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Edmund Burke
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27 June 2003. Thought for the Week: "Because the signs of our times point to a struggle between absolutes we may expect the future to be a time of trials and catastrophes for two reasons: firstly, to stop disintegration. Godlessness would go on and on if there were no catastrophes... God will not allow unrighteousness to become eternal. Revolution, disintegration, chaos must be reminders that our thinking has been wrong, our dreams have been unholy. Moral truth is vindicated by the ruin that follows when it has been repudiated. Adversity is the expression of God's condemnation of evil, the registering of Divine Judgment. As hell is not sin, but the effect of sin, so these disordered times are not sin, but the wages of sin, catastrophe reveals that evil is self-defeating; we cannot turn from God without hurting ourselves."
Bishop Fulton Sheen in "Communism and the Conscience of the West" 1948


Past sins and prevarications are slowly catching up with the Howard Government. It is going to be extremely difficult to ignore questions about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the true position in Afghanistan, and security in S.E. Asia now that the euphoria about war is behind us.

With inquiries now under way in Britain, the US and Australia there will be a steady flow of information crossing from one investigation to another. It is all very well for the UK's Geoffrey Hoon and Australia's Alexander Downer to say that the evidence of WMDs will soon turn up - it's only a matter of time. Had they been any threat to the rest of the world - if they even exist - they would have had to be in a position for ready deployment. Buried in some remote location, they obviously were not so.

In all three western allies prominent people with no axe to grind gave warnings of faulty intelligence before the first shots were fired. In Australia, intelligence officer Andrew Wilkie had nothing to gain from aborting his own career on a matter of principle. In Britain, former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and fellow minister Claire Short could have behaved like the 'tame-cat' backbenchers in Australia and just kept silent, whatever their misgivings. But their stand, and current public statements must be salt in Tony Blair's wounds. Both are adamant that he selected the intelligence that would support a predetermined decision to go to war. Blair has been careless with the truth, which is unforgivable in a Prime Minister consigning his troops into action.
Now in the United States President Bush's reputation has been severely dented by one of the most experienced intelligence analysts in the country. Mr Rand Beers, who served under four presidents on the National Security Council, resigned just before the Iraqi war claiming the State Department's policy was making the US less, rather than more secure. "I saw the things that weren't being done. And the longer I sat and watched, the more concerned I became," he told the Washington Post. "The administration wasn't matching its deeds to its words in the war on terrorism," Mr Beers said "They're making us less secure." …" (The Australian, 18/6/03)
With 36 years experience in intelligence analysis, until recently as Bush's special assistant on combating terrorism, Beers said he had never felt so strongly about anything as he did about the need for change in America's current policy. "…. The theme of his criticisms are familiar in Europe: that the US focus on Iraq has allowed the terrorist network al Qu'ida off the hook; that the US is losing the peace in Afghanistan and has failed to pressure Saudi Arabia to crack down on terrorist funding …."

All these claims and counter-claims are going to haunt Prime Minster Howard and his henchmen before it is all over. He may be able to dominate Parliament for a little while longer, with the implicit obedience of the Liberals and Nationals. But he cannot stop the avalanche of unsavoury evidence that will be coming from overseas.
Apart from evidence in Britain and the US, Australians are now seeing evidence, night after night, that the war has not been won in Iraq; and that much of Afghanistan is back in the hands of the Taliban. Both Howard and Downer now appear anxious and defensive. Well might they be so. There is no way they can hide or control the mass of evidence still to come about events in the Middle East. If ever we needed evidence of the value of the Senate, it can be seen in the establishment of the inquiry, against the wishes of Prime Minister Howard.


The recent war in Iraq cost somewhere between $US60 and 70 billion. The rebuilding process is estimated to be at least $100 billion, possibly going as high as $180 billion. It's amazing how much damage can be done in a few short weeks. Hitherto, the US has been adamant that it will keep sole control over post-war Iraq. But that means it will have to foot the bill on its own. And it's already hurting. The troops are going to have to remain on police duty for a long time to come. They are being subjected to a tense and dangerous environment to carry out civil duties for which they have not been trained. It appears there will be a steady number of 'incidents' in which US soldiers are short or bombed.

To begin with, rebuilding contracts went to huge US corporations without public tender. Included were Halliburton and Bechtel, associated with prominent figures in the State Department. If the US is to attract any international funding for the rebuilding process it will have to relinquish its monopoly and allow bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank to become involved. But that's the last thing the US wants to do.

