Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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14 November 2003. Thought for the Week: "Judas- He has lost his air as of a competent undergraduate organizing a mission service; he has matured into a very intelligent young man indeed. He can answer Jesus in His own allusive and parabolic style, and can understand without explanations. Let the actor get out of his head any notion that Judas is insincere. He is passionately sincere. He means to be faithful - and he will be faithful - to the light which he sees so brilliantly. What he sees is the true light - only he does not see it directly, but only its reflection in the mirror of his own brain; and in the end that mirror will twist and distort the reflection and send it dancing away over the bog like a will o' the wisp. He has all the gifts - both the practical and the imaginative; and his calculating friend the Zealot is quite right in saying that he will fall, like Adam, by the sin of spiritual pride. He could have been the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, but he will be the worst - the worst that is the corruption of the best."
"The Man Born to be King," play by Dorothy L. Sayers BBC 1941-42.


by Jeremy Lee
The Howard Government is now bent on selling the remaining 51 per cent of Telstra. It needs quick money to fund its programme if re-elected, The urgency has been increases with the first interest rate rise for a long while. Any more - and they're expected in the New Year - will impact heavily on the Coalition's election image.
A number of polls held over the last year show a big majority of Australians opposed to the sale. But that doesn't count with the Government, any more than the massive majority who opposed the introduction of the Goods-and-Services-Tax.
A large part of public opposition is due to fear that ownership and control will end up in foreign hands. The European Union has already publicly stated that the full sale of Telstra is a requirement to agreement of GATS (General Agreement on Trade and Services).
A Toowoomba resident wrote on this issue to Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, receiving this reply:
"… Under the existing Telstra Corporation Act, foreign ownership of the company is limited to 35 per cent of total shareholding, and no one foreign investor can control more than 5 per cent of the shares. The company is also required to have an Australian chairman, and have its company headquarters in Australia. None of these provisions will be changed by the Telstra sale legislation. In other words, Telstra, which is already a company, will stay an Australian company …"
Mr. Anderson is extremely naïve. As long ago as 1974 The Australian Financial Review (1/8/74) in a major survey of US corporations and multinationals, headed WHO CONTROLS WHAT, made this point:
"…. Control of only one or two percent of the shares of a major widely-held corporation is usually enough to influence its decisions, and holding 5 per cent of its stock is usually enough to control the entire corporation …."
So 35 per cent? It would make Telstra the plaything of a handful of foreign giants, while the little Australian shareholders would continue to get burnt.


With the above in mind, a proposition is being set before the imminent Provincial Cities Association in South Australia by the Mayor of Port Lincoln Peter Davies. It deserves the widest attention, and is set out verbatim:
There are12,866 million shares issued in Telstra of which the Government owns 6,466 million.
At $5.00 per share the Commonwealth Government share holding is worth approx. $32,230 million.
Last financial year TELSTRA:
1. paid out some $1,400 million of long and short term debt. $1.4 billion
2. wrote off some $770 million in bad debts due to its failed Asian REACH offshore investment: $770 million

THUS, TELSTRA REVENUE TO THE COMMONWEALTH is now some $3,250 million annually. It is obvious that if Telstra is sold total taxation MUST rise by at least $3,000 MILLION ANNUALLY to replace the current TELSTRA revenue stream to Government.
Already, this financial year TELSTRA has announced it is funding a public share buyback worth $1,000 million from private investors. It has cash flow far beyond its needs, APART FROM BANKS, TELSTRA IS THE BIGGEST CASH COW THIS NATION HAS EVER SEEN.
Various sectors of the community have argued that some $2,000 million should be committed to restoring the Murray-Darming system if TELSTRA is sold … It is obvious that a commitment of say $500 million annually over 4 years from the current cash flow would restore the Murray-Darling ecosystem … or, $200 million over ten years would achieve the same result without selling the shareholding.
The Government has indicated that some $150 million would be committed to upgrading remote isolated services if Telstra is sold. Clearly, the Government should DEMAND revenue streams. It is also obvious that, given the next quantum leap in information technology, that a privatized TELSTRA will pay no attention to remote communities. A privatized TELSTRA will not recognize its service provider responsibility to non-profitable regions and users, despite Government regulation.. It is the nature of business to cut losses and maximize profit.
National debt repayment has been quoted as reason to sell. A long-term commitment from the current colossal revenue stream would achieve the same result whilst preserving the national asset, similar to the above environmental investment. We will never build another national asset that could return 10% annually, thus paying off National Debt.
It is claimed Government should not be the majority shareholder of TELSTRA. This smokescreen can be removed by the sale of 20 million Commonwealth Government shares (or .3 per cent of the current total shares) reducing its holding to 49.9% of the total share stock. Alternatively, TELSTRA could buy back $100 million of the Commonwealth holding and achieve minority government status without seriously prejudicing the future huge government revenue stream.
1. The above information be conveyed to all S.A. politicians.
2. Press Release containing the above details to all media.
3. Seek A.L.G.A. support.
4. Attempt national campaign. (end of statement)


