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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

26 July 1968. Thought for the Week: "The direction of society has been taken over by a type of man who is not interested in the principles of civilization. Not of this or that civilization but - from what we can judge - of any civilization"…
Ortega y Gasset.


"I will not go to Hawaii to surrender to communists, to sell the nation, to concede territory, or to accept a solution involving a coalition with communists imposed by the United States, such as communists and a number of unscrupulous politicians have falsely claimed" - President Nguyen Van Thieu, in The Age, Melbourne, July 19.

It becomes more and more apparent how tenuous is the thread of that lifeline holding back the hordes of barbarians, attacking from within and without, seeking to destroy civilisation. Our Thought for the Week is applicable to the leadership provided by the Johnson's and Wilson's working with enormous forces ranged against two small countries literally holding together the ragged remnants of civilisation. If South Vietnam and Rhodesia go, and the Thieu's, the Ky's, the Smith's and the Vorster's are eliminated, the end for the rest of us would take a gigantic step forward.

With all its difficulties, the 20 years of fighting, its disrupted economy, the cultural destruction resulting from the impact of the materialism and celluloid culture of the American army, the South Vietnamese refuse to accept any formula of compromise. Such is real strength. It is little short of a miracle.
It may be the example, which will allow the lifeline of civilisation to hold out until new strength flows into Western leadership.

In Rhodesia it is obvious that the build-up of terrorist forces on her borders is reaching new heights of intensity. Latest reports indicate a scale of activity by the terrorists not hitherto reached. While the Chinese and Soviet trained terrorists attack Rhodesia from safe bases in Zambia and Tanzania in the name of majority rule", the British and the Soviet combine with the "legitimate" majority rule Federal Government of Nigeria to eliminate the minority group, the Biafrans.
The form of elimination is the same as that reserved for the Rhodesians, large-scale massacre.

The respected American Negro editor, George Schuvler comments in the June edition of American Opinion on the forces ranged against Rhodesia. These are under the control of Lusaka (Zambia) based James R.D. Chikerema, Vice President of the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union, and the Dar es Smalam based Oliver Tambo, who heads the African National Congress.
Then there is Eduardo Mondlane, President of the Mozambique liberationist group called FRELIMO, which is quartered in Dar es Salaam. He was originally financed by the Ford Foundation, but is now financed by O.A.U. (Organisation of African Unity)

Between them it is estimated these terrorist leaders have some 20,000 terrorists training in camps in Zambia and Tanzania. It is these terrorist leaders whom Mr. Wilson accepts as being representative of the majority of Africans in Rhodesia.


"Free love? Individuals must make up their minds about that. No doubt it goes on in the University" - Monash University Vice. Chancellor, J.A.L. Matheson, in The Herald, Melbourne, July 17.

No doubt the assertion that even a University Vice Chancellor has a soul will be extremely irritating to many products of our educational institutions; but for want of a better word to describe that centre of each individual which is not concerned with material things, instead of the interplay of the mind and the intellect on the nature of matter in its various forms, - which is what modern education is largely about - then the term "soul" is valid.
Those of us who are still old fashioned about religion believe there are ultimate and unshakeable beliefs beyond the mind, or beyond modern education, which form the basis of reality.

It is obvious that our modern educationists as exampled by Mr. Matheson reject such beliefs as being of no consequence. Free love, and pre-marital sex are matters which modern education cannot reduce to a formula; therefore rules cannot be defined.
The extent to which Mr. Matheson has been brainwashed to reject experience as a guide is reflected when he admits, "stable marriage is a socially desirable institution". Again on the incident of the mock crucifixion conducted by some of his pupils, he said this did not offend him but he deplored it as it exhibited a lack of feeling for others. There was no question of right and wrong.
On the question of the collection of funds for the Viet Cong by his pupils for the purpose of aiding the enemies of his own country, he regretted they did not do it outside the University; "The should not have involved the University in their personal beliefs".
Mr. Matheson seems to overlook that what is accepted as education at his University is molding those personal beliefs.

No matter how much our modern educationists endeavour to wash their hands of the responsibility for the modern frankenstein now emerging throughout Western civilisation, they must accept a very large portion of that responsibility, along with those who have destroyed, or failed to protect our religious heritage, "Woe unto you, Scribes, Pharisees".


Mr. Eric Butler presents the following survey from North America.

As I prepare this report the long-anticipated summer riots in the U.S.A. have not materialised. There is still plenty of time for riots but events do appear to confirm the viewpoint of those who argue that the George Wallace challenge has forced the revolutionaries to modify their tactics; that more large-scale riots would mean millions of votes for Wallace in the Presidential elections and make it certain that he played a major role in selecting the next President.

It remains to be seen whether the strategists behind the revolutionary activities in the U.S.A. have sufficient detailed control to prevent major riots and bloodshed. Their major objective is at present to erode American national will to the point where further resistance in Vietnam will be politically impossible.