Over 4000 companies worldwide, including 77 from Australia, are lined up for lucrative contracts in Iraq. Currently, they will only obtain sub-contracts from the giant US firms. Only one Australian company has succeeded, Patrick Corporation, which has been sub-contracted to the US firm SkyLink Air & Logistices, for the rebuilding of Baghdad Airport. If international bodies such as the UN and the World Bank were given responsibility for rebuilding, all that would change. It would no longer be a US 'closed shop'. Tendering opportunities would be spread around.

Halliburton, which majors on oil infrastructure, already has a firm foothold in the Iraqi oil industry, which was and is a strong US priority. A Halliburton subsidiary based in Adelaide, Kellogg, Brown and Root, is angling for some Iraqi contracts "on behalf of Australian companies". But they're not Australian at all, even though (currently) based here. They're part of the multinational invasion that has decimated Australian industries over recent years.

AusAid, the Australian aid agency, has earmarked some $100 million for Iraq. $55 million has already been allocated for immediate humanitarian needs, and $45 million committed for rebuilding. But this amount will be channeled through international bodies such as the World Bank or the UN. Now another problem has arisen. Overseas companies looking for juicy contracts in Iraq must be able to depend on a peaceful environment in which to work. But the current scene is anything but peaceful.
Working in a hostile population, with spasmodic outbursts of looting, shootings and bombings, companies must be sure that the safety of their workers is paramount. This isn't so at the moment, and the scramble for Iraqi contracts has slowed considerably.


Looked at as a big picture, surely we must ask whether the hugely-destructive wars of the 21st Century are not designed to alleviate the ever-encroaching problem of unemployment? What logic can there be in blasting an entire country to smithereens in a few short weeks, and than award 'golden' contracts round the world to rebuild that which has been destroyed? America has done it in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and now Iraq.
In a frenzied 'growth' economic policy environment, destruction is a vital part of the process. It results in ever-growing industrial opportunities!

If the gigantic productive capacity of companies like Bechtel and Halliburton are not rebuilding shattered infrastructure somewhere in the world, what else could they be doing? Downsizing their workforces? Putting machines into mothballs? Accepting smaller profits? It's crazy, but war makes job-creation a reality. What matter if the world bankrupts itself in the process? That's something for the next generation to figure out. Even Bali must have offered some fat contracts to the rebuilders. The only people who won't benefit are those who live there - and the victims whose lives were shattered.


Behind all the froth and bubble of "rebuilding", the imperial military machine of the US steadily expands. In an article headed US SHIFTS TROOPS TO CAUCASUS AND AFRICA, The Australian Financial Review, (12/6/03) said:
"The Pentagon plans to significantly shrink the US force of 70,000 troops in Germany, a military stronghold for half a century, and put far more American forces in Africa and the Caucasus region. The push, part of the most radical redeployment of American forces since the end of the Cold War, is driven by the increasing importance the US is placing on protecting key oil reserves in Africa and the Caucasus region near the Caspian Sea, as well as addressing concerns about fighting terrorism. Pentagon officials say they expect final decisions to be made in the coming months and that troops could begin moving in about a year….. In the Caucasus region, defence officials said the US was likely to have as many as 15,000 troops, some rotating through small, spartan bases in places such as Azerbaijan. Most of them, however, would move through larger, but still relatively bare-bones facilities in Romania and Bulgaria near ports on the Black Sea. In the Caspian Sea you have large mineral reserves …. We want to be able to assure the long-term viability of those resources" …. In Africa, the defence officials said, the US could increase its presence to as many as 5,000 to 6,500 troops from about 1,500 Marines and special operations soldiers based in Djibouti. The troops would use as many as a dozen semi-permanent bases in Africa …."

The last great Imperial Power is stretching to span the globe, wherever oil, minerals and markets exist. Like all great empires, they over-stretch themselves, goaded by the hatred and animosity they generate in the course of their expansion. The Money Empire, which controls friend and foe alike in the tentacles of its debt web, then moves to its next victim.


The Labor caucus voted unanimously to support the Coalition's controversial ASIO Bill, although such constitutional authorities as Greg Carne of the University of Tasmania said the legislation put Australia beyond the norm of other common law democracies. (The Australian 18th June 2003).