A few further thoughts on TELSTRA. During the three decades from 1970 the amount of taxation revenue poured into the capital development of TELSTRA was prodigious. The result is a huge monopoly that sits astride Australia's tele-communications. A few private companies have been allowed to compete, but are forced to rent TELSTRA's lines. This has resulted in a reduction in charges. But we are still left with a tax-built giant now providing the Commonwealth with a 10 per cent return which can continue in perpetuity. To sell it seems suicidal.
The reduction in the Commonwealth debt, about which Treasurer Costello so often boasts, has been achieved by asset sales - in other words, selling bits of Australia to foreigners to pay money owed to foreigners. The long-term result of such a policy must be to create for future Australians a land in which they have no equity.
During the financial twelve month June 2002 to June 2003 Australia's money supply grew by $50 billion.
All this increase was created by the banks and lent at interest into existence. It now lies on the backs of ordinary Australian men and women in household debt, which is over 130 per cent of income - twice the percentage of ten years ago. Much of it is foreign debt.
There was a time when the Government understood that it was not a good idea to have a large foreign debt. The Government at least had a share in money-creation, thus keeping ownership and control in Australian hands.
This can be seen in the difference between the Transcontinental East-West railway, built between 1912 and 1917, and the recently-completed Alice to Darwin railway. The first was built with Australian-issued money, gradually written off over a number of years. It was an Australian railway from Day One.
The Alice to Darwin railway, built in a fraction of the time, will be foreign-owned for half a century; and then the infrastructure developed during its life will have to be paid for before it becomes Australian.
The use of the National Credit in the form of cheap loans for essential works is, according to our politically-correct times, not to be discussed. It is a monopoly claimed and operated by a foreign cartel which is grabbing power and changing our world. It wants a border-free world in which to operate, with a "free market" not only in goods and services, but wages and salaries. The lowest wins. The idea of sovereign national states owning their own industries and assets is anathema to such globalists. They are offended that they do not yet control TELSTRA. They will apply pressure to both Coalition and Labor politicians until they do.
The real question is at what point Australians are prepared to say "enough". Could TELSTRA become the catalyst? There is considerable feeling in Australia about this issue. If local Government took it up, it just might change things.


Pauline Hanson has walked free from a Queensland gaol after appeals' judges overturned her conviction on electoral fraud. It has been reported the former One Nation leader has already told supporters she will consider resurrecting her political career on the back of the not unexpected decision by the Queensland Court of Appeal. (The Australian 7th November, 2003).
Acquittals were entered on behalf of Pauline Hanson and former One Nation director David Ettridge. The Appeals Court judges quashed their convictions and set aside the controversial three-year prison sentences imposed 11 weeks ago. This means that neither can face retrial for electoral fraud.
Mrs. Hanson embraced her one-time lieutenant outside the prison gates, prompting him to say: "You said the truth would set us free and it has."
While Mrs Hanson insisted that a political comeback was "the furthest thing from my mind", One Nation's Queensland Senator Len Harris, revealed that ahead of her release from gaol they had discussed her running again for federal parliament. "If the party were to nominate Pauline, I would support it fully," he has informed The Australian.
Pauline Hanson described her time behind bars as daunting and distressing but said it had made her wiser. She said the failure of the system in her case had caused her to question how many other women, and men, are actually behind bars that shouldn't be there.
Money talks for those who have it:
She remarked she would like to enlist the help of retired solicitors and judges, etc., to speak to those claiming they were wrongly imprisoned. She claimed people with a healthy bank balance could pay for their freedom, but many were there because they couldn't afford the legal help they needed.
Brisbane District Court judge Patsy Wolfe sentenced both Mrs Hanson and Mr Ettridge to three years' gaol on 20th August of this year, after a jury found them guilty of fraudulently registering the Queensland branch of One Nation in 1997.
Pauline had some harsh words for the prison strip-searches inflicted upon herself and her visiting friends and relatives, but said her first priority on release was to see her father, whom she had been unable to hug during a recent prison visit, and she wanted to celebrate her release with her family members.


