Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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12 September 2003. Thought for the Week: "All progress in the world, and in some ways the world has unquestionably made progress, has been by recognition of TRUTH, and the reason so little progress has been made in the solution of social problems is, to my mind, because in this sphere alone truth has been ignored or denied… Running through all history like the thread of Ariadne, it is possible to trace a continuous policy which I can only describe as a divorce between things themselves and the description of them. A well known instance of this is the glamour of war. War, at any rate modern war, is a dirty, beastly, inhumane, insane undertaking, proving nothing, adding nothing to the content of human values, and incidentally definitely dysgenic… Not only that, but the conditions which accompany a war give play to intrigue, corruption, tyranny, and wire-pulling under cover of suppression of publicity and the necessity for centralised control which are imposed by the exigencies of the struggle. Yet no war was ever carried on without a definite organisation to represent it as being in some way magnificent, glorious, and ennobling…"
From speech by C.H. Douglas "The New Age" Dinner 18th March, 1933.


by Jeremy Lee
One federal representative, Senator Len Harris, without much media publicity, is putting his colleagues to shame. He produces regular, well-researched reports on major issues facing Australia. He does his best to get them to electors, and asks for their opinion on the pro's and con's involved.
Unlike the usual politician's reports - which are rare in any case - Senator Harris's reports are not simply government hand-outs peddling the official line; they are well-researched, giving readers an instant appreciation of what is involved for them.
Among other reports he has issued recently are: Property Rights, Private Ownership; the United Nations and International Treaties; Fishing Restrictions; Native Vegetation Legislation; Pharmaceutical Benefits and numerous others.
He goes further by doing State-wide tours running public meetings, in which he answers questions and proffers advice face-to face, in the old-fashioned way that we seldom see nowadays in Australia.
As a lone One Nation Senator in Queensland, it will be an uphill battle for Harris to retain his seat in future elections - unless Tony Abbot will start another slush-fund to help him; which hardly seems likely!

For those who wish to contact Senator Len Harris, his address is: P.O. Box 2206, Mareeba, Qld. 4880
If you want a selection of his reports, send at least enough to cover costs)..


The following Letter To The Editor appeared in The Australian Financial Review, (29/8/03):
"Iraq's foreign debt (including war reparations) is about $US400 billion ($A630 billion). Its ratio of debt to gross domestic product is over 10 times that of Argentina.
According to the New York Times, the cost of restoring infrastructure and agriculture to prewar levels will be about $US30 billion.
On top of this, restoration and improvement of oil production facilities will cost billions of dollars.
Oil revenue is not a magic cornucopia: even Saudi Arabia has seen its economy slide in recent years.
The cost of essential food and medicines, interest on debt, and reparation payments will take all of Iraq's oil revenue, leaving nothing for restoration of infrastructure, improvement of living standards and reduction of debt.
The situation is impossible. The money simply isn't there.
The United States has assumed responsibility for restoring Iraq's shattered economy. It has to fulfill this if it is to have any credibility. And it has to meet the cost of maintaining a military occupation force to counter sabotage and terrorism for many years to come.
The continuing cost to the US will be enormous, but no one is yet facing up to the magnitude of this problem, probably because it is so frightening - not only for the US but for the tentative global economic recovery. We need a huge global financial assistance package for Iraq and we need it urgently. Yrs etc. Tyler Kelly, Byron Bay." (end of letter)

Mr Kelly is absolutely right. But any idea that the US can sustain its occupation of Iraq in anything but the very short term is an illusion. Its own debt crisis is terrifying. It faces a Current Account Deficit (imports over exports) approaching $500 billion. Its Budget Deficit is set for $480 billion. It is costing about $1 billion a week to maintain the Iraqi occupation, and about half that figure to stay in Afghanistan - which is almost back to the position that existed before the US invasion, with Kabul a beleaguered city surrounded by rampaging Taliban fighters. The former USSR experienced the same humiliating position during its occupation of Afghanistan.

Snapping at President Bush's heels are a pack of budget-starved States, and official unemployment numbers of over 9 million. The US Budget is a disaster, and any short-term recovery on the Stock Exchange is sheer desperate gambling - almost willing a long-term recovery that is impossible.
The only thing adding to this illusion is a United States housing bubble which, although not as dramatic as Australia's, is the second highest ever.
No wonder a desperate Bush is begging the United Nations to intervene in Iraq. But with Pakistan and India loath to send troops into a Muslim war situation, and France, Germany and the USSR rudely snubbed before the invasion, it won't be easy for Bush and Colin Powell to get the help they need, on the terms they want. The only friends Bush still has are the ubiquitous Tony Blair in the UK, and Australia's John Howard. Britain, which is suffering its own losses in Iraq, will hardly countenance an increased presence; And Australia is fully stretched saving the Solomons. And with presidential elections looming, Bush's popularity is slipping fast. Merely reiterating "Whatever it takes!" will not win him as many votes as once it did.


