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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

5 July 1968. Thought for the Week: "The surest way to court failure and disaster in Africa is to be in a hurry.
Laurens van der Post in, The Heart of the Hunter, p. 118.


"The United States today asked the Soviet Premier (Mr. Kosygin) to return a 231 man airliner forced down on a Soviet Pacific Island" - The Age, Melbourne, July 2.

The Soviet held the plane for two days while the Americans and the Western world wondered if they were faced with another Pueblo incident: 83 men are still held by the Communists, and the picture of humiliation and defeat this unresolved "incident" had upon the Western world is profound.

With the Paris "peace" talks going on and the special telephone line from the Kremlin to the White House running hot with offers of nuclear pacts and reduction of missile armaments, it is essential for the Communist propaganda machine to maintain the psychological pressure on the West.
Thus whilst waging a military war on their own terms in Vietnam they now find it expedient to return three American Airmen captured in North Vietnam.

With such incidents as these along with Mr. Kosygin's disarmament proposals we can expect the Pueblo incident to be resolved any minute. We can also expect increased propaganda from the press that these "peaceful" overtures by the Communists are evidence of the Communists good faith. The Communists have not conceded one single principle or objective, in the present "peace" offensive now dangled tantalisingly before the eyes of the war weary, protest weary, guilt conscious West.
We are witnessing the triumph of propaganda over reality, a tower of Babel, which needs to be destroyed, as was its predecessor.

The offers of Mr. Kosygin are a part of the "electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions" predicted by Lenin School of Political Warfare lecturer, and later U.N. delegate, Dimitri Manuiliski, when the Communists would launch their great "peace" offensive. The capitalist countries, he said, "stupid and decadent...will leap at a chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist".


"Jesus Christ - Wanted - for Sedition, criminal Anarchy, Vagrancy, and conspiring to overthrow the established Government" - Inscription on an advertisement under a picture of Christ displayed by students. Published in Daily Telegraph, Sydney, June 27.

The picture and advertisement has received widespread publicity, yet nowhere have we seen any protest by Church leaders that such a description of Christ is pure perversion of his teaching of the Christian faith. A faith and the inspiration of its teaching which built everything which is best in the world.
The evil of this poster is the use of the sacred to profane.

The use of the name and image of Jesus Christ is for destruction of everything he stood for, to advance the belief there is no God. The advertisement reflects the mood of our nation and the problem of the West described by Whittaker Chambers so truly as "the degree in which it is indifferent to God".


"The Prime Minister, (Mr. Gorton) yesterday made a clear declaration of his centralist approach to Australia's finance policy. He left the six State Premiers in no doubt that under the Gorton regime the Commonwealth will dominate financial affairs more completely than ever" - The Age, Melbourne, June 29.

Having blatantly confirmed the principle upon which is erected the totalitarian state, Mr. Gorton should now honestly confirm that he is in favour of increased socialism, less free enterprise and individual liberty, such is the inevitable result of the implementation of the key factor necessary in the construction of the socialist state, central control of finance which inevitably underpins the monolithic centrally controlled political machine.

Appropriate to the concern in many quarters of the galloping socialism being imposed from Canberra are the remarks of the Honourable C.B. Cutler, E.D., M.L.A. Deputy Premier of New South Wales and Leader of the Country Party in that State. In his opening address to the 1968 Annual Conference of the Australian Country Party (N.S.W.) he made the following points.

"This should be a time of consolidation and progress under a system of Government in which we all profess extreme faith in the Federal System. There are however, worrying signs that many Federal authorities, both political and public service, see this as an opportunity to filch State powers and centralise control in Canberra. As we proceed with this Conference let us all remind ourselves that Socialism is centralisation of power and centralisation is still Socialism even if it's allowed to happen or even encouraged by our own side of politics. Do not, whatever we do, accept the theory that centralisation is more efficient, or that it doesn't matter because the Liberal /Country Parties are in control in Canberra".

Such are brave and true words. They can only be made a reality by the reversal of the present financial policies of the Central Government. Mr. Cutler made it clear in his address that he was well aware of this, and he drew attention to the large number of resolutions on the agenda which asked in one form or another for relief from increased costs which is destroying economic freedom in Australia.
He pointed out however that such motions implied that such relief could only come from Canberra, and thus increase the demand for further centralising financial control there.

As a result of Mr. Cutler's advice such resolutions when presented then contained a rider, which said in fact " this being dependent upon a satisfactory financial agreement between Commonwealth and States".
We must point out that while it is essential for the political and financial independence of the elector that the State Governments be financially independent, it is even more important that the individual should be financially independent from any form of financial coercion by the State in either of its forms. This objective is more than possible in physical terms; it requires the alteration of financial policies to make it a reality.


The first six months of 1968 has seen a continuing development of League activity at all levels. Activity and interest in all States has been brought to a higher level in Australia, while the development in our sister organisations in England, Canada and New Zealand has been steady. The British League of Rights now produces its own issue of On Target, and in Canada the expansion of the League's support there has been nothing short of dramatic, as Canadians concerned with the mass media blackout of the true background of Fabian Socialist Pierre Trudeau, turn to the only organisation supplying reliable information, and a genuine exposure of socialist policies.