What this will mean in effect:
· ASIO will be able to detain without charge anybody over 18 thought to have information about terrorism.
· Anyone aged 16 to 18 can be detained if they are suspected of direct involvement in terrorism.
· People detained under the bill can be held for up to seven days and questioned for three blocks of eight hours with breaks in between.
· They will face up to five years' gaol for refusing to answer questions or answering inaccurately.
· The new regime will last for three years, parliament then to decide on further anti-terrorist powers for ASIO.

Winding back human rights and civil liberties: In a further sign of the encroaching 'police state,' the telecommunications Interception Report, recently tabled in parliament revealed a 17 per cent increase in the number of warrants issued last year.


New South Wales' folk are asking On Target readers to take up their pens and paper in defence of the State's traditional Royal Coat of Arms, Symbols and Emblems. Mr. Phillip Benwell, National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League writes:

The Breen Bill to remove the Royal Coat of Arms has gone through its First Reading and it is becoming urgent that those who are opposed to the removal of the symbols of our Constitutional Monarchy act positively and without delay. The Bills claims the Royal Coat of Arms to be 'of the United Kingdom' whereas by our own Constitution they have, in the State of New South Wales, become the Royal Coat of Arms of the State.

Whilst there is no legal impediment to the removal of the Royal Coats of Arms there are political arguments, the main one of which is that the major support base of Traditional Labor is also the main support base for the Monarchy and if we can persuade the Premier that he could well antagonise the Traditional Labor by supporting the removal of these Arms, he may decide to withdraw his support which would mean that the Bill would be defeated. Your assistance would be appreciated by emailing or otherwise contacting:-

Hon Robert Carr,
Premier of New South Wales.
Email: bob.carr@www.nsw.gov.au

Level 40 - Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place, Sydney 2000
Phone: 02 9228 5239,
Fax: 02 9228 3935

In your own words requesting him not to support the: "State Arms, Symbols and Emblems Bill - 2003".

The following arguments can be used as a guide only:
1) We had a referendum in 1999 and until the people may later decide to vote for a Republic, we should not remove the Royal Coat of Arms.
2) The Royal Coats of Arms have become a part of our cultural heritage and the cost involved is too great to pander to the fancies of politicians, particularly when the People rejected a republic only four years ago.

For On Target readers: A copy of the Bill will be placed on the League website for your information: BreenBill.htm


Prince Charles is on a collision course with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, after warning of the risks associated with the 'new science' of nanotechnology according to Jonathan Oliver of the U.K. Mail 29th April 2003.

Having already campaigned successfully on genetically modified foods, (as well as producing, commercially, organically grown fruit, veges and a range of biscuits) Prince Charles will now go on to host a crisis summit at his Highgrove home - even though he knows Tony Blair has hailed the new science of nanotechnology as a 'startling potential'. Charles will call together leading experts in their field, having publicly highlighted the dangers of these scientists 'playing God'.

Jonathan Oliver of the U.K. Mail reports Charles fears the worst-case scenario of what scientists call the 'grey goo' theory, in which nanotechnology 'spinoffs' could annihilate life on earth. He says Charles knows that nanotechnology has huge potential for progress. The science involves manipulating atoms and molecules - the basic building blocks of the universe. But Charles has also studied academic reports warning that scientists plan to create miniscule 'nanorobots' programmed to build new substances, atom by atom, from raw materials. The academics' report claims that if research goes unchecked, such 'nanorobots' could reproduce like viruses, feeding off all natural matter, and, in an apocalyptic scenario, consume the whole planet turning it into a 'grey goo'.

Scientific research few have heard of: The British Government already provides around £50 million a year to nanotech research, and U.K. Science Minister Lord Sainsbury is shortly expected to announce a further £90 million of grants. As with his intervention over GM food, which also put him at odds with Downing Street, Charles is bringing to public notice scientific research few have previously heard of.

Tiny robots with massive potential: The concept of nanotechnology was first suggested by US physicist Richard Feynman more than 40 years ago when he predicted the future thrust of technology would not be to build large machines, but incredibly small ones. However, it was not until 1990 that the new science had a real breakthrough. A team of IBM researchers managed to manipulate 35 individual atoms so that they spelled out 'IBM'. At its simplest, nanotechnology is technology on the scale of a billionth of a metre or about one eighty-thousandth of the width of the human hair. It is science on the level of individual atoms and molecules - and it is only recently that microscopes powerful enough to study these basic materials of matter have been developed. This new technology allows scientists to move around and, crucially, alter the individual building blocks that make up the universe.

