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19 September 2003. Thought for the Week: "Our national life is ended as soon as it has lost the power of noble anger. When it paints over and apologises for its pitiful criminalities, and endures its false weights and adulterated food, dares not decide practically between good and evil, and can neither honour one nor smite the other, but sneers at the good as if it were hidden evil, and consoles the evil with pious sympathy, the end is come."
John Ruskin in The Queen of the Air


by Jeremy Lee
World events are moving so rapidly that we forget it was a mere seven months ago that massive anti-war protests - the biggest ever seen - rocked the globe. Polls everywhere showed that people did not want war. But our leaders knew better. Peter Hartcher (The Australian Financial Review 5/9/03) quoted Bush at that time:
"…At some point, we may be the only ones left. That's OK with me. We are America", he said….." Bush was not alone in believing he could belittle and ignore other nations. Australia hitched its wagon to the Bush star. Our brilliant Foreign Minister, addressing the National Press Club on June 26 - with the bells of an illusory Iraqi victory ringing in his ears - said: "Increasingly, multilateralism is a synonym for an ineffective and unfocused policy involving internationalism of the lowest common denominator … Multilateral institutions need to be more results-oriented if they are to serve the interests of the international community, including Australia We are prepared to join coalitions of the willing that can bring focus and purpose to addressing the urgent security and other challenges we face. Sovereignty in our view is not absolute …."

Downer would never have dared to speak thus had he not had the agreement of his leader, John Howard, who on July 1 in an address in Sydney, contrasted the UN's success in East Timor with its failure in Iraq:
"… By contrast the UN Security Council completely failed to meet the world's need over Iraq. That responsibility fell to the coalition of the willing, which included Australia. American leadership on Iraq has made the Middle East as well as the world a safer place …" (AFR, 5/9/03)

One wonders whether John Howard will keep up his public praise for the "coalition of the willing" in future? And whether he'll hasten the US to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with George Bush in the run up to the next presidential election? Ignoring the widely-expressed views of the masses, George, John and Tony went to war in the battle for "good against evil" and "to make the world a safer place". They seem to have made a mess of it. The polls showing support for the war have disappeared. Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State under Clinton, in a three-page article in The Australian Financial Review (5/9/03) gave this picture:
"… According to the recent findings of the Pew Global Attitudes Project, which surveyed 16,000 people in 20 countries and the Palestinian Territories in May, the percentage of those who have a favorable view of the United States has declined sharply (15 percentage points or more) in nations such as Brazil, France, Germany, Jordan, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey. In Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority state, the view of the US plunged from 75 per cent favorable to 83 per cent negative between 2000 and 2003. Support for the US-led war on terrorism has declined in each of the countries listed above, along with pivotal Pakistan, where it stands at a disheartening 20 per cent. The citizens of such NATO allies as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy rated Russia's Vladimir Putin more highly as a world leader than Bush …."

But then Bush, until quite recently, was contemptuous of such opinions, and was prepared to go it alone, if necessary - with Alexander Downer loyally behind him. So Bush has asked Congress to agree to a further debt increase of $US130 billion to finish the war in Iraq.

There was one area where Madeleine Albright exhibited the same myopic views as her Republican counterparts about the Middle East:
"….To this day it remains the majority Arab view that the militarily overmatched Palestinians are justified in fighting Israelis with whatever means they have. On the issue of terrorist financing, the answers I received were equally inadequate. When I confronted one Saudi leader about payments to Hamas, he said they were merited because Hamas, unlike Yasser Arafat and his government, actually delivered social services to Palestinians. As for payments to the families of suicide bombers, those were justified not as an enticement or a reward but as a humanitarian gesture …"

Such a position can only be based on the belief that the actions of the Israelis are based on self-defence and are therefore legitimate, while those of the Palestinian militants are inexcusable. The war between Israel and the Palestinians is certainly the ugliest and longest of all the hideous confrontations in the world. It cannot be divorced from its beginnings - the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and the resulting Palestinian refugee crisis, as the ancient people of the land were driven from their farms and villages. Slowly and remorselessly the Israeli State has expanded, trampling on any vestiges of human rights of the original inhabitants. Madeleine Albright might complain about the funding of Hamas. But she fails to mention the huge funding of the Israelis by the United States, which disqualifies it in the eyes of many Muslims round the world from any right to be an arbiter or judge in the future of the Middle East. This has been emphasized by the disproportionate influence that pro-Israel lobbies hold over politicians in the Western World.


