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Edmund Burke
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11 April 2003. Thought for the Week: "After less than two thousand years only a handful of people have even begun to glimpse some of the glorious possibilities which lie before us if we continue true to this Faith and apply it in the world around us. In this sense Christianity is the most radical and adventurous of religions, and ought to be about its business as the husbandman of the Kingdom of God; but there is need for conservatism also, for there is another sort of change, represented by the invasion of an organism by an alien virus which destroys or mutilates the heritable characters and hence its future potential. And this is what is clearly happening with the virus of the dreary, deterministic religion of human power, which has now entered deeply into the Anglican Church, and most of the others as well.
Even so, there remains open the way of redemption, not by adapting the Faith to tolerate its disease, but by rebirth, and a new growth from the original living inspiration."
Geoffrey Dobbs, "The Shape of Priests to Come" 1980


As this grisly and tragic Iraqi conflict moves towards its final stages, the sheer ineptitude of what has happened must be a cause for reflection. Along with a seemingly inevitable subjugation of Baghdad a great mass of subsequent problems will surface with a vengeance. The Turkish-Kurdish confrontation is simmering and ready to explode. Afghanistan, which abuts northern Iraq, is largely back in the hands of the Taliban, who are making the lives of America's occupying puppets a misery. Both Iran and Syria, knowing they are next in line in the "axis of evil" will hardly be co-operative in smoothing the US path.
Subsequent guerilla war in Iraq itself will be more painful on a longer term basis than the current phase of the conflict.

Arguments over the subsequent 're-building' of Iraq will pit the United States against Europe and the tattered UN. Who will finance all this will be a question capable of beggaring economies already reeling. The giant corporations, like Dick Cheney's Halliburton, already have their snouts in the trough. For them, the bigger the destruction the fatter the subsequent cheque for re-building.

And Israel? Without firing a shot itself, it will have seen its territorial ambitions enhanced by American, British and Australian troops. It has its fingers right on the pulse of the conflict. The Weekly Telegraph (UK, 607, 12-18 March 2003) reported:
"… Patriots, designed to shoot down incoming missiles in the event of an Iraqi attack, have been provided by the US and Germany to back up Israel's Arrow anti-missile system. Up to 600 US troops arrived in Israel weeks ago, taking part in low-profile exercises and training. An Israeli army spokesman would only say: "Patriot missiles will be deployed in different parts of Israel's territory in the coming days".
The US has quietly set up a joint command center attached to its embassy in Tel Aviv, at which Israeli officials will be able to see the same electronic overview of the skies over Iraq as US commanders….."

During World War I, the biggest task facing Lawrence of Arabia, who had been sent to produce a viable Arab assault on the Turks in Jerusalem was to unite the warring tribal factions among the Arabs. George Bush has managed to achieve it in one hit. His actions have produced a white-hot Islamic unity right round the world. The warning given by one Iraqi spokesman that this would produce "a hundred bin Ladens", with whom the West will have to contend, is, if anything, an understatement.


One by one, the lies told by the Bush administration to justify this war, and parroted by Blair and Howard, are being exposed.. One example is the supposed gassing of Kurds at Halabja in northern Iraq in March 1988. How many times the bloated corpses of those killed been portrayed on television is anyone's guess. Both Blair and Howard have echoed the story. What they forgot to mention was that the CIA's own senior political analyst during the Iran-Iraq war, Stephen Pelletiere, who was responsible for drawing up a report for the US government on the incident, stated very firmly that the Iranians and not the Iraqis were responsible for the massacre of Kurds by chemicals at Halabja in 1988. Pelletiere's report was in fact reprinted by The New York Times, (31/1/03).
But why let the facts get in the way of a good story that might help the war effort?

Pelletiere wrote in the article: "I am in a position to know because as the Central Intelligence Agency's senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, and as a Professor at the Army War College from 1988 to 2000, I was privy to much of the classified material that flowed through Washington having to do with the Persian Gulf. In addition, I headed a 1991 Army investigation into how the Iraqis would fight a war against the United States; the classified version of the report went into great detail on the Halabja affair …. Immediately after the battle the United States Defence Intelligence Agency investigated and produced a classified report, which it circulated within the intelligence community on a need-to-know basis. That study asserted that it was Iranian gas that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas …."


Somewhat better known, but still outrageous was the report praised by Secretary of State Colin Powell, produced by the Blair government to 'prove' that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This was supposed to be the final nail-in-the-coffin for the Iraqi dictator. Unfortunately, it was subsequently revealed that the report was nothing but a plagiarism of material found on the Internet with most of it being more than 12 years out of date. The BBC was even forced to report that the British Government document was "copied from three different articles, including one written by a postgraduate student …"
The BBC continued: "Excerpts from a paper relating to the build-up to the 1991 Gulf War by Californian student Ibrahim al Marashi were used in the intelligence document. The paper was published in the Middle Eastern Review of International Affairs".


