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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

26 April 1968. Thought for the Week: "For Communists, negotiation is war carried on by other means. What they hope to do by negotiating is not to bring about peace but to disadvantage somebody, separate you from your allies, cause you domestic trouble and so forth. Negotiating over Vietnam would be a pain in the neck. If they get talking with us, then we get stuck on this eternal fly paper."
Dean Acheson former U.S. Secretary of State.
Quoted from the independent South African bi-quarterly review "RSA World", File 4, Number 1, 1968.


"Dr. Jim Cairns is almost certain to oppose Mr. Gough Whitlam for Labor Party leadership at a special Caucus meeting in Canberra next Tuesday." - Herschel Hurst in The Sun, Melbourne April 23.

By now Dr. Cairns decision will be known. Newspaper reports record he has spent the last two days telephoning every Labour member to ascertain what support he commands. Our interest lies in the threads, which connect Dr. Cairns with the International Communist conspiracy, and the gathering pace of that conspiracy all over the world. Dr. Cairns may well reason his moment of destiny has arrived. He has never had any illusions about his role in the promotion of the Communist world state. We remind readers of his own assessment given in the spring issue of "Dissent" 1964. Dissent is the Fabian Socialist Journal printed in Melbourne and largely controlled by left wing lecturers from Monash University.

"It is.... impossible for Labour to become as anti-Communist as the conservatives. We are situated in the political spectrum next to the Communists, and they will stand for many things for which we also stand. We cannot therefore oppose those things. Because of our position in the political spectrum we will also find ourselves in the same places as the Communists, on some occasions, doing the same things for the same ends."

Among all the apologists in the Labour Party Dr. Cairns has always been the most objective and forthright supporter of the aims of International Communism. He understands more clearly the use of the national party to forward the international concept. In the early days of the Communist terrorism and guerilla warfare in South Vietnam, it was Dr. Cairns who took the initiative from his hesitant fellow travelers and stumped the country telling the people there was no evidence of Communist support from China and the Soviet for the NLF. Dr. Cairns laboured day and night to establish the concept of a popular uprising for national independence against the domination of the U.S. and the so-called puppet regime of President Diem.
He was backed in his objective by the world wide Communist propaganda machine.
There is little doubt that Dr. Cairns set the climate of opinion, which resulted in the division of the Australian community over Vietnam.

Dr. Cairns, more than any of his contemporaries, is a man with a mission. He knows the power of the mass media, which yesterday excluded him from leadership of the Labour Party, can be changed tomorrow, and that the same climate of opinion, which excluded his party from obtaining the fruits of office, can be also changed. He would "deliver" the Victorian executive of the Labour Party, and thus "unify" the Australian Labour Party, preparatory to making the party a more efficient instrument in the world revolution. He would thus join with Pierre Trudeau, the newly elected Marxist Prime Minister of Canada, and the equally Marxist Prime Minister Harold Wilson in Britain, the final destruction of the Commonwealth as a prelude to the establishment of the Communist world state.
April 30th could be a most interesting day for all Australians.


The League of Rights National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, sends the following report from the U.S.A.:

I am writing from Detroit, rocked by the great racial riots of last year, and again suffering in the riots and fires following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Two days ago I was in Pittsburgh, which experienced its biggest racial riot to date following the King assassination. There is no doubt in my mind that every new riot produces more votes for Mr. George Wallace, the third party candidate in the Presidential race. Wallace is the one candidate who is making it clear that the first essential in the growing crisis inside the U.S.A., is the imposition of law and order, with firm action against those engaged in burning and looting.
Kindly lectures and the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars on "welfare" are not going to have the slightest effect on the Black Power leaders. I have heard these men in action, and only the full force of the law will stop them.
In Pittsburgh I witnessed one march and heard the Negro leader say at the finish that this was the last peaceful demonstration in this large city.

The American police and national guardsmen are doing a first class job under tremendous difficulties. Many charges of "police brutality" are being made, but I have not obtained any evidence of this. There is widespread resentment about the manner in which Dr. Martin Luther King is being almost canonised. He was engulfed by the revolution he had helped to foment. His so-called non-violent campaigning was in fact a mask for generating violence. His long association with the Communist conspiracy is now being made clear in books and articles.

Before his assassination he was emerging more and more as an instrument of the planned Communist revolution for America. A number of American observers point out that Dr. Martin Luther King appeared to be increasingly influenced by directives coming out of Cuba. On January 11 the notorious Rap Brown took sanctuary in the Cuban Mission of the UN after an attempt was made by the police to ask him about a parcel he was carrying. It is almost certain that this parcel contained money supplied by the Cuban UN mission, which is known to be the financial clearinghouse for Black Power militants.

On January 10, Stokely Carmichael, another notorious Negro revolutionary leader, was in Washington to organise what he called the 'Black United Front'. Represented was Dr. Martin Luther King's Washington representative, Walter E. Fauntroy. There appears to be good reason to believe that Carmichael's growing influence with Dr. Martin Luther King and other Negro leaders rested on the financial support he is obtaining from Cuba. There is no doubt that the inspiration to form the "Black United Front" came from Cuba.

