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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

11 October 2002. Thought for the Week: "The individualism which is justifiable and necessary is not that which insists on making the rules of every game, and at the same time, devises methods of compulsion to provide players.
It is obvious that advantage is being taken of the orgy of waste through which we are passing to stampede us into mere units in an industrial-financial group...
I have read many of the attractive writings of Sir Ernest Benn, who is prominent in the Individualist movement, and they never fail to amuse and delight me. But I notice that Sir Ernest is a stalwart supporter of the orthodox financial system. And there is no more future for the genuine individualist if the pre-war financial system is not radically modified in the interest of the individual than there is for the deluded victims of Karl Marx."
C.H. Douglas, "The Social Crediter", October 2nd, 1943


by Jeremy Lee
It was inevitable, one supposes, that Prince Charles's tacit support for the biggest rally in British history should result in a media attack. The media has had a long history of denigration and innuendo against the Prince of Wales as part of its long-running campaign against the monarchy. Its problem is that an increasing number are seeing through the tirade, and Prince Charles is gaining in popularity. He talks to people, listens to what they say, and speaks out on 'gut-issues'.

The Australian (1/10/02) syndicated a Sunday Times (UK) article which questioned the Prince's right to a public opinion:
"Britain has learned a lot about the opinions of Disgusted of Highgrove in the past week. He approves of fox-hunting, hates the compensation culture and has a thing about poorly designed fire doors. The Prince of Wales also decries the plague of lawyers stirring up political correctness. If fox hunting were banned, he has apparently said, he might as well decamp permanently to the ski slopes of Klosters. One Labour MP urged him on his way."
"To some, the outpourings of Prince Charles, revealed in letters he has written to government ministers, seem like the grumblings of a malcontent; to others they are no more than commonsense. Either way, a latent fear has risen to the surface: royalty is meddling in politics ....."

This, I believe, is sophistry. Few subjects of the Crown would want a Monarchy which expressed no opinions at all. The reigning Monarch, after all, has the duty "to be consulted, to advise and to warn". In Australia, as a result of a written Constitution, the Crown has further reserve powers. In Britain the Monarch has no law-making powers, but IS part of the Parliament, as in Australia. Prince Charles is only the Monarch-to-be. If, until he is crowned, he can publicly drag an increasingly unrepresentative parliament back to the real issues concerning people, he will have rendered a singular service. In doing so he will earn the enmity of many politicians and the huge, multinational-driven, republic-committed media

The article continued: " .... The prince's comments to the Prime Minister about farmers being more discriminated against than black or gay minorities are also easily construed as an attempt to influence policy. Ministers are nervous of what Charles might say about the prospects of Britain joining the euro or participating in a war on Iraq. He is thought to be hostile to both ...."

Why should Ministers be concerned? Because they are much further away from public opinion than he is? The article added:
"....A commission of the Fabian Society, the Labour think-tank, is examining the powers Charles will have as king. Early next year it will produce a report ...."

Another Times article (same issue of The Australian) elaborated further: "The Fabian Society is already conducting a review into the future of the Royal Family which is expected to examine whether prerogative powers can be justified when a monarch takes a political position on controversial issues..."
How frightfully decent of the Fabians!

If they could get rid of the powers of the monarch, and Britain's Upper House – the House of Lords – Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is a Fabian himself, and his jolly old Labor Party could do what it likes without check or balance. After all, they know what's best for ordinary Brits – don't they?


New Guinea is not a placid country. Direct action is applied to many activities, from elections to 'pay-back'. But occasionally it shows it is more sensible and advanced than Australia. Three Supreme Court Judges, led by the Chief Justice, have ruled that the Value Added Tax (the equivalent of the GST) which was introduced in 1999 is unconstitutional. As a result, there is some angst in the Tax Department. The new Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, has also banned any further privatizations, which will unsettle the International Monetary Fund somewhat.