Outlining week after week the financial crisis facing the world, the military catastrophes, the human tragedy of poverty and deprivation, it is easy to become so preoccupied with the drama that any alternative recedes into obscurity. Many Christians now believe that the signs portray a syndrome of disaster from which there is no escape. Human effort is futile. Only God's personal intervention can bring a halt to disaster. So we have a great army of church-people who generally are the most passive in the social order.
While this is true, it is also true that there are other laws that bear on the subject. If we believe that freedom is God's gift, then He works through human beings who voluntarily place themselves in His service. This combination is destined for success - not failure. Secondly, every action breeds an equal and opposite reaction. In this sense, the seemingly paradoxical statement "the plight of the world is the hope of the world" is the truth.
Among the parables of Christ is one about the treasure hidden in a field. It will remain hidden until enough people are seeking it. "Seek ye first the Kingdom … and all else will be added unto you."

Social Credit - not a power movement, but a policy for freedom - is the pearl. In the conclusion to his "Social Credit and Christian Philosophy", (1956) Eric Butler writes:
"Every major problem man is struggling with today - the fight for export markets, the feverish search for raw materials, the growth of juvenile delinquency as mothers, as well as their husbands, are forced into the factories to obtain more monetary incomes, the growth of irresponsible bureaucracy - is the result of the economic system being used for false, and therefore anti-Christian, purposes. Social Crediters reject the view that salvation can be obtained through contests for power and the use of bribery which are a feature of present day party politics. A re-orientation of all man's institutions, political, economic and financial, will not take place until there is a more widespread acceptance of the Christian philosophy concerning the nature and purpose of man. Douglas pointed out that, so long as modern governments believe they can legislate in a moral vacuum, and the Christian Church fails to insist that all policies must serve Christian ends, the counting of heads at secret elections will not avert the threatened triumph of the anti-Christ."
Eric Butler added in a postscript to his essay:
"As we have seen, Social Credit is concerned with making effective the philosophy of real freedom. Douglas drew attention to the realistic implications of the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation, stressing that merely paying lip service to the truths of Christianity would not make those truths a reality. The word cannot become flesh unless individuals do more than state "I believe". They must take appropriate action. Faith without works is death. If a society is to be the living incarnation of Christian truth, then the individuals of that society must take appropriate action to ensure that all their political, economic, financial and other policies reflect that truth. …..
Christianity is concerned with freedom. This requires that the individual has the necessary power to make decisions - within a framework of law and order which ensures that he does not use his power to the detriment of other individuals. Genuine democracy exists only when individuals initiate their own policies. But they must have the power to do this. If power is progressively centralized, the individual is losing power. The reality of Big Government is that Government has power over the individual. It is impossible to have Strong Government and strong people at the same time.
The implementation of Social Credit requires that electors exercise power over Government, so that their will prevails as policy-making. It is not democracy when electors go into a polling-booth every three, four or five years, put a mark in favour of what they generally regard as the lesser of a number of evils, and then go home to do nothing until the next election. Genuine democracy only becomes a reality when individuals instruct those who should serve them, on the policy they require.. Policy-making is concerned with results desired, not with technical methods of how best to achieve those results ….

This throws enormous challenges to those who have grasped what Douglas was advocating. Any of us who voted for members of the current Government must share some responsibility for the results we're getting. To be critical of government without accepting this is a failure. Better by far not to vote at all than to vote for evil. Better still, to seek ways of returning to a representative form of government, wherein each elected member re-presents the desires of voters - one thing at a time - in the "house of representatives".
"The plight of the world is the hope of the world!" The greater the pain of tyranny, the greater the search for freedom. It is the search for the "kingdom" in which "the truth will make us free".
(Social Credit and Christian Philosophy", Eric D. Butler, $7 posted from The Heritage Bookshop, Box 1052 J, GPO Melbourne, Vic. 3001)


The Convention is over, the delegates have returned home and the Convention's Final Report is expected out shortly. The Final Report will then go before State Parliament and Premier Mike Rann has undertaken to bring on an early Parliamentary debate.
In the meantime, the fate of any changes to the present system rest on the shoulders of the electors of South Australia - do they want CIR hard enough to lobby their own State representatives, or not? Do they want CIR hard enough to gain signatures on petitions from families and friends, requesting CIR be implemented, and then present them to their State representatives?
South Australia readers, write to your Representative, phone him, expressing your will for CIR in South Australia and send the letter care of Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide. Ask your families and friends to do the same.


