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On Target

14 June 1968. Thought for the Week: "War means fighting. The business of the soldier is to find the enemy and strike him, to invade his country and do him all possible damage in the shortest possible time…with an economy of life and property in the end. To move swiftly, strike vigorously and secure all the fruits of victory are the secret of successful war"
Lt. -Gen. T.J. ("Stonewall") Jackson, Confederate States Army, quoted on page 481 Volume 2 of
(British) Colonel G.P.R. Henderson's biography of the American Civil War hero.


"It has been an extraordinary occasion. There was real grief for the loss of the Senator and compassion for his family, but there has also been something more as if the people were voting with their tired feet against the violence and tension in America, as if they had taken this additional violent action as an affront against themselves" - The Age, Melbourne, June 10.

In the above words lies the real tragedy of the American political scene. For the American people, nor the people of the world, are to be relieved of "the violence and tension" enveloping us at this point in the general political scene. The slaying of Robert Kennedy is merely an incident in that scene. With politicians and world leaders elevated by ballyhoo to the position of tinsel gods while destroying the basis of authority, it is inevitable that many of the chief actors in the drama must be destroyed. And so…John Kennedy...Luther King...Robert Kennedy.

The tragic fact is that the true basis of authority is being destroyed in America. Power has been rapidly removed from its source in the States, and centralised at Washington. The process has been accelerated since the assassination of John Kennedy, and each successive slaying has been used by the mass media to further the growth of responsible power. Such a situation has not yet arisen in the Commonwealth countries where we still retain the basis of Law and Order. There is no doubt whatsoever that assassination is part of the technique used by the forces of world revolution to hasten collapse and heighten crisis.
One of the big question marks remaining to be answered in the slaying of John Kennedy, Luther King and now Robert Kennedy is, who stood to profit by the slayings and is there a common connection between the three.

There seems no doubt in the first case in spite of the attempt of the Warren Commission, to confuse the issue, that John Kennedy was slain by a highly organised conspiracy. Several reports of the arrested slayer of Robert Kennedy link him with the Communist Party, and it was well known that Luther King had fulfilled his usefulness to the Party's revolutionary programme. Whether there is any direct connection may never be known, but it is certain that under the impact of propaganda, each occasion has lent itself to the further deterioration of morale amongst the American people.


Mr. Eric D. Butler reports from Canada that "it would almost appear that Mr. Robert Stanfield, Conservative leader, wants Fabian Socialist Pierre Elliott Trudeau to win the Canadian Federal Elections on June 25". Mr. Butler reports as follows from Vancouver:

The current Canadian elections are providing further evidence that the Achilles heel of the non-Communist world in its struggle with International Communism, is the failure of those who call themselves conservatives to grasp the truth that increased exports from the non-Communist nations to the Communist nations are helping the Communists and weakening the non-Communists.
The Canadian Conservative leader, Mr. Stanfield, has followed Prime Minister Trudeau on Red China:
'Canada did business with many governments of which it did not approve. He himself did not approve of the Chinese government but felt Canada should recognise it'.

Mr. Stanfield made his remarks when he attended a news conference of Toronto's ethnic press. One would have thought that an astute political leader would have welcomed the opportunity to 'get on side' with a press which represents a large section of the Canadian voting population. But when reminded of calls by former Conservative leader John Diefenbaker at the United Nations and elsewhere for freeing East European peoples from Communist rule, and asked whether he would support a similar policy, Mr. Stanfield replied that 'I think I have to say to you that any government of Canada which I led would not be prepared to actively engage in the dismemberment of, say, a member of the United Nations'.
He understood the desire of the people to have freedom, 'But there could be serious consequences if Canada lent aid or encouragement to those seeking freedom'.
The 'serious consequences' would no doubt be loss of export markets to Communist countries.'

Mr. Stanfield disagreed with one questioner who suggested that there was a 'moral discrepancy' in the Liberal Party seeking a just society in Canada while wanting to recognise a Chinese Government that oppressed the Chinese people. He did not see the issue as a moral one at all, simply a question of trade. This is so typical of the materialism of the West at the present time, and is further evidence of what Lenin described as the decadence of 'capitalist' business men who would provide the rope for their own hanging - if they thought they might make a profit:
Providing any form of economic aid or encouragement to Communist criminals is an open admission that the West is not concerned about the victims of these criminals; that the West only pays lip service to the cause of freedom.

It will be noted that the type of argument used by Mr. Stanfield to justify recognition of Red China, does not extend to Rhodesia. There is no suggestion that irrespective of what other Governments think of the Rhodesian Government, it is in effective control of Rhodesia and should therefore be recognised as an act of "realism". No doubt if Rhodesia offered the same type of markets provided by the Communists, the position could be different.

