Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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1 August 2003. Thought for the Week: "Out of the remnants of the Roman slave state, the Church proposed to build a social order based on the idea (1) that the humblest human being had been touched by a magic wand when God became human, so that the humblest human being was no mere draught animal but, on the contrary, akin to God and (2) that the same God being the Creator of the natural world, every human being was akin to the natural world in a new way; and (3) she proclaimed the rule of the servant, that is, the artisan, the domestic, the tiller of the soil, those dedicated to practical industry. Because it was a social revolution over against the Old Order, the medieval Church was schizophrenic… she "gestated the soul of the West in the womb of the East" and proclaimed liberty in the language of slaves - hence the dark side of her history, which there is no need to minimize."
"Human Ecology & Social Credit: The Legacy of Tom Robertson." by Michael Lane, 2002.


by Jeremy Lee
As the financial year came to an end on June 30, California officially declared itself bankrupt. With an economy bigger that Australia's - in fact the world's fifth largest economy - and a population nearly twice the size (35 million) the State is too indebted to meet its bills.
California blames the Federal Government, which has cut its budget allocation to the States so that it can expand its war programme. The Californian government refused to pass the Budget, and there is now a free-for-all as attempts are made to oust the Governor and find some new leader. By midnight on June 30 no way of balancing the Budget had been found, no area of budget cuts feasible. The State is poised to run out of money altogether by September.

Although California's budget deficit ($US38.2 billion) is larger than all the other State deficits combined, a host of other States are in deep trouble. 46 out of the 50 States have crippling budget deficits and are attempting desperately to find ways to cut back. But California is shutting down many essential services. Legislators and the Governor have had their pay suspended. Educational establishments and other essential services have either been cut to the bone or shut down altogether. Queensland's Courier-Mail commented:
"…. "It's ironic that almost all states in the world's richest nation are broke, and California, the wealthiest among them, is in the worst state of all," said University of Southern California politics expert Sherry Jeffe. The crisis also left law-makers in Nevada and Pennsylvania unable to pass a formal budget for the new fiscal year. And Oregon, Connecticut and New Hampshire managed to approve only stop-gap plans that allow their governments to continue functioning while legislators thrash out a proper budget. Connecticut Governor John Rowland deployed State troopers yesterday to force state legislators to find a way out of the crippling crisis after he threatened to veto the $US400 million 'mini-budget' passed on Monday night. He issued an executive order funding essential services for the next week and dispatched the troopers to deliver subpoenas ordering legislators to return to the state assembly and continue the debate until a Budget was finalized."

Only one American State that we are aware of - Alaska, the 49th - is not in immediate trouble. Since 1976 it has been squirreling part of its oil royalties away in The Alaska Permanent Fund for such a rainy day. Without State income taxes or sales taxes, the Alaska Permanent Fund now has assets worth over $US27 billion, which, for a state population of 620,000 is not too bad!. But over the period the Fund has also paid an annual dividend to Alaskan citizens over the age of six months averaging some $US2,000 per head each twelve month.
The Alaskans made a wise decision when their Fund was established by referendum - the management and constitutional legislation prevented elected politicians getting their hands on the peoples' money!


The July New Times Survey contains a lengthier article on the Californian debt crisis, set within the context of the overall consolidated debt crisis now facing the United States. The combination of all debts in the US now exceeds $US49 trillion, - a sum incapable of repayment. The much anticipated but totally illusory 'recovery' which all the pundits are praying will arrive within the next 12 months, can only be achieved by American exports large enough to repay debt and interest.

With the largest Current Account Deficit in US history with the rest of the world this year - $US500 billion - and an increase in unemployment of 2.1 million in the last 12 months - PLUS a rapacious and bottomless military budget as George Bush tries to be the world's policeman - the Ides do not look auspicious for America in the period ahead.
(The New Times Survey, July 2003 issue, $5 posted from: The Heritage Bookshop, Box 1052 J, GPO Melbourne, 3001)

One thing we can be sure of; the money-lenders will be gathering, as they do with ever-increasing frequency, and going through California's remaining assets to see what they can seize or acquire. They might even call in the International Monetary Fund, as they have done in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. If that doesn't wake Americans, and especially Californians, to the whole question of usury and debt finance, nothing ever will.


