Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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12 April 1968. Thought for the Week: "This determination of Negro Americans to win freedom from all forms of oppression springs from the same deep longing that motivates oppressed peoples all over the world. The rumblings of discontent in Asia and Africa are expressions of a quest for freedom and human dignity by people who have long been the victims of colonial imperialism. So in a real sense the racial crisis in America is a part of the larger world crisis." (Emphasis added)
Dr. Martin Luther King in Stride Towards Freedom. Page 191.


"Dr. King's martyrdom unfortunately provided a catalyst…a memorial service for Dr Martin Luther King will be held in St. Paul's Cathedral…A short address will be given by the Archbishop of Melbourne. (Dr. Frank Woods) The Age, Melbourne, April 8.

Mass insanity occurs when that which is true and real is replaced by that which is false and unreal. If this is an acceptable definition then we are witnessing today in the deluge of comment and obituaries praising Dr. Martin Luther King an attempt on a mass scale to destroy reason and truth. Whether he acted from a perverted form of idealistic motive or not, the record shows Luther King's activity in the so-called "civil rights" movement as playing an integral part in the process of destroying peace, and law and order in America. Wherever he went violence followed, accompanied by protestations of "non-violence". Whether he knew it or not he was the willing tool of those concerned very much with violence and revolution. His statement in our "Thought for the Week", his own words, indicates he understood the role he was playing.

Irrespective of Luther King's protestations and those of the mass media machine, it is incredible that such a mass confidence trick can be accepted by responsible editors, commentators, Church and political leaders, now all united in hailing Luther King as an apostle of peace who gave his life for his people. The truth is Luther King promoted the violence, which finally destroyed him, and even in death his destruction was used to promote more destruction. Perhaps the "catalyst" mentioned by the Commentator quoted above was necessary to bring about the final destruction of American society.

The "non-violence" of Luther King was in fact the progenitor of the violence of H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael and other revolutionaries whose ambition is to "burn America down". They make no secret of their ambition to multiply the disaster of Detroit last summer, to America's big cities all through the North this year. A report in The Age, Melbourne, August 8, 1967 indicated that Luther King understood the proposed technique. He was then predicting "massive general strikes and demonstrations" in America's big cities within the next few months.
"To have effect we will have to develop mass disciplined forces that can remain excited and determined without dramatic conflagrations," he said.
"To dislocate a city without destroying it can be more effective than a riot because it can be longer lasting, costly to society, but not wantonly destructive."
Who could doubt that such remarks were designed to lead to an inflammatory situation despite the otherwise specious pleading?

The real history of Dr. Martin Luther King is one of active association with the representatives of the Communist Party in the U.S.A. in various front organisations. It is highly doubtful he did not know what he was about. Alan Stang's highly researched book, "its Very Simple," puts the evidence beyond doubt. Luther King sprang into prominence when he organised a boycott of buses in Montgomery. Alabama, when a Mrs. Rosa Parks, a Negress refused to move to the back of the bus. This was the first of the many boycotts, sit-downs, sit ins, strikes, marches, organised by Luther King. In Mrs. Parks and her previous associations lies the pattern of all the multitudinous relationships between Luther King and numerous Communist front organizations. A detailed book such as It's Very Simple needs to be read to obtain a complete picture.
Such a book is not popular diet for the commentators and editors inflaming public opinion at the moment.

Previous to providing Luther King with his pretext for the boycott of buses in Montgomery Mrs. Parks had attended a course of "Instruction" at the Highlander Folk School run by the Montgomery Improvement Association. The M.I.A. had been formed by the Rev. Fred Shuttleworth, who later joined Luther King in the Southern Christian Leadership as Vice-President. The Rev. Shuttleworth was also connected with the Southern Conference Educational Fund and later became the President. The field director of S.C.E.F. is Carl Braden, national sponsor of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, the Communist front organisation to which Lee Harvey Oswald of John Kennedy assassination fame was a member. Both Carl Braden and his wife are key communists operating in Southern America.

