Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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10 May 1968. Thought for the Week: "A people without a strong national feeling cannot defend itself against wolves. Its claws are clipped and its teeth are drawn. Why are Australians farther away from being a nation today than they were forty years ago? When we look back over the propaganda of the last forty years, we find why the ways of truths, half truths and deceptions, has worked out no definite pattern, so that people are left with a feeling of helplessness before the actual pattern of world affairs. They have been assiduously taught that people fight not for their countries but for ideologies…Australians especially need to know what is wrong with that, and why common loyalty should be to the nation".
From the essay Vietnam: A Question of Loyalty, by D. Watts.


Governor Rockefeller of New York today made a spectacular entry into the Presidential battle with a strong performance in the Massachusetts Republican primary. - The Sun, Melbourne, May 2.

The entry of Nelson D. Rockefeller for the Republican nomination is of more than ordinary interest. Coming within a month of a firm assurance that he would not be a candidate; the decision indicates uneasiness amongst those powerful forces in the U.S.A. working for the election of a liberal minded candidate, backed by the same type of liberal-socialist administration which has held office in the U.S. since 1933, when Franklin Roosevelt took office.

The support to date for such a candidate has been given to Robert Kennedy, the darling of the outright pro-Soviet, anti Vietnam forces. Backed by the aura built up around the Kennedy name, it was felt that Robert Kennedy could deliver the goods. However the hard facts are that Robert despite massive publicity and lavish spending of the Kennedy fortune is not being favourably received. One newspaper correspondent reported it was difficult to find even a taxi driver who had a favourable word for Kennedy while "Bob aint John" stickers are appearing everywhere according to reports in The Herald, Melbourne, May 3.
Even former Labour Party leader Mr. Arthur Calwell said, "Kennedy was only supported by teenagers who did not have the vote, thank God".

Such developments could be a healthy sign in the U.S.A. of a growing understanding of the type of conspiracy the American people are facing. If the truth that Kennedy is the favourite son of the Kremlin is coming through it will be the result of steady conservative education. Much of the truth of what John Kennedy really did at Cuba, (acclaimed by Khruschev as a victory for the U.S.S.R. The Age, Melbourne July 13, 1967) and his contribution to the betrayal of the anti Castro freedom fighters in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, when air support was denied to them on the personal orders of J.F.K.
The appeasement of Communist forces in Katanga, and again in Laos. All could be reacting against Robert who was intimately associated with his brother's decisions. So another Kennedy in another guise is needed, just in case the massive publicity does fail. Therefore, enter Nelson Rockefeller with a cultivated Republican image, but behind the image delivering the same parcel of goods as Kennedy.
Rockefeller was used by the liberal-socialists to destroy the united front of the Republican support for Barry Goldwater in 1964.

He is also another of that clique of internationalists in America who comprise the Council of Foreign Relations.
In fact it was not until 1927, when the Rockefeller foundation made its considerable financial grants that the C.F.R. really got under way. Nelson Rockefeller worked closely with the Eisenhower administration during the disastrous years of appeasement, when the American people, lulled by the Republican label, saw greater inroads into their basic liberties than had taken place under the Democrats.
It is possible that Rockefeller could draw support from the whole of the leftist elements in both the Republican and Democratic worlds.

There is one bright light in the whole picture. According to American reports the result could be stronger support for Governor George Wallace.


"Australia would be prepared to support further reductions in the bombing of North Vietnam, consistent with the safety of Australian troops, the Minister for Defence (Mr. Fairhall) said in his statement on defence. " - The Age, Melbourne, May 3.

Whichever way the present policy on Vietnam of the Australian Government is looked at it is one of shameful compromise with the dictates of the Communists. The setting for "peace" talks in Paris has the bitter smell of defeat.
The main figures participating, Mr. Averill Harriman for America, and Xuan Thuy (pronounced Swan Twee), are the same team which came to amicable arrangements favouring the Communists over Laos in 1962. (Thuy was deputy chairman on the North Vietnamese delegation.

"Hanoi completely disregarded the Laos Agreement from the moment of signature", one of Mr. Harriman's staff pointed our recently. - The Age, report from Roy McCartney in Washington May 6.
It is significant that Thuy is regarded as representing Moscow, not Peking, Moscow being the chief supplier of North Vietnam's military hardware.

There is no doubt that the Australian Government has been put in an embarrassing position, and is being dragged along on the coat tails of the U.S.A.'s policies of appeasement. We have to learn that even powerful friends have to be opposed, rather than compromise with principle.

It is our belief that, given a lead, the Australian people would rally to a government, which declared its refusal to compromise and allied itself with other governments, which took a similar stand. There is no doubt the South Vietnamese, the South Koreans, the National Chinese, the Phillipines, Thailand and Malaya would follow a lead given by Australia, with the insistence that the Communists should withdraw completely from South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; and that any abrogation of such agreements would be met with an immediate declaration of war and the invasion of North Vietnam.

