Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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27 September 2002. Thought for the Week: "The third temptation of Christ: to acquire power over all the kingdoms of the earth (i.e. megapolitics) in return for an act of worship of the Evil One (i.e. that Power which corrupts politics) is a temptation impossible to resist by any person or group which sets out to improve the lot of Mankind in a big way.
Indeed, few of those who automatically fall for it are aware that it is a temptation at all. It is taken for granted that if you want to do anything in a big way you must 'succeed' in attracting the favour of the Powers that Be, the greatest and most corrupting of which is the Money-Power."
"The Local World" by Geoffrey Dobbs, 1995


by Jeremy Lee
It was only a few weeks ago that George Bush's gung-ho administration was demanding the return of weapons-inspectors to Iraq. Now, it transpires, the hawks are determined on war whether the inspectors are allowed in or not. But opinion in many parts of the world is turning. Gradually, the implications of all-out war are becoming apparent. There is not even a suggestion that war will eliminate terrorism; very much the reverse.
There is now intense scrambling by the "Seven Sisters" (the major international oil companies) for increased activity in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. Saudi Arabia wants foreign help in opening up its huge natural gas fields, while maintaining control in the hands of its state oil conglomerate Aramco. But the big oil companies want a major part of the action.

The Australian (11/9/02) reported: ".....Three 'core ventures' were agreed ExxonMobil led the largest, a $US15 billion project with Shell, BP and Conoco-Phillips as partners. The second venture, also led by Exxon, included Occidental and Marathon; the third comprised Shell and TotalFinaElf ...."

Saudi Arabia, fearing a foreign takeover, is in danger of losing the projects, while Iraq under the wily Saddam, is wooing the multinationals. The report continued:
" .... Baghdad, however, is keen to do business. TotalFinaElf has agreed to develop two giant oil fields in the south of the country. Lukoil, a Russian company, is involved, as are Italy's ENI and Repsol of Spain. Even Shell has an agreement to develop an Iraqi prospect. "Of course, ExxonMobil would not dare to be seen in Baghdad in current circumstances but there can be no doubt that a contingent of US oil executives will land shortly after the marines."

Saudi Arabia, with debt-service payments of $US7 billion this year and an anticipated Budget Deficit this year of $12 billion, is being stretched over the barrel, and has suddenly agreed to provide a base for the US in a war against neighbouring Iraq. One week later, under the headline BONANZA AWAITS US FUEL COMPANIES IN IRAQ, The Sydney Morning Herald (16/9/02) reported:
"A United States-led attack that ousted Saddam Hussein would mean a bonanza for US oil companies long ousted from Iraq. Oil deals between Iraq and France, Russia and other countries would be scuttled and world petroleum markets reshuffled .... Although US officials say they have not focused on oil issues involving Iraq, US and foreign oil companies have started manoeuvring for a stake in the country's reserves of 112 billion barrels of crude oil, the largest in the world outside Saudi Arabia.
The importance of Iraq's oil makes it potentially one of the US's biggest bargaining chips in its negotiations to win backing from the United Nations Security Council and Western allies for President George Bush's call for international action against Saddam.
All five permanent members of the Security Council – the US, France, Russia, Britain and China – have international oil companies with stakes in a change of leadership in Baghdad ....
Said James Woolsey, a former CIA director, one of the leading advocates of ousting Saddam, 'France and Russia have oil companies and interests in Iraq. They should be told that if they offer assistance in moving Iraq towards decent government, we'll do our best to ensure that the new government and American oil companies work closely with them.' But he added: 'If they throw in their lot with Saddam, it will be difficult to the point of impossibility to persuade the new government to work with them."

Since the Gulf war in 1991, companies from more than a dozen countries, including France, Russia, China, India, Italy, Vietnam and Algeria, have sought to reach agreements with Iraq on exploiting its oil. But Iraqi opposition officials said they would not be bound by any of the deals. 'Our oil policies should be decided by a government in Iraq elected by the people,' a spokesman said." Fat chance!
Any replacement regime for Saddam will be controlled and ordered what to do, while the "Seven Sisters" and their mates carve out their new oil empires. And behind all this process of 'hidden agendas' the impatient Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon waits anxiously for a Middle East explosion, as a cover for his "Greater Israel" programme, which involves the expulsion of the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza into Jordan. The last thing he wants now is any more international scrutiny of the Palestinian issue, where an increasing number eke out a miserable existence in the rubble of the Israeli invasion of their territory. Meanwhile, another 40 Israeli "settlements" have been built in Palestinian territory in the past year.


Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir, has said that, with the re-admittance of weapons inspectors, the original reasons for economic sanctions against Iraq have gone. Malaysia was one of a number of nations pressing for inspectors before any war was initiated. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said her country was ready to contribute specialists to the UN team of weapons inspectors. "Hopefully we can put the issue of Iraq behind us as a threat to the world and get the focus back on some of the other outstanding problems like Israel and Palestine which needs the good will of the Arab world to be resolved," she said.