Prince Charles has taken the unusual step of intervening in a media censorship row, naming himself as the senior royal who is at the centre of rumours of an allegedly scandalous incident and has denied that it ever took place.
A Clarence House statement said that it was not the first time that the servant who made the allegations had made unsubstantiated charges about the royal family.
"In recent days, there have been media reports concerning an allegation that a former Royal Household employee witnessed an incident some years ago involving a senior member of the Royal Family," the statement said. "The speculation needs to be brought to an end. The allegation was that The Prince of Wales was involved in the incident. This allegation is untrue." " The incident which the former employee claims to have witnessed did not take place," it added.
"There is a particular sadness about this allegation because it was made by a former Royal Household employee who, unfortunately, has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and has previously suffered from alcoholism following active service in the Falklands," the statement said. "He has, in the past, made other unrelated allegations, which the police have fully investigated and found to be unsubstantiated."


Monarchists throughout Australia have been expressing their outrage to the Commonwealth Bank at its naming of its Customer Relationship Marketing System as the "Republic Customer Relationship Marketing System" or the 'Republic CRM'.
Many, who are shareholders or customers of the Bank, are so incensed that they are threatening to take their business elsewhere. Correspondence to Mr David Murray, the Bank's CEO remains, as yet, unanswered.
Philip Benwell, National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League and author of the U S published text book 'In Defence of Australia's Constitutional Monarchy' has said "The Debate on the Constitution has divided Australia as nothing else has in recent times and whatever reasons and excuses the Bank may give, the naming of its system as the 'Republic CRM', is as inappropriate as if it had named it the 'Monarchist CRM'!
"Obviously the Board of the Bank has failed to take into account that not one State voted to accept a Republic and with just under 63% of people in Queensland, 59% in Western Australia, 57% in South Australia, 60% in Tasmania and over 50% in Victoria and New South Wales, voting to retain our Constitutional Monarchy, it really makes no marketing sense to use such a divisive term, particularly for a marketing exercise!"


In a moving ceremony Palestinian peace advocate, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, received the Sydney Peace Prize from the Labor Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr (Sydney Morning Herald [SMH] 7/11/03).
Dr Ashrawi was greeted with a standing ovation by an audience of politicians, corporate high-flyers and celebrities in the Strangers Dining Room at State Parliament House. In his welcoming address, the Premier traced the unhappy history of the Middle East back to the Koran and the Book of Genesis to honour the woman whom he observed, "has made difficult choices and taken mortal risks."
Mr. Carr welcomed Dr Ashrawi as someone who condemned delusions that feed violence and who had made enemies on all sides in the quest for the long-awaited peace. She had argued with Yasser Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu, the murderers of Hamas, Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. She had seen Palestinian children born without citizenship, Jewish families setting off to synagogue uncertain they would survive the journey, camps filled with refugees.
"The Palestinians have no homeland," Mr Carr said. "Israel has no peace. In one fact, Hanan Ashrawi knows, lies the solution to the other."
Not all agreed with the choice:
The SMH reported, "Mark Liebler, chairman of the Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council, accused Dr Ashrawi of failing to deliver a clear condemnation of Palestinian terrorism."
Views treated with willful distortion:
Dr Ashrawi had already said her views had been treated not only with wilful distortion but received with wilful deafness. "I will condemn violence against civilians," she said. "I will condemn violence by any groups that think they have a mandate to kill."
A certain degree of negative response and hatred as well:
Of the Australian response to her visit, she said: "I was amazed at the degree of, not just negative response, but a certain degree of hatred, which I don't find even with my discussions with Israelis."
It was reported "she blinked away tears and called for the recognition of the humanity of both Palestinians and Israelis, and said the two-state solution was possible. 'We have always lamented that there has been a global crisis in leadership but being here tonight I think we are debunking that myth once and for all. I still maintain that an individual can make a difference.'"