On August 14 of last year Radio Havana quoted Carmichael on his proposed change of organisations: "The name will have a decisive influence on the attitude of Afro-Americans to fight with arms…"
It was on April 4 of last year that Dr. Martin Luther King delivered in New York the most vicious attack on U.S. policy in Vietnam ever to come from an alleged responsible American citizen. His civil rights movement overnight became a 'stop the Vietnam war' movement.
There is a most revealing similarity between the directives of the famous Tricontinental Conference of Communists in Cuba in January 1966, and the subsequent views being expressed by Dr. King. One investigator has provided the following samples:

Havana, 1966. 'The Afro-Americans are being shipped off to fight in Vietnam. For each white American, the imperialists send two Afro-Americans.'
Dr. King, 1967: 'Twice as many Negroes as whites are in combat.'

Havana, 1966 'North American aggressors deliberately use toxic gases and kill forests.'
Dr. King, 1967: 'We kill millions of acres of their crops, poison their water.'

Havana 1966 'The invading forces of Vietnam have competed with - even surpassed - the barbaric actions of Hitler's hordes...mutilations, savage tortures, mass assassinations".
Dr. King. 1967: 'We try new weapons on them, just as the Germans tested out new medicines and new tortures in the concentration camps of Europe.

The worldwide eulogy of Dr. Martin Luther King is yet one more frightening example of the power of the international conspiracy against Civilisation.


"A call to use civil disobedience to protest against the Vietnam war was made by an Anglican priest, the Rev, David Pope." - The Herald, Melbourne April 19.

Following in the footsteps of his patron saint Luther King, the Rev. David Pope, president of two anti-Vietnam organisations as well as a member of a consortium of numerous socialist organisations, flaunts his disregard for fundamental Christian belief and ethic in the face of his Archbishop.
"A concept of God is meaningless. I don't believe in divine intervention; man is the one who can make or break the earth and we've got to acknowledge our responsibility for this".
Thus God the Creator and the only authority to whom man can appeal is summarily disposed of, to be replaced by the same creed that was whispered into Adam's ear at the beginning of time, "you are greater than God."

Consistent with such a view he informed the reporter that he observed Good Friday the holiest of Christian days of observance, with what was described in the press report as "a swinging party." The clerical collar, the symbol of his office, he does not like to wear because it is "like someone holding a knife at your throat". However The Herald carried a picture of him the following day with the collar very much in evidence as he addressed an anti-Vietnam rally.

The Archbishop reacted to the double standard in the accepted modern psychology. "I know what he means, I have a certain sympathy with him".

The actions of David Pope, far from extolling the virtue of Christian love, is designed to strike fear into the hearts of the populace. The result of "civil disobedience" is to challenge established lawful action, bringing violence with possible injury and death to innocent people. At this point David Pope fulfills the philosophic ends of the political creed he embraces and shares with so many of his fellow anti-Vietnam clerics, that of socialism; which mistakenly is equated with a spurious form of Christianity. The final result of socialism after the violence and revolution - helped along by non-violent clerics - is the imposition of the iron control exerted by the totalitarian state, resulting in the destruction of the soul. But the fruit of Christianity and telling people "God loves you". ("If I tell people 'God loves you' I absolve myself from any responsibility.) is love, joy and peace.
It is a story, which can be told in political and economic terms as well as in worship, in fact all is worship.

To defend the right to tell people of God's love the Christian may have to fight - in Vietnam and elsewhere - so that he can continue to fulfill the commands of God.
How many Christian missionaries are there operating in China or the Soviet?



Make your booking immediately, time is running out. The Dinner is to be held on Friday 10th May, 1968 commencing at 6.30 p.m. in The Skyline Room, 3rd Floor, National Hotel, at the corner of Queen and Adelaide Streets, Brisbane. Donation for the Dinner is $4.00 per person.

The Annual Seminar will be held on the following day, Saturday 11th May, and promises an absolute feast of learning and inspiration to those attending. The venue for the Seminar is The Auditorium of the Queensland Chamber of Manufacturers House, 375 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane.

The subject of the seminar: Christianity and Communism. The speakers will be, Mr. Jeremy Lee, Rev. K. Marquat, and Rev. A.G. Fellows. Send to: Queensland League of Rights. P.O. Box 3, Paddington, Brisbane, 4064.


Very good work has been done on the Non-Proliferation Treaty mentioned last week. Letters in this week indicate that our sentiments are to a very large degree acceptable to the Government. A very good letter was received from Sir Alexander Downer, Australian High Commissioner in London thanking a N.S.W. actionist for his letter of support for Sir Alex's outspoken remarks on British policies. Sir Alex observes it is impossible to accept the word of a British Minister today. But he assured his correspondent that the heart of the British people was still sound, and he believes they will overcome the difficulties they are experiencing. He expressed his warm appreciation to the writer, and expressed the wish that they may meet some time in the future.
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