but I have to plead guilty to a wave of real nausea at the description as progress, of egg factories in which hundreds of thousands of hens are kept under electric light from birth to death, confined in little boxes, never allowed out, laying eggs. I don't want to eat those eggs, and I have a strong conviction that they are not good to eat, whatever their superficial taste may be. The idea – the Encyclopaedist idea – that everything can be put into a nice watertight compartment, and card indexed, is the philosophy of a frozen Hell."
(The Land for the Chosen People Racket)

Writing of the great agricultural scientist, Sir Albert Howard, The New Times (June 3rd, 1955) commented: "Policies in all fields stem from philosophy and unfortunately most of the policies of planning the earth today – big-scale flood control dams, more and more deadly chemical sprays, which provide 'full employment' in industries developed to make these soil-poisoners, are based upon a philosophy of materialism.... The more individuals accept large-scale centralized planning in one field, the easier it becomes for the advocates of centralized planning to impose totalitarian policies in other fields. The fight for genuine freedom must be fought on all fronts. The soil is the very basis of life and therefore control and management of soil and water concern the control of life itself. The importance of this matter cannot be too strongly emphasized...."

I am therefore going to continue, suicidal though it may be, in passing my scraps on to my chooks. They are given time for grazing and scratching each day, and I hope they pick up enough minerals to fortify their immune systems. I will certainly attempt to save them from imported food; and hope, in consequence, that I live as long as they do!


Dare we hope that a faint gleam of sanity is beginning to break through in world affairs? There is a belated backlash against the idea of declaring war on Iraq, and blasting another lot of women and children into oblivion The latest Weekend Australian Newspoll (17-18/8/02) shows 50 percent of Australians opposed to Australian involvement in another Iraqi war, 30 percent strongly. Unless another disaster such as the Twin Towers happens again, the war rhetoric is wearing thin. Even Prime Minister Howard is toning down the belligerence, while Alexander Eiderdown, the Rambo warrior of Foreign Affairs, has had to do a couple of somersaults. Tony Blair in Britain is running into stiff resistance in Parliament, including from his own party.

The Australian Financial Review ((20/8/02) under the heading RAMBO'S HAVING A DOWNER said: "Foreign Minister Downer was 'hung out to dry' yesterday by Prime Minister John Howard, in view of his parliamentary colleagues. And just in case Downer, whose clumsy intervention in the Iraq debate has caused the Government all sorts of problems, failed to get the message Howard used a reference to Rambo rhetoric in answer to a question on corporate governance to add to the Foreign Minister's discomfort. ....By yesterday Downer, who manifested the hang-dog look of someone who has been taken to the woodshed by his superiors, was sounding like someone who had suddenly lost all his earlier enthusiasm for any sort of military adventure...."

We can only speculate on the sigh of relief that must be going up in Saddam Hussein's bunker! But it was Howard who started the war-talk in the first place. The possible loss of a $800 million wheat market, and the antipathy in Australia to more war, has obviously had some impact.


Even George Bush is muffling the war-drums, although he is still under pressure to go to war, for a number of reasons: firstly, the Zionists in his Cabinet – notably Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle – support Ariel Sharon's need for a diversion in Iraq to cover his intended expulsion of the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza. Secondly, the Carlyle Group, which includes Bush himself, Dick Cheney and such unlikely characters as former British PM John Major, have major vested interests in armaments and Middle East oil; and, thirdly, Bush needs something – anything – to get a stagnant and sinking American economy moving again. The US Budget position tells its own story.

THE CHANGING US BUDGET (in billions of dollars)

Bush Estimate Bush Estimate Difference in estimates
April 2001 February 2002  
Outlays 1,961 2,052 91
Surplus/Deficit + 231 - 1063 1294
Gross Federal Debt 5,664 6,137 473


These figures show that we are looking at trillions of dollars. The American federal budget is now over $2 trillion. This has fallen short of expenditure by $337 billion in the last twelve months. The nation is running a massive trade deficit of over $300 billion annually. The US National Debt (government debt) now exceeds $6 trillion, rising by almost $500 billion in the last 12 months, which is an increase of over $500 million per hour!


The enormous publicity given to the internal wrangling in a minor party, the Democrats, is out of all proportion to its real importance. What's behind it? Could it be that a long-term manipulation is taking place to remove any obstacle to the sale of the rest of Telstra? We recall Meg Lees being wined and dined overseas by the Rockefellers. At least one other Democrat has been courted by Deutschbank while out of Australia. The Democrats all pledged – including Meg Lees – prior to the last election that they would oppose the sale. If they stuck to their guns the Howard Government would be stymied. Obviously, the media blow-torch is being applied to what is really a shallow and sordid squabble. It will be interesting to see how things transpire.