The Jakarta Post (11/9/02) the Indonesian national paper, said in its Editorial on that date: "Why, then, after September 11 last year, do we detect a dissipation of that great reservoir of goodwill towards the US, and perhaps even disillusionment? The main reason, it would seem, is the situation in the Middle East, especially the rigid US role in its attempt to mediate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A second cause of the thinning sympathy for the US one year after the September 11 attacks is Washington's determination to bring about a change of regime in Iraq. The deprived peoples of the world would like to see that same intensity of determination, the same proficiency in marshalling resources and the same persuasive techniques for galvanizing world opinion be applied by the US for reducing the very basic issue of poverty and environmental degradation.
It is sobering to see that one year after September 11, a residual level of sympathy and understanding towards the US as the target of a horrendous terrorist act is still visible, certainly in Indonesia. On the other hand, however, there is a growing concern that the world's superpower appears more ready and capable of hating and toppling a leader it considers dangerous than building a better world for the millions of people who are deprived of the most basic amenities of life."

Which is a very common point of view, not only throughout the Islamic world, but in a number of western nations as well. What would the situation have been if, instead of the huge expenditure on destruction in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam, the same resources had been applied to providing water, useful small technology and self-sufficiency in the under-developed nations? It is safe to say there would have been a much warmer attitude towards America.


Although Islamic nations have made it plain that they see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the greatest single issue in their antipathy to the West, most media discussions are 'scrubbed clean' of comment in this area. Former Opposition shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, the cadaverous Laurie Brereton – currently serving at the UN General Assembly – has said what others dare not say (Australian Financial Review, 17/9/02):
" ....UN Security Council resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been allowed to languish, effectively ignored. Preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction is declared an absolute priority, yet Israel remains outside the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty. The US has greatly expanded its military presence in the Persian Gulf and, for the first time, has secured a strategic foothold in Central Asia.
In these circumstances, it is not surprising to see the US approach perceived by the Arab world as biased in favour of Israel and driven by an imperial ambition to dominate the region's oil reserves.
It will be a Pyrrhic victory if the US removes Hussein but in the process fuels new and deep Arab resentments. Such an outcome will certainly fail to deliver the security the Bush Administration has declared as its overwhelming aim."
Well said, Laurie Brereton!

Veteran journalist Alan Ramsey (The Sydney Morning Herald, 11/9/02) also wrote courageously:
".... For 35 years, ever since Israel ignored (and went on ignoring) UN resolution 242 in 1967 to withdraw from all occupied territories, and later UN resolution 338 in 1973, Washington at no stage has sought to insist the UN "enforce" such resolutions nor to threaten Israel with military reprisal. Rather, Israel, with US connivance, has for decades ignored with impunity literally volumes of UN resolutions against its behaviour against Palestinian rights. Nor has American hysteria over Iraqi research into acquisition of mass weapons of destruction ever been visited upon the unarguable nuclear weapons capabilities of Israel, Pakistan, India, South Africa or China ...."

Does this mean that Prime Minister John Howard and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Eiderdown will demand a more even-handed approach in the Israeli-Palestinian war? Or that Labor leader Simon Crean will become a statesman by speaking out on such an issue? You'd have a better chance betting on an outsider in the Melbourne Cup!


by Betty Luks
A federal court judge has ordered Dr. Fredrick Toben to remove material deemed 'offensive to Jews' from his Adelaide Institute website. The judge ruled that he must remove such material because statements on the website breached the Racial Discrimination Act, by implying some Jews had exaggerated Jewish deaths in WW2 for financial gain and also suggesting it was unlikely there had been gas chambers at the Auschwitz camp in Poland.

Complainant Mr. Jeremy Jones, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry says "Organised racists are more and more spreading their venom over the Internet...They masquerade hatred as historical research." Adelaide Advertiser, September 18th, 2002.
(One wonders about those who masquerade propaganda as 'historical research'!...ed)

Dr. Toben warns free speech in Australia 'now dead'
Dr. Toben warned Australians free speech in Australia was now "dead". He insisted there was a Zionist 'racket' to profit from Nazi discrimination against Jews – but denied he was a racist. They are trying to criminalise my thought patterns and what I write, but in a civilized society you should have that freedom. That's the essence of our democratic society, where you have dissent and a robust discussion," he explained. In his own press release Toben asks how could he have done his best at the trial "without legal representation?" No-one was willing to help "for fear of the Jews."

"Justice Branson has begun to create official historical discourse by limiting our historical enquiry, thereby laying the foundation for an ideological interpretation of history. That's what the Soviet Union and its allies did with their historical lies... the foundations for Australia's Gulag has been laid. I am now to refrain from stating that Krema I and Krema II did not contain homicidal gas chambers, when in fact this is a factually true statement. Fritjof Meyer stay out of Australia. I am now not permitted to state that there is indeed a 'Holocaust' racket. Norman Finkelstein, stay out of Australia! I wonder who will be next!"


by Anne Crossons
I went to church on Sunday morning and came home to a sunny day, and chores to do in the garden. The sun was shining, the weeds growing, spring is nearly sprung, God's in his Heaven and what's wrong with the world? I took time off, as I mostly do on Sunday, to watch and listen to Songs of Praise. Every week hundreds of decent, sincere, good people gather to sing the grand old hymns. And I am mystified. The people I know, the people I live among, are, in the main good folk. I'm elderly – well, pretty old actually! – and live alone. I couldn't manage without the kindness and support of my friends, neighbours and children. In my world people are good and kind. And the folk who flock to Songs of Praise meetings are evidence of the general tendency for people to prefer goodness over evil.