The Bulletin - Australia's oldest and best-known current affairs weekly - in its issue for July 1 depicted the "coalition of the willing", Bush, Blair and Howard, in profile, each with a Pinocchio's nose about a foot long, and the heading "DID THEY LIE?" It says much that the facts published by small independent newsletters such as On Target are now appearing in the mainstream media. If we had a truly independent media these stories should have appeared much earlier. Journalists like Robert Fisk, Felicity Arbuthnot and John Pilger, while not necessarily always correct, have been much closer to real events than the editorial staff members in head offices who decide what is proper for their readers to be told. The media has much to answer for.

But we should be thankful that all sorts of unsavoury but essential information is beginning to reach the public. A joint-parliamentary committee, against the wishes of Prime Minister Howard, is now due to report in September on the whole mess surrounding the intelligence and the selectively biased process by which Australia went to war. Normally, such a committee, even when government and opposition are included, can be expected to be fairly tame in its findings. But the same process in Britain and America will goad them into a much deeper investigation than usual. Polls show a growing number in each country who believe they were deceived on the arguments for war.

Meanwhile, the truth about Iraq, in contrast to any idea that the war is over and rebuilding advanced and under way, is appearing daily. Even diplomacy is all but impossible. The Australian (212/7/03) told us:
"Al Fahdly, the Iraqi diplomat who has just been put in charge of ties with Australia, spent much of last week trying to find an office with a chair, and knows there is not a single telephone line or computer anywhere in Baghdad's burnt-out foreign ministry …. A few kilometers away, the head of Australia's newly-reopened diplomatic mission, 48-year old Mules, spends hours each day wrestling with three unreliable satellite phones, and is escorted by at least one Australian army light-armoured vehicle each time he ventures into Baghdad's violent streets in his armoured BMW
…."My first performance indicator is not to be killed," he half-joked. "We've had three car-jackings in the immediate area in the past two weeks and cars from the German and Italian embassies have recently been shot at.
When any of the Australian diplomats venture out of their hotel at night for dinner they are flanked by gun-carrying Australian soldiers who wait outside the restaurant, then escort the diplomats home…."

Now George Bush, who so contemptuously dismissed the UN in the prelude to war, is asking with his tail between his legs for UN intervention. Obviously, this will entail the agreement of nations such as France and Germany, who were so rudely treated and insulted by Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld. The cost of the American occupation is about $US4 billion a month - money which states like California will be eyeing enviously as they go bankrupt themselves.

Errol Simper, in his column in the Media section of The Australian July 17-23, 2003) said what more and more are thinking:
"…. It's not just the absence of those much-proclaimed weapons of mass destruction. Iraq also appears stubbornly resistant to the kind of democratic harmony George Bush, Tony Blair and Howard assured us would be enthusiastically-embraced post-invasion. The "new" Iraq is about looted rubble, grieving relatives, political factionalism and armed citizenry. Australian troops were put at risk to achieve this chaos, a chaos estimated to have cost about 4000 civilian lives (Some estimates are much higher - Ed.)

Howard has described the planned parliamentary inquiry into pre-invasion intelligence as "purely political". He could well be right. Equally, some of Iraq's maimed and homeless might regard war as a shade political. It's a strange thing, given the massive disenchantment in Australia over the planned invasion, that Howard's reasons for the war haven't - until the past few days - been a bigger issue. The mainstream media has never really developed it into the kind of all-consuming topic as was - say -the unforgiving onslaught on the former governor-general, Peter Hollingworth, or the focus on the Simon Crean-Kim Beazley leadership fracas…… The ease with which Howard dumped the whole thing can tempt you to believe politics in this country is easy. You pledge you'll "never-ever" introduce a GST, then introduce one. You encourage the belief that would-be refugees throw their children into the sea, then simply concede they didn't. You tell the nation Saddam Hussein has the capability to threaten the entire globe, then move on to referendum proposals to dent the power of the Senate! Nice work if you can get it. …."