Nowhere in Australia has the steady progress in League work been more marked than in the Queensland - Northern N.S.W. area. Under the control of Queensland State Director, Mr. Don Martin, now most ably supported by Mr. Jeremy W.D. Lee, the League now operates at a depth that makes progress automatic to a very large degree. This was most obvious to Mr. Edward Rock, Assistant National Director when he visited Queensland in May to attend the second Annual Dinner and Seminar, and to make a tour of some of the centres where League development has taken place.
The strength of League support in each area with well-attended meetings and avid interest was most marked.

It is this type of development now growing all over Australia, which will turn the tide against totalitarianism. Such genuinely decentralised forms of political organisation, literally springing up from the bowels of the Australian community, rooted on fundamental teaching and understanding, is beyond the attack of the totalitarians in our midst. The respect and confidence placed in the ability of League supporters to supply leaders of the community with vital information and support for strong policies, is gaining increasing dividends.


The addition of Mr. Jeremy Lee to the full time staff of the League has in a short six months demonstrated beyond doubt the outstanding qualities of a gifted speaker, lecturer and teacher. He has been able to impart with great clarity the concepts and purposes of the League's work. His tours of Western Australia and South Australia provided a new impetus to League supporters in those States and they can look forward to increased activity with the regular visits of National Director Mr. Eric Butler now supported by Mr. Lee. Already the increased activity is these States resulting from Mr. Lee's recent visit has been most heartening to those at the centre, especially Mr. John Ball, the coordinator of Voters Policy Associations in Australia.


The $25,000 appeal concluded last year can only be counted successful when all pledges are fulfilled. Due to disastrous drought conditions many of our supporters are finding it difficult to fulfill their pledge. Under such circumstances we appeal to those who for one reason or another did not subscribe to our appeal last year and ask them to fill the breach. The critical moments we live in demands that we go forward, expanding our work and rebuilding the bulwarks of freedom. We ask that all those who can, to send their donation immediately.


Mr. Eric Butler reports further on the mounting violence on the North American continent:

The violent demonstration against Prime Minister Trudeau on the eve of the Canadian Federal Elections provided further evidence that it is the anti-conservatives who are responsible for the growing violence on the North American continent. The "Poor Peoples" demonstration in Washington ended in the violence the organisers planned to produce.

Both in Ottawa and Washington it is the anti-conservatives who eagerly support aggression against anti-Communist Rhodesia. They supported war against anti-Communist Tshombe in Katanga. One of the most vigorous of the liberal anti-conservatives was the late Robert Kennedy. The brainwashing campaign to produce a collective guilt complex amongst Americans and Canadians is still proceeding. All the available evidence indicates that the young Jordanian charged with the killing of Senator Kennedy reacted as he did because of the experiences of his people at the hands of the invading Political Zionists in the Middle East, and because he was subsequently influenced by his Communist associates. There is no evidence that he has been influenced by any "right-wing extremist".

Before another Kennedy myth is created, it is essential to have a clear look at the record of the late Senator Robert Kennedy. This is the man who volunteered to donate blood to the North Vietnamese, attacked the American stand in Vietnam, thus bringing support to the Communist tactic of eroding American resistance and paving the way for what now looks like complete capitulation.
It is ironic that in order to maintain his support from the revolutionary groups in America, Robert Kennedy not only refused police protection during his California campaign, but his aides heaped abuse upon the police.
Chief Morton of the Fresno police has related how he withdrew police protection following requests from Kennedy aides who declared, "The senator does not like policemen and does not like blue uniforms".

Senator Kennedy remained silent concerning the nation-wide campaign which claimed that there was widespread police brutality" against rioters. Police Chief Morton said that, "I have never at any time encountered such a group of ill-mannered, uncouth and deliberately obnoxious people anywhere as those on Senator Kennedy's staff".
If Senator Kennedy had accepted police protection, he would be alive today. His rejection of police protection was in keeping with the current ultra-liberal philosophy in America, which rejects the concept of the strict enforcement of law and order.

In spite of the brainwashing campaign to convince people everywhere that it is the conservative, anti-Communists who are responsible for "hate literature" and for the growing violence, the pattern of violence proves that the truth is exactly the opposite. Dr. Billy James Hargis of the Christian Crusade in America has written: "No American can cite a single instance in which a supporter of the Christian Crusade, a member of the John Birch Society, or a friend of Mcintyre, Smoot or Mansion, either instigated a riot or burned down a city neither can any American point to a single instance in which a supporter of Christian Crusade, or any Christian conservative or Christian anti-Communist, attempted to assassinate any public leader with whom they disagreed in the United States. No Christian can ever be involved in acts of terrorism or violence".

The two Kennedy's and Dr. Martin Luther King were the victims of the revolutionary forces they had refused to oppose.
"For they had sown the wind, and they shall reap thee whirlwind." (Hosea 8:7)

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159