Prince Charles highlights 'nightmare scenario': But there is a nightmare scenario, which Prince Charles is now highlighting. What if a 'nanobot' fails to stop replicating itself? "Worst case-mongers" warn that a mutant strain of these tiny robots could escape a laboratory and begin 'feeding' on the matter around them. This is where the 'grey goo' theory comes in. There are fears that these technologies could run wildly out of control. In a worst-case scenario, the entire planet could be engulfed, the 'nanobots' leaving behind nothing but a formless 'grey goo'.

Scientist and visionary Erich Drexler, the man credited with coining the term nanotechnology, wrote: 'Uncontrolled replicators could spread like pollen, replicate and reduce the biosphere dust in a matter of days.

The 'grey goo' threat makes one thing perfectly clear, we cannot afford certain accidents with replicating assemblers.'" (What a mad hatter's tea party!!…ed)


Thank you to those generous supporters who have brought the League's basic fund up to $38,319-00. It is most heartening to see the figures creeping up towards the target. Please do keep the momentum going; every contribution counts. The League of Rights does not have big business/finance backing, or any of the other 'props' the political parties' are dependent on. The League's solid base of support comes from the Australian people; a scattering across the land. The contributions to the Basic Fund are, in effect, a vote of approval for the work of the League.


Genethics Network has alerted us to moves within South Australia by chemical and GE giant Bayer for a licence for unrestricted commercial release of genetically engineered (GE) canola - the first GE food crop set for commercial release in Australia. Genethics writes:

"Much of Australia's canola crop is used locally, so unlabelled GE canola oil and canola meal in animal feed would soon enter our food supply. The Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) seems set to issue a licence for the proposed commercial release, with few conditions. The location, scale and timing of releases would not be public. The OGTR's Risk Assessment and Management Plan for GE canola is published (see: www.ogtr.gov.au Tel: 1800 181 030). But that is not the end of the story.

Governments can keep us GE-free: State and territory governments have the power to declare GE-free zones that prohibit GE crop releases, if the crops may ruin markets. The SA government inquiry into marketing issues over GE products is continuing. Meanwhile, Bayer has promised not to release its GE canola in SA just for this year. All of South Australia is GE-free. The government should fully support the new consensus that Australia should remain GE-free for five years.

Commercial GE canola crops are frozen in:
· Tasmania, until 2008;
· NSW, for three years;
· ACT Health Committee says five years;
· WA, for five years, with an inquiry going on;
· SA, this year, with an inquiry going on; and
· Victoria, this year, with an inquiry promised.

More public pressure is needed on the SA government to ensure they join others to keep Australian farms and our food supply GE-free, long-term.

Why Oppose GE canola: Bayer's herbicide tolerant crop would be over-sprayed with toxic Basta weedkiller, creating more environmental and food pollution, and more unmanageable weeds. It also threatens our markets for clean, green foods. Unrestricted GE canola releases would be made under weak, voluntary, industry protocols which set:
· 5 metre buffer zones;
· farmer onus for foreign gene contamination; and
· a seed-saving ban (see: www.avcare.org.au).

For proposals developed by the Network of Concerned Farmers see: www.non-gm-farmers.com


Whilst travelling through parts of Queensland during my recent tour, I was struck by the amount of radio airtime given to the issue of fluoridating Brisbane's household water supply - for the peoples' benefit, of course! The radio listeners were given the 'spin' that other capital cities have had fluoridated water for many years and the state of the children's teeth in those cities is just great, therefore, Brisbane also needs to have fluoridation. I have lived in Adelaide for over thirty years - and have never drunk the tap water (chlorinated and fluoridated). I know many, many folk in Adelaide who also do not drink the tap water. In fact, small firms are busily supplying fresh bottled water to hundreds of Adelaide homes - because the people will not drink the chlorinated, fluoridated water issuing from the taps! Other families have filtering systems on their kitchen taps, thus filtering out the fluoride along with the other chemical nasties. Hardly a vote of confidence in the chemical cocktail known as Adelaide water!