Taken from Dr Hanan Ashrawi's Sydney Peace Prize address, 6th November, 2003.

Peace in the Middle East - A Global Challenge and a Human Imperative:
"You too have chosen courageously to take sides in the struggle against injustice as opposed to the refuge of so-called neutrality or the self-interest of power. You have refused to be deflected, intimidated, or silenced, exercising a tenacity and determination that are the rare attributes of moral leadership and genuine service. In this context, the Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, stands out as the most appropriate embodiment of these qualities. For that too, I am truly grateful.
It is precisely during such times of adversity and pain, of violence and victimisation, of unilateralism and militarism, of ideological fundamentalism and absolutist exclusivity, that the world is most in need of voices and forces of sanity, reason and moral responsibility - the genuine building blocks of peace."
As we witness attempts at imposing a simplistic view of a Manichaean universe:
"As we witness attempts at imposing a simplistic view of a Manichean universe, of polarization and reductive stereotypes of good and evil, we are most in need of those who will engage in a redemptive validation of pluralism, tolerance, diversity, authenticity of identity, and the comprehensive engagement in collective responsibility. As such, it is up to us jointly to give both a voice and an audience to the silenced, and, to grant space and time to the excluded and denied.
Such is the nature of intervention that the world requires, not only to resolve conflicts but also to prevent them from erupting or generating their own destructive forces that could spiral out of control. No conflict should take us by surprise, for all the symptoms are recognisable and the components definable. Longstanding grievances and inequities have become all too familiar and have been left to fester on their own or to be manipulated by the strong as a means of victimising the weak. The nature of preemptive action must be, by necessity and choice, constructive, peaceful, and therapeutic."


by Betty Luks:
As one digests Dr. Ashrawi's words, it becomes brilliantly clear she has given her enemies a powerful serve, but most graciously. One wonders how long before the fundamentalists (of the American-sourced variety) wake up to the powerful serve she also gave them.
Let's look at a couple of the points she made.
"Attempts at imposing a simplistic view of a Manichaean universe of polarization and reductive stereotypes of good and evil":
Manichaeus (300sAD) taught that everything sprang from two chief principles, light and darkness or good and evil - radical Dualism. Manichaean Dualism is the belief in an 'eternal dualism' of conflict between God and Satan.
What the Manichaeans were really saying was that the Creative Power of the Universe is not Love but conflict and the Ultimate Reality is divided against itself.
The early Christian church came out against such a belief and the Christian position was 'hammered out' and firmly stated in the Creed of Athanasius.
The problem we face is that those Manichaean beliefs are not recognised within their modern forms and varieties- Super-Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism-Leninism and Zionism.
The modern forms with their materialism and atheism which rejects both God and Satan, are not thought of as religious heresies; and their fundamental identity with Manichaean Dualism is seldom recognised, yet the basic philosophy of dialectical materialism imposes the policy of continuous conflict and confrontation upon the whole world.
It was Lenin who said: "Development is the 'struggle' of opposites" and "dialectics is the study of the contradiction within the very essence of things". If Lenin was right then the Creative Power of the Universe is not Love but conflict and the world is quite a different place to that which the Christian Faith claims it is, and what Dr. Hanan Ashrawi would have us believe.