I never thought I'd see such accurate and penetrating comments in the national media.
Now, ill-trained and disillusioned American troops - 20 per cent of whom are Afro-Americans, and many women - who thought they'd be going home after a short sharp victory, are being told they will be there for another four years, being sniped at daily. Alongside them, some 1,000 Australians on constant guard duty will be there - how long? It seems highly possible that Australians may yet suffer casualties long after the war is officially over. If it happens - and pray God it doesn't - the Australian electorate will descend like a swarm of bees round the heads of John Howard and his Cabinet.


Such was the introductory headline to Peter Hitchens' scathing attack on the U.K.'s Fabian Socialist Labour Government. U.K. Mail No.522.
"This Government has stunk of dishonesty since it came to office. Everything about it is false. The man who acts as Prime Minister is a hole in the air who knows little of the world or this country and understands less. The man who pretends to be his communications supremo is the real chief executive of power; a crude class warrior and bully and a former pornographer who longs to rip down the old Britain and is happy to hide behind the bland Mr. Blair to achieve his aims. The Cabinet - with one exception - are ciphers, too scared of Alastair Campbell to think or act on their own."

And therein lies the problem
Whether the 'New' Labour, of Tony Blair's ilk, or the 'new Liberal' of John Howard's coterie, both are philosophically internationalist and the people, as a rule of thumb, are nationalist.
At long last Australians are awake to the fact their 'leaders' do not see themselves as sharing a common bond of nation, with their fellow Australians. Their loyalties are not to their nation, to their own people, their loyalties are to a coterie of international industrialists, gun-running merchants and money-lenders. These people share no loyalty with any nation or peoples, their loyalties are only to themselves.
Neither the party-political 'leaders' of this nation, nor Britain, have any notion of the common bond of mutual dependence between their fellow Australian (or British counterpart) and themselves. They have no notion of the fundamentally important reciprocity inherent in the common bonds of a community and/or nation.
Our Lord stressed the importance of this when He stated: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


A 50,000 word document, "Future of the Monarchy," the product of a year's work by a ten-strong commission set up by the Fabian Society in the U.K. has been released to the affiliated Blair Labour Party.
The report calls for two major new laws to enact the reforms they want: A Succession Act to amend the Royal Marriages Act and a Constitution Act, removing the Queen's (and future Monarch's) right to dissolve or summon Parliament, the Royal Assent over legislation, and, the right to choose a Prime Minister in the event of a hung Parliament.
This Act would also strip the sovereign of the Royal Prerogative , which for instance, allows the Prime Minister to go to war without Parliamentary approval.
This is a battle the British people will have to fight to retain their Constitutional Monarchy, Australians have also got their own battles to contend with.


Report from Phillip Benwell, National Chairman, Australian Monarchist League.

"Despite spending millions on the issue of a republic over the last decade resulting in the rejection of the 1999 Referendum, the Australian Parliament is again proposing to spend the taxpayer's money on an "Inquiry into an Australian Republic", possibly to coincide with what is termed a 'Democratic Audit of Australia' funded by the Government and conducted by the Australian National University in Canberra!"
To quote from the Senate web-site:
On 26 June 2003, the Senate referred the following inquiry to the Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee.
Terms of Reference with an Australian Head of State; and
(b) alternative models for an Australian republic, with specific reference to:
(i) the functions and powers of the Head of State
(ii) the method of selection and removal of the Head of State, and
(iii) the relationship of the Head of State with the executive, the parliament and the judiciary.
The committee is also required to 'facilitate wide community participation' in this inquiry by conducting public hearings throughout Australia, including in rural and regional areas.
(Ah! I remember the strategy and tactics well… Just like the 'facilitation of wide community participation' forums held on Local Government amalgamations. As one observed the dynamics of the 'forums', it became obvious 'dissenters' were given a chance to air their views, - but the paths to amalgamation would be relentlessly followed. …ed)
Issues Paper:
"The Committee," the website informs us, "has not yet called for submissions. An issues paper to facilitate submissions is being developed and further details will be placed on this website in the near future."
For further information: The Secretariat, Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee,
Room S1.61, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600. AUSTRALIA
Telephone: (02) 6277 3560 Fax: (02) 6277 5794
Below are the Members and participating Senators of the References Committee who will soon meet in Committee to progress this agenda. It is regrettable that most are republicans including all but a few Government Senators.
Please give consideration to writing (c/o Parliament House Canberra) or emailing these Senators to express your concerns on the dredging up of an issue the people have already voted against.