The heavy increases in American casualties in Vietnam appear to have intensified a growing isolationist mood in the U.S.A. Reports from Vietnam to relatives indicate growing bitterness amongst troops who find it impossible to relate "peace" talks in Paris with heavier military pressure by the Communists in Vietnam.

There is a more widespread understanding that a no-win policy is being pursued in Vietnam. George Wallace is the one Presidential candidate who continues to hit this point hard. While the strategists behind the revolutionary movement may be able to dampen down major violence, there is still such an increase in crime and violence for George Wallace to gain powerful support with his call for law and order, which will ensure that citizens can walk in safety on American streets. Wallace can point to Washington itself, where one can see clerks and stenographers being escorted by Police guards down the steps of the Supreme Court building as they move towards their transport to go home.
The truth is that in many parts of the U.S.A. today one is no longer safe on the streets, not even in broad daylight.

The Bar Association Presidents of the Nation have issued the following significant statement: "A growing disrespect for law may plunge this Nation into a period reminiscent of the fall of the Roman Empire…"
It may prove that the momentum created by the revolutionaries cannot be halted now. The Administration has offered concession after concession, all of which has, in the words of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, "created a climate of unrest that has come to mean to many Negroes the 'power' to riot, burn, loot and kill".

Many of the "Black Power leaders are not Communists in the sense that they know anything about Marxism-Leninism: they are little better than savage animals being manipulated to serve purposes which will ultimately call for their own liquidation. Typical of these is Huey Newton, the Black Panther leader who faces charges for having murdered two policemen. The Black Panthers insist that the police are "racist pigs'" and that Newton cannot be tried because "Blacks are not American citizens but colonial subjects of white Americans, and they are not subject to the Constitution and laws of the United States".

From many reliable sources come reports of the black militants obtaining an increasing flood of weapons. Obviously it is intended that eventually Soviet strategists have provided both directly and indirectly the finance necessary to buy weapons. J. Edgar Hoover is quoted as telling Congressmen that in recent years the Soviet has sent more than five million dollars into the U.S.A. for subversive purposes.
During the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Chicago police reported that many of the Negroes arrested were carrying comparatively large sums of money, much of it in new 20dollar bills. There is big money involved in the revolutionary movement in the U.S.A.

Some of those who took part in the "Poor People's" march on Washington may have been short on some of the gadgets of modern Civilisation but there is no evidence that they were starving. Many arrived in late model cars, while "leader"' Dr. Abernathy was not to be found living in Resurrection City, he was directing the operation in Washington from the comfort of his hotel room. And his wife was buying expensive dresses in the Washington shops.

Following the riots in Detroit last year, a police detective said that, "A good number of the guys we pulled in for looting worked steady at "Ford, Chrysler and General Motors over the past three or four years… in some of the stores we saw looters driving off in new Cadillacs and Thunderbirds".
Out of one group of 111 looters arrested, 105 had jobs and late model cars.
Needless to say, trained Communists are never found amongst the looters. They operate behind the riots and looting.

Should the Communist strategists decide to step up the revolution inside the U.S.A. before the current summer ends, what are the likely tactics? These have been outlined by a Anthony Locricchio, described as a "theologian'" who has acted as a "race-relations adviser" to Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Locricchio has said:
"A small group of Negroes, three or four in a car and perhaps 50 cars, will filter into the white suburbs when the word is given. They'll be' carrying guns. Quickly, without warning, one white child in each suburb will be shot. And just as quickly as they came, the Negroes will move back to the inner city, hoping that white extremists will follow to seek revenge for the killing of their children".

Negro revolutionaries cannot operate in white suburbs because they are too easily identified, but in the Negro areas they have the same type of protection that the Viet Cong have fighting amongst the Vietnamese people. I was told by a conservative Negro that the revolutionaries believe that their main hope of provoking civil war in the U.S.A. is to bring the whites into the Negro areas in an attack on all Negroes. The battle for the U.S.A. is now reaching a critical stage, and during this Presidential election year could be decided before 1968 is ended.


"Russia today demanded the right to station Red Army troops in Czechoslovakia along the West German border, informed sources reported" - The Herald, Melbourne, July 23.

Communist propagandists must at times tire of the gullibility of the West. For weeks now we have been played the theme that the Czechs are about to revolt against their Red masters. It has all been faithfully regurgitated by our press for public consumption. The Czechs have no sort of an army, a first requisite if there was a real counter revolutionary group active. If there is, it certainly is not in the present leadership which is avowedly Marxist, and plays to the full its role in confusing the West in the present dialectical propaganda stunt.
In the event of the Russians not peacefully withdrawing as the propaganda infers is possible, no doubt Mr. Wilson, or Mr. de Gaulle will supply the Czechs with arms and military support!

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