BBC Radio 4's Today programme, 2/9/03, reported Dr. Sydney Brenner's comments on the public's prevailing attitudes, and government's policies, to health: "Everything is being driven into the support of the pharmaceutical industry."
Nobel-prize winner and Berkely Prof. Sydney Brenner, an expert on molecular biology, said people should be told to look after their health instead of expecting science to "come to their rescue with a pill".
"There are two kinds of health care. There's taking care of the health of the public and there's taking care of the financial health of the drug companies," said Brenner. He said more money should be invested in health education than in designing genetically tailored drugs, and focusing on 'healthy living' messages would save lives.
"Today everybody does what they like with their bodies and at the end of the day they think the drug companies or medical science will come to their rescue with a pill. That's the standard assumption."

Editor's note: Researcher, and writer, Eve Hillary, guest speaker at the coming Seminar in Albury refers to the pharmaceutical industry as the 'sickness industry'.

The League of Rights in its very early days warned its readers of the 'sickness industry' and insisted we must all be more responsible for our own bodies, and must work in harmony with Mother Nature, not against her. It was the League who brought out to Australia such people as Lady Eve Balfour, a pioneer in organic husbandry - a natural counterbalance to 'chemical' farming. A number of League supporters were involved in the setting up of the Soil Association branches throughout Australia. The League persistently promoted the pioneering work of Lady Phillis Cilento, M.B., B.S. (known to many Australian women as 'Medical Mother').
Further reading:
"Thine is the Kingdom" by Ralph Laslett Duck; a study into the origins of the 'germ theory of disease' as opposed to the 'holistic' approach to health.
"World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin. A clear and revolutionary insight into both the science and politics of cancer.
"We Are What We Eat" by Lady Phillis Cilento. She wrote: "I beg you to study this new knowledge of nutrition and vitamins and apply it to your own lifestyle."
"The Nature Doctor" by Dr. H.C.A.Vogel. A manual of traditional and complementary medicine.

All books available from League Book Services.


On the 1st September, 2003 Margo Kingston wrote in her Sydney Morning Herald column, Tony Abbott's 'slush funds' have "the potential to burst open the closed world of real power and influence in Australia and to confront us with the serious questions about whether the administration of our electoral system is in safe hands."
As she noted, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) "is an independent statutory authority and is headed by a group of three: Chairperson, Trevor Morling QC, Electoral Commissioner Andy Becker and part-timer, non-judicial Dennis Trewin.
The AEC's Corporate goals are:
Helping people have their say. The AEC's purpose is to help our primary customer, the eligible voter, have a say in who will represent him or her in the government of Australia.
In which case, you as a voter and thus the AEC's 'primary customer' may wish to communicate with your service provider on the following related matter: To do so Phone 02 6271 4411; National - 13 23 26; Fax: 02 6271 4558

The AEC chairman, retired judge Trevor Morling QC, has now called for the files and all legal advice to date on whether Workplace Relations minister Tony Abbott must unmask his secret donors - Margo Kingston, Sydney Morning Herald 4/9/03.
Kingston's report disclosed, "AEC officials today urgently briefed the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) to advise whether the structure of Abbott's honest politics trust avoided any legal duty to disclose the donors to the Australian people under existing law," with Mr Morling confirming that "in 1998 the AEC had trusted Mr Abbott's word that he could legally claim secrecy for his donors in 1998 without seeing his legal advice or taking its own."
It has been revealed by Mr. Morling that in June 2002, after questions by the Senate, the AEC took general legal advice from the AGS and the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on whether legal slush funds designed to destroy political opponents could now be used as a way to avoid disclosing donations to political parties.
Abbott's 'slush fund' mechanism used to hide donations to political parties?
Mr Morling said he had not yet read the DPP's advice, but that the AGS advice was "inconclusive". The AEC took that advice after Labor Senator John Faulkner warned that if Abbott's slush fund was legal, then political parties could exploit his disclosure avoidance mechanism to hide more political donations from the people of Australia.
The commission not only failed to launch an investigation into the trust, but also failed to advise Senator Faulkner and the Senate of the findings of its legal advice as promised in June last year. The AEC's spokesman Brien Hallett, according to Margo Kingston, conceded to the Sydney Morning Herald that this was wrong. "It was an oversight. It's regrettable. I'll take that one on the chin," he said. "We should have got back to him (Senator Faulkner)."
Mr Morling also criticised the AEC for not advising him of the AGS and DPP legal advice at the time. He wished it had been referred to him at the time adding that the AGS advice, which left the question of whether Abbott should disclose his donors open, would not have justified an immediate prosecution. The question whether it warranted an investigation of the trust "is another matter", he stated.
Danger! 'One Nation' threat
Mr. Morling said it was an open question whether admissions, since Pauline Hanson's jailing, by Abbott and fellow trustee Peter Coleman, Liberal Party elder and Treasurer Peter Costello's father-in-law, that the 'honest politics' trust's purpose was to destroy One Nation to avoid electoral damage to the Liberal Party strengthened the case for disclosure of donors.
"It may be. I'm not in possession of all the facts yet. Steps are being taken and I believe a discussion is being held today with the AGS," he said.