There is much ferment within certain Jewish circles over the treatment meted out to the Palestinians by the Israelis. Those with a sense of right and wrong are questioning and protesting at the barbaric treatment these people are being subjected to. The following letter appeared in YellowTimes.org – August 10th, 2002:

Dear Steven Salaita, I read your piece, "From the other perspective" in YellowTimes.org. As an Israeli, I wanted to send you some words of hope. No doubt, the situation is dark beyond belief – my country's actions are horrifying and I'm deeply ashamed, as a human being, as a Jew, and as an Israeli. I've always felt and known that the key to reconciliation is for Israel to be able to see the Palestinians as human beings. It's that simple, yet the hardest task of all. The degradation of the other to a lesser status is the root of all evil, in the life of the individual and the life of a nation. Atrocities can only be done to those whom you don't consider as human as yourself. There's a Jewish saying that speaks to that simple truth: "Love thy fellow man as you love yourself." This is the principle my country has wished to forget because of fear, greed, confusion, the heavy burden of moral responsibility, and because of ignorance. But how shall we again awaken this realization in the hearts of my brothers and sisters? How shall we remind them of their moral obligation? How shall we help them repent? I don't claim to have the answers but I deeply feel that weaving new ties between Palestinians and Israelis – ties of respect, humanity, and love – has to be done by individuals in Israel, in Palestine, and all over the world. Only by reaching out to one another as human beings can we hope to counter our 'leaders' hatred with our love of life. It is for this reason that I write to you: to strengthen your heart, to beg you not to lose hope, and to assure you that there are many open hearts among Israelis who yearn to do the same. We must find each other. This is our only hope and not a moment too soon. I beg for your forgiveness for all the wrongs done to your people in my name. With respect and hope, Haggai Kupermintz, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado – United States. kupermin@colorado.edu


The following letter is YellowTimes.org columnist Steven Salaita's response to Haggai Kupermintz:

Dear Professor Kupermintz, Thank you very much for this lovely message; it is warmly appreciated. I was in tears as I read it. I can't imagine anybody making a more beautiful statement, and I pray to God that what you desire comes true. I am in the run-down computer lab in the Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon. I called over some of my students – kids and teenagers – to read your message. They were extremely touched. They just asked me to tell you that they send God's blessings to you and your family. You are always welcome here, they say. "He is really from Israel?" they keep asking me. "Of course," I answer. "Inshallah, he will be your neighbor one day."
It's difficult for them to get past the idea that all Israelis are aggressive. There are two main reasons:
• because that's generally what Israel has shown them of itself; and
• because that's what they are taught from the moment of birth.

You did a great service to us all by showing them a human face. It's impossible for Arabs to do it with our own words. The taboo is especially strong in refugee camps. Please don't send apologies. You have no need to. If we all were compelled to apologize for the actions of our nations, then humanity would never get past the word "sorry". My warmest regards to you. Thanks again for taking the time to write and share such personal thoughts. Salaam and Shalom, Steven Salaita, YellowTimes.org columnist ssalaita@YellowTimes.org

Readers could send messages
Readers might like to send messages of encouragement to both correspondents. Haggai Kupermintz wrote: "Only by reaching out to one another as human beings can we hope to counter our 'leaders' hatred with our love of life. Wouldn't Australians of good will say amen to that? Steven Salaita wrote: "If we all were compelled to apologize for the actions of our nations, then humanity would never get past the word 'sorry'." Steven, 'nations' don't commit atrocities ... that is an abstraction. People, human beings, those who have the power to do so, and abuse that power, choose to do so. But individuals can put out their hands in friendship: to strengthen our hearts, to beg others not to lose hope, and to know let it be known there are many open hearts among Israelis who yearn to do the same.
You are right Professor Haggai Kupermintz: "We must find each other."


by Robert Fisk, The Independent, August 17th, 2002:
" I have always been a sucker for wide-screen epics. Ever since my Dad took me to see Quo Vadis – which ends with centurion Robert Taylor heading off to his execution with his bride on his arm – I've been on the movie roller-coaster. My dad didn't make a great distinction between the big pictures and B-movies; he managed to squeeze Hercules Unchained in between Ben Hur and Spartacus. But the extraordinary suspension of disbelief provided by the cinema carried me right through to Titanic, Pearl Harbor and Gladiator. Awful they may be. Spectacular they are. But the important thing, as my dad used to tell me, was to remember that the cinema did not really imitate reality. Newly converted Christian centurions did not go so blithely to their deaths nor did love reign supreme on the Titanic. The fighter pilots of Pearl Harbor did not perform so heroically, nor did wicked Roman emperors die so young. From John Wayne's The Green Berets, war films have lied to us about life and death. After the crimes against humanity in New York and Washington last September, I suppose it was inevitable that the Pentagon and the CIA would call on Hollywood for ideas – yes, the movie boys actually did go to Washington to do a little synergy with the local princes of darkness. But when Vice-President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld turned up together for the premiere of Black Hawk Dawn, I began to get worried..."