Luther King's secretary to S.C.E.F. was Bayard Rustin who in the month prior to the meeting, which organised the founding of S.C.E. F., attended the sixteenth national convention of the Communist party. The S.C.E.F. replaced the Southern Conference for Human Welfare, which was "conceived, financed, and set up by the Communist Party in 1938 as a mass organisation to promote communism throughout the Southern States."
The Communists decided to abolish the S.C.H.W. when it had become well known as a front organisation and replaced it with S.C.E.F.

The channel through S.C.E.F. and the Montgomery Improvement Association to Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference is clearly defined. But irrespective of testimony given to the U.S. Senate and clearly laid out by authoritative reporting the people of the world are given a picture of a man uncontaminated by any suggestion of involvement with the enemies of Christian civilisation. When challenged on the evidence of his active association with Communist revolutionaries by the Counsel for the House of Un-American Council, Mr. Jack Rogers, who sent him the necessary photo copies of letters written by him to known communists, Luther King refused to appear and testify.
F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, recently described King "as the greatest liar in the country".

Such is some of the background of the man whom the world press is portraying as a dedicated Christian and a martyr to freedom.
A martyr yes, but the evidence is clear, a martyr to the cause of Communist revolution.


Mr. Eric Butler writes from North America, where he is currently lecturing and fact-finding:

"President Lyndon Johnson's dramatic statement on Sunday, March 31, that he would not stand for President this year and that he had ordered a reduction in bombing in an endeavour to start talks with the Communists in Hanoi, has had an explosive impact in both Canada and the U.S.A. Canadian Liberal Party leaders Pearson and Martin lost no time in attempting to bask in the new situation, stressing that Johnson was in fact doing what they had always advocated. Senator Robert Kennedy and his supporters did not bother to hide their delight. The Kennedy machine has gone into a new high gear as it moves to push Senator Eugene McCarthy aside in the ruthless drive towards the Presidency. At this moment it looks a certain Kennedy versus Nixon contest. The thought of a Kennedy victory is causing conservative Americans to shudder, and already a desperate "Stop-Kennedy" note has been struck in an endeavour to raise the type of money needed in an American Presidential campaign.
Sales of De Toledano's explosive exposure of Kennedy. "R.F.K. THE MAN WHO WOULD BE PRESIDENT" are starting to soar.

"Conservative Americans are convinced that the election of Kennedy would be one of the greatest disasters in American history, coming at a time when the nation faces an agonising situation in Vietnam and a revolutionary internal situation which could explode into massive violence at any moment. Does Nixon offer a genuine alternative?

Informed anti-Communists reject Nixon. I have recently studied several of his statements on Vietnam and it is disturbing to see him stating that he believes an "accommodation" with the Soviet Union is possible. The Soviet leaders know that they now have the Americans on the defensive, and they will not enter into any agreements, which will not keep the Americans under steady pressure. The new situation in the United States now highlights more than ever the Wallace campaign. Unless Wallace falters, or makes some major mistake, his campaign may prove to be the one to start rallying sufficient Americans in this great crisis.
Wallace will be assisted by the Black Power revolutionaries if they carry out their proposed plans. One of these is to disrupt the Democratic Convention in Chicago starting on August 26.

Leaders of the Black Power movement recently met at a conference near Chicago. One leader stated that 'the delegates should be allowed to come to Chicago, so long as they give their support to a policy of ending racism and the war. I favour letting the delegates meet in the International amphitheatre and making our demands escalate in militancy as the convention proceeds.

"Writing in The New York Times of March 24, eminent military expert Hanson W. Baldwin, outlines how the seizure of the American intelligence ship Pueblo by the North Koreans, and the inability of the Americans to do anything against the North Koreans, demonstrated how stretched American military strength is abroad. With far better equipment, the North Korean Air Force of over 500 planes had far superior strength to that of the South Koreans and Americans in the area when the Pueblo was seized.

"The grim truth must be faced that America is facing the greatest crisis in its history, and how that crisis is resolved, could decide the future of what is left of the shrinking free world. If Harold Wilson is left to further his destructive policies, the British will soon only be left with their knives and forks to defend themselves."


"The Rhodesian Prime Minister (Mr. Ian Smith) announced here yesterday that press censorship had been lifted in Rhodesia...He said the removal of censorship should be another indication to the world that Rhodesia had won the battle for independence." - The Age Melbourne, April 8.