Senator Hon N Bolkus - Chairman:
Senator Hon E Abetz:
Senator A Bartlett:
Senator G Brandis:
Senator B Brown:
Senator K Carr:
Senator G Chapman:
Senator T Crossin:
Senator A Eggleston:
Senator C Evans:
Senator Hon J Faulkner:
Senator A Ferguson:
Senator J Ferris:
Senator B Greig:
Senator B Harradine:
Senator L Harris:
Senator G Humphries:
Senator L Kirk:
Senator S Knowles:
Senator M Lees:
Senator R Lightfoot:
Senator J Ludwig:
Senator B Mason:
Senator J McGauran:
Senator S Murphy:
Senator K Nettle:
Senator N G Scullion:
Senator Hon N Sherry:
Senator U Stephens:
Senator N Stott Despoja:
Senator T Tchen:
Senator J Tierney:
Senator J Watson:


Dr. Pamela Ryan, managing director of Issues Deliberation Australia, is organizing the selection of delegates to the Constitutional Convention. She says the people are "clamouring" to take part. Dr. Ryan will also be responsible for running the 'deliberative polls' to be held as part of the convention which will run from 8th-10th of August, 2003. (Australian 4th July 2003)
More than 1000 people have been randomly selected and are currently being interviewed to reduce the number to about 300. An unprecedented 70 per cent acceptance rate of those phoned has confirmed the people of South Australia want to take part in the Convention.
Dr.Ryan said it was clear the people were committed and enthusiastic about having their say on the future of governance in South Australia.
The three-day convention will discuss five main topics - citizen initiated referendums, the number of MPs, government accountability, the role of each House of Parliament and the role of the political parties in the Legislative Council.


They are both being subjected to the New Despotism. The Lord Chief Justice of England wrote of this New Despotism in 1929.
Michael Lane explains what this once meant to British peoples.
(Article in full on the League's website, of The Past/PowerandFreedom.htm#1a )

"The British tradition of the rule of law means (1) "no man can be punished, or can be lawfully made to suffer either in his body or in his goods, except for a distinct breach of law established in the ordinary legal manner before the ordinary Courts"; (2) "every man, whatever his rank or condition may be, is subject to the ordinary law of the land and the jurisdiction of the ordinary Courts"; and (3) "the general principles of our Constitution are mainly the result of judicial decisions determining the rights of private persons in particular cases brought before the Courts".

Note that item (1) is a negative definition of rights. It says that what is forbidden is specified in law, all else being permitted. The rights of man are in number as the stars. A positive declaration of rights has the disadvantage that it compromises all rights not mentioned in the declaration. The ordinary Courts deliver justice based on four principles: (1) the judge is known and personally responsible for his decisions, (2) the case is conducted in public, (3) the result is based on known and established principles uniformly applied (due process), and (4) all parties are fully and fairly heard."
Now compare those standards and principles of law with the arbitrary 'law' meted out to David Hicks and Ernst Zundel!