NEWS YOU WON'T FIND ON CNN - US attacked over "green card" soldiers

The fact that the proportion of blacks in the U.S. army was about 40% received reasonable media coverage during the war on Iraq, but what managed to 'escape' the media's notice was the fact that a significant minority of 'U.S.' troops are not American citizens at all! According to a report which came over (1/9/03): "Nearly 40,000 of America's frontline soldiers are not US citizens."
These statistics conveniently 'buried' by White House spin doctors, reveal that a significant minority of troops fighting under the US banner are not in fact US citizens at all, but residents hoping to speed up their citizenship.
37,401 non-US Citizens on Active Duty
The revelation has prompted British MP George Galloway, one of the fiercest critics of the invasion of Iraq, to accuse the US of using its "green card" troops as cannon fodder. Galloway went on to attack the US policy of putting its poor minorities and non-citizens in the frontline of its foreign wars.
In an exclusive interview he told that it was part of a long US tradition of using its underclass as cannon fodder. While "the proportion of blacks in the army was 40%, in the US population, the number of blacks was a quarter of that," he said.
Galloway revealed that on a weekly Atlanta radio show in which he participates, the callers have repeatedly claimed that Blacks and Hispanics are the 'fodder' army recruiters are after. The Pentagon says that there are 37,401 non-US citizens on active duty, and that joining up has a special incentive for them - an American passport.
"The military services have processes and programmes in place to help service members expedite their citizenship," says a US Department of Defence spokesperson, "the estimated time for the application is about six months."
Citizenship has been especially hard to come by due to the draconian immigration rules imposed by the US Department of Homeland Security since the 11th September 2001 attacks. It can take several years to gain citizenship, for those lucky enough to get it. Signing up to the army can speed this up - provided the GI comes home alive!
Promises and Disproportionate casualties
Other incentives under the Montgomery GI Bill include the promises of a college fund of up to $50,000 and post service employment and training. But activist Carlos Mendes of the Latinos Against the War in Iraq coalition says that many soldiers have told him that these promises often fail to materialise. The US military relies on volunteers, the Pentagon argues, and there is no official draft, therefore no pressure on anyone to sign up.
Outspoken critic
Galloway, the Glasgow Kelvin MP has consistently criticised US and British policy on Iraq, he called Bush and Blair "wolves" over their war-like rhetoric leading up to the invasion. He is on record as opposing the UN sanctions imposed after the last Gulf War complaining that they inflicted huge suffering on ordinary Iraqis, but was also a vigorous campaigner during the Thatcher years, picketing the Iraqi embassy in London, when the Conservative government supplied arms to Saddam Hussein.


For those planning to attend the National Weekend - and we hope that includes YOU - and plan to stay at the Hume Inn Motel, please take special note that the Hume Inn Motel requests you make your accommodation bookings before 10th September.
Phone the Hume Inn Motel and make your accommodation booking today:
Ph: 02 6021 2733
The theme for the Seminar is: "The New Day":
Speakers are: Betty Luks, National Director, Australian League of Rights - "The New Day"; Eve Hillary, Health Care Professional and Researcher - "They are Stealing Our Children"; Donald Martin, National Director British League of Rights - "Is the European Union Faltering?" and Bill Daly, National Director, New Zealand League of Rights - "Is a Revolt Against Globalism Happening?"
The "New Times" Dinner and Seminar bookings are to be sent direct to the League's Melbourne postal address, no later than Friday, 3rd October 2003. Dinner is $29.50 per person and Seminar admission is $15.00 per person. Send Money Order or Cheque, made out to Australian League of Rights to: Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001.