Powell's report was nothing compared to the next fiasco. On January 28, 2003 in his State of the Union address, President Bush announced to the world: "The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently bought significant quantities of uranium from Africa …." The documents, given to International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed El Baradei, indicated that Iraq tried to buy 500 tons of uranium from Niger. Colin Powell had also referred to this 'revelation' in his attempted justification for war against Iraq, to the UN Security Council. One month earlier the US State Department used the information to support its case that Iraq was lying about its weapons programmes. But a closer investigation of these documents revealed that they were obvious forgeries. One of the documents was a letter discussing the uranium deal supposedly signed by Niger President Tandja Mamadou.
The UN weapons inspectors described the signature as "childlike" and said it clearly was not Mamadou's.

Another, written on paper from a 1980s military government in Niger, bears the date of October 2000 and the signature of a man who by then had not been foreign minister in Niger for 14 years!

The forgery was, in fact, highlighted by El Baradei in his March 7 2003 presentation to the UN Security Council, but this was simply ignored by both British and American governments.


In recent issues of On Target we have revealed the move by some oil-producing countries - including Iraq - to shift from the acceptance of the US Dollar in payment for oil to the Euro. If this became general, the rush by nations round the world to sell American securities in exchange for Euros would all but destroy the American economy. This is now being discussed by commentators worldwide. It may be that the castration of the United States has been foreseen by many in the globalist coterie, and they are adjusting accordingly.
Known globalists such as Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, George Soros, Mikhail Gorbachev and Walter Cronkite have come out against the US war against Iraq. Why?

Henry Makow, Ph.D, one of the most discerning commentators around, posted this article on March 23, 2003. under the heading ELITE SETS THE STAGE FOR WORLD WAR THREE - AMERICANS TO TAKE THE 'FALL' THIS TIME. He said:
Something very worrisome is happening. Some of Rockefeller's best toadies oppose the war. But Rockefeller and his ilk are responsible for the war. What gives?

It appears the global elite is dividing its minions into two "house teams" again. The last time this happened we had the Fascist-Communist slugfest called World War II. The same satanic cabal controlled both sides and picked Germany to take the fall. This time, the US, Britain and the "coalition of the willing" are on one side. On the other are France, Germany, Russia and China. The center of global power is moving to China, Europe and Russia. I see a world war over Korea, or more likely Iran and control of the Middle East oil.
The US overextended from Kuwait to Korea, will come up short.
My guess is that the US will find itself increasingly isolated and vilified as a result of the Iraq war. I suspect the hidden agenda is to bring down the world's last superpower, to replace the UN with a new instrument of "world government" to kill a lot of people and to wean Americans off democracy and their high standard of living….."

Makow went on: "…For almost 100 years the American leadership class has belonged to an international cabal that is determined to dissolve all human loyalties, including the nation-state, and establish a global tyranny. George Bush, who is part of this cabal, has led the American people into a trap. Who in their right mind would deliberately alienate 1.3 billion Muslims? Of course Hussein is a bad man, but this is not the motive. The US is acting as 'gofer' for the Zionists and the oil cartel, two leading parts of the cabal. They will come out ahead, while Americans will foot the bill and take the brunt of Muslim indignation".

After comprehensively illustrating his theme, Makow concluded:
"…. While Americans are distracted by jingoism and jiggle, they are being set up for a nasty fall. The leadership class has already "left the building" as it were. The end of the Iraqi war will find the United States isolated and reviled. As the Bush cabal tries to push its advantage, it will come into conflict with China and other nuclear powers. A major confrontation will ensue and an overextended US will be humbled. Americans will take a greatly reduced place in a new world order.

Americans should direct their anger not at their country but against their political and cultural elite, which is corrupt, cowardly and traitorous…." (https://www.savethemales.ca) Makow's personal E-mail is henrym@mts.net.

It would be nice to imagine that our bullish Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, has this long-term scenario at his finger-tips, and is forward-planning with Australia's best interests at heart. Why does one recoil from any conviction that this is so?


Taken from the "The Rock", a Canadian journal for Anglican traditionalists. Based on a report in an South Western, English newspaper.