by Geoff Muirden
"If the report given on the front page of the Sunday Age, 18/8/02, is correct, the Federal government is guilty of pushing for draconian legislation in the form of an ASIO bill that makes further assaults on what little remains of personal freedom. It should be the task of Senators to question these draconian laws, not only in terms of the present situation, but in the legacy of totalitarian State control they leave to future generations. The Sunday Age summarises many of the concerns in such an able manner that they can readily be stated here:
(1) The notion that ASIO can readily detain minors as young as 14 years of age defies warnings from the Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) and the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) calling for ASIO not to detain people younger than 18. Minors as young as 14 are surely too young to understand the ramifications of the questions they are being forced to answer if arrested and interrogated.
(2) Denial of sunset clause. Calls for a sunset clause that would render the legislation invalid after three years have been denied. Legislation of this totalitarian nature, which should not be presented in the first place, should at least be reassessed and not be set in "concrete" as a permanent law of the land.
(3) The planned ASIO law would allow "legal" detention of citizens without proof that they had done anything wrong, who could be held incommunicado for up to 48 hours, without right to silence or right to a lawyer for that period. This constitutes a denial of proper principles of justice, which would allow right to a lawyer, the right to silence, and an obligation on the part of the arresting authorities to prove such detention is justified. An ASIO agent is to be present at all discussions, denying clients any right to private discussions.

This type of authoritarian control is being set in place at a time when it seems likely that the US may go to war with Iraq, a war in which the Australian government would be involved, and which sets the groundwork for martial law. Laws of this kind are unjust, immoral and draconian, denying basic civil liberties. It should be the task of Senators to question the morality and necessity of laws of this kind and to refuse to pass them into law. I await your reply..."
Geoff is Research Officer, Australian Civil Liberties Union, PO Box 1137, Carlton, Vic., 3053.

Senator John Faulkner replies
Labor remains very concerned that detention without legal representation is open to serious abuse and constitutes an infringement of people's civil liberties. Thank you for writing to me about the counter-terrorism legislation. Labor believes there has been a pressing need for counter-terrorism legislation since the September 11 tragedy, but the Government's original Bill was badly flawed and draconian. It could have had unintended consequences for innocent Australians. It could also have been misused by a Government for political advantage. Labor has been determined to ensure that Australia and the international community are safeguarded from terrorism. We have been equally determined not to sacrifice any of the democratic freedoms we cherish in Australia. Labor argued its principles strongly and consistently in the Senate Committee Inquiry, in direct discussion with the Government and, most recently, in the Senate itself.

The Labor Party has forced major changes to the original Bill to ensure:
• Humanitarian groups will not be affected by the treason offences;
• The definition of terrorist act contains the necessary higher level of intent associated with terrorism and that it will only target terrorists;
• Any possibility of protest or industrial action being dealt with as terrorist offences has been removed;
• The offences in the legislation only target terrorist activity and require the prosecution to prove knowledge of and intent to commit a terrorist act;
• The Government's proposal to give the Attorney-General the power to arbitrarily ban organisations never sees the light of day;
• There will be an independent and public review of all the laws in three years time;
• The Government removed its proposals for accessing e-mails; and
• Consistent with our international obligations, there are strong tools to freeze the assets of terrorist organisations.

As a result of Labor's amendments, Australia will have a comprehensive, strong and balanced package of laws to deal with terrorism. Australia also needs to play its part as a good international citizen to combat international terrorism. The Government was slow to sign and ratify the UN Conventions for the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism and Terrorist Bombings. Two of the Bills in the counter-terrorism package give domestic legislative effect to our obligations under these important conventions. As well as the counter-terrorism Bills, the Government has introduced the ASIO Amendment Legislation (Terrorism) Bill 2002 (ASIO Bill). This Bill proposes a significant increase in Government powers, allowing extended detention for questioning without legal representation and interrogation of people who are not suspected of any crime or wrongdoing, but who simply may be able to provide information relating to a terrorist. The ASIO Bill has been reviewed by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, ASIS and DSD and we expect the Bill will be dealt with early in the current Parliamentary sittings. Labor remains very concerned that detention without legal representation is open to serious abuse and constitutes an infringement of people's civil liberties. Labor will continue to ensure the right balance is struck between taking effective measures against terrorists and preserving Australia's hard won democratic freedoms,
Yours sincerely, JOHN FAULKNER.


