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Edmund Burke
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6 September 2002. Thought for the Week: "Wilfred Owen, a young poet who died in the First World War, expressed, as a poet should, the thoughts and feelings which have driven to despair many of the finest not only of his own generation, but of all those that have followed:

'Was it for this the clay grew tall? O What made fatuous sunbeams toil To break earth's peace at all?' What then is it that is driving us to despair? Not the real world: the sunlight or the starlight, the plants in our garden or the sheep on the hill.
These we turn to... as a part of God's Creation, and therefore both good and real.
No! the despair comes from a world of unreality imposed upon our souls by those who control the electronic impulses which have suddenly pervaded our lives in this country.
And this imposed world is increasingly and mostly oriented towards evil, that is the rejection or denial of the good...
we should face away from them, towards the real, glorious and overwhelming facts of the living Creation..."

"The Local World" by Geoffrey Dobbs in Home Quarterly, August 1995


by Jeremy Lee
The fanciful idea of viable multicultural societies is being exposed and destroyed by reality. There is no such thing as a successful society which accommodates a multitude of philosophies and religions. The break-point comes when religious belief is put into practice in the form of law. Unless made practical in a way of life, religion remains no more than an abstract idea. Sooner or later it dies - or else spills over into the way people relate and govern themselves. A little common sense will acknowledge this.

What is really happening is the eradication of traditional beliefs, and their resultant legal provisions, by a new religion, Humanism. Humanism has been described as a religion by the US Supreme Court. But it denies the Supernatural. The Humanist Manifesto II, published in 1973, made this quite clear:
" ... We find insufficient evidence for belief in the existence of a supernatural; it is either meaningless or irrelevant in the question of the survival and fulfilment of the human race. As non-theists, we begin with humans not God, nature not deity ...we can discover no divine purpose for the human species ...."

All policies come from philosophies, as Douglas so accurately pointed out. How does a society survive when different faiths advocate different norms? One faith, for instance. may urge polygamy, while another espouses monogamy. One may see vengeance as justice, while another believes in mercy. Even the clothes we wear are signs of cultural difference. In Britain, for instance, there have been heated arguments as to whether Islamic policemen should be allowed to keep their turbans instead of helmets. Now we have an Islamic movement within the British police which see wearing the Crown - to whom they are supposed to give their allegiance - as against their religion.

One cannot even play a game of cricket unless there is agreement on the rules and acceptance of the umpire. Britain is now facing an invasion, not only of other races, but an explosion of cultures which endanger Common Law and the traditional way of life. A special article in The Times (UK), August 7th, 2002, said:
"The unprecedented wave of immigration from the poor world to Britain is leading to huge and rapidly growing communities from almost every Third World country. There are a million Indians, almost 700,000 Pakistanis, 260,000 Bangladeshis, up to a million Nigerians, over 100,000 Iraqis. And numbers are increasing rapidly - in the past five years, while the white population grew by 1 percent, the Bangladeshi community grew by 30 percent, the black African population by 37 percent and the Pakistani community by 13 percent.
"The number of people allowed to settle permanently in the UK has more than doubled in the past few years, reaching 125,000 in 2000 - almost all from the Third World and Eastern Europe. ....The route of entry is irrelevant. Whether it is usually-unfounded-and-never-get-deported asylum, arranged marriages, bringing over parents, grandparents, children or fiancés, holiday visas that mean never going home, temporary work visas that inevitably lead to citizenship five years down the line, or simply a clandestine ride on the back of a lorry, the effect is the same. Almost all are certain to stay....
"....what is happening now is the result of sustained migration pressure the likes of which the world has never seen before. For the first time, the world has huge disparities of wealth, widespread knowledge in the poor world of how the rich world lives and how to get there through TV and global telecommunications, and cheap, quick worldwide transport. It is easier for them to get here, and far more difficult to make them leave: the revolution in 'human rights' means that as soon as anyone gets past passport control they are pretty much guaranteed to stay. More than 47,000 illegal immigrants were detected in 2000, but just 6,000 were sent home ....
"Nor are the British people giving their consent
survey after survey shows that the large majority of British people - including around half of ethnic minorities - think there is too much immigration to Britain; but fear of accusations of racism and the power of the immigration lobby means that no mainstream political party dare reflect public opinion ...."