"That accomplished politician and Chairman of the South West Constitutional Convention, the bishop of Exeter, recently published a booklet entitled "The Future South West." The most interesting statement in it was the declaration that 'the over-riding concern of the Convention is democracy." On 28th June this year it was revealed that in future no one will be admitted to meetings of his Convention unless they sign a declaration of support for its aims. Whether all the Church of England Bishops up and down the country who are chairing these Regional Conventions are following his example is unknown, but all preach their faith in democracy, the need to 'bring Government closer to people", and deny any EU involvement.
Why is the C of E involved in this sort of thing?

The answer I believe, is that it is working for "A Soul for Europe", an EU Commission project to use religion for political purposes, encourage integration, and the abolition of nation states. (emphasis added)

The Commission has already given over £25 million to 'pro-integration projects.' One was the building of a mosque in Kosovo. Applicants for grants under the Soul for Europe plan must "explicitly promote the integration of Europe" and "publicly acknowledge that assistance has come from the EU". There is no mention of faith or the Scriptures in the paperwork on A Soul for Europe. It is all about politics and money.

In 1998, shortly after A Soul for Europe was launched, another quasi-religious group emerged. This is "Christians and the Future of Europe" (CAFE), which was started by a Church of England Canon in Cambridge, and is funded by the EU Commission. The aim of CAFE is to "construct a multi-lingual, multi-faith Europe with free movement of people." It influences theological training all over Britain. No mention of A Soul for Europe or CAFE is made at meetings chaired by these Bishops, but once these facts are known, the reason for the strange behaviour of C of E Bishops becomes clear. They are working to EU standards by EU methods.

The "Constitution" that they are proposing would not be British, based on Magna Carta and the Declaration of Rights but the EU Constitution currently being contrived by the committee of un-elected ex-Prime Ministers in Brussels. Their meetings are advertised as "debates" but there is no debate. Only one point of view is expressed from the platform, and any attempt to put an opposing view has so far been drowned out by the 'democratic' supporters of the "Constitutional Conventions", with no attempt by the Chairman to maintain order.

It is hard to fathom the purpose behind the Church of England's involvement in active politics, and even harder to understand its denial of the EU base.

A book has recently been published entitled "101 Reasons for Leaving the EU" written by "A group of Anglican clergy and laity", so not all C of E members support the idea of a reconstituted Holy Roman Empire, which appears to be the aim of CAFE. The EU is designed to abolish nation states. It seems the Church of England is intent on abolishing itself.
Editor's comment. Joseph Goebells must be giggling in his grave! In happier days this activity would be classified as "treason" and its " promoter's" height shortened by the use of an axe.

from The Rt. Revd. Riah El-Assal

The Rt. Revd. Riah El-Assal is the Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem.

Dear Friends, Salaam and grace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and blessed greetings from Jerusalem.
As I begin this message I want to first thank all who are supporting us at this time in Jerusalem, in aid of our schools, hospitals, and service institutions, together with all the support we offer throughout the church to those in need at this time of crisis locally. The support we receive is much appreciated, and helps to alleviate the pain of many in our Land.
This message also comes out as further escalation in international affairs begins with the war in Iraq today. With increasing uncertainty with regard to the future, I want first and foremost to thank all who have been relentlessly working for peace, and firmly standing against the use of arms. I want to say thank you for all church people and churches around the world who have been concerned with the prophetic message and calling of the church to pose the question of Christ before all who claim power and order in the world.
We live at a time when many who claim to be Christians are Christ-less Christians. I continue to believe that whoever thinks that they can bring about a new world order with the power of the gun will be defeated.

Whoever said that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" poses this question of Christ, who becomes the victim of the powerful. True it is that we are to reach out to those who are in need. However, those in need these days are those who think they know the truth. They are in need of facing the poor Christ, who reminds them of their poverty.

The war has begun, and we will begin counting the dead, the victims, and the injured. The aggressor bears the responsibility of those innocent lives. Is it not enough that Iraq has lost 1.7 million children over the last 10 years, over the use of Uranium, and the spread of leukaemia?
I call upon you to remember the victims, who will be unnamed.
For us here it seems that the party that is benefiting from this conflict is Israel. Israel has secured US$10 billion as part of a massive war budget. US$1 billion of this will be in military aid, to buy more bulldozers, and more weapons. The rest will be for what they claim to compensate Israel's loss, which we believe will be used to crush the hope in a Palestinian State by adding to Jewish Settlements in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza. This is not to mention the cost of the whole operation, which is estimated earlier by the Pentagon at close to US $95 billion.