The United Church of Canada, with many of its clergy open supporters of the Socialist New Democratic Party, has opened a massive campaign against South Africa just when increased international pressure is being applied to Rhodesia. The one million members of the Church are being sent a kit telling them how they can put pressure on South Africa by boycotting South African products, which are listed. This is Canada today as it moves towards an historic election with every sign that the Conservatives will lose to the astonishing Pierre Elliott Trudeau through default.


"Russia is putting the heat on India to buy Tupolev 134 aircraft as replacements for the Viscounts of Indian Airlines Corporation, the State-owned domestic service" - The Herald, Melbourne, June 10.

This latest report confirms the trend pointed out in On Target last week. The Washington Report dated May 13, comments on the Soviet's penetration of the Indian economy in no uncertain terms.
"While most of the world has had its attention riveted on Vietnam, the Middle East and a score of troubled spots in Africa, Latin America, and even the Eastern European Communist satellites, the Soviet Union has launched a massive new front to establish Moscow's mastery over the vast reaches of the Indian Ocean and Southern Asia".

Although the Tupolev 134's only seat 84 passengers, and the Indians want planes from the West, which will seat 120 passengers, it would appear that economic blackmail applied by the Soviet will be considerable. The Herald report says there is an order given by the Soviet to India for 10,000 rail cars, which is in jeopardy. The Washington Report puts the figure of 40,000 rail cars to be delivered by 1975. India has already made a deal of $600 million worth of planes to modernise the already large Indian Air Force.
Such planes will of course come from the Soviet.
India admitted receiving 127 SU-7 fighter-bombers from the Soviet earlier this year. "Shortly afterwards India announced it had obtained four submarines from the Russians, 400 sophisticated Soviet tanks, long-range artillery and short range missiles of the SAM variety."

As the report commented on the seeming discrepancy between India's ability to cope with her domestic problems and her policy of undertaking a large military build-up.
"The Indian formula appears to be to spend its desperately strained funds on building its military might, primarily with Moscow's help, and then turn appealingly to the rest of the world to bail its people out of famine and deprivation".


"If other countries cannot or will not help South Africa safeguard the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope she will do it herself" - The Herald, Melbourne, May 31.

The above announcement was made by Mr. Pieter Botha, the South African Defence Minister. The report continued, "Mr. Botha suggested that with Britain's pending withdrawal from the area east of Suez, South Africa should seek closer relationships with other countries with interests in the South Atlantic".

Here is a clear invitation to Australia and New Zealand whose major export routes are via the Cape Between them Australia and South Africa constitute the most advanced industrial nations in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is now faced with the Soviet thrust down through the Indian Ocean as well as through South East Asia, while South Africa is faced with the same advance down through her own continent and in the Indian Ocean. Commonsense, as distinct from prejudice, calls for a positive response from Australia to the appeal from Mr. Botha.


"Three American Negroes, one resident of China, said today they were meeting in Dar-es-Salaam to plan a new black republic in the United States - the republic of New Africa" - The Herald, Melbourne, June 10.

The establishment of a separate black state in America has been a long range objective of the Communist conspiracy. Mr. Robert Williams, along with Mr. Milton Henry and Inani Henry were the three revolutionaries visiting Dar-es-Salaam to formulate their plans. No doubt they chose Tanzania as it is already a haven for the Communist thugs and terrorists making war on peaceful Rhodesia. Until he shifted to Peking, Mr. Williams operated from Havana in Cuba, where under the patronage of Fidel Castro he organised the Revolutionary Action Movement, (R.A.M.) described by Max Stanford, the young Negro Field Chairman of R.A.M. as being "officially organised in the late winter of 1963 by Afro-Americans who favoured Robert F. Williams and the concept of organised violence. R.A.M feels that black youth are the key to our revolution".

Robert Williams was the architect of Urban Guerrilla Warfare, which has been successfully applied in Watts and Detroit. Such terror he believes will finally force the US Government to accede to the request for a separate black state, organised and controlled as a separate revolutionary instrument inside America.


"The Victorian A.L.P. Conference.... overwhelmingly approved a motion from Dr. Cairns. MP to diminish the importance of Australia's alliance with the United States" - The Age, Melbourne, June 11.

Dr. Cairns advanced a sophisticated argument to substantiate his motion. Our alliance with America made us "subservient", and a nation who accepted such a position could never "be great". The alternative advanced by Dr. Cairns was the "need for a strong independent national spirit, and a desire for fruitful co-operation with all nations". A key to what Dr. Cairns means by "fruitful co-operation with all nations", can be found in Hansard of September 7, 1967.
Mr. J. McEwen, Minister for Trade had just finished explaining how the government was establishing consulates and trade delegations in the Communist country of Rumania. The same facilities were established in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Dr. Cairns was the first to his feet to congratulate Mr. McEwen and to ask if the same facilities could not he extended to other Eastern European countries. However we saw no mention of the same need in Rhodesia, or such places. And have no doubt that the weakening of ties with America will be replaced with greater co-operation with Communist countries if Dr. Cairns ever becomes a responsible minister.

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