While, through the efforts of Immigration Minister Ruddock, the flow of illegal boat people has been staunched for the moment, there seems to be a mass of unguarded entry points yet to be addressed. An article from a New Zealand paper, The Ashburton Guardian (2/8/02), headed CONCERNS RAISED NZ IS 'BACK DOOR ENTRY' TO AUSTRALIA FOR REFUGEES, said
: " ...New Zealand has had a net loss of immigrants in the past few years with large numbers moving out of New Zealand .... In the past immigrants had moved to New Zealand, only to move to Australia once they had gained New Zealand residency .... In Christchurch refugees are reported to be leaving in droves. About half of Christchurch's Somali community, which numbered more than 500 in 2000 have crossed the Tasman, Refugee and Resettlement Support said. "Manager Felicite Jardine said some of the 200 or so who were left intend to follow and even recent Afghan refugees who had yet to get their New Zealand citizenship have signalled that they too will move to Australia.

The trend is not new but appears to have been spurred by recent legislative change in Australia. The Australian Government last year cut permanent residency rights for New Zealanders, putting them on the same footing as other migrants. The change was made partly to address concerns that New Zealand was a 'back-door' entry to Australia after it was revealed that one in three New Zealanders emigrating to Australia was not born here. Ms. Jardine confirmed that there was a 'significant exodus' of refugees from Christchurch and other New Zealand main centres last year, just before the rules changed.
'Hundreds of people went last year.' Refugees traditionally moved across the Tasman once they gained their New Zealand citizenship, she said. "The Cambodian community, once about 1,200, now numbered fewer that 500 after many refugees and their families moved to Australia. 'Employment opportunities are better and it's a more multicultural country,' she said."


As more and more experience first hand the pain that oozes from forced multiculturalism, the muted grumbling grows louder and finally breaks into the open. A new movement in Britain, Migration Watch UK, has caused heated debate in the UK. Its leader, Dr. Coleman, recently claimed Australia's asylum policy was the best way to handle mass people movements within the terms of the Geneva Convention.
The Australian Financial Review (26/8/02) reported: " ... Dr. Coleman, who is a reader in demography at Oxford University, said Australia's asylum-seeker stance 'seems by far the best way to do it ..' ...and described Australia's policy of mandatory detention as 'utterly unobjectionable'. "...'If you permit people to claim residency simply by uttering the magic word 'asylum', you will become a magnet [to illegal immigrants] and the idea that you can then sort them out is just a mirage.,' he said....."
Dr. Coleman recently addressed a closed-door seminar on the subject, attended by Mr Ruddock.


A little bit of our robust Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander ("Eiderdown") Downer seems to have rubbed off on President George Bush. According to The Australian (28/8/02): "The US is pressuring Australia to sign an agreement promising it would never hand over Americans to the new International Criminal Court. "The proposed bilateral pact is part of an aggressive global push by the US - backed by threats of sanctions - to prevent its troops being hauled in front of the court for war crimes without Washington's approval.
"But any decision by the Howard government to sign such an agreement would be condemned by human rights groups as undermining the integrity of the ICC, of which Australia is a founding member ...."

It was Downer who suggested, during debate on the Treaty in Parliament, that Australia would add a rider excluding Australian troops from prosecution in the Court he was advocating. "Liability for other nations, but not for ourselves" seemed to be his illogical argument. The US hasn't even signed the Treaty, but obviously fears that past or future actions could be interpreted as "war-crimes". So it proposes "sanctions" against those who might contemplate arraigning Americans - Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsvelt, or the startling Condoleeza Rice - before such a court.

What sanctions might the US take? Stopping our lamb-sales to the Americans? Banning Australian steel? Or even accusing Alexander Eiderdown with war crimes himself? We can think of a few who might join George Bush in his quest for exemption - Robert Mugabe, Ariel Sharon, Idi Amin (who is still living in Saudi Arabia, by the way) as well as Yasser Arafat and Osama bin Lauden. If only Gilbert and Sullivan were still alive!