On the other hand, the Palestinian side is going to suffer as much as the Iraqis, if not more. That has been the case in the past, and it is going to be the case again. We already have lost 2000 people. Tens of thousands have been injured, with about 15% handicapped as a result. Thousands of homes have been demolished, and tens of thousands of trees uprooted.
Among those whose lives have been claimed in recent days is an American activist, Rachel Corrie from Olympia. She seems to have been murdered with cold blood according to her colleagues who work with the International Solidarity Movement, and who were present at the time of her killing. Eyewitnesses say that there is no way she could not have been seen by the soldiers in their elevated cabin, when she was 10-20 metres away. Sadly, with all that suffering, and all these deaths and losses, we hear of no compensation to the Palestinians.

The Church in Jerusalem will continue to work and fulfil its calling in the midst of all this chaos. We remain where we are, trying to cope with the situation, through our hospitals, schools and other services. We call upon our people to open themselves in prayers to the mercy of God, and like Christ be firm and courageous even in their silence before those who torment the body. Our presence will have to be preserved, and our calling accomplished. We cannot flee, we cannot claim neutrality. Many do that, but that is not the way of Christ. It is the way of Pilate. May God deliver us from those temptations.
It is always good to know that we are upheld by the prayers of the Church around the world, and we ask you to be in touch with us, in as much as we ask you to be at prayer for the people of Iraq, for the people of Palestine, and all who suffer in the world. Know that this comes with my prayer, and best wishes for a blessed Lent. In Christ,

from Brian Whitaker's email

"As the assault on the Iraqi capital looms, machinations about the country's future are already under way," writes Brian Whitaker, 2nd April, 2003.
"The battle for Baghdad is about to begin in earnest, according to numerous reports this morning. The invasion forces are said to be 'poised' and a massive ground offensive is 'imminent'.
Amid the talk of capturing Baghdad, the Guardian reports that Pentagon experts have spent several months observing Israeli military operations in Palestinian cities, and have been studying videos of the assault on Jenin last year.
The article quotes a retired Israeli brigadier-general: 'An urban environment is the great equaliser. You can't utilise your superiority in training and equipment. It's very easy for your adversary to hide and he usually knows the terrain much better than you.'

Meanwhile, Iraq's government-in-waiting, which the US is setting up under great secrecy in Kuwait, is beset by political turmoil. Pentagon hardliners appear to be mounting a coup d'etat even before the government has any territory to control.
Apart from the attempt by Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, to install Ahmed Chalabi, the failed Iraqi banker, and his cronies in advisory positions (since all the ministerial posts will be filled by Americans), the Pentagon has also ousted eight senior officials nominated by the US state department. The Pentagon is seeking to replace the state department people, who include several ambassadors, with a bunch of neo-conservative hawks - most notably James Woolsey, a former CIA director.
One of the first concerns of this government-in-waiting is what to do about Iraqi banknotes which - horror of horrors - carry a picture of Saddam Hussein. Their solution, according to the Washington Post, is to scrap the Iraqi dinar and replace it with the US dollar. This will doubtless be viewed by all Iraqis as conclusive proof of America's imperialist intentions.
Several major Iraqi opposition groups, such as the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Iraqi National Accord, say they have been excluded from discussions about the interim government. A KDP official yesterday described the US plans as "not workable at all".
Although Britain has been consulted, it also seems unhappy about US plans to establish neo-colonial rule, even if it's supposed to be temporary. Prime minister Tony Blair yesterday called for a UN-sponsored conference of all groups to start reshaping Iraq's future.
Most reports so far suggest that the Pentagon's government will be very short-term - 90 days is the period mentioned - and that it will not start to take over until Saddam Hussein has been removed. However, if resistance in Baghdad is prolonged, it may assume control over the "liberated" parts of Iraq earlier. It is possible, therefore, that by the time Saddam falls, a new Pentagon regime will have become firmly entrenched on Iraqi soil…"


We urge others to take up pen and paper and write their own letters to politicians of all persuasions and heads of the Christian Churches. The following letter was forwarded to Prime Minister John Howard.