After a breather of about four weeks since the last global stock-market plunge – during which the 'spin-merchants' tried to assure themselves and whatever super-optimists they could find that the market had 'bottomed' – October has heralded more disastrous plunges across the globe. Geoffrey Newman (The Australian, 1/10/02) started:
"The UK stock market was heading deep into the red last night, implying another desolate day for Australian shares today after the local bourse sank to its lowest since the September 11 attacks
The UK FTSE 100 index was 3.5 per cent, or 137 points, lower in early Monday trade at 3765, after sharp losses on Wall Street on Friday.
Amid growing expectations of war in the Middle East, the local share market fell to its lowest mark since September last year, bringing its losses for the month to almost 5 per cent ...."

Under the heading HOME OF THE BRAVE HAS MUCH TO FEAR, Robert Gottliebsen (The Australian, 1/10/02) elaborated further:
"All major global share markets are now following America and we need to understand what is happening in the US because our markets will not escape any further American share falls.
Clear forces are pushing US shares lower, some of which are related to the repercussions of the enormous fall that has taken place, while others are linked to fears about what is ahead.
The magnitude of the US market fall is mind blowing. Over two and a half years, the Wilshire 5000 Index – America's broadest in terms of stocks covered – has fallen almost 50 per cent. That means, theoretically, Americans who had a widespread share portfolio in 2000 leveraged to, say, 50 per cent have lost all their capital..
If the 2002 decline of about one-third in the overall market from top to bottom becomes the year's fall then it has only been exceeded four times in the last 75 years – 1930, 1931, 1937, and 1973-74...."

And, sadly, there is still a way to go. The period between now and Christmas is going to see some daunting figures, and by then "bread-and-butter" economies will feel the impact. Gottliebsen went on to list further potential dangers – the still obvious corruption and greed in corporate America, the threat of oil price rises from a potential Middle East war, the crumbling value of the United States dollar itself, and the position in Japan, now technically insolvent. He added:
"The sleeping danger is South America. The seriousness of this was shown when the IMF rescue package to Brazil was simply used by US and European banks to drag some money out of the wreckage. But by withdrawing their cash they killed the Brazilian currency and share market and made it impossible for Brazil to honour its US dollar debts....."


As the "critical moment" engulfs us, there are still plenty of people looking for heroes in shining armour to lead us out of the mess. Another party; another wagon onto which we could hitch our star; another independent; another petition to our existing rulers; another drink, etc. The hard truth is there is no-one out there except each of us ourselves. We can't do everything, but we can each do something. We often want from our politicians the things we are not prepared to do ourselves. We want an honest politician who will vote on conscience, against his own compatriots in the House if need be. We want a man or woman who, when the Prime Minister allows an extremely rare 'conscience vote' replies: "But I ALWAYS vote according to my conscience! Who gave you the right to take it away in the first place?"

Only when a number of voters apply to themselves the principles they espouse for their representatives will anyone in parliament listen. Only when a significant percentage of the voting electorate bands together and declares: "No votes without significant changes!" will the debate open up and reluctant changes made.

Almost as though fearing such a possibility, the Federal Government added to its armoury last election. As well as the non-democratic idea of compulsory voting, it added "compulsory preferential voting" so that your vote, whether you like it or not, ends up with the largest of the minorities contending for power; even if you are right against what it stands for. That sort of nonsense will go until voters refuse to play that game.

The "critical moment", it seems to me, contains one essential ingredient – a moment when concerned individuals stop looking for another "knight in shining armour" to do the job for them, and start doing the job themselves. It is the hardest of choices. But there is nothing left that will work.

Lysistrata in ancient Greece gathered the women of the nation into a team that enforced a state of chastity on men until they had effected much-needed changes. Such a possibility would never have worked unless every woman made her own personal decision to stand firm. The one who weakened sold out her sisters. United, they put forward no technical plans for change. They accepted no promises. They simply judged by results, and relented only when those results were apparent.

A national team of voters, prepared to hold their votes until the right results became apparent, could apply themselves in each electorate with interesting results. But, of course, we all want someone else to do it for us! So it's only a minority who will ever take a personal stand. Is that minority there? If not, Australia has a bleak future.


by Betty Luks
Joseph Sobran, A Call for World War IV, September 12th, 2002 has 'hit the mark' when he writes: "Not content with making war on Iraq, Norman Podhoretz of Commentary magazine, the highbrow Zionist monthly, calls on the United States to launch World War IV. Yes, World War IV. Lest you think he's running a little ahead of history, we should explain that he counts the Cold War as World War III. But this time he has a very hot war in mind – what he describes as 'the war against militant Islam.'