While censorship has been lifted in Rhodesia and reflects the healthy political climate established there; censorship of the truth regarding Rhodesia in this country goes on apace. In particular our attention has been drawn to the complete bias by the A.B.C. in the material being used for broadcasts both in Australia and in New Guinea, the latter country being greatly interested in the situation in Rhodesia, as many of their own problems have similar parallels.
Protests have been lodged with both the General Manager of the A.B.C. and the Programme Director in respect to the "knowledge, accuracy and fairness touching matters treated."
The latter especially in regard to a television interview conducted between Miss Shirley Duncan journalist and contributor for National Geographic, and Mr. Bob Saunders of Channel 2.
Mr. Saunders did his best to twist the obvious truths Miss Duncan put forward.

A correspondent from New Guinea has protested to the A.B.C. manager at Port Moresby and to the Australian Prime Minister on the content of two broadcasts in March designed to whip up feeling against South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portuguese territories. The last of the two broadcasts was given by a spokesman of the Zimbabwe Party a terrorist organisation warring on Rhodesia and South Africa. The talk was given under the title of "United Nations Report".

It is time the Government took drastic steps to deal with such bodies as the A.B.C. which exercise power without responsibility. When criticised the cry is raised that they must be free to pursue policies independent of any government direction. Such statutory bodies are the natural habitat for those seeking control of a power instrument using large doses of e taxpayers money to pursue their nefarious activities. It is time they were disbanded.


"South Vietnamese President Nguyen van Thieu vows that his country will continue to fight the Communists even if the United States withdraws its support, and he asserts that nothing could force his Government into accepting a coalition with the Communists." - Review of the News. March 31.
President Thieu went on to say, "Even if the allies were to say if you don't accept a coalition, we'll leave the country, we'll cut off aid, even if our allies should no longer be willing to assist us, we will make sufficient sacrifices to carry on our struggle and achieve our aims."

"He went on to tell 2000 university students, "Foreign aid cannot be used to force us into Communist slavery. Nobody can force us to accept a coalition with the Communists. As an anti-Communist fighter for 20 years, I can never accept such a coalition."



Every indication points to a complete collapse of the Western position in South East Asia and Asia generally. Take a recent observation from the U.S. News and World Report, January 29.

"Indian Ocean area is vast, the backdoor to Southeast Asia and the strategic key to India, East Africa much of the oil-rich Middle East." Since that report the Soviet in the person of Mr. Kosygin has had talks with Mrs. Gandhi the Prime Minister of India. The Soviet will supply equipment and ships to the Indian Navy. The London Daily Telegraph commenting on the withdrawal of the British Navy from the area observes that, "the move apparently paves the way towards the formation of a mobile fleet to operate in the Indian Ocean."

In the Mediterranean the Soviet already has a fleet of fifty warships according to an earlier report from the London Daily Telegraph, having bases at Alexandria and Port Said from where the British have already withdrawn. The Soviet has likewise moved into the French Port of Mets el Kebir in Algeria. Russian technicians are already in Aden where they have been welcomed following the withdrawal of the British.
Mr. Wilson in this strategy is performing the wishes of his communist masters.

With the movement into Northern Africa and the Indian Ocean of strong Communist forces, the American withdrawal from South Vietnam takes on rather grim realities. Also the Indian Ocean laps Australian shores. Should there be a compromise bringing withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam, any stouthearted resistance by the South Vietnamese could soon be dealt with by one or two missile carrying Soviet ships. With South Vietnam "cleaned up" by the Communists we may be sure the whole of their attention will then be given to the one remaining point of resistance on the globe, Southern Africa. Rhodesia, the Portuguese territories and South Africa would bear the whole brunt of Communist aggression.
Australia could be picked off at will.
This we believe is the full import of the Johnson withdrawal.

The position is not beyond redemption. A strong Australian Government enunciating policies of no compromise could be a 'salient factor' in changing current American policy. But to get the Government to this point it is vitally necessary that the realities of the above strategy be driven home to members and cabinet Ministers.
Any consolidation of strength now in the face of the Communist advance could be a decisive factor, effecting our future history in the context of choosing between freedom or slavery.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159