Dear Mr Howard,
The final repository of truth governing all our actions lies in the imperishable gift of the Christian gospel given to us by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
This morning's gospel reading of all mainstream Christian churches throws blinding light on the evil you have perpetrated on Australia. It tells me why you lied to us for so many months in the lead up to March 20, which will always be remembered as the blackest day of shame in our history, for that date marked the first time an Australian government departed from our traditional role of defending the weak and helpless and entered into a compact to slaughter a helpless, weak and defenceless people. Every individual member of your shameful government is now recorded as having participated in that shameful day.
In today's gospel reading from John 3:14, 21, we find these words, "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil."
For months on end you lied to us about your intention to bow to the forces of evil in the world demanding war on Iraq. You continuously told us you had no fixed intention to comply, while knowing it was always your intention to comply. You lied because you feared the political backlash would thwart the carrying out of your evil deed. The following verse puts the matter so much clearer than I ever could:
"For everyone who doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God."
When I criticised your policies of betraying Australian sovereignty to globalist power, my wife who held you in high regard, always defended you. She is now completely disillusioned, and every time I put on the news service to hear the latest news of Australian, American, and British troops engaged in slaughtering helpless Iraqis, she leaves the room. That is what you have done to our home, and thousands more Australian homes. Not only have you committed Australia to an obscene war, you have brought civil war into our nation.
In all this I pity you, as any decent citizen must pity those who sacrifice principle for power. I therefore hunger for the day when the Christian Church clearly enunciates the supreme preciousness of that birthright which forbids exchanging it for power, prestige and material reward. If all elected members of our parliaments prized their birthright as Christ taught, we would not have parliaments which are composed of warring parties, but a membership of citizens taking part in Godly government, in which the choice between service to God or Mammon is so clearly defined, the corruption of power and service to Mammon would have no part. As it is, all those who have exchanged their birthright for the mess of pottage offered them by a party machine have chosen to serve Mammon.
Consequently as part of my responsibility in this matter I will send copies of this letter to Christian Bishops sworn to uphold the power and authority of Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Whom mammon has no residence. Unlike the political underlings who swear their first loyalty to a party machine, Christian bishops swear their first loyalty to God, and thus are His servants in achieving that unity in diversity in which tyranny, be it global, or national, has no place.
Yours in His service, Edward Rock, Cape Paterson Vic.

The following is a portion of the letter Edward Rock sent to the G.G. As he has been corresponding with G.G. Dr. Peter Hollingworth for many a year, he was not being disrespectful in using his Christian name.

Dear Peter,
"Your Office evolved in the struggle to enunciate a form of Christian Constitutionalism which protected Christ's flock against such inordinate power, and invested power used in Christian Government of the people in a Trinity in Unity, Monarch, and two Houses of Parliament in which "none is afore, or after other: none is greater or less than another."
Corrupt party politics, under which individual representatives secede their birthright of personal sovereignty in exchange for party nomination and all the gifts of mammon, such nomination has led to the supremacy of the Lower House and invested its leader with power designed to destroy the Trinity in Unity.
The source of power the Trinity in Unity must defend, was pinpointed by Christ when, "He was demanded of the Pharisees, when the Kingdom of God should come. He answered them and said the Kingdom of God cometh not by observation. Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or Lo there! For the Kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:20,21.
When Christian constitutionalism keeps power located within each individual, who, without judgement as to worthiness, elect parliaments which truly reflect that location of the Kingdom of God, corrupt power is minimized and we approach the point of true democracy.(emphasis added…ed) The role of the Christian Monarch and his/her representatives has been seen more and more as the balancing factor in maintaining that Trinity in Unity.
Our Prime Minister is challenging the validity of Christian Constitutionalism, because, as he unashamedly confesses, he is a convinced globalist, and as such he has consistently throughout his political career, with complete candour, endorsed the marxist creed concerning centralised political power in partnership with centralised finance, the two factors governing power that corrupts absolutely… "
Yours in His Service, Edward Rock, Cape Patterson. Vic.

In response to Evan Trousse's letter of last week Edward Rock wrote:
By all means, every patriotic Australian should write to the G.G. on the lines suggested by Evan, but they should also send copies to other responsible and authoritative Australians to increase the arena of their concern.


National Director, Betty Luks will be attending a number of meetings in Victoria late April, early may.
The meetings confirmed at this stage are as follows:
Horsham, Monday 28th April.
Numurkah, Tuesday 29th April.
Rushworth, Wednesday 30th April.
Taralgon, Thursday 1st May.
Lilydale, Friday, 2nd May.

There will be a meeting at Naracoorte, South Australia, Tuesday 6th May 2003.


"What is really going on in the Middle East?" Two speakers from an Australian-Middle East community have been invited to be our guests at the next Conservative Speakers' Club, Monday 14th April at the Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, (cnr. Carrington) Adelaide. Dinner from 6.30pm and Speakers' addresses from 7.45pm.
How many Australians understand they are being subjected to the most intense propaganda campaign - to mould their opinions as to the rights or wrongs of the present war - as the 'coalition of the willing' conduct a war of aggression against the nation of Iraq? And using our own sons and daughters to do it!
We have asked the speakers to base their addresses on what they think are the reasons for the war of aggression, why it is happening now and what do they think are the ambitions of the Zionist state of Israel. Make every effort to hear the speakers.
Bookings must be in by Friday 11th April. Phone 8395 9826. $16.50 for a two course meal.

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