There are now 14 million starving people in Africa, as a result of the combination of drought and disastrous government. The worst is in Zimbabwe, where Mugabe seems prepared to halve his population by starvation in order to eject the hated white farmers who would otherwise save many of the doomed. Now Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique are rejecting US food relief, on the grounds that the grain offered is genetically modified. Three others, Lesotho, Malawi and Swaziland, are swallowing their pride and GM food. It seems to be a case of shot or boiled in oil. But, if your kids are starving to death, it seems a futile choice anyway.


by Betty Luks
The Constitutional and Parliamentary Reform Conference set up by the University of Adelaide (August,17th-18th, 2002) had raised more issues than could be dealt with by a single convention - as originally mooted - says Peter Lewis, Independent Member and Speaker of the Lower House in South Australia's Parliament (Adelaide Advertiser, August 19th, 2002).

The Conference certainly lined up some of the legal and constitutional 'big guns', but the man-in-the-street doesn't seem to be having too much of an input. It is good to know Peter Lewis is emphasizing the fact "The first priority of the convention should be to look at citizen-initiated referenda". He thinks the second priority is the question of the size and the role of Parliament. It would seem the Labor Government tried to take greater control over the convention but Peter stuck to his guns and refused to take a back seat.
The Labor Government has set aside $570,000 for a single convention to be held in March or April, 2003, but Peter Lewis is calling for at least three conventions backed by a $2 million budget.

Pleased to see Professor Geoffrey de Q. Walker (author of "Initiative & Referendum: The People's Law") of the Queensland University was one of the speakers. He argued strongly for 'direct democracy' (CIR) for the people, "This system would give back to the people the real power to decide the laws under which they live, free from the interference of lobby groups and party machines." He insisted voters were better educated and informed than in the past and were "no longer willing to assume that politicians know best".

Professor Gerard Carney of Bond University said reforms to parliamentary free speech were needed to discourage politicians from using immunity from prosecution to unfairly defame individuals. "There are no effective safeguards to prevent this occurring when a member is determined, with impunity, to destroy another's reputation at all cost," said Professor Carney. He called for a parliamentary ethics committee to be established to investigate complaints and advise appropriate sanctions for the "more serious abuses".

Hard pressed to find 'men of honour'! There was a time when a man of honour would not have abused such a privilege! These days we are hard pressed to find such 'men of honour'! Liberal opposition justice spokesman, Robert Lawson, thought bi-partisan agreement on convention topics was critical to the success of the event. National Party MP Karlene Maywald thought it necessary to first identify what was wrong with the Parliament before considering reforms.


The Guardian (UK) newspaper, August 21st, 2002, reveals:
The biggest war game in US military history, staged this month at a cost of £165m with 13,000 troops, was rigged to ensure that the Americans beat their 'Middle Eastern' adversaries, according to one of the main participants. General Paul Van Riper, a retired marine lieutenant-general, told the Army Times that the sprawling three-week millennium challenge exercises, were "almost entirely scripted to ensure a [US] win". He protested by quitting his role as commander of enemy forces, and warning that the Pentagon might wrongly conclude that its experimental tactics were working.

When General Van Riper agreed to command the forces of an unnamed Middle Eastern state - which bore a strong resemblance to Iraq, but could have been Iran - he thought he would be given a free rein to probe US weaknesses. But when the game began, he was told to deploy his forces to make life easier for US forces. "We were directed... to move air defences so that the army and marine units could successfully land," he said. "We were simply directed to turn [air defence systems] off or move them... So it was scripted to be whatever the control group wanted it to be."

The Army Times reported that, as commander of a low-tech, third-world army, General Van Riper appeared to have repeatedly outwitted US forces. He sent orders with motorcycle couriers to evade sophisticated electronic eavesdropping equipment. When the US fleet sailed into the Gulf, he instructed his small boats and planes to move around in apparently aimless circles before launching a surprise attack which sank a substantial part of the US navy. The war game had to be stopped and the American ships 'refloated' so that the US forces stood a chance.

"Instead of a free-play, two-sided game as the joint forces commander advertised it was going to be, it simply became a scripted exercise. They had a predetermined end, and they scripted the exercise to that end," General Van Riper said. He said he quit when he found out his orders were being over-ruled by the military co-ordinators of the game.

Vice-Admiral Marty Mayer, one of the co-ordinators, denied claims of fixing. "I want to disabuse anybody of any notion that somehow the books were cooked," he said. The games were designed to test experimental new tactics and doctrines advocated by the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and were referred to in Pentagon-speak as 'military transformation'.