So why is the extermination of the human race so high on the agenda of world leaders, global economists and so many politically correct activists? Where do all these malcontents come from? How do they get to be so filled with hatred and contempt for the human race?
The Women's movement determined to eliminate manliness, the environmentalists elevate the survival of possums and gum trees above the survival of their own kind, the Global economists balance the world's books according to the Dow Jones' index and bugger the people. George Bush has his itchy trigger finger on his "nuclear" weapons, and our doughty Prime Minister wants to be in on the act when Bush pushes the button.

I like people. I like children. I am here looking out into my garden and the little wrens and robins, the spinebills and honeyeaters are nesting, the maggies and parrots are busy feeding their faces. My dog is snoozing in the sun and the daffodils are blooming fit to bust. We have food wasting, resources untapped, money that could do good accumulating in the hands of evil, avaricious men. Medical knowledge and medicines that could free people from disease and ill-health only available to the wealthy. Most of the world's people live in bitter poverty and despair. And all the world's leaders can offer us is WW3.

I planted some lovely roses this year. All lovingly named by their breeders. Mrs.Oakley Fisher, Sir Donald Bradman, Aeteroa, Valerie Swain, and others. How satisfying it must be to breed beauty! What is it that inspires some to create lasting testimonials to God and Nature and some to create wanton destruction? What if George Bush bred roses? How is John Howard's garden? Does he have one? And if so, does he ever work in it? Do these characters ever engage with beauty? Or are they simply soul-bloody-dead?
(What about you sending a copy of this letter to all politicians? ...ed.)


On January 18th, 2000, following discussions between Philip Benwell MBE, National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League, and fellow Monarchist Julian Brazier TD MP, a Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Mr. Brazier tabled a Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons proposing that citizens from other countries that recognise the Queen as their Sovereign should be given their own channel at Britain's principal airports. As to be expected it proved to be impossible to obtain the support of the Blair Socialist Government and the matter is left waiting for a future change of Government.


The following report from the Sunday Times, UK, should be of interest to Australians in the light of the latest news from the Woomera detention camp, South Australia. The women and children from the camp have been allowed to move to the nearest town and the proposal is that the fathers now be allowed 'visiting rights'! This is but a short step to them being 'released into the community'. Remember we are talking about illegal refugees who have, in most cases (refer On Target Vol.38 No.30) had their claims for 'refugee' status investigated and rejected – but refuse to go home! What sort of wool is the Howard government trying to pull over our eyes?

"NINE out of 10 refugees whose asylum applications were refused last year remain illegally in Britain, according to a new study of the country's immigration crisis. The study, which has been circulated in Whitehall and will be presented to a senior House of Commons committee this week, states that 97,500 immigrants who should have been deported last year as a result of Home Office decisions remained in the country illegally. The report is to be presented by Sir Andrew Green, a former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia and a senior Foreign Office diplomat. He is now chairman of Migrationwatch UK, an independent think tank set up last October to monitor the government's immigration and asylum policies.

In evidence to the select committee on home affairs on Tuesday, Green will say that the government's policy of removing illegal refugees is a sham. He will tell the committee: "The plain fact is that asylum seekers are arriving at a rate of about 100,000 a year and being removed at a rate of 10,000 a year. So anyone who claims asylum has a 90% chance of remaining in Britain, irrespective of the merits of his claim." Green's figures do not include immigrants who smuggled themselves into the country or visitors and students who have overstayed their visas..."
By David Leppard from Sunday Times –


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"In This Age of Plenty" by Louis Even: $32.00 posted. This book presents the concept of a saner, more balanced world. It presents a view of a money system, that would free society from purely financial problems. It takes the power away from the fraudsters, the manipulators, of the present system and it makes money a simple servant, a mere book-keeping system, and a just one. The author Louis Even outlines the Social Credit financial proposals, conceived by the Scottish engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas. It proposes to reform the money system in order to release the 'social credit' of the community. The production system does not distribute purchasing power to everyone. It distributes it only to those who are employed in production. And the more the production comes from the machine, the less it comes from human labour. In this technological, automated, industrialized age, production continues to increase, whereas human employment decreases, so there is continuing conflict between progress, which eliminates the need for human labour, and the system, which distributes purchasing power only to the employed. Everyone has the right to live, even those who are not employed. This is why, without in any way disturbing the system of reward for work, Social Credit would distribute to every individual a periodical income called a "Social Dividend". This dividend would allow everyone to enjoy the fruits of progress.

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