The Basic Fund contributions have now reached $44,864.49. Just over another five thousand dollars will bring us up to $50,000.00. Will you help us to reach that target? It is close to the time the fund for this financial year was closed, but we do need to reach at least the target of $50,000.00. Whilst the goal was $60,000 (unless something quite unexpected happens) we are not going to reach that amount. That's okay, we know how to make a little go a long way – and will continue to do so. But do please help us to reach the $50,000.00! We need to give this year's fund one last 'push' to get it across the line of $50,000.00. Make that extra effort, please don't delay. Send in your contributions as soon as possible!


The organisers of the Sydney Forum have asked if we would give their meetings a 'plug'. The Sydney Forum will be held in Sydney, September 7th-8th, 2002. Speakers include, Bob Doring, Reg Smedley, Jim Saleam, Joe Bryant, Neil Baird, Bevan O'Regan. There are 10 speakers. Themes include GATS, the 'War on Terror' and the NWO, Defence, and the Crisis of the Multinationals. There is also an Open Forum time. Tickets are $35.00 (two days) with $25.00 concession or $20.00 (one day) with $12.50 concession. Club Venue. Enquiries (free brochure) to PO Box N291 Grosvenor Place 1220, or phone 0421 310 514.


Readers will want to know more about 'Camp Toowoomba". It is a two-and-a-half day get-together for 'movers and shakers'. Dates: September 13th, 14th and 15th. Cost: $75.00 per head. Jeremy Lee, Robert Balgarnie and Ray Smyth want to see you at the weekend get-together! For obvious catering reasons you will need to book ahead. To secure your booking a $20.00 deposit is required. Send your name, address, phone number and $20.00 to: Ray Smyth, Box 642, Nanango, Qld., 4615, Phone: 4163 2160, E-mail: raysmyth@burcom.com.au


West Australia's Seminar: "A Legacy of Terror! Terrorism-Globalisation-Servitude". Reports coming in tell us both speakers received a standing ovation at the conclusion of the seminar. Speakers: Mr. Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights; Mr. Peter Davis, Mayor of Port Lincoln, South Australia. To order tapes, Phone: 08 9574 6042. South Australia's Seminar: "We the people can yet make a difference". Mr. Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights: "Following the Axis of Evil Trail". Bill's paper was excellent. A truly comprehensive summary of 'the axis of evil trail'. Mrs. Kathy Scarborough, B.Sc., "Vaccination: the Right to Choose or Refuse". Kathy insists every young mother should ensure she has weighed up the evidence before deciding to vaccinate her child. Bishop John Hepworth, Traditional Anglican Communion in Australia. "A Christian Man's Goods are not Common... What does this mean?" Bishop Hepworth tells us there is a life and death battle going on between the liberals and traditional Christians in the organised Church, and yes, traditional Christianity teaches we do have a right to possess property, that which is proper to each of us. Of course we are responsible for what we do with it. His paper was brilliant, you must hear it. We recommend you purchase the set of 3 seminar tapes – $15.00 posted. Single tapes $6.00 posted. Order from: Mayo Tapes, Box 6, Hahndorf, South Australia.


The National Weekend, from Friday, October 11th (New Times Dinner) through to and including Sunday, October 13th (Action Conference), 2002, promises to be an outstanding event... make every effort to be there! An excellent line-up of speakers is planned for the Seminar on Saturday, October 12th:
• Phillip Benwell, National Chairman, Australian Monarchist League
• Nigel Jackson, author, writer and prominent defender of the freedom of speech
• Jeremy Lee, an authority on the New World Order, writer, author and lecturer
• Michael Lane, editor of the American social credit publication "Triumph of the Past".

The venue is the same as last year: The Hume Inn, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW. No more time-wasting and frustration trying to find parking spots in busy, hectic Melbourne. Good reports were received from those who attended last year. A wide choice of accommodation is available in Albury, plenty of service clubs for good meals, and the food, facilities and accommodation at the motel very satisfactory. A detailed flier will be going out soon. We have 'block booked' a number of rooms at the motel, The Hume Inn, in Albury, NSW. Phone early and make your bookings: Phone: (02) 6021 2733, Fax: (02) 6041 2239

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