The issue has been highlighted by an article in The Australian (5/9/03) by Cameron Stewart, dealing with the influence of the Jewish lobby in Australia. Following a motion put forward by Labor backbencher Julia Irwin last November, a note was immediately sent to every federal MP, expressing the outrage of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, condemning the motion as "counter-productive" to peace in the Middle East. Julia Irwin countered by claiming that free speech was being compromised by a code of silence forbidding genuine debate on Middle East policies.

The Australian said: "…. This week - after Jewish community leaders had expressed their concern directly to him - Opposition leader Simon Crean delivered a blistering speech that overrode his backbenchers and strongly reaffirmed the Labor Party's commitment to Israel. In the eyes of some, Crean's speech was a dramatic illustration of the power of the so-called Jewish lobby - a well-organised and well-funded group that critics say wields disproportionate influence in political affairs …."

The article continued: "Despite their relatively small numbers the affluent Jewish community is a solid financial contributor to both main political parties. Many wealthy Jewish businessmen choose to donate to both. Shopping center magnate Frank Lowy last year gave $300,000 to each main party via his private company; billionaire Richard Pratt's company, Pratt Holdings, gave $218,000 to the Coalition and $125,000 to Labor; and property developer Harry Triguboff, donated $278,000 to the Coalition, and $107,000 to Labor via his Meriton Apartments. …."

Whether or not large donations to political parties are interfering with the democratic process and genuine impartiality in Parliament is up to readers to judge. It raises the whole question of political parties, their financing, and genuine representation. They've started with Pauline Hanson, who was strongly opposed by the Jewish lobby. Why stop there?


One man who believes the matter of funding of parties should be urgently addressed is Bob Hogg, former national secretary of the Australian Labor Party. Writing in The Australian Financial Review (4/9/03) he said:
"… There certainly is a need for a national standard of compliance on party registration and on public funding and disclosures, as there is a desperate need to clean up the fundraising activities of all parties. But don't hold your breath waiting for action. It is beyond the political will to reach a considered federal-state agreement even on something as critical as the funding of our health system. The need for reform of funding and disclosure laws is pressing. Issues of public probity in public life cut to the very heart of trust in the political system …. There is the potential federally to stabilize campaign expenditure and to set decent probity standards. This can be done by applying conditions to public funding, such as setting limits to the amount that individuals and companies can donate and by reducing public funding by two dollars for every dollar raised above a capped limit. A failure to rein in campaign costs and reduce fundraising pressures will further diminish democracy. But then, who cares?…."


The European Union is having trouble with some of its member-states. They are refusing to eliminate their budget deficits when ordered to do so. France is the main offender. It insists on the right to run a deficit when the economy is stagnant and unemployment high. So what will happen? Will France be thrown out? Hardly likely! What about a "pre-emptive strike" by the freedom-loving European Commission? A military intervention by NATO? Or even an appeal for "unilateral action' from President Bush? Or even Alexander Downer?

France, as we understand it, has weapons of mass destruction, including atomic weapons. We know that from the Mururoa Atoll tests in the Pacific Isn't that enough for an invasion? Perhaps the famous Eiffel Tower is a missile launching pad in disguise? But then they need a smiling, agreeable France to vote the right way in the UN Security Council to help the US in Iraq! Truly, international diplomacy is a tricky question!


by Bill Daly
Following a five-year moratorium the New Zealand Government is about to permit the release of experimental genetically engineered crops. The moratorium was largely the result of the influence of the Green Party in the previous government. The Greens though, strangely, have always opposed the holding of a public referenda on the release of GE even though the public, especially now, are overwhelming opposed. But opposition to the release is mounting and the Government may yet have a huge fight on its hands.

Last year a group of noted New Zealanders formed the Sustainability Council to preserve the country¹s GE-free status and they have the support of a good number of farmers who fear the effect on exports of the loss of that status. Presently statements opposing the release and calling for a further moratorium period are being made by other well-known people such as musicians and sportsmen. Even though the largest farmer group, Federated Farmers, still supports GE many farmers are worried about its unknown effects and there is mounting suspicion that the economic benefits have been greatly exaggerated. Rural women's groups have consistently opposed GE.