It won't give David Hicks nor Ernst Zundel any joy to learn that several groups of Guantanomo Bay prisoners, whom George Bush classified as "illegal combatants," have already been released and sent home.
According to a report in the Pakistan Daily Times, 20th July 2003, an Afghan police official announced "sixteen Afghans detained by the American military at Guantanamo Bay were freed here Saturday following their return from Cuba three days earlier."
"Sixteen Afghan prisoners from Guantanamo Bay arrived Thursday night by plane at the Bagram Air Base (40 kilometres north of Kabul)," said police official Mohammad Khalil Aminzada. "They were handed over immediately to the Afghan police and brought that evening to Kabul," he said.
The sixteen were interrogated for two days by the police and then freed late Saturday afternoon and handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross.
A Pentagon official said Friday that about 30 detainees, some from Pakistan and Afghanistan, had left Guantanamo Bay to be repatriated to their countries. The released Afghan prisoners were not allowed to talk to journalists.
About 680 alleged members of the deposed Taliban regime and suspected al-Qaeda terrorists are imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. Originating from 42 countries, they have been held and interrogated by the United States for up to 18 months at its naval base at Guantanamo Bay. Classified as "illegal combatants" by President George W. Bush, their fate is uncertain. But several groups have already been returned to their countries of origin, where the local authorities decide if they are to be released."


Thanks to the on-going contributions of League supporters the Basic Fund's figure has reached $43,785.50. The end of August is the 'cut off' date for this financial year's appeal. Please don't let us down. The target is $60,000; please give generously and help us fill the fund.


The West Australian State Weekend will be held Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th August 2003.
The venue for the Seminar and Dinner is the Goodearth Hotel (formerly The Terrace), 195 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. The seminar commences at 1.45pm, with an introduction by Mr. Murray Pope, State Director of the League.
The theme for the seminar is summed up in its title: "Insanity Fair!" Guest speakers will be Mr. Tom Lawson, speaking on crime and punishment in Western Australia - "The Injustice of Justice". Tom Lawson has been concerned about the breakdown of law and order for a number of years and wrote about the underlying problems in "Justice on the Edge". The second speaker is Mr. Geoff Muirden, who will deal with the dismantling of our ancient rights and freedoms, "Where To From Here? - Iraq and Beyond". For further information: 08 9574 6042


The next gathering of the SCSC will take place on Thursday 31st July commencing at 7.30pm. The venue is the Lithuanian Club, 10 East Terrace, Bankstown and it is situated only 600 metres from the Bankstown Railway Station.
Guest speaker is Mr. David Hooper and his subject is: "Britain, the United States, the U.N. Org. and Palestine". As a previous speaker to the Club, members will appreciate another talk by this gifted speaker. Books will be available for sale and while the cost of attendance is $4, bring a friend for the first time and attendance is free.
Date for your diary: 28th August is the Annual General Meeting, followed by two brief talks. To celebrate the 30th year of the SCSC, Roy Gustard will present a short history of the Club followed by Maurice Shaya on Afghanistan.


The 3rd Annual Dinner of the UKSA will be held on Friday 22nd August and the retiring president of the Victorian RSL, Bruce Ruxton, will be the guest of honour. The Dinner will celebrate the Coronation Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. League folk will remember the memorable occasion when Bruce presented our own Eric Butler with his war service medals. It is hoped Eric and Elma Butler will be at the dinner. Venue is English Speaking Union House, 146 West Toorak Road, South Yarra - 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.
Cost is $38 per person for a 3-course meal and welcoming cocktails.
For further details phone Lena Philby, Office: 9866 1722 or Home: 9859 5901.


One of the latest initiatives of the League is the website, It was named after the movement set up by activists Bill Carey and Jim Cronin from the west coast of South Australia. In the late 1980s at an 18th Birthday celebration, an idea started to ferment and led Jim Cronin and Bill Carey to attempt the impossible -- to get some desperate farmers out of trouble with the banks. The story of what happened after that was set out in detail in a book "Operation Bankwatch". The book is the first introduction to the visitor to the site.
An audio copy of their address to the Conservative Speakers' Club is available from the:-
Mayo Tape Library, P.O. Box 6, Hahndorf, S.A. Speakers: Mr. Jim Cronin & Mr. Bill Carey of "Bankwatch". The title of their joint address is "An Update on Bankwatch".
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