Of ideological fundamentalism and absolutist exclusivity:
Although the good doctor acknowledged the right of the Israelis to their own homeland, their own nationhood, and said both groups must work towards a two-state solution, in one of her TV interviews she insisted the Palestinian people have the right to their own history, culture, ethnic identity as well as national sovereignty.
She passionately rejected the modern myth that the modern Jews, "a people without a land, settled in a land without a people".
The layman is not aware of the powerful undercurrents swirling around the Religious Studies' Departments of academia. Through the work of men such as Palestinian Christian, Edward Said (now deceased) and Keith Whitlam, Professor of Religious Studies and Head of Department at the University of Stirling, U.K., the Palestinian people are now insisting their ancient history has been ignored, distorted, or obliterated. They have been dispossessed not only of their own land, but of their own history, culture and ethnic identity - and they want it back!

Keith Whitlam, in The Invention of Ancient Israel argues that 'ancient Israel' has been invented by scholars in the image of a modern European nation state. He explores the theological and political assumptions which have shaped research into ancient Israel by biblical scholars.
It is insisted biblical scholars have contributed to the dispossession of both a Palestinian homeland and a Palestinian past for the Palestinian people. Hanan Ashrawi's references to "ideological fundamentalism and absolutist exclusivity" make more sense in the light of these battles going on in theological circles.

Further reading on Manichaean Dualism, in the "Australian Heritage Series" available from all League Book Services.


The Australian League of Rights depends heavily on the Annual Basic Fund for its running costs and future projects. Over the last twelve months a huge amount of work has been going on 'behind the scenes': producing new books, continuing the enormous task of placing forty years of On Target on to computer and discs in preparation for a CD, expanding and developing the website, etc. For this to happen, along with much voluntary work done by our loyal teams scattered across the country, we needed the contributions of our supporters to the Basic Fund. For this we are most grateful and now we ask you once again to give generously to this year's Basic Fund.
All contributions sent to: Australian League of Rights, Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001.


"Health Betrayal" by Eve Hillary. It is said: "what we eat today walks and talks tomorrow". Eve Hillary graphically describes what our food eats - chickens, pigs, and cattle in modern production facilities. Corporate farming is pressured on producers by deliberate government policies. Many factory-farm animals don't see a blade of grass during their lifetime. (The rest of the gory details you can read in the book).
A most revealing and important book, worthy of careful study by every person even mildly interested in staying healthy. Price: $30 including postage from all League Book Services.


The speakers presented their papers with wit and humour; Eve Hillary's account of how "They are Stealing Our Children" here in Australia left her audience aghast. Donald Martin posed (and answered) the question: "Is the European Union Faltering?" and Bill Daly also asked (and answered) the question: "Is a Revolt Against Globalism Happening?" Betty Luks opened the Seminar with a vision for "The New Day". You must hear and be encouraged and inspired by the full range of speakers.
Individual Tapes - $6 each posted; Five Tapes - $25 posted; Complete Set - $25 posted.
Order from: MEA Tapes and Books, PO Box 248, East Caulfield, Vic. 3145


"The Moral Implications of Centralised Power" by Eric D. Butler.
Anthony Cooney wrote an Introduction to Eric's work in which he outlines the different schools of history, the underlying philosophy of each and their impact upon people's thinking. Two spring to mind, the Progressive School of Marxism and the Cyclical Theory of Oswald Spengler. Mr. Cooney then refers his readers to C. H. Douglas' opposing view with his dictum: "History is the Crystalisation of Politics". Eric Butler used the Bismarkian Reich and its socialist-welfare-state policies and the destructive and corrupting effects of centralised power, not only on those who possess it but equally upon those who suffer it. The remedy, he tells us, is not to try to defeat power with power - to cast out Beelzebub by Beelzebub - but by individual creative initiative, balanced by personal responsibilities.

"Social Credit - Aspects" by Anthony Cooney.
In this little gem, Cooney gently and patiently guides his readers to the revelation Social Credit is not merely a collection of economic and political theories, but a viewpoint from which we should judge the world and the events about us. In one example, he brilliantly contrasts novelist Ayn Rand's "Ethical Egotism" with Shakespeare's portrayal of "The Bonds of Nature" through his characters in King Lear. Anthony Cooney is a born teacher and this addition to his social credit series is already a winner.

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