Podhoretz", explains: Sobran "thinks we have just the right leader to conduct a world war, George W. Bush. And what qualifies Bush for this tremendous role? He has restored 'moral clarity' and rejected 'moral relativism'. Moral clarity means the 'concept that some nations [are] evil and others good'. It would seem, continues Mr. Sobran, "Alone among commentators, Podhoretz finds Bush a singularly eloquent man. Bush's speeches inveighing against the 'axis of evil' (Iraq, Iran and North Korea) are, Podhoretz says, 'enormously impressive': one of them – the one announcing 'war on terrorism' and the so-called Bush Doctrine – scaled 'heights of sublimity' and 'deserves to live forever'.
Every president receives fulsome sycophancy, but this must set some sort of record. (Podhoretz admits that these speeches were probably the work of speechwriters, but 'it hardly matters.')"

Thank God, there are now many voices raised in opposition to such a scenario – in spite of all the propaganda spewing out of 'Mordor' ...erhh, Washington-Canberra. But to read that Mr. Podhoretz claimed George Bush achieved this moral clarity by 'a kind of revelation ... (lighting) up the recesses of Bush's mind and heart and soul' as 'a born-again Christian' is just too much for this little old gal to stomach.

Sobran continues, "He suddenly knew, says Podhoretz, 'that the God to whom, as a born-again Christian, he had earlier committed himself had put him in the Oval Office for a purpose. He had put him there to lead a war against the evil of terrorism.' Yes, God had given George W. Bush a 'personal revelation'! World War IV will be, as it were, a faith-based initiative."

The targeted regimes are Israel's 'enemies'
But the regimes that Podhoretz wants to target, observed Mr. Sobran, should extend to Syria and Lebanon and Libya, as well as 'friends' of America like the Saudi Royal family and Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, along with the Palestinian Authority, whether headed by Arafat or one of his henchmen. "At a minimum!" he exclaims.

Sobran asks, "If making war on Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority (not to mention North Korea) would be the 'minimum', what would the maximum be? Overthrowing and replacing every regime on earth?" Now you're getting close to the mark Mr. Sobran! What these countries have in common, "is that they are Israel's enemies. World War IV would be a war to destroy Israel's enemies – fought, of course, by the United States."

Sobran covers himself by directly quoting Hodoretz. "Lest the reader suspect that Podhoretz's views are being caricatured here...: "Podhoretz has unconsciously exposed the Manichaean fantasy world of so many of those who are now calling for war with Iraq. The United States and Israel are 'good'; the Arab-Muslim states are 'evil'; and those opposed to this war represent 'moral relativism,' ostensibly neutral but virtually on the side of 'evil'.

This is simply deranged. The ability to see evil only in one's enemies isn't 'moral clarity.' It's the essence of fanaticism. We are now being counseled to fight one kind of fanaticism with another. And a man who actually clamors for a world war, with all the millions of violent deaths it would entail, is himself evil," writes Joseph Sobran.


by Betty Luks
Sobran's reference to the "Manichaean fantasy world of so many calling for war with Iraq" touched a cord with me. Sadly, the ancient heresy of Manichaean Dualism – with its belief in an eternal dualism between God and Satan as the ultimate reality – now towers over the world, and is rife within so many 'fundamentalist' churches. In fact, the Athanasian Creed was 'hammered out' in the early Christian centuries to come against this belief.
For the Christian, the manichaean world view denies the Atonement. Just because a man (or a group of men such as a political party) says he does not believe in a supernatural being, or a spiritual realm, does not mean he does not have a religious worldview. His beliefs, whatever they are, are his religion. It is to his beliefs that he 'binds back to' (the original meaning of the word 'religion') and he applies these beliefs in his every-day affairs, in his politics.

Marxism-Leninism, with its materialism and atheism rejected both God and Satan, but was not thought of as a heresy, and its fundamental identity with Manichaean Dualism was not recognised. Yet its philosophy (belief system) of dialectical materialism imposes its policy of continuous conflict and confrontation upon us all. It was Lenin who said: "Development is the 'struggle' of opposites" and "dialectics is the study of the contradiction within the very essence of things". If Lenin was right, if George Bush and those around him are right, then the creative power of the Universe is not Love, but conflict, and the Ultimate Reality is divided against Itself – Dualism.