Dear Mr. Howard, 11th August 2003.
I note your almost daily exhortation to the Australian people to strengthen themselves to meet the threat of terrorism coming out of recent events in Indonesia. In this respect I refer you to the recent history of Indonesia in which your government played a significant role in persuading the Suharto administration to surrender its financial sovereignty to the I.M.F. The immediate result was the cessation of all subsidy payments on food and fuel that made life just marginally bearable for Indonesians living in near poverty. When those policies were withdrawn the resultant rioting, looting and burning destabilised Indonesia and it became the seedbed for considerable antipathy towards Australia. This is from where the threat of terrorism emanates.
A few years previously the Hawke-Keating government, with your blessing, handed over our financial sovereignty to the I.M.F and its affiliates. Our banks were deregulated and where previously they were answerable to our Government and bank charges were regulated by Australian law, they then became a law unto themselves and began their present policy of exploiting the Australian people free of any form of control.
As a nation we were destabilised, and increasingly lost control of our own economy and resources, and more importantly, the responsibility to God for how those resources were managed, the essential factor in a sovereign nation. So when it came to Indonesia's turn we sided with the I.M.F. We thus lost a golden opportunity to act as a good neighbour towards Indonesia. Instead we incurred the threat of terrorism.
The basic evil in I.M.F policies is the creation of all money as irredeemable debt. Jesus Christ gave us the opposite policy in the prayer he instructed us to pray, "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." The only compatible policy with this prayer is to create money as Christ would create it, free of debt.
In the same chapter of Matthew in which his prayer is recorded, Christ goes on to warn us of the utter impossibility of serving both God and mammon, and, if we choose service to mammon we will hate God and consequently our fellow man.
The same alternatives reside in the choice between decentralised and centralised power. Decentralisation establishes the God given gift of sovereignty, while centralisation destroys that gift and offers in its place power that corrupts. As a globalist and a servant of mammon under the power of the I.M.F., this is the path you have chosen for Australia. Over fifty years Centralism has become the fundamental policy of the Liberal-Nat coalition.
Christ's teaching on the Godly role of money is clearly taught in Matthew 20, which begins "For the kingdom of heaven, is like unto..." and goes on to describe the Godly distribution of money to mankind by the master of the vineyard who repeatedly used the phrase, "I will give you that which is right." He proceeded to distribute money not as a reward or a punishment, but completely free of either. Had Australia encouraged Indonesia to develop a similar financial policy to monetise its own native economy, there would be no threat of terrorism today.
To follow the path of Christ we must reclaim our right to create our own money supply free of debt. In its distribution, we must choose the way that minimises corrrupt power, decentralised distribution to each citizen, allowing them to use freedom of choice to monetise our economy, free from government control. It is the policy known as Economic Democracy, anathema to the I M.F but chosen by Christ.
I will write to Simon Crean asking that he and his party support you in this policy. I will also seek the same support from Christian Bishops, asking them to call our nation to pray you will follow this path.
Yours in Whose service is perfect freedom, Edward Rock, Cape Paterson Vic.


The next meeting of the Sydney Conservative Speaker's Club will be held on Thursday evening, 25t h September, commencing at 7.30pm,. Guest speaker is Mrs Eve Hillary, and her subject is: "Death Blow to Natural Supplements in Oz." The meeting is held at the Lithuanian Club, 10 East Terrace, Bankstown; approximately 600metres from Bankstown Railway Station. Your cost of attendance is $4 - bring a friend for the first time and there is no entrance fee. There is a variety of restaurants along the South Terrace for those who require an evening meal and the Lithuanian Club has ample parking facilities.


"Weapons of Mass Deception" by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber. Prominent in the USA as critics of the mass media. The authors say that much of what we read in the newspapers or hear on TV are not the cold hard facts, but contrived by relations' specialists who are masters of 'spin control' directing 'news' to a gullible public. The authors write and edit a journal that reports on PR/Public Affairs and have received the annual George Orwell award for exposing the 'double speak' in American public life.

"The Big Idea" by C.H. Douglas. The Big Idea is monopolisation, a deep-rooted conspiracy, Satanic in conception and nature. Its objective, the destruction of what promised to be a developing Christian Civilsation. This work explains the totalitarian philosophy behind the so-called 'privatisation' programme.

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