The transformation is aimed at making US forces more mobile and daring, but General Van Riper said that "the 'concepts' the game were supposed to test, with names such as 'effects-based operations' and 'rapid, decisive operations', were little more than 'slogans', which had not been properly put to the test by the exercise."


Trade Minister Mark Vaile wants to make big changes to "Austrade", the $350 million government body charged with Australia's export promotion. He admits "there was some evidence" the government body was "dominated by an 'old boys' club of bureaucrats..."
The struggling farmer working from day-light to dusk, on a treadmill of debt, taxes and interest payments, or the manufacturer overburdened by the bureaucratic regulations imposed upon him, acutely aware he is now simply a tax collector for the Taxation Office, might be interested in the details of the privileged life Austrade officials live. (Adelaide Advertiser, 21/08/02) "Austrade executive general managers, stationed with full diplomatic privileges in Dubai, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Singapore... rank above ordinary trade commissioners" and "receive salaries of between $180,000 and $240,000 a year plus allowances". The shake-up follows a 2001 damning report issued by the Productivity Commission which revealed Austrade was too pre-occupied with red tape, and wasted up to one-third of its budget. Mr. Vaile wants the organization to "move from its traditional role as a go-between for Australian exporters and foreign clients to a more aggressive approach...". He wants it to "expand its presence in regional Australia from 21 outlets to 34". And has promised to "double the number of firms which export from 25,000 to 50,000 in four years".

OH! GOODY! This means within four years we will be exporting our REAL wealth at double the rate than at present! But look at what Mr. Vaile is proposing we should be exporting: "Mr. Vaile will seek new partnerships with individual industries beginning with electrical goods." Electrical goods! This land is awash with electrical goods from Asian countries! To which countries are we going to export? As one reader sensibly commented: "Perhaps reviewing a policy of 'coals to Newcastle' is even intelligent?"


The following letter was sent by (former Democrat leader) Senator Meg Lees to the Adelaide Advertiser defending her crucial vote for introducing the Howard GST. I do hope South Australians will remember what she has written when the Federal elections come round again.

"I write to correct a misconception in an opinion piece on the Telstra sale issue (The Advertiser, 16/8/02)" she says. "At no time prior to the GST agreement in May, 1999, did I, or the Australian Democrats, rule out supporting a GST. Before the 1998 election, a policy ballot of all Democrat members supported tax reform that included a tax on services. We went to that election with a clear statement saying we would support the tax initiatives of whichever party won government provided they were environmentally, socially and economically sound. This was a position supported by all 176 Democrat candidates, including all sitting Democrat senators. As the then leader of the Australian Democrats, I went into tax reform to fix a tax system that was broken, that was too easy for smart operators to avoid and that disadvantaged exports and therefore impeded job growth. The Government supported our call to exempt fresh foods and a range of other items and put in place an environmental package, so the Democrats supported the new tax system. The new tax system is fairer and greener than the previous one. It ensures that the states have additional money to fund hospitals, schools and environmental initiatives. MEG LEES, Independent Senator for South Australia, Adelaide, August 21st, 2002

So there you have it, we need export growth - because lack of it is impeding job growth! According to Meg Lees, the purpose of the economic system is to export the goods produced, so that we can create more jobs to keep more Australians working so we can export more of the goods produced, so that we can create more jobs thereby keeping more Australians working so that we can export more goods so that we can..........!!! And Meg thinks this was and is an 'environmentally sound' policy into the bargain!


Readers will want to know more about 'Camp Toowoomba". It is a two-and-a-half day get-together for 'movers and shakers'. Dates: September 13th, 14th and 15th. Cost: $75.00 per head. Jeremy Lee, Robert Balgarnie and Ray Smyth want to see you at the weekend get-together! For obvious catering reasons you will need to book ahead. To secure your booking a $20.00 deposit is required. Send your name, address, phone number and $20.00 to: Ray Smyth, Box 642, Nanango, Qld., 4615, Phone: 4163 2160, E-mail: raysmyth@burcom.com.au


From Friday, October 11th (New Times Dinner) through to and including Sunday, October 13th, 2002. It promises to be an outstanding event... make every effort to be there!