Whatever he claims, George Bush's god is not my God. Bush's god is Monopolistic (or Totalitarian) and Bush's policies of continuous conflict and confrontation are Dualistic. The Christian teaching is that God is a Trinity and at the very centre, at the very heart, of the Trinity, the Ultimate Reality, there is mutual love and co-operation. Not continuous conflict and confrontation. We have witnessed the final breakdown of the major power-blocks in world affairs and the setting in place of a Monopoly by those in control of the reins of power – in America. Monopoly cannot tolerate rival or counterbalancing powers, it always creates internal conflict in the struggle to reach the apex of power and often the aggression is directed outwards.


The following petition initiated by Mr. Peter Whitfield of Mildura, Victoria has been brought to our attention. Mr. Whitfield was a speaker at the Australian Freedom Foundation's 2002 "Adelaide Forum"; he spoke of his personal experiences and observations whilst working in the Middle East. He toured the Iraqi hospitals and saw at first hand the suffering of the Iraqi people. The suffering which is the result of the economic sanctions placed on the country by the so-called leaders of the 'good empire' – the western leaders. Mr. Whitfield's phone/fax number is: (03) 5024 8565. Make the effort to write to your local federal member and at the same time ring Peter to encourage him in what he is doing.

]Patriotic No War Against Iraq Committee Statement.

We, the undersigned, oppose the participation of Australian troops and the expending of national resources in a war against Iraq. We say that the drive to war against Iraq has nothing to do with the interest of the Australian nation, but everything to do with the interests of the oil multinationals and the Zionist entity called Israel. We demand the neutrality of Australia towards Iraq, the continuation of the beneficial trade with Iraq and a repudiation of all New World Order schemes directed against Iraq.
Some people confuse Islamic fundamentalism and its contention with liberal ideology with the justification for a war against Iraq. Because we are opposed both to Islamic fundamentalism and Western liberalism, we say: Neither Washington, Nor Mecca, but Independence For Australia. Yet, Iraq is not an Islamic fundamentalist state, nor does it support terrorism. The Iraqi and Australian peoples are not enemies even if the New World Order proclaims it so. No To The New World Order War Scheme Against Iraq!


From Friday, October 11th (New Times Dinner) through to and including Sunday, October 13th, 2002. It promises to be an outstanding event... make every effort to be there! We expect to see the Victorians and New South Welshmen turn up in large numbers. Every year, for the last fifty-five years, interstate folk have travelled many hundreds and/or thousands of miles to be at the National Weekend in Melbourne, whereas the locals have only had to hop on a bus, train or tram. Now it is the Vics and NSWelshmen's turn to make the effort.

"NEW TIMES" DINNER – "Celebrating the Year of Jubilee": Friday, October 11th, 2002. Dinner Guest Speaker is Mr. Phillip Benwell, MBE, and his address is entitled: "The Queen on her Jubilee". Venue is Main Function Room, The Hume Motor Inn, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW, 2640. Dinner price: $27.00 per person for a buffet style 3-course meal; bar facilities available. Dinner bookings no later than Friday, October 4th, 2002.

SEMINAR – "Heralding the Year of Jubilee": Registration from 12.30pm. Commences, 1.15pm, Saturday, October 12th. Admission to Seminar: $15.00 per person. Four excellent speakers have been invited for the weekend. Seminar speakers: Nigel Jackson, Melbourne writer, schoolteacher and author of "The Case for David Irving". Nigel will focus on, "The Queen's Justice and the International Criminal Court". Michael Lane, editor of American social credit publication "Triumph of the Past", "One Successful Experiment Would Do More Than $Millions in Advertising". Phillip Benwell, MBE, National Chairman, Australian Monarchist League. He observed "we have gone from despotic rule to an elective dictatorship!" The title of his paper is, "Our Developing Democracy". Jeremy Lee, authority on the New World Order, writer, author and lecturer will be speaking on "The Crunch and the Critical Moment". 2002 is also the fiftieth year since the death of C.H. Douglas, which we will also commemorate – another 'jubilee' event. Whilst the situation looks grim, Jeremy Lee reminds us of Douglas' observation, "Every aspect of evil appears to be in the ascendancy..." His implication is that when every hope of a breakthrough is lost, the momentum of evil exhausts even itself. At that moment a lever applied in the right place by an absurdly small number can help change things!