The government is already under considerable pressure from farmers over its animal Flatulence Tax and may yet be forced to back away from that. Large numbers of farmers say they will not pay it or will lie about the number of stock they run. The daily criticism about GE from numerous quarters is something the Government had hoped to avoid. Even the differences of opinion among the scientists is getting reasonable coverage.

Exploding the myth
Radio New Zealand reported on its morning news on September 7th that Professor Saunders of Lincoln College said there would almost certainly be no financial benefits to farmers from genetic engineering. While the professor was not opposed to GE she said any increased production would only lead to tougher competition between food suppliers.

North Island scientist Robert Anderson PhD is a member of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics and is a leading opponent of GE and an excellent source of information. Over 20,000 copies of his little booklet Exploding the Myth of Genetic Engineering have been sold. There is no evidence that GE will actually provide greater food abundance. The Vatican is surely making a fool of itself by reportedly now supporting GE crops in the interests of solving world hunger. This has to be about the weakest argument so far put forward by the GE monopolists. The world has been bursting at the seams for years because of food over production, caused, yes, in part because many consumers don't have enough purchasing power. But indebted farmers know only one way to keep the bank manager at bay and that is to produce to the maximum.

But in many parts of the world there is fertile land not under food production, usually because of political mismanagement caused by centralised power, financial costs and debt which have driven traditional owners off the soil, and wars which are waged with the foreign-aid cheques of the big Western nations. Aid agencies report that even in famine hit countries there is often more than sufficient food, but distribution is prevented because of transportation difficulties and lack of money. GE won't put one extra cent into the hands of the starving.

Rhodesia was once a significant food exporter. The same land is still there. But under the corrupt Marxist Mugabe who was put into power by the British and US governments, along with the connivance of ignorant do-gooder politicians in New Zealand and elsewhere, the people there are now starving. What difference will GE make to the once fertile Rhodesian farms which are now controlled by cruel bullies with guns?

Truth and Natural Law

The same mindset that gave us "African Liberation," wants to create a "scientific", computer-organised world. But it is not science in the real Baconian-sense which recognises truths and natural laws. It is a soulless, rationalistic anti-science, bereft of any sense of the world and societies as having an integrated and organic and dynamic unity centred in the Creator and subject to His natural laws. Whether they recognise it or not the GE opponents are a healthy human reaction to the soulless elites that gave us mass medication and mass-produced junk food and high-rise concrete slums and weapons of mass destruction and central planning.

Like the fluoridation issue the best argument against GE is probably the simple one that people must always have the natural right to choose what food they eat. The New Zealand government is banning smoking from pubs and restaurants because it claims that non-smokers should not have their environs polluted. If they were consistent then GE would have to be banned since it is known that it will be near impossible to prevent cross pollination between GE and non-GE crops.


The SBS-TV "Henry Kissinger" programme, 7th September, 2003, would have left a number of viewers questioning just what is going on in the world around them. Here were men saying Henry Kissinger should be tried for war crimes - what! a man who received a Nobel Peace Prize! The enlightened readers of On Target's 'news behind the news' would not have found the suggestion quite so outrageous. Below we have reproduced portions of what was written by the Australian League of Rights over thirty years ago!

Same policies as the 1960s- different strategies
The truth of what happened during those years, and the accurate prediction of what to expect - if the western world didn't change its economic and financial policies - has now born fruit. When one looks at what has happened to the sovereign nation states of the western world, and the turmoil around the world, it becomes starkly obvious that Eric Butler's ability to clearly grasp what were the real objectives of the policies imposed upon us, was deadly accurate.

Eric Butler sent a report from Europe in 1971
"A major disaster looms in all E.E.C. countries. Only a short distance away the armed forces of the Soviet await. But the Soviet strategists are relying primarily upon economic developments to help them further The Big Idea. One of the main actors in advancing The Big Idea of the World State is Dr. Henry Kissinger. (emphasis added …ed) As I looked at the hall where the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi leaders took place, I pondered on the fact that only a few miles away is Henry Kissinger's birth-place, Furth. Kissinger and his spiritual associates are attempting to succeed with centralisation where Hitler failed. Just as Hitler's centralisation ended in disaster for all Europeans, so will the attempted centralisation through the E.E.C. end in disaster. One can only hope that the disaster will not prove fatal for civilisation."