It is with great sadness we announce the passing of (Albert) Keith Fuss of Toowoomba, Queensland.
On the 23rd April 1996 Keith wrote to Betty Luks, who was, at the time, researching the early history of the League in South Australia.

"I first heard Eric Butler speak about the 6th June 1946 at Cummins (South Australia) in the local hall, or institute as they were called down there. I well remember it was very cold. I had only very recently been discharged from the A.I.F. (Army), I well remember wearing my khaki army overcoat to the meeting. I was only a few weeks back from the tropics, 'Balikpapen' Borneo. Maybe it was the numbing effect of the cold, but Eric Butler made sense to me that night, and I have been a staunch supporter of him ever since. He spoke on "The Enemy Within the Empire." I bought a booklet by that title, by Eric D. Butler, and I have it in my left hand as I write these few lines…"

You will be greatly missed Keith. Our deepest sympathies go to his dear wife, Valda.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 25th June 2003. Video Showing on the Big Screen: John Pilger, "Paying the Price, Killing the Children of Iraq" and "War on Iraq". The venue is the Lithuanian Club, 16 East Terrace, Bankstown, where there is ample parking and situated only 600 metres from the Bankstown Railway Station. There are nearby facilities for a meal before the meeting. The cost of attendance is $4.00 per person.


The next CSC will be held on Monday 7th July 2003. Guest speakers will be Mr. Jim Cronin & Mr. Bill Carey of "Bankwatch". The title of their joint address is "Update on Bankwatch".
In the late 1980s at an 18th Birthday celebration and idea started to ferment and led Jim Cronin and Bill Carey to attempt the impossible - to get some desperate farmers out of trouble with the banks. The story of what happened after that was set out in detail in a book "Operation Bankwatch". The League is in the process of setting up a new website dedicated to such men as Jim and Bill so they have been invited to bring us up-to-date on the present situation as they see it.
Venue is: The Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (cnr. Carrington) Adelaide.
Dinner 6.30pm and Public Address 7.40pm. Dinner bookings must be in by Thursday 3rd July. Phone/ Fax 8395 9826/7. $18 per person. There will be a wide selection of books, audios and videos for sale. The Mayo Tape Library will tape the message as usual. A collection will be taken to help cover costs and the work of the League.


The 34th Gippsland Regional Dinner will be held on Wednesday 9th July 2003. The venue will be P J's Colonial Café, 22 Church Street, Traralgon (halfway between Seymour and Hotham Streets). Guest speaker will be the National Director of the Australian League of Rights Betty Luks who will be speaking on: "The Usurping of Power by Politicians World-Wide". Dinner will be $30 per person and drinks to be purchased from the bar. Please make out cheques to Gippsland Socred, (a group set up to promote Social Credit in Gippsland).
Remittances to D. Sykes, 225 Neaves Road, Callignee Vic. 3844 before 2nd July, 2003.


National Director Betty Luks will be in Tasmania for a number of League 'in-house' meetings, plus the Launceston Conservative Speakers' Club, Wednesday 16th July 2003. The visit will be from Friday 11th through to Wednesday 16th July.
Details are: Hobart Friday, 11th July;
Launceston Monday, 14th July,
North/West Coast Tuesday, 15th July,
Launceston Conservative Speakers' Club Wednesday, 16th July.
For further information please phone: 03 6331 6414.


The West Australian State Weekend will be held Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of August. Make a note in your diaries NOW. The theme for the Seminar is: "Insanity Fair". Guest speakers will include Mr. Geoff Muirden of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, and Mr. Tom Lawson on Australia's most crime-ridden capital city - Perth.


Books by Anthony Cooney: "Clifford Hugh Douglas" $5.50; "Social Credit Asterisks" $8.50; "One Sword at Least - G.K. Chesterton" $8.00; "Hilaire Belloc 1870-1953" $6.50. Prices include postage and handling.
Books by Michael Lane: "Human Ecology: and Social Credit" $9.50 "Herald of Social Credit" $11.50. Prices include postage and handling. Available from all League Book Services.


Have you purchased your copy of Jeremy's video? At a time of worldwide unrest and disillusion with the vested interests manipulating the lives of ordinary people, the material in Jeremy's video, "Retell the Story!" will prove a bombshell! How can nations, communities and families be so deeply in debt that there is no apparent way out? And, he asks, "Who's the mortgagee?" Send for copies of the video today. Available from all League Book Services for $20 posted.

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