DIVINE SERVICE & ACTION CONFERENCE – Sunday, October 13th: It is planned the Sunday will be a full day for those who can stay on. Make every effort to do so. Plan to travel back home on the Monday. Michael Lane is making a special effort to be at the weekend – all the way from the USA! We will give him extra time on the Sunday to further develop the ideas he is keen to present. New books to be launched: Another League initiative! A number of 'hot off the press' books will be launched at the weekend, including two of Michael Lane's. Venue is the same as last year: The Hume Inn, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW. No more time-wasting and frustration trying to find parking spots in busy, hectic Melbourne. Good reports were received from those who attended last year. A wide choice of accommodation is available in Albury, plenty of service clubs for good meals, and the food, facilities and accommodation at the motel very satisfactory. We have 'block booked' a number of rooms for League people at the motel – The Hume Inn in Albury, NSW. Phone early and make your bookings: Phone (02) 6021 2733 or Fax (02) 6041 2239.


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"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast: $66.00 posted. Greg Palast has dug deep to unearth the ugly facts that few reporters working anywhere in the world today have the courage to cover. His uncanny investigative skills as well as his acerbic wit and no-holds-barred style have made him an anathema among magnates on four continents and a legend among his colleagues and his devoted readership worldwide. Palast is the first investigative reporter who revealed how Katherine Hams and Jeb Bush removed thousands of Democrats from voter rolls before the Presidential election. The explosive stories from Salon .com, the Washington Post, and the Guardian are included here, expanded with new evidence. There is the story behind his cover operation "Lobbygate"; of corruption at the heart of Tony Blair's government, which earned him the distinction of being the first journalist ever berated on the floor of Parliament by a prime minister. Palast, working with a cache of documents from inside the World Bank, IMF and WTO shines a light on the dark machinery of the Iron Triangle of Globalization, what Jude Wanniski of the Wall Street Journal called, "Great writing on the Evil Empire of the IMF."

"Fascist Europe Rising" by Rodney Atkinson: $46.00 posted. Author Rodney Atkinson's latest book "Fascist Europe Rising: the Repression and Resurgence of Democratic Nations" is a reading must for those interested and concerned with what is happening in Britain and Europe. There are many lessons for Australians to learn. As the constitution of the Danish people rightly asserts, "It is by law you build the land" and no other regime in world history has achieved so much imperial conquest by merely generating the law to build their land as has the so-called 'European Union' (EU). Eastern Europe wants only to trade freely with the countries of Western Europe but the EU forcefully prevents that, offering to remove trade barriers only when those nations surrender their hard-won constitutional nationhood. In the modern era of the universal franchise each parliament only represents (for its statutory term) the true sovereigns, the People. The end of sovereignty is the end of democracy. During the 1930s and 1940s, as today, there were few terms with which European Fascism was more happy than The New World Order reflecting as it does notions of power, global ambition, order (i.e. control) and contempt for democratic nationhood.

"In This Age of Plenty" by Louis Even: $32.00 posted. This book presents the concept of a saner, more balanced world. It presents a view of a money system, that would free society from purely financial problems. It takes the power away from the fraudsters, the manipulators, of the present system and it makes money a simple servant, a mere book-keeping system, and a just one. The author Louis Even outlines the Social Credit financial proposals, conceived by the Scottish engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas. It proposes to reform the money system in order to release the 'social credit' of the community. The production system does not distribute purchasing power to everyone. It distributes it only to those who are employed in production. And the more the production comes from the machine, the less it comes from human labour. In this technological, automated, industrialized age, production continues to increase, whereas human employment decreases, so there is continuing conflict between progress, which eliminates the need for human labour, and the system, which distributes purchasing power only to the employed. Everyone has the right to live, even those who are not employed. This is why, without in any way disturbing the system of reward for work, Social Credit would distribute to every individual a periodical income called a "Social Dividend". This dividend would allow everyone to enjoy the fruits of progress.

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