Eric Butler wrote in On Target Vol.7 No. 43, November 12th 1971
Dangerous Delusions About Red China
"But Australia now accepted the need to live with communism and to find accommodation with the communists states."- Laurie Oakes, travelling with the Australian prime Minister, in The Sun Melbourne, November 1st.

When President Nixon, advised by Dr. Henry Kissinger, announced his dramatic about-face on Red China, he not only announced the death knell of Taiwan's membership of the United Nations, he dealt a severe blow to the hopes and spirits of the 800 million Chinese who live not only in communist-dominated mainland China, but on the off-shore islands, in Singapore, in Indonesia, in Malaysia, on Taiwan and in the Philippines… With the Nixon-Kissinger signal that the future of Asia belonged to Mao Tse-tung, there was an immediate scramble towards 'accommodation'…But when the dramatic Nixon-Kissinger change on Red China took place, Mr. McMahon (Australia's Prime Minister at the time…ed) was given no more consideration than Japan or Taiwan. However, he quickly attempted to jump aboard a band-wagon which ALP leader Gough Whitlam was already riding with smug satisfaction…"

The Role of Dr. Henry Kissinger
"Henry Kissinger, already the second most powerful man in the nation, has become America's 'super-spy'… We wonder if Dr. Kissinger told Mr. McMahon of his secret trip to the Soviet Embassy in London after his secret first visit to Peking? If the Washington Observer is correct, Kissinger met with the mysterious Kremlin agent who is known as 'Victor Louis', to report on what transpired in Peking. Louis was in Chile prior to the Marxist Allende taking over. He arranged to have the controversial Krushchev memoirs published in the United States. In May Louis secretly met with Israeli Premier Golda Meir in Finnish Lapland when she was attending a Socialist (how often we hear Israel is the only 'democracy' in that part of the world…ed) conference in Helsinki. It is reported that he will be visiting the U.S.A. shortly to address Jewish organizations. But some are asking whether this will be only a cover for further discussions with Dr. Kissinger before the Nixon visit to Peking.

One further question
Was Fabian-Socialist Dr. H.C.Coombs appointed as Mr. McMahon's "guiding philosopher" because of Dr. Coombs' international contacts in the world of international finance, particularly contacts amongst Red Chinese bankers? One thing is clear: our "Brave New World" is being fashioned by men like Henry Kissinger, Victor Louis and Dr. Coombs. The politicians are little more than front men." (emphasis added…ed)

Common Market Madness
"Like the international power groups he is serving. Dr. Kissinger takes a detached approach to the suffering of the millions of victims of Communism in both the Soviet Empire, and Red China. These noble advocates of a New One World are opposed to any policies which might free the victims of Communist tyranny. They are prepared to ensure that Soviet military strength is maintained with financial and economic blood transfusions from the U.S.A., and other Western nations. - Eric D. Butler.


Vol. 9 No. 15, May 4th, 1973
"A fascinating glimpse of the future when American corporations might become part-owners of factories operating in Russia, and split the profits with the Kremlin, has been held out to United States capitalists by a visiting communist dignitary. The hint was dropped by the Soviet Deputy Foreign Trade Minister, Mr. Vladimir S. Alkhimov, who has been trying to talk the big corporations into starting to operate inside Russia." - Victor Zorza in the Sydney Morning Herald, April 6th (1973).

The above item was quoted in Vanguard, April 12th to demonstrate to those Marxists who follow Mr. Ted Hill and Peking, just what decadent revisionists' the Soviet leaders are. Vanguard states that in the days of Stalin, reports about Western corporations operating in the Soviet Union would have been "discounted'. But as Gary Allen proves in his best-seller, None Dare Call It Conspiracy (still available from the Australian League of Rights…ed) the same international financiers who financed the Bolsheviks, supplied the credit to ensure that Stalin's Russia received adequate economic blood transfusions from the non-Communist world.
The same groups were responsible for the victory of Mao Tse-tung in China and have been a major driving force behind the campaign to recognise Red China as a preliminary to providing massive credits. Mr. Hill is very quiet on this example of "revisionism"!"

"A report from Moscow in The Australian of April 12th states that the Chairman of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, Mr. Henry Keams, told a press conference in Moscow that Russia would have to end its "economic secrecy" if it wants to borrow heavily from the U.S.A. Mr. Kearns said that outstanding credit extended to Moscow by the Export-Import Bank would reach $250 million when the last two of five deals were completed."