"NEW TIMES" DINNER - "Celebrating the Year of Jubilee": Friday, October 11th, 2002. Dinner Guest Speaker is Mr. Phillip Benwell, MBE, and his address is entitled: "The Queen on her Jubilee". Venue is Main Function Room, The Hume Motor Inn, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW, 2640. Dinner price: $27.00 per person for a buffet style 3-course meal; bar facilities available. Dinner bookings no later than Friday, October 4th, 2002.

SEMINAR - "Heralding the Year of Jubilee": Registration from 12.30pm. Commences, 1.15pm, Saturday, October 12th. Admission to Seminar: $15.00 per person. Four excellent speakers have been invited for the weekend. Seminar speakers: Nigel Jackson, Melbourne writer, schoolteacher and author of "The Case for David Irving". Nigel will focus on, "The Queen's Justice and the International Criminal Court". Michael Lane, editor of American social credit publication "Triumph of the Past", "One Successful Experiment Would Do More Than $Millions in Advertising". Phillip Benwell, MBE, National Chairman, Australian Monarchist League. He observed "we have gone from despotic rule to an elective dictatorship!" The title of his paper is, "Our Developing Democracy". Jeremy Lee, authority on the New World Order, writer, author and lecturer will be speaking on "The Crunch and the Critical Moment". 2002 is also the fiftieth year since the death of C.H. Douglas, which we will also commemorate - another 'jubilee' event. Whilst the situation looks grim, Jeremy Lee reminds us of Douglas' observation, "Every aspect of evil appears to be in the ascendancy ..." His implication is that when every hope of a breakthrough is lost, the momentum of evil exhausts even itself. At that moment a lever applied in the right place by an absurdly small number can help change things!

DIVINE SERVICE & ACTION CONFERENCE - Sunday 13th October: It is planned the Sunday will be a full day for those who can stay on. Make every effort to do so. Plan to travel back home on the Monday. Michael Lane is making a special effort to be at the weekend - all the way from the USA! We will give him extra time on the Sunday to further develop the ideas he is keen to present. New books to be launched: Another League initiative! A number of 'hot off the press' books will be launched at the weekend, including two of Michael Lane's. Venue is the same as last year: The Hume Inn, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW. No more time-wasting and frustration trying to find parking spots in busy, hectic Melbourne. Good reports were received from those who attended last year. A wide choice of accommodation is available in Albury, plenty of service clubs for good meals, and the food, facilities and accommodation at the motel very satisfactory. We have 'block booked' a number of rooms for League people at the motel - The Hume Inn in Albury, NSW. Phone early and make your bookings: Phone (02) 6021 2733 or Fax (02) 6041 2239.


West Australia's Seminar: "A Legacy of Terror! Terrorism-Globalisation-Servitude". Reports coming in tell us both speakers received a standing ovation at the conclusion of the seminar. Speakers: Mr. Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights; Mr. Peter Davis, Mayor of Port Lincoln, South Australia. To order tapes, Phone: (08) 9574 6042.

South Australia's Seminar: "We the people can yet make a difference". Mr. Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights: "Following the Axis of Evil Trail". Bill's paper was excellent. A truly comprehensive summary of 'the axis of evil trail'. Mrs. Kathy Scarborough, B.Sc., "Vaccination: the Right to Choose or Refuse". Kathy insists every young mother should ensure she has weighed up the evidence before deciding to vaccinate her child. Bishop John Hepworth, Traditional Anglican Communion in Australia. "A Christian Man's Goods are not Common... What does this mean?" Bishop Hepworth tells us there is a life and death battle going on between the liberals and traditional Christians in the organised Church, and yes, traditional Christianity teaches we do have a right to possess property, that which is proper to each of us. Of course we are responsible for what we do with it. His paper was brilliant, you must hear it. We recommend you purchase the set of 3 seminar tapes - $15.00 posted. Single tapes $6.00 posted. Order from: Mayo Tapes, Box 6, Hahndorf, South Australia.


"Pawns in the Game" by Commander William Guy Carr. This book is regarded as a classic exposure of the international conspiracy. Upon retirement from the Canadian navy Carr toured Canada warning the public of the dangers of this conspiracy which if left unchecked would result in WWII. In 1944-45 he was sent on another lecture tour of Canada by the naval authorities. His book remains in the category of essential reading. ........ $22.00 posted.
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