We must go on the diplomatic offensive and take the initiative away from the traitors and defeatists, operating inside, both Australia and U.S.A. Such a stand at this stage could rally the Conservatives to bring about a resounding defeat of the liberal-socialists in the coming presidential elections.

The League of Rights launches a petition this week and invites all to take part in petitioning the Government to pursue stronger lines on the Vietnam situation. All enquiries for the petition should include a stamp addressed envelope for the returned enclosure.


Mr. Eric Butler provides the following report, after a close study of the Negro riots in the city of Buffalo, in the State of New York:

One of the bravest men in the Negro riots which struck Buffalo following the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, was the Negro businessman who stood armed with a shotgun attempting to protect his property from the rioters. A long personal talk with this man provided me with one of the most revealing, and disturbing pictures I have yet obtained of the truth about America's race riots.
This Negro confirmed the view of those who claim that the Presidential report on racial riots, presented a Marxist interpretation of the cause of the riots, and a Marxist solution. The President's Commission insisted that the riots are caused by the physical environment forced upon the Negro by the "white racists". The correct solution therefore is to take enormous sums of money from the whites spend them on improving the physical environment of the Negro. But large sums of money have already been spent on improving the physical environment for the Negro. In a tour of Buffalo I saw modern brick apartments which have been built for the Negro, and made available at comparatively low rents, and already have a slum atmosphere about them. Many windows have been broken and patched over with newspapers. All around there is rubbish of all kinds. I had a look at a new recreation centre built for the Negro. It was in a disgraceful condition. Once again one could not help but notice the destruction. Excellent playing grounds, well equipped, were nearby. But I saw only two Negro children playing in the whole area.

I asked the Negro businessman for an explanation: "These people", he replied, "cannot be helped until they change their whole attitude towards life and develop a sense of personal responsibility and proper pride. They have already destroyed what they can and will destroy anything else that is provided. No amount of money will solve the basic problem. The more money that is poured in, the more we will encourage the attitude that the Negro is a special group and that the guilty whites must be blackmailed into giving more and more. The way things are going, it will soon be the whites who are the real second-class American citizens".

I asked the Negro businessman if he anticipated more destruction. "Well", he said, "the rioters cannot destroy much more in their own areas. I fear that the next moves will be into other areas with hit and run attacks for a start". He told me that he has already seen these tactics being practised. If the Negro rioters start to invade white areas there could be a dreadful holocaust.

I have never seen nor handled so many weapons since I left the armed services. A man running a gun store told me that the sale of weapons was enormous and that practically every household possessed several weapons. In this explosive situation it is clear to me that the best hope for the American people is that law and order is maintained by the police and security forces, not by the whites feeling in desperation that they must resort to civil war. This could play into the hands of the Communist revolutionaries. But the frightening truth is that the police in most centres are at a serious disadvantage, because of the weakness of politicians who appear to be afraid.
Mayor Daley of Chicago looked like taking a stand when he said that he was ordering the police to shoot if necessary to deal with arsonists and looters.
There was a nation-wide campaign and it is reported that the Robert Kennedy organisation brought enormous pressure to bear upon Mayor Daley, a well known Democrat and Kennedy man, to back down.

Some police are using more force than officially permitted as I learned from a very experienced police officer in Buffalo. He said that he and his colleagues had brought order in a comparatively short time in Buffalo by firing at the ground in front of the rioters. However, even so, as I saw for myself, the damage was enormous. Shop after shop in the one street had put in plywood to take the place of the broken windows. Many had signs up stating that the business was closed.

I noticed with some interest that no national banks were touched. I was told that the rioters were instructed not to touch banks at the present stage, as this would bring them into direct conflict with the Federal authorities.
All this does not mean that there are large numbers of Communists amongst the American Negroes.
The Communists claim to be scientists who study and use existing social forces to achieve their revolutionary objectives.

Young Negro criminals are encouraged to intensify their criminal activities. They are being taught that their activities are justified by the fact that the whites are planning to exterminate all Negroes. A form of mass paranoia is created. The Marxist Guardian of February 24 contained an article by one Lester, who wrote that "It's going to be 'Bloody Summer' and the likelihood is that black undertakers may ask for a midsummer cease-fire so they could have a few days to recuperate from overwork. ...Faced with the prospect of death, blacks are arming themselves, and saying thereby, if you are marked for death, just don't die without knowing that some honky is going to be buried the same day you are. And preferably, two or three."

It is not surprising that in this situation whites are making sure they and their wives know how to handle the weapons they have bought. There is no doubt whatever that many American Negroes have been worked upon, recruited and conditioned, to take part in a revolution they do not understand. They know nothing about Marxist doctrine. And so if arrested by the police there is no evidence of Communist involvement. But every authority on Communism in America knows the truth: that what is developing in America is a carefully contrived conspiracy to demoralise the nation from within.
And the demoralising of America from within is a major part of Communist global strategy to defeat what is left of the free world.

I am praying that during the summer months ahead I will not be reporting on an America going up in flames and the population engaged in bloody civil war.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159