An idea as old as Man
"On April 26th, (1973…ed) The Age (Melbourne) reported from London that the Soviet was expected to sign a $300 million (American) loan package in Europe to help to finance its import needs. While massive credits are being made available to ensure that the Soviet does not collapse economically, the Soviet continues to promote an international programme of revolution and subversion against what remains of the Free World. The young dupes of Marxist subversion being turned out of the Universities shout about 'power to the people,' ignorant of the realities of power in the modern world. What is now openly unfolding on the world scene is the Big Idea, an idea as old as man, the idea that some men should have complete power over all other men, ultimately on a world scale.
The Marxist movement is a major feature of the Big Idea, but from the beginning was promoted and financed by those groups who had long mastered the technique of using power through the creation and control of credit.

The Big Idea is to exploit each new convulsion shaking traditional society to drive mankind into bigger and more highly centralised structures in which the individual exercises progressively less control. Every new step towards centralisation of power naturally produces growing friction and resistance to that centralisation.
The role of the League of Rights is to provide individuals with the knowledge necessary for constructive activity in resisting centralisation."

CORRUPTION AT THE WHITE HOUSE (What has changed?…ed.)

"'Because alleged improper actions took place within the White House or within my campaign organisation, the easiest course would be for me to blame those to whom I delegated the responsibility to run my campaign", he said. But he said that would be a cowardly course. Mr. Nixon said that he wanted future elections to be free of 'such abuses'. "This is my goal," he said. "I ask you to join in making it America's goal.'" - The Herald, (Melbourne) May 1st 1973.

"Whether or not President Nixon's national television performance will satisfy the American people remains to be seen. But those who have studied his record will, in spite of his friend Dr. Billy Graham, remain unconvinced that President Nixon was completely unaware of the seething corruption around him. If President Nixon can be so easily misled on the subject of corruption amongst his closest colleagues, how much has he been misled by those who advise him on foreign affairs and financial policy? Does he really understand what Dr. Henry Kissinger and his international financier friends are about?

The American scandal provides a major lesson for Australians, they would be extremely foolish to replace the Monarchical system of government with a Republican system. History teaches that the Republican system of government degenerates into corruption much more often than does a Monarchical system."(emphasis added…ed)

Note: You too can access what the League has written on this subject, as well as many others dealing with the push towards a "New World Order" (and how to combat it) over the last thirty or more years. Look it up on the League's website: www.alor.org/ - type 'Kissinger' into the search engine link and all references made to the man during those crucial 1960s-1970s will come up for you to access - and don't forget to copy the information and spread it around!


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The next meeting of the Sydney Conservative Speaker's Club will be held on Thursday evening, 25t h September, commencing at 7.30pm,. Guest speaker is Mrs Eve Hillary, and her subject is: "Death Blow to Natural Supplements in Oz." The meeting is held at the Lithuanian Club, 10 East Terrace, Bankstown; approximately 600metres from Bankstown Railway Station. Your cost of attendance is $4 - bring a friend for the first time and there is no entrance fee. There are a variety of restaurants along the South Terrace for those who require an evening meal and the Lithuanian Club has ample parking facilities.


A masterly overview of 20th Century history is Ivor Benson's: "In This Age of Conflict". But, it is not enough to know about the problems, you have to ask yourself: "What can I do about it? Do I care enough for my freedom to want to do something?" You may be clear as to what you are against - but what are you for? To understand the basic beliefs of those who pioneered and developed this great land we live in, and what was the foundation upon which they built, we suggest you need to study Eric Butler's and Jeremy Lee's writings. Books such as the following:

Eric Butler: "Releasing Reality"; "A New Britannia in the Southern Seas"; "Social Credit & Christian Philosophy"; "The Red Pattern of World Conquest"; "The Truth About Social Credit"; "The Achilles Heel of the Conservative Movement" and "The Essential Christian Heritage".

Jeremy Lee: "What Will We Tell Our Children?"; "How Great the Vision?". Jeremy's latest video is also a winner -- "Retell the Story". Jeremy asks, "How can nations, communities and families be so deeply in debt that there is no apparent way out